CBS World News Roundup, 5/7

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, May 7th
More than two dozens homes destroyed by lava in Hawaii. Would President Trump comply with a subpoena in the Russia probe. Cabins flooded on Carnival cruise. CBS News Correspondent Jim Taylor has today's World News Roundup.

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Like during a volcanic eruption and we'll post that it took a look at. With the president Ed for a special counsel's subpoena we don't have to do with the president United States. And the cruise ship that flooded umpire hunter mine it and that's how quickly becoming an. This is the CBS world news roundup sponsored by home advisors. Good morning I'm Jim Taylor volcano evacuation I remember having myself. It's behaving exactly come back. And if it is. Hopefully she's 17100 others do remain evacuated some left back briefly to rescue their belongings. More than two dozen homes destroyed by this molten lava still spewing from kill label came along Hawaii's big island CBS's Carter Evans is there this particular type of lava was moving forward fairly slowly at least when I was there is moving forward about one foot and our. Police Fisher's first opened up they're much more violent. There release this team in toxic gases you can hear it actually sounds like that jet engine. Rory in the background Janet Babb is a geologist Hawaiian volcano observatory. It's really hard to forecast just how long this might go on there was a lower east it's an eruption in 1955. They went on for 88 days. So we may just be at the beginning stages of this. There is too much water in Missoula Montana dozens of homes are flooded officials say it's going to get worse may be the worst flooding in western Montana in forty years. Making sure we have plenty of fresh water in the house and also having. Having our grocery shopping done now things I vowed being kind of ready to hunker down a bit. Residents are more than 800 homes being warned they may have to evacuate thunderstorms in the forecast for coming days. President Trump's new lawyer continues to struggle to detailed facts surrounding a 130000 dollar payment to adult film actress stormy Daniels. CBS news White House correspondent Steven Porter joins us with the latest. The president's turning an increasingly his lead spokesman said yesterday he's still trying to get his facts straight on win the president became aware of the payment to Daniels. Last week Rudy Giuliani backed away from his assertion that the president only recently came to find out that he had been reimbursing his lawyer Michael Cohen. For that payment. Giuliani told ABC yesterday the president could challenge a subpoena from special counsel Robert caller. Hillary Clinton treatment is what I'm looking for and that is. No what no wonder rose. Only if she one day. And then we get the questions in advance and they write the report two weeks before the president is tweeting this morning about the Russia probe saying. Thirteen angry Democrats are in charge of the investigation and quote there is no all that's short for obstruction he says it's called fighting back. Jim ahead in this weekend's scheduled confirmation hearings president's controversial nominee to head the CIA agent possible on Capitol Hill today CBS is Japanese. Editors are expected to grill her over her role in the controversial CIA. Enhanced interrogation program but over the weekend to a real doubts about whether she would even make it to the confirmation hearings as the Washington Post first reported Haskell told White House officials that she was considering withdrawing. As the nominee a bit more questions about her involvement in that controversial interrogation program after nine elevenths. Yesterday a White House spokesman said that hassles nomination will quote not be derailed bipartisan critics who side with the ACLU over the CIA. In the past the first lady's spoken out against cyber bullying even as the president was being accused of that hagee recently hosted middle school students in the blue room. After sixteen months Gilani at trump appears to be finding her feet and they sometimes storm tossed ship that is her husband's White House gym it was not the cruise trip they were expecting the carnival cruise and believes it flooded CBS is Don Baylor reports. Crew members responded this steady streams of water rushed into the ship tonight that all away. Moment from water started just like I mean and a app in it to Ramon getting our. Carnival crew acted quickly shutting off the water within minutes and forming an assembly line would buckets. Carnival says they replace most of the damage carbon to six hours after the incident. After a night of sleeping on a yoga mat in the ship's bar Marla Haas was thankful for the staff and to be back in her room. We felt like royalty we got treated so wonderfully in the right thing to the occasion. Full refunds and half off the next cruised. A judge today will consider whether the pivotal witness in Missouri governor Eric brightens criminal trial should be prohibited from testifying. She had an affair with a married governor he is accused of taking an unauthorized total of her during that sexual encounter. He faces felony invasion of privacy charges in the grand Kremlin palace. Under Putin's sworn in for another six years as the president of Russia CBS's Elizabeth Palmer. Is there fittingly enough he addressed the nation from what was a hundred years ago. The throne room of the stars in the Kremlin palace home his message emphasized tradition and family values. As well as strength before it but it wasn't as head of state who said I would do everything to multiply Russia's Colorado. If you like to Israel it in Korea it's Palestinians the United States opening its new embassy in Jerusalem one week from today road signs directing traffic they're going up around the neighborhood. Where it will be situated. Will always say what we go at the end of the week president Trump's self imposed deadline to decide whether to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. Almost Maloney is a director of Iranian studies Stanford University he says Iran is not inflation negotiate right now and a lot of economic misery. Currency has lost almost 50% of its value. In the last up Montana. There's a water absorption. Food problems there's unemployment since inflation. Rising tensions with Iran being blamed in part for rising gas prices. Lean prices are up again. This time seventh tenth more in the past two weeks the daily averages to the ninety's the highest price since three and a half years. That's industry analyst shall be Lundberg seven point one billion dollars we will. At a much nationally is praying for the rights to sell Starbucks coffee worldwide the global alliance aimed at reinvigorating both of those empires reinforcing nationally is the world's number one coffee company. Hall of fame induction last night on the Jersey Shore. Bruce Springsteen showed up at the Paramount theatre in Asbury Park. To serenade his band mates even bands and that he was inducted into the New Jersey hall of fame. The boss called his guitar is one of the greatest white sold performers we have and the sole creator of the mail that bush got. Seventeen others inducted as well including astronauts mark and Scott Kelly soccer star Carly Lloyd author Anna Quinlan and HBOS by evil last drought. Deborah Rodriguez CBS news. It happens in Vegas this summer the right hailing service lift teaming up with an automotive technology company to roll out a fleet of thirty self driving BMW's on the streets a Las Vegas as soon as this July. Helen just like you would any other lift ride in the driver was beaver. Take your right down the street. That's the world news roundup Monday may seventh 28 team I'm Jim Taylor CBS news.