CBS World News Roundup, 4/9

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, April 9th

Israel said to have launched a strike on Syria. Facebook reveals whether YOUR information was compromised. Bill Cosby retrial gets underway. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Action after suspected chemical attack airstrikes overnight in Syria. Social network to notify privacy victim FaceBook if fighting for its credibility. Second time before a jury did bill Cosby's sex assault case he's back on trial once again. This is the CBS world news roundup sponsored by home advisors and good ball. Inning I'm Steve case and president trump says Syria has a big price to pay for the suspected chemical attack that killed at least forty people in a rebel stronghold outside Damascus. And today missiles rain down on a Syrian air force base in Israel has been blamed as we hear from CBS's Robert Berger. The Russian and Syrian military are accusing Israel of launching an airstrike inside Syria. Israel has not commented on allegations. That two F fifteen warplanes flying over Lebanon. Fired eight missiles at a strategic Syrian air bases reports say fourteen fighters including Iranians were killed in the attack. We are also learning more about this weekend's attack in Syria CBS's holly Williams reports on why experts suspect chemical weapons were involved. Video we showed lifeless bodies with no visible injuries. So the device is struggling to breathe many of them children got. And vina walks down apparently to remove this substance from fifteen. We cannot independently verify any of these videos and we don't know with every chemical weapon was used. Survive his though reportedly smelled of chlorine. Chemical that can be deadly in confined spaces. I'm Steven Portnoy the White House the apparent chemical attack happened on the one year anniversary of the air strikes president trump ordered. After a Sarin gas attack. In a pair of Sunday morning tweets mr. trump said President Putin Russia and Iran are responsible for backing animal assign. Big price to pay. On ABC's this week Republican senator Lindsey Graham called this a defining moment of the trump presidency. If he doesn't follow filled. And live up to that pleased he's got to look weak in the jazz about Russia and Iran just last week the president said he wanted to get out of Syria quickly. CBS news military consultant retired major my client. This is a very complex. Challenge now for. The foreign policy advisors of the president as the Syrian government decides to use. Across another red line again in the wake of the president saying there were leaving Syria are those two things connected. Mr. trump meets and dines with top military advisors tonight H FaceBook user will get word today on whether or not they are personal information and it openly political hands of Cambridge and Politico. We're live with CBS is Vicki barker. FaceBook says all users will be given more control over how apps use their data and those millions whose data has been harvested for political and will also be notified of that fact Ian share of CNET via Skype calls it a star is. Ruling needs to figure out. How did get on top of this and had a consensus all they care they truly care about making us better it is becoming harder and harder job every. He notes it's no coincidence FaceBook has moved to tighten user privacy one day before founder Mark Zuckerberg begins two days of congressional testimony Steve. Well there's plenty of anticipation for that on Capitol Hill as we hear from congressional correspondent Nancy court. It's his message. Is going to be one of contrition he'll apologize. For the conditions that enabled Cambridge Atalanta to access personal data from up to 87 million users and she'll apologize. For the fact that the affected users are only being alerted on FaceBook starting today. Over two years. Later on North Korea is telling American officials think Kim Jong-un is ready to discuss his nuclear weapons program the dictator has been offered to meet with president trumpet it's not clear that's going to happen the BBC's Laura bickers in Seoul South Korea. The new class I say she may mean different things to Pyongyang and Washington. The trump administration wants can listening to get rid of all of its nuclear weapons this is perhaps something North Korea is not yet willing to do. President trump tweeted about China this morning characterizing the current trade situation between the countries as stupid China's Foreign Ministry said trade talks with the US are impossible. Under current conditions. Funniest changed since bill Cosby's sex assault trial ended last year with a hung jury in suburban Philadelphia. CBS is bent pipe parole covered today's opening statements in round two. Bill Cosby enters this retrial with a whole new defense team led by Tom Mazur are best known for getting Michael Jackson acquitted of child molestation thirteen years ago. Cosby's first trial in June ended in mistrial after five days of trial and six days of deliberations. But it's a different landscape just ten months later the meat to movement which was not prevalent then. And testimony from as many as five other women the eighty year old faces ten years in prison on each of three charges of aggravated indecent assault. That's piper CBS news Norris town Pennsylvania. I charter bus carrying teams returning from a spring break trip hit a bridge overpass on New York's Long Island shearing off the top of the vehicles six people seriously hurt more than thirty others suffered minor injuries. CBS is Don Baylor is in humble the small city in western Canada left reeling by the bus wreck that killed fifteen people. Ten of them players on the local junior hockey team. In the. The same night she was a humble Broncos play the game they loved. Hundreds of mourners including Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau sent a player just released from the hospital. Came together to remember members of the team who died in a horrific bus crash over the weekend. The teams chaplain saw the aftermath are. From the scene and I never once again. To sound. Everyone here again Sam Jackson this year was on the team just last year how are you doing have you been able to process his suit its friends and sun isn't. And neighbors lost and it's tragic but 27 year old Texan circle on the green jacket at the masters golf tournament on CBS. Captain America. Captures at Augusta. That's the nickname for Patrick greedy at the sink a putt on the eighteenth green to secure the victory to be a have to part of the last hole to win my first major. They definitely need help right Reid held off final round charges of Rickie Fowler and Jordan's beef. A Titanic battle is shaping up between the federal government and the Golden State's cal. When you're says it's not rolling back its fuel economy rules no matter what the US government does. And will fight any effort to win to waiver that lets it said its own rules Edmunds dot com analyst Jessica Caldwell says carmakers could be caught in the middle. That there is you know long drawn out fight we could have not a lot of resolution for a long period of time which could auto makers. In a tricky situation most carmakers say their priority is to have won national standard Jeff do brute force CBS news through tort. Comic in character actor chuck McCann has died he was a familiar face on TV and in movies but he also did some memorable voice work. After all because I'm. Cam was the original voice of that pop up TV bird in commercials for cocoa puffs cereal he was 83 that's the roundup. And Steve case and CBS news.