CBS World News Roundup, 9/12

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, September 12th

Florida residents mop up after Irma. Residents of the Upper Keys return to see devastation. United Nations imposes tougher sanctions on North Korea. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Destructive told everybody just like everybody. Florida Keys shattered by the storm homes became piles of mangled lumber. UN issues new sanction fees are by far the strongest measures ever imposed on North Korea. Good morning. I'm Steve location with this BS world news roundup it's devastating Florida governor Rick Scott's assessment after getting an aerial look at the damage inflicted on his state by hurricane Irma. Homes and boats destroyed flooding in cities and towns all throughout the state power out to millions. At least ten deaths in the southeast are blamed on the storm people who left their homes like Susanna wells and Key West don't know what and they can go back. I don't know at this point the condition of my home but you sort of have to make peace was. Starting over. Some are being allowed to return in the upper keys this morning CBS's mark straw men begins our team coverage. Demolished in places like marathon people's homes were obliterated oh my gosh. 130 mile per hour winds and nearly fifteen feet of storm surge that the notion that good there. That jet is about thirty miles away in Key West herbal leveled homes and businesses. Sections of the overseas highway the only road in and out of the keys are inaccessible. Crews are racing to clear the road for first responders tried to reach those who need help. This is beat Letterman in Tampa across the state of Florida is still feeling the effects yesterday people began to assess the damn gotta. It was storm. We weathered it out and stuff got a lot of damage a lot of freedom. About different. In many flooded areas fire crews went door to door by boat. In some places they don't people needing help us so let's go by and the game was mode that he gets out of here this young man who decided to stay inside his home his arm went by it was trapped by flood water were you nervous. I am an analyst Edmund charging an endless. Guess. What did you say to yourself did you say this was wrong actually got socialist. Throughout the state millions remain without power the head of the Florida power and light company Hillary once right now that's when you are gone. That is unfortunately I can't tell you another big concern is the city of Jacksonville CBS's eureka Duggan is there. Emergency crews including the Coast Guard and local firefighters. Comb through neighborhoods looking for people trapped by rising waters more than 100 have been rescued the south east of Jacksonville hurricane Irma sent beach homes sliding into the sand. And in nearby Atlantic beach powerful winds toppled dozens of. Tree behind Peter King in Doral Florida it's the sound of music to Floridians. Gas stations are slowly reopening here and for this woman it was just in time. It doesn't have enough fun mostly they'll ask you must feel like he hit the lottery. And finally it was fun long legs and assigning things blow. She waited in line for about forty minutes pretty amazing. When you consider that at the same time the line was well over a mile long at Florida turnpike service area about twelve miles away. I'm should crucial. Much of South Carolina is a mess after its encounter with hurricane herb is leftovers there's been extensive storm insurgent tidal flooding. In Charleston and on several barrier islands tens of thousands are without electricity. After high winds brought down trees and power lines including one near bread Dyer is home. I heard a crack just before it happened to sort from them. It's half the are lined there up the line and and sparks flew out of. Property damage is widespread and dozens of roads are blocked by flooding or adult Trace any islands in the Caribbean or battered by Irma hardest hit appears to be saint Maarten visiting Dutch team called the damage they are the worst he's ever seen CBS is Tony did Coppola went there is dozens of Americans were brought off the island. Eagle Gartner is rushing to vent passengers the flight home there still people who have been staying in relatives' houses will Gartner finds a spot on a charter flight for seizing colon cancer. One of the many who lost nearly everything in the store went into a storm that eluded him Ron. Well my place blew up. Forty years of mine might hit the tarmac fills with even more people all of them cleared for the flight back to San Juan and back to America. Sure feels good. People. At least 35 deaths in the Caribbean are blamed on Irma. North Korea called new action by the UN vicious and says the US will face the greatest pain it's ever experience. The UN Security Council agreeing to new sanctions in response to North Korea's latest nuclear tests that they have to resolution has been adopted unanimously the resolution bans all textile imports and bread it's countries from authorizing new work permits for those from North Korea. US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley. We are done trying to prod the regime to do the right thing. We are now acting to stop that from having the ability to continue doing the wrong thing. The new sanctions do not include a full ban on oil imports from the country North Korea has warned of a harsh response against the United States for the new sanctions. Matt piper CBS news New York. California filed suit over the trump administration decision for a say in the program that shields young immigrants from deportation a similar suit was filed last week by more than a dozen states. Dockers one of the issues tackled by former trumpet Steve Bannon and his sixty minutes interview in the White House has responded we're live with CBS is Steven Portnoy. On sixty minutes Sunday Bannon said doctor recipients should self deport. He said it's extremely unwise for the presidency to support legal status for the so called dreamers it will be a civil war inside the Republican Party that I asked White House spokeswoman Sara Sanders what she made abandons estimation Steve always likes to speak in kind of the most extreme measures I'm not sure that I grew up with these access to GOP mega donors as he again Helms bright art news. Ban and vows he'll prop up primary challengers to incumbent Republicans critical of the press Steve. CBS news has confirmed a Wall Street Journal report that says some White House lawyers wanted trumps on a Lloyd Jared Kushner who stepped down as an advisor earlier this summer because of possible legal complications tied to the Russian investigation. Apple's due to roll up the latest versions of the iPhone today one of them could be one that tops a thousand dollars. We spent money on gadgets these days but his CBS's Jim surely tells us many of us pay to see others play. What's American's favorite way to spend their leisure time. I was spending is any indication it's sports. According to a study by credit cards dot com we spent a collected 56 billion dollars attending sporting events over the past year. And includes the cost of tickets transportation food and drinks. As far as the individual sports go according to team marketing dot com NFL games are the most expensive. An average price for a family of four of 502 dollars and some change Jim Kennedy CBS news. On January during the change in power pictures of President Obama came down its federal offices around the country in their place now. Nothing Washington Post reports trump photos were ordered by the Government Printing Office has yet to received new images from the White House and has no idea when they'll come. And that's the CBS world news roundup that Steve case and CBS news.