CBS World News Roundup, 5/1

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, May 1st
Reports detail Robert Mueller's questions for President Trump. Hope for some members of Central American caravan. What to do about the Iran nuclear deal? CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.

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Making a list 44 questions that special counsel Robert Mueller watch the president answer. Call for some camp dump migrants eight members of the caravan we're able to make it through these settings into port of entry. Concerns about Iran nuclear deal has risen to be worried about this agreement. This is the CBS world news roundup sponsored by home advisor and good morning I'm Steve case and president trump has indicated a desire to sit down with a special counsel in the Russian investigation. Now published reports indicate Robert Muller's offices sent more than forty possible questions to the White House. President trump says on Twitter it's a disgraceful leak. Here's CBS has jumped the gate. So many of the questions special counsel Mueller wants to ask the president involved former FBI director James combing the New York Times reports. What did you think about mr. Kobe's intelligence briefing on January 6 2017. About Russian election interference. And regarding the decision to fire mr. Koh me. When was it may why and who played a role Moeller also wants to ask the president about his may twelfth week when he wrote. James Kobe better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. Isn't it trump took to Twitter to deny a report that his chief of staff John Kelly privately referred to the president as an idiot last year he called it total BS. Now to the Mexican border where caravan of Central American migrants is camped out CBS's glory of the Ariel has the latest. Dozens of people in the Central American caravan raised their fists and cheered in celebration. Over news that some of their group are now making their case for asylum. Majority of the group who about a 150 are still waiting to enter the pedestrian crossing into the US it's. It's also worth eleven migrants who jump the border fence were arrested. New accusations from Israel come just days before president trump makes a key decision about the Iran nuclear deal live to White House correspondent Steven Portnoy unveiling finder's purportedly containing loans of nuclear secrets taken from Iran. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday given evening presentation. Try to convince the world you wrong locked. But former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice is the US has long known that Iran has covered up its Covert nuclear weapons program and they done that going back into the early two thousands UN inspectors and top US officials say Iran has been in compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal. Bearing that in mind rice told CBS this morning you have to worry about verification with the Iranians and that the verification measures in the 2015 agreement were not very strong president trump has until next Saturday to decide whether to ramp up sanctions and kill the Iran deal. He said yesterday he may try to negotiate what he calls a real agreement alongside European allies Steve. European officials are reacting to worry that the trump administration plans to delay new steel and aluminum terrace for at least another month. CBS is Vicki barker joins us live from London. The threat of tariffs as high as 25%. Has already won trade concessions from South Korea Argentina Australia and Brazil. But this has been EU's position from the start we are looking at possibilities to retaliate chip meaning that we would also put tariffs on US imports to the European Union EU trade commissioner Cecilia mound Strom new EU statement warning we will not negotiate under threat and saying mr. Trump's thirty day extension merely prolongs market uncertainty Steve. A new pentagon report says more people in uniform indicate they encounter retaliation. For speaking up about alleged sexual misconduct CBS is Tammy McCormick has more. Military service members who faced retribution for filing sexual assault or harassment complaints it was up last year over the year before almost double. It's unclear why military officials have wanted retribution is a key element at sexual assault cases. Many service members don't report sexual assault because they worry it will damage their reputations and halt them throughout their careers. Ashley Judd has filed a lawsuit against disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein CBS's Allison keys don't show it was not Weinsteins employee. She says she had a continuing business relationship with them and that he retaliated against her for refusing to engage in sexual activity with him. The loss of sketches out a pattern of such behavior by Weinstein against other actresses who turned down its advances. A long list of Hollywood eight blisters is filed objections to the bankruptcy saleable Weinstein Co. Jennifer Lawrence Brad Pitt and others say they're still owed profits. Andrew Pollack the father of one of the high school students killed in Parkland Florida has filed a lawsuit against Scott Peterson. He's the armed officer who did not go inside the building to confront the shooter. Let it go stalk. And shot nine times out of their four WFORTV. Is scary come on in a lawsuit Pollack's lawyers say Peterson hit and failed to confront the threat endangering the lives of every one in the freshman building. Scott Peterson is a cal word the lawsuit says. Also going to court Roy Moore of the Republican loss last year's Alabama senate race in the face of sexual misconduct accusations from several women dating back more than twenty years. He claims in a lawsuit but sites three of the women there was a political conspiracy. I'm very go through deposition. I think a lot of good could this hurt anybody else they look good for us. I don't think so. Small towns in north central Arizona are threatened by a surging wildfire CBS's David bank knows covering this. Wrong winds and dry conditions are fanning the flames a woman Harry stack Clinton was advised to evacuate we're almost. Like an explosion and a black smoke was coming up the Red Cross is providing relief to families that have been forced out of their homes. An estimated 600 people have already been evacuated across ten communities period as we go back Americans lost. Mean that's placement on serves and you know John Gregory says he felt helpless trying to save his mother's home. He was packing up her belongings. What rescuers came and told him to stop and. Get out in Sao Paolo Brazil and abandoned twenty story building caught firing collapsed. Others heartbreak because some squatters were inside time at least one person was killed. The new head of the CDC has asked for and will get a pay cut. The new figure isn't known but when it was learned doctor Robert Redfield was going to be paid 375000. Dollars a year in the were howls of protest from some. That's a 150000. More than any predecessor had earned. A performer says not all hair products are created equal and the hotel industry needs to deal with. Yeah pop star Halsey says she has an issue with free shampoo in hotel rooms. Calling it perfumed water down quite people shampoo it's 50% of gas can use. In a tweet she says the hotel toiletries industry. Entirely alienates people of color she also refers to feeling ugly and dry in free Izzy as a teenager hospitalized in a psychiatric institution. Without specialized products for people of color. Deborah Rodriguez CBS news. Who's been sitting in my suvs. It was a Bayer in long would Florida in fact three bears paid a visit to Ricky Colbert Pereira rose home she called police to say two or in her garage and one was inside her Ford Expedition tearing up the seats. Opening the SUV door freed up that one in the three scampered away. That's the world was round Steve case and CBS news.