CBS World News Roundup, 5/2

CBS World News Roundup
Wednesday, May 2nd
Could President Trump be subpoenaed in the Russia probe? 7 states sue over DACA. Rise in infections from ticks and mosquitoes. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.

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Could president trump be forced to testify the tension is growing here you can just feel it. Seven states sue over dot com activist judges should not stand in the way president. Infections from mosquitoes and ticks these diseases are on the rise. This is the CBS world news roundup sponsored by home advisors good. In one meeting with Muller according to the Washington Post lawyers insisted the president has no obligation to talk. Mueller responded that he could issue a subpoena for the president to appear before a grand jury. The episode highlights the escalating showdown between the White House and the special counsel. Harry Litman as a former official at the Department of Justice. The bare minimum for Mueller is going to be to get some answers from trump under oath. And any answers under oath by trump. Puts him in serious criminal jeopardy I Safina has always been an option further a special counsel to use but to use it to compel the president to testify well that's something that could lead to a legal battle in the Supreme Court. And that was pushed back yesterday from the man overseeing the Muller investigation deputy attorney general rob rose and stymie set on seaspan he would not waver in the wake of Republican threats to try to remove him. The Department of Justice is not going to be stories we're gonna do what's required by the rule of law and any kind of threats that anybody makes. Are not gonna affect the way we do our job. President trumps physician before he took office who sounding off describing a raid to get mr. Trump's medical records want to CBS the Steven Portnoy quite a bizarre stories Steve Donald Trump's longtime personal doctor tells NBC news last year's incident left him feeling raped. Frightened and sat. Doctor Harold Ornstein says in February of last year three man. Including a Trump Organization lawyer in the president's longtime bodyguard who was then a senior White House aide. Entered the doctors Manhattan office and took all of mr. Trump's medical records. White house Press Secretary Sara Sanders does not. Deny it happened as is standard operating procedure for a new president the White House medical unit. Took possession the president's medical records Sanders says the medical unit requested the records but doctor Bornstein says the man who entered his office never showed him the required hip but paperwork. Reached by phone by CBS news producer yesterday doctor Bornstein had quote sweetheart. This is Watergate Steve. Texas attorney general Ken Paxton is leading the charge is seven states are now suing to try to win the dock of program once and for all. Docket sets a dangerous precedent by giving the executive branch. Sweeping authority to ignore the laws enacted by congress. And change our nation's immigration laws to see the president's own preferences. Thirty million people are in the past what could be some severe weather today thunderstorms and tornadoes are possible WBZ TV meteorologist Danielle Niles. The biggest area. Of highest risk today is across northeast Kansas in northwest Missouri but there's a huge swath all the way from the midwest stretching back down to central Texas. That's under the gun to force some strong to severe storm storm. Some possible tornadoes left minor damage yesterday in parts of Iowa and Nebraska. A new report from the CDC says in recent years reported infections from mosquitoes ticks and fleas have more than tripled CBS's doctor John the Polk. These diseases are on the rise especially Lyme Disease which has doubled to about 36000 recorded cases. A year but the CDC thinks that's under reported it probably closer to 300000. He says warmer temperatures have led the longer breeding season and so and the bugs have spread further geographically. Arizona teachers are rallying for a fifth and final day today at the State Capitol lawmakers are due to lack of budget the boost education funding by 300 million dollars teachers have been demanding more than three times that. I'm not satisfied with what we've been given but. This is the first step and it was necessary to be taken them on them together. The next move is up to Iowa's Republican governor after state lawmakers have approved book would be the most restrictive abortion law in the country it would effectively banned most procedures wants a fetal heartbeat is detected at around six weeks of pregnancy. After a wrong way flights and a dog's death on board United Airlines is out with a new pet policy live to CBS's Vicki barker did. A spokesman Persian cats among the breeze now banned from united cargo holds last year the airline accounted for three quarters of all pet deaths on US carriers eighteen in all united says that's because it was willing to take riskier breeds already barred from other airlines until now. Many of the at risk breeds will still be allowed in main cabin since they're small enough to fit under a seat not clear if the policy applies to service animals and emotional support animals Steve. Economic girls conjoined the boy scout program is changing its name to scouts BSK. That'll take effect next February. FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has doubled down on a pledge to improve the social networks security. We're requiring everyone running political and issue ads are running large pages to be verified with a government I didn't orbiting adds more transparent. And are they don't say who is running a political I'd put they're targeting how much they're spending. And most importantly. What other messages they're sending to different people. And his plan for a FaceBook dating service sent shares of the online company match down sharply. Apple says it's going to spend 100 billion dollars in stock buybacks in a bid to reassure shareholders and investors and thanks to tax breaks it's raising its quarterly dividend by sixteen per cents. Fresh off his Twitter brawl Lance with president trump Kanye West said this on TM. See you hear about labor reform 400 years for 400 years that's out like a choice. Might. You're there for 400 years there's Ali don't. Now let's set off a social media storm and one west's asked about free thinking at DMZ host said I actually don't think you're thinking anything. A climate group based in Finland wants to raise half a million dollars to put president trumps image on ice slam. During the change of video from the group melting ice mocks the president's own words on climate change the plan is to put a mountain Rushmore style carving of mr. trump into an Arctic ice berg. And see if it melts. A new wage carmaker is turning to some old school production techniques WWJ radio's Jeff Gilbert. Tesla had vowed to reinvent manufacturing. With all automated production of the new model three. Other hiring people and getting rid or robots that cost them a lot of grief both on the somebody's vehicle assembly side but also on the battery production side navigate research analyst Sam Apple's salmon says realism is starting to seep in a Tesla. Vessels also running through a lot of cash without profits crucial for Jeff Kubrick for CBS news to report. Automation went haywire when the flying dinosaur ride at Universal Studios Japan suddenly stopped flying that left sixty riders hanging upside down 100 feet off the ground for two hours. Everyone got off safely but some passengers have their arms and legs went numb as but he hung on tight. And that's the CBS world news Rhonda and Steve case and CBS news.