CBS World News Roundup, 9/7

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, September 7th

Hurricane Irma kills at least 10 in the Caribbean and takes aim at Florida. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Death and destruction in the Caribbean properties have been totally demolished by a unit is being habitable. Hurricane Irma takes aim at the US is ever in history has a storm this strong for this long. Dire warnings from Florida's governor this storm surge could kill you. Good morning. I'm Steve case fit in with the CBS world news round up with super strong hurricane Irma cutting a path to Florida islands in the Caribbean are reporting epic damage in the storm's wake. At least ten deaths are blamed on the most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever recorded its top winds are now 180 miles an hour he had cars that I know riots he had done. Containers ports you would continue was dying left and right that woman on the island of Barbuda prime minister gas and brown says there's total carnage. At least 90% of the properties in bad news that's suffered some level of damage. So that actually completely demolished and the infrastructure as well as significantly damaged at school in the hospital as well balanced. This woman on the island of bank dealer where floodwaters have made roads impassable. There's police station has suffered roof damage so has quote how Phil has put them. Phil and as half. But don't powers out on most of Puerto Rico after a blast from Irma Carmen Ulan cruises mayor of San Juan. Lot of the people they're groups would have come up from their homes so they alone virtually half. Nothing left personal. I tend drafts photographs momenta. Is not a Florida where the storms expected to make landfall this weekend governor Rick Cox on CBS this morning says the forecast is still a bit uncertain. It's a cone we don't know if it's good to the West Coast of East Coast we saw everybody's got to get ready. We do you know that's going to be massive wind we do know there's going to be rain but my biggest concern is people don't understand. The amount of potential storm surge. This can cover home. CBS's Elaine quijano has more on the effort to get everyone off the Florida Keys. Three days before hurricane Irma is forecasted to hit Florida nobody will be left her house so we have to worry about now. Monroe county sheriff's Sargent Scott ward is making sure people in the keys are getting out. Can any idea how many people are last in no way of knowing. A mandatory evacuation order is in effect for visitors and the roughly 80000 people who live here from carrying out and a bad parents getting on the road not knowing what we're gonna run into a caravan of cars and trucks line the only highway out of town on Wednesday. CBS's meg Oliver has a look at things in Miami beat charting at. Noon there will be mandatory evacuations from Miami Beach there will also be mandatory evacuations for the high risk areas along the coast. They have been removed mean. Lifeguard towers lounge chairs command as since yesterday and they will continue to do so this morning. The concern extends farther north in Florida to this woman's getting ready in Orlando where god forbid. Doubles then there awful. They get Baghdad's with a generators. Big aboard generators. Though and I scared yeah. CBS is Kenneth Craig says storm supplies in most places are long gone. Just about everywhere you go no water no bread no canned goods and it's like that from Miami. All the way up and into Orlando the good news is it seems as though a lot of people took the warnings seriously and started going to the stores. I'm Jim crucial. Having been flooded out by hurricane Mathieu last fall Helen Simmons of Conway South Carolina is taking hurricane or most threats very seriously. Depending on where returns and when he does that type flooding. We'll take all the furniture and rugs up and try to get them off the first Florida police say they because we lost everything must we are. About could have major impacts along much of the East Coast. Well until next week. Airlines have canceled 18100 flights because of her mind after allegations of price gouging most of now cut or capped prices for people looking to leave Florida. Steve Bannon is speaking out in his first extensive interviews since he was ousted as president Trump's chief strategist last month he tells Charlie Rose for this weekend's sixty minutes he will remain a force a bright Bart news. I'm gonna be his wing man outside. For the entire time. To pretend you'll not be attacking Donald Trump. In your general gives them by our our purpose is to support Donald Trump bottle and destroy enemies to make sure his enemies know that there's no free shot on goal. President trump dealt with Democrats in a startling shifts to keep the government running and raise the debt limits White House correspondent Stephen port all top Republicans were blind sided by the president's willingness to go along with the democrats' proposal. The deal he struck would avoid a government shutdown and default funding agencies and extending the debt ceiling through mid December. It also includes a down payment for hurricane Harvey relief efforts. But the agreement potentially sets up a battle Royale just before the holidays putting the nation on a fiscal cliff December 15. Republicans initially wanted to an eighteen month extension of the debt ceiling by congressional hearing today at a social networks look into Russia's effort to influence last year's election. CBS's Jeff the gays. Donald Trump junior will be here on Capitol Hill for those closed door meeting. On the heels of Facebook's revelation yesterday that an internal investigation found a Russian link troll arms spread 3000. Ads on the platform. As part of a political influence operation. In South Korea today protesters clashed with police. They oppose the American high tech missile defense system that's been installed there to counter North Korean threats. An explosion injured worker and a post office in east Chicago Indiana police say two pipe bombs were found there are federal officials are now part of that investigation. An NFL stars accusing Las Vegas police of racial profiling. We're live with CBS Jim Taylor. He is a standout defensive end. Seattle Seahawks star Michael Bennett says he believes Las Vegas police singled him out because he was running wild life. No evidence that race played any role in this instance. County under sheriff government may hill after the may weather McGregor fight they're it was believed an active shooter was in a casino and like others Bennett ran says officers use excessive force stopping and claim to. The officer pointed a gun at his head investigators are going through hundreds of videos you've. Education secretary to Bob as Obama administration guidance on how colleges should handle sex assault complaint isn't working. Shall outlines possible changes today. Amazon says it's open to search for a second headquarters location on the online giant plans to spend more than five billion dollars to expand. And and 50000 jobs. Children are settling into their new school classrooms for the academic year including our young member of Britain's royal family. Four year old prince George has embarked on the first day of this academic career hand in hand Prince William walked as pensive looking son. Through the gates of the 23000. Dollar year thomas' school in South London. Along with his commoner classmates George was dressed in a new uniform. The navy sweater matching Bermuda shorts and black shoes his rural mom the duchess of Cambridge stayed home with morning sickness she's expecting her third child. At school the British heir to the throne is known simply as George Cambridge Larry Miller CBS news London. There's news about TV royalty. Hey impatience. So ninety's Julia Louis-Dreyfus who's won five straight Emmys on a political satire VP HBO says that Schobel and after an eight season next year. And that's the CBS world news round up. Steve case and CBS news.