CBS World News Roundup, 4/16

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, April 16th

At least seven dead at South Carolina prison. James Comey lashes out at President Trump. Barbara Bush in failing health and refusing medical treatment. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Deadly violence out of South Carolina prison. Next FBI chief on Donald Trump he's morally unfit to be president. Barbara Bush in failing health of former president despite his wife's side at all they do is hold hands it's. He's the CBS world news roundup sponsored by home advisors good morning I'm Steve case in seven inmates are dead seventeen injured after a night of fighting at a South Carolina prison where live with CBS's Vicki barker. It happened at the leak correctional institution which houses some of south Carolina's most violent and longest serving fenders Teddy called Mala is a criminal justice reporter for the state newspaper in Columbia. Pre LP unit that was inmate on inmate saw. What they describe the. It took local and state often some seven hours to subdue the riot no officers injured but as you said seven inmates died seventeen needed outside medical attention Steve. A former FBI director James Tommy has raised more issues about president trumpet and ABC news interview CBS is Paula reed says he's raising the stakes in what's become a war of words with the president. Army took aim at president trump. Who fired him last may unleash a stream of attacks on the president's character. Person who sees moral equivalents and show true. Who talks about and treats women like their pieces of meat who lives. Constantly about matters big and small and insist the American people believe it. A person's not fit to be president of the United States on moral grounds are you thinking. Present council liar yes. The president tried to get ahead of the interview tweeting Sunday morning that Kobe was slippery and a slime ball that he hardly even knew. In his most explosive charge Komi said the president could have obstructed justice. When he asked him to let go of the investigation and a former national security advisor Mike Flynn. He's asking me to drop the criminal investigation of who us now former national security advisor president says he didn't say that. Yeah. I'm gonna do you do with president trump obstructing justice possibly. Mean it's certainly some evidence obstruction of justice. Trump attorney Michael Cohen is doing a federal court in New York today is arguments go on over last week's raid on his home office and hotel room mr. trump tweeted yesterday all lawyers are now deflated and concerned that by the raid. The US is poised to slap new sanctions on Russia we're live from the White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. The sanctions are expected to target the Russian firms that have played a role in helping Syrian president Bashar Asad developers chemical weapons program. UN ambassador Nikki Haley was on face the nation. They will go directly to any sort of companies that we're dealing with equipment related to a side and chemical weapons in the sanctions are expected as the Washington Post tells of presidential resistance to tougher actions against Moscow despite the urging of his top aides. Mr. trump was said to be and reach to learn the European countries were at each expelling as many. Russian diplomats or spies as the US most recently did the paper says the president felt misled by his advisors. The White House this morning is pushing back against the president of France who said yesterday that he convinced mr. trump to have US troops remain in Syria. Press Secretary Sara Sanders as the president's views on a quick withdrawal have not changed Steve. Well now we turn to Syria and the aftermath of those attacks by the US Britain and France designed to take out the country's chemical weapons facilities CBS assessed dome went to one of the target. So we are seeing spin from all sides but one thing is clear that facility is completely. Destroyed it's also clear that the airstrikes will not have an overall effect on this war. Syrian president Bashar Al Assad and his allies are winning and Asad is already looking ahead. He told Russian lawmakers over the weekend 400 billion dollars would be needed to rebuild Syria's economy. Not a Houston where CBS's David bagged notes tells us a 92 year old former First Lady is in failing health at home and refusing further medical treatments. Barbara Bush has been in it doubled hospital recently for a number of health related issues. Including bronchitis and graves' disease which she has battled for decades. In a statement a family spokesman says. It will not surprise those who know her that Barbara Bush has been Iraq in the face of her failing health worry not for herself thanks to her abiding faith. But for others. At least one death is reported in North Carolina after stormy weather kicked up at least one tornado we actually. Like this it's like gun like that. In parts of the upper midwest there's deep snow and disbelief. It's spring it's April and at this stuff should be melting and try and stay positive in Hawaii more than two feet of rain on coli caused flooding in left dozens stranded in a Red Cross shelter. Kentucky's governor has apologized and saw. Pray for those of you every single one of you that has been hurt by things that I said. I'm Bevan and a video statement saying he would after he had suggested on Twitter that children were sexually abused because there were left at home. The teachers rallied at the State Capitol in Boston. And meld sold yesterday to mark the times five years ago one deadly bombs went off at the Boston Marathon CBS's Steve Dorsey looks ahead to today's event. It's Christina billion from Cincinnati is one of 30000 runners expected to take part in the marathon that Google absolutely came out of ecstatic to finally get at the excitement of energy to cities do opening it's been six years in the making for a underneath and Payton of Lubbock Texas you spend all that time and effort and then you're at the subject of rain that we emit. All right and stuff following the Boston bombings five years ago police have set up bags searched checkpoints and or station on rooftops and were also using drones to keep watch over the course. Steve Dorsey CBS news Boston. The academy of country music awards was not touching tribute last night says country music garnered its best last night they could not forget the events of six months ago it's not wide open so it's something that sums up what it's like for our country music fan would be back in Las Vegas for the first time since October 1 last October's mass killing fifty people at around 91 country music festival here in Las Vegas. Congo over the awards show. And when the top award entertainer of the year once and now Jason now they. Jason all dean. Who was performing when the gunfire began paying tribute to the victims and one people you guys that are hard. Many of the stores last night wore number fifty pinned to honor those killed. Steve Letterman CBS news Wall Street. In neighborhoods from coast to coast people walk their dogs become an all sizes CBS's Jim Priscilla says size matters now in one place residence of the the couple's Trace neighborhood in Lexington Kentucky say the developer Dennis Anderson. Is barking up the wrong tree he is now banned eleven big dog for each from the area German shepherd Miller Letitia Crabtree and their neighbors are holding net. This is my house to think that's their house at their house and we only talk and he Cummins in a letter to any of us saying. We can't have this breed. The developer feels the dog breeds including Rottweiler pit bulls great Danes in governments are too dangerous existing pets are excluded from the dog ban. Well a man who was a marine made quite a living portraying military men in the movies and on TV well yeah you're now. That's partly hurt me in full metal jacket or army has died at 74 complications from pneumonia that's the world is round. Steve case and CBS news.