CBS World News Roundup, 8/8

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, August 8th

President Trump meets with his health secretary to get an update on the opioid crisis and to consider declaring it a national epidemic. That and more on today's World News Roundup.


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Tackling an addiction president trump gets everything on people's viewing crisis. Temperature is rising climate change is already affecting every corner of our country. Violent weather this out of like bowls are run across the root. Good morning. I'm Steve case and wisest CBS world news roundup just days after the commission president trump formed four months ago called on him. To declare OP Lloyd abuse on national emergency. The president meets today with a cell secretary. We're live from White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. The president tweets today he'll hold a major briefing on the you'll be like crisis. Doctor David Friedman as a neuroscientist at Wake Forest University he says more Americans need to appreciate just how severe are old we would addiction crisis he has. The drug crisis right. Heroin in the inner cities which was accompanied by lots of petty crime. But drug overdoses now kill more Americans each year than gun homicides and car crashes combined we have the nine elevenths scale loss of life. Every three weeks Jersey governor Chris Christie chairs the president's commission on Opie right addiction. Last week it recommended that mr. trump declare a public health emergency. In addition to shining a spotlight on the issue that would also free up more federal funds and cut Medicaid's red tape Steve. On the front lines of Leo Buick Chrysler CBS's dean Reynolds went to Ohio were found plenty of innocent victim. Like any of that they found Delaney Lee M tinian and Connolly are living with their answers then belly now. She and her husband are raising them has their own because their parents are heroin addict. Heartbreaking heartbreaking is that parents shall take a drug over the children. Suzanne is talking about her own brother. What do you tell those children about their parents I parliament apparent problems. But they just are not able to take care of them. She's raising a fifth child a boy named Ronnie who just turned one his mother is an attic somewhere in town. It's estimated that due in large part to the old Buick catastrophe at least 2.5 million children nationwide. Are being raised by grandparents or other relatives. But some have no relatives to take demand. And go directly to Foster care. Mike DeWine is Ohio's attorney general. We think about 50% of the kids who are in Foster care on our they are because one or both parents. Well aren't fat drug addicts dean Reynolds CBS news blue creek Ohio. We're getting a look at what's going to be in a new federal report on the facts of climate change but the question is what will come of slime to CBS is Vicki barker. Extreme heat wave erratic weather patterns scientists at thirteen federal agencies agree that climate changes already affecting the US is getting worse. Their draft report's been leaked to the New York Times for fear that climate skeptic trump administration will try to suppress it marry and hit with the Sierra Club or. Results from the straps report are really alarming and it's very frightening that those scientific findings might actually be suppressed or altered. Yet the US continues to rack up record growth of creamy Noble Energy. At least for now Steve. 72%. In a just released CBS news poll Hebert on the easy about a possible military confrontation with North Korea. Only 35%. Say they're confident president trump can handle the situation. In a tweet this morning he said we must be tough and decisive. From Beijing CBS is Ben Tracy looks at the latest or try to rein in North Korea new sanctions. Do we need nuclear weapon and missile program is not cheap. The UN sanctions Fannie major North Korean exports such as coal and iron are designed to starve the regime of the money to pay fort. Money that is also used to enrich the powerful leaps and generals who win turned don't challenge Kim Jung moon's near total power. Oh Anthony Ruggiero is an expert on sanctions. The North Korean regime is gonna have to make a choice they're not going to be able to continue their programs. And keep their lead choppy and kick the military happy. They're gonna have to start making choices that they haven't had to choose before. The wind picked up with something like. Having on the building they'll all earnings Bartlett I'm answering them live. Power is still out to thousands in the San Antonio area were storms brought a record seven inches of rain and severe flooding. New Orleans is trying to figure out what went wrong last weekend pump stations were overwhelmed by the water from a heavy storm in city homes and businesses paid a steep. Price the water came down fast and furious filling homes cars and businesses. Some that didn't even see. This kind of deluge in Hurricane Katrina we've never experienced flooding to this extent. Today the New Orleans City Council was demanding answers from city officials. No one owns mayor Mitch Landrieu says we need a full after action report he promises to find out if there's anything that could have been done better. To control the flooding Dave Cohen for CBS news new warrantless. A third boy scout has died from injuries suffered when a sailboat hit an overhanging power line on a lake east of Dallas on Saturday eleven year old who's remembered fondly. Thomas was one at a state and you really want in your class he's Smart people behavior respectful. And that's the perfect amount of this thing Anthony brings to the table. Google has taken action on the heels of an employee memo that criticized the company for pushing diversity and said men were more suited for leadership and technical jobs than women. CBS's and a Warner says the writer of that document will now have to search for work. James to more told us he was booted from Google's campus in Mountain View California at 5 o'clock yesterday. This tour engineer told CBS news via email he was. Wrongfully terminated for perpetuating gender stereotypes. And at his three year career at Google ended for political reasons. When you start to say those things. You're gonna have to reap the consequences of what you said Kara swisher the executive editor of Rico spoke with employees who described the current environment inside the search giant as really toxic. On today the HE NH BO might as well stamp for hacker hackers have now posted files from HBO on line and are demanding millions in ransom. Scripts from the I don't know drones are among what police say they have emails passwords other documents to HBO says it's investigating and cooperating with police millions got to know Lucille Ball on TV as the zany lovable character Cummings still on the back story. She died in 1989. But Lucille Ball continues to make people laugh. Yeah I. And on the ground now get ready for Lucy's life on the big screen admittedly even got Amazon pictures has bought the rights to the biographical film. Lucy and Desi. Which will tell the story of Lucy and her husband Desi are Nez who played Ricky on a classic show I Love Lucy. Who will play Lucy Oscar winning actress Cate Blanchett didn't. Vitamin CBS news Los Angeles. In 95 before it came from Japan. John zarrella stop his way into the heart of monster movie fans the first actor to where the guard civil suit in that original movie has died a rule Nakajima was 88 that's the CBS world is round up for Tuesday I'm Steve case and CBS news.