CBS World News Roundup, 8/11

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, August 11th

President Trump doubles downs on his threats against North Korea. That and more on today's World News Roundup.


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President turns up the fire and fury listened to. Maybe it was a tough enough. President declares OP going crisis a national emergency exit. Some kind of drug epidemic that we've ever had before. Tech giants message to women there's a place where you had to Google. Good morning. Steve case in Winston CBS world news roundup president trump has upped the ante in his war of words with North Korea. This morning he tweeted military solutions are fully in place locked and loaded should North Korea act unwisely. White House correspondent Major Garrett. President trumps language was blunt and vaguely menacing North Korea that it get their act together. When they get a bit of trouble like you nations ever. I've been to travel North Korea said it was planning a four missile strike near the US Territory of Guam as a warning. Depending on said he will not fortify the US military base there he did something. In Guam. It will be an event. The likes of which. Nobody seen before the president vowed to maintain the world's strongest nuclear force no matter the cost. In California Defense Secretary James Madison the Pentagon can confront North Korea. But diplomats warn now are in the lead. My responsibility. To have a military option. Could they be needed the American effort is diplomatically led it has diplomatic traction. It is gaining diplomatic result. China has urged the US and North Korea to be cautious about what's being said and done CBS's Ben Tracy is in Beijing. President trump is simultaneously fueling the escalating conflict with the North Korea and counting on China to sold. He's threatening trade war if they don't but it house does I feel a lot differently portrays. A lot differently we're going to fall if the US is trying to convince China to take significant action on North Korea. It is using more stick than care. On Thursday the US navy seal the destroyer through contested waters in the South China Sea. Just twelve miles off the shore of one of the island's China claims as its territory. Any terse statement China's Foreign Ministry said this severely harmed China's sovereignty and security and that China is very displeased. It is an emergency. It's a national emergency. We're gonna spend a lot of time hello. Lot of effort and a lot of money. Declaring it a national emergency will eventually pump more federal dollars into treatment and intervention programs mr. Trump's commission on the crisis says there are 142. Deaths a day from overdoses. As CBS's Bill Ray coughed tells us overdose related icu admissions are up 34%. Over six year period according to doctor Jennifer Stevens of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. It turned beat of the increase in that. Appeal laid a protest patient and it had its very and it is just traveling Lehigh. The study in the annals of the American thoracic society reveals a dopey Lloyd related care service demand is outpacing the supply. With all their readers as we can bring to bear we're still not able to date of and upset of the population. Bill rate cuts CBS news when it comes to obamacare a new poll indicates most of us want it text not graphics were alive was CBS is Peter King. And Steve their survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation says just three in ten Americans want the GOP to repeal and replace obamacare. On nearly four out of every five Americans want it fixed. This ball comes as the coalition of liberal and conservative health care experts suggest the same thing. The Health Care Reform roundtable has been working for eight months nine experts say the government should help Americans and roll for insurance provide incentives. And continue payments of subsidies they also suggest plans for areas where insurers have dropped out. Well president trump says he's very disappointed in senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell for not repealing obamacare and seem to suggest in action on that and other issues could put his post in jeopardy. CBS news chief Washington correspondent John Dickerson. The president had come to Washington saying he alone could get health care passed on now that it has failed he's putting and on the senate. It and we'll see if that actually gets any results is within the margins are quite narrow that Mitch McConnell has to work with there. At least one Canadian diplomat who was stationed in Havana Cuba reports being treated for hearing lawsuits believes some kind of sonic device was responsible for that and similar problems for some Americans would probably US to expelled two Cuban diplomats in response. Experts on Cuba say the mysterious incidents affecting US and Canadian diplomats in Cuba. May amount to harassment something not uncommon since the start of the Cold War. Still the State Department says it has no definitive answer or calls as it continues to investigate the bizarre matter. It's CBS's Steve Dorsey a new government report is 20s16 was the hottest year on record and also set marks for highest seal level and lowest sea ice at both polls. Heavy smoke from wildfires prompted officials to tell people who live in Healy lake Montana and again out of town if they can Sarah Cofield those with the local health departments. This is not that he curriculum probably capability is dropping down to a block eighty people have kept Headley contract is town. It is tremendously. Unhealthy air. Fire is not a threat to homes Google employee meeting on the firestorm over and engineers memo that was critical of diversity policy never happened BS's Carter Evans. So little CEOs and our pinch Ryan plan to use Thursday's town hall meeting to address some of the more than 500 questions submitted by employees. But and a company wide email Thursday pitch I said he canceled the meeting after the questions were made public. And some Google employees were named on line leading others to worry they might be out it publicly for purchase of. Eighty more testimony expected today in Denver in the battle between singer Taylor Swift and a former radio DJ if she told the court yesterday David Mueller groped her before a 2013 concert. He's filed suit against first seeking three million dollars in damages she's countersuit asking for a dollar. Legal expert Karen Stein Hauser. This case is about credibility could of the jurors believe. Today believe someone who is in trying to get financial gain or did they believe the person who's trying to get money from a celebrity. US Chinese and Danish researchers say they've successfully edited the genetic code of piglets. It's a breakthrough that could clear the way one day for animal to human organ transplants. And CBS news poll indicates about evidence and people intend to catch though total solar eclipse later this month and plenty of businesses have eclipse related. Come on one's getting in the spirit of the upcoming eclipse including Krispy Kreme the donut chain plans to add chocolate to its signature goalies treats for the first time ever in honor of the August 21 event. Where the moon will pass in front of the sun. The North Carolina based company says the eclipse is a rare occasion providing a total sensory experience for viewers and it's chocolate doughnuts we'll have the same effect. That you won't need special glasses to look at them Pam Coulter CBS news. 93 year old Marvin Strom Lois set off from Portland Oregon to a remote Japanese village to return a flag he took it from the body of an enemy soldier during World War II Strobl says it will help him in the soldier's family heal. That's world news round up produced by Wendy's and Steve case and CBS news.