CBS World News Roundup, 9/6

CBS World News Roundup
Wednesday, September 6th

Hurricane Irma batters the northeastern Caribbean and heads for a possible landfall in Florida. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Monster hurricane hits Caribbean islands hitting senator McConnell is at least not around the place. Burma eyes Puerto Rico and Florida their forty now preparing thousands. Leave the keys you must evacuate. Good morning I'm Steve case and with the CBS world news roundup what. Irma the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean is blasting through the northeast Caribbean with a top winds of 185. Miles an hour islands in its pastor taking a beating. Jenna hand these are journalist on anti go. Real handy simple isn't quite significant Downey says several settle hang in stop loss every. AJ we hit an eight iron and our ability in one barrier islands. And Irma also wallop in Gilo where Allison strand is hunkered down with her family. We may exact race. But yeah I think yes the big cat should be okay. It's not just the incident I'll be right out of the an ATP is it being accused of being. Category five storm is taking aim at Puerto Rico and Florida CBS is Tony to Coppola's in San Juan. The winds are already starting to pick up and later today within hours the eye of the storm is expected to be about fifty miles off of this coast. Battering the capital Puerto Rico hotels are folding up their operations stores in town are boarded off or completely stripped clean of supplies the big concern. As the rain starts the ball here. Is toppled power lines and buildings that head of the island's power company warned. That when hermit comes through here. Dark spots could exist on the island for between a week and six months. It's getaway day on the Florida Keys where Martin's senator it is the emergency management. Director you must evacuate. You cannot afford to stay on an island with a category five hurricane coming out. Buffers last minute work before getting out CBS has been well ballpark is reports from Key Largo many people are listening. Boarding up their homes and businesses filling up their gas tanks. And getting out of town could not sit. Way to prepare get prepared now. Florida governor Rick Scott also issued several urgent warnings storm surge in extreme winds are the biggest concern right now. Storm surges especially concerning the keys which are on average about six feet above sea level the search during hurricane Irma has potential to be more than nine feet high. We could be looking at it wave heights that would literally put the ocean over the islands Elizabeth crypto lives in the keys and is evacuating for the first time in 51 years. I've been doing charged venue and you've been through Beaumont but I'm not saying fan of. Or in Miami Beach correspondent Marc Grossman tells us. Many shelves in stores are bear or picked over across Miami Dade and Broward County. There's been a stampede for food water and plywood winds or rains some gas stations others are sold out. Whether Florida gets a direct hit from Irma is not clear about parts of the keys should start feeling storm effects early Saturday. Emo which has been dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Harvey is now poised to help in Florida director Brock long was on CBS this morning. We've forward deployed incident management team's power teams. Traditional life safety use our teams already in the state of Florida as well rated supports I think our staffing levels are coming up we have over 700 people right now. Pre positioned to be able to support our. Partners one report says the agency could run out of disaster money by the end of the week. Uncertainty lies ahead for the young illegal immigrants affected by president Trump's decision to win the program big guards them from deportation. Several states led by Democrats planning to file lawsuits and all the focus is on congress to sort out policy. White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. Even as he ends the program it's protected hundreds of thousands of young immigrants the president says he has great love for the so called dreamers. And with top house and senate Republicans by a site. He vowed lawmakers will approve the solution I can tell you when speaking to members of congress they wanna be able to do something to do it right. Just what kind of status state support for doctor recipients isn't clear. Aides say mr. trump wants to see a package of immigration reforms so far he's pushed the border wall and measure cutting the number of green cards the US issues each year. The Wall Street Journal reports about 400 workers have left the Environmental Protection Agency in recent days most have taken buyouts that were offered back in June president trumps budget proposal calls for deep cut of the EPA. We trust of the water from our faucets is. Say for. Find a new study is raising some troubling questions. Live for CBS's Vicki barker every day trillions of tiny plastic fibers called micro plastics are released into the air from our clothing carpet and containers. Now State University of New York study as micro plastics have infiltrated the global water supply to with the US showing the highest contamination rate at 94%. Fibers found in tap water liked including congress the EPA and New York's trump tower help protect still unknown the micro fibers can attract harmful bacteria and other toxins which is then released into the body he. UN war crimes investigators say they've come up with proof that Syrian government forces were behind a deadly chemical attack in April that killed more than eighty people Syria's denied using chemical weapons. Safety investigators here at home have looked into eight small pick up trucks Jeff Gilbert of WWJ radio Detroit has details. The Ford or crew cab versions of small pickups from GM and Toyota did best on the insurance institute's crash test. The chief research officer David who beat says there with holding their top safety pick designation. None of the pickup trucks that we tested have hovered in headlights. So if you're planning to drive at night maybe we suggest shopping in different vehicle category the trucks also lacked automatic braking may have something the institute now considers it important safety feature. Jeff Shubert CBS news stood for. The Boston Red Sox in New York Yankees are locked in a baseball pennant race and this now to their longtime rivalry the Yankees accused the Red Sox of stealing their signs during games using apple watches Baseball Commissioner rob Manfred is looking into it's we. Actually do not have a rule. Against sign stealing in it has been a part of the game for a very very long time to the extent that there was a violation of a rule here. It was a violation. By one or the other that involved the use of electronic equipment. Red Sox AB yankees used cameras to steal their sons. Irma isn't the only storm it's drawing some attention here's CBS's Jim Shannon. A powerful solar storm will be bombarding earth with geo magnetic radiation over the next two days. The space weather prediction center puts his hormonal level G three a level rarely seen. Such storms can play Havoc with radio communications and cause power surges in the electric grid. And they have been known to interfere with GPS. This one could also cause an unusual display of the Aurora Borealis the northern lights. And make invisible at a lower latitudes scientists say the best chance of senior roar in the northern continental US will be tonight in soon tomorrow Jim Shannon these CBS news. And I holiday season heads up the nation's largest retailer Wal-Mart says it expects had two moles to again be the hot selling toys for a second straight year a newer version of the toy egg that hatches into a magical creatures is due out next month. That's the world was round or Steve case and CBS news.