CBS World News Roundup, 9/13

CBS World News Roundup
Wednesday, September 13th

Irma victims struggle to recover, as power crews race to restore service. President Trump talks tax reforms with Senators from both parties. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Burma victim's face staggering recovery one moment it's gone it's hard to figure out where your struggles. Damage assessment from the Caribbean which totally devastating loss at home she lost vehicles to. President entertains members of both parties on the menu carving up the tax code. Good morning. I'm Steve case and went to CBS world news round up work crews are trying to pave the way for residents of the southernmost Florida Keys to return and get a look of the devastating blow delivered by hurricane Irma. CBS is Elaine quijano says those who have had a look can't believe what they're seeing. One of every floor that's how many homes in the Florida Keys FEMA says are destroyed. Another 65%. Suffered major damage about 70% of the teens are without power the closure original bauxite fine. Similar Melissa owns dockside bar and grill in marathon. She moved to Georgia native says rebuilding could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars here rest terminated okay restaurant help very wealthy so she's concentrating on her other restaurant in town with her team is looking for first responders. Millions in Florida are waiting for electricity to come back on and as we hear from CBS is barks strossen for most it'll be a matter of days is not our. One line at a time. Utility crews are working round the clock to restore electricity. Customers on the East Coast chewed up power back by the end of the weekend full restoration won't be complete until September 22. Nearly two weeks after Herrmann hit. Widespread outages mean water and sanitation systems are down there's no air conditioning in the ninety degree Florida heat and humidity. And traffic lights without power are creating chaos on the roads it's not very pleasant that tell you this. Vincent and Ernestine Chapman both in their ninety's have been without power since Sunday night. They don't get it might give them like sienna no way. No one window bail out. At least 45 deaths are blamed on Irma in the southeast some survival whether only to face trouble later. I'm Peter king and Orlando local officials have issued new warnings about not running generators inside homes after three death here and Orange County. Sheriff's spokesman Jeff Williamson from the deputy walked into the how's he was just completely overcome by smoke. Four other people from that home were hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning as were eight people along the space coast. Out to the Caribbean. Work is going on there CBS's Tony Coppola's then hard hit Saint John in the US Virgin Islands to let everybody know all. How bad it is here Tommy young moved from Boston and made coral facing John his home in 2007 we totally devastated we've lost homes were lost rules we lost vehicles what is your home look like. It's gone through it yet on nearly every building on the island is damaged or destroyed an advance team from FEMA surveyed the island for a command post. You're sure there's nothing else on the island in this room right here is the only bit and that's less spending that would be useful. I'm dead serious. Star power turned out last night for a broadcast telethon to raise money for victims of Irma and hurricane Harvey look and feel a little. From George Strait to George Clooney musicians act. Actors and comedians performed an answer the phones lead hand in hand effort raised more than fourteen million dollars. Well president trump had some people over last night people who could hold the keys to his plans for tax reform White House correspondent Major Garrett. Three senate Republicans three senate Democrats over here for dinner last night on the menu carving up the tax code Delhi's bipartisan push. Is largely symbolic at least for now the true test of tax reform's political appeal will come when the details emerge. And the votes are counted between now and then the White House says the president will spend. One day every week on the road this fall trying to build momentum for tax reform. Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is unveiling a health care bill that provides health insurance for everyone by expanding Medicare and a new Republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare is emerging to. But neither is likely to get broad supports. Equifax is facing lawsuits outrage from congress and confusion from tens of millions of people who have their personal information compromised by hackers. CBS is Vicki barker joins us live with a more. More than thirty lawsuits so far and mass consumer confusion among as many as a 143 million American victim. Hearing from folks that. Who are complaining that they don't understand what this means and that they don't understand how they are supposed to react identity theft expert either of Alaska says though that that is a credit priest telling all the credit reporting agencies not to share your information but I think there's still no guarantee says business professor and hacked Equifax customer David Anderson because hackers can still use your stolen identity out all sorts of transactions and daggers and trying to buy a house he need to his credit info accessible at Equifax. It will no longer charge it tacked customers for freezing their own credit report. Eat oversee is crucial for us from South Korea. The missile with a range of 300 miles was launched from an F fifteen fighter jets that can elude North Korean radar. Pressure now is finds ice this is on the run but still a threat CBS is Tammy McCormick. This report by Jane's terrorism and insurgencies that are claims ices will lose its remaining territory in Iraq and Syria within the next twelve months. But it's likely to transition to a shadow state and underground insurgency. That could significantly increase the terrorism threat in Europe for the next ten years. The main worry is the return of trained foreign fighters to their home countries the report also says Islamic states decline will also open the door to a resurgence. A groups like al-Qaeda. While Seattle democratic mayor Ed Murray has resigned after a fifth person a cousin has accused him of sexual abuse Murray who denies the allegations. Have already decided against running for reelection Jenny Durkin is a mayoral candidate Murray has endorsed. I'm really glad that the mayor made the right decision I call on him to resign he did so. I think that's best for the city. Edith windsors just yesterday at 88 team two years after she and others celebrated outside the Supreme Court after it ruled in favor of same sex marriage Windsor brought the case after the death of her spouse and her facing a huge estate tax bill. That heterosexual couples are not subject to legal analyst Andrew cone. She filed the lawsuit not because she wanted to be a cultural icon or the named plaintiff and in the store lawsuit not because of the headlines. The because she wanted to tax refund and the laws of the time refused to recognize her same sex marriage. Cleveland Indians are making quite a statement that is baseball closes in on the postseason you're CBS's Jim Shannon hottest team in Major League Baseball has set a record for consecutive wins shocker. Are. At Underwood with a call on sports time Ohio with a two to nothing win over Detroit the tribe equaled the American League record of twenty straight wins. Tied with the money ball 2002 Oakland base. And 1916. New York Giants hold the overall record of 26 wins but there was a time mixed in with those victories Jim Genovese CBS news. Yes Guillen says the tweets from one of its anchors were inappropriate Trammell hill called president trouble white supremacist and a bigot. In a series of exchanges with the other Twitter users have been on line calls for her to be fired. NASA world is round. Steve case and CBS news.