CBS World News Roundup, 6/16

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, June 16th

Russia says it may have killed the leader of ISIS. Emotional game as members of Congress faceoff. President set to scale back Americans' ability to travel to Cuba. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Ice is leader dead Russian checking whether or not he was killed by an aunt strike. Lawmakers played ball for wounded colleague Steve want nothing more than to make sure this game is played. Charting a new course to Cuba president trouble undo his predecessors relaxation of travel rules. Good morning I'm Steve. Case in with the CBS world news round up the Pentagon hasn't confirmed about the Russian army says it's believed one of its airstrikes in Syria may have killed the leader of license. CBS's holly Williams has details. Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov admitted today that Russia does not have a 100% confirmation. That it killed Abu back out about caddie Russian and apparently checking whether I don't know what he was killed by an aunt strike. Allegedly top fifteen a meeting of ice is lead is neo Rocca in Syria in the early hours of may 28. Now the whereabouts about Baghdad we have long been a mystery there'd be many rumors that he's dead and he's very rarely been captured on camera. Just days after the Pentagon chief have been of the congress the US isn't winning in Afghanistan CBS's Tammy McCormick reports more American forces will be heading there. The decision could be announced as early as next week Defense Secretary James Mattis will make the call he's been given the authority to set troop levels the 4000 additional American forces will try to break the stalemate in Afghanistan. That is has indicated he'll take a different approach that would include more airpower and more pressure on Afghanistan's neighbors. The night after congressman Steve fillies and others were shot at a baseball practice CBS is Jan Crawford tells us we congressional charity game brought out cheers. And teams. Yeah began with a bipartisan moment of reflection. Do you. Standing ovation for a surprise guest one of the heroes of Wednesday's shooting special agent David. I mainly. The moment it gave lawmakers like Mel Brooks who escaped the attack unharmed the chance to say thanks I was compelled to go over there and and give him a hug presidents traps in his daughter of vodka and a message that aired in the outfield before the game for you are showing the world. That we will not be intimidated by threats. Acts of violence or assaults. On our democracy there certainly were some errors but clutch plays by Democrats led to a blowout. Trying to score eleven to two. The players this game was bigger from the score. Democrats and the trophy twos to Lisa's office CBS's bill rake off has the latest on his condition the Louisiana Republican remains in critical condition but a statement from med star Washington Hospital Center says he showing signs of improvement. Goalies underwent a second round of surgery late Thursday to repair damage to his internal organs and to a bone in his leg. The statement goes on to say that's police will require more surgery and will be in the hospital for some time investigators say they've found a cell phone camera and computer and gunman James Hodge concerns ban their tracing his activities in the months before the attack on social media he had blasted Republicans and president trump. In Belleville Illinois Hodge concerns widows sues she had no hints he was planning violence. Can't believe you did this I can't believe but I. Despite all go away and leave my neighbors and peak. New development in the Russia investigation. CBS is Major Garrett. So according to the Washington Post mr. Trump's sudden laud Jared Kushner is now under special counsel scrutiny. Vice president pens his office confirmed Thursday that he too had hired a lawyer to deal with the special counsel investigation. White House correspondent Steven Portnoy heads to Miami today that's where president trump is going to order some changes to Cuba policy initiated under Barack Obama Chris. She's in trouble keep the US embassy in Havana open and continue allowing Americans who go to Cuba to bring back rom and cigars but he individual travel will be restricted only group torch will be allowed and the administration will pay and transactions with businesses linked to the Cuban military. Through its sky Acer corporation the military runs dozens of hotels and restaurants which will soon be off limits to Americans. Deadlocked was so worth the jury in the Bill Cosby case used to describe where things stand CBS's map piper is in Norris town Pennsylvania. Forty hours and four days of deliberations have brought no verdict the jury is back at it again as onlookers wonder if we could be close to a mistrial. Last night jurors looked agitated and exhausted. The judge said he understands and that quote this is difficult to work Bill Cosby and his attorney were all smiles when walking out of the courtroom. The manhunt for two escaped Georgia inmate's ended near Shelby build tennis seal lieutenant Bill Miller is with the state Highway Patrol. They were attempting to steal another vehicle that one time the homeowner stepped out. And help the people there by gunpoint. Police say the inmates began their get away earlier this week by shooting and killing two guards while on a work detail. At the airport some airlines are testing new technology that could do away with boarding passes. And passports. Against Chris frankly this is a trial of facial recognition technology by US customs and jetBlue. The airline wants to see if that makes the boarding process faster. Just gonna walk company benefits because the chances. It just amazes me the technology. The system matches images to a government database or passport photos as seamless process according to join Garrity from jetBlue we're looking at how do you reduce this friction points how do you treat an experience that doesn't have any lines but even as the technology speed passengers through the airport. I can be answered pretty fast. Some fear it's moving too fast implementation. Of the use of biometrics need to be scrutinized very closely Jerry Scott from the Electronic Privacy Information Center. Worries about the use of personal identifiers that cannot be changed. A documentary that's out today is a feast for the year it's all about movie music. The motion picture score is often an integral part of a feature film. When you hear this. You almost certainly know what comes from Star Wars that go back a few decades. You probably know that comes from gone with the wind. Match rader is director of the documentary scores. Or can transform a movie sad music is going to convey something and a score can even transform a particular scene. Like the famous shall receive from Psycho. The modern motion picture score dates back to in 1933. And the film King Kong when Kong climbs the Empire State Building. Sometimes a score can be sparks like the opening of the social network. But we usually think of lavish grand production it's probably. The biggest component of what kids film it's emotional. Sent to Steve Letterman CBS news Los Angeles. The NCAA has taken action against one of the top college basketball programs in the country suspended for five games following a years long sex scandal investigation. Global basketball coach Rick Pitino will miss five Atlantic Coast Conference game not always good just. And asked. Over the tops of the year. Personally atlas let faith in the NCAA. NCAA also placed in the program on four years' probation vacating wins in which ineligible players participated that could mean re broking. They're 2013 national championship. Jim Taylor CBS news. Our restaurant in Dover, New Hampshire says come Labor Day staffers will no longer accept tips the seventh settlement breweries says instead menu prices will go up fifteen to 21%. An employee salaries will rise to up to 50000 dollars a year. The owner calls the policy hospitality included at the roundup produced by Paul ferry and Steve case and CBS news.