CBS World News Roundup, 5/3

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, May 3rd
President Trump's lawyer says the President covered the Stormy Daniels payment. What caused a window crack during a Southwest flight? First death linked to e-coli outbreak. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.

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How some of the stormy Daniels payment channels rules and then the present detailed. Window crack in flock Siegelman Wimbledon remains that the plane. Deaths reported in E. Coli outbreak very scary not knowing what's gonna happen. This. Is the CBS world news roundup sponsored by home advisors good morning I'm Steve case and a stunning new twist in the story of the porn star of the pay off and the president's and the revelation comes from trump attorney Rudy Giuliani live to White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. You could say in one respect that the president has come clean last month he told reporters he had no knowledge of his lawyers 130000. Dollar payment to stormy Daniels. We got yes Michael Dell Michael's mind. The charity and you have to ask Michael what. Last night on Fox News Rudy Giuliani told Sean Hannity that the president has reimbursed Colin. Giuliani apparently aimed to fend off accusations that Collins pulled it to Daniels violated campaign finance loss it's not campaign money. No. Campaign finance violations. So they funneled into law firm. Funnels oil firm and the president repaid now that contradicts Cohen's claim made by his own attorney in March that the president never reimbursed him. This morning mr. trump tweets that Cohen received a monthly retainer and from those funds. He was reimbursed Steve CBS news legal analyst Ricky claimant says there are plenty of questions in the wake of baldness. Is his saying in kind contribution. To a campaign five Michael Collins. Whether or not it is paid back later on in increments. By Donald Trump and then sits alone. Why is there any entrance paid no financial disclosure forms ever showed. Alone in the later shuffle on the trump legal team tied Kabul leave at the end of the month Clinton impeachment lawyer Emmet flood is joining out. A tweet from president trump suggest there might be news soon about three Americans detained in North Korea some reports say the Americans might have recently been relocated. The Wall Street Journal says the captives were discussed when secretary of state Mike Pompeo went to North Korea. Some people in parts of Oklahoma and Kansas are assessing the damage after a night of severe storms that included apparent tornadoes. Sean tags Holman rate town and Kansas took a beating. The house show up and dubbed windows blew open and I don't know if it happened because they fast. CBS is Tony to COPEL says the forecast for today is ominous so severe weather today is expected between here in Kansas City and there mowing. Iowa that could mean hailed it could mean tornadoes the C 130 military cargo plane that crashed yesterday in Savannah Georgia killing all nine on board was more than sixty years old and one of the oldest still flying it was bound for Tucson where it was going to be retired. Puerto Rican National Guard plane was used in the rescue and resupply effort in hurricane Maria. The plane crashed on a state highway and police chief Matt Libby says the scene on the ground could have been a lot worse I guess have gone down. Couple feet couple hundred feet north of south might hit traffic. Are we could hit. Any of these big warehouses around here or any of these businesses more castings of the Southwest Airlines jet the suffered a window cracked on a flight from Chicago to New York yesterday never lost cabin pressure but it did force a landing in Cleveland and had summary calling the shattered window two weeks ago. A southwest flight caused by engine debris. Passenger Carol O'Grady was sitting just a few feet from the window. It sounded like. When you travel here window you know when you're driving Carney get hit by contracting rattle him in the same kind of popping noise is. CBS news' aviation safety analyst mark rose incur these windows having number of layers for redundancy. So what we saw here's a piece of that window apparently come off to do not believe it had a hole in it enough to be able to cause a decompression in the cab. A death in California has been linked to the E. Coli outbreak that's been blamed on tainted Romaine lettuce 121. Infections have been reported in 45 states have been more than fifty hospitalizations. Doctor James Keeney has dealt with some cases in Southern California. Normally have been just got tens of thousands of bacteria to actually get sick. With this organism ten to 2200. Will get you sick. People have been told to stay away from Romaine lettuce that originated in Yuma Arizona as investigators hone in on the source. The Washington Post reports an additional 27 women say they were sexually harassed by a former TV host Charlie Rose fourteen CBS news employees and thirteen who worked with him elsewhere. Some of the complaints state back to the 1980s. Rose was fired last year by CBS and PBS when allegations first surfaced. He tells the post the stories inaccurate. CBS news president David Rhodes says the company has taken steps to deal with and head off sexual misconduct on the job. A Texas teenagers accused of planning an ice has inspired attack in the Dallas area. CBS is dean Reynolds has more on the accusations against seventeen year old Mateen Aziz you're wrong. Officials say he said over 14100 dollars to undercover federal agents to help him buy assault rifles and a mole and tactical gear. He is possible targets included a school and Hindu temple before he settled on stone prior center mall in Frisco. There he conducted surveillance for a week. So at the Pentagon CBS's David Martin has new details on the ambush attack last October in new share that left four Americans dead. CBS news has learned captain Michael perusing any commander of the ill fated patrol. Objected to a change in mission to send his team looking for a wanted terrorist we have also learned that team had been an easier for barely a month. And then not done the traditional in person turn over with the units they were replacing and had not conducted sufficient training. With the new Nigerian soldiers they were operating worth. Less than two months after it was revealed Cambridge analytical harvested the date of FaceBook users without their knowledge of the political analysis firm says it's filing for bankruptcy and shutting down cnet's. Mounting legal costs. And it losing a bunch of customers as a result of all the bad press which even getting a lot of bad press basically made it senate they had the company was created five years ago backing from a Republican donor. The TV academy says it's reviewing bill Cosby's place in the organization's hall of fame after his sexual assault conviction he's no longer on a list of honorees on the academy's website. And an exhibit in its lobby no longer displays Cosby's image. There's evidence of some new leeway in a test some employers give to new hires. Drug tests have become standard in many fields of employment manager applying for a job there's a chance she'll be asked to take a drug test. But if you order a flunk the test for marijuana use you might still get the job. A low unemployment rate and the spreading legalization of recreational marijuana use. And led many businesses to rethink their drug testing policies and summer simply no longer testing for pot or ignoring positive test for marijuana. Jim Shannon the CBS news study and. Inland looked at 16100 people over fifteen years and researchers say those who regularly took saunas sent a far lower stroke risk than those who went infrequently or not at all the study author says so on has appeared to help lower blood pressure and that's key other studies have found solace can reduce the risk of heart disease and dementia. That's the world is round. Steve case and CBS news.