CBS World News Roundup, 9/8

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, September 8th

Southern Mexico rocked by the strongest earthquake there in a century. Florida residents flee as Hurricane Irma gets closer. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Deadly Mexican earthquake has been a major structural damage. Hurricane per month target South Florida they need to get out of this in the heat. Residents anticipate destruction. Good morning. I'm Steve case and with the CBS world news roundup as a catastrophic hurricane bears down on Florida people along the southern coast of Mexico or picking up the pieces after a deadly earthquake. Real. With a magnitude eight point one it's the biggest one they have the country in a century. Rescue efforts are underway at least fifteen people were killed. Chef Paul OK TV she is vacationing in the region there. Felt like a trend that whole litany our feet and then moments later back slowly start to see Tbilisi. From his. Society it's but he's his own. It's rated PT yeah. I do not put it to feel we're a few things. The country's president Enrique Pena nieto says they're serious damage in more than a million people don't have power. Mexico reporter James blears. Seen chapters this pain. Major structural damage mean many roofs on buildings have collapsed that also. The walls of the buildings have developed major cracks and specious. BS is Adrian Barnes says it was felt 500 miles away in Mexico's capital. Here in Mexico City we're also hearing now of a few buildings damaged with that glass broke in and all those of lay up posed out there are walked that this city that are dark. Dill but no major damages reported however the quake was felt very draw. Lee announcer Lauren. Still a very chaotic scene at some stores and gas stations as people brace for hurricane Irma it's now a category four storm. Top winds 155. Miles an hour forecasters now expect a direct hit in South Florida this weekend with. The storm and traveling up the center of the state into Georgia. CBS news team coverage begins with correspondent Jeff Glor in Miami. Some here to believe Herman is an even bigger threats then hurricane Andrew which destroyed entire towns 25 years ago. 700000. People in Miami Dade County have now been told to leave. 120 million Americans in nervous path are expected to see hurricane force wind gusts. Powerful storm surge has the potential to flood much of this coastline. Nearly every major city in the state is a potential target the Florida Keys are virtually empty as Burma moves closer. Hurricane and storm surge warnings are in effect in mandatory evacuation orders are in place a link to hot though is in Key Largo. Most of the Florida Keys look like a ghost town now throughout Key West. Businesses are closed and boarded up the three main hospitals in the keys are also closed patients there have been evacuated. Not everyone though is getting out we spoke to some fishermen here in Key Largo. Who plan on staying and riding out the storm they tied their vessels to the man grows they are hoping and praying that they will be able to preserve those boats. Because those boats are their livelihoods mark strossen is on the coast here in Miami Beach. Families piled up sandbags trying to protect their homes from the store I'm scared. Jerry Schwartz lives a half mile from the beach she told us her neighbors are staying put. But she's not I would like to be at that help but this time mom I'm taking needed. Getting down on average Miami Beach it's about four feet above sea level storm surges from early here could reach three just. Six feet I'm Peter King in Miami get. Enough time to evacuate its clothing rapidly that message is being repeated an evacuation zones up and down the coast. The people here taking the advice anybody heading north it expects sluggish traffic and then just north of Orlando. All the way up on and off congestion to the state line. The traffic lines are long on the two leaders states that had north south and Florida's turnpike it emergency officials say if you were leaving. It's time to go is now I'm Jim crucial to get out that's what everyone living in coastal Georgia is being told. Ahead of a possible hurricane herbal lab fall. Jason beautiful and as mayor of tie the island. People need to heed that evacuation warning and leave there is no logical reason and I can possibly think of why anyone would choose to stay. On tiger. Mandatory evacuation orders went into effect this morning for all areas of Georgia east of interstate 95. Including Brunswick eyelids and Savannah. All five living former presidents including the bushes are part of the one America appealed a raise money for hurricane Harvey relief from. People are hurting down here but as one text included. We've got more eleven Texas then water only those huge. Yeah CBS is Steven Portnoy has the latest on what the government doing lawmakers are making quick work of a bill that infuses FEMA with more than fifteen billion dollars. That's nearly twice the president's request last week and an emblem of the need in the wake of hurricane artery. The measure also states often government shut down funding agencies through to embrace. And it waive the debt ceiling for three months. Justice Department will appeal a federal court ruling that says the trump travel ban is too narrow grandparents and other close relations of people in the US should not be stopped from entering the country the courts sensed. In California CBS's Steve Waterman tells us that states poised to pass a law to protect illegal immigrants who rents a little. Would prevent landlords from trying to intimidate tenants were in the US illegally. While mostly in Georgia law abiding we have heard. Many stories of some unscrupulous landlord. California assemblyman David Chu is the author of the bill. You know landlords who have. Either reported or threaten report ever tenants to ice as they're trying to raise rents. The bill was expected to go to governor Jerry Brown as early as next week he must sign the bill. Landlords who violate the law could face penalties ranging up to a year's worth of rent steep Letterman CBS news Los Angeles. It's our credit reporting firm Equifax report the information of 143. Million people's exposed in a major cyber breach CBS's bill rake off Equifax says hackers exploited an online application website to gain access to names Social Security numbers birth dates and other information Equifax says it discovered the breach in late July and believe it went back as far as mid may. The company is working with a cyber security Furman will provide identity theft protection to affected customers Equifax says three company executives who sold stock just after the company discovered the breach were not aware of it. A big baseball win streak is paying off for customers of one company here's CBS Jim Shannon. The Cleveland Indians won their fifteenth straight game and an eleven to two blasting other Chicago White Sox in the windy city last night. But some fans are also big winners as universal windows says it'll make good on a July promotion that offered a full rebate on window installation is sliding doors and other services to customers. If the tribe went on a fifteen game win streak the company which is celebrating his fifteenth anniversary even had a watch party of Progressive Field. The owners paid 75000. Dollars for insurance to cover the estimated one point seven million dollars in free products and services. Jewish and the VC BS news. Rihanna felt kicked off its regular season last night the defending Super Bowl champs the New England Patriots were done at home by the Kansas City Chiefs 42 to 27. That's world news round up for Friday the broadcast his produced by Paul fairy I'm Steve case and CBS news.