CBS World News Roundup, 5/10

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, May 10th
Three American prisoners are home from North Korea. More allegations against President Trump's lawyer. Predictions of a violent volcanic explosion in Hawaii. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.

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Homecoming. For three Americans held by North Korea congratulations. On being in this country. Big business a lawyer and the White House Michael Cohen was engaged in selling access to the highest office in the land. Explosion forecast that Hawaiian volcano we don't know what's gonna have to sort trying to prepare for the worst. This is the CBS world news round up sponsored by home advisor good morning I'm Steve case in president trump went to a military base just outside Washington early this morning to welcome a three Americans who were released by North Korea White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. Most regalia. Three former captives emerged from a US government played donning blue blazers and wide smiles he's a great people they've been through a lot. Once it is release was like a dream. President trump told reporters Kim Jong-un was nice to release the met before a US and North Korean summit meeting. That was a big thing. Very important to me mr. trump paid tribute to auto warm beer the American who died last year and being released from North Korean custody police say great. Young man who. Oh really suffered presence is the return of these three captive shows him quote really wants to do something. He was asked to securing their release is his proudest achievement to date could still otter is going to be a we have. A victory in getting rid of nuclear weapons there's no date yet for a summit but CBS news has learned officials are planning for it to take place in Singapore. Steven Portnoy CBS news Washington. Vice president pence told CBS's Margaret Brennan president trump will push hard when he eventually sits down with Kim. Is going to hold out for peace on the peninsula. No more nuclear weapons. And then no more threatening of our allies and neighbors. A source at Novartis tells CBS news Cohen approached the company eighteen months ago. Promising that he could advise it on how to get access to mr. Trump's team. The only met with him once but still paid Cohen close to one million dollars because they were under contract. He was also paid by AT&T and Korea aerospace. All three major corporations with business before the government. Stormy Daniels attorney alleges one of the companies that they don't have links to a Russian all the dark. Arizona Senator John McCain is urging colleagues to reject the nomination of Gina has spilled at least CIA director McCain who was a prisoner during the Vietnam War. Says Haskell failed to fully explain her involvement in harsh interrogation programs. And he says her refusal to acknowledge tortures immorality is disqualifying. A rocket attack prompted Israel to go on the offensive again in Syria and is CBS's Robert Berger tells us. Rainy and facilities in the war torn country were in the cross haters will. Why. Yeah Israel launched heavy air strikes on Iranian targets in Syria destroying our radar station weapons depots and air defenses the attack occurred after our Iranian forces fired twenty rockets at the Golan Heights. Defence minister a big dork Lieberman said the message is clear. And it's mainly Jewish or Muslim slum near mobile me if Israel has played he's sad Iran will have a loss. Robert Berger CBS news jurors. Love scientists say the risks of a more violent explosion is on the horizon of Hawaii's killer whale volcano Janet Babb with the US Geological Survey describes what's happening. Does that a lot of leg lord. You get rocks falling in from the sides agreeing how to plug the pressure builds rid of that blast a. Through the national news is prompted the Hawaii volcanoes national park to say it will shut down tomorrow surging lava this month has destroyed at least 36 buildings including 26 homes. And new cracks are venting dangerous gases. Showing your hearing me is. Bad guest is. An error. Hundreds of people have been forced out of their homes in rain soaked Kenya. And it's a heartbreaking scene after a dam gave way sending water surging through a neighborhood killing more than forty people destroying hundreds of homes flooding over the past two months left more than 100 dead in Kenya. Eviction notices are going out today to thousands of nursing home in group home residents in the Wii's Siena the victims of a planned cut in Medicaid benefit. It's usually end up homeless pending a special session of the Louisiana legislature. To fix our budget gap 37000. Nursing home residents in this state will soon be getting eviction notices it doesn't seem like there's gonna be many options state senator Regina barrel concern it could set off panic among nursing home residents but Louisiana commissioner of administration Jay Darden said with a June 30 deadline fast approaching. They had to warn though. We can't just afford to bury our heads in the same Dave Cohen for CBS news New Orleans earth movers have been used northeast of Detroit in the search for human remains authorities believe the bodies of as many as seven girls could be their bill Dwyer is the police commissioner. We do they have probable cause to believe that this is a grave site. No question about it that Kimberly king and other young female victims who were murdered and. Period here information from a convicted killers prompted the search for Dwyer has called on him to be more forthcoming. The CDC says E. Coli cases have been reported in four additional states Florida Texas North Dakota and Minnesota. 149. Have gotten sick in 29 states one death in California is blamed on the outbreak. It's been traced to Romaine lettuce grown in the Yuma Arizona area. All the Ford F 150 as the top selling truck in the US but production of it has stopped so as we hear from WWJ radio's Jeff Gilbert. The issue was with a part that reinforces the pick up truck engines until Ford can rebuild the supply chain. The pick ups can't be built Ford says it does have enough pick up trucks in stock to be domain. And it all means more than 7000. Ford workers at two plants have been laid off. California is a step closer to requiring that all new homes built in the state have solar panels the State's energy commission's approved it to start in 22 money. Building standards panel takes it up next. A student at Yale University alleges racial profiling in an incident that sparked the Ivy League school to take action. I didn't exactly this is a suspect aren't a black grad student at Yale clicked on her phone. After a white student will grow up in the common room in their dorm older she had no right to be airing called campus police. Low latency and Bolick says they questioned her for more than fifteen minutes. After she showed them her room key and deride deet. He yells vice president for student life says the university will hold listening sessions with students CM bullet calls the response disappointing. He's earning a master's degree in African studies Deborah Rodriguez CBS news. Activists who accuse singer. Kelly was dropped from Chicago event last weekend when protest prop up. That's the world news roundup for Thursday a Steve case and CBS news.