CBS World News Roundup, 8/10

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, August 10th

North Korea makes more threats against the U.S. territory of Guam. That and more on today's World News Roundup.


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Maria's attack plan I want to ensure that we are prepared for any eventuality. Did Cuba target Americans you concerns about the safety of US government workers in Havana. Fired by Google and firing back it was only after. They got by her own bed upper management started chanting ring. Good morning. I'm Steve case sin with the CBS world news roundup I don't up able. North Korea has responded to president drums vile of fire and fury by detailing what it says is going to be its next move pentagon correspondent David mark. Sometime in mid August North Korea says is planning to simultaneously launch for wash song twelve rockets. They'll fly over the islands of Japan and India the ocean. Just thirty to forty kilometers outside the US air base on ball also ideology North Korean state TV says the launch would be sent as a warning pending approval from Kim Jong moment. The threat came hours after US Defense Secretary James Mattis warned further action by North Korea. Could lead to quote the ended its regime and the destruction of its people he spoke while on route to tour the USS Kentucky. A ballistic missile submarine which by itself can carry 200 nuclear warheads. North Korea is estimated to have that most several dozen nuclear weapon. Reporting from China today CBS has been Tracy has more on the sights and sounds emerging from North Korea it. Tens of thousands of people packed the main square Pyongyang for a mass rally orchestrated by the North Korean regime. Speaker said the US will face a miserable and Richard's feet you know marchers carried signs that read. Let's become bullets and bombs defendant can John. The other also got this man said I won't become the nuclear warhead of ICBM. Smash down the US mainland and nested Vivus. There's a new test for US relations with Cuba some American diplomatic staffers in Havana went home after suffering hearing loss blamed on a Covert device and in response three months ago the US expelled two Cuban diplomats. CBS Steve Dorsey in Washington broke the story. A source familiar with the incident tells CBS news US officials are looking into whether a type of acoustic device from inside or outside the homes of embassy workers provided by the Cuban government. May have cause hearing loss painful migraines sleeplessness and other symptoms in State Department employees. The source says as many as eight had to leave the island cutting short their assignments in Cuba. The source says dozens of other embassy workers reported the incidents that began in early 2016. Hurricanes Franklin came ashore along Mexico's central Gulf Coast early this morning Chris land sea of the National Hurricane Center says it's been downgraded now to a tropical storm. Main impact is going to be you know flash floods and mudslides. Because expectations eight to twelve inches of rain with some isolated fifteen interest. Which could some some big problem. And the UN says at least alive or dead and 55 migrants are missing off the coast of Yemen they were forced off their bowl by smugglers some were able to make it to safety. Eighteen members of Pittsburgh's swat team were sent to the hospital after they were exposed to fentanyl powder when a table tipped over during a drug bust. Doctor Michael deter O is treating them. They had to burning in their throats. Some we can little light headed one person was cautious. Some felt a little that we can Porsche laid those symptoms were briefed. Four people in the home were arrest him. Some tough new state laws are the latest weapon in the war on open going to be utes were alive was CBS is Peter king and Steve at least seventeen states have limited the amount of mobile Lloyds that a doctor can prescribe it once for some it's five days worth in Kentucky though. Were more than 14100 people died from overdoses last year it's three days. The Centers for Disease Control say patients who take open yards for longer periods are more likely to get hooked. One doctor blames his own profession for the restrictions telling the Washington Post. If we've been able to control this we wouldn't need these rules. We're hearing from a Google engineer who was fired for using a memo the blast the company's diversity efforts and questioned the ability of women for key jobs James to more told a right wing YouTube personality that he wrote it after attending a global diversity program. It wasn't recorded all those toll secretive and you know I heard things that. I definitely disagreed written some of our programs I had some discussions are people there but it. There is a lot of just shaming and yeah I know you can't say that that's that's sect. Says Google says the meeting was recorded in diversity material was made public. A new health report on strokes in this country has raised some questions for women medical correspondent doctor John the poop. From 1999 to 2005. The incidence of stroke declined in both men and women. But from 2005. To 2010. While the rates among men continue to drop they stayed the same for women. Doctor Catherine Rex wrote of Brigham and Women's Hospital says risk factors for stroke such as obesity high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat and diabetes. Make for some reason affect women differently than men. Diabetes is a strong risk factor for stroke in both men and women but in women the risk is 26%. Higher. Then in men with diabetes. A nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation says many health insurers are planning double digit premium increases next year and a blames the trump administration for creating uncertainty that shake in the industry. On Twitter president trump today attacked senate leader McConnell for not repealing and replacing obamacare. Forty years ago this week new York city police the rest of the son of Sam killer for the string of serial killings that drew national attention. David Berkowitz the postal worker who can pass to six killings spoken prison to CBS is Maurice DuBois for the broadcast 48 hour. It killed two people to start this whole thing when religion and I thought I was doing something to that he's available. There was just a battle going dollars. Berkowitz is now 64. Anthony's caramel cheese Tom at the White House was brief but memorable I love the president. And loved it team on the super optimistic guy and and the communications director who was fired after an expletive filled rant to a reporter will speak out for the first time since his ouster to Stephen Cole bears. Fun and we really tough economic cast like what it's like inside there on how old loyal do you feel the president is now he's. Scheduled for Monday is CBS late show no matter where you live you can buy a piece of Wyoming here's CBS is Stefan Kaufman. It's a first for the cowboys state Wyoming is auctioning off online five welcome to Wyoming highway side. They have are bucking horse which were known for K are about eight feet by four foot aluminum science and I would estimate they're between 12200. Pound. Amy in Amman with a Wyoming Department of Transportation says winners must come get them no shipping. What better way than for them to come out and see our great state Atlanta. Stefan Kaufmann CBS news Denver. In Seattle a record shattering dry stretch now tops 52 consecutive days from the city of course is famous for its rain the last winner was the way it has won on record one forecaster says there's no rain in the foreseeable future and it's like a switch has been flipped. That's the roundup. Steve case and CBS news.