CBS World News Roundup, 4/6

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, April 6th

President Trump want to slap an additional $100 billion in tariffs on Chinese products. The president says he didn't know about the hush payment to Stormy Daniels. Conor McGregor facing assault charges in New York City. Correspondent Steve Kathan has these stories and more on the World News Roundup.


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And suggest an additional China terrorists can't be taken advantage of really wounded. Facebook's an apology tours we just weren't thinking enough about the bad you can send. Fighter accused in violent Rampage just hits kind of McGregor are you happy now. Venus is the CBS world news roundup sponsored by home advisor good morning I'm Steve case and president trump has upped the ante in the high stakes trade battle with China suggesting an additional 100 billion dollars in tariffs. In Beijing vows to fight the US at any cost CBS's chip Reid is at the White House. No president wanted to go against. China economically. And we're going to do it. Last night the president fired back against China's announcement of fifty billion dollars in tariffs calling them unfair retell. Haitians you understand the concept of being taken advantage of and we can't be taken advantage of any longer to president. Also instructed his secretary of agriculture to quote implement a plan to protect our farmers some of China's main targets for tariffs include soy beans and pork. Industries located mainly in states won by mr. trump and 2016. Have great respect for. The president of China. President she's a friend of mine and I'm a friend of his that I like about a lot but he's representing China and I'm representing the United States of America. And it was time that we did something. Last night China's commerce ministry responded to the president's announcement. Saying they are not afraid to fight a trade war. Mr. Trump's also given the first indication of the size of the National Guard contingent he's dispatched to the Mexican border the president says he intends to send thousands of Guardsmen. Well look genetic combination from new. To avoid fast it was moving at all. That would be fewer than George W Bush's deployment of some 6000 National Guard troops more than a decade ago. The Mexican government says it's gotten assurances from the US that the troops mr. trump we'll send a shared border won't be alarmed. The Homeland Security secretary was hoping to work out further details with border state governors. Steven Portnoy CBS news the White House. House and on Air Force One president trump said he did not know about his attorneys 130000. Dollar payment to stormy Daniels. He said he didn't know where Michael Cohen got the money Daniel's attorney Mike eleven not a contends the president's comments help in his case in the legal fight over a non disclosure agreement. You can't be party to an agreement have a binding contract if you claim. That you basically didn't know about a principal terms material term in the contract we think that the president's comments have not only place mr. Cohen in the cross hairs. But also subjected himself to significant exposure. For a deposition. CBS is Julianna Goldman tells us this morning president trumps also commented on his EPA chief Scott pro tour. President trump praised his embattled EPA administrator but ask did these bothered by a torrent of negative headlines about Scott Pruitt. Mr. trump left the door open. Saying I have to look at them. I'll make that determination. But he's a good man he's done a terrific job. But I'll take a look at it. Among the stories casting an ethical cloud over mr. Pruitt. Sources tell CBS news that last year pru asked to use lights and sirens to get through routine Washington DC traffic. His sleep security agent told them it could only be done an emergency. Two weeks later that agent was reassigned. FaceBook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg has told PBS and other news organizations that the company was caught off guard by Cambridge analytic his use of the data. Of 87 million FaceBook users. Made big mistakes and we know that he can really is that we were very focused on social experience first. I'm pretty idealistic. And we believed in a world where people could share an experience things together. She says FaceBook is taking strong action. Ultimate fighting star Connor McGregor is paid big money to cause chaos and AK each buddies now in police hands in New York after video apparently showed him attacking a bus filled with other UFC fighters. WCBS TV's Alley Obama. A man holding a metal barricade charges toward a bus full of people in video posted to insert Graham Thursday afternoon police sources confirm at least one person was injured by the broken glass. Video recorded from a different bus shows a man tossing trash cans and tussling with each other following the initial buzz of that backs out. A USC executive later treated it was the scariest thing I've ever been through. Trapped in the bus while they are throwing hand trucks chairs and even a bike wracked through the windows. This week McGregor was stripped of a title he would not defendant the uproar over the poisoning of an ex Russian spy has been ticked up a notch with new warnings from Moscow CBS's Larry Miller is in London. At the UN Russia charges Britain with inventing the fake story and playing with fire over the nerve agent attack on a former double agent and his daughter and Salisbury England. Accusing the UK of trying to discredit and delegitimize rusher with unsubstantiated. Accusations. Responding to Russia's demand to be part of the investigation Britain says that's like an arsonist investigating the fire they set well back. Come February 12 of 35 year old CDC scientist left work in Atlanta and never went back. He vanished his family reported him missing four days later now this week a discovery. Timothy Kenny comes body was found in the Chattahoochee River by two fisherman major Michael O'Connor with the Atlanta police telling us. We do know that he was a jogger and was wearing his favorite jogging shoes of the time it was style. Hmmm I can't tell you that he was jogging but those things together seemed to indicate that that's. Possible he says they may never know how we ended up in the river at this point there's no indication of foul play pretty cute but for CBS news Atlanta. There's a way to like chill in the upper midwest with wind chills in the single digits or below zero in some places this morning's snow is in the forecast in the mid Atlantic states in northeast. A sure sign of spring no matter the weather is the masters golf tournament. It's Tiger Woods was the focus of attention in round one but woods playing in his first masters since 2015. Did not even come close to having the best round. Woods had a respectable but certainly another great round of one over par right now he is seven strokes back nurse relieved. We're just normal that I wasn't flying high it was a it was and carry the best round was turned in by 2015 masters champion Jordan's being what she went. Here you have an advantage over anybody as a one Aristide had the first round of six under par he has a two stroke lead chief Letterman CBS news at the masters in Augusta. On the health watch a new report says people of color are still more likely than whites to be diagnosed with the virus that causes aids there are a number of cultural factors that make it challenging to get African Americans and Latinos to engage in the battle against HIV in their communities says Matthew rules of the national minority aids council role says it's tough to bring people of color into the healthcare system. There's also the challenge to just even looking at provider and he providers. Look like Q. Rose says people must make their help a higher priority. Allison Keyes CBS news Washington health as an issue for 79 year old singer Kenny Rogers. He's folded his retirement tour canceling the last dates because of an unspecified health issue in a statement he says I didn't wanna take forever to retire. That's the world is round. Produced by Merrill Rubin. Steve case and CBS news.