CBS World News Roundup, 5/11

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, May 11th
Tension between the President and his Homeland Security Secretary. Prepping for the Singapore summit. Keeping clear of Kilauea. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.

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Below along with the Homeland Security chief taking the heat. President town summit with North Korea to pursue a future of peace for the whole. National park closes in the shadow of a volcano not little baby and is it safe to do so in right now we don't know without will be. This is the CBS world news round up sponsored by home advisor and good morning I'm Steve case in frustration about the southern border and illegal immigration are set to a calls the latest storm in the trump administration and it has the Homeland Security chief in the center of it. Live to White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. It was two days ago at a cabinet meeting the laws in this country for immigration and illegal immigration are absolutely horrible the president is said to have gone on a tirade pointing to figure showing legal border crossings are significantly ramping up. And the New York Times and Washington Post reports the president pointed the finger at Homeland Security secretary cures to Nielsen demanding that she do more to control the border. Even close it. Nielsen reportedly drafted a resignation letter bought her department denies that. She did issue a statement last night saying the president is quote. Rightly frustrated over the issue blaming congressional inaction for the lack of increased border security. This week the trump administration announced it would adopt a new zero tolerance policy and prosecute illegal border crossed or even if that means jailing parents. And putting their children in shelters Steve. Arizona Senator John McCain battling brain cancer was the bottom a joke that fell flat panel White House staff meeting CBS's Allison Keyes in Washington. During the closed door meeting White House official Kelley sadly reportedly mocked McCain's opposition to president trump CIA nominee say that it quote doesn't matter he's dying anyway. McCain's wife Cindy tweeted may I remind you my husband to have a family seven children and five grandchildren. Senator McCain has urged his colleagues to vote against Tina Haskell for CIA director. Cindy McCain also took Jamont Twitter and fox TV host who didn't challenge a military analyst who said the torture worked on McCain when he was a prisoner in Vietnam. At a rally in Elkhart Indiana president trump said his summit next month with North Korea's leader is designed to pursue a future of peace and security for the whole world. You know what gets you into a new leader Lawrence. And you know what gets you win you that warns. And weakness we. Those three Americans released by North Korea are in good shape says the state department's Bryan Hoch. They're trying to return to a normal life that's gonna take time. And right now we're just taking it one day at a time. A confrontation with California. They'll Ford's executive chairman of the company that Spears' family name we are not. Asking the administration parole back we want California at the table and we want one national standard include California. GMC Yomiuri borrowed telling workers this week that whatever the government decides her company remains committed to improving fuel economy. Jeff Gilbert for CBS news Detroit now to Hawaii CBS's Carter Evans has the latest on the forecast for a huge rock and steam explosion at the killer whale volcano. Experts theory could blast boulders the size of refrigerators into the air and the ash cloud could cover a much greater area than the current lava flow. Bigger materials can be blasted out of that that's. And in the immediate area of the that it could be a ballistics of several times lava levels inside the volcano's main crater had been. If war rocks and boulders fall into the crater he could create a blockage and pressurized steam the resulting explosion came blast rocks and ash for miles. Also in Hawaii access to the USS Arizona memorials been suspended so officials can look into the structural integrity of its the concern comes after repairs to a ball landing ramp. Monitors in serious face three's southern suburbs of Damascus are backing government control for the first time in three years rebels and family members of mostly cleared out. That development comes says Israel and Iran take the measure of yesterday's military action in Syria Jerusalem correspondent Robert Berger. Israeli military has dubbed the operation that destroyed fifteen Iranian targets in Syria. The house of cards. It took only an hour and a half for the air force to destroy most of their rants military infrastructure. In Syria. The army released aerial photos of the targets including weapons depots logistics centers radar and anti aircraft. Missiles Iran called Israel's shall force of violation of Syria's sovereignty. Here at home for additional murder charges have been brought against the 72 year old suspected Golden State killer prosecutor Joyce doubly. Each of the four counts carries multiple allegations. Each of the four counts carry the potential for a sentence of life without possibility of parole. Or the deficit. Joseph De'Angelo now faces a dozen murder counts Florida company will soon ships self contained portable medical clinics to Puerto Rico. CBS is Peter King says it's part of the hurricane Maria recovery effort. It's what you sitting in right now is is probably the least popular of the three coaches is that dental clinic or at least it will be when it's done. Work crews are converting three large trailers and a medical clinics world housing solutions CEO. I've been seeing people operate on solar and batteries with a backup generator. They are hurricane resistance they'll be able to stay there in place also fully insulated so it's like living and yet be cut and they're Smart each one of these structures will actually could talk to each other. And use each other's batteries as needed Angie says they should be in place just in time for the start of the new hurricane season. Peter King CBS news Sanford Florida. Well ask anyone who's sneezing and also use spring allergy season seems worse than ever CBS's Jim show enemy says there's good reason experts say trees are releasing their pollen earlier this year and the longer to significantly more pollen than a decade ago. They blame climate change in part is higher levels of carbon dioxide and put some plans into overdrive including trees and grasses. They are now able to kick reproduction into higher gear early FCC has slapped its largest fine ever for the man called the king know robo calling Adrian brown of rich ordered to pay 120 million dollars was charged with soliciting nearly 100 million people in just three months back in 2016. Multiple failures are blamed in a pentagon report on the ambush last year in new here that left four American soldiers dead CBS's David Martins says some were training lapses and no proper command approval. The team of American and new Nigerian soldiers have been searching for a suspected terrorist for nearly 36 hours was they were ambushed. General Thomas war browser commander of US forces in Africa this city came without warning that he had never seen anything. In this magnitude numbers mobility in training it was a it was a total tackles surprised the military's digital re creation. Shows the troops got out of there on armored vehicles and returned fire. But realizing they were outgunned and outnumbered they tried to drive out of the kill zone. US and local forces were outnumbered by nearly 321. That's world news roundup for Friday the eleventh of may the broadcast produced by Paul fairy. I'm Steve case and CBS news.