CBS World News Roundup, 6/9

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, June 9th

President Trump claims total vindication after Comey hearing. Political gamble backfires in Britain. Glenn Campbell's farewell album. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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President trump breaks Twitter silence claiming total and complete vindication. Election rattles Britain's prime minister of the country needs a period of stability. On music legends swan song and you move. Good morning. I'm Steve case that what if this. BS world news round up after a night to sleep bonnet president trump is fired away on Twitter. Taking aim at his ex FBI director who called him a liar during yesterday's senate testimony. We're live at the white house with correspondent Steven Portnoy. You know mr. trump abstain from tweeting all day yesterday but it's 6:10 this morning said of yesterday's hearing. Despite so many false statements and lies total and complete vindication and wow he says coal means is a leaker. James Komi began his testimony explaining why he was suspicious of the president from the start. The nature of the person that I was interacting with them my read of that person it's wider fired FBI director says he started taking memos to document his conversations with mr. trump I've seen the tweet about tapes Lordi I hope their tapes the president's attorney mark council which accuses comic of lying about those conversations president never. Inform. Or substance directed or suggested. That mr. Coleman stopped investigating. Anyone so we're left with he said he said. And CBS news legal analyst Andrew Cohen says as long as it stays out of court and gets played out in the court of public opinion. And people can judge and sells or that they believe James Comair the president mr. trump we'll get another chance to air his side and an afternoon news conference alongside the president of Romania. His first Q&A session with reporters in more than three weeks Steve. Well not a Britain and political turmoil after yesterday's elections CBS's Larry Miller is in London. Prime minister Teresa May's election strategy backfired her conservatives had a solid parliamentary majority vote with a poll showing that twenty point lead over the left wing opposition Labour Party. Many wanted more a strong mandate for her negotiations with the EU on Britain's exit and another five years in power. Instead of gaining seats the conservatives who lost their majority. And I've been forced to come to an arrangement with the NORTHERN IRELAND smaller democratic Unionists to stay in power. Any government may forms will be weekend and may as prime minister has badly wounded. The government I'd be told what fairness and opportunity. That's the cost of everything we do. Opposition leader chair record and says that the government false labor will step then we are ready to serve this country and the use says it's willing to wait until the dust settles before starting exit negotiations Larry Miller CBS news. London well back here at home and it Republicans have promised a different health care bill in the one that cleared the house but will it be all that different from Obama care CBS is Peter King joins us. As Steve senate Republican leaders are reportedly told the rank and file that they wanna keep some provisions the Washington Post says. They include protections for people with preexisting conditions. At a slower roll back of Medicaid expansion that expansion is something most states have bought into. Several Republicans say they favor of seven year reduction of federal Medicaid payments rather than a quicker reduction in the house version of the bill. How has voted to roll back the Dodd-Frank law that was passed to deal with the issues that led to be 2008 financial collapse further changes will be needed to get it through the senate. A judge has ruled the woman charged with leaking classified government documents won't be able to get her freedom as she awaits trial CBS's David bag no is in Augusta Georgia. The government's lawyers say they're concerned that former air force linguists reality leave winner may have stolen or exposed other state secrets. While assistant US attorney Jennifer so Lori called winner extremely intelligent she said the government's evidence against her is downright frightening. In Atlanta an Alabama high school student was killed others hurt when a church bus collided with another vehicle on a busy highway Phil Vancouver is a member of the church says. And our community is at its best it's. Tragedy. Is unfortunate it happens often but our community loves each other that they've got their phone. Members were headed to Africa for missionary work. Bill Cosby he's not going to testify at a sex assault trial but the jury is hearing a lot of what he had both for I am not stopped that was part of bill Cosby's 2005 testimony when investigators asked him about allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea can't stand. In it he admits to giving her pills and said quote. I don't hear or feel or say anything so like continue and go into the area somewhere between permission and rejection. The deposition had been sealed for years but it could now see it was stated prison. As jurors sat riveted to hear Cosby's admissions. Cosby also told police back then about giving quite foods and alcohol to live and he quote wanted to have sex with. Matt piper CBS news Norris town Pennsylvania. In LA CBS's Steve fireman says a sex assault victim most speak up today for the film director facing charges dating back nearly forty years. Shall Roman Polanski is victim who was thirteen at the time of this incident has long believed that Polanski should be allowed to return to the US without facing arrest. Now she will ask the court to have the case against Polanski come to an end. Polanski is now 83 he's been a fugitive since 1978. When he left the country before being sentenced for having sex with them. More and more people are crushing the drug and snorting or injecting it to get high two years ago it was plain for an outbreak of HIV and hepatitis weak link to needle sharing in southern Indiana so for the first time ever the FDA is asking the drug's maker Endo Pharmaceuticals to stop selling a panic ER which endo had touted as abuse resistant. His family says stood alzheimer's Glen Campbell can no longer talk or comprehend but today is CBS's Jim Taylor tells us there's a final treat for his many fans. He has not performed since 2012 and alzheimer's diagnosed. You little. During that time when Campbell recorded a bunch of classics being released today. A duet with Willie Nelson Bob Dylan tune what really stands out the very poignant title track popularized by Linda Ronstadt. Do you use. I mean you. Nine and. No. There. BS news. Careful what you tell your Smart speaker CBS's Jim Shannon. Cyber security experts have issued a warning about electronic assistance like Amazon's echo or Apple's rumored Syria device it could be unveiled later this year. These are devices that react to voice commands to do anything from telling you the weather forecast of playing music or ordering merchandise online. But they can also be used by hackers to steal personal information including on your financial accounts. That's because while you may only use a device sparingly it's listening all the time. Packers could hear you discussing holiday plans and no wins a good time to have burglarized your home gym Genovese CBS news. Love Jacobs families classmate in Crown Point, Indiana say they're upset by the decision to turn him away from his high school graduation he showed up in his new marine uniform instead of a cap and gown. The principal says that's against school policy. And that's the world news roundup produced by Paul ferry. Steve case and CBS news.