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Sunday, November 12th
Come And Talk It, for November 12.

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It's time for Cummins socket with your host Michael card bills brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And as the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael. Our deal good day Austin, Texas is the live music capital world let's praise the lord and pass the ammunition. All right so today we're gonna talk with Edwin Walker he's the principal attorney for Texas in US loan shield. Antarctic Ed went about those things that. Everyone has a question about when he comes the Texas kingdom laws those questions at attorneys he did answer the question to you yet. Those little things like can I shoot someone in the back. Those little things like damn well can tackle the cured my hand down without a license in my vehicle. Yeah we're gonna talk on all those little tough questions all those tough things wanna put every walker put him on offense and ask him all those hard questions. Well what we talked Edwin. Did you guys hear that the mayor of Austin. The mayor of Austin, Texas. Boycotted the veterans day parade. He boycotted the veterans day parade or let me tell you. But he definitely. It'll how does that hoo boy okay. Change. Shane. Absolutely shame on the mayor of Austin for boycotting the veterans day parade. I tell you act as a sure you want to save that you know who does that why would you do that while she boycotted the event his victory. Anyone. It is there anything you can think of that. Would justify him boycott the vendors it it we're talking veterans talked and people that insured and all wars do you know that the person who lit the breed. Was. Mr. Overton. Richard Overton the oldest World War II veteran who happens to be African American. He led the parade do you know that Arab buffalo soldiers. In that three. I was an ad for yes or twelve years in the army this is about veterans sir you know recognizing veterans of all wars used to remove iron. No use in theater and it may have yeah but I didn't see it. If you want to have would in effect would it have affected no actually not their problem losers. Who cares about proper losers. They lost the war so they wanna be proud about that that's fine. But this is veterans of all wars all wars oh. You look at the time management specifically in his town a sign that play of imclone. As. As a sign of disrespect. Okay people around me around the nation so I mean. He and boy Condit is is no difference in pins leaving the football game Indianapolis or you know. Is an elected official. Elected by the people and Joseph why is Chris you're walking out on the on veterans all veterans. You're saying hey you know what. There are people who served in the military doing times in his sixties defeat these the forties when it was tough it was rough. But you know what they serve anyway and he served proudly. In he came back and it was sped off. But you know what they were proud veterans. He did what they had to do for this country because it's about the country as a whole. Not about any one individual or one group that decide to be stupid. Well it does does what legal code camp and acting got out of hand because. Everybody looked at it as him disrespecting the National Anthem they EO whose only interest unless the city situation my making that Stan. I'm not I don't know when a man and a he's always have sent me some tax. Now on those in his number I'm not gonna. Well really isn't a W hotel today he's in a whole another world anyway so Liz and a W in cell. Isn't it a chance to do you know the drive to work every day so you know was traffickers like in that stuff so for him to be the mayor elected official. You know so he's misses on things that's okay in Lou we got. Donald Trump as president. That I like Donald Trump our elected officials. That's right yeah go a man is open it's gonna get harder from here it's its American now. It's what it's limited is the definition of democracy now yes we have wood nine trains and there's nowhere elected. We have and that's everything that's a great thing it's a big step in this commercial here and enacting Donald Trump being the president is a big step for maybe because of different reasons blood because there's some child somewhere and in some elementary school this he's done some pisses me. Maybe I can be president fees and prison. Absolutely not a sponsor of Maine is George Bush can be president anyway to be president. As a AA is gonna get harder from here Italian tourism George bushes and beat LeMay for the Olympic room. AAE ended up being a good prison limits. Homeless and many of all if I'm out rather have George Bush right now on TV that's okay in Milan as controversy they like the president speaks their mind you let us know what's going on it. You know keep it real not let in the the media dictate to us what we should hear what we should understand and so he's actually tell us what it is. And what it really is I like that. Some good about that who violent thugs and until there's a net. It's only like it is he's keeping it real yeah the wheels some of the real thing he's saying is that Andrew flags. And I tell me what do you think we think about a president. And by the way welcome back to the show everyone me she sang I'm they may tell me every time you know we go live on FaceBook and say hey. Where's and I know where the ladies at. You know so they may issue you got a lot of you know the cougars back ladies and gentlemen she's back she's inside studio. Actually my. Whose reason. Our home as that or it and I got that name. What so. Donald Trump act. He wasn't my first choice but of the two between. Him and Hillary Clinton obviously. I didn't vote for either to be honest. It. The main reason is I knew he would take. I've had no doubt but I couldn't get myself to vote I wouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton absolutely. You hear that. She wouldn't vote for Hillary Poland which gives it a kid umpiring crew living I. I don't know where on this races stuff that everybody talks about with Donald Trump fire her I really don't understand. All people or five with him when it was in the eighty's and ninety's and he was standing up for a police accountability you standing with EU would. The black community saying hey it's not about race is so well they're making it about race so. Yeah I am in this country does that as soon as it's it's a white man empowered to raise their payments not to issue the issue is edition is there's so many questions of these sexual harassment cases as all the facts they give that are really low banks. I don't like that stuff I've I've been assaulted so let's make that clear. But I am gonna saying. Especially in politics I don't think you're going to find a politician that isn't guilty of that I think accountability in foundry everyone's got a niche everyone's got a week. Yes I have one of the things I didn't like about Donald Trump is. I thought he was a and are what they call rhinos Republican in name only historically he's always voted for Democrats and then all of a sudden he's becomes. A believer and and he's pro life and all these other things. And he's given more money to liberals and historically than any other groups no opportunity as long as he stands up for the Second Amendment I'm saying I'm in Trump's corner on stumping for trump. So what are stumping for trauma. What I tell people is that the reason I'm down through the link is because he says with the rest of numerical of them. Kabul the majority. In this country have been on this they've who would almost and he is that they were restricted from Stan after. They couldn't say anything morally Buddha Jesus and and people there Vodafone that. Are people like Aaliyah a down some consider it and we don't have to say hidden from everybody. This then that's what he got elected to me. I think he got elect is Hillary I was horrible candidate exactly did the Democrats X sheet. They nominated you know as their person eagle Ford is Hillary Clinton instead of the other person probably. Was a person actually should've won. And and that's what they got. She should go back to the to a resolution to be surprised habitat. Minority vote. Then she didn't she does she hadn't and let's talk about what the real problem is the real problem and we're gonna talk about this later after we talked within one but the real problem is. You have about a different you have seized at elect Democrats have season elected democratic mayor a democratic City Council member DD a democratic SE manager. And also. You have your democratic DEA Yiddish returning. And they have police accountability problems in their continue to have police captain Billy problems in these Democrats not do anything about the police accountability problems here in Austin it ought to happen in Austin. We got the same police officer. That is very responsible for three lawsuits bring lawsuits and Austin. They paid out over a million dollars for the same officer in three separate lawsuits. Because of excessive force most recently in 2002 only. The young men or more talk about that little later. Let's we're gonna bring into the conversation Edwin Walker he's the principal attorney with Texas a US law shield. And I would have talked with Edwin about some of the you know well this this passion we have this tree she knew last weekend. And with the church shooting. This guy had me. It was actually. A level two security officer with PS be proud security bureau of the Texans for public safety regulatory division the prior security section. At a level two security which means that he was a security officer that did not carry a handgun. And he was in uniform and he was approved to be a security officer but he was denied his his gun license. Now these. This department is in Texas farm public safety. They're both regulatory division one as he delights of section one as the proud security bureau section there in the same building on the same floor. OK one has two floors you know one has one point in the same building. One section said you know what your deny the requirements of the same one section Sager denied the other sections as you know we're gonna he'll give you license. And this should not have happened I wanna know why in the world. Can end. Why can't detection products of public safety. The regulatory division talked to each other celebs bring Edward walk with Texas and US law shown to the conversation was what could become the talk that your. I know my distributed. To be unusual yeah absolutely sure so how are you we can go and so forth. So Robert Gibbs. I know and we work we're asking hard questions and is not your fault you're not the one to blame. But closest possible. Well what you're asking me about the DPS. Somebody with a lot more insight to myself. Moll my experiences in my in in the you know in the two decades plus two decades close about it and turning. Dealing with the DPS on various issues seem violation not only woman she's such. The issues involving. You know administrative license suspensions were guarded UW are always. With regard to yeah anything else the DPS regulates. In my experience with every time you called the DPS. And speak to a different individual you will be given a bit. So the fact that they have internal issues communicating with each other does not surprise me. In fact just didn't example I never we're talking about an 811. Piece of him try to give but I can give you. Is that B division that administers they need a license to carry. But you basically start off with the presumption. Bad everybody should be denied there they've basically. I'd take the position that you need to prove to us. That you should have a license to carry and even saying that you present to a that is either ambiguous. Orrin clearer or that we even misconstrue. What you're gonna use that as a nation to denied for example. Just this week I got a return visit from a former clients. Who two years ago we'd fought the fact GPS with a complete true. Could revoke. Here's licensed to carry W makes a bit of revoke his license to carry. Well because they claimed that in 1997. He got a deferred adjudication. For an attempted unemployed are going to go out attention. Well you know he with a teenage kid he did some stupid thought. He kept that word for an attempted. Early reputation which is not a good squall on the throat that you Kamal just for your listeners. And of horror that means that he is not a convicted tell fact it means that the record has actually been. Big advocate who actually dismissed against him. He could actually have his records sealed because of the so he would not disqualified but. The DP ask. In grave error for examining the record set you know the other deferred to her a burglar reputation therefore won't focus like. Bono likened it had for ten years. And I just pop this up. Well he did it we went to a JP hearing. 100% wrong. They cannot take your life and that being close wasn't satisfying perhaps bend appeal this to account in court of law. Canaccord law judge told them BP S you're absolutely wrong on this the bird was for attempted murder restoration. Not a murderer habitation therefore you cannot revoke his license. Well this last year he had to renew his wife and guess what he loved the mail a letter from being kept saying no you don't have to renew your license because you were given a deferred in twelve years ago. Alberto reputations and owner of the fight the entire fight all over again. Now previously I'd ask for sanctions that the UBS. This time on that I asked for sanctions again and hopefully I'll get. But it would be PF can even clarify. Clarify isolated record that they took the court twice and lost. Then that you know their record keeping order there were information gathering and distribution. Is hopeless. Wow that that's the exception that's crazy because that means that the governor someone EC do a little sit down would DPS. Because. You know likely shooter in it was a church shooting. He was able to get a level two security clearance. Become a security officer unarmed but he was denied his kingdom license and sold that means said he probably. Was not forthcoming with the information but he provided his DD 214. So be riding his DD 214 to the kingdom license section then they denied him. Because of the information they got from the BD DD 214 but he didn't have to provide is DD 214. For the level two Security Council therefore it was not. They didn't catch that. Yeah Michael you'll you'll probably exactly why because what is a bit there handgun elections division. Based on at all with the idea that they're gonna do not everybody and let's say you know until they prove to have stage oh lead all the qualifications. So what I'm quite sure happened in the DPS. How to hole or there was something boy they wrote back to aim to make seven or eight. You need to provide us more information about and he either provided them information that allowed them to lawfully Somalia. For he didn't respond to them at all within the window at the same way you respond to a fine and if they ask you for information and you don't respond to them they will demolish. Wow it's not a case where you get a you get it if you don't provide information you don't care if you don't provider may therefore. That's probably what happened and he knew there is going to be found out. So he just dropped its application altogether and it goes down into the records of the Jamal. While we're talking and avid walker he's the attorney principal tourney for texting you as law she'll. This is Michael Cargill a Jeep are listening to come talk. Yellowstone it was just turns it and arguments on this for more who called kill on Cummins who gets. Sound off on the news of the day with a topple online ads on thirteen seventy dot com. I'll sock thirteen seventeen and the right choice. Then back to common socket. And now here's Michael's car again. All right so we're back we're talking with Edwin Walker he's with a text in the US laws she'll when we're talk about some of the hard things in life were talking about can only carry a handgun in Texas went oh without a license what is legal and what is not so we're gonna cancels hard questions for you today. In our call in number. Is 512643. Lives that's 5126435483. That's 512643. 5483. Come and talk and cried so everyone. All right so let me ask you this. When you look at 46 dot fifteen rescued radian to bully to back up a little bit let's look at 46 dot OT. 4602 news says that. Without a license you could ever came down in Texas. And home to and from your home your vehicle inside your vehicle if it's a presenting control your place of business oh warcraft. Which is a boat but Travis surely can't truly truck came from motor home and bush are living quarters. Those little places that you can actually have a heat and Denny Texas a you don't need a license Ford. Now we look at 46 got fifteen which is non applicability. 4615. Says hey you're exempt from 46 sold him. Indecision exempt from Italy 60 to look for a couple of different reasons. Sold. In I know these are things that you probably don't like talking about but I'm gonna ask you to talk about them so what are you this so come on and give tomorrow. I don't know I'm talking about them that you supporters. There's a lot of confusion with regard 461. I mean I you know I'd. It's a great chapter I'm not you know I I think it's fantastic and I think that there ought to be more. More complications. Added to 46 point 10. Oh but there's a bunch of them I mean you know they're. Basically what happened what years ago some of these the part about being run home property to port about travel and part of only. Of those were actually more than forty should go to hit shelves. With them a lift just kept getting longer and so they decided to cut those out or should try to determine their own section. Which would import export one part. OK and so when you look at 46 hour fifty minutes of 46 dot 15. Says it says it in don't a couple things soul you're actually exempt from boys until two if you're traveling. So what is traveling easier definition of traveling in a Texas penal code. Because that means that means that okay if I'm traveling. That means that I can all can I don't have a license I don't have a license. And I'm traveling. I can have my hint get in my vehicle. Any QB in the open court concealed in it doesn't necessarily have to be any holes or if it's in the open in that as long as I don't have a license. That's correct and you know about the troubling is actually one of the more interest in parts of this. And I actually have used traveling. Before the traveling defense. And it's one of the oldest. In fact probably all of them of being on your own property travel and probably the oldest exception to the enforcement afford trick or treating a loft carry law. And and basically if you it has no definition so we have to look he takes walks one of those things that. It's a statue but it just cheap which interpreted and that's defined by common law. And the common law the case Walsh says start traveling. Depends upon the circumstances. But the only kind of disqualification can't be a traveling that is. That is done habitually keeps you up habitually engage in traffic traveling for example. There was a case. I'll probably 2530 years ago where the guy eventually booked for the licensed Jerry ball booked until the CH a law that was back in the early nineties where the guy took a lot of money you know on the convenience store cured a lot of money between the house used by Cuba and the scorn and and he carried a gun whipping man he lied he used to travel independence. And the court of appeal probably bowl to corporal people tread Mel sorry you go to these roads eventually. With a word travel would never want to. Two including traveling between two places eventually. Therefore this is not what was intended by the statute and so yep limitations most applications are very old. And so there are certain things don't help you're traveling is certainly if you stayed overnight that was travel. If you trail and he'll be old sort of the old urban. Well you promote an urban myth that is somewhat true. That you start to travel across truce county line that traveled to three counting your travel. That's actually true there's occasions said that. Other restrictions so that you'll fifty miles you're traveling now of course that was tried in them days when you travel by horse back. And to do all eyes on horseback. What in fact traveling. Not so much today it's just a tribute. In the city of Houston. But but those are build a danger to look at the interest in tacit. An old you know you should ask about this will be back into government five. The legislature said we are going to fix this we are going to create a definition of traveling. And we are specifically doing fine traveling at. Your law probably looking down. But England cannot be in plain view it cannot be committing any crime out of the car to travel the colts and you can't be a member of criminal street yeah. And so that definition of traveling existed. And 4615. Between 2005 and 2007. Now what happens in those time periods when that some very very aggressive just attorneys saw politicians here in state taxes. Guess what we don't like it that people get cherry jobs and their car and they all have a luncheon so. Let me guess it's easy to. It hit it to me he's our guest Jack Rosenthal would the leader of about Diane. And and say they made it extremely public that they are gonna continue to arrest people can't force them to come to court. To approve this traveling exception and they let the law correctly. You know I can't follow up inside that they lead you along correctly because the law correct. They said my lack of ability means it's a deterrent they've proven that don't involve the defendant. We still have probable cause to arrest people will go on our web people a little foursome Behar lawyers come to court improved the travel and a sense. Because we all like the fact that people beat Jerry Jones like the McCall. In 2000 trouble in a very very nutrition saying happened. The Texas legislature was lobbied. In a joint effort in fact they actually put on a publication as short ball to short of authors. Between the two yes all right don't start rifle association and the ACLU the American civil liberties. And they put out a joint publication that lobbied the tech to legislatures shape. You need to stop this abuse. By world just returned results since. They need to take that definition traveling. How 4615. Of the defense. And make it an element of the offense about a lot Jerry and so that's why you find that language important should hold true today. Me okay. And and so I wanna make sure people understand this and you know home it's it's a lot complicated than what some people think. You know yes if you are traveling. You know at at one time he had me traveling from one county to another. In order to be happy getting your vehicle without a license. But the net law changed this and OK you know everyone's presumed to be traveling with the initial case law. You know all then what does that really mean because the legislature didn't come. Eight according to what. You know what Ed was saying the legislature didn't give us a really definition. Of exactly what traveling was so that leads us back to case law right Edwin. That's correct in what order of what they should've done. Was when everybody turned. Yeah whatever it took what they intended to be cheap sugar to allow unlicensed sold to carry germs in the car. Made the switch you know probably out of 4615. As a definition travel and put it in the torture Katrina development. Unlawful Kerry basically available exception and it would be a structure at all what they should've done was either created a million deaf too much traveling. Or they should have cut out the word traveling all together we that would make things a lot clearer five. You know of course I prefer the factor played much traveling more than just fantastic because. You're exactly right might. It doesn't it allows a person who is otherwise lawful. To carry a gun in their car either openly or could shield. If they need one of the common law definition of travel. In fact I talked to him turning about a month ago about the follow up what we. And he had a situation where the guys were disqualified. Forty tricks of trade for being an unlicensed individual would have bought this car here it is our. Because he was accused unjustly I'm assuming because I still believe in the presumption of conscience a lot of people don't nowadays I think. He was accused of being intoxicated you struggle PW our block. You also valuable your car we're also charging would unlawful carrying the torch itself Jerry. And he called this attorney called me but what you want to have a discussion. About whether or not he should right the potential trouble. All the facts were there he was coming back from London trip you have always coming here in the car. We may even have a better handle a team he spoke clearly she was engaged in traveling at the point that he was stopped. Any is this war hero took distinction trial. The fourth of evidence that would have debt that would allow any reasonable juror to believe. That he was traveling. There and if you showed whose applicability under forty should one top five in flood can be found guilty of unlawful Kerry under forty should go to. I saw let me translate what you see and you're saying that hey since this guy was out hunting he's out on his hunting trip he had a dead animal he you know that he shot legally. I yet is is is firearm. And sills is he was traveling. Clearly on his hunting trip than he should be exempt from 4602. Which means that. Then since he was you know charged with DW YE he's exempt from Boise facility so they can't be unlucky cairn India. That's correct wop. I love it in it and it makes perfectly good sense to me so we're gonna start talking about this a lot more because people need to understand 46 stopped fifteen non applicability. It's it's something's actually coping class act she honestly I don't tell people about 46 got won five unless they asked me. They asked me that question to not answer the question. You know I'd add depth we don't talk about it because it is one of those things where it's you know you really got to understand it there's so many other things understand in 46 hours. There's so much stuffed with telling you in such a short amount of time if he only remembered parts of something that can actually gets in trouble so that's while he. Yeah yeah you're exactly right my game is I mean this really nuanced and of course the the one part that prior to be repeal of all the mud walled estate taxes. People would often ask. Does forty 46 point 15. To vet them also allow them to carry an illegal life. If they are both in possession their license and a hand god and nothing is more. The press since so for instance I'm at a 7-Eleven which you know pulls the blue side. You know they closed the blues signed the TA BC blue sign. I typically you would not be able to Kate's take and you know a kneipher whatever you know over 51 half inches inside that establishment. But if I handgun. In I have my he'd get licensed the Lebanese I'm exempt from 4602. Which means that hey. I should be able to carry that clothed. You know or that knife inside the 7-Eleven. Correct because we've specifically you know to climb to beyond thirty of forty should go to not just took a part supported should go to. So we empower the important and true to who is an applicable. To somebody who is carrying bolster or peacefully and hand. Wow. Are you guys follow this. Dishonest it's. Rick Zach a three track and getting questions as you always have a lot of questions. He's human got a question for you are hold hold a near anyone we come back from the break out diddley TS ask your question. I would talk on every walker he's a Texas GUS law shall tourney would talk about where you can't eat he can add to that he and got to talk about only getting again gonna Texas would the without a license what is legal what is not. This is Michael Cargill and you. Our listing to come and talk it. Peace isn't much you listen common talk radio was my. Talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to come in socket and now here's Michael Cargill. I somewhere that we talk when. When walking with Texas and US law shield but you know. I would just talk into its ninth. And and I was showing us some pictures of very you know modeling. Oh until you asked opponent to the mics up so when we take these pictures here. It's she's got some nice pictures of her modeling and trying to get at its exhibitions against. What do you guys think out there should we get denied it takes a pictures. A very you know Woodson guns and does that tell you these pictures there were pretty let me tell you she needs some Beagle black guns that they outline what continues. Nervous but I. So looks at these pitches that he he's a photographer out of San Antonio nice okay and what they four. I was showing him that. I was feature on any site. Or like a fitness site the Pittsburgh. People that are more mature and they're they're marketing to young people and their forties and and they they train them and whatnot. So they featured me on there is not aging evolution. On that we take each as and you undersized. And a pages there. I've taken some pitches and with some guns and yet the young lad I'm going to be doing tones and announced a younger and younger yoga is a thing yesterday Daniel day gun yoga is Daniel that especially people they go together with their firearms isn't although they naked. No not naked. As need to know the naked from the but the problem is they have girls bouncing pistols on the Bucs lose things. So is this something that you deal in your training Zach. Well he can't bounce. Stayed. He threw torn girls my house is Zach is a personal trainers so I'm just curious if you you know believes that your training is activate. Balance pistols authored they're bots. They haven't done that yet from thinking on incorporating that as soon as possible. Just checking causing choir minds when a no because actually you know there's a video appears something like this I like to see them. Balancing pistols often but it's. I'll see likened to accomplish safari I'm sure just second all right so let me get back to Edwin Walker is we're talking DNC which obviously we're talking six against the and so Edsel and when they get a question for me sir. Yeah unlike this one and oh era there to restore you still had some of those. Chainsaw bay and add that I read about in USA today. Chainsaw Albanian minutes USA today posted this info graphic with an AR fifteen. That had an under barreled chainsaw attached to a I've never heard of that before in my life is that a thing is that real. I mean I believe it's clearly not real well Joe's health. And again it shows how do you believe the media can Jim. Do you troll and things that are untrue with regard to guns last which you know Alitalia. Obviously with the tragedy of last Sunday. Both similarly and I did numerous interviews cross country radio interviews. And it. It's it's it's really. Terrible that we had to spend a majority of our time. Debunking. Three in two young men that are perpetrated by the media and it's and keep them supporters. Really it's sold they actually thought that was the theme. I've never heard it or not life will but what that's the most facetious saying that I came across during my dad who church's sweet. But now you know you know all but you know displaying their typical welfare. You know they are stands for assault rifle. There's a gun show loophole. There's not enough screaming to keep crazy people from obtaining guns. You know all the signs saying. Including outlet center Jeff flake. Actually said that he was going to sponsor legislation. To close the nonexistent. Domestic violence flew poll again. You know which of course we all know that domestic violence is that this qualifier since March and shakes swelled to collect and US senator did note that goes all books for twenty years. That was designed to prohibit specifically. Prohibit individuals from obtaining guns. Type of individual that did it take it down in this situation. You precious is just ridiculous could that we have spent most of our time and interviews. Debunking those basic. Media lie. Unique and really that's that's the problem with the in what some people when they're debating. Gun issues is they actually have the wrong interpretation of what the actual laws are. They're just un educated about what the laws are in there they're. You know. At and it's really weird when people come to class these are asking questions in my what you guys keep this stuff from. You know eat I'm glad you came to class could you're getting the information because here's what the laws are it's not you know what you heard on FaceBook is cultured on Twitter. You know this is what is here it's it's really crazy and and special in the media source talking about and you really need to get some experts on the air. To vet the information before they aired this stuff because that's really crazy. Yeah on an opinion is that when you were discussing or talking to or debating one of these anti Second Amendment. Activist. Don't eat clutch on to those lives with terror dying breath. There was a radio interview that I heard all about it all. Day of course had a Second Amendment attitude. Whenever there's what it was actually a member of moms demand action at all you know we need to stop this Internet sales loophole. And the guy actually said there is no such thing as an international blue bow. You are you know you're you're spreading inaccurate information in sale would build over the Internet that involves people have a different studies. Have to go through and walker all otherwise do illegal. And all mentioned just were used to believe that should get their structure like Google barred gum on the Internet right now fact checks. In the short it's just the man who mirror their resistance to becoming the educators on the thing that they're supposed to be. Talking about. Yeah because that doesn't know tell you that gun dealers. I can Google to a gun dealer and I can buy guns. From a gun dealer anywhere outside their gun store and goes a gun show and I have to get a hit I get a background check. What does not true you know you do need to get a background check from a gun store you know no matter where they're transfer that farm team in big knowledge transfer that firearm. And a gun store or at a gun show if he did begun Scholl the gun store they still have to do a background check on. You have and then another one of their common tactics is to pray will try to draw from were equivalency. Well it's easier to get it done there and built on the life whatever maybe. It's easier to embargo on them it is to rent a car or barred liquor or barred cigarettes or you know whatever else they may try to. But in the air but. And never realize that you know for the film could you have to have an ID four. Bad you know who they think you can usually get just I merely presenting an IP gun cigarette when cars. Ring hotel room. Haven't ID. Is the first step. In the process to getting it done thorough bunch of steps after that. But there's no way that hitting a gun is easier than you know whatever they try to make some sort of equivalent to. There's gone on to Princeton. The majority of guns to both the our legal. That there and that so you know them that statement may be true for some people would. Are you talk about illegal guns yes. The minority the majority have gone through those the aren't illegal guns. That I mean especially people are saying that. It's easier to get to go and then it is to do you know but she's friends whoever. We'll discuss their biased only got the the people that I come in contact with they're getting their guns legally here and they're gone so gun store. If they're providing an ID they're getting a background check their film out of forty forcibly 30 formed. Would they have to get complete FBI background check before they can walk out that guns don't know when I'm when I'm saying is the reason populace and is easier to get it done that it is conducive to know certain other things is because. There's so many. Unregistered firearms expert to see and well we don't register firearms that's that's part of problem there we don't register firearms you know. In the state of Texas anyway. So guns are not registered the only thing that are registered and gonna be your NFA Adams national firearms act items so items that they're like machine guns. As oppressors or zip guns deal done BC yeah the weapons shall barrel rifles bulls are actually registered fills in a feat in if he weapons all the guns are not registered. So we don't registry Neil begins here last year and and and a lot of so easy stolen guns I don't know I came to see guys don't have like automatic. You know read and I came to the Baath and I love I salute that gets you in class a weakened emails explain some more lofty thought and and the more you hear that on the show you you'll honesty is more laws that you. I think it'll it'll come to light just a little bit. Yeah you can't you can't have a good Demi whenever you're talking about at all are about legal gun ownership and actions only Pavano shuts. You know you that there is existence. Yeah because until the black market. The illegal market is you know that's that's irrelevant this there's black market for everything. I know people's cell untaxed cigarettes people still scroll moos tried one other thing on the other thing about it is is that. The more laws correctly the fact that there's already. Bought 300 and tend to 330 million firearms states. If you if the government may step of bringing on certain arms high. Or. You know trying to try and eliminate certain classrooms. Firearms. Or firearms it's actually like with regard though. Quote unquote high muttering. All your doing is fueling a larger you know larger illegal market. He's. He's and we don't wanna and we don't wanna pass laws. That will make law abiding citizens. You know people who are not criminals and I criminals tomorrow which is exactly what we're seeing. Would regard the whole you know in the pros and in the post most Reagan's world. All legislation that was that was put into oh legislation that was proposed. With regard to bomb struck. Yet as I tell you what's gonna happen what's gonna apple bumps stocks if they'd been bump stops. Here's what's gonna happen that abandoned if they do what you gonna have as you know people three bring them out of their garage. And you're talking about a piece of plastic is what you sock in my doesn't have a serial number on it there's no way you can control that so you're talking about. You don't you talk about you're gonna make someone a reach on the black market is twitching Kennedy but by doing that. Tip your exactly right I mean that's that's the thing about it we moved to bump start. Is probably would probably be be seen just firearm accessories. To make. You know I would say three V power brokers who are anxious solid piece of plastic. That happens to be cut divine beyond printed in a specific manner. You know and that's things no moving parts. It's got nothing is particularly difficult to divine or implement. It would be easiest things to be the easiest thing manufacturer near or Walsh. Absolutely. And I'd say and let's see there's nothing with 46 stock 15 non American building way you know how to make sure we're clear dared. And I think we did mention earlier is that if you had your hand gun yet your kingdom license. On you. They near exit from Boise tootsie which means you can have their clothes. You know and end when illegal miners were thing you can actually have an illegal life so make sure include that because it seems like someone had a question about that. So yeah. Club. You know so will be you can be patient at a club. I know people you know the thing about it that I ever actually. Once remarked law went into effect in September. I I wouldn't I've you know I've heard from several individuals who rely. Why don't they do something clubs and I told them that told yacht club blobby just didn't strong and I applaud. And we come back from the break and when I wanna ask you. A balance. City Hall. You know in the places that you can take an illegal life can we walk into Austin City Hall with an illegal life. And understanding what they're doing right now with a handgun license. Right so what I'll put Edwin Walker Texas link US law shields this is Michael Cargill and you are listing to come and talk it. This is bigger and it is just a pickle. And you're listening to comments follow me on talk thirteen is definitely. It's on the. Yeah. Yeah welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Carr again I'm. And I yeah that's what I'm talking about. That's my baby son Rick there that's for the libertarians out there song I. That's right in little boxes and from that and I did HBO show her needs. Is made things I think I don't don't curse. I so we're back we're talking with Texas and US law shall Ibn walker would talk about some big gun laws would talk about some of the yen little tricky stuff that's out there. It so we left for the break and when. We were talking about. In actually forgot how I know when you said you needed to drink that's that it isn't. That is true I do need that you know in the and we get on the school shrank about talked about some denounced in the break and I'm totally it totally slipped my mind. Right so. I want you guys ask questions he does that we'll always have questions what were out about and you know we're walking or whatever you know you have questions about what can I Judaism can I do that. It also was some of those questions you want us getting what can I use again to catch a cub. And if I'm a cougar could put up a it wouldn't yeah cans and I'm not a gun to catch a code if she's a cougar. Yeah in the end they handle I don't in light of recent certain things. And both Marat just let them. Why you're not gonna answer that question. Yeah I don't need again. But we're gonna get they're getting regular bingo again so he did take some pictures and resolutely gonna say there Zach. So Edwin let's stay. I have mind. License security which and that means I can carry concealed or I can carry openly in the state texts. OK so. Let's say I have my license and I am carrying concealed. So I have my gun tucked and always been in my pants and then. Somebody makes me mad so I want to then. Quickly carry open so they can see so can I lift up my shirt and say what's up fool. When they make me mad and then go from concealed carry to open carry. Not attention on our holster that it is an ulcer yes that's and that outside the way through holes and Dustin your waist so it. It has been a wasteful cultured and yeah I can lift up my shirt basically and show them my gun. Yeah top eight you know because you haven't broken the law you haven't yet it touched a gun now obviously. Where news. You know and this distance confusion comes from the poorly way debt protection of aggravated assault statute is written. And which. Texas aggravated assault statutes is that if you committed assault to a post all you have to be accused of committing assault. Even collapsing verbal assaults of people tomorrow because you can. You know on the ball commit some sort of assault you can actually shape words. Which put people in fear of abdominal injury Watson obviously very very subjective. But it's a cool but you don't contact your you don't give them an injury. Mr. classic assault will be culpable quarterly wage of detection regularly saw crime is written in the you have to somebody commits an assault even a classy at all there's no contact. And wonder why oh in the act of committee assault. They unions or ignore it boats. A deadly weapon then that elevate to all the way up to a certain degree felony and so that's why we. You know we advise people. I'd be very very judicious. Whenever you are. Just flying quote unquote your view code quota put displaying your your firearm because you don't ever want to be interpreted. As committee an artery assault now this could be remedied obviously. But to Texas legislature. Would just simply a man in the arteries ultra cheap to take out the word exhibit. So that you actually had two years would odds and you'll put your hand bother manipulative and somewhat. Rather than just simply allowing it to be visible. And now I want to thank my my FaceBook listeners out there and listen FaceBook live because Scott aegis reminding me of what I totally forgot about that was talking about. Clubs and knives. So Ed when can we actually key area clover knife. I'm a sword. Inside Austin City Hall to texting capital. Would that be legal. Well inside. Most of the homes. Yes but I know union pension for stirring up trouble you lost Jerry Hall. So I would give you a piece of specific advice to say not who's who's in shouldn't bury your sword. Into the it develops and. Alvaro because our City Hall bigotry that just like they're treating the handgun. I Carell and they're gonna give us I don't know it is okay. Correct and because that's soared. You know it's still a while it's no longer an illegal life so everybody listening just cut those word illegal by a variety of vocabulary. Don't use them anymore of them don't exist. Those lies that now have a blade over five and apprehensions are location restricted by news. And takes penal code 46 so sorely. Would love to decide which could not carry location restricted lives in certain areas. One of those areas being court two losses utilized by the courts which were as we all know Alston has determined that actually call. It is a polluted place as a core core office used by the court at least until the bottom trawl coordinators controls cabin. Endorse the third Court of Appeals in Austin in northern Texas Supreme Court. Decides that the statute is to be given its plain meaning. And it's plain mean clearly means. That court Jamal is a court did not mean the entire bill. OK so if I can carry in my opinion getting their with a handgun license. Then I should be there or let's say without. McCain is so if I again if a person carry their handgun with a handgun license then they should be able to walk into that same place with a sword. With our allies without a license. Correct correct and just remember that your long guns the election of model all over there there are some exceptions and I'll get into those. You're all the places that are listed under for action totally change going to those places is going to license so those places. He can't taking you can't take a location restricted life. However. What they did was. Is that whatever they will approve the location restrictions for the location structured life. They actually added it always subsection a 46 so story and so it's 46 socially. 084 or believe. And yet. Including all of the places that are prohibited. Under 46035. As well and so. You're teaching law and so you can you can title and he's got mail you can't take a location should do about career but can take. A knife that is not a location should deny its and that's where were people we begin in Ramallah in the clear view of the there's no longer legal life. There's only location tomorrow for example Weber talked about this. I bring a couple of lies with me trying to visually shall be one of my brain is say eventually infidels. And it is. You'll basically it's its switch away from automatic nice but it's also double edged and so it was a previously an illegal marked golden dagger. I won't be able to do also switch blade goes which played well of course finchem who got away with them back in 2013. So but I also bring a all cold steel cookware and whichever blade of tricks and apprehensions law. And Capote in life and and I actually sort of and I illustrate the difference by saying yeah or in the current Craig. Even though it's opened aren't it's going to wedge. That's the location assured about my double edged automatic. Centralia Fidel not a location stricter my. It would be a crying after the fact a felony. For me to go into a school with my actually Cabrera then come clay it is not a crime for me to go to a school where my five inch. Since made him without. OK and so someone as cool can you carry this sword inside the Texas State Capitol. And the answer would be yes he should be to carry a sword decide texting capital. Yeah well there's there's one so they've used it that is a good rule of thumb. If it's a place where you can take your finger on what's your license. Than it is safe place where you can take your. Correct or not. Now what about 46 to restrict to mark what about 46 that 035. You can't Wear what places in 46035. To you two cannot take. A restricted knife. Looking what are the knife. It was actually told get into what we were talking about I was sort of dovetails into a lot of discussions we've got this week. About caring church. Because that Israel where there are several locations unfortunate so 35. Where a license holder can take your hand. Yes they are not given notice under forty should so toll four coming on 33 out pictures birdie out of and those four places would be. Hospital nursing homes churches and amusement parks. And leading to government alone things okay well there is no such thirty yard principally outside and stretch if you wanna call it back. Two of those places. And so for example the church. And let the church has given a verbal forty yard six and there are go birdie out of motive or posted a bogey out retreat into a very up trying and trying. Like go over competitor he got into a church but they could not take a location script and I. So you can you know assuming that your church had no authority out six in North Korea sudden violent. These guys ever like smoldering tires during dozens of church could not figure soared into the church. So anything this listen for a 6035 you can take a location restricted knife cannot. Right because they specifically listed them out when the midsection of 46 three to play well. Just look at failed actually they were on the new one called. Mental state mental facilities. And actually create a list of about twelve I believe I can't remember all of them now let me sorcerer's you know Ruskin and Austin state novels go play. Right and amassed about churches okay sold churches and we actually were able to get a deal pass in the governor signed it. To allow churches to be able to have like game. It's not really a security team bled to divide their own security without actually being and security. That's correct that was actually a great accomplishment. Only time it came from out of nowhere I mean I really didn't expect it. Because it's it's something that there are being turned questions about per the last two years because debate. Probably didn't ill advised Q a day to DiPietro put on the web site. Which said that if the church does have volunteered security team day. Probably are violating the we occupations code. Traction and chief. Two. Which says that people can only provide security Serbs should have their license here because it worked for a license to regard company. And today and somebody asked the BP says they put it on the web site two years ago. They can churches several volunteer security tape and yes red at a college violate wall. A lot of folks took bad as gospel. Which it would not it would just simply ate poorly written and thrown an FAQ on your web site. The Corzine won't know church security daughter in the church security volunteer. No church would ever brought up on any kind of Trojan leader administrator able crumble about violating can be no true. But it worried a lot of church and I understand that or it. And sold. So this solution I thought it was maybe just cut virtually in the background. But fortunately I love you played gore had had brought to their pensions they made it an amendment to a general occupation coach bill. And yes I church now and have a group of volunteers. Who do not Wear uniforms to make them look like police. And who do not have any kind of badger other insignia that declares that they are quote unquote security. They now can have all these volunteer groups and they don't have to worry about being a violation of the occupations code. They have to have a divorce your dad's passing at least. What they want Kerry had gotten yet okay but they don't have to carry a gun but you're right if they want to do what if they're not appropriate wife Nicole and not prohibited from acting he had these volunteer church security members. They're not prohibited from carrying earnings pursuant to their license while acting as a volunteer church security number. So there's no requirement of having them but there's no law should achieve like older from heavy hand got while in that capacity. OK when you say it's urgent doomed from the mean is that cover our religious who yes. Mosque. Yes and any good that the proper warnings statute is. Places of religious worship so yeah it would covers. Covers temples synagogues mosques churches they'll only play. Where you religiously which is conducted. Mean I'd say was thank you and when I really appreciate you coming on today Atlanta south fours like you always do. And that you know what I'm gonna get you on again but next week we're actually have thus is an up. On the show and I'm gonna ever inside the studio and ration gonna have. Another guess decides studio Jerry Patterson don't have Jerry Patterson and sees Santa hunt together. But unfortunately we're not gonna have that none of them are gonna be here live on Sunday to gonna be here live a different day. Just gonna air it on Sunday but we will do the face of loud video sometime during the week whenever that anything happens. I'm gonna pass is and I hope. And Jerry Patterson says he would be a date when I called his mother and father of the console he demise is offered a state of Texas. So that's going to be an exciting show but. But everyone you know what thank you very much sir I really appreciate you blaming south foresee accede told me some stuff that I did not know he clears things up for me as well. So I really appreciate it. You know return no ID not. A bit but thank you Sarah really appreciate you have and get risked your weekend. Thanks for me it's always my players speak with Unionist urged. Outstanding sir thanks I don't. I'd say yes that was it would walk with Texas and US law shields and me and I tell you when always gives us all to get information. About a lot of stuff right so you guys. I mean. There's a lot going on right now we gonna we gonna scratch that next break but and soul I hear the Austin the city of Boston just approved. And a what is an 150000. Dollars or you know. For aid police officer. For using excessive force you guys hear about that. City Council just approved a 150000 dollars and this officer. This is not the first time he had to pay out money for the same police officer and this is the third time they've had to pay out money for this same police officer. This is the third lawsuit. One case was a 154000. Another case a 180001. Cases a million dollars for the same officer. So my question is. Why in the world. Can we not get rid of this police option. So you know that's what I know that why in the world. Why the world can we not get rid of this police officers on very curious about that. That's known you know 154000. In one case back in 2011 excessive force 150002015. In a million dollars in 2012. That's crazy. Same officer. Same things happen over and over again. What is going on we have beat a Democrat may year we have a democratic City Council member we have a Democrat. Who's our disk attorney. There's your answer that why in the. World McAllen accountability issue with the specific opposite we had this comes as when she may have lea needs as well a couple of the people it. Big data walk if it. Turner Roberts. You don't want these these things to be put on the whole police force right foot. You could trade is known to boot into the blue thing right it's it's a gain access I'm from the game sock impact American as a game. But this shameful part is. Police in this country is being put on the same statements came. That that's scary to me intensive 28 year old. Fatah of a shot eight times so. I can recognize. You know something in a specific person. And may be a lot of losses to a very good that they can really the issue is if you see some I don't them. You go ideally even if you if you lose your job wouldn't. But the best was an asset. That's that's what we're making excuses because it because the DA the and so my question is why are people still continued to pull these people in office if they're not gonna prosecute 'cause this is not a new problem we're talking 2011 we're talking 2012 talk in 2015. This is an unnamed probably prosecute the people they won't prosecute if visited have been somebody. You know. The grand jury prosecute these cases blindly all the time if you go into jail system you don't know anybody Cindy came Bonn now they. They you know they put these cases across this other tablet I. So why is the black community putting these same people into office and this 7% of black if every person of this 7 December leg voted. In a million people a mean it is a matter when it is still important there's still supporting when he comes of these. I've different meetings he's different in the Democratic Party itself there's still supporting them there's no vote and live part of some you. Is that it double the budget he became if you give you ways you think lawmaker different. We knew go with your people in the UMass was as go wherever you go with a human element I'm just a unique person I was born in Florida I wasn't born in Texas a name and just different. When I see something that's wrong I clearly say you know what something is wrong and I'm not going with that yeah you know wrestle maybe I just born with a different blood. Yeah I clearly see something's wrong here is a pattern and he's the change he stopped voting these same people into office. That's just me I don't know you guys tell me about this I don't. This was Meehan a brother ran here time to register. Felons to vote. NASA that's something that we we didn't the intense and Owens. A union he's telling everybody your namesake and image doesn't worry it'll do people asking me who's this other black guy as not Michael. Men understood pretty got a note in that hand count in class and this has Alicia came against two Koreas do Chrysler G Corey tell me a story was what. You almost anybody. He stay tuned for the fools to have been as of right now work on topical issues. Spends in the food I worked very closely with that are in harm's situations specifically point out that Obama. EC its currency you trying to get out felons and registered to vote. Relies wise felons that are off the record because we have strength as it is felony for a felon who isn't off the record to. Reds and how many years an accident it is about values it's about the off cape on being out on off paper and in our enough paper is is the tricky part. He can actually be commanded the stage of felony if you listen well you know on papers they need to make sure you're not on probation you need to know that everything not to for education or anything like that in the everything's been. It Israel he. Even though the court you know if you go core because he had he cannot be on communities and supervision and and who a couple of other figure organized we are working together to figure out if there's any legal assistance that we come from five. Sometimes how the common web sites you go to chick. And make sure that you. Not on paper because. You know you don't wanna you know when we get chosen stage of them in the interest and you guys have a voter registration event this coming up on Thursday was at about. An Iraq that's about. Tennis too many questions yeah. Alan there's ever going to be having an event at stints in our. Okay I'm set to sit there and without chewing gum I can hear you again. So yes a little instance in the bar as a voter registration and it's you know anyone's invited by that we are particularly focusing on. You know minority communities and felons to try and get and prove the voter turnout. He can count and I feel about the addition of China so Betty and I don't do not act because I was out to Seattle I feel about that. I'm I'm trying I'm just trying to I'm just prizes it out of our car was not that felons don't deserve anything but. My god they ruin someone's life probably me. Is so why really focusing on there because they served their time. So listen now the rights aren't what about the woman who was raped and. She's she's got a life sentence how about how about helping her about that. Yeah I mean note I say that neither Al topical issue right now out of 70000. Rough roughly 7000 African Americans. In this county 300 of them voted that's atrocious that's something that we can do it right now. And there's a lot of things that he knows he is saying if she's in jail for life. No no no no I'm saying as a victim. I you will suffer my entire life. From being attacked. Okay my sister was raped and murdered that. Weighs on me so for women that are attacked assaulted or raped. You serve a life sentence so to speak mentally. Okay. Might not be behind bars but quite frankly you might as well at times in your life because you feel safe her. OK so I don't honestly. And I and I am and then don't want to offend anybody but I don't have any sympathy for felons because you ruin someone's life I would speak I want you I don't know. I don't I totally I totally understand I agree that some people should he in June a prism they chose the eve of seeing some very. Very. Crazy stuff but at the end of the day. If somebody makes it out of the Texas department of corrections. On parole or you know served on the attack how. They don't serve enough time the person that attacked me nerves thighs for years and that's when we need to go and make sure Byrne why don't you fight for longer sentences. I hope from programs in the might in the my boy we're gonna have. We're fighting for multiple thing is now. One is out we would mean once again felons don't vote because they are still people. But. That doesn't mean that you know addition crack down more on violent crimes as rape is a violent crime and no. Hit the sentence I use it as early so why aren't choosing that as your cause of all the causes out there in this world. Of the people that need help which I've lent my hand many times for many different causes that. I'm just asking what is is. Making you drawn into the back oath before we go to him and let me say this. I'm and the democratic republic and this is not a Democrat on the current and Obama this is a human. Someone specific person right. And I'd deal of people very individual basis. And and that's all I can say look I want people to have the freedom. Two voted this allotted to them right and and even though they may have done what they they did to given Jalen become a phone I can't stuff them from one vote. And it that's just the same as me stem of one vote because they're black. Because they've been jailed and does some things and they pay that you know they're just do every believing I was. Justice system and onions celery that I don't. You know we have to truth when they live to until. It's not always for a good good good reason poison that though is gonna end of the right way blew it. This is the way through their dismissal of like. Three years here it's just I'm just wondering why that's caused this chieftains imparting it. Let's get them to do more community service and I've done with yeah part of it is just to get more and trying to say I'm just treat him like people and should just as and one more way we can treat felons like people. And try and make them feel like they have some endorsed force they can become a citizen again once they've served their time. I don't I think I guess you can add to the show Indiana and you know I'm really sad about the mayor boycott the veterans day parade saw holt you guys don't forget that come election time. Let's lead that mere buildings were upset he did not support our veterans on veterans day. As always more of guns equals less crime. Glad by yourself of the guys even listen to come its socket with Michael card.