CBS World News Roundup, 8/7

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, August 7th

The city of Chicago files first lawsuit against the federal government's crackdown on sanctuary cities. That and more on the World News Roundup.


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Sanctuary City lawsuit Chicago now let our police officers. Become political pawns. Secretary of state wants to talk that he best signal that North Korea could give us that they're prepared to talk to stop these missile launchers. Tulsa twister this pretty much a disaster area. Good. Morning I'm Steve case and wins the CBS world news round up a big city is up to take action amid threats over the loss of federal funding from Washington the trump administration. Has warned Sanctuary Cities which resisted the federal government immigrant crackdown now one is going to courts W medium radio's Michelle Fiore. The city of Chicago will file suit against attorney general sessions this is Chicago corporation counsel at Cisco does it. Trump Justice Department has announced these new restrictions. On these vital funds unilaterally without engaging in any notice and comment procedure to hear from the communities that would be impacted. Mayor Emanuel says city leaders have been in contact with other Sanctuary Cities to cities Chicago may be the first to bring a lawsuit. But I'm also confident we will not be the last. New York Los Angeles and San Francisco are among other cities that have filed legal action North Korea vows thousands fold revenge against the United States for sponsoring new UN sanctions over its missile program. America's top diplomat his overseas dealing with this issue and others live with CBS even port. Noise the sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council unanimously on Saturday banned the sale of North Korean coal iron laid and seafood. The aim is to squeeze the north by stripping it of a third of its total export revenue. Speaking at a southeast Asian economic forum in Manila today secretary of state Rex Tillerson said the Kim regime will have to prove. It's committed to ending its recent spate of monthly ballistic missile tests before any direct talks with the US this is not give me thirty days Cameron talks it's not quite that simple but will these new tougher sanctions work. Former undersecretary of state Nicholas Burns worries they walked. Kim Jung on this young leader of North Korea believes. That his possession of nuclear weapons is his ultimate protection. I guess any flow most especially the United States it. A Pyongyang called the sanctions are heinous US plot to isolate and stifle North Korea Steve. And it's sweet this morning one of several president from black to the New York Times which said vice president Penn is laying the ground work for a 20/20 presidential campaign of mr. trump does not Ron. Parents called the story disgraceful and offensive. The accounts as Penn has set up a fund raising committee and other Republicans are running a shadow campaign for 2218. Trump paid Kellyanne Conway dismiss the story on ABC's this week instead pens will run for reelection as vice president. It's vice president tends. He's a very loyal very dutiful but also incredibly effective the vice president active vice president. The man who appointed Robert Mueller to be the special counsel in the Russian investigation says Mueller want to have to ask permission to expand the scope of what he's doing. Deputy attorney general Robert Rosen on those on FOX News Sunday. The special counsel is subject to the rules and regulations of the department of justice and we don't engage in Phishing expeditions. And he said while there is a crackdown on government leaks prosecutors don't intend to go after reporters. About thirty people needed hospital treatment in the Tulsa area after a tornado race through some needed to be pulled out of collapsed buildings CBS's Omar via Franca is in Tulsa. The tornado tore through Tulsa shredding restaurants and storefronts in the midtown portion of the city. The twisters skipped along nearly seven mile. We've got power lines that are down we've got. Big trees that are down we have roads that are close right now. One big question people in Tulsa have been asking. Why the tornado sirens did not go off before the tornado came through. This storm was one that developed the kind of tornado. We're doing that's damaged during this very short period of time. Roger Joseph all the director of the Tulsa emergency management agency says they did not sound the sirens. Because the twister had already moved on to a neighboring city by the time the National Weather Service issued its warning. Heavy weekend rain fall in New Orleans overwhelmed the city's pump stations are caused flooding the water was knee deep in some places city officials promised to deal with that issue this week. Off the East Coast of Australia cruised today soundly submerged wreckage of an American military aircraft two days after it went down pentagon correspondent David Martins says three US Marines died. We have so many awesome memories the family of first lieutenant Benjamin crosses the point six year old pilot was a selfless man. And a dedicated marine to know that we will never. Make anymore with them. Is unbearable. Cross was aboard an osprey carrying 26 Marines as it attempted to land aboard the amphibious transport ship the USS Green Bay. Something caused the osprey to plunge into the water about thirty miles off the East Coast of Australia. 23 got out alive with three Marines including crossed did not make. Well now to Venezuela. Earlier in the pocket looked president Nicolaus and oral and how it's gonna be called a truth commission to deal with protesters who opposes government he calls an attack on an army base over the weekend the work of terrorists. An employee memo it Google has sparked a backlash and has raised questions about equality in Silicon Valley where live will be asked is Vicki barker. The I engineers memo decried what he called Google politically correct mono culture which he charged ignores biological reality he insisted managers actually better suited to leadership and too analytical job like coating whereas women are all about feelings and as that next year Brad Dick denunciations by Google executives who insist sexual stereotyping has no place at the firm. But the memo has rekindled the debate about gender inequality in the industry. The Justice Department probe alleged gender based pay discrimination act Google's deep. In western Ohio there's a manhunt for a rape suspect who overpowered a sheriff's deputy in a transport vans Stoller is gone and gone away people who live in the area are concerns. At the top of the town I saw everybody talks about everybody's looking over the shoulders. Everybody's just worried so I hope they catch him I really did. Through 32 year old Brandon Powell or the deputy at gunpoint to undo his restraints. The Dutch maker of the thrill ride the collapse last month of the Ohio State Ayers has corrosion on a support beam cause what was called a catastrophic failure. One person was killed seven others hurt the incident prompted the company to order all rides habits kind shut down worldwide. Legal action this week senators on claims from one of music's biggest stars here's CBS is Pam Coulter. Yeah. Landing on me. A trial gets under way this week in civil court in Denver the pits Taylor Swift against a radio host who she claims groped her during a photo op jurors you'll have to review a photograph that both sides say proves their case pitchers David Mueller with his right hand behind the singer just below her waist before 2013 concert. Both are smiling and it's not clear feast touching her. She didn't call police but Mueller was later fired by the radio station Pam Coulter CBS news. Hollywood marriages apparently over Chris Pratt and Anna Farris announced on social media there separating were married eight years ago in her parent to a son. That's world news round up from Monday the seventh of August. Steve case and CBS news.