CBS World News Roundup, 4/5

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, April 5th

National Guard deployed to the US-Mexico border. Personal data of 87 Million Facebook Users -- exposed. Sinclair Broadcasting chairman defends the company line on no fake news. Correspondent Steve Kathan has these stories and more on the World News Roundup. 


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It's on the Mexican border deploy the National Guard to assist the border control. Millions more caught up and FaceBook scandal barely have backcourt and we will go to court. Trade battle worries farmer I don't think there's any segment of our industries and Lois gave them financial hard times. This is the CBS world news roundup sponsored by home advisor good morning I'm Steve case and president trump says he had no choice he's sending the National Guard to the Mexican border while he moves to build a border walls some troops could've arrived as soon as several hours ago White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. The Homeland Security secretary sees immediate deployments are being ordered. Cures to Nielsen was unable to say how many troops will be sent for how long. Or how much it might cost it will be strong it will be as many as is needed to fill the gaps that we had today. Nielsen shrugged off a question about whether the president's acting because he saw a TV reports of migrant caravans or because he wants to shore up his base. What is she is the parent and it's frustrating he has been very clear that he wants to secure our border. Steven Portnoy CBS news the White House is Facebook's already bad privacy scandal got worse with an admission from the CEO Mark Zuckerberg CBS's Nancy court. So in a rare conference call with reporters Zuckerberg fell on his sword. Don't do technology that. Company hired by some campaign was able to access the personal data are far more users than previously believed. A 287 million people unwittingly shared there information. With Cambridge and politika a political consulting firm partially funded by the billionaire Mercer family. When you're building something like FaceBook you're going to be things that you met. And if we gotten this right we would have meant something else. But some lawmakers see this as the latest in a series of security blunders that Zuckerberg should answer for in person. And the CEO of FaceBook is due to testify next week rising trade tension between the US and China is hitting hard in the nation's heartland to keep shut murders of pig farmer in Tipton Indiana. We just have to believe that there's more to these negotiations that we understand that. But at this point in time we are very very concerned. Open Gould is one of more than 40000. Soybean farmers in Illinois. I'll be the first to admit that I voted for mr. trump. But I was hoping that he would face a more reasonable for a few trades. In California there's no information now about the woman who wounded three people at YouTube before killing herself CBS's Jon Blackstone says she had a run in with police when police say they found a seem odd to matter around 1:40 AM on Tuesday she was asleep in her car. About 25 miles south of YouTube's headquarters. After discovering the car's license plate matched that of a missing person Mountain View police chief Max cosell says officers contacted Ogden scrambling. On the second conversation. We received information that she made me in this area because she had a dispute. With you too. Police say there was nothing to suggest that dispute would turn violent. Family members spoke differently as I've been continued driving north police say she stopped the big gun range before arrive read YouTube's campus it's not clear if anyone at YouTube was aware of the garage New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is credited with a catch a message from one of his ins to Graham followers late last month threatened to shoot up a school. A woman told an assistant and eventually a fourteen year old boy in Michigan was tracked down and now faces charges. In Memphis over ceremonies last evening the mark in 1968 assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. here's CBS ST fodder. Or. He it was a duty to remember and salute Martin Luther King Jr. people as a man. Up sun fifty years after he was shot and killed thousands showed up to pay tribute and. Inspire us to risk. And I'm to get. Necessary. The cause of freedom among those attending the reverend Jesse Jackson. Who was with king when the assassination took place this is a site of the crucifixion the ceremony was held at the Lorraine motel the place were. Was cut down it's now been turned into a museum. At the very end at six or. This time the exact mold and the shooting took place a church build again to troll. Times representing the 39 years that Martin Luther king live Steve vitamin CBS news Memphis. There's new information about the cost of the open yours crisis and the nation's chief doctor wants more of us to be ready to wax were alive with CBS is Peter King surgeon general Jerome Adams is expected to ask more Americans to carry no locks own an antidote to an open EO Lloyd overdose Adam says. There's an overdose death every twelve and half minutes in the US more than half the Korean home. All of this comes as a Kaiser Family Foundation report shows. Large employers spend more than two and a half billion dollars to treat open your addiction and overdose is in 2016. Eight times the amount spent 122004. More than half that money is spent treating employees children Steve. Well health chain CVS says it's planning to roll out home kidney dialysis treatment with clinical trials due to start later this year on the device in an exchange with the New York Times the CEO of the Sinclair Broadcast Group defends the Scripps news anchors that it's nearly 200 stations have been told to read about media bias. CBS's Paula reed says it comes as the company looks to broaden its reach. It's extremely dangerous to our democracy is an extremely dangerous to our democracy. In a now viral video anchors from Sinclair news stations read this seem promotional script denouncing so cold holds news that some media outlets published these things take stories about checking facts first one false story after an out. The message seems to echo president from criticism of news coverage. We are not going to let us make use tell us why do you do. The owners of Sinclair Broadcast Group had donated thousands Republican cause is. Including a super pacs supporting mr. Trump's 2016 presidential bid on Twitter president trump called Sinclair are superior to other media companies and mocked those who criticize Sinclair for being biased his comments raise questions about White House impartiality. As the Justice Department and the FCC review Sinclair attempted acquisition. A Tribune media. If approved the deal would increasing Claire's reached around 72%. Of American households. It came along before the meat so movements accusations of misconduct now on the set of a legendary family film. Hollywood sex allegations from nearly eighty years ago. Yeah. Late Sid luft in a little to be released in September claimed his wife Judy Garland was abused by some of the money skins on the set of the 1939 classic the wizard Abbas. Garland was sixteen at that time and she claims some of the male munch is men who were forty or more years old made her life miserable by putting their hands up under her dress. Last claimed they got away with a because they were so small. Jim Shannon BC BS news. Goodbye Gordy Howe goodbye Bobby Hull those greats in other names will soon vanish from hockey's Stanley Cup. Players on teams that win the NHL's ultimate trophy are engraved on up on the cup is getting too big. And the league plans to eliminate players in the mid 1950s. To mid sixties to make room for new champs. That's the world is round I Steve case and CBS news.