CBS World News Roundup, 6/7

CBS World News Roundup
Wednesday, June 7th

President Trump picks a new FBI Director. Terror attacks in Iran's capital. Reds player hits a record-tying four homeruns. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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President picks and FBI director his name is Christopher array. Terror against Iran is capital through your jacket to learn and felt the historic night for on the unlike police luggage and. Good morning. I'm Steve case and where's the CBS world goes round up there's breaking news from the White House this morning president trump has made his choice for a new FBI director. Well I've got to CBS is Steven Portnoy. On Twitter depression calls Christopher Wray a man of impeccable credentials. Ray and it's spelled WR. A Y served in the Bush Administration more than a dozen years ago as an assistant attorney general. As a lawyer in private practice he represented New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Key ally of the president's in the bridge gave affair it was four weeks ago yesterday that the president fired James combing. And today Steve comes word of the president's pick to replace. And even just a day before his congressional testimony were learning more about James Komi ceilings in dealings about president trump. Kobe's expected to tell the senate intelligence panel tomorrow about his conversations with the president. In which mr. trump urged him to drop an investigation into fired national security advisor Michael Flynn. As sources tell CBS news that made call we still uncomfortable that he asked the attorney general to ensure that he not be left alone with the president again. Mr. trump was asked by reporters yesterday if he had worked for comic ahead of his testimony. Meanwhile sources here described increasing tensions between the president. An attorney general Jeff Sessions mr. trump was apparently angered by sessions is decision in March to recuse himself from the Russia pro Steve. Now to Iran morgue gunmen and suicide bombers attacked parliament in Tehran and a shrine to the Ayatollah Khomeini. State media reports twelve dead 42 heard before attackers were killed Eric Randolph whose with a French news agency into Iran. The parliament within section of the times are GMT carried on with that customer actually. Discussing them relatively routine business refused to be cowed by the attack. And terror analyst John go hell says I Asus has claimed responsibility. It is both a huge setback for Iran and deeply embarrassing that. But the most at one of the most important political institutions has been penetrated by. Errors as where Russian hackers may have played a role in a diplomatic dispute that puts several mideast countries at odds with a neighbor India Japan days. Stars isolation is reportedly in reaction to a false news report planted by cyber hackers on May 23 the story attributed falls remarks to the qatari leaders that appeared friendly to Iran and Israel the FBI is confirm that hack may have resulted in Satan and sharing and that Russia. Is this suspect. Part of Russia's activities to drive a wedge between the US and allies. EDS is security contributor frank salute foes as the US cannot let the incident undermine its relationship with Qatar which hosts the largest American military base in the Millie. US presence in Qatar so critical to our campaign. Against ice in this grim discovery in the River Thames says the death toll in the London terror attack rises fly to Libya is Vicki barker 45 year old Frenchman they Thomas hadn't been teen and Saturday night atrocity and it was feared he'd. And knocked off London Bridge as a terrorist mowed down pedestrians in their rented van. Now our bodies been pulled from the town and French president and my annual mock croc has confirmed Thomas was her third French national and eighth person killed in the attack a Spaniard is still missing he was last seen trying to defend a woman from the knife wielding attackers. Using only his gate port Steve. At the Bill Cosby trial jurors are hearing from the star witness the woman who accuses a Hollywood icon of sexual salts. Andrea can't stand will take the stand for a second day after getting grilled by bill Cosby's attorneys work gaining her a liar. They wonder why it took you accuser a year to go to police. And claimed she only got an attorney when she had trouble getting a hold of kospi Constance testimony hatter in near tears recalling a night in 2004 'cause he's home. Where she says he Huber hills that are non. She says he sexually assaulted her. And a year later over the followed with her mother of a line he apologized. That piper CBS news Norris town Pennsylvania. In Texas lawmakers have been called to a special session next month to consider a bass drum bill targeting transgender people. Had to appear in a public school. Use the bathroom of your gender and that's something I agree with dividing Republicans and Democrats and business community all around here at Texas. Does not support this bill BC would have North Carolina. North Carolina repealed and replaced its bass from law. Shake up went over the rise hailing company taunting employees have been fired for sexual harassment discrimination and bullying. CBS news tech analyst Larry Magid Hoover has had a number of complaints about sexual harassment among its workforce and had instituted. If you look into the company's corporate culture hiring former attorney general Eric Holder. To help them better understand what's wrong in what they should do about a former apple executives been hired by Hoover did try to restore the corporate brand. The Justice Department calls of the biggest penalties for violations of the do not call list an Illinois judge ordering the satellite TV company dish to pay 280 million dollars dish networks as. Contractors here with they were doing from the company and of plans to appeal. Promises to be an uncomfortable summer its ears the slumping retailer says old clothes sixteen stores seven auto centers in 49 K Mars by September. CBS news business analyst jewels Lasseter says it's another chapter in a sad story. Here's holding hasn't turned an annual profit in 2010. And then losses have totaled over ten billion dollars the company currently owes over four billion dollars to creditors. Heading into last night's game against Saint Louis Cincinnati Reds utility man scooter Jeanette had three home runs on the season. He came to bat in the third inning. That was the Grand Slam but it was just the beginning and just let it. No kidding an inning later he blasted a home run then in the sixth. But today it wasn't finished. It's. Yeah. Four home runs he also had a single to go five for five and drove into Enron's and the reds thirteen to one win over the cardinals on fox sports Ohio he's the first player in reds history to do that in just the seventeenth in the major leagues. A stranger and two high profile trial in North Carolina here's CBS's Jim crystal. A judge declared a mistrial that held a juror in contempt of the trial of 58 year old word of faith fellowship minister broke Covington 71 year old jury Foreman Perry shade was arrested and immediately jailed for a thirty day. For bringing outside legal documents into jury deliberations Christine pride as a former church member Wang getting this far. Is it justice for all of the survivors in order process five church leaders are accused of beating a gay member who says he was a tactic to expel quote. Homosexual demons Jim crucial to CBS news Greensboro, North Carolina. A copy of W all Mitchell's book cool is in the wind turned up the other day about library in West Hartford, Connecticut it's a post it note on the book said sorry it's taken so long. Cardin sides that it was due back September 29 1965. The roundup and Steve case and CBS news.