CBS World News Roundup, 9/11

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, September 11th

Irma downgraded to a Tropical Storm, but is still lashing northern Florida. Six million left without power. Remembering 9/11 on this 16th anniversary. CBS News Correspondents Steve Futterman in Naples, FL, and Jim Taylor in New York have today's World News Roundup.


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Obama on the move slicing its way up a state of Florida. Leaving damage in its way which toppled trees and downed power lines. And at ground 09 elevenths remembered again sixteen years doesn't soften it doesn't make it go away. Good morning I'm Jim Taylor. And I'm Steve Waterman in Naples Florida with the CBS world news around it. The sunshine state this morning as both recovering and still dealing with hurricane remote. But once powerful category five hurricane is now down to a tropical storm as it makes its way through Florida into Georgia. The southern part of Florida from Key West to Miami to Tampa is still trying to assess the damage some deaths are being reported around six million people are without power. Here in Naples along the Gulf Coast Herman made a direct hit there were wind gusts of up to 140 miles an hour along with torrential rain these wins are just. Hard to describe much stronger much stronger than we had. Earlier today but the big concern here a possible giant storm surge of up to fifteen feet. It never happened there are areas that are flooded some structures were seriously damaged trees have been knocked over but Naples is still standing this morning. Just off the coast from here in Naples CBS's Jonathan that we ID is on Marco. Iowa and we were the first news crew allowed access to the island after the storm hit police telling us. At several checkpoints if we work to move forward that we would be doing so. Had our own risks so far we've seen a lot of downed power lines and fallen trees. We're in front of a hotel right now where you can probably hear this emergency siren going off we're told. And it's the same structural damage police officers actually had their cars parked outside this hotel. And we're told by then that those cars several of them were swept away by the search. Today is Irma moves north it's already hit the Jacksonville area CBS news correspondent Giroux could Duncan is on Atlantic beach. You can probably hear that he'll win it definitely will be happening not just the wind out there does not have to opponent with the deputy city manager told me that he was. Cable news survey this area for the first time he said most of the roads are passable he set that. Up power without at both places it back the communication better where they're located at city hall of being operated by decorator. He also said that the police say sit in City Hall if it's very thing flooding and some of the water started coming to their building right now. This is without a doubt the worst that we've seen at at Jackson got hurt them would say this morning. From this area I can only imagine what they must have been dealing with that Naples. Let's now go to Tampa CBS's David big now reports the reality is not as bad as the expectation. The rain is blowing sideways and our face but look temple appears to have dodged a very big bullet let me tell you how it apparently happened. Instead of the storm tracking west just ride that goes to western Florida. It moved in England as it got toward us the winds weakened but the storm picked up a little momentum. And what happened was if there's a good shot of the storm to be on in the areas of the western side. That's the side that temple was on so the winds were weaker here it was the better side. One of the worst places to be when are my hit was the Florida Keys correspondent Elaine quijano is there. Neighbor's house is. Pretty much time. The eye of the storm landed in the middle of the Florida Keys. With all of the theory of a category four hurricane for. Swelling waterways to an estimated ten to fifteen feet in some areas the hardest hit areas will be between big copy key and marathon. With a bronze focused on the island of big pine key. Debris and a washout of the road have isolated big pine from the other keys. I'm Tammy McCormick at the Pentagon the US military is sending a C 130 military plane Key West international airport this morning. Crews will conduct house to house searches to check on survivors. In addition the army has six aircraft 500 trucks and more than eighty generators for relief efforts about a 150 additional aircraft are on standby. Along with 150 boats and 3000 trucks. As for Florida's largest city Miami it's swinging out from the effects of Burma I'm Peter King in Miami we have a lot of downed to trees and power lines here because of that emergency officials are asking people. Just stay home and not to go anywhere unless they absolutely need to the or checking IDs in some of the beach areas and on some of the cost ways. There's a fair amount of flooding in downtown Miami South Miami Dade County that's. Right along water and of course beach side as well as they wait for the water to recede and Jim police responded last night to reports of looting both in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Now tropical storm Irma is still on the move it is still evolving first ever tropical storm warnings posted right now in Atlanta and as recovery workers make it to isolated Caribbean islands they are finding utter devastation and a mounting death told. At least two dozen people dead in the silence. It's September 11. 9/11. Annual observations are under way at the Pentagon with president trump. The hotter and anguish of that dark day we're seared into our national memory forever in a Pennsylvania field with vice president pens and at ground zero. In New York City. Todd Smith and Bob left the names and nearly 3000 victims being read and it. I. Eight people dead in a home in Plano Texas first officer responding to reports of shots fired shooting and killing the suspect Lille police department officer David Tilley. Never I would call anything like this before at all. This just doesn't happen in our city. No motive identified investigation is underway. UN Security Council may vote today to impose the toughest sanctions ever on North Korea if approved North Korea says it will make the United States pay a heavy price. Natural disaster in the Gulf Coast is almost always followed by a rising gas prices up thirty cents a gallon in two weeks but from industry and Austral be lumbered. We see a wholesale prices probably futures market down until what dealers paid already beginning to tumble. So before too long women say pump prices begin to receive as well. The death told is still climbing in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake in Mexico at least ninety talent he's CBS is Adrian Barr reports from Mexico City. Mexican authorities have been measuring the extent of the damage from Thursday's massive eight point one earthquake and it is staggering about 2.5 million people were affected into Mexico's poorest states Oaxaca and Chiapas. In Chiapas 40000 homes were completely destroyed 900 schools were damaged children may not be able to go back to school any time in. More than 900 aftershocks still rattling the area pass. Born in Bismarck, North Dakota Carol moaned she's the first contestant from that state to win the Miss America competition crowned last night in Atlantic City. Kara is an Ivy League graduate a national dance champion. And has been accepted in the law school at Notre Dame as the world is round up for Monday September 11 20s17. With Steve photo and I'm Jim Taylor CBS news.