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Sunday, October 29th
Come And Talk It, for October 29.

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It's time for comment socket with your host Michael kargil. Trust you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And has achieved national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine. Fox Business news CNN money AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. JE Austin, Texas is still live music capital of the world let's praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Iso to dame we're going to discuss gun safety for kids. Gotta talk about protecting the baby's. And also we're going to discuss being the citizen what does that actually mean that event coming up this next weekend also we have the in the a pro Second Amendment event coming this weekend it is well. In also I guess and teeth was gonna do something the day before and I discussed that residents are web pro secular event that's going to be a November the fifth. It does so. Then we you know I gotta ask a couple things I can I need to get off my chest. And has some things that happened this week. And see here I want to talk about. Before I bring my guess a wanna really act are really have his good friend that is really disappointed and upset. And so. I want to ask it is now NASA guys seed in the steel ring here today's world you know what if you donated. To the Democratic Party. So picture your mindset in that you didn't you've you've donated to Democratic Party. And you help them fund rates the host of functions for them he you know medium a party at your house to raise money for the end. For the party in you you block walk form as well. Then one day the party says we know what they don't want you to participate in the political process. You know they don't want your thoughts on it. So would he say that. So I donated to Democratic Party and block block for them he donated to Democratic Party. You bloc walked for the Democrats aren't so hell froze over and what anyone today you know because let's see for example play with them. Yes exactly that's a place that we're during the Twilight Zone here in OK okay. And and all the sudden one day eighty find out that you. Are pro life. And they don't like that and cell. No they wouldn't exactly so lol be your thoughts about that they say we no longer want you what we're not gonna you know. Know you've just made enough political process. I saved by Felicia. Was asleep when you what when you work within the party and try to fix it. I guess is I know too much leader of. About the Democratic Party unless I'm done it's I'm gonna flip the script. So I need to be honest with me because I'm even asking this Ryan as well you know what if you of their position same position is that. You know they came around they said hey you know what guess what. Because your pro life. The Democratic Party doesn't want you more and we don't want you to participate in the political process so what would you do. If there when we believe over one issue gets over one issue. That means that they have no room for any other thoughts. I will let me flip the script. Let's say is a Libertarian Party. And your libertarian. And you've donated to Libertarian Party you worked for Libertarian Party you've block walk for they knocked on doors and everything worked very hard for free. You giving your your time woods very valuable. And all of a sudden one day you say you know what. You know I really think that marijuana is actually a bad thing. Any say you know what Lou that's something that we just can't part with we can't deal with so we're going tee with a knee jerk your input in the political process. How would you feel about that right. I'd be angry. But why just angry. After dedicating so much of my time and everything to the same time their group they want that one issue. A one issue of decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana you say you know what I just can't do it. I don't think you know we should legalize decriminalize marijuana. So that one issue on the estate firms and knocked in a bush may say you know what Brian we're not we don't want you to participate in the political process. I think the parties would be dumb to do that. Why would be dumb to do that because everyone's gonna differ on a couple things no matter what you do no one's. Other you'll find hundreds of things the three of us disagree on. Yeah rare are there even to people that disagree. Along the same lines. For everything he can't. And because of the it's just. Yes and impractical to expect everyone to think the same. And especially in geographical locations it appears across the state the Democrats are gonna do that that's going to hurt them long term. On getting people were talking about a Libertarian Party we've got enough to do a better Friday and delivered a bit so we're talk about the Libertarian Party. And it it is one issue. That's been out. Work towards what you can and you can agree on a so that. The voters want that person then they'll pick that other person is doing that you shouldn't be completely silenced in the political process this doesn't massacre do you think you wanna support. I'd love also I'm gonna pose this question let's put yourself let's put that Republican head on let's say you're Republican now. You know and year with the Republican Party you donate to Republican Party you've helped them raise money. You block walk for them you know. And same thing same mindset and all of a sudden. One day in the Republican Party finds out that you know what you like the same sex. NAC you know what we don't want you to participate in the political process. So tell me. Will he do. What can you do know why is just silence now. Why did silence. I don't personally know. What that would be like welcome I need to know. I am inquiring minds want to know what do you. Why why is different now was it different then then the Democrat party being pro life and say they don't want to display the political process. You're on my real opinion I want your real opinion how apple let's keep it real this is the come to talk radio show and we need to keep it real also tell me. On all those Whittier Democrat when you're libertarian way he Republican. What would you do if you dedicate your time to that particular party because of what issue they decided you know what they don't want you participate in the political process. What would you deal. I would keep do I keep doing our you know our listeners to colon and this will I want you I need to know what you think. Are calling numbers 512643. Live that's 5126435483. I think both parties Democrat and Republican. They hold hands down the I all coming to screw us. By CNET. That's just the way it is. Call me disenfranchised. With the system so what would you do. I did O libertarians. You did you switch parties. Or is he right Republican Party. You've he's dedicated units aren't even donated to the party also they find out. I'm Beasley are X I leave the party and take my own why would you do that would ask you about the Libertarian Party. Because the Libertarian Party because that was close the whole issue libertarian and you is the question differently why is this different. Because the Libertarian Party is not this large established structure and as much as the Republicans and Democrats are looking. And so there's still room for other groups to take over change or whatnot but with those large groups. If they're so powerful and those are the only real two keepers have power. Keyboard just sucked into them there since legislators of the system they're entrenched. So. Wallace was your answer differently is when asked about the Democratic Party or the Libertarian Party was changed to become little different. I would say because. I have warrant comment was one than the other. Lies that whereas when you put me in this situation. You know being in the Democratic Party. There's nothing I can really relate there so there would be easy just to walk away. But when there's a party that you agree more with. I guess you hold on a little bit more. And hold out hope I'm. Whereas when Democratic Party malveaux now. That I think you be a little bias I am like he'd be a little biased. Because I'm biased. He can't be biased you know getting asked that question it doesn't matter if you're Democrat your Republican eerie libertarian or Green Party both also discussed what issue there's one issue and they came with they see you know what because of that one issue we don't want to give his fate. Political process we'll discuss the cultures about the different parties too because the Democratic Party is very. Homogeneous Ansar group think orient and yeah. Mall Republicans are some infighting. But it's more like freedom verses the big business biting. And in the Libertarian Party is just the giant NASA. Is the biggest libertarian who's the most libertarian. They're not fighting it here are fighting over who has the most libertarian are you even one. Does. Il all throughout the week it all I do this all the time you know was asked these questions. And I asked people online today you know she G swear an oath to a political party will be just let you down. When this Republican Party Democrat party Libertarian Party a Green Party you know she swear an oath. And a lot of people really you know it really answer the question. Because. You gotta understand what Texas law is Texas law says you know to participate. Any nomination process she have to swear an old. That you would not just made any other party's nomination process doing that election year that glues signing a petition to include a candidate on the ballot. And voting in primary election or attending a convention. So you're really need to look at the Texas laws and election code. And prior screen on the big problem on freedom for choice and it keeps people from saying now what does it there's my cousin who's running for office somewhere and they're a different party I was gonna sign a petition just. In my cousin on the dollar or you know. I really think are here Austin and there's no libertarian running and so I see a judge that I really like and I can't sign for them to run for office just because. I wanna go to movies hang convention. Just you know just keep intact I'm starting out there also Austin chronicle also chronicles come out with this sound that. This I guess he did every year every Halloween. Where they come out with this little. Covered we schools are cut it out and Wear the mask this is our white male. End to mean that all it does is just promotes hate Soledad just promotes hate. So I just you know just curious. You know what yes thoughts on that. And an Indio let's look at the inside let's go until people actually what it says. As we knew you open up the Austin chronicle which aren't the only best the only good thing about Austin chronicle really is for me to a clean up my dog's poop. That's only the are really these use of four because it comes free American. Uses you know the paper to clean that up. But this is on the inside. How does so will your arm white male mask. News flash white guys machine weighed too many people wait too often according to the statistics compiled by the mother Jones. Which has kept a database on mass shootings. Dating back to 1980 team now that specific subset of Americans has been responsible for 54%. Of the country's mass shootings. Now over that time period. And so we're not lobbying for more types of people to shoot more people but c'mon why guys. And it says. Like stop cheating people sparking these sudden one. And he showed why Zach. I'm not. And the mass producing I had been shot you want my pieces like. Now you're setting one right now look at you study new and Chuck Dolan and his wife the white is that he will love you and I shot myself in the foot with an air soccer and little guys in the Issa the coach gathered that I just second and a second so this goes on to say. Net and following its muscle mass in Las Vegas in which is 64 year old Stephen static quality litany of guns on festival crowd. Killing 59 injuring 500 others. That number. 500. Belt that isn't there yet but I am and we can think of no image more representative of horror and this Halloween season that. Then the angry eyes of an armed white male peering at you through a gun scope. And here's how you can beat that guy. So intelligent step number one typically we recommend extracting the mess from the rest of the issues covered with a knife or scissors. But I suppose there's no opportunity like beat president to pull out your standard semi automatic firearm. In unloaded two rounds along the dotted lines I'll make sure into microscope. If you want to add your own bump stock. Keep a little ridge space on the edge of the assault rifle and fill me in with a fake black sharply. And it says number two you need to you put two holes inside the here's another big time. The use your gun. In the Missouri says take them to a piece of twine and tie it through the two holes. Put it tight so your man's brow stretches out real terse. That makes him a look angry and we want anger. And it says number four I've tied that toying around your own hidden. In you're all set with this year is costing remember the gunners already part of them the mass presentation so you don't need to leave the house with your own. And please please don't leave the house for the hero that so you know so we guess thoughts about that could add to me just promotes hate. Yeah I reminds me of the jaws effect OK. So jaws came out 1975. And immediately after this blockbuster movie about a killer shark. People stopped going to beaches like they did bull because they were scared to be killed by a shark even though. There's one fatality every two years. There's about sixteen shark attacks a year in the US. And only one death every two years but this movie the portrayed this killer. Just crazy shark. Totally messed up. Did beaches all on the East Coast especially. I so we come back up that we're gonna talk about this from a switch. Message cams around just a little bit. But we got to concede talking about this Austin chronicle article gonna talk about JFK files because according to the JK files says Hitler lived in South America. Also talk about gun safety for the kids yet we got to protect babies I was scared my again so I protected babies. This is Michael Cargill. And you are listening to come and talk. Yeah this is Doug Smith. And I guess not good news Michael argue that government health. Here we you need a doctor 78. Right doing. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill. Hi so we're back we're talking about old Austin chronicle we're talking about hey you know what. And at Augusta chronicle says. Our white men are what the problems are when it comes to mass shootings also we're talking not JFK files you know what. JFK files been release may say that Hitler lived in South America. And also we're gonna talk about gun safety that's right gun safety but for kids but I talk while protecting the babies are always get my gun to protect the big east. I put. Before we end. Get team you know that back to the Austin chronicle and talked about that medicine that just craziness there. Let's talk about my question that pulls early today. All lying to everyone is that she did you swear an old to a political party will be just let you down. As viewed you know about you know whether your Republican Democrat libertarian or Green Party is always around the room here never asked everyone about that. So my question was you know you're in yours or your respective party you're a Democrat or your libertarian or your Republican. And because of one particular issue. One critical issue. Your party says they don't want you to participate in the political process he donated money to the party he block walk for the party. You've held fundraisers for the party. And also because of one issue they don't want people to participate in the political process. So when around the room as Ryan libertarian. So Ryan Libertarian Party has said you know hey. We don't want you have to speak libertarian and took the political process anymore because. All of a sudden you feel bad. You know what in this is just hypothetical. It's all hypothetical situation here. He he feels that you know near one should not be legalize decriminalize. And on certain. They find it out. And boom. They say you know what we want to participate you've you've don't need you've. It you've given up your time. How would you feel about their round and nasty then again. And so the upset about it. And if they really about and think it was Sunday act commends them to change the monarch probably and it just. Joining another group that was worth my time that's. And then also at Apple's question if you're a Democrat here Democrat and also the Democrat party found out you were pro life. Your pro life. And because of that once is she would. After he's donated to they're the party. You've block walk for the party even held fundraisers for the party they follow that one issue that your pro life they don't want you to speak the political process anymore. How would you feel. Well I'm not gonna change my opinions because of a political party. Would you try to work within the party is you know what I'm gonna stay well would you leave. The Democratic Party and leave I don't know that. Did you know what Republican Party aren't so let me flip the script is to Republican parlay them to. It's a Republican Party and you've dug into the Republican Party you've campaign for the proposal to park you block walk for the Republican Party. Do you have donate you've you've held fundraisers for the Republican Party and also didn't they found that you'd like to same sex. You know what you've just fated political process will jaded by Republicans. You leave and leave why would you leave the fast and leave. I'd leave why. Does I'm not going to be somewhere that I'm not want to. Yeah okay. I'm just I'm just post that question until they not there and I would ask my listeners and are calling number is 512643. Lives. That's 5126435483. What would you do your particular party. Europe. Part of that you would win this Democratic Party Republican Party libertarian Green Party whatever because of one issue they decide to do you know what because that once issue. Anti donate it. After you have. I block walk for them. You know once you've just made a political process he wore what would you do. How chest in a call and tell me what would you do 5126435483. This is a legitimate question is legitimate issue that's you know that's before us today and actually had someone asked me this question and I know what to tell. I don't know what to say. You've donated. You bloc walked. You've campaign and you held fundraisers. You give up your time. And because of one issue. They all you participate in the political process. So Colin. How we hear from the 5126435483. And also we're talking about Austin chronicle. Are due out disarray here the Austin chronicle so apparently you know pump people up in arms about this race here. This little. Cover of the Austin chronicle says you know aren't white male it pretty much say do this every single year as. They come with some type of stunt is likely bait or if you did she do that take a look at their. There's paper here that is probably only get to you know clean up doggie poop. But down. They want you cut this out and put on a mask in a way isn't mass for Halloween. So you know to me into most hate you know it's it's promoting a stereotype. That we really need to stop doing absolutely I think you know what are your thoughts about that. You know. So how would you feel if you know if instead you know they put paid you know but to a bucket fractions and appeared was a watermelon. I'm just keep derailed. The heat up how would you feel so it so I'm just curious. Possess these questions today and also the JFK files have been released I'd still and according to you the JFK files Hitler lived in South America. So curious about that but hey who would eat away thoughts about this Austin chronicle. This gap from there like you said it's just. Promoting. Hate and fear. I think it would they're trying to do is just trying to draw people and put it is promoting hate and fear. And Andrew doesn't. Nothing productive in the off the conversation about what's going on right now. And then you know this online says I'll assault was a small blip on page six showing how much how to make the cover into a mess and really that's all that's the story now this. I'd still pretty much it's just in the show you. They don't you know perhaps providing you fax or anything like that they quote mother Jones he cannot take you're getting done stuff for mother Jones. In because in you know that there's a whole other story when he comes that you know mass shooting Tara mesh used a fine. You know how many young people have to dive fully be considered mash she'd. In an FBI has dared you don't there's definitely more people shot. Well the FBI has their definition in the mother Jones has that definition and moms and inaction have their definition. So he had to figure out you know which one is that and then we'll do we include the shooter in that because look. Mother Jones and clues to sheer. In their stats. So Coakley so you know. So it fits. You know a lot of them are if two or more people are shot and it's a mass shooting in and they're including the shooter. In someone's shoes someone else and then themselves. Then that's a mass shooting to them. Ranked. Him in alerted suicide Olivea says the is the chronicle is an educational and Libya apparently is is doing really bad she's not doing really well enough. We need start ease the W word in Libya may be if a little better. That's was exit exam that I didn't. Was the W word I don't know what is W her what is it I don't know. So did. The C. Now let's and also there's some other things that I like did you discuss throughout the week and I like to bring up you know online. And one of those things I asked everyone this week was about. Let's see here and we find it real quick here. And get into it and give into it takes little time it was this little sign in my neighborhood one of my neighbors had this signpost on his stance. And the sign actually said out trespass is would be shot on site in you've been warned. Instead video surveillance is in you know in effect and only become a step so. I guess people like to ask these questions you know to FaceBook as I'm just curious how people answer the questions. And you know trespass is will be shot can you shoot a trespass or in Texas. Now. No you cannot you can't she's someone for just simple trespassing. You know or criminal trespass. So you can't do that in Texas our keynote loyalty I can jump in your backyard. You know it's 2 o'clock in the morning for him take a couple laps in your swimming pool and you cannot shoot me for cruel just fast and how you're trying to work my lawn furniture. During the daytime in the daytime no less theft he can't sheets alone for theft and a daytime either. Unfortunately. You can use force if he's no you can't use force Lilly yes he gave his forces not deadly for right yes and the credit he's just phones Kansas to but that didn't enforce. And and Clinton. So I'm in this and I'm really against posting signs you know of this nature because that sent ships for civil seat for one. You know the market is if you do shoot someone. That's you just laid that civil case right out and you guys will just move and everything you have is going to that thin and telling you now. There are welcome Massa and say oh this guy. He uses waiting for somebody to answer his property so he could shoot them waiting for the opportunity so. Because is little signs that you put enough you know in this the real deal this is in my neighborhood real deal signed it trespassing will be shot on site. You've been warned. Can't do it can't she's alone trespassing. If you're gonna Kerry again. And you think teaching may use that gun number one you might wanna take a class and learn to Texas gun laws number two you might want pieces have an attorney. Because you're gonna wind up in the legal system and let me tell you that's not a fun place of the I got to safely is still dot don't drop the soap. Just don't do it as a union for a whole world of hurt the if you drop the so let's see like that. And something. Will you are metro sexual. Compact set and then not the only thing I asked people this week. Was the you know bleak the issue of you know the political parties so my thing was the issue do you swear an old city political party. And you know. What some people don't understand is when it comes that that old there is a Texas law when it comes of that. When it comes. You know under the Texas law to participate in a nomination process Jack swears old that you will not participate in any other party's nomination process do and that election year. And that includes signing a petition to include it candidate on the ballot voting in a primary election or attending a convention. A lot of people understand what the laws are when it comes to some of these issues. So. I love polls in questions to FaceBook is I'm always curious what people say. And and Zach is and that was from. What. Let's Ras I rolled my ankle today you're itching horribly Zach isn't in the studio with no issues on. You know my foot propped up with his foot propped up in the air elevating elevate so you knew it knew it jogged him this morning something went on Iran when Iran was a job there was a run it was all right so there was afforded yet. Now just for training just retrieving just fear here's what by yourself was a one else just for me who just someone else you or someone else and it was going. At The Beatles are with the lady friend whose name. Newsdesk. Jessica did you grow from them okay. I just checking it adds when he won a known Jessica is different different. And hey that's gonna come regulated onto some running a hand that run over a stumped. And my ankle just rolls you a pitcher like you did your rent and over the stuff. I'm running. I'm just running and hit this stump that is protruding out of the ground. And half my foot falls off the other side of it and I'm just down for the count. Not crying about it. In agony for sure you think you are worried again we agree again I was not why not. Shouldn't wait again I'm Kyra as you felt kind of disappointing year right now you could've shot the stump afterward we'll just curious does he need a fallen you know. I now know shot the tree that she's the trees that look I'm talking about you you've fallen. And you feel like you're gonna we're gonna was you know how would it hurt you that would hurt it and Faldo info accountants checking obscures. It is an awful way I it is high however that I ran six miles after. I had to go back to the break we're gonna talk about. Children's safety gonna talk about protecting kids in what can I always get questions from parents Il at what age that she's my kids how to shoot. How will you know what my response to you is your appearance you decide. So at what every change you want to teach him to shoot things you take them to the range or bring them to a handgun safety course. And let's of one teach them how to shoot. Did appear did you decide what a concept. This is Michael Cargill. And you are listening to come and talk. So this is Gerald artist and the precinct three county commissioner eras trials Campbell and you're listening to common cost. The right choice. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael Cargill what college Austin chronicle is a white male and white man's world. It's not to chronicle is crazy front page. I'll tell you guys got to let these people know you'd be it can't get away with stuff like that all the doing is promoting hate we need to bring this country together. Stop trying to divide the country stopped trying to start a race war start arguments or fights or some like that. You know we need to come together and work together and solve issues that we have in front of us. And right. We do and now at a we have enough issues because I started Byron I really wanna come across the table really just squeeze your foot as humans are. There's so much pain that's tempting but you know what to keep the peace I'm not going to do that thank you use a welcomes Elise on there. I'm just gonna sit here and I'm gonna commodity as squeeze your fullest right about now concerns about fondest memories you know I wanna do. So that I could do that instead to keep the peace of and assume your my side and indeed shows a let me bring into the conversation. A guy that ad then reached out to me on FaceBook. And yeah exists in this awesome. Awesome. Book children's book in his name is you who Eric render you don't Rembrandt hope on CNN right welcome to come to talk to Sharon. In my pronounce the name rank. I muted Roemer in an arena. Great credit where it got good Donald not a problem and also says the release of yet rivers bold and delightful children's book titled safety on. An introduction to the world of firearms for children. Sales and popular claim have. Have been more than anticipated. The white feather press LOC is pleased to bring you even more endorsements from prominent personalities in the Second Amendment and firearms industry. You don't Renner is an orthodox Jew born and raised in the anti gun best in Los Angeles. From the air he attended seminary in Israel before moving to Texas. And his wife and children. Route with his wife and children. And safety on is that which is mainly the book theater is by far the class he has and most tasteful children's book. We've seen on the topic of children and gun safety. Shortly after its debut in the met an Amazon it was named the number one new seller finished John room. Now take a look at the rave reviews for you you how does rivers book safety on an introduction to the world of firearms for children. With safety on. You put a rumor has given a gift to parents and children alike. A gift that serves as a a nexus in which fathers can teach their sons and daughters how to safety safely handle. And use firearms. Rivers book is about education. Of that there can be no doubt but it also. It's about preserving tradition. And passing America's rich heritage of firearm ownership from one generation to the next. And that's by a WR Hawkins. From bright bar. In today's America and there are many voices that garner a platform to speak up against our constitutional rights. Quite a few of those voices speak up against our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and that right is to not be infringed. The opponents and deter detractors of our constitutional Second Amendment. Right off buildings often time seek to use fear mongering tactics with our children. Seoul. Let me bring back into the conversation you hundred. And tell us about your children's book and hygiene come to decide you know how did you go from being like anti again to being pro gun and write a children's book. Go further than to say I would never anti gun I've always been fascinated with fire arm. And they've all we could have been a very big gut interest to me but. Growing up and off central growing up in a 38 political thinly. And the concept. The Second Amendment and concepts of an individual allowing you are being allowed to carry a firearm for them any kind of self defense purposes. What an absolute porn subject in the I always thought growing up that the only people allowed to carry guns were people law enforcement military and bad guys. And I kind of just decided you know that at one point on the body got left Europe for the month kidney shooting. And threw it to religion. Through intrusion of another friend of mine in the LAPD. I just got above for it then and I've never. I've never looked back in terms of our own firearm ownership. I started studying the constitution and started really listening and learning about Second Amendment. And I had two kids and at that point. My parents even though I don't know how Mary and we know my parents work around and doing a few blocks away from me but. Being an apolitical firmly pushing growing up in a Jewish family wearer. You all week you'd be quite off in Jews being very anti gun. Which is that shocking to me deal with yeah of the Holocaust and everything else. They would be the last group that I would think well second to the last group that I would think would be anti gun. I mean yeah that's that's a whole different subject. In itself and you know I've talked to many different people about it. And of course I not have my own theory why people we know why Jews are like that. And you can't stop anywhere in the Israel without seeing you know. Anyone with a would it with a floral you know rifle on the I see old school teachers rocker and walking around Israel with AE ar fifteens. Or yeah. Yeah that's not yeah he's alone against divorce so prescient thank you. Yet avoid the new opt out there of course they it but if you're keeping actually it'll do not have been great at gun law you would think that it would eat. A lot more readily available. I actually was just talking to someone who lives in this so yesterday. And he eat that he bought a Glock 42 decay Darren. President to carry you you know you're you're placing the Qaeda restricted to one done when you get your life since there. That lake and that you don't have that type of gun and the serial number of you'll got. And to my knowledge only allowed to own I believe one long gun and one. And gun at a party and you're only allowed to own fifty rounds of ammunition. In the home at any given time. That is pretty over to and is due to resuscitate. Yet it is very restricted their it keep people off because you can with its well being surrounded by a you know a billion error bad daily are calling for the annihilation would think that. No be be to that individual. A lot more easy access to defend themselves but. Denmark writes it will soon. Right so end and let's talk more about your your children's book you know how do. Come to write a children's book. So I can go right I've always been very interested in writing. I've ever I've always been a poor student loan thing that. Really. Piqued my interest growing not been delayed you know on him 33 now through high school college it's not always load. While you're only 33 look a lot older. Now must now understand you if this happens is miserably lonely desert but it a ball hit on the yeah. The effect. You know I've always been the barrier to getting creative writing and when my parents found out that. I had one gun in the home they found that an article nineteen the of course I didn't let them in on the fact that I don't that they are fifteen in the but now he shotgun. Yes so then I like to ease worries. Exactly. They may be kind of include gap skating you know they were calling me irresponsible for. Only a firearm while having two children in the whole million. And the third getting sinking like you know on capitol second to second guess myself of late. YE you know are out you let me go to Israel for two years Obama felt the seminary. I was responsible enough to get Mary don't respond to look that he would promote responsible not to own firearms in the home. And kind of baffled by Margaret do you know what I mean those that are gonna get my parents to back off I need to teach my children about country. So I went online and of course you know you come body Eddie eagle program when you're looking for that and project child they. And both of locally programmed but Beatles really genuinely indicate concentrate on the Eddie eagle program called project on. Don't touch a runaway hello gold up rate in decades. And although that obviously very important and he beat deluded that cool wait wait through their video. On that beauty. Inducted loved that video. But people people want more because I get people inside the gun store in this really big argument. You know I get a guy that walks into the got a story in wall buys a gun you buy firearms take it home. And gets into an argument with his wife and has to turn around and bring meg gone back. Because the wives is Null you know we have kids you can't have it be taken back to gun store well you can't just take a gun back to the gun store near there's no refunds. So I didn't. Build each week one death agreed to buy back for me this is there's a 20% restocking fee. Or 25 or whatever you know other stores charge but there's a restocking fee when it comes that if they agreed to buy back from the and that's because that's a conversation you to have before you walked into the gun store also has conversation to have aged dad too because not requesting your manhood. You know because I out of big leaguer and he will be in a delight is in charge he'll put you put downs and we need is for personal attacks and that's home of the story. But now it or it's a really big problem in the household when it comes to. You know brief that got a hole and you have kids. You know what do you do a lot of people don't know what to do because you don't touch run away that's one thing. Led you know what if you'll want Siegel a little further and educate your kids you know on the firearm itself. No Hud percent to end and that's that's why I wrote the book is that are just gambling to Internet. For Opel like mine that I can almost read at bedtime story you'll cuddle up with my son and daughter on the couch. And Yamaha eight my daughter they can just you know reed Democrat country the. Not even don't pull on you got to adopt me. I'm sorry. As an honorable like a home in some accounts in you know and read a book about gun safety at home I get in his. You are well we do get father of the year award let me tell you. Thank you but my wife and I were. We don't own a PD and how we we we are not a war against that we get. We will unlock it McGraw. Not being. Parade walks by Hollywood in the media and that was one of the reasons why I wrote the book you I don't ball might you be watching movies and you know putting begun somewhat sideways almost upside down thinking hey that's cool that's how you look at duke. So you know. And a wife that I write that book really for my kids and electorate. That out write it I didn't think out actually gonna get the book published I was gonna say they would be cool get a published on gonna write a book. I'm on guns they'd be so that might it can have and then my pocket and my buddy you can LAPD. Basically just mean he little player on the beat to get up both polish and you know they got it came up if you are. You know and you can fight on you know Amazon safety on introduction of the world of firearms in children adds it's called safety on. An introduction to the world of firearms for children need to get on Kindle for four dollars and 95 cents us cheap. You get a paperback for fourteen dollars and 95 cents so here you know that mom that dead in your hat. You're having that problem you know talking to your kids about firearms and firearm safety. Then for fourteen dollars and 95 cents a my guess that's no brainer. You know he's he can spend fourteen dollars and 95 cents to you know did you hit both forehand or. You can spin you know 20030000. Justified in trouble once you get in trouble. We'll get what are you. So you're initially you wrote this book with the intention of having something other than the baron Steen bears are read to your children at night basically. I doubt that there really is. One of the reasons why I mean one of the main reasons I wrote that it. You know IE I don't know on the carpet and beat goodnight moon collected. The I mean you know and all these other little kid book you know. Polar bear polar bear what you are. I mean as a parent I needed some sort of sanity and the bike immutable that I enjoy. Including. Talking about guns and also teaching my kids like let him. Debt. Are incredibly important and mean minor league. Yeah I mean my my son came home from camp one day this summer only conducting they hate dead you know. Why would I. Why would idol only boy a walking around with it later had with its finger off the trees until he's ready. Design hello I'm. Yeah I don't like optical triggered the Clinton days all you everywhere and I public well how you. Is he at that time he joked about paternity. A whole wow that is awesome I love that I loved that because I predict I mean they're adults they can't get that you know we. We have that problem in in arid classes on the weekends. I yell at all day long for. From 10 AM until like 3 PM Daniela people finger object Alicia on triggering the fire being dropped if you're delicious artery in the final weekend out into the gun range. In every office dipping in the traditions they grad again it just drives me nuts. I too will talk yeah gun safety we're talking about safety on an introduction to the world of firearms for children. I would talk with your food. I'm I'm just gonna mess this up but it at. Taco mr. Rimmer. I in the he's the author of safety on introduction of to the world of firearms and children you can find it on Amazon Kindle four dollars and 95 cents you can get in paperback 1495. This is Michael kargil. And you are listing to come talk at. Back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill. That's right we're talking about protecting the babies we're talking about safety on an introduction to the world the firearms for children. We're talking about teaching your kids you teaching your own kids gun safety. Taken that responsibility in your own opinions. And sitting down with your children you do this. And discuss gun safety if you have guns inside the home. You know we gotta have that conversation that's a tough conversation so people I guess at what age should I teach my kids how to shoot. Well that's up to you as a parent you decide at what age he should teaching kids about gun safety you teach him how to shoot. Or the fact that you actually have a farm aside the whole you know what route you wanna take that's up to you as a parent I'm not here to convict she'd do anything. I give people that will come up to Venus beat you know what they should deal and I can't tell you what to deal. And so do you this can be between you. In your spouse decide what you wanna do what you need to do it. Right so we have in the steel the author of safety on induction to the world of firearms for children. So mr. Bremer. You would tell us about I your book safety on you tell us if is a beard has pulled laid out at a different stories inside the bull you know tell people who live more about the book. No the book basically start off with the little boy named Kyle. And he you know the opening statement of the book is my new column I want to be like Mike that. And he just proceed over the next bunch of pages. To just talk about the different aspects of gun safety whether. You know going pro gun range or could you wouldn't but if you find the gun I would not vote can be. You know make sure you're going to clean locking them up properly. And it could put you on all aspects of living with a gun in the home. And that IE are set out to be the main difference. And the book is cold clued up on eight of the little boycott. Though when you read the book out titled or if your child knows 78 years old and learning to read. In the book he's being hold to argue the little boy I'd rather than that in that she'd make rather than an adult. Preaching about our. So it makes it a lot more relatable. To the child. Okay nice okay now let me ask you this. Are there different versions of this. Where he had you know because Kyle is you have like in an Asian theme or is ill Hispanic Stanley. Or. Black team. I mean there it and I don't that the boss something down the road donut. Yeah out of course they knew that that had been thought about and I mean I really I really don't think it necessary and but the region eight. You know I'm not looking to get into. Any kind of racial Paul cook at all night. So the cover of the book is a man. Talk came. On what looks like a ports for the sun has that artist's depiction of you and your son. I wish I had a porch like that no. Nice fireworks. Yeah unfortunately not new to it you know I wanted it a wonderful to be very obese. And I've wanted it to be without politics. And it really really but it said the book is there to save lives so. Lot of what ethnicity you are if you care about saving lives you're not gonna eat a book or you know. There that the purpose or black or Hispanic or Asian I mean look. A little orthodox Jew they're not wearing dark head covering that all UK you know like. They have nothing to do with. Ethnicity politics the book could bear that they've got nothing nothing more and if you if not you but I think it apart and have a problem with that. They need to protect yourself in and you gotta figure thumping I'll be your life because if you're finding racism. Or any kind of anti political message in my book. I mean. I would just say get a life. Right yeah people were fine now is a member to England and yeah exactly. This is Sharon and she should so. Now what would you would you why think about the book. And I wish it's funny. My wife. Have always need to have eight the mean mother pretty much have always. Unfit we'd been very she was always I want they anti gun but late many Jews out error. It's he had no problem with guns. As long as they were in the home as well as she cannot deal with it. But Arabic started writing the book. She still with Nokia that in mind that. One that started getting the book illustrated. She saw that you know of this action could be something in the what I got it published. You know my wife turned into 88 on Second Amendment advocate I mean. You don't will be sitting at a at a table with some friends or them you know new people our community that we buy it over Purdue in error. And they would say you know well you know. We don't have. Eight we don't have it but you that we heard Kate we don't want we don't need guns in the home so why would we have the body of law. But before I can answer my wife become like that. Dane the last grabbed me on the core I love being a lot like the rabid. Deputy. Second Amendment advocate. And she's certain dole law on this compilation that well what happens if you're at a party secured a knowing or you take your niece or nephew works even if you end up having it can be finding god but we're not the book do what you do. Well if you cut your kid and like I've just you know late. You know say hey I like that often. And keep it dole and all they elect old Kennedy what are you gonna do your kid on the gun but were not supposed to be you cut your kid who. Bill would look held adult right away or do you think repeated and pick up that gun because they think it's cool and like you just see who level we have over a big just there to pick from white because it. They note end. They know that that if you don't train and know educate your children at a young age about country speak. Yeah they're going to be the one of the pick up a god and god forbid something bad gonna happen. So yes so my what my wife is very very throw it now she's not a shooter. I'm trying to convince her to go to the range with me more often. But she's. Definitely on my side now add and not afraid. Note of the fact that she knows that I carry with me all time and I walk around my house with that in my my kid you know I have that in. You can be sure don't want me to even talk about it for the kid but now. She she knows it's totally fine and meet at a point where. I even I have a abate the other eighteen month old and if you happen to show him your guns in the clutches of muscles and I want. What what that one step at a time you know though. But absolutely I agree with you I'd so he hopefully one day will be of this C you know your book in schools you know very. May be I'll get an opportunity to actually read your book. In one of our local elementary schools and middle schools are or something like that and I think would be Garay. I do love to let them written let the Rangers I am on the Dallas the mop up or commute. Last supper reading at the new public library and oh yeah Fashion Week in week instead of something that the end. The end immune and Austin public library is a brand new facility just opened this weekend. And that the awesome who can even Kerry in there and he opened yeah. So here we can do that a let let's have a book signing at your place I mean we get Armonk. Only up by about drug not a big deal. I have to OK we'll death may have set that up is that a low minute yelled the more and more look at the book you know you reach out to me like. I guess like six months ago in the more I look at it more you know. I've gotten into that policy has taken me so long you only get you on the show are really apologize for that. But it's it's a great booking is something that you know in Ari should take up. Nokia in because Eagles a step further than it like he said Eddie eagle eagle which is tells the kids know you don't touch stop you know run away. This year you know actually gives the parents tools that they need. Tech Sheen explained that information. You know explain guns and that's I think that's really what we need you know how to we sit down and have that conversation with the kids that's really important. Yes probably not the best idea to teach children that they've done is as big scary thing you have to run away from if you ever see it instead. You want to. Teach them that it's just a tool. And so many out there right but don't teach them that is this magical. Killing machine. Tonight at a 100% and I tell that a lot of people in my community that. Guns are just a tool just like debt you know local what do you mean I'm like. Well do you have. I and you keep it keep cooking night on account I was like yeah. I'm like you you just don't like yeah I'm like. You teach your kid not to put the knife. He keeps and that the stove they can't touch it even. When their eighties like AV AV that you know pocket don't cut it goes yeah like so quick but what the difference I mean a guided. But tool can be used for good can be used for bad. But in the hands of the right people. It's only going to be used for good. And you know it definitely resonate with a lot of parents. Absolutely in and I tell you know it's it's awesome yet she did this I hope they come out with another. You know maybe some more books. In the to consider the story you know I think it out of the ring are. Exactly because he had different little areas you know what become a gossip gun you like you said the park or somewhere like that or anywhere with a lot of different areas. I think it be awesome you know as it's as kids. You know travel around and Dylan would you know they're doing different situations they're in school. You know what if another kid has a gun you know in school how they deal with that situation. I think it'd be awesome be really great and. Yeah and a third error I have I have. Another book on cotton guns and get coming you know hopefully. January 15 the right before shots though so I'm you know it was a little different than they beyond but. You know I'm I'm trying very harder to. There's nobody doing what I'm doing is nobody that's really concentrating. On bulk for he's dealing with guns and I figured hey you know what that's a niche I love writing. I'm a big gun guy I obviously believe in hate the end by armed education though. I'm just gonna keep on doing that and you know it would be nice. You know and what the public monopolized the market and be the only all out there are. You know at the same time I would love to be able to inspire other gun owners to get out there and tall or eagle right Paul. Make a computer program I mean what do you want to do but really start pushing. God and education for children. And taking a path you know the step further than Eddie eagle. You know taking it just add as far as you can go and concentrate on children and if I can do that you know. Hey I I know I've accomplished my mission. Now is there was a key Telesis title the other book. Where it is too soon. I'm a little piece here and I I have no problem. I know he gives little is always under a little something just to me like it was little. Little bit. And I don't give a little bit on that without giving away. Do it you know who's. There. So it not if not a story book it's more big picture book nice. And it the way to teach children. About. Different aspects of guns okay I guess it doesn't go well I'd I'd also knew the cover of the book. On paper but you can see and then you'll see what I'm talking about by. And ya know what I can my peoples and align yourself. And actually I think what I'll do that I'll pull shared the Amazon page of your safety on in an introduction to the world of firearms for children. Because a lot like a save a lot of people call me a walking to the gun store and he asked you know war is there anything that I can get you teach my kids about the pharmacy. This link in the Amazon so that we've got to help diminish cheap so that you can give free you know it's a stocking stuffer. Easiest and has also know also if they companion coloring book is the exact same. It the exact same poll just in coloring book form soak. If you're a parent can you read it to your child or if you are the tiled and you read it. You can really delve into the story and really internalized it by spending hours coloring the pages themselves you can learn it. Absolutely. Wow that is awesome you know mr. Bremer I really appreciate you coming on in and tell us about the book. And and given us something else that weekend. You know you really can make a difference in this world. And make sure that you are kids they'll get in trouble we don't get in trouble with firearms and we do the right thing. I really you know hope you come out would meaning more books. You know dvd whatever I don't care you know because we need more let me tell you. Death anymore and I love it safety on its if the book is called safety on the introduction to the world of firearms for children. Deathly take a look at it get a free kids. We because we we definitely need to. They'll break the stereotype. And I think this is a wonderful tool I really appreciate what you've done with it. Well thank you very much. I appreciate that. Absolutely and and like so we're gonna we're gonna get you down in Austin they do a book signing. For sure we're gonna react. I don't work on that he keep blood human just like just like you don't right now you know keep. Is bugged me and obviously Al deathly did because it's that's something that we really need to do not think it'd be great people really enjoy. Yes I have stepped that they could be a lot of fun. I also think it's. They'll run if you if you if you check out Europe it's a message. I guess that you. But the netbook is and the like or potentially will be the first page so you can do get a kick out of that. Nice. Little 88. Would allow nice I'd love to own it. Except that the I think it's a little different than Oprah spoke it acting. I think it'll be a lot of fun that one. Absolutely. Thank you sir I really appreciate that and they'll draw definite talk to you down the road sometime. I guess mr. Ray Emery he's the author of safety on an introduction to the world of firearms for children. Deftly get that we'll take a look at it. And while it's only fourteen dollars and 95 cents on Amazon easy stocking stuffer. So deathly checked it out it will get so much more going on when we come back this little short break gonna tell you about some of the knees and one other vets are going on around the state. And also around Austin this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. Yellowstone caused judge our citizens arguments on this from uncle called kill. Form commons who can. Chaos in the wake up and fly right on 1213 seventy. I. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael Cargill. Well I get knocked down but I get back up begins right that's good components that could put the panel may have visas screaming here like I got up. Yeah. I got out after the show looks like we're gonna have emerged revisit. Sex definitely Brooks I just music I see Levys and Ibuprofen no you broke something. Nominee some guys sexy black event in easier relieve it I did not squeeze you did have barely tester for it. That's in Richmond is from Fisher thanks so let's talk about. They're some current events going on so we got there's an event happening on November the eleventh which is Veteran's Day by the way. Veterans day if you do not know then Thursday is the eleventh month eleven gain the eleventh hour is Veteran's Day a net gain we have. Sons of a desert running gun. It's gonna be and looks like until the Texas it's gonna be at 7 AM to 6 PM. And have an event they are so definitely check that out it gets you can go on FaceBook and search for sons of desert run and gun also won. Scares me on November the fifth. We have our second minute event that's going to be at the capitol. And so Def look at look for that rally that on November the fifth member remember that for the November. Remember he remembered exactly sold them in the fifth that's going to be very important so check that out. We're gonna you know Colorado legislatures and let them know hey you know whether your on the state level at the national level there's some things that we're looking at this for his gun owners. Talk about that. What else is out the year there is and finishing stuff going on in news a gun banners. Forty ambitious anti gun agenda. So looks like I'm. There they're trying T get really aggressive. Would this anti gun agenda. But were refining back really hard to stop you from doing that looks like Illinois and they were. They they they lost the fight and in the state of Illinois when it comes to use the bought stock. So if you if you honestly you cannot be in the bond stock in Illinois and then you're not gonna have a chance any other state. United Media did a national level and also they just really need to give that up. Cell it actually filled in Illinois so unfortunately that's not gonna work also how big Cohen doing those big corn for gun sales is doing great. You know I admire my customers that are there are making money would be calling a toll they're what they're. They're buying guns now with an all time high right now all was was the F with worry that was on a 6156. Out risks doubters aren't you don't cross the 6000 Barak again. Wow what are the all time high that's right around there when Helena. A week and a half ago really and as such it that today because just seems like 5700. No real daddy issue next bucket while that's also. That is great 6000 so 6000. For one big point. And so ended in people are asking. You know who stands to gain the most from big Colin. There's an article that's out met these and he's as the central Texas got Orix on the cover that articles that we checked that out who stands to gain for that most. From big corn whoever owns them. Exactly and he can't get any he may have missed the boat but you might wanna get in there now because it means it's. They very set is gonna go to 7000. You know easily that easily so I don't go well beyond basket of ten or 121000 most likely years absolutely aussies even beyond that. Ginn now go and get some now because that way. In in 23 years let me try any and all upset. All I did when it was that spot in outset to me. Yeah and there's a physical limit to how many fish coins can be in circulation right now there are around sixteen million. And they're currently being mined and there is a capped at 21 million and once it is Tony one million there'll never be another big climb. Put into circulation like the Fiat. Dollar. Where you know the government and just ran off hundred dollar bills on pallets whenever they want. Can't do that a big point. Nice also the gun grabber is a desperate it did they have some desperate attempts here and tried to pass any form of gun control after the big issues and appeared to be. It is just looks like it's crumbling. You know I'm instead earlier and though we need team. We need you to help kill policies gun grabbing scheme once in for all so we definitely due to act contact your New Year's congressman years senator. And let them know that we don't we do not want polo c.'s gun grabbing scheme team gain the you know any more momentum. Deathly contact your reps in this for that. Because Bloomberg and senator Feinstein are there working there working hard. And they're trying to not only just being bought stocks you know what some parts which is a way of shooting. They're trying to eat at all the things said that. And so just like beat the Brady bill he can you give them an inch they're gonna take a mile shade. Exactly so she won a Bloomberg and senator Feinstein shame shame shame shame. I any any other Republican that goes out there and and suggest that we need to go back and take a look in end in reviewed the bone stock banned because it's it this is something that was given to us on the Obama administration. So I hopefully you know what we're not gonna lose this on the eight trump administration. And so those are things that are going on that we're you know we're watching right now. And see. Also don't test. And as any in the industry still do in this kneeling. And to stepping on freedom and such an 88. A guy on average to see will almost certainly sturdy the era of an already frustrated fan base. Who is there a ratings indicate that and I guess the full ball. Bubble teams are actually losing their their readings there. Lot of fans are not shown up to the football games there's a lot of things going on humble size of that on one side here people that are upset because the NFL. Will not Harry can't predict so they've they've chosen to boycott you know the football season that started before football even start its. This season and there are people that have gotten on the bandwagon because some teams have decided taken neat they decided to stop. You know going to the full ball games so you have both sides are men and NFL so in Israel can't win for losing one side's mad because. They want Harry cabinet and when no one Larry Catholic the other side's mad because. The other allow on the players' take of me so they can't win for losing their home than this table size that. Our cause and in a failed to really take it seems like this year. And see. Anything on the anything I'm missing as far as events. Well you touched on the team and if OK we've overlooked you don't care about NT Foveon this is there really dear no nothing organization know nothing group of whatever good people they mean nothing. In a missing you think not that I am aware of all right so as always. More guns. Equals less crime. On buy yourself a gallon even listen to come to talk it. With Michael cargo. You keep yours.