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Sunday, October 8th

Come And Talk It, for October 8.


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It's time for comment socket with your host Michael kargil. Trust you by Texas law shield. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And as the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael. Our deal didn't JE Austin Tex is Latin music capital of the world list praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Iso to dame we're gonna talk about bump stops we're also gonna talk about the NRA even natural rights association. Also Indy GR the national association for a gun rights as the NRA's sold out gun owners around the country. We got to find out today you were gonna talk about that to break it all down for yet. Does gun owners have definitely bought out. Bought stocks. So we got it show you one of those today inside the studio we have seen one in which he should have by now I begin when the country's seen a bomb stock. So and play around with it in the studio. And also a taste of other options out there are different apple other ways so whenever they decided they're pointed bay end. The book stocks guess what we're gonna show you Ford different other ways you do the exact same thing. So that you you know you've been one thing let me tell you where Americans were very Smart. A week from a lot of different ways and Lotta different technologies and I'd just do a lot of different things so he can't stop this united stops can't stop won't quit. All right so we're talking an inch wall let's see inside studio. We. Add. Just. Some awesome people today we have we have how would name rob he's the I call Howard. The he's been the guy that's just behind the brain when it comes to use different stacks. Of it just he's filled with so much knowledge of just gun stuff. And so we're gonna find out who never gonna give actual numbers of aegis. What's out there and what's going on you know honey. Honey debts that we really had to in the country so how it's got a lot of numbers he's gonna throw at us today. I'm also inside studio. We have let's go around the room we have Mike might get three hits Amare right. But tiller when New York. Brian since and the political director of the Libertarian Party. Solidified now with libertarians. How they feel about this situation what's going on there and in my co host tonight. Gordon tiller one hi June 9. Hello. I. I and then also we have guess what we have inside the studio was first is a built. Robert morrow the chairman emeritus of the Travis can Republican Party now Bill Clinton. I was governor Bill Clinton once they settled in game one of Hillary just thinks the world view. A Michael Cargill and are you crazy good and its people under intense we love you Sarah back so we get Robin more growth. The former Travis County Republican Party chair inside the studio is well. I'd say oh Ann Ann Howard say hi to the people. Crowding. The net and so Howard tells little bit about yourself. And you know how did you come to have all this information. I used to support civilian disarmament that means no guns for anybody in the military and police. However one of my clients who is law enforcement convinced me to do my own research which is something I really enjoyed doing in high school and college. After three years of research. In which I only accepted data sets. Cited by the Brady campaign Violence Policy Center United Nations those kind of folks. I ignored everything from the NRA IA realize that there was no data set that when taken in Toto. Should prove that gun control made us safer and most of them prove that I didn't think gun control made us less safe. So I began a transition. To my current position which is to support the civil right of self defense. What is a civil rights. A lot of people don't use that word they don't they give. Gun rights is civil rights so what he calls civil rights guns or inanimate objects they don't have rates so I'm not comfortable with term gun rates however. We are each imbued with aid. Inalienable right to live our lives free from fear and free firm. Being terrorized and bullied by others we have a civil right to defend ourselves and defender lives and property. Nice okay I like it that way I definitely civil rights he definitely shouldn't they given more. Of that in the end you know let's exactly what she couldn't pull out the bump stop. So everyone can see that show the camera. Here it is we're gonna say diversion that that big scary bump stop in right in and not the scene inversion needed Jack not this CNN now. The rules an article last stop that yes scene in showed the world. So basically. The bump stock. Is. A stock goes over the buffer to board makes it different from. Other stocks is. That there is this piece of plastic that connects. The stock to the pistol grip. And the pistol grip is not. Set into the lower receiver of the John. As they normally are but instead there's this little block. A plastic block. That is under the pistol grip that the entire assembly slides over. So just kind of moves about. Three quarters of an inch. Forward and backward. An element there other triggers that you get our other devices that you can actually using these ankle trigger right. Yeah I could trigger. Basically buying Mary trigger. That fires when you pull the trigger and and also fires when you let go of the truly had the ankle check in you also have you by nearly trigger is alone seeing the actually had two different kinds TM nickel and yet binary. That it was not a finer tooth. ANC yen as Tivo it triggers a what is I think is the what is actually approved by the ATF. So I need to basically said that. You know there's nothing you know because it's a certain accessory there's really nothing in the federal laws that make it even used to prohibit. You know like you know these devices here. From people from only themselves that's why they're actually legal and just so people know the block stock actually came about is because. A guy said you know what he wanted wounded soldiers. To be able to fire so what sergeant hey you know we want to be at a fire near fifteen. I because now we have EM some kind of disability will we can't fire at so we need some type of device that he he came with the ball stock. So that wade you're able to actually fire their rifle and see that's one thing that has been left out of this narrative this entire week. You'll this is all about the veterans this is for the veterans so this I'm mad men use this tool that veteran Jews disc able veterans. Used to actually be able to fire a rifle. And that's how the ball stocks actually came about. On the put that information out there but in Robert you know so what are your thoughts son you know what happened in Las Vegas. Well or return there's a major. Your mask or so horrible event Weathers in the town Las Vegas or those that Colorado movie or wherever or Orlando. And so you start from the fact that will prove that the mask were horrible. But the reason I'm such a strong defender of gun rights in the right to own guns talks in the right to our support. Legalizing fully automatic machine guns for your Irish American citizen here's a reason why. Because Austin governments. People who league governments. Or murderers criminals. Torturers. Rapists child molesters. And mass murderers. Did you go through the past history of the past 500 years and find out a lot of those names you know your Hitler's your Stalin's. Here Castro's. Your tons of Third World dictatorships. And been here in America pivotal wanna face the fact that the people who led the American government. Many times or murderers and do you specific examples. Lyndon Johnson murder John Candy so we don't live Lyndon Johnson have the monopoly on fire power in America back in the sixties. He had a personal hit men and Malcolm Wallace you can Google that. Recently a Tom Cruise movie came out about the life story very seal. Nelson good misery but only told you 14 of the truth about Barry seal which was he was a CIA government operative for the a CIA drug runner. He was assassinated. On the orders of vice president George Herbert Walker Bush with Oliver North taking care carrying out the murder for him that's what the the the odds are on that case you regional Hopson was Booker in the boys so that's just two examples of presidential murders I was at the fact that. Richard Nixon and G Gordon Lindsay worth thinking about murdering a journalist and Jackie Anderson if you Google G. Gordon Liddy Jack Anderson you'll find this were very quickly. What about Hillary Clinton Waco in 1993 there was a Bill Clinton or Janet Reno who were the final sought to Waco. On April 19 1993 those Hillary Clinton. Sidney six people died that day. 55 of them were women and children. Many children under the age of eight years old that blood is on Hillary Clinton's hand and so. It was a my ass to award you for owning guns where you're ruining rivals were phoning from both starts. And your fifteen willow won the world the average citizen ever once on the machine gun in my answers well. Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas was using his or console state troopers to literally. Beat up people and break into their arms so when you have criminals who often make it to the highest levels of American government. An insurance policy for all Americans of every religious treat every ethnic group. Is to own fully automatic machine guns. And it's really not about you know hunting is not about duck hunting deal just like a good friend of mine said. About the Lou be cheating you know stop on honing in all it's about our rights and actually be of ticked ourselves. Against our government. And if you doubt that for any reason if you doubt that the Second Amendment is they are in place. First of protect ourselves against our government I challenge you to take a look at Barack. Take a look at Afghanistan. We are still in Afghanistan. It is not for bills those people better beard than defending their right we will not be able to do we able to do in Afghanistan so if you think a group of people cannot come together. And fight a government. You might wanna take a look at some of the things that we're into. Around this world pillar point something out. I'm not calling for a revolution at all and is calling for an insurance policy against these psychopaths murders crazy people child molesters nut jobs. Who happened to make it to the highest levels of power even in our democracy. You know you can be a murder in America is to be elected president you don't have to be in the Third World country or not be Hitler perhaps he Stalin you can be LBJ and should you win the White House. He can be vice President Bush. Ordering that very Sylvia assassinated because he could expose the CIA government drug running of the bushes and the clintons in the 1980s. So and even democracy we have murderers and criminals apostles of power good god. We need guns as a an insurance policy. From them imposing full on Tierney because they would if they could. And just say no someone said they need to use a belt loop if you wanna. Who says they banned bought stocks and dread your belt you use a belt loop use a rubber band. There are a lot of different things that he can easily do the exact same thing goes here's what you're doing. When you go out there and you say you going to be in a particular accessory. Only thing you're doing your bidding a way of shooting. That's all it is it's of particular way sheeting. I don't need to use a rubber band and a need to use of a bump stop I don't need to use that echoed trigger I don't think he's a binary trigger I don't have to use are a built. I can use my finger. And put together and on my side and indeed the exact same thing in fire Jess is fast. That's all true and find god for that let's let's point something else so win individuals mass murder people dislike. Ten people murdered twenty people murdered 58 people murdered. Forty people murdered this individual. When governments murder people. It's tens of thousands of people murdered slaughtered hundreds of thousands murdered slaughtered millions murdered in World War II. Joseph Stalin starving millions. Mel say time and good god killing millions over there. Who were all disarmed. So in the individuals site goes kill tenants when you're thirty or few dozen. In the government also I'm goes kill millions dollars a thousand so we as an individual. You have our country literally awash. ENAR fifteens or wash and hopefully you know fully automatic machine guns which are illegal to own right now which should be legal. That's why we own guns. As a defense against tyranny is not to do issued a duck. It's not to go kill one Robert your house is not just to kill one potential rapists. Is to protect ourselves from full on tearing of Barack Obama would have banned guns. If he could ask except for the fact he knew that our country was awash in guns and one of civil war that's why did not issue an executive order I brought Obama. Or banning guns tomorrows because Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein. As sort talking my that would talk about a whole bunch more but my question to you as in Larry sold out donors we gotta get that insurance and day also we're gonna hear from Dudley brown the president. Of the national association for Donna writes this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. This is Doug meant gels. And I get my gunners. The Michael Garcia. Economic talks. Okay. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael's car again. Aysu talking about the NRA and they sold at gun owners around the country. And later on the hour we're gonna have Dudley brown president of the national association and gun rights on the phone. Inside the studio we have probably more boldly forward Travis County Republican Party cheered. He's in the green and white over the air you know I'm sorry doesn't have his head on today I don't know why. And then also we have decided Steele how would know Robby has all the numbers and all the figures gonna get to him here in just 12. The problem of gun deaths in America's complicated. And every one who claims to know. They'll have a simple solution is just basically selling you sneak all. Things to keep in mind when considering America's problem with gun deaths is number 12 thirds of America's gun deaths are suicides. There's no court relation between a State's homicide rate in either its rate of gun ownership or the strength of its gun control laws. If somebody came up with a policy that eliminate all deaths by assault weapons in 2018. The overall US homicide rate would fall by less than likely much less than 3%. When Australia implemented its strict gun control laws the Australian population was less than 6%. The current US population. AM at the Australian rate of gunned. Ownership was less than 18% of the current US rate. So that means that Australia had approximately 1% the total number of guns the US currently has. Now when Great Britain implemented strict gun control laws the British population was less than 18%. The current US population. Police say that again when Great Britain Italy this strict gun control laws the British population was less than 18% of the US. And the British rate of gun ownership was less than 2.5 percent of the current US rate so let me say Great Britain had approximately point. 04%. The total number of guns the US currently has. Neither Australia's nor Great Britain saw significant reductions in homicides following the implementation of those nations street gun control laws. Of the 300 plus million guns in the US. Only tiny percentage are registered with any state or federal government agency. This was all settled the case in Australia. Where estimates suggest that could apply its compliance with they're mandatory buyback program may have been as low as 20%. So if the US implemented a strict mandatory. Buyback program like the one implement in Australia. End in significant improvement over Australia's example. Succeeded in securing the 90% of for a privately killed firearms that 10% still hill illegally. Would be equal to. 1000%. A big guns possess the national your price of their being in 24000%. Of the guns possess in Great Britain prior to their band. So even after removing 90%. Of the guns from American streets America which still have enough illegally possessing guns to provide two guns to every soldier in the world. There are thirty largest standing. Armies. So I don't mention any of these to suggest that nothing can be done about gun violence in America. Only to point out that the researchers from 538. Were right to go to conclude that the solutions are not as simple as a quick fix is touted by activists and politicians. So how Nimrod. Is in RA selling out gonna. Not from what I easier. From my inside connections. There. Arrangement. If you wanna call it that is that they air. Saying that to look him the executive branch take a look at bonds stocks and see if they need to be regulated. Through the ATF. This is not encouraging congress to pass a law. In exchange the expect support for national. Reciprocity. In concealed carry so you think by giving up bump stops. I didn't what we can get is concealed carry reciprocity and then possibly. The hearing protection act or a seat at me that would be the worst case scenario. He died in sailor be giving up on stocks. They're looking into the possibility of regulating it through the executive branch and the ATF possibly rating in new rule. So we gonna start regulating something it doesn't have a serial number on. I'm just this is all that's all about all I know right now. In that app and that's going to be hard to use you know put in place it doesn't have a serial number. So we ended hundreds of thousands that are out there right now so how are you gonna Wrigley something new if he can't keep track of what's out there right now. And so in the end I remember what happened we compromised before. We compromised before we get the then nix system. The national instant criminal check background system and so that came out of the of the last compromise. So I'm afraid that if we try to compromise this time you know it's gonna be. I've been looking at this from the outside for most of my life. In that I was a supporter of civilian disarmament and I still don't really feel part of most of the gun community I don't relate much to peoples of that we're really excited about guns. So. For minus. Perspective. IAEC. 84. Dimensional chess game that's been going on ever since the Brady Law was passed. In their fees. Those who were pro rates have been. Using the same tactics of incremental ism there were used it to three decades proceedings since 1960 through them through the early nineties. They're using the same incremental or some approach to restoring. Our civil right of self defense. So what has happened in the last 2030 years. Nearly every state has concealed carry. 42 states have shall issue concealed carrying. The legislatures have been for the most part liberalizing. Gun ownership liberalizing the laws we've seen that here in Texas. Where. It is becoming easier to get your license to carry because they just cut the price down by a hundred dollars. So. That's the big picture. The small picture today about bonds stocks I don't know. What they do know is that from what they've seen. Since had been observing the NRA for our fifteen years is that. The have been successful in incrementally expanding their rights. All right so in basing what you're seeing is that by a saying right now this point in the game walls something tragic has happened the best thing you can do is come on say okay let's take a look at. And then just wait for things cool off a little bit. And then come back and say okay we've looked at it so. Worst case scenario we can add it to the the NSA lists the national firearms act lists. And that she Richard them. And then in return we can give the console care reciprocity bill passed mostly sheer act passed. Yeah but you may bring implode couple good point how do you register something like a bomb stuck right because apart in it's it's it doesn't doesn't have a serial number and then what about all the variations that do the same thing. All the on the triggers an on the other it brings even in his sixties and we're going to have to register our index fingers and revisions and there are bands in absolutes that's the government inaction. That affects so is that within the constitution was all about. Is that what our federal government supposedly. I don't say in our US constitution but I don't agree with the Howard on this. He's saying that the gun rights people has over the past what twinkling of yours been incrementally. Increasing our Dan writes a degree of that. Who went and they can't do they can't they won't do with the NRA is make or with that I make is like. If you've pretty much remarked in in our way say somebody in your government your American government might murder you. And they can chew on that because in our day is a tool of the Republican Party. It's more Republican Party tool that is a gun rights tool they intersect. With their allegiances to the Republican Party in my opinion. Some place like the guns of America or the in AGR is more of a true hardcore. Gun rights activist group that lookout for you ideologically. And nudges. For political party that's my personal opinion. And so what he had thoughts that. We'll bump stock is just a piece of plastic. Bump firing. Is not a stock is not a accessory it's intelligent it's a way she adds just a way did you shoot so. What people are so scared what are reading online from a lot of people and what I'm seeing as the people are afraid of this automatic fire basically guns this year quickly. And they can band bumps stocks they can ban these other accessories that make you fire fast but people can still do that and so what's. Come out and this is your instructors are gonna come out on top. Because then that's gonna that's that will be when people come to Delhi stretches and say you know what teach me how to she fast yet and what. Act is what happens next they make it illegal to fire faster. Than a certain amount percent. And that he did that. That they want to until you know these sheets and regulate magazine includes those certain amount of bullets in their correct is that like Hulu and that's that's that's a way around that I can I just see it's I can show you. How to change out magazines very fast how to swap now record who met back to zack's a point about you being scared of being killed by a machine gun. Hey that's legitimate fear he isn't it. Yeah there's about. Every year your chance of dying by machine down there is zero point 0000. I are great up and IRA dissolution the atmosphere about it being eaten by a shark. You get a lot more people dying or being about lightening. The army killing gun master. But you know what Zach. They had these same people ever fear of being murdered brother don't government bloody going back oh no they begged their government and taking those rights of way costs keep going back beginning Indian you never hear or Democrat Republican politician or an NRA member. Go on TV. Us also bashing work you do less than all fox says gun rights is about our insurance policy is their military and it to me Bessie is of gun rights. By the way folks. I don't even own time. She and many of them but I have friends who are armed and her like brain virtual armories. I like to throw one thing in and out yes. People need to understand the government has no duty to protect you. And these are Supreme Court cases this is settled law over the last few decades. You can look up council rock Z Gonzalez. Or dish Cheney vis Winnebago county. All of them are very clear in that we are required to pay taxes. To support all these government agencies child services. Police. But those agencies are not. Obligated. To protect you and when they failed to protect you cannot sue them. So if you want us to be discerned and allow the government to keep a safe. Yet the government itself has said we have no duty to keep you safe than where does that leave you. And whereas ugliness. A leaves us responsible for our on protect. Responsible for oil protection or is that what about Las Vegas hosting wealthier. So whose fault was that was that the concert promoters for not having a secure environment was good Las Vegas police's problem for naught. Looking up for snipers. Or was it a lunatic on the 32 floor of the mentally day is talking for a of those murders you tell me. Steven Craig Vatican. Well let's first Indian. Food and paddock. As. These if Stephen Stephen that. So honest with chip and a map so alone. If you're responsible for your own self defense the whales are going to do it that's why the gun was so personal so many people species you live on the wrong side of town. A living very nice party on the very very few crimes in my neighborhood. Maybe some might it's a bike stolen every two years that's not true Miss America. You'd people who live in places where we have to put bars on their windows. Old ladies. With the young guys ring around their neighborhood dealing drugs and on drugs and how that's done old ladies posted defend herself she can't fight. You know I'll tell you story. A smell demo and I went to marry an elbow one time to you know. And an old shack okay. Idol black they live there and is very very self reliant self. Independent. She had like a donor shotgun near Richmond had a sister she is. These young thugs. Were we able to go under house. Get the rifle before she could. It and still all over stuff and leaf. Boy is. How she and within yourself is not with again. Right so we're talking about is as in Ari sold out donors also worked. Nine years later on from deadly brown the president of national association for gun rights this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. There's been Britney grain and I think my level of bad news from Michael cartels on coming top kids. You've made the right choice talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to common sockets and now here's Michael Cargill. So we're talking about bump stop technology we talked about ankle triggers primary triggers all the different ways of rubber bands don't loose. There's a way to she's a fast finger in the fire that's what this is all about that's what the debate is about this week. Is a type away actually a way of shooting a semi automatic rifle. That's what we're talking about. That's what to talk about banning. They they US share your federal government was the bay and a particular way of shooting a gun and you're not gonna be able to do that. You can do with your finger you can do with a rubber band. You can do it with them in echoed triggered by Mary cherry that you can use a buck stop. In making use there's so many different ways that you can do this. You're not going to be able to Bain at all. And this is precisely a great reason to oppose legislation to ban. Bonfire stocks no matter how much in Perry supports it. Of the typical anti gun politicians aren't going to give in to deregulate its oppressors or reciprocity and that. The bill would likely be end. More than just being in stocks but likely. Could be used to being anything that could be used to Alter the trigger pull and we won't have very many analyze the fight it. So I I don't think we should give him but how would say as will the Larry's plane and is team defense. Just say hey let's take a look at it as they're one settled down was take a look. This research is a little business you know analyze the C should we actually. Actually being involved fires stocks and then. Come back and say okay. Like always just compromise little bit less and let's have that these are pressured bill let's have that past and it's also removes the pressure from in FE list let's. Go ahead and past canceled here reciprocity instead so maybe that's the game plan for the NRA. So just how. That's sounds closer to what I've been told so far. And I can go for that actually actually like their plans so you know it's it's a it's a chess playing you know but I hope that it doesn't turn out like you didn't get the Brady bill. We think. He inner me was is is a lot smarter than they were the tenth time. I've seen some some shifts in the is two for legislative actions since Chris Cox has taken over. So I really don't see any Brady bill to coming along. A under the current to the direction the NRA is going. Nicely Ozzie as that being the case. Right so I talked to some people that are actually on the front row of this concert. And actually talked to quite a few people because right after this shouldn't happen in Las Vegas just like anything happens house get a bunch of phone calls and I should get phone calls from. People never on the grounds at the concert. And had a young lady called me she told me a very touching story the fact that she was beards on the front row there in almost certain in the shots started. Going now they know what was going on at first he thought it was all part of the show is what they really thought. I because Vegas and Vegas as fireworks there was outdoor show so they're expecting you know being a little fireworks and things of that nature so that's what he thought it was so at first. People just you know continue to party namely start seeing people fall because he didn't hear anything they didn't hear any shots. Because the music was allows they could hear anything at all so and once people started to fall they need you know people started running. The and the singer ran off the stage to music stopped everyone started reading the firing continued Indian if you stop. And you stood there. And you looked you froze a lot of people froze I didn't know what to expect. It eight billion that was happening actually silly just frozen stood there in those people were shot. And she told me about. Would she turn around to run. A nurse stood up. And said hey does someone need help over there in Pincus is so what hurt and when she said that. She stood up and she froze and she was shot right in the face. As she shoots she would never ever forget that and you know is it always be in green and her head and she just took off from rim and she was so scared in literally it was like an hour. You basically hiding you know people were moving in hiding for like an hour trying to get out of here. And and you don't wish Libby had something. That they can have to eat so they can get into some somewhere safe. And so she called me up she said I needed guns. And you gun. I need to take a class and he learn how to shoot because I want I want to feel like that so helpless anymore. Even though you know the shooter was so far away as probably nothing that she could have done. But she said hey I need it you know I want again because that would have made me feel a little better. And so that's what a lot of people walking away from the so if you think that. People live there with the area on the ground and they're changing their mind about their gun stance that's gonna happen it's not happening that change your mind. So we stand strong standing strong I did not waiver waiver compromise. Compromise with terrorists don't compromise with the enemy. I'm not given up anything and I get up on both top my butt stock technology. Give nothing in my firearms. Were not gonna do that. Doesn't have a serial number on it there's no we gonna come and get it so by the beer in my backyard beer in the backyard. But you're not gonna give it my dignity. And that's the bottom line in a lot of people in the you know the second and comedian taking that stance. So would we need to stand and fight don't compromise at all because if you give me against the deathly gonna take tomorrow. Which has seen other. So what what are your thoughts about tonight. I definitely believe in carrying a gun. I've been through so many experiences my sister being murdered actually by her own weapon. Me being attacked. I ice I wasted so many years of my life. Being a victim after that and hiding and and not going in doing things. And then finally I decided no I'm not going to let someone dictate how I live my life. I'm going to carry again. Com and I'm going to go out live my life you cannot prevent something from everything. But to feel empowered knowing that. If something does happen you have you stand a chance. It is is a very very good feeling to have and I think more people shouldn't should exercise their right and Kerry because it. If someone wants to make anything a weapon they're going to do that. There was a video out there and I thought it was he did it in a funny way this guy was firing up. An assault rifle. And then he got a golf club and he started. Beating the hell out of something with it and that was his point he can make anything of weapons of taking guns away from people. That that's gonna solve any of the prompt let's get tougher on crime I'm a big proponent of that. The person that attacked me. They didn't serve that much time. It impacted me my entire life. They served five years. And I don't think they serve five that's what they were sentenced him. It's been a life sentence for me I've gotten over a lot of it but I still. Whenever right and in a situation. My heart will race nobody can come up and sneak up behind me or. I am terrorized. Especially when I'm laying in bed because that's where it happened to me some was sitting down next to my bed staring at me when I woke up he. So that we can sneak up on me in my bedroom or I will literally almost. I have a heart attack command so I live my life different but somehow some way and we don't think that. Criminals the ones that actually do this are supposed to pay the full price. So. And some loan data to that yes sir please go ahead. I firmly us support a woman's right to choose. In 2016. A rape occurred in this country every two minutes. You have to understand that that only about 13 of all rapes reported to police so when you look at the the rate of rape reported by the FBI and 2016 year after triple that. Right this is from the Department of Justice bureau of justice just statistics. That only 13 of Lori Trevor reported. Then after going through the legal system whether they're going to prosecutor now where there. There's so many there's so many hoops to jump through that only about eight out of 100 rapes resulted in prison sentence. That means a rapists have been 92% chance of getting away with that. And their mean incarceration is only four years that means half the guys will be out in less than four years. That's that's that's pretty bad as pretty bad. So this Las Vegas shooting. It seems like it's one of someone in the crowd with their hand John wasn't going to be able to do is shoot back to the hotel and have an effect but. It's only one of the few where that doesn't apply so if you look at say the polls nightclub. Which was a gun free zone. This guy who did his shooting there basically has field day because they could guys with a gun we're disarm. So had there been someone. With a gun who had the stones to actually do something about it then. That could have been very different scenario sandy same thing can bring guns in schools. So. These people choose gun free zones. To commit these mass murders because they know that. Everybody disarmed and defenseless. And he had a way out he had planned on giving away. He had said you know this guy it's set up cameras all inside the recent cameras inside the room. It cameras out in the hallways set up on the little tree in the hallway he had cameras and the people. His goal was to get away he was going to make sure that he was not caught. But that didn't happen in sold in the end what always happens is you did he get shot by. Someone whose care and again when this law enforcement a civilian or the end of killing themselves. SI don't happens. As so and in the first thing that and Hillary Clinton came out instead she said well you know what is that shooter had been using the suppressor. Global concert goers can hear it can hear gunshots in the beginning anyway to know and greens are fast. It's okay. So as not really silence. So yet she into it's you can still hear the shot you still need here detection noted you know take to get it. Shot Michael speaking of Hillary Clinton and she was the one who murdered 76 people at Waco Texas April 19 1993 she was a wind. Who wore the final assault on the Branch Davidians. Who amazing mainly women and children. Who may have been storing fires as a defense mechanism they all burned up in died since 601 day. As sort of Clinton so Hillary Clinton is the same person who supposedly married to. A drain sex freak named Bill Clinton the UC uses state troopers. To literally beat up people and an example they beat up a guy named Gary Johnson not a libertarian bring Gary Johnson who's a lawyer who's in next door neighbor Jennifer flowers. They beat him though because he had a security camera videotape of Bill Clinton entering her. Condominium that would improve in ninety campaign it would hurt the Clinton Campaign tremendously. Because they were lying about the Gennifer Flowers affair as a as a reliable and every other fare so. When you're a Clinton life that I see blood dripping off currency blood dripping off the bill. A C blood dripping off the bush is bludgeon a Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon was a criminal. And Jimmy Carter relatively pretty nice guy. A fifth. City city and she also has armed people protecting her so I don't think she's governments to were published the average citizen keys to his Secret Service protection. Yes we have all these murderers and thugs who have presidential libraries. Republican or Democrat US Secret Service protection for the rest or lives. Who or take your guns about this is silence there's a main MR right or wrong on this Michael. Is those sounds are mainly some people at gun galleries don't lose their hearing is that the the biggest reason to have those things EPA was around the wind guns first came out they would have required us to have. As a pressures on dean and all guns. Yes of his YouTube and you'll lose your hearing at the gun the gun range. The best research I've read so far says that you might get a fifteen tussle ball reduction. Maybe twenty danceable reduction by using a suppressor so that takes a rifle shot. From the point total of inflicting damage almost immediately to just repetitive stress injury in which if you shoot the suppressed rifle. Constantly for a long period of time you'll probably still lose hearing what it does is it takes the edge off and when you used. Normally he hearing protection along with the suppression. You are much safer from losing your hearing. And news flash people let me tell you this. If you're you're trying to and up to stassen trying to see where we aren't with the current administration and the previous administration Obama administration let me give you news last let me give me the score. Guess what in the Obama administration we actually got the opportunity to carry in national parks. In the Obama administration. The this stock that we're talking about was actually. Became legal it was authorized under the Obama administration. I can see your name a lot of different things that have actually happened in Obama administration that was pro gun so let me tell you you might wanna keep up. Designed the Harry and Tom just said this perfectly the Larry is basically saying that the Obama administration was too pro gun. The best what I'm hearing and that's what I see so you know what if this administration in this current. I congress in this had this current House of Representatives they wanna catch up a little bit. They might wanna pass some legislation to help us out a little bit here goes right now Obama's got to beat when it comes being pro gun. This is Michael Cargill. And you are listening to come and talk. This is state representative Jonathan syquest. I think you're listening to come into politics on top thirteen definitely. And back to common socket. And now here's Michael Cargill right so we're talking about has it Ari sold at gun owners would talk about what's happened the last eight years with the previous administration. Come and would talk about the buck stops and that technology would talk mugged by an eerie triggers an ankle triggers and and we're talking about banning a certain type a way of shooting. In nine and I'm gonna put this to you guys you know what what has happened in the last eight years as far as being anti again with the Obama administration could tell you straight up. Right now in this current administration wants to look good when it comes to have looked Muslim good for gun owners would need to do is pass. I can still care reciprocity. We got to pass the bill here protection act or the safe. Act what do you wanna call it. Now we got to pass he stays within the next year because we don't pass these things within the next year that house Palestinians want to flip and it's gonna be difficult. To get this thing this stuff done. What is gonna be some other sheeting because you know god forbid. You know they're talking about well some people are saying all. Is that Democrats are saying hey wool maybe we'll compromising gimme suppresses one you know what what does that shooter came out and uses some pressure this is the first time he was ever killed anyone. Using a bone stock don't want even heard this before this week majority of people never heard this except for people who are gonna be eighty this week. So if you never heard that this was used this one particular time ever. You know what stops you also won from coming out users suppressor or something else and then he won the day and that's. People aren't what we've said this a thousand times in the show people are going to find a way to do evil things. We didn't sit here all week trying to figure out how in the world. Il did one person commit this. Heinous act mean trying to figure that out well what's your trying to figure out is that you're trying to reason with and you're trying to figure out what crazy years. We're not crazy so we can't. Fathom that a crazy so I don't understand I cannot come from compromise. How you can kill and injure that meaning people. Less hassle that I would do. Sylvester basing what we've been trying to figure out the entire week. And you you just can't do it because you're not crazy. We're not crazy and that's why doesn't make sense to us and that's why would he did was that it was just evil pure evil. And call it like it is stopped calling him a nice guy so seeing all these other crap that they're saying about this guy this guy was a monster. You're a monster a sociopath. A criminal off followed. Those two words I wanna hear stop being so nice about it. Which got power. I just agree with you right. You you nailed it this is so. We cannot fail limit. We cannot ban met. You know as they relate to his work one thing in a sense. Since the Democrats are so busy using this as a stumped for gun control. I've done a lot of research correlating. Well the Brady campaign research their report cards where they grades states on how much gun control they haven't hired agreed gene. Gap means a more gun control we have. And a and murder rates in this country there is a correlation between gun control and murder rates generally. Whites. Well actually it's a 100% of the time I've seen so far went stayed with more gun control have much lower. And murder rate for white people. For minorities. The seed no benefit to live in a state this gun control and some data sets and another data sets they have a higher murder rate. So this goes back to the history of gun control in America. Which has always been about race it's depression it's so ever since the the colonists landed on the Eastern Shore. The use gun control. To divide conquer suppress and take over Indian lands. It was used. After the civil war to make sure blacks by the past the black codes. To make sure blacks could not own gun salute the kkk had an easier and safer time terrorizing. Friedman. It was used in World War II first they discern the Japanese Americans on the West Coast. Then they in turn them and while they intern them they stole all their property. You see that again and again. 1890 wounded knee that the army showed up. Took out the Lakota Sioux first place demanded give us your guns after that. There was there was cut a little bit of a conflict they overreacted. The next thing you know they're shooting women holding their babies who were standing. Under a flag of truce that they set up which is supposed to be safe space for his Lakota. Not safe they were murdered so you see this again and again the gun control in this country's always been about white people. Getting over and people were not quite. Oh let's not forget about 1968. And NRA helped write the ninety CC big gun control act. The nose in response to the black Panthers having a peaceful protest of an open carry weapons I think around the capital of vote California. So it was it was just so bad that was specifically directed at the black Panthers and black activists. Amid them who were carrying weapons and defense against races down in southern Mississippi and southern Louisiana there's a group called the deacons of defense you can Google that. Who relay. They were black men who were defending their families. From. White supremacist racist who would terrorize them. So in this way they need to do that was to be arms as the Google the deacons of defense. So you don't need a gun control is racist is that what you're saying. Absolutely. Why DC gun control is races. Because even today who wins you we have gun control we have negative outcomes for people who weren't quite. They may not be calling themselves racist anymore or they may not be wearing white sheets in congress but or in the state capitals. But. The fact remains is that the states with the most gun control have the highest. Nonwhite murder rates and the lowest white murder rates. So it's all about keeping white people safe. We'll Howard a Chicago liberal would tell you oh Howard we got a gun control here in Illinois. This all you crazy southerners know you're stupid gun shows selling weapons and that did the gangs go down there by the end guns. They bring about Chicago. In the kill each other. So while we just ban guns and Texas Howard. I just did indeed assent unjustifiable. Homicides. And just the states that enacted. Shall issue concealed carry in 1995 nines mainly six. That's they're all southern states there'll states that were part of the confederacy. Since then the percentage. Of justifiable homicides. Justifiable self defense with a firearm. Has increased about 10% some blacks blacks now. Are close to 5050. In terms of justifiable homicides in other words ship shall issue concealed carry has benefited blacks. They've taken over. A greater percentage of the total justifiable homicides and whites have taken over less of a percentage. So when their. When people are bringing on these stats about nonviolence. And they're giving in numbers for that they're actually including. Justifiable homicides and that they are in fact the Centers for Disease Control includes private citizen justifiable homicides. In their homicide. Data. They did break out just felt homicides for law enforcement but not for private citizens so people are bringing up these numbers. And they're actually including. The deaths that are. Justifiable. In there attempt to bring on more gun control to inflate the numbers and yes they and they even bring in. That garner fellow who who killed some cops in Southern California. He was included in the bell ringing and was in Connecticut. The word dude named his name is a victim of gun violence from this because this. This is his liberal Democrat. Chris door. The guy that terrorized California for awhile and Stephen panic I'm sure is a victim of gun violence as well. But Britain say terrorized you mean terrorist or just. Although I'm being facetious about the full details but I think you're very bad experience on the the police forces involved with the Detroit gets screwed bella his superiors but instead decide resigning and quitting and then something else whose son goes. Go crazy. They kept those just wondering because there's been throwing around of this word terrorist in this shooting for Las Vegas. And well I mean it was terrorism there wasn't a lot of terrorism I mean obviously was terrorism over the Modell terror. The new motive was to kill and may be one happy. As far as I can tell me how high definition from the Patriot Act and Patriot Act or my Las Vegas loft when the all channel introduces major gadget to fund terrorism some of terrorism in general as you might read in a dictionary or something that's still requires political motive. Does terrorism always have to require political firewire is he can do is terrorized his for the sake of being this latest now it's for the sake trying to get some things some kind of changed giving the government or the people to create some kind of change in society. Well I disagree on that definition is a thing to say it is can terrorize this Pezzullo sadism. But it's Morse psychopathic thing you know the act of terrorism the war and the history of terrorism itself you know starting off as a political full philosophy about. Ruling by tear starting in France who was splitting hairs in his yes it who join but it is or types it is an interesting thing is that can lead to you know militarization of the police switch is too late morning due to side back in Chicago. And a larger enforcement because it has to do jurisdiction on is that military or police. You know I don't know I don't know if this era though since terrorists and acts or anything like that I do know was evil and the score is here's the score people Obama administration. Is more pro gun did this current administration that's what we're looking at right now so you wanna change that asks did she get off you three point contacting get something done in DC. This is Michael Cargill and you aren't listened to come and talk. Nose cone goes touch sensitive and argument on this from uncle called kills on Cummins who can. Making top radio upgrade again somebody has to come out. Top thirteen seventy the right choice. Good and fun and I'm. I'm print and. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill. I so let's add up to score a little bit night so Oklahoma City bombing just so you know. A 160. People were killed in that incident and also 680. Were injured. That's going to be the one of the worst terrorist act that we've seen you don't. In this country that low one of the worst I don't want to see is the worst is that people save wounded knee or something like that but it be one of the worst in this country. And they use. Tenet writes a rental truck. And fertilizer. And after that incident we didn't come out we'd bin Renault trucks. We in big antenna right if we can try to band fertilizer. Ads stings that you can walk into the story you can buy you can had been bush you know even delivered to your house. You have your rental truck delivered she how she can deteriorate you can have your fertile as delivered to your house. And they talk about being anything bin and that was the worst a 160 people were killed. In over 680. Were injured. That was the worst. So. They're evil people out there in their evil people in this world in if they're determined to kill bunch of people they're going to do it. He cannot be in the tools there's so many different ways of killing a lot of people didn't know each each can't be in all the tools. We legal after evil and stop evil. And right. Or wrong. Your right I mean if I'm if I'm wrong tell me. But Michael. A key point is that again and again like a broken record. Some of those evil crazy murderous people run the government. In in power in the presidency. I don't think Donald Trump is a perfect picture of mental stability or morality. Does is it as a rhetorical question you they don't trump would murder somebody because just in this rush investigation it would do is go away. Because I think he would. The clintons and the bushes were they so chummy asked Cole wrote us a call how come the group move that the bushes are the only Republicans. To. Like the clintons on a stand up and they'll the entire base of the GOP basically is with the bush is is love was like the family members. This is Robert. The bushes and the clintons have a special rule for. And in reply back to him yet. A special forward CIA drug grinder and RN Contra menorah and saw in the murder very seal and in point that out to him but point it out to you. So I keep coming around this week again is that we need to have gun rights. Firepower. Machine gun power. Both stocks to protect ourselves from the cycle pass criminals or murderers who were in government among calling for revolution calling for an insurance policy. Yeah a lot of people don't know about Contra. They don't know that it was actually our government the smuggler down this cocaine. And basically flooded the streets with crack yeah I mean it all on the mainstream TV aids this day they can say is simple basic fact in nineteen days of the Reagan administration who had Nancy Reagan over the PR campaigns saying just say no to drugs. All over north William Casey and vice President Bush were running drugs into America. In the movie they came out Tom Cruise with the sort of very silly isn't Isabel is is about that story. The governor running drugs so with these it's easy tip criminals and government will join me completely dismiss the ascendant he's used wanna have like a butter knife. As a defense against like a government hit tame Moret. You know government death squad like you have in Third World countries which we which we could have here. New niece and all the more powerful that not as a form of revolution is a former insurance policy to him that he did these people from doing this rethink about the Janata. Iron iron grip everything you think a lot of people don't stay well informed as it is a big part of the problem. And so I guess ignorance is bliss I've had some female friends tell me they don't watch the news because they don't wanna hear bad things. And that's sad and disturbing because how are you going to be able to prevent things from happening if you're not aware. Of what's going on in the world I've often said. Only inform people should be allowed to vote for for goodness sakes. We we shouldn't let people that don't even know who the candidates are voting there's there's just. A lot of people that are just uninformed. So yes I agree with everything you're saying. And legal line one Yahoo! would come to talk. In locating Eric I did I you David doesn't. Are under shortage essentially two questions please. Eagles less so okay. One are you all on. Familiar would social thing called Teaneck. Yes. OK very good second question is. Like ready audience probably. Do some enlightenment and not regard in the future when he had short term but. One thing I've not heard mentioned all week is any of these three movies. Panel wonder if anybody there as saying any of them wanted this. Forty years old this year. Another launch 55 years old this year. And another one I don't know what year it came out but don't. Wonder won none of them have been remade the 140 this year. Is called telephone with an elf charged sold well. And the older one oldest what is the Manchurian candidate which also ghost or try to not to. And the third one is executive actions starring Burt Lancaster. And lasting we've seen two of the three. And I don't they don't seem telephone and don't produce seven days in many. All forget certain days and let her read that there are so glad you like to bring those. Because. As anyone who's seen any of them knows. Malaysia and a lot of light of what's been going on not only for the last week but also for a longer period of time. No doubt as you know your dose of discussion will to de. Without the knowledge contained in those movies most people. Are among the real wonder what what school and no one edited out but what was the motive etc. because they're completely in the dark. And let me point out at the fortieth anniversary of telephone this year. That was before the Internet. So you can extrapolate from there would be. Technological capabilities that we have today the ones that are publicly known also for. No and cutting our it was thank you David appreciate that. Our answer and then someone ask and online here if we get. Gun control out of this would that be a terrorist act then what can we call Las Vegas answers back and gun control comes out of this. If it's an unintended consequence note there was an intended consequence yes. McCain has announced. Which you think London Robert. Well I. We're not a music in the news here we're we're not gonna get gun control out of this it seems to young things. Note note that there they there's two there's too many meet all of it is silly Republicans terrorize of the GOP base. In congress right now honestly have to talk the talk we can't walk the walk. So current line is Bob stocks and they want they don't there are there individuals smarter right now coordinate Henry. They don't look for guys say they don't want government legislation they wanted this to be done by executive decree which can always be flipped back as some other time do you understand that he. And so the worst thing you can do is have an actual piece of legislation that passes congress is better just to have. Oh I don't supported this very to have the the trump administration. To make administrative adjustment which shuttle's support. Is that can be slipped back really easily. So a must thing gun control come out of this because the man telling you what and even though I don't trust politicians and living in gun rights. I do trust the GOP base will hold them accountable yes and and also it does seem suspect with the timing. That there might have been motive political motive. For gun control but I don't think we'll get an idea that. And it was Lee gets about that hour. I agree we need to see a smoking gun I thought the same thing because. Congress just came back into session. The the room were these these two bills are on the move featuring protection AM AM the nationals reciprocity. And now the first thing that happened after Las Vegas was. GOP leadership in congress saying we're not. We're gonna walk back and rushed in and proceed with any legislation right now. XML on it we can even bring this down locally. Element knife attack happened on University of Texas campus the Dane that knife attack. Is Wendy nice deal for Texas was supposed to come before the Texas legislature to be you know debated in the house I believe. And so what happened from that is a deleted and then they put in the wish they chemo or distractions and said okay we're gonna do location restrictions. So they said okay if you have a knife with a blade is over five and one half inches. That didn't you can't have that nice in these places here instead of just come out with all blanket okay Nigel legal. Counsel. You know we got rid of illegal lies within we came would locations. Specific locations you can carry in my simply was on fire when Afghans is because of the UT staff. However I would hasten day out that viewing the incremental isn't that has happened remember in every state the past shall issue concealed carry. It has been modified sense. And nearly every case that I've seen. It has been liberalized. So to get he watered down version quote unquote pay asked. Is the first step in the incremental isn't that I've seen in liberalizing their civil right to self defense you can't. All you like to tell the ladies tonight you know as far as personal protection. Is not dear protect yourself be out running around jog and do your. You know what are your thoughts. I think they need to. Just go. Take it a lesson and gun lesson and get comfortable and. It will take away all that fear of of you know I I always hear Tim also my god I hate guns at a at a military again. And if if you're comfortable with the gun just like with anything. Else you practice eat you're going to it's going to make you feel. Much safer. As I told you that that I'm going to do this coming week I didn't get a chance last week. All these attacks that are occurring on towns lake lately and I run tell only part five times a week I'm going to carry. When I'm running. Because it will make me feel safer and I'll be able to help someone in the event something happens. When I'm passing night I will not. Turn a blind how Harold gladly help so. We don't want to be the weaker sex we always say we don't wanna be the weaker sex so. Be independent and and get out there and and take care of yourself you can take care of yourself. One of the things I've always said is lift weights if you strong. You will be able to take care of yourself even now much more is always more guns equals less crimes one by yourself good. You can listen to come in talking. With Michael Hart's. June cure soon.