CBS World News Roundup, 4/30

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, April 30th
Caravan of Central American migrants at the US border. Building on good will between North and South Korea. Sprint and T-Mobile merger. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.

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Corners standoff rows of migrant families with young children. Toning down tensions you have this flurry of goodwill now between north and South Korea. Dial M for merger together we will build the highest capacity mobile networking US history. This is the CBS world news roundup sponsored by home advisors good morning I'm Steve case in for a week's president trump has sounded off about a caravan of Central American migrants headed for Mexico's border with the united state. Are you watching that mess that's going on right now. With a caravan. Coming up. Well now some 200 people of Iran. It's alone. And CBS news correspondent Gloria theory now has the latest from Tijuana. A showdown at the border as the caravan of central Americans attempted to cross into the United States. Nearly 200 people lined up to approach the courts may lean Charlotte Prada is from Honduras and applying for protection. Because of daily violence in her country that I let the truth is there's too much violence in our daily killings and violations of human rights and it's. At one point two groups swelled to about 1000 people. As they made their way north from Central America through Mexico to Tijuana. US officials say a border facility near San Diego has no space to deal with them. North and South Korea are taking new steps on the heels of the historic summit between the countries to leaders Asia correspondent Ben Tracy. In addition to promising to close North Korea's main nuclear test site next month Kim Jung who also seems to be acknowledging for the first time that. Denuclearization. To him. Actually means giving up his weapons according to the South Koreans can set of this summit that. If we received promises for an end to the war he's talking about the Korean War and he nonaggression treaty. It why would we need to leaving difficulty by keeping our nuclear weapons. Any gesture of goodwill North Korea is now going to match it's time zone to South Korea's. South Korea says it's gonna remove the massive loudspeakers at its border with the North Korea that we're used to blast propaganda and Korean pop music. As all of this plays out the trump administration is paying close attention while I've got a White House correspondent Steven Portnoy on Twitter this morning the president points to reports of the North Korean offers that Ben Tracy just mentioned. The administration stresses its goal is the provable irreversible. Denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula. The White House is preferred location first the summit within the next three or four weeks is Singapore Mongolia is also possible site. President trump talked about the prospect for peace between north and South Korea at his Michigan rally. On Saturday night sank. President trump had to do that that it was like tap that app. The president will have an opportunity to expand on that perspective when he takes questions later today alongside the president of Nigeria Steve. Well secretary of state Mike volcanoes in the Middle East saying peace between Israelis and Palestinians remains a priority of the trump administration. The parties will ultimately make the decision about what that rut right resolution as we certainly open to it too. Two party solution that's a likely outcome. I'm pale spoken Amman Jordan he met with top Israelis on the trip but did not meet Palestinian representatives Palestinians have been boycotting contact with the US. Over the planned move of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Reports indicate doctor Ronnie Jackson is not likely to return to his role as president trumps doctor. Last week he withdrew from consideration for secretary of veterans affairs amid personal conduct allegations. Well the nation's third and fourth largest wireless companies have struck a merger deal in a bid to take on the top two Verizon and AT&T. Lied to CBS is Vicki barker. Verizon and AT&T and Comcast in the others better watch out. Because we are coming team CEO John Fletcher and sprint cat apart Marcelo Clara unveiled plans for 26 million dollar merger which ledger insists Welch cost job well spilled hundreds of stores and hire thousands of people to compete in rural America. And that's going to create more choice and competition but millions of Americans in rural community if approved by government regulators the merged company should be in place this time next years Steve. Asus has claimed responsibility for a double suicide bombing in Kabul Afghanistan. At least 25 people were killed including nine journalists reporter Franz Marty does in the Afghan capital via Skype. First explosion was reportedly calls by you unless we start to take her on a motorcycle. First goal as a security forces were editing on the side and back and say it spoke to say it goes into place and the second explosion was reported holes. By this week's site all were on full was this guy himself as a journalist. Here at home in Saint Louis one person was killed another wounded when shots were fired after an argument broke out at a party near Busch Stadium no word on any arrests. Automakers warn of sticker shock if no terrorist take col WWJ radio's Jeff Gilbert. Carmakers have been dealing with rising prices for raw materials but for chief financial officer Bob shanks says steel prices are already heading up. He cites terrorists that haven't even taken effect yet it seems pretty clear to us that. The threat of those tariffs as a result in increases for steel. Carmakers have been dealing with the rising prices and it's horror dues say yet whether or not eleven impact on the price of a new fear. Jeff Hubert for CBS news stood for. And don't look now but crude oil prices have hit their highest level in more than three years and are still going up the average price for a gallon of regular gas is now 281. Year ago it was 239. Big numbers of the box off. Peter finally got a strange. Oh museum made up things and I am inspired me and. Up ventures infinity war within it's two dozen super heroes took in 630. Million dollars in ticket sales around the world record shattering opening weekend. On TV CBS's. Gun smoke and a historic twenty year run of but last night on fox the Simpsons edged past. We cherish western with a 636. Episodes. It's what you do it can't what you drink my record. It's a milestone Burris today for a classic cartoon characters we hear from CBS's Jim Taylor. Yeah. Am happy birthday Bugs Bunny it was eighty years ago today. Lastly when it first appeared as an unnamed character in an animated short film port keys hare hunt. Directed by a guy named Ben bugs Hardaway. Character later redesigned eventually he became known as Bugs Bunny. Becoming one of Warner Bros. most recognizable characters reportedly the ninth most portray on film personality in the world. Tape CBS news. The US and Britain have launched a five year 25 million dollar project to study a giant glacier in Antarctica they could collapse and has already shrinking and pushing up global seal levels 100 scientists will be involved. Other countries will contribute experts to. That's the world is round and Steve case and CBS news.