CBS World News Roundup, 6/14

CBS World News Roundup
Wednesday, June 14th

At least one Congressman shot when gunfire breaks out at a park near DC. Many dead and injured in London high rise fire. Manhunt for inmates who killed prison guards in GA. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Shooting in suburban DC several members of congress sheltered in place. One day and high rise inferno CP bit and we did back in screaming can't react AK and I. Death destruction and desperation and. But jump yeah. He could jump all angles and not mean. Massive Georgia manhunt they need to surrender before we. Good morning. I'm Steve case with this CBS world news round up there's breaking news this morning shooting an Alexandria Virginia police report multiple victims. Let's go live to CBS Steven Portnoy. This is happening Stephen a public park in the Delray neighborhood of Alexandria it is just across the Potomac River from DC. And it's where members of congress were practicing. Ahead of a charity fund raising baseball game tomorrow night at not spark. A source tells CBS news at least one congressman was shot in the hip. There are unconfirmed reports from fellow members that house GOP whip Steve's colleagues was hit. Witnesses heard several dozen shots. Security here at the White House has been tightened in response to this incident Pennsylvania Avenue is closed except to pass holders. My past was very closely examined thirty minutes ago repeating police in Alexandria Virginia say they are are multiple victims of a shooting. Where members of congress were practicing ahead of a baseball game tomorrow night Steve. Allow let's shift overseas so deadly high rise fire today in London were alive for CBS is Vicki barker. Which is could only watched helpless. At least six dead 74 hospitalized many many people missing after a fire that consumed a 24 story apartment building overnight. Right from the bottom straight talk a movement of the fire across the entire building to take more than half an hour fire crews were there in minute but there was little they too deep blacks aren't they kids out to save my children to see her children I didn't find it gave Armisen please if you do nothing seems some things today. I can't even describe. Among Williams is a nurse who treated some of the victims her neighbors in the 1970s housing project. Not news that come out in the states religion people to trust them and sits in its feet things quickly jumping out of windows. We just need to redo it as a community now. The building had just undergone a fifteen million dollar renovation CBS news spoke with residents who said firefighters first told them to stay indoors and put damp towels under the doors to keep out the smoke. London mayor city Conn has questions will be asked. But for now the focus is on finding survivors in this still burning high rise Steve. Well back here at home Jeff Sessions mix defense and to clients in his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee CBS's Nancy court. An angry attorney general said he was being smeared by rumors that he had undisclosed contact with Russian officials they are not senator Latin. There are none sessions argued there was nothing wrong with his involvement in Jim Cohen he's firing even though he had recused himself from the Russia investigation Komi headed they're cute little. Involved in one case involved. In the Department of Justice but he refused to describe the conversations he had with the president on the matter mr. chairman I'm not able to comment and any other matter you're not answering questions you're competing in this investigation they would be inappropriate for me. I to answer and for reveal private conversation. With the president it left one Democrats suggesting that perhaps sessions should be held in contempt of congress Republicans argued sessions was following a long standing tradition. Well correspondent Jeff for gays has the latest on the investigation into Russian attempts to medal in last fall's election. A former US official familiar with the intelligence says that there were massive alarms going off about the scope of Russian attempts to breach voter databases. The officials says database using key battleground states were at risk of being penetrated. The source mentioned that there were about five or six states including Wisconsin and Florida. The official tells CBS news that some voter registration data may have been expelled traded but that investigators were not certain that information had been taken out of the systems. At a stop in Milwaukee president trump touted his effort to create jobs and torrential obamacare Democrats. Have let you down big league and has for a Republican replacement he vowed better things are ahead this set is getting ready. It is something. Where. We will come up with a solution. And I really good one to healthcare in a meeting with senate Republicans earlier in the day mr. trump referred to the house health care bill he once praised as mean and said lawmakers need to be more generous. 200 democratic senators and representatives are suing president trump today over foreign money that's flowing into his business empire. USA today reports since last year's GOP convention. 70% of trump company real estate sales abandoned shell outfits that obscure the buyer's identity is. That's compared to just 4% in the two years before he got the nomination critics say. It raises questions about efforts to influence the president. There's an intense manhunt this morning in the southeast 24 hours after two corrections officers were shot and killed authorities say they were overpowered and disarmed and prison bus headed for a worked details southeast of Atlanta two inmates are being sought sheriff Howard sills was emotional. He described what happened. I saw there brutally murdered crystal. That's what us. But I have their blood all mushy. He says the two got away after carjacking a motorist. Bill Cosby got animated as he left court yesterday and Norris town Pennsylvania. I don't know I heard the noise. He gave fans a bit of his Fat Albert cartoon character a jury has yet to reach a decision in his sex assault case. Today is day three after fifteen hours of closed door deliberations with the jury so far as seven men and five women need to come to a unanimous decision. And they're obviously not all on the same page. Think so far been brought back in four times when needing guidance from the judge on things like definitions or re hearing testimony given last week. Yesterday Cosby's attorney said that he's in good spirits that hyper CBS news Morristown Pennsylvania. A Massachusetts judges are deciding the fate of a twenty year old woman accused of sending her boyfriend text messages encouraging him to kill himself Michelle Carter's charged with manslaughter. The death of Conrad Roy out of Cincinnati. Jeff brought on a warm beer home to the US held for a year and a half playing North Korea he's now in a coma. There are risks for people who take aspirin as part of their daily health regiment CBS's Jim Shannon he has some new finding X we've been hearing the advice for years our daily aspirin can be a health benefit helping to ward off heart attacks and stroke. But numerous search suggest aspirin can lead to a higher risk of serious and even fatal bleeding in the elderly. Health experts estimate that around half of Americans age 75 and older take aspirin every day and aspirin has been proven to reduce the risk of heart attacks but any 75 or older the blood thinning effects can become a significant health risk. Jim show and the VC BS news. The nation's new poet laureate is 45 year old Tracy case myths she's a Pulitzer Prize winner who's been hailed for her command of language and emotions Smith as one of her goals is to use poetry is a bridge for people of different views and backgrounds. And that's the world is round for Wednesday. Steve case and CBS news.