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Sunday, December 10th

Coffee with Dr. Stewart, for December 10.


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Welcome to copy of the doctor Stuart I hear has here's your Mullins in this show is to provide our listeners with up to date medical information. And leading dermatologist in nature genomics specialist. I invite you to sit back grab your favorite beverage or cup of coffee and let's have coffee with doctor Stuart. Good afternoon everybody and welcome to coffee was doctor Stuart I mean has cares certain islands and of course the man at the half hour doctor Stuart how our yield. Don't drink here and we had snow today. Mean last night that's right where you up playing in us now amoeba. Often look like this guy's thigh your kids build a snowman name's Eliot picture but I do that deferred for this time a year that's some early snow for Texas this I remember growing up in Dallas we only had like I had to snowman in my lifetime I think and being a Childs. It's just didn't happen. Well everybody doctor Stuart picked to show topic today and so we're going to be talking about oh toss Agee a misspelling a UTO. PH aid GY atrocity on top spot tough strategy Otto Otto and so does this topic is. Not a lot of people know about I don't really know anything about it so doctors Stuart's gonna demons that talking but it's very important and doctors Syria has some amazing things he's been lecturing on. About it you're also an and be talking about an hour Tony eighteen genetic workshop this. Right teachings of providers about it because it's a game changer for us this torture is okay I'm ideas Alley stemming Gaby just. What I found on the Internet is not well there's not a time is also Wikipedia and medical terms and they're very hard to understand it you know it. The gist of it Oz it think of our top G is our bodies and Nate recycling program. It makes our top G makes us more efficient machines to get rid of faulty parts stop cancerous growths and stop metabolic dysfunction like obesity and diabetes. Yeah so basically instead of same our bodies at our cellular cans or cellular recycling program okay. And so a tough edgy well it's really sad about us the medical community's not talking about it but it won the Nobel Prize amounts last year I heard you can't act. For wet exactly for a tougher team discovery oh was Doctor Murray from on Japan. And basically. Off the G involves the ability of cells actually. Keep themselves clean while I think themselves as being small cities at cranked. And inside the city and our much is gone everywhere and people are grabbing different places and that's exactly what goes on and so it all kinds of things going on one's. And let's just imagine that we all produced trash. That's Hank and lastly you pass plus imagine that we don't have a trash on the system and our. And now talent comes by and except for Charles and so basically there's a bunch of trash around the bank York city and eventually if enough trash accumulates then you're gonna Alter the way the cell function right. Its all time for G basically as the process that was discovered that essentially takes the dead indicating parts of this well. Feet so imagine these are really important for cells the couple of a long time so for instance in sells it under my skin cells to slow from oftentimes industry girl right. But things like the nervous system the immune system on the pancreas liver the kidneys. Things that have to live a long time and we can't regenerate very well we have to have a mechanism to keep that so clean so it keeps working. Okay and in particular in the nervous system and for the most part in the immune system those are really important because they're trying to prisoner transmitters they're trying to. Respond to all types of signals OK so if we don't have a way to actually take all that junk that accumulated from aging or from damage. And essentially isolated does all that and recycle the nutrition. And this but now we don't need cycled the nutrition from what he means. Meaning so let's say we build Monica Andrea for instance I had a lot of countries a battery and assault ride if a lot of Condrey at dies it's not gonna do us any one any good decision on site that sells so we what's essentially surrounded with a little pocket and that's a tough Agee well that's auto facts aren't OK I and then we take a little license on which carries enzymes. But some in their dissolves the moniker under way in and all the good amino acids and fatty acids reduce recycle into the cells with a so keep using it didn't wanna waste all that couldn't go because of the dead material in there will help will make that cell function courtly wrecks like to think of type two diabetes is the ultimate example because most people understand. So when type two diabetes is called insulin resistance apparently is insulin skilled player it's still byes to the solemn tells us they've taken sugar Seles just hopeful park. Packed full of junk I can't actually execute to pictures immediately correct. Now what's really interesting about this is that we Connell and this backwards. We actually had a medication. That essentially icon allowed us to this discovery. And in fact it's really interest story. In 1964. A group of micro biologist went to Easter in the Pacific he. And they gather samples and they want to finding their form of stripped of my skis that actually when they tracked it they didn't. See any fungus growing slowly Ernie fumbles or slip up at drug. I've listened to the University of Toronto and they Jack around for thirty years I finally came out with a drug called around amongst them. Average and a wrap my son is named after wrapped a new which is one of Easter island's because of the prescription. Prescription now. The thing is they thought they had an anti Fong global won me. Really use that as an anti fun wouldn't work very good but they come out of there put it in very high doses that would suppress the immune system with very little. Side effects yank it away from him okay below that transplant surgeons don't know about it because they were using high doses of I sentence suppress the Indians was why they are doing the trains him. After transplants to keep the money from are okay and so what happened is. Some Japanese scientists picked it up and started stunning end. Then what they found was all talk and they found out that there was a special system which is now known as the import system Cain now stands for men mammalian target of randomized in a case. And basically that's the and the control center for how hard to Seles working. So when we get stressed or when we are sicker when we have something that's really. Com stressful on the body our cells go into overdrive and they start working really hard Hanna and I'm working really hard they produce a lot of my products write it understand so in essence people who. Cells are working harder or actually creating more buy products and essence aging the so much quicker. On top energy actually tons off from that situation but because the cells and Damon sold well yeah. It's just because the seller so busy doing other things I like to tell people if you're running are going to work you're stressed out it's Christmas your country for everybody. You don't have time to clean closet. So so what happens those. If calm but if you have vacation. Right relax. Then you might go hunting clubs. Until we actually use what we know was rattled my student low doses actually slows down the import system and when you do that it's it's basically an anti aging processes slows the seldom. So the autopsy cheek and all of a sudden the cell says I'm mound I'm relaxed I'm gonna actually turn on top which he opts. Theory it's good way to pay act because I didn't know anything about the scallions and I've heard you speak very you know it a couple lectures recently eaten. I am curious about the Nobel peace I mean why it's not a peace prizes but I mean his Nobel medicine prices up so why didn't. They were the ones that came up with the terms of this is not a medical terms but around that sabbatical permits Latin also face she means Otto or yourself so I've eaten. OK so your evening things and so tiger sells. Makes sense okay how how does this correlated skis are always talk about clued us Dion and toxins and that is a tough Agee and don't openly in his hands as luck would have found its gonna chemicals Mattel signings can throw of. It's remove heavy metals in the cells are so hot in Gonzales tells OK and then this gets rid of broken hearts. Of the cell of the self. The Michaels also more ways that they don't jump the sale because the cell has an architecture to it right. If I have a big pile of trash from the middle of Westlake drive home his underground. Right generation. Gap so you really mess up the flow. OK I mentioned something about the rap in my SNPs that are been on them as you let's let's mention the gene that you're you look at. So there's a whole bunch of jeans with a one that we they're going to be on our genetic test coming up correct our. So what's happening now as we're trying to take all this basic science often applied to people OK okay now what's really interest and about half Agee. As were finding out that's the oncologists. Figured out it was pretty involved in cancer pretty quickly and in fact what happens in most cancers as the M torsos Imus turned up. Means cancers grow fast and I don't know I talked achieved right now we're actually able to link it to all the neurological diseases of aging alzheimer's dementia parkinson's. Lou Gehrig's disease pom multiple sclerosis. And so. In general what's happening and where we can that's all types of auto immune based diseases all of sudden we have this. New frontier. In essence was able to open honest ways that we can actually reversed some of these diseases. Instead and a supporting people are never getting in trouble without. Very possibly. I mean we're not quite that level right but that's what we're thinking well it probably not enough. Studies out there and at all to do it 75% on my patients as a general nasty sick people. When I. Look at their genetics and put the right nutrition and whom they rocket to health I feel great they go out and tell everybody this is fantastic right and everybody goes about their way happy. Then there's this point 5% but no matter what we've seen today. They just don't. Rain or they languish in their lifeline why am and I'm getting better and as a doctor you're thinking what are these people log and write like frustrating as a and so they take a ball much on these are the 25% of people that. Religious allay awakened at at my thinking about Bryant almost suddenly realized that these people are idle talk edgy jeans. They were mutated own so what was happening is they're all conference it was defective. OK and so what was happening as we were giving the nutrition to the people appropriately but because the cell couldn't either take it in a process that properly right. They were not getting the response from the nutrition because the sales jumped up so there for a topic she wasn't taking place correct and those are the people so. Well we're now doing and we're in the process of doing is stimulating their profits. Do various mechanisms. And it seems that they are starting to get better. And we start talking about alzheimer's Lou Gehrig's recovery huge it's clean your clock and parkinson's recovery you're talking huge wow huge things. That is huge and I know on the 55. Genomics report being created there is one else profit Eugene yes they a TG 1601. And what is facts fields just one on part of the our topic due process so all lived off the teachings are probably about 25 of them that we know right now. I'm we're trying to figure out which ones are the clinically important ones okay seems to be a PG five it PG sixteen OL want them you know and various other parts of it but. And they get funny names some of them explorer. Yeah Sadler reports and I get. I guess her side UCLA scientists are kind of board's men. But it stands for something it always Hernandez let you know. I'm what surely looking for is how can we tell who needs to be treated it does. Okay especially when you're talking about prescriptive because the thing about rap in my senate throughout the mice and in low doses. Appears to be pretty pretty safe but there are lots of people we won't use of India because we just don't know it's like reproductive age women. Right I. I lived through the thalidomide age you know we as a plans that were born in the 1960s without. With small arms is he right right. And that was due to thalidomide which it was a drug that was issues all I didn't as a third certain people that we just don't feel comfortable using these told us why you always try it first well and always triumph because what I did as I took my worst patients and put them on personally if you have alzheimer's her. You know there's sheet you have really Streisand really don't have much option and what have you found so far. So it it appears to be slowing the disease progression pretty significantly. More time we've only been working on about four or five months now. And I did take it myself for three months and what was really interesting is that my. Her hair. And darker. Yet again if anybody can see a picture doctors series he has gotten. Hit gray white hair and he has black hair now starting I'm not totally black that bracket watchers sprouting a lot of back and in the top Republican IE right now what you know grace period is a month off Agee. Thanks prosperous so we do me a CNET gray haired men or women walking around there would have not tough this issue very quickly while and especially if they grade early. He loved talking about and that. And one also happened to me in the hunt this is just anecdotal because it doesn't prove my vision and clear up. Thank my vision went back to about 2010 and while all and then your hair started to river accident the color and then my my tenant has actually gone away. Erase earlier years isn't and so. You know we suspect that probably math we know that Mac Hillary generation as nonprofits process Bryant we know that. Well we suspect that caught your loss. Progressive hearing loss calm of aging is probably a Molotov that you process. Wow he is there's a lot of information so we got to go to break I wanna talk to little bit more about this anti aging thing. How about some other features an element. Possibility that we'll be right back with coffee with doctors feel. 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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration are not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Welcome back everybody to episode. Three on season four we are talking about this amazing topic I had no idea how to. Pop off topic she's doctor Stuart so in the first half we talked about what was. And recycling system of the cells are right that's kind of the easy. He termed. We talked about some genetic mutations that even looking at we talked about. Some prescriptions. The rack racking my sand that's been used on there's also other prescriptions in developed especially in the cancer world. Okay they're very similar randomized and they're basically called import and senators. Okay and so important to voters are going to be used in certain forms of cancer in particular spheres all cancers which are likely yourself came as there may occur in the ovary in the kidney and other places they. They're just a type of cancer is a little bit different OK and so they're cults solid tumors and basically those type of tumors have a lot of them or activity in the model of success was standard chemotherapy welcome Brian. So there's a lot of interest and how we can actually modify those. If you just read all the time no one to. Amy got photographic memory gets it. It is so might some like where did those come from a you know when you get on the topic obviously you can tell I'm pretty fired up about ally anywhere because you're lecturing to a group of doctors and like 300 an arraignment you were. Utes brought about how busy I saw your face light up like east Indies you know math elation was like. Oh yeah so what happened is I'm always challenged doctors remember I had three primary principles of Gil right there was inflammation control and then there's math elation and then their moniker under a function and he talks kind of falls under. My country right function. And now own. There appears to be a force the Mets are off into consideration that we get a change all of our materials I. The answer is maybe gas. I really think that's a force that we brought Bruce's that the first ones were your involving nutritional or pre scripted over. You know over the counter methodologies. But if the cell is not able to respond to those in the right accomplishes something as the so we never thought of itself maybe was the problem okay instead of saying we're put. In the right nutrition but if the cell can't take it in and use that we're in trouble. I'd like you said point 5% of patients were not responding to rid them appellation protocol to the minor conjure L. Right you know because they can't take it because the solstice what's so stuffed with junk. Let's take Iraq. I mean that I wish we could just ripping people would hurt articles out like that should make a lot more signs should write one. Ran well then let's talk about OK so. You get the patient's genetic report because at this is stuff you're going to be teaching at the Tony eighteen genetic workshop. Tell us what you're gonna tell these providers on on the new won't count. It is. You know I get lucky I run into different I'm professors and ex professors from physicians who have. Experience in this area and I did run into a doctor call shall from Florida writing. And I and our apostles and ophthalmologist and he had been working on my activity generation and activity generation is on top of your problem in his lab at University of Florida and previously worked on. Ways to stimulate a tough Agee and wound. And so we learned that obviously wrap my son was very effective at helping out but we also learned that there are many things that are natural that can actually help. Okay people are paying and that calmed. Then natural way to help people most people know that mom if we can exercise we will. Essentially nobody knew exactly why exercise worked. But it turns out the exercises a major and torrent perimeter and him actually can help you clean your styles the problem is if you're too far gone you don't. Like you're actually tired too tired and I patients are slick and they wanna exercise good good luck just like me out and exercise but it does is there's no doubt welcome. We did find out that at least twelve hour fast thing all right so if you eat out eat dinner at someone try not to eat till 7 o'clock the next morning. Or it says like you know. Donate eleven and then stop eating at seven down some people sixteen hour fast thing is what you skip breakfast which I do then right and so that's that's also falls on the collar church and areas a lot of people. Who have all talk and she defects they pretty much pushed high fat low carb low protein diets Bryant. Approaching think army Ike is as high protein low well inhibit a top fishy yes so what happens is your ass consult a process a lot salty body builders and people out there. I mean they probably. How healthy are tough Agee said they can eat these high high protein diet and don't let them out. There and the number is genetically. Economically programs and the okay the problem is if you know his body builders as as they get older many of them are very healthy at all now and I amendment passed just like athletes. Like NFL football players for instance I'm not saying that this is the all ammonia okay but I'm telling you there because there are large men and they produced a lot of buy products they've. He has a lot of things their lives their average lifespan is 58. Think dropped off fatigue starts to shut down I certainly lessen that. That a lot of things contributed to that apple were to these are just questions that we ask ourselves and we know you need to figure and ultimately if we help. If we help them and we had genetic ways to identify that there's a problem that we ought to be a help. So obviously injury plays a big role in the pan makes and sells work too hard progressing. I'll talk that you weakness and I don't you know we're just trying to put her hands around this thing and understand now as far as the natural things that help. What's really interest thing is there are many natural things that a lot of people Mallard good form like Kirk humans Emmerich at tat actions which come from green he. Burglary and cat again as fact what is that it entry into but it isn't one of our product sure which one is NRF two. An errant tee shot and cancer as you're basically a lot of these different products. We knew they were beneficial we just didn't understand the whole thing we thought they helped clear the final production which they do to him but it turns out there actually got up at least simulators. A day in RF two sought any answer you made that for. Something else but it turned the newest capital I you make it for something else and it turns out to help something else that has dual roles dual role yet okay and so obviously cure acumen has a wonderful thing in many people know that. But we didn't realize that it has these dual grow rolls until we really understood what a profit was. So yeah outskirts humans excellent for you can Americans are outstanding for your risk of air trawl. That's colony in RF two well one member search welcome trim what red wine right a lot of people who drink when wind at our school we didn't know why I. Understand that why I do so well I think Brad Bryant at. An answer as possible but I. Know what's happening is the neatest thing about this is the science is not static. Right you know and you think you know dollar and you also and learn you don't. And if you don't keep an open mind and understand I'm always try to progress entered is going to be left behind. We'll give me it couldn't tell us about the city inner FT thought we covered back with the glued to cyan. And I'm mad but how how does that help with the autopsy is we talked about the losing set firm and that's what helps loosens up irked that helped put on production and only. The cleansing mechanism right sell but it also has multiple injuries. And what Kennedy frock top pitching it blocks the course customers a calms the spelled out. So it has the opportunity. To correct so pure human since tells the sultan relax clean itself. You know just calm yourself down right on people touted as an anti inflammatory as a calms means so I can understand. And so the thing is is that this is an inflammation control. Yes I can't oncology is involved and inflammation inning when you have a cell that's inflaming which is the immune system Z that solace working overtime producing a lot of secondary if I'm by products OK and so autoimmune diseases. Are basically a top Agee. At related diseases. Now what about said the pro Gatti and that's our latest formula for anxious and send you. Relaxation you you're telling is saying calm down you're starting at the cells are not timeout physically you don't talk about the physical. This is all about the cell the cell itself apparent this article make sure arm on the same page at. Well then talk about what you're gonna like as a woody gonna teach these these providers and the workshop how to look at the genetic mutations. Well and punished and the treatment I mean. All providers who do on the Trojan comics and nutritional not a summer. Are functional some brains or even people who were. I would hope that all doctors eventually we'll get to this point where they actually nutritionally all patients or interest and nutrition for their only playing and so in order to understand. There's nothing more frustrating and taken a nutritional product Monday in the benefit. Are you don't know if you need it and you and you feel like you've wasted your retirement your money well in the release that people that's a really big challenge because. He may be given exactly the right supplement but if the a tough Reggie is not right and that's well Bryant then most supplements monk and worked so I think. I have on top energy consideration at number four right now. Okay because in the healing process right because we're doing it on a clinical perspective let's take your inflammation now let's put the nutrition and and if you don't respond. Let's go look at our profits hopefully would genetics okay I'll talk would you consideration may actually be moved from number one. While because if we can't get that sell to respond to even the anti inflammatory processes were asking it to do you then waste her time. How many genes are going to be on. Aren't our genetic penal for genomics well you know we're expanding their Shattuck panels and two counts of panels right prominent and at least twelve of them. Twelve a tough edgy jeans from railing. While that's a lot. Yeah a lot of them. And a lot of work to do end on the works being done by great scientists that are out there and I always tell people I didn't do any others. You know this great work about my job is. Basically to pay attention and to assimilated and hopefully bring it to the public. At tanked you know well and so as of. With sufficient tough Agee says your body's internal cleansing mechanism you're stem cells retain the ability to maintain and repair your tissues for those stem cells is a big hot topic that's our next happens Hampshire so how does a tough achieve correlate with fat. All obviously ask themselves when your putting and your asking it convert to the cells that have been damaged her right are we cannot particular area so. What up what's important about that is you wanna know what this themselves oncology genes are and so. In theory we're actually going to be able to do against themselves. Therapies we're gonna be able to tell who's gonna be more successful and that is going to be less success. Profit teachings while. That leads to our next show. So hard I'm gonna leave it without everybody I'm very interesting I mean and this is fascinating I didn't know anything about it I start reading a strain I've heard you talk about it. But I think here on some of them or every book the scientist and Nobel and all that are on to something Boehner. Very big here big big big big game changer hello everybody I'm so glad you joined us today please check out our next episode if you have questions please email. And so it near biologics dot com. Foreign policy 866505388. And I hope everybody has a beautiful and last day. This show is intended for general information and entertainment purposes only doctor Stuart serves as the chief science officer and lead formulate different era biologics and advises you consult with your own medical professional on any information given during this programming this information is not intended to diagnose treat or cure any disease or medical condition.