CBS World News Roundup, 6/8

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, June 8th

Former FBI Director set to testify on Capitol Hill. New Congressman settles with reporter over assault. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Today in the Washington would call me testimony is explosive. Was there an obstruction in the Russian brawl that question is going to linger for weeks and months. Deals struck in political confrontation. Thank god you're alive. Good morning I'm Steve. Case in with the CBS world news round up in just a couple of hours fired FBI director James comedy will and weeks of highly charged build up as he testifies about the Russian investigation before a senate committee. We already know some of what he'll say. CBS is Nancy Cortes has more on comedies prepared statement. Feel FBI director describes a private dinner with the president just seven days after the inauguration. Where mr. trump informed him are you loyalty I expect loyalty. Cody says he didn't moves beat court change my facial expression in anyway during the awkward silence that followed. He says he viewed the conversation. As an effort to create some sort of patronage relationship in their next solo meeting. Coney says mr. trump urged him to let go of the investigation. Involving fired national security advisor Michael Flynn. Coney says he felt that was inappropriate. And asked attorney general Jeff Sessions to prevent any future direct communications between himself and mr. trump. But a little over a month later the president called call me at the FBI asking him to get the fact Al that he was not personally under investigation. Democrats believe mr. Trump's request may amount to obstruction of justice. This is a boat as devastating and indictment although president. Trying to shut down will be an investigation. As is imaginable. But Republican Richard Burr who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee. Told reporters I don't think from what I've read there's evidence of wrongdoing. Although White House was quick to react to all of this let's go there now CBS is Steven Portnoy joins us well the president's personal attorney says coal lease prepared testimony leaves his client feeling completely and totally vindicated. Allies point to colonies affirmation that he told the president he wasn't under investigation. The president's backers are prepared to respond to whatever the former FBI director might say today they've already produced a television attack dad James call me. Just another DC insider only in it for himself mr. Trump's aides say he's focusing today on his agenda with a scheduled speech to faith leaders. And an afternoon meeting with governors and mayors on infrastructure. But no one here in Washington be surprised to see the president's instinct take common hearing Steve. CBS news chief Washington correspondent John Dickerson is with those John we know economy's gonna say in his opening statement what should we look for is the questioning on Foltz. Well I think there will be questions about the specific claim he makes that he felt like the president really wanted. On the narrow question of the investigation into whether by a former national security advisor Michael Flinn lied that that was the part of the investigation that he did feel the president wanted to and that specific question of Flynn is the one where on this question of obstruction of justice. That the clearest example of at least based on the opening statement. What Woolsey and public he'll last about three hours then it's a closed door session our lawmakers likely to learn a lot more in that. Well it's interesting because the economy is unlikely to talk about the underlying investigation that there will probably be things that they learn and it'll be fascinating to watch their body language. As they and the public hearing and then later in the day. As they don't specifically say when he talked about but nevertheless show the effects of what they may have learned. President trumps opponents are gonna look for evidence of obstruction of justice here early likely to find its. They probably won't hear those words and the evidence seems to have been pretty well laid out by coming in his seven page. Opening statement what is different or what is not including the opening statement that will not be a part of the questioning is the Komi firing itself. Eight is a part of the question of whether the president tried to interfere in the election of president can fire their FBI director for any reason they want but in this case. If loyalty in this case meant not investigating the president. Colleagues or people in his orbit. Then that's a way in which is natural ability to fires FBI director bomb into this question of influencing the the investigation. Chief Washington correspondent John Dickerson. Just before Montana Republican Greg G and forty was elected to congress last month he had this notable run in with a reporter that is the great changes but there. The body slam did not cost him the election but it will cost him 50000 dollars Gian forty issuing an apology and donating that amount to a journalism advocacy group pro reporter Ben Jacobs has agreed not to do. Gian forty will plead no contest to a misdemeanor assault charge. At the Bill Cosby trial prosecutors are expected to show jurors a deposition in which cause be admitted. Giving women pills and alcohol before sexual encounters it comes on the heels of testimony from the mother of his accuser Andrea can't stand. The mother broke down in tears when recalling why she got sort of raged during a phone call with Cosby in 2005. Phone records show was a two and a half hour call and constant says and it caused B confessed to sexually assaulting her daughter and said he was a sick man. In a later phone call she recorded caused B could be heard offering to pay for her schooling. Prosecutors trying to show cause he was trying to offer hush money. Matt piper CBS news Norris town pencil. Mania is Election Day today in great Britain and there's plenty at stake after a series of jolting event. Prime minister Teresa may have wanted this election to be of outrage at at that strategy was blown off course like two deadly terrorist attacks. She vows her conservatives will get rid of laws that get in the way of stopping potential terrorists. Also need to do with extremism and our country. With being too tolerant of us in the cost. But if they need and is said Larry Miller CBS news London. It was centers British home where reports say singer Phil Collins fell 66 year old Grammy winner is now in a hospital he's canceled London shows on his new tour. In Cleveland it looked like the cavaliers are gonna win game three of the NBA finals event Golden State went on Iran. Thought maybe he has the warriors scored the last eleven points of the game to win 118 to 113 to take a commanding three games to none lead in the series Golden State is unbeaten in post season play. More than thirty children died last year in this country and hot car deaths CBS news correspondent Jim Shannon lea has more on the effort to bring that number down a bipartisan group in congress as joins safety advocates and parents in support of legislation designed to combat hot car deaths it would require all new cars have a system designed to alert drivers to check the backseat after they turn off the engine. GM has already installed rear seat reminders in several of its 2018 models a man outside Phoenix at an expert to his house to look over some NBA memorabilia signed by Kobe Bryant. Well he found in the man's attic was an original work by Jackson Pollock and other valuable painting it's. The Arizona Republic reports the Pollock could fetch around ten million dollars and an auction later on this month a homeowner admitted he'd never heard of the art. A world news roundup for Thursday. And Steve case and CBS news.