CBS World News Roundup, 5/4

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, May 4th
Lava threatens a Hawaii neighborhood. White House spokesperson under fire over Stormy Daniels payments. Investigators hope genealogy websites can help solve the Zodiac Killer case. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.

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Trouble in paradise we've been here Y album exploding. This normal for a shifting story that given the best information I had at the time. DNA evidence and the zodiac killer it'll record wide open. This is the CDS world news roundup sponsored by home advisor good morning I'm Steve case. Red hot molten lava is on the move as Hawaii's killer whale volcano erupts morning. There's going to be structures that are gone mismatch one of 15100 people who fled their homes in an area close to the volcano on the big island. I just grabbed a few family photos he grabbed his father's ashes laptop and grand that's it so it got everything else is going to be gone. Every day as Hawaii's governor I've already activated the National Guard to help with the evacuation has lot of security of that community KG MB reporter Molly tell Lincoln. Helicopters are surge being an assessing the situation in an effort to take measurements from the air to try to project that half of this blob of low. And this speed. Urban no reports of any injury it's legal experts are jousting about the possible implications from president trumps admission that he paid back the attorney who paid off stormy Daniels. And it's raised new questions about White House credibility. Press Secretary Sharon Sanders deflected most questions about the stormy Daniels payment under her back to mayor Giuliani's comment creeping further she said she only learned the president had reimbursed Michael Cohen on TV. There's first. Awareness act catalyst for an interview last month Sanders couldn't explain when the payments started or how would he is in Giuliani's telling that the president only came to know about the reimbursement. In the last couple of weeks we have bass presence outside counsel Steven Portnoy CBS news the White House. President trump heads to Dallas to speak to the National Rifle Association today almost three months after seeming to embrace new gun controls after the park in shooting he reversed course just days later the NRA is one of the most divisive organizations politically speaking in the country all the more reason to hold the annual meeting says the American Conservative Union match Latvia Skype. Incredibly important program. To be a voice to remind people why guns are actually stabilizing factor in our society. Chapman watts of moms demand action gives no quarter for groups she says moments a culture war the NRA agenda should be considered talks don't breakup CBS news Washington the White House denies a New York Times report that says president trump has ordered the Pentagon to prepare options for possible US troop reductions in South Korea it's a story that comes as tensions are easing on the peninsula. Last month speaker Paul Ryan forced the resignation of house chaplain Pat Conroy well he got his job back yesterday. Hours after sending Ryan a scathing letters saying no one had ever complained about his ministry. Virginia Democrat Gerald Connolly. It went from shock. Tell outrage and I might say not just Democrats lots of Republicans as well. Conroy says atop Ryan aide told him last month his resignation was sought because of a prayer he delivered that was seen as critical of the Republican tax bill. Or quite a story is being told oversees the Nobel Prize for literature will not be awarded this year amid allegations of sex abuse and financial misdeeds. CBS's Peter King joins us that award is postponed until next year the alleged abuse involves eighteen women say they were sexually assaulted. By the husband of a Swedish academy board member. Photographer who ran an academy program on its property he denies the claims but his wife has resigned so of other board members including the first woman to have the academy and now. The board just doesn't have enough members to vote on the prize and says it needs time to straighten it all out Steve. Well Twitter is calling on all 330 million of its users to change their passwords and internal bug store them in an unprotected form it's been fixed there's been no evidence of a breach. DNA evidence helped crack the Golden State killer case CBS's Carter Evans says the same techniques are now being used to try to identify another infamous California criminal. The zodiac killer boasted about killing as many as 37 people. And taunted police by sending them cryptic letters Jim Jackson has spent most of his career on the zodiac task force if they're able to find a relative of the person. Who lick that stamp. How big a deal with that. All of its Robaire integrate the place for an investigation to really start detectives are now trying to recover DNA from saliva on the stance from those very letters and using genealogy sites gives them a potent new weapons. Says DNA expert Monty Miller. Anytime we can't identify the criminal if we can identify some of the criminals relatives that might give us very good leg up on and solving some of these crimes. And it's giving new hope for cracking cases stated long gone coals of us has a lot of potential absolutely is the potential is it is very Carter Evans CBS news Los Angeles. The film academy is expelled Oscar winning director Roman Polanski and Bill Cosby Cosby was convicted of sexual assault last month Polanski pleaded guilty to having sex with a minor decades ago. Film historian Leonard Walton says it comes seven months after similar action against a powerful producer. It is academy would be seen as hypocritical. If they singled out just Harvey Weinstein. And ignored the problem behavior. Of other people like Polanski and Conte. Singer. But time's up activist group launched an effort this week targeting Kelly. A federal grand jury in Detroit has indicted former Volkswagen CEO Martin winter corn. WWJ radio's Jeff Gilbert says it all stems from the auto makers diesel emissions cheating scandal. The indictment puts Witter corner of the middle of a conspiracy that lasted nine years. It's as a former VW receive your work for all other top executives of the company to unlawfully enrich Volkswagen and himself. And deceived customers and regulators. When her quarters now no longer with VW remains in Germany and out of reach of US authorities. The evidence in a case in a home del New Jersey was repulsive. Human feces found several times and high school football field and track. Police have now charged a superintendent. At a rival school district. Doing his business clear during his early morning jogs he's also been put on leave from his job. Today's a day Star Wars fans have embraced so. Is the day to celebrate dad galaxy far far away and all who inhabit it are not. Can you the phrase but I will save the date they don't want you difference OK okay. Made the fourth. If you park channel otherwise known as Luke Skywalker ahead of next week's appearance on the Big Bang theory this year's may fourth just weeks before the release of the next in the film series. Solo hits theaters may 25. George Lucas original Star Wars movie debuted in 1977. Deborah Rodriguez CBS. News on NASA is set to launch a new robotic Lander this weekend it's designed to study the deep interior of Mars shall have equipment to go deep enough to detect the planets seismic rumblings insight as it's called will get up there and about six months. And that's the world news roundup for Friday the broadcast is produced by Paul ferry and Steve case and CBS news.