CBS World News Roundup, 7/10

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, July 10th

New questions about the Trump campaign's Russia ties. Congress returns to work on health care bill on life support. NY commuters begin of summer of hell. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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For campaigned dirt with Russian lawyers at the meeting should never have happened. Dire prognosis for GOP health bill it's probably going to be again. New York's summer of hell and had a leg quality an advantage of these in and it. Good morning. I'm Steve OK fit in with this BS world news roundup what a president trump on music and colleges he and others held a meeting five months before the election. It's one that's raised new questions about the trump campaign's ties to Russia were alive at the white house with Libya Stephen port. On the meeting took place at trump tower in June of last year Donald Trump junior was there along with campaign chairman Paul metaphor and Jared Kushner. In an extraordinary statement that Donald Trump junior issued yesterday. He acknowledged he took the meeting because a Russian lawyers should she might have information helpful to the campaign. He says in a tie events held at sky yes spoke vaguely. About Russians who were funding the DNC. And the Clinton Campaign. Before she turned to a federal law that imposes sanctions on Russians. Donald Trump junior says he quickly concluded the lawyer had no meaningful information and that the session it was a waste of time. Political analyst Greg bell year. The problem for the trust administration is that involves people from his inner circle people like it's. If they were having a meeting with a top Russian attorney. Who had allegedly information about Hillary Clinton that does raise the issue of collusion. Kremlin said today it was unaware of the meeting in an interview yesterday mr. Trump's chief of staff called the story. A big nothing burger Steve. A Russian official says he doesn't think a joint relationship on cyber security between Moscow and Washington will happen any time soon CBS a Julianna Goldman says it's not clear whether the White House is ready to move past election issues. After the president touted the possible partnership on Twitter mr. trump said there was a discussion but that doesn't mean he thinks it can happen. Senator Marco Rubio tweeted that partnering with putting on a cyber security unit is akin to partnering with us got on a chemical weapons unit. Well back to Capitol Hill after a week off from members of congress and senate Republicans are no closer to agreement on health care bill to replace Obama care. Few shot out of the adversary. Are they the option party you're gonna end up the same way obamacare did when they rammed through with sixty votes only guess what we don't have sixty. Won't Arizona's John McCain and Ted Cruz of Texas were on CBS's face the nation in my view failures not an option this has been a central promise Republicans have made to the voters for seven years overseas in Britain and a hell of a child is in question for a family who once experimental treatment for their terminally ill son. CBS is Vicki barker joins us live from London. A British judge who ordered eleven month old Charlie guard taken off life support is now in new evidence that he may respond to experimental treatment for his incurable genetic brain condition we've got new evidence now so ahead that the Josh changes his mind Charlie's mother Connie eight as her son's chance of survival was initially put at zero -- didn't put up to 10% and I think that he couldn't talk to take an oral medication with no major side effects -- drug is not available in Britain but both US and Italian doctors half offer to treat the boy beef. Major wildfires in California. For 8000 people out of their homes. CBS Mario theory Alice in Santa Barbara. At least twenty structures have been lost on both sides of the area's major highway. Which is expected to remain closed for days. The fires burning in an area that hasn't burned and probably sixty years. Some 200 people were quickly evacuated from campgrounds in the fire's path. In addition to eighty children who are trapped in a camp barracks Saturday. In New York City they heat is on people trying to get to work this morning an extensive Penn Station rehab projects getting underway at a means reduced service and schedule changes for passengers on Amtrak and commuter rail lines I don't. Really think there's ever really a convenient time for instance setting down the train station or at least making all these changes are. It will last right through next month New York's governor has called it a summer of hell. In Iraq's second largest city military forces are dealing with the last pockets of ice this resistance today after the country's prime minister visited Mosul to congratulate commanders CBS is holly William so. The Cuban team until they've driven the extremist course. But it's common to price. Often nine months of fighting the CT lies in ruins. I do hockey force it's clear the lots neighborhoods on to the extremist control. Trapped civilians had two bomb that blew it. But ice is snipers and suicide bombs. Iran is one of the countries on president trumps travel ban and CBS Steve Letterman tells us that sent an impact there on man's best friend. It was on February 1 at Isabel the saint james' first heard about these young to be used hug into Iran no one wanted to take care of and he thought he was a bird in just five days earlier though we weren't sure that we are not admitting into our country the very threat president trump signed his initial travel ban could have happened and a more intimidating time and I definitely had my doubts then the travel ban was put on hold. But there were other complications. Finally on Memorial Day just weeks before portions of the band were reinstated it happen fortunately I had that you run in lady who is able to. And willing to fight there for four hours of flight back and Adam now the dog named chance is in the US skating his second chance this is Chancy to system that what you're trying to address you know all this is the dog from Iraq. You have to think the darker and chief Letterman CBS news Los Angeles. Sent a Colorado wilderness camp is nineteen year old staffer was startled awake before dawn yesterday Kruger. Crashing down in a lot of pain and bear had a hold my head and was dragging me across the ground. Black bear had firm hold of army fought back he was able to free himself and was treated for minor injuries. At the restaurant when a mile is over the bill arrives CBS's Deborah Rodriguez does the masks. When it comes to tipping. And Republicans north easterners and credit or debit card users leave the most an average 20% at restaurant. We have been Democrats southerners. And folks who tipped with cash are on the lower side of either fifteen or 16%. Credit card dot com senior analyst Matt Schultz with the result of the company's new reports the most. Obvious corollary in all of this is income. 27%. Of hotel customers say they always hit their housekeeper 31%. Never do you turn on the other chief not the option picked by a man of the cloth who confronted another driver here's CBS Jim Priscilla police outside West Palm Beach, Florida have charged an episcopal priest from North Carolina with road race 35 year old William Adams. Allegedly pointed a gun at another vehicle on the Florida turnpike the reaction from a mother turnpike drivers. You would think there at the end of the cloth and to have better control well I think it. Okay this I would expect the priest could be. Adams has been director of calvary episcopal church and Fletcher North Carolina just south of Nashville since last September he's a former army chaplain Jim Priscilla CBS news both. People were hurt but no one was gored in today's fourth running of the bulls in Pamplona Spain five people four of them Americans have been gourds since the sand from mean festival began on Friday. World news round up. I'm Steve case and CBS news.