CBS World News Roundup, 5/9

CBS World News Roundup
Wednesday, May 9th
Stormy Daniels' lawyer claims the President's attorney received funds from a company tied to a Russian billionaire. Secretary of State in North Korea could bring home captive Americans. Possible break in Michigan cold case. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.

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From attorneys money trail wasn't paid by a company linked to a Russian billionaire. Secretary of state in North Korea could three Americans be freed. Digging for answers in a cold case might be and you land in best shape and it's. He's the CBS world news roundup sponsored by home advisor and good morning I'm Steve case and the attorney for stormy Daniels is offering up new information that race is more troubling questions about president trumps longtime personal lawyer CBS's Jeff for gazes in Washington. Attorney Michael laden already claims that from October 2016. To January of this year Michael Cohen's firm essential consultants LLC engaged in suspicious financial transactions totaling nearly four and a half million dollars those transactions he says included roughly 500000. Dollars from Russian oligarchs Victor of Exel birth through the US company Columbus nova. Going created essential consultants in October of 2016. And used it to wire 130000. Dollars in hush money to stormy Daniels Columbus nova told us that claim that Victor backs a bird was involved in or provided any funding for Columbus nova is engaged in a Michael Cohen is patently untrue former federal prosecutor Jennifer Rogers says Cohen could spend decades in prison if the payments are found to be illegal. He could face bank fraud and also if you really is taking money from someone he knows should be Russian. And he's possibly acting as a foreign agent. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has in North Korea raising hopes that freedom could come soon for three Americans held there reporter Jason strollers in South Korea. Pompeo said that no promises have been made but it would be a great gesture if ruler Kim Jung who turns the three detained US citizens over. A South Korean government official told reporters in Seoul that the three men will be returned. Andy tells for the upcoming summit between president trump and ruler Kim will be finalized goring Pompeo is visit. Tool Iran parliament wasted no time reacting to president Trump's decision to pull US out of the west's nuclear deal with Tehran. Lawmakers chanted death to America and burned paper American flags rams leader has warned uranium enrichment might start soon CBS's Elizabeth Palmer is in Tehran. The nuclear deal is not yet dead they're on his said we'll try with the other five signatories. To make the agreement work minus the United States. I'm Steven Portnoy at the White House even though backers said the deal was working. The president argues it was defective at its core not punishing Iran for its malign activities across the Middle East it's continuing support. Baffert terrorism its military activities in the Natalee national security advisor John Bolton was on CBS this morning the theories. President Obama and secretary of state Kerry was that the nuclear deal. By satisfying Iran by releasing billions of dollars of economic resources. We change Iran's overall behavior across the region it's had exactly the opposite effect. Now mr. trump says he'll impose the highest level of economic sanctions to pressure Iran. Into a new round of talks Steve a senate committee opens confirmation hearings this morning for president trumps pick to head the CIA. CBS's Cammie McCormick says front and center are questions about Gina hassles links. The harsh interrogation programs after nine elevenths. Passed a has been meeting with lawmakers ahead of this hearing to address their concerns but at least one top Democrat wants more records of her involvement in the interrogation program declassified. The issue has been such a sticking point that has we'll offer to withdraw her nomination. The CIA has been supportive passable to the point or one senators questioned the use of its resource is to promote her nomination. Well Don Blankenship its bid to win a Republican senate primary in West Virginia failed the coal mining executive who spent a year in prison finished third state attorney general Patrick Morrissey won the contest. For weighing in and race. Okay. Here we always use. You'll face the incumbent Democrat Joseph mansion in Indiana vice president pence is brother Greg won a GOP congressional primary now. Time to take this momentum in our message in the general election can win. We've yours is more. An Indiana businessman Mike brawn defeated to a sitting congressman to win the Republican senate primary. In Hawaii new evacuations have been ordered in an area word two new events are belching dangerous gases not far from where the lawful from the killer whale volcano is into streets and backyards CBS is Carter Evans. Members of the Hawaii army National Guard wore gas now. Asked to measure the areas sulfur dioxide levels which are still dangerously hot air quality there as well global we would hello we would not make recommendations for the public to be in their emergency management sent out a cell phone alert last night. Forty any stragglers to leave immediately. Excavation crews are resuming work this morning in a wooded area northeast of Detroit in the search for the remains of twelve year old Kimberly Lucas and up to six other girls who went missing for decades lucas' sister Cassie wants closure. These last couple days has really done the I hope. Going to make all the difference in the us that we find it would have been. Information from a convicted murderer has sparked the new search the Mormon Church says it will sever all ties with the Boy Scouts by the end of the year. Here's CBS is Vicki barker. Mormons have already pulled nearly 200000 teenage boys out of the scout movement last year now they say the 400000 remaining will go to the scouts decisions to allow gay troop leaders and to admit girls apparently incompatible with Mormon teachings of the church is starting its own gospel based organization. Scouting has always been huge among mormons and this divorce will deprive the boy scouts of nearly 20% of their current membership. We don't north of the border not a Toronto for a big night in baseball and no hitter. We call on the Mariners network as Seattle's James Paxton blanked Toronto five to nothing he's the second Canadian to toss a no hitter in the big leagues Dick Fowler did it in 1945 minutes the third no hitter this season. In Denver smoke filled the cabin of a delta flight that had just landed from Detroit last night the were some minor injuries during the evacuation. And influential panel of health experts is out with new prostate screening recommendations CBS's doctor John the Pope. Could 2012. They said. Don't do the PSA blood test to look for prostate cancer because. The risks outweigh the benefits now they're doing an about face and they're saying for men ages 55 to 69 think about it talked to your doctor about. In the messy battle over Charles Manson's est one man who claims to be his son has dropped out and another showed up too late for a court hearing. It could narrow the field to a purported grandson and a pen pal of Manson. Manson was serving life for orchestrating a string of murders and died at 83 last November. And that's the CBS world news roundup for Wednesday the ninth of may. Steve case and CBS news.