CBS World News Roundup, 8/9

CBS World News Roundup
Wednesday, August 9th

North Korea threatens possible attack on the U.S. terrritory of Guam after harsh words from President Trump. That and more on today's World News Roundup.


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Korea threatens swamped it is scary something that we can't take lightly. President trump warns of fire and fury the two sides need to get. Quantity off ramp. Farewell to the rhinestone cowboy. He represented. The best of but with pop and the country. Good morning. I'm Steve case and win this CBS world news roundup president trump has boasted the war of words with North Korea to a new level they will be met. With fire and fury. Like the world has ever seen North Korea instantly fired back saying it's looking at plans to attack Guam unsettling for people who live there. Once that missiles launched its only gonna take and matter at you now have one minutes before eight. Wreaks Havoc. But Guam has been threatened by Lauren governor Eddie council urges home. An attack or threat on Wong. Is a threat or attack on the United States. They have said that America will be dependent. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson spoke just before landing in Guam this morning. I think Americans should sleep well tonight I have no concerns about this. Rhetoric than the last few days. President trumps threat did rattled global financial markets California Democrat Dianne Feinstein called the comments bomb bass stick Arizona Republican John McCain said the president was exaggerating. New York Republican Peter King defended mr. trump. To me this morbid sense of war at the United States does not stand strong we're not going to be intimidated. By a small round tin pot dictator. From Beijing correspondent Ben Tracy has reaction from China North Korea's key ally. They say the situation on the Korean Peninsula is highly sensitive. We hope the parties will be cautious with words and behavior and stop provoking each other and avoid escalation. At a Chinese Government appears at this war of words between regional arms race and that already appears to be happening. South Korean president Mun G eighteen is calling for a complete overhaul of South Korea's military. In the face of North Korea's rapidly evolving nuclear capabilities. In Japan some lawmakers are pushing for new weapons that could launch a preemptive strike. All the San jumper rhetoric follows were a bit pentagon analysts believe North Korea can build a nuclear weapons small enough to fit a topple ballistic missile but CBS's David Martin. And tells us government officials and outside experts say North Korea has yet to demonstrate. Two key technologies needed for reliable nuclear weapon. Nose cone that can shielded nuclear warhead from the extreme heat and softening of reentering the atmosphere. And the guidance is in two steered accurately tortoise target. Earlier this summer the Defense Intelligence Agency estimated North Korea would solve those problems. And have a reliable weapon as early as next year who fooled two years earlier than previously forecast. When out of France where an attack is under investigation. A massive manhunt is underway to find the driver who slammed his car into French troops. Injuring six. The Paris prosecutor has handled the investigation to counterterrorism. Agents. Police are going through security cameras from the area around the military barracks in the leafy suburb of undeveloped ethnic. Hoping for clues as to the attackers identity and where he fled. The local mayor says there is no doubt it was a deliberate and planned attack on the troops as they prepared to go on patrol near Bonny. Alain called CBS news parents. President Trump's chief counsel John Dowd tells USA today mr. trump has sent private messages of appreciation. To a special counsel Robert Mueller through his legal team. The president has been critical Russian investigation and Muller in public. If you're registered to vote but don't for a few years should you be tossed from the voter rolls the trump administration has weighed in on a case before the US Supreme Court. We're live for CBS is Vicki barker. The Obama administration argued that the standard Ohio's policy of purging an active voters would be more likely to affect poor and minority Reid democratic voters and violates laws designed to make it easier to vote but the truck administration has switched sides in that legal battle it's filed legal papers citing with Republican led Ohio whose election officials argued that canceling inactive voters simply helps clear out those who have moved away or died. Tropical storm Franklin's taking aim at Mexico's central Gulf Coast it could be a hurricane melatonin makes landfall tonight. People are drying out in the Houston area today after yesterday's deluge of the caused major flooding. The Missouri manhunt for the suspect in Monday's fatal shooting of a police officer is over sergeant bill Lowe of the state Highway Patrol says. The 39 year old man gave up without a fight. He was taken into custody without incident there was no struggle we were given information. By a passer by just a pedestrian that was walking on the highway. Officer Gary Michael was gunned down during a traffic stop. Scientists have found the biggest dinosaur ever discover it's in Argentina. Believe it weighed as much as a 777. Aircraft somewhere around seventy tons and bones indicate the dinosaur was still growing. Well Dolly Parton calls music legend Glen Campbell one of the greatest voices of all time and I were. Who died yesterday at eight. Juan did at all hit records TV movies and a public battle with alzheimer's disease. Here's CBS is Anthony makes. When I interviewed him and his wife Kim for Sunday morning in 2012. Campbell's connection to the world was already fading because of alzheimer's. I don't feel it anywhere. Tour to order but what do I do likewise. You forget things of course I've done that almost a picture. I have for control. It is. On tour he read song lyrics from a teleprompter. His daughter actually helped him with the slip ups pleaded did that Soledad. Even though Campbell couldn't read music. In the sixties he was one of the most sought after session guitarist in Los Angeles it's like Wichita lineman. And chip on my mind made him a star in his own right. But Glen Campbell good time our ran on CDS for three years. John Wayne was a fan and ask him in true grit. Obvious feature claim a muddy up a water. Do that book kids you. I look so bad in him compared to John Wayne he won the Oscar. He's. His last album released in June was titled simply audio. We've all over Donna from time to time when it comes to food or drink CBS Jim shadowy looks at the limits of over indulgent it's you know the saying too much of a good thing. The YouTube channel except science has posted videos of popular food and drinks that can kill you or at least thank you very sick if you consume too much. For instance alcohol thirteen shots is enough to put the average person sixteen under. I'll just two teaspoons of not meg can do the same thing. Like oranges 11100 of them will give you an overdose of vitamins seat seventy cups of coffee will do UN or 29 teaspoons of pepper. 85 chocolate bars can do the trick while just one or two ground at cherry pits can be fatal. Jim Shannon BC BS news Disney says its aiming to pull its movies from Netflix and launch its own streaming services in 20191. Will offer animated and live action movies the other lives sports that's the roundup I'm Steve case and CBS news.