CBS World News Roundup, 8/4

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, August 4th

Special counsel Robert Mueller has convened a grand jury for the Russian election meddling investigation. CBS has learned a Ford Explorer recall could be announced soon. The lights are back in North Carolina's Outer Banks. Those stories and more on the World News Roundup, with Steve Kathan.


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Grand jury in the Russian case investigation has accelerated into another gear. Pressure on board over carbon monoxide we will continue investigating all reports from our Belize customers. Let there be lights on the outer banks already chick get back to normal and get our jobs. Good morning. I'm Steve Cason with the CBS world news round up the special counsel in the Russia investigations are using a Washington grand jury in an apparent effort to get documents and witness testimony. We're live this morning with White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. An attorney for the presence as a White House favors anything that accelerates the conclusion of the investigators' work fairly. At a rally in West Virginia last night the president mocked the investigation saying there were no Russians in his campaign did try to shoot you out of the if you want to says the investigation team rules the country and the constitution. Watt. The prosecutor. Sharon Taylor give dad. Are Hillary Clinton. But Robert Moeller is focused on Russia's involvement in the election and and any steps mr. trump or his campaign needs me to have taken. Former prosecutor were not to marry out that would mean obstruction of justice. I could mean. A very spot with you know financial crimes that could be related to that special counsel has hired a staff of at least fourteen attorneys one of his most recent hires. Is in New York lawyer who specializes in foreign bribery cases Steve. President trump has complained publicly about leaks in his administration won yesterday revealed what he told the leaders in Mexico and Australia and testy phone calls. Today is CBS's Steve Dorsey tells us attorney general Jeff Sessions will speak about his leak investigation. Among the specifically sessions is expected to announce the Justice Department is investigating will be those related to the Manchester terror attack. It comes after some media reported details of British intelligence on the attack shared with US counterparts. In May sessions said in response to the attack that the trump administration has already taken steps to address what he calls. Rampant leaks that undermine our national security. Reports say federal prosecutors are looking into the real estate firm owned by Jared Kushner family over its use of a program that grants visas to big money foreign investors. Kushner companies say nothing improper has been done. The secret services on the mole that New York's trump tower CBS's Jim Taylor's hero. That's the Secret Service is moving out of trump tower relegated to a trailer parked on the street lease agreement falling apart for nearly two years those service has been in that building up. A lease contract drawn up ready for signatures but. The Trump Organization balking over clause the contents of which not known although the president has not visited since his inauguration. The Secret Service is obligated by law ought to protect his primary residents who. Well president trumpet members of congress are off on vacation before leaving there was action in the senate to block the president from making any recess appointments during the break. President trump took to Twitter this morning to praise Toyota and my most of the auto makers are teaming up on a new American factory location to be determined. Jeff Gilbert has more from WWJ Detroit. The one point six billion dollar plan it will mean 4000 direct jobs and many more spin off jobs. It's going to be very large facility it will be able to make 300000. Vehicles a year the it would make small core for we go to. And crossovers for Mazda. CBS is Chris van Cleve has learned forward may be close to issuing a recall for explorer's. Concern over carbon monoxide leaks has forced some police departments to take them off the roads. We instantly saw the danger mechanics in Montgomery County Maryland they're finding cracked manifold to their Ford explorers so lofted. We believe this is a manufacturer's defect that David dies who oversees fleet maintenance for the county believes the problem could be affecting up to 80% of the fleet. Most are police cruisers the exhaust manifold collects gases from an engine cylinders a crack could release carbon monoxide into the engine bank. And through the events of a vehicle's cabin. Federal officials stepped up their own investigation last week north Carolina's hatteras and ocracoke islands are reopening for tourist today power is back on a week after a construction crew damaged cables forced tens of thousands to change vacation plans. And has business people like Rex O'Neill facing financial pain. And that we get reimbursed and go to work through the state or or the governor did the damage you know. That's just an awful lot out of there was broad you know Federer swallow it and move forward. High heat will ease out of the triple digits today in Portland Oregon but temperatures in the ninety's in the northwest are still unusual and in Nevada this woman says that he has been intense. When we've had this many games sent over a hundred. I really I can't remember this has been an extreme. Summer for sure death valley California set a record in July for the hottest month that any single spot in US history average temperature 107. Point 39 degrees. Any time behind bars is on hold for a Massachusetts woman who sent text messages encouraging her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself there will be an appeal. We shall Carter got fifteen months. Venezuela's president meant Euro is looking to seat a newly elected assembly today who pushed for a constitutional rewrite giving him expanded power. The world that this man have been even faster CBS is Charlie died at a says. That's the tantalizing question is eight time Olympic gold medalist who seem bolt. Is set to retire after this weekend's world championships. At his peak he seemed like he. Bolt clocked over twins at the eight miles per hour. He is one of those people one of those draft resisters. Freakish we'd talents that US champion sprinter Michael John should know he was just probably born where it. They unique blend of speed and power that most people people most world class sprinters aren't born winner but. Bolt was also born was DiLeo the curvature at the buying it may he's right leg about half an inch shorter than the last ratcheted loading. Dallas researchers recently discovered ball left foot strikes track with 13%. Led force in his right. That I needing gate should have slowed down and it six foot five solution is tight. But the triple world record holder seemed unaware that these handicaps. Party meeting now looking back you career you think I mean even done that even faster. First thing you know when he got the word reviews are numbered years ago I should've run faster Charlie dec. CBS news like I. A small town is being bought by big marijuana. BS's Jim Shannon one of the nation's largest marketers of legalize marijuana is buying his own town but it apparently plans to turn into law pod paradise. American green incorporated is buying nipped in California a former gold rush town in the desert sixty miles from Las Vegas. The company is looking to turn the eighty acre onetime ghost town into an energy independent Canada's friendly destination. Current owner rocks and Lang likes to describe it and as being conveniently located in the middle of nowhere Jim Shannon BC BS news. And tiny McEntire Iowa population 110 they held an election this week and turnout was zero Nolan showed up to vote on a measure to change term lengths for mayor and town council. The poll workers couldn't vote they were from out of town. That's the world news round produced by Merrill Rubin. Steve case and CBS news.