CBS World News Roundup, 5/8

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, May 8th
NY Attorney General steps down after abuse allegations. President set to announce whether he'll ditch the Iran nuclear deal. Controversial Senate candidate on the West Virginia ballot. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.

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New York attorney general accused of abuse each hypocrisy. Is beyond belief. The Iran nuclear deal we he'd kill it or keep it alive. Coal country convicts faces the voters will be Joseph Manchin and did cocaine Mitt for the sake of the kids. This is the CBS world news roundup sponsored by home advisors good morning I'm Steve case in New York attorney general Eric Schneider and been one of the key national figures who've tighten the legal bolts of the meat till movement. For women does not have the right to control her own body. She is not truly eat. But now Schneider Ammann a Democrat and frequent critic of president trump is resigning CBS's jury could Duncan says for women of accused him of physical abuse. Among them Michelle Manning bearers who told the New Yorkers she began a romantic relationship with snyderman and 2013. That quickly turned violent Tonya cellar -- though who was born in Sri Lanka state snyderman started calling her his brown slate and would sometimes tell her to call him master. She alleged he would frequently slap her across the face choked her and spin on her it wasn't consensual she said. This wasn't sexual play acting. Snyderman denies the abuse allegations saying in a statement. And the privacy of intimate relationships I have engaged in role playing in other consensual sexual activity. The accusations have sparked new investigations into Schneider almond. With an endless string of condemnations president trump has made his feelings about the Iran nuclear deal well known in a few hours he'll say if the US will remain a part of its live not a White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. Even as top US officials say Iran has not violated the nuclear agreement the president announced last October. That he would not continue certifying Iran's compliance Iran is not living up. To this spirit. Of the deal today he's expected to say he'll refuse to waive US sanctions which would essentially killed the 2015 agreement. Backers of the deal worry Iran could quickly go back to uranium enrichment. Arguing it's the US it's breached the agreement. Some of its proponents mean European capitals ending to Iran. Have been speaking with former secretary of state John Kerry I've simply urged people to do what is pretty obvious which is. I think the deal was working and I think people should stay in the deal this morning the president tweets stay away from negotiations John you are hurting your country. He makes his formal announcement at 2 o'clock eastern time today. I'm Vicki barker live at the foreign desk in London where America's overseas allies have been trying to persuade mr. trump not to ditch the Iran deal first French president and I don't Mac crock then British foreign secretary Boris Johnson stating that case in Washington we think that's what you can do is be tougher on Iran. Address the concerns of the president and I know through the baby out with the bath when their argument unless or until there's a plan B it would be dangerous to ditch the deal that European leaders say has prevented Iran from building the bombs Steve. Eight years after 29 workers died in a coal mine blast Don Blankenship the man ran the company and was convicted of conspiring to violate safety standards is running for a senate seat from West Virginia CBS's Ed O'Keefe says Republican primary voters get their say on him today. Blankenship spent a year in federal prison after the 2010 explosion at his upper big branch mine. He blames his conviction on an Obama Eric conspiracy. But Republicans like president trump fear his role in the tragedy will make Blankenship on electable in the. Fall president is as mr. informed us the public gives these fell victim to thickness and you don't bear any responsibility for the death of those Clinton people. Have bear the same responsibility if she would bear the government came in blew your house of while you were down. Transportation secretary Elaine Chao. Well captain Mitch McConnell has created millions of jobs for China and O'Keefe. CBS news Charleston, West Virginia. We'll trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani has a list of demands for special counsel Robert Mueller before the president will agree to an interview he spoke with CBS is Paula reads. Giuliani tells me that the special counsel's office has already rejected. A proposal to allow the president to answer questions in writing. So that she signed to be negotiating the turns any possible in person interview. And Giuliani tells me he wants the questions in advance and are certain questions. Certain issues that are off limits and despite my pressing he would not specify exactly what those issues are. Many homes are among the 35 structures have been lost two of flaming molten lava from Hawaii's killer whale volcano CBS's Carter Evans has people who live in the potential path of destruction face anguishing decision so. Lenny Kaye aloha moved here last September with his wife and two young daughters after fleeing California's wild fire. He will win them as he packed up how he says he may never see again so. She's gonna raise my daughter's here. But doesn't look like it's gonna turn out to be the scenario we hold it. I'll stay here until I can't say anymore Michael Clemens decided not to evacuate. He says almost all of his life savings is in his home just a few hundred yards away from the lava and noxious smoke. The best I can end. And orange army wife Angela rickets was home in Colorado was three years ago when she got an ominous message on her phone. Cyber Khaled take got into your PC and Smartphone. We know everything about you your husband and your children and are much closer than you can even imagine. At least five military women got the threats from what appeared to be ice his supporters bumpy Associated Press finds evidence indicates it was the work of the same Russian hackers who tinkered with the 2016 election. Well drivers may rule the roads than those on foot seem to be paying a heavy price. Nearly 6000 pedestrian deaths a year or is way too many says David Sparky the president of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety that's a 46%. Increase since 2009. We got to do better job. In terms certainly design and operations lighting the roadway we're vehicle. Or weren't or speed limit. And pedestrian Turkey says have to pay attention and make sure there are visible to drivers. Joseph kubert for CBS news Detroit. A laws taking effect in Utah today that protects parents from prosecution for giving their kids more leeway. Here's CBS is Allison t.'s free range parenting basically means you can't be arrested for allowing your kids to do things like take a bus alone. And lawmakers say it was important to pass this because some parents of based criminal charges for letting their kids walked home from the park. Momma Northcutt daisy tells CBS. You talk a lot says. Parents shouldn't have to worry if they're gonna send their kids out to play outside a walk to school. Today's he was vilified after writing a column about letting her nine year old take the New York subway alone New York city's ritzy met gala celebrity show their stuff last night the singer Rihanna out aura silver outfit complete with a papal style hats Tom Brady's embroidered talks was lampooned on social media. Scarlett Johansson Laura gown designed by Harvey Weinstein estranged wife. That's the world news roundup for Tuesday and Steve case and CBS news.