CBS World News Roundup, 7/12

CBS World News Roundup
Wednesday, July 12th

Donald Trump Jr. defends his meeting with a Russian lawyer. Democrats depend testimony under oath. Major websites protest possible changes to net neutrality. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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President's son and the Russian connection there's information out there you want it turns out it was nothing. Democrats turn up but he we need public testimony under else. A call for Internet action over plans to give someone like priority. Good morning. I'm Steve case and with the CBS world news round up. On Twitter this morning president trump again called the Russian investigation the greatest witch hunt in political history. You know one of his sons is only intensified interest. Because it was apparent willingness to get his hands on Russian information on Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign. Mr. trump calls Donald junior innocent and transparent. CBS is Steven Portnoy joins us now from the White House. Well last night Donald Trump junior explained how it all came about in June of last year someone sent me an email. I can't help obsolescence that but he told Fox News that email from an acquaintance he worked with in Russia certainly piqued his interest. The promise of help from Moscow official documents in sensitive information that would incriminate Hillary Clinton. Trump junior responded if it's true he'd love it. For me this was opposition research they had something you know that may be concrete evidence to all the stories I've been hearing about for the were probably on reported fourth consecutive years not just during the campaign. So I don't want to hear it out. He says he probably would have done things differently given the later focus on Russian government interference in the election. He says he got not what he hoped to hear. And I wouldn't even remembered until we start scouring through the stuff it was it was literally just a wasted twenty minutes which was a shame. Donald Trump junior says he'd be happy to answer more questions about this. Under oath Steve. And that's just what Adam shift one of the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee was on CBS. This morning we're gonna wanna have all the participants in that meeting come and testify before the committees it looks like the defense is going to be yes we had an intent to collude with Russia we wanted to get the dirt they Russian government had. In an effort to help elect Donald Trump but we were deeply disappointed in not getting it at that meeting that's not much of a defense. Some Democrats believe email bombshell is a game changer Virginia's Tim Kaine was Hillary Clinton's running mate. This is moving into perjury false statements. And even and potentially treason. A legal scholar Jonathan Turley says the revelations will be fuel for investigators but may not amount to much of a case. A lot of overheated rhetoric of people suggesting it could be treason which is. They actually absurd. Or that it could be viewed as a type of criminal federal election violation. Which is quite a stretch. Able host Joseph Scarborough who'd tangled with president trump on Twitter a few weeks ago told Stephen Colbert era on the CBS late show he's tired of Republicans looking the other way when the president betrays party values. What exactly is the Republican Party willing to do how much of this country and our values are they willing to sell out but aren't you or Republican. I am Republican but I'm not gonna be a Republican anymore I've I've got to become an independent. The senate confirmation hearing for president Trump's choice to head the FBI gets underway this morning CBS's Steve Dorsey is in Washington. Christopher raised a veteran of the Justice Department after spending years as a federal prosecutor and rising to head of its criminal division. He's respected as evenhanded and com. But if confirmed hello also have to be a cheerleader for the bureau amid concerns of sinking morale after the abrupt firing of James Toney who was well liked by the rank and file. And attacks on the FBI's work by president trump. In a blow to the Justice Department a federal judge to stop the planned deportation of 14100 Iraqi nationals many of them Christians who fear persecution. We are Americans of the people and I hear it. So we are targeted break up because very jealous that the United States has supported us and Brian and I grant you he's. That woman has to relatives who were on the deportation list courts will now review the case. Authorities are investigating a fight between two passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight from Austin to Chicago plane had just departed last night's of the crew returned to the Austin airport. CBS's David bag no is in western Mississippi where investigators are looking into the cause of a military plane crash were sixteen people died. Iraq. Near the crash site marine supported David week on this fall. The tragic final moments of their lives will be etched forever in the memories of witnesses like Gary's fooled him. You just hit it. You don't have any control over and you won't help solve it. Witnesses of the plane was burning as it spun toward the ground. Lawyers for the Penn State fraternity members charged in connection with the death civil pledge are now having their day at a preliminary hearing. CBS a jury to Duncan's covering. One attorney said his client wasn't in the frat house when Timothy piazza fell down a flight of stairs. Others argue their clients did not force piazza to drink our primary concern here is the fact that this is a kid that's clearly been over charged. Michael Engel is representing Gary did Billy 01 of the eight fraternity members facing the most severe charges while Gary may be responsible for certain things not responsible for. Serious charges in this case. According to a grand jury presented to Billy Allen at least one other fraternity brother advocated for calling an ambulance but we're told. Regardless some web sites today and you'll be urged to take action in the battle over what we've come to know as net neutrality were alive with CBS is Vicki barker. President trucks at least he planned to slash a legal framework that protects online free speech and innovation that prevent you businesses from controlling what we she online Tim burners Lee invented the world wide web three. Whose net neutrality we do. Who's the Internet as we go but journalist Alan at how he thinks it's inevitable I have a terrible sense that the web experience that's golden age and that market forces are going to straighten things out on the future of the Internet Amazon Netflix and kick starter among more than 40000 people sites and organizations campaigning to eight net neutrality Steve. Well baseball's all star has worked overtime last night in Miami it was one to one in the tenth inning when mariners' second baseman Robinson Cano went deep Bonnie ESPN's playing it. No power of the American League to a total one win over the National League and he took game MVP honors. Search for the term shied hustle and you'll find a host of web sites with the ideas for a second job to boost your earnings. Do you have a second job to help pay the bills. Or forty for a million American adults have a site at all and age group most likely to have a fact half our younger millennial and we found that 28% of people between the ages of eighteen to 26. Sarah burger Bankrate dot com says those colonials are using their Smartphones to sell on exceed drive from left are works social media with direct sales company 35%. Bake more than 500 dollars a month doing it Deborah Rodriguez CBS need. The History Channel says it's investigating but it's stands by its documentary that suggested a million heir hearts survived a Pacific crash landing during around the world flight in 1937. Japanese history bosses a photo that was a prime piece in the story was actually published two years before she disappeared. That's the world is round and Steve case and CBS news.