CBS World News Roundup, 6/15

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, June 15th

President Trump visits Congressman Steve Scalice -- still in critical condition. Special Counsel reportedly investigating the President for possible obstruction of justice. Death toll rises in London apartment building fire. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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President visits wounded congressman he's still in critical condition. Point of interest for the special counsel scrutinizing whether president trump tried to obstruct justice. Death toll increases in London high rise fire that honestly believe still unknown numbers of people in the building. Good morning I'm Steve. Hate him with the CBS world goes round up president and mrs. trump made a hospital visit to wounded house Republican whip Steve goalies last night he and four others were shot when a gunman turned a Virginia ball field into a battlefield yesterday morning. We're live at the white house with CBS Steve Dorsey. Steve's school lease is in critical condition after he was shot in the hip after visiting school least president trump tweeted he's. One of the truly great people when he said he's in very tough sheet but he's a real fighter doctor Herbert look for his doctorate NYU medical center. Highest priority would be to gain control of any serious bleeding I could certainly a bullet could injures them of their major vessel. So that would be really highest. Priority the president also visited capitol police officer also shot and the attacks Steve all the troops capitol police officers who shot back at the gunman are being hailed as heroes CBS's dean Reynolds is in Belleville Illinois putting together the background on the late attacker. James Hodge concern grew up in Belleville and rent a home inspection business. Until his license expired last November I'm very surprised rape page knew him for thirty years I've never seen a man violent. And I've known him deeply engaged in politics hodgkin's and did not keep his views secret adding 9% of getting pushed around and and what percentage is not given a damn in it Tony fifteen FaceBook post hodgkin's and shared a political cartoon about yesterday's victim. Congressman Steve Scully saying. Here's a Republican that should lose his job but they gave him a raise. In recent months he began showing disdain for the current administration. The Republicans who came under fire were practicing for a charity baseball game that will take place tonight as planned the organizers say tonight's game will serve as an important symbol. Pennsylvania congressman Mike Doyle is the Democrats team manager. They're just very few opportunities to interact outside having our suits on it's time to. Take a step back. Texas Republican Joseph Barton says the national dialogue has become too quartz he thanked oil for inviting both teams to dinner. At Democratic Party headquarters I'm gonna or the most expensive steak on the menu. Steven Portnoy CBS news. Washington there's a new twist this morning in the Russian investigation White House correspondent Major Garrett CBS news has learned that Dan Coates Director of National Intelligence has agreed to be interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller one of the topics. His conversations with president trump. About the Russia investigation now according to the Washington Post the special counsel's probe will now look into whether or not president trump attempted. To obstruct justice looking into that question doesn't necessarily mean evidence will be found or charge will be brought. A spokesman for Trump's personal attorney mark castle which said. The FBI leak of information regarding the president is outrageous. Inexcusable. And illegal. Us cyber security flaw is stealing the headlines from the candidates in Georgia's special house elections set for next Tuesday. We're live with CBS is Peter King was Steve an expert claims the a flaw that he found last August may have exposed the records of nearly seven million voters leaving the system open to a base of programs for as long as seven months. He says the file directory for example was already indexed by Google. Anybody could have found it easily with the right search term searcher says he notified the man who heads the contractor that runs at Georgia's election systems. He said it would be fixed but never notified the state Steve. All the search for. It was gave Georgia prison inmates is now into day three of the men are accused of shooting and killing two guards during a work detail southeast of Atlanta. It has people who live in that area on edge. My heart's racing it's really it's intense it's very scary. But investigators admit they could be far away from the air by now. Not a San Francisco in the investigation into the shooting at a UPS facility that left three drivers dead in two wounded. We're gonna have to go back and not just reconstruct the last 24 hours. But there was something to happen all week a month ago the notion that things will be looking for in these interviews. Assistant police chief Tony chaplain says the gunman UPS driver in uniform shot and killed himself Jeremy lamb had filed a grievance complaining he was working too much overtime. A Pennsylvania jury goes back to work this morning weighing the fate of Bill Cosby and his sex assault trials CBS met piper and Norris town Pennsylvania. In the last two nights the jury has told the judge there's simply exhausted. Both for your twelve hour days of deliberations which are now what 27 hours altogether. Today is day before but nobody knows how close this jury may beater reaching a verdict. The judge has praised the twelve member jury saying they've taken their task so seriously. A fourth day of deliberations set for today from Minnesota jury deliberating the fate of a police officer in the shooting death double black motorist last summer. In Massachusetts still a ruling from a judge in the trial of a woman charged with sending text messages encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide. Now to London CBS's Larry Miller says the death toll in the high rise fire is now seventeen. Dozens of residents are still missing and London fire chief Danny cotton says the inferno was so intense and the smoke so thick it would be a miracle if anyone survived the structures so unsafe sniffer dogs are searching for bodies. The benefit years. Who knows stokes is pay that much luck to them paid well and didn't cover it right area. And a biracial spies it's time to time frame for recovering the dead besides this building it could take a week. The cause of the blaze isn't yet known but police commanders Stewart condi is certain about one thing there is nothing to suggest that this is a terrorism related incident Larry Miller CBS news London. In Afghanistan nicest fighters claimed to have taken control of Osama bin Laden's old hideout in the Tora Bora region in the eastern part of that country the Taliban says the claims not true. The FDA says it's going to delay the deadline for food companies to put clearer labels on products to display calories and added sugars CBS's Jim Shannon. The new information panel developed under the Obama administration. Was designed to make it easier for consumers to see how many calories and added sugars are in the product and make serving size is easier to understand. The original deadline for compliance was July 26 of 2018. No new date has been set. At the big league baseball draft the Chicago Cubs selected outfielder Chris Singleton in the nineteenth round is Boller sure Rondo was one of those killed two years ago in the Charleston church massacre. Michigan's health directorate is among the latest group of people facing involuntary manslaughter charges tied to the Flint water crisis John Hewitt has more from WWJ radio Detroit. The charges stem from the death of an 85 year old man with legionnaires' disease among those charged Wednesday was the head of Michigan's Health Department nick Lyons here's state attorney general bill shooting. People of Flint had died as a result of decisions made. But those responsible to protect the health and safety of families lion was among five officials charged with involuntary manslaughter as part of the investigation into Flint lead contaminated water John Hewitt CBS news Detroit. Las Vegas match makers of set August 26 is the date for the battle between retired forty year old boxing champ Floyd Mayweather and ultimate fighting stark Connor McGregor will be a boxing match no picking allowed for McGregor. The world was round of a Steve case and CBS news.