CBS World News Roundup, 7/13

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, July 13th

Senate Republicans revise their health plan. Human remains found in search for missing PA men. United's new plan for overbooked flights. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Senate GOP to prescribe new health plan they have to get together and get it done. Remains found in hunt for missing man this is a homicide make no mistake about it. Airlines plan for passengers on overbooked flights will get their offer off the findings are gonna time. Good morning. I'm Steve case and with the CBS worlds news roundup a revised version of the senate Republican healthcare plan bull emerged today CBS news congressional correspondent Nancy Courtis. Says it's designed to win over members of a GOP who put up resistance. CBS news has learned that the new draft ads in billions of dollars in OP Lloyd funding it also. Adds more money to a stabilization. Fund to help low income Americans afford. Insurance on the individual market it fun all of those changes by leaving some of obamacare taxes. On the wealthy and plays like a tax on investment income now those taxes are a big turn off for conservatives and there's no indication that this new draft addresses the biggest concern. For moderate Republicans which was the deep Medicaid cuts. In the first bill that they say will hurt millions of their own vulnerable constituents. I'm bill rake off. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is trying to win over moderate Republicans the American conservative union's match lapses McConnell is fighting an uphill fight. I think the leader realizes that not getting a health care plan. Through the house in the NN having hit the president's desk is really a disaster for the Republican Party. McConnell can still only lose to Republicans say Kentucky's Rand Paul is already a firm no on this version of the bill. This bill is less repealed in the last bill the last goal was not obamacare repeal this bill is even last I'm Steven Portnoy. In an interview should to err on the 700 club president trump was asked by the reverend Pat Robertson what he'll do if the health care bill doesn't past. Well I don't want to talk about it because I think would be very did know me very angry about it. In past president of seemed to shrug off failures saying it would be okay now he says of senate leader Mitch McConnell Mitch has to pull it off he's working very hard he's got power. Steven Portnoy CBS news the White House. In that interview president trump expressed doubt that Russia's Vladimir potent and actively work to get him into the White House. You would like Hillary was your step when bill. He would much rather have that. Because energy prices will go up and Russia as you know relies very much an energy comes from there are many things that I do that are in the exact opposite of what you would want. But 2016 emails released by Donald Trump junior talk of our Russian government effort to support his fatherly all surround a meeting trump junior and others in the campaign held with a Russian lawyer. CBS is Margaret Brennan. The White House said the president has spoken with his son in recent days an attorney for the president also denied reports that he is trying to build a wall between himself. And anyone who could potentially be in legal jeopardy for their. Knowledge of and their participation. In that meeting such as Simon lost Jared Kushner. Today mr. trump is in brand president trumpet and French president of money on my home. Will holds talks at the Elysee Palace officials here say they'll discuss counterterrorism. On which they largely agree. As well as climates and international trade on which they don't. Then the two will be joined by their wives for an intimate dinner and one of the most exclusive restaurants and parents vision of them on the second level of the Eiffel Tower. Alain Kolb CBS news parents. After four days search on rural farmland outside Philadelphia for four missing men police found buried remains we. Can now identify. Diva no GRO. Nineteen years old of Middletown. As one of the people. That was found buried in that very. County DA Matthew weintraub says other remains have yet to be aideed we're gonna bring each and every one of these lost boys home. To their families. One way or another it's one year old son of the family that owns the property is in custody and could face homicide charges. Police overseas are making their case against several men in the beating death of an American tourist on a Greek islands. Lot to CBS Jim Taylor nine men charged in the violent death of a curry Anderson the African American tourist for. Austin brutally assaulted outside a bar on the Greek island of sunken post. Five suspects jailed followed by a or more than nine men and one Greeks seven surge in a British citizen Serb origin. All charged with intentional homicide police say racism ruled out as a motives saying it was alcohol fuel Steve. United Airlines which changed over booking awards after a passenger was dragged awful flight is now charting a new course Bloomberg reports passengers who get message alerts from the airline will get a heads up. Few days before their trip Bristol flight is oversold. CBS news traveler editor Peter Greenberg says it's away for united to head off headaches and cash in. They'll work these passengers by email saying would you be flexible in their schedule and we'll get you about your book the 250 dollars to take a later like the same day. Then the business traveler who's paying a higher share who want that street well then by that cheaper as much as eight or 900 dollars one pastor gets a voucher. And the airline makes a whole lot more money. Well there are new questions about the safety of suvs used by some police department's transportation correspondent Chris van Cleve has more from the Texas capital. In just the last week six Austin officers have been treated for carbon monoxide exposure the department has now taken 37 Ford explorers out of service. Assistant Paul. Each chief Troy gang we believe it is something that we do need to take immediate action. Ford has known about it since at least 2012. A company representative later acknowledged in a deposition. It appears to be a design issue that may allow exhaust which contains carbon monoxide to CPA and. Likely through unsealed seems in the rear the issue vis. Federal investigators are looking into those issues. A researcher found a security lapse that exposed the personal data of millions of Verizon Wireless customers. CBS news tech analyst Larry Magid says information included names addresses personal IDs and pinned the data breach with the result of the human error and it's really based contractor that works with the Verizon. Data from about six million customers with exposed in a cloud storage area Verizon says none of that information mated into the wrong hands turned down twice three US visas or group of girls from Afghanistan will be allowed into this country to take part in a robotics competition next week the White House says president trump intervened to make it happen. It's not clear why the applications were turned down in the first place. There's an update on the health of the queen of country music. And Lynn is back at home in Tennessee recovering after a stroke she suffered months ago. She tweets that are new album initially set to come out in August will be delayed since she's been trying to get better from the Mays stroke. The remaining toward big this year I have also been canceled. The 85 year old songwriter justified the delay of the album that are fancy clothes deserve me at my desk. That piper CBS news. Don't dust collector by Neil Armstrong during the first lunar landing is going to be sold at an auction next week that'll be held on the fortieth anniversary of the historic events the dust and rocks or in a plastic bag it could fetch between 2000000 and four million dollars photo Armstrong took on the moon and a flight plan for the Apollo eleven astronauts. We'll also be sold off. That lives around. Steve case and CBS news.