CBS World News Roundup, 7/11

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, July 11th

16 dead in military plane crash. Soldier charged with trying to help ISIS. Donald Trump son reportedly knew Russia wanted to help the Trump campaign. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Sixteen dead in military plane crash he's aircraft caught fire and spun as it fell. US soldier arrested on terror charges tang made a loyalty pledge to license. Email to president Trump's son offering Russian government help. Good morning I'm Steve. Case in with the CBS world news roundup at least sixteen people were killed in the crash of a military plane that used for a refueling. It ended up in a field in rural Mississippi. CBS's David bag nose at the scene 85 miles north of Jackson. At 20000 feet it's suffered a catastrophic failure. Plunging out of the sky. As it started to fall the plane went radio silent. The KC 130 can be used to refuel other planes in mid year and often carries additional fuel as a result. Plumes of thick black smoke could be seen for miles and. It's scary is its peers go out Betsy no black smoke this on what those are flat. Parts of this plane are still largely intact and that for aviation experts. They have told us that would indicate that an explosion. Is highly unlikely in terms of what brought this plane down. Announcer Hawaii where a decorated military man is under arrest on terror charges CBS is jumping gaze has more on 34 year old army sergeant first class I take a king. Court papers describe how carrying handed over eighteen secret level military documents to undercover agents that he believed could help ices. On Saturday before his Iraq he pledged allegiance to the Islamic statin made combat training videos that he believed would be shown to light this. Writers tank's father Clifford as his son converted to Islam after his two overseas deployments. You told me who is with the Muslim Faith Hill. I'm a Catholic so I figured well. You know that's all right from time to time when he did you hear the we teach me that Iran. Think tanks attorney accuses the army of neglecting mental health issues stemming from his service. A pipe bomb went off last night outside an air force recruiting at or near Tulsa Oklahoma the office was closed at the time nobody was hurt it's being investigated as a possible act of domestic terrorism. An email reveals Donald Trump junior was told about mosque Phil's effort to boost his father before he and others in the campaign met with a Russian lawyer. We're live this morning of the white house with CBS a Steven Portnoy. Well this email reported by the New York Times has an intermediary who set up the meeting saying the Russian lawyer had information on Hillary Clinton. As part of a government effort to aid the trump candidacy. Ethics lawyer Richard painter worked in the white house of George W. Bush. Shift the facts related and they are Tom's article are true. And at Donald Trump junior knew. That the Russians were gonna give him information that they had a tank. About Hillary Clinton illegally which is how the Russians obtain such information about American citizens I think isn't very serious trouble. Donald Trump junior has retained a lawyer who calls all this much ado about nothing. Here at the White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders the only thing I see inappropriate about the meeting was of people that leaked this information the Russian lawyer who requested the meeting a type of a cell that sky as his trump junior and other top campaign aides were looking for dirt on Clinton and she tells NBC. They wanted it so badly Steve. Not a California and the latest on the wildfires. Have forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes 3500. Are still a lot of their homes in the Santa Barbara area thanks to a pair of fires to fire official Amber Anderson says crews have made some progress in. So little but a growth and was relatively insignificant a lot of that was just firefighters strengthening our lines and now holding tight to increase our kids. He meant a larger of the fire's now 20% contained some evacuees return home in northern California were a fire has destroyed 35 buildings. In a Pennsylvania court text messages are telling some of the story in the case against frat members in the death of a Penn State pledge last February. CBS is jury could Duncan is cover. Chapter president Brendan young texted his girlfriend after Timothy piazza was taken to the hospital he looked expletive dead. Pledge master Daniel Casey texted his girlfriend to say we are expletives like beyond expletive. In another message Jung says to Casey makes the pledges clean the basement and get ready at any evidence of alcohol. It's terrible twos cities says international Olympic officials are meeting today in Switzerland Los Angeles and Paris presenting glitzy plans to host the summer games in 20/20 four. Casey wasserman is head of the LA efforts. LA twice when he scores offering a city ready to go. We're almost 80% of us want to games back Los Angeles hosted in 1932 and 1984 it's likely one city will be picked to host in 20/20 four the other will get the 20/20 eight game. On an extra cup of coffee today. Why not drink up after word of the two new studies suggest that drinking coffee could help people live longer CBS is doctor John the Pope. If followed about a 185000. Ethnically diverse people over sixteen years so that's a big study and they found that compared with drinking no coffee. People drinking one cup Daly had a 12% lower risk of dying and those drinking two to three cups had an 18% lower risk of dying over those sixteen years. Well for Rand reaches out to you on social media with an offer that sounds too good to be true it probably is here CBS is Vicki barker. Porsche he Drummond that long lost friend seemingly surfaced on FaceBook I was all right messenger and my friend's name came up the trend Debra Boyd was quick to share some great news if drama just killed out of form in wired 15100 dollars and east Drummond Tim could answer hurt or deltic couriers bringing a 100000 dollars in grant can you get what happened next they never came so problems finally tracked down Debra Boyd on the phone. Shelley it wasn't me. That's in there basically capturing not trust you have an honest person and using it for their own game. Emma Fletcher of the Better Business Bureau hackers exploit against trust in their FaceBook friends not realizing the friends have been hacked CBS news trade for spammers to an IP address. In Nigeria. They book says it has systems in place to prevent these camps but Debra Boyd says her hacked page. Is still up there these people should have to be contacting my practice this is what it's months later not months later I want. Vicki barker CBS news a rookie was the big matchup a Major League Baseball home run derby last night on ESP. Susan outfielder with the New York Yankees he's got thirty home runs already this season. Senate Republican leaders are talking about holding a vote next week on their health care bill revised version of it could be out before the end of this week. A minister has hit the road to make a point about health care Jane. Break it and is walking hundreds of miles across North Carolina and Virginia. Heading to Washington DC with a simple message for lawmakers debating complex healthcare legislation. Everybody deserves him and therefore may have gone through great meetings taking carry. And we need to continue to take page the Rockingham North Carolina pastor is breaking the law on his severely disabled nine year old daughter he fears she could die. If congress cut health care. Jim pursue the CBS news Raleigh, North Carolina. Paul Francis has added a fourth path to sainthood the first change in centuries that allows for those who lived a good Catholic life and freely accepted a certain and premature death for the good of others. The round. And Steve case and CBS news.