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Sunday, December 3rd

Come And Talk It, for December 3.


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It's time for Cummins socket with your host Michael kargil. Trust you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And as the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill good afternoon. Austin, Texas is the live music capital of the world list praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Aren't so today we're gonna talk about being cloying and guns also Bubba can still care reciprocity bill. Also that nicks fix deal and what that's all about and also we didn't guns. Those are confiscation gone on around this country would weeding guns I think there isn't Hawaii. So let's talk about that refers. As somebody concealed carry reciprocity bill in the knicks' fixed deal so we have right now there is a concealed carry reciprocity bill born around DC. At bills on the fast track they're trying to get that bill passed what dad does is. If you have BP and analyzes. From whatever state it's recognizing your state then you will be able to carry European again. In every state in the United States of America. So the other hit realizes it will be recognized in it it would not artery com. Including Puerto Rico just like a driver's license if you have a driver's license importer re told that driver's license will be recognized here in Texas. Sell it it's recognizing years you know. It is based linked gamble license and he recognized everywhere. So that's how they're gonna cancel here Richard Rossiter bill now the bad side of that is that's a great thing. The bad side is the nicks fix there's a mix eggs build. That's that's on the even faster track. This bill is that she didn't tracks so fast that before it actually went to committee. The bill actually. It was even posted online or anything so what to committee that she passed the committee came out of committee. And video was posted on line so that's how fast is bills moving through congress which tells me there's a fix it and and this is a billed by all your anti gun individuals and they're trying to attach the knicks Meeks bill onto the console here reciprocity bill. You need to watch out for that contacting US. You US senator both John Cornyn and also senator Ted Cruz and say hey what's up with the snakes fixed bill and why they tried to attach this to the console care reciprocity bill. So we need to stop discuss what's gonna happen is. They're gonna pass to conceal carry reciprocity bill in the house. They're gonna passage in the senate. The knicks speaks bill will pass in the senate they gonna meet in conference that attached that nix the fix bill to console trip concealed carry reciprocity bill. And then they're gonna meet in conference in conferencing gonna blend it all together without you even known it. And we're gonna get it anti gun bill in a pro gun bill all when he wrapped up all together. And it's gonna be signed by Republican president shade. Shame. Shame on what you know what what are we doing here what's going on joined president Obama's turn. We actually got. Amtrak. You able to carry actually checked your gun into Amtrak on the President Obama that's a Democrat. Under this Democrat President Obama we were able to actually able to. Be able to carry a national parks. So why are we gonna. Get some type of anti gun legislation. From the Republican controlled senate Republican control house in a Republican controlled. White House have a publicist. In Jerry cash and checks and he says they please be specific as to what's wrong with the knicks fix bill that just is going to so fast so it has to be too bad. OK so we're gonna get into the we've got to do it into the specifics of the knicks bill. Are promising shared passion and Jerry you know that's my good friend he's the the father of the concealed carry room. They can still carry kingdom lice is bill we have in his state of Texas talk about that little later also getting to beat pointing guns. Be calling. Pete calling it beef cooling. It's going. It's cool enough they said you know what back in 2013. 2014. Is it Michael Cargill you get involved in the queen you're going to go to jail. That's and until I had attorneys all in Austin. The all around Austin say you're going to GOP get involved in big corn this is a very bad thing. So we were actually pretty big one ATM machine in the in the gun store. We start except indeed calling for guns. And now look at it now back in it was like 200 miles from one bit calling. Now it's over tinkering. Actually hit a Linear and they're trying to make you scared because Ayers there Beers they don't understand it. You better understand they don't like the younger generation the older generation air don't punished it. So let's talk big coincide brought in. In today's show a little later on we gonna have Danny says some from the crypto show he's going to be he's gonna Skype in that we're gonna get him on a cell phone ease in. He's actually overseas right now we're gonna get him on the line you're gonna talk to him the crypto showed. The mercy shows together ta come and talk it in the crypt of show boy you guys learn today let me tell you deaf to go learn today. Then talk about Pete Cohen and talk about guns and talk about console here reciprocity bill nicks fix and also weak gun confiscation. The first let me walk into the Mike John bush. And like our was on John shall tell me John what is bitcoin. That's that's the tenth. Dollar question is 111001000. Dollar. Big boys a digital currency. That is completely decentralized. And peer to peer so that's what makes it unique compared to other. Currencies or financial instruments it doesn't have a central authorities or government or a bank. That verifies the authenticity in the legitimacy of the transactions. And so the solves a whole lot of problems and if anybody's been paying attention as of late especially back in 20082009. These centralized banks and governmental regulation industries. And central banks especially that the like the Federal Reserve if they are not so. It very they operate with integrity when it comes to what they're doing to bail out their friends they. Increased the money supply and they take value from everyone to the inflation tax so. Big point came out in 2008 as an opportunity to solve that by decentralizing completely there's nobody you have to trust which is hard to trust that there's a people Washington DC. Now we don't trust anyone he's decline and ensure that that you're going to be able to him have the money that she's that you're supposed to happen. Nice. Okay soul. Now. Zach you is innocent to be echoing what about a year ago. Lesson out of about six months ago six months ago. And without telling people how much yet she started investing into daequan has until now. As you know with Leinart has is I'll be recorded the song is not your business. It's just been a legislative. Yeah so you're you're getting you kind of touching on something that has happened this week. So we were talking about that earlier with corn based okay. They actually just got basically subpoenaed by the IRS. To handover. Read about fourteen and a half thousand users record he anyone who did more than 20000 dollars. And transactions. Though crap so some people may be in trouble. Totally out of accountants. The data I. Ask is yeah yeah Devin getting count he had yet to get accountant imagination that stuff is done right. That's very ignorant as we make sure is done right and so I'm actually on that list. Now cents a I'm on that list okay not a problem would do better yeah. Point guards started my own Kenny has had a bit going and going to the Swiss bank. You can spiral like 199. Yes everybody thinks that the coin is completely autonomous in private but unfortunately most of the ways to get in and out of the coin are regulated by the department of treasury the bank secrecy act now you can't engage in private transactions and it's not a legal for someone to sell 50000 a 100000 dollars with a decline someone you just can't do as a business our charge a fee. So bitcoin unlike keeping your money in the checking account or using money transfers makes it easier to circumvent the government's regulations and what they. Quote unquote require of you so that's why there's only like 80900. People. A few years ago that actually filed as though they have bitcoin that's an IRS was like wait a second there's more people he's in decline and that's on the left on base. Just makes it easier to skirt the government which is one of the reasons why I love. So does so you tell me the federal government now says that down well how old there's some money here. But we can get where we need to make sure everyone's taxes and your face and we need to find out what's going on. And get our unfair share so you're saying the Republican government is trying to stop it. Now massing in the I don't know I mean what do you what do you think that that's what you're saying I did say passing the manager Michael my congressman Aaron. I didn't want their money you're Democrat replied I don't know libertarian whatever the coming out from like pay like the Republican stance on how the bank my situation is there's hand there's not much of a stance because most of the people in Washington I don't understand old and there are not enough. And they didn't have FaceBook and other behind the I. That's what they don't know what printed TransCanada catch up exactly trump passed what are finally learn how to and that's all yes he does truly thing Els when it comes to technology. The we should try a dozen of the corn oh. You know worry about it every day you look it up is there public database. Now now and not really. People try to conceal their. So you can have a public address which is like an account number with it coin and as long as you don't broadcast on FaceBook like send me some money too big corn and then your identity isn't necessarily tied to it but if you buy it and you do know your customer check or sometimes you scan a driver's license or give your I. And your address then. The federal government could subpoena that information doesn't it turned over the IRS directly but as we see with the coin basic sample the IRS subpoenas. Corn base wanted to get all of their information they had to settle for getting the people that sold 40000 more about 20000 more. And so we're gonna tell you today we're gonna show you how to set up a wallet. And how to purchase decor and some talent it's going it's going up the sky's the limit instead let lingering and now it's gonna Golub is going twenty is gone up thirty it will go up. I even see some things happening January February march trust me mark my words is gonna gulping he will make money. Our caller number I thought 012643. Lives that's 5126435483. Let me go to line one Derek. Would lone star gun rights Derek gonna tell us about the concealed carry reciprocity bill and that next fix is don't let us know. What is actually in the nicks fix. Derek you would come to talk. And my thanks for having me appreciate it Dan Derek thanks colony. Hey no problem appreciate the advice so their boat and a lot that goes on and then next bill most of it has do funding. And what it does the incentivizing. State bureaucrats. Q and put as much data as they can't into the next system. And that type their bonuses to it as well as some other incentives as well so. That ultimately what you have that you're out of federal our government paying state bureaucrats. That dump information whether it's good or not into the access to. So so here's what we're talking about Derek source saying that let's take the veterans administration for example. You go into the veterans administration used the eagle and he talked to a counselor he say you know what I'm having bad thoughts bad feelings any talk to someone. So did they put you on the list. That list is the an added insulin mix so because of some things that you possibly say to your counselor. You're not and on to list and guess what there's no way off that list once you get on. How to get on the list how to get off the list. Now then and there is an appeals process but they have sixty days for the attorney general the United States. To decide whether or not it was erroneous so. So once you're on the list. Vineyard on the list. Pretty much it lit a lot like the no fly thing and ultimately it's it's yeah yep I hired attorney and you have to take time and money. To get off the list that you should have never been put under the get. And it and it also almost ties into youth. The weak situation where if you're like Colorado a state like Colorado California somewhere like that and yet the marijuana card. Because you know that card that lists is not gonna be shared with the federal government. So now that leaves you cannot walk into a gun store and purchase a gun because jerk you actually have medicinal marijuana card. Right right and the gun control lack might get picked yet established a prohibited person as anybody who is quote addicted to marijuana. So you can bet as soon as you get a marijuana card you will be put on the outlet structure. As CEE believe it or not people I'm from Missouri to show me state Soes and we're gonna show you. That look at where these bills come from and how. How this stuff faction was inactive what president inactive is what is is the named Ernie madness the Brady campaign the Brady bill. Think about that. You know cool is Brady. Think about all this stuff to win this stuff came about don't let let don't let them fool you we can't take addicted to marijuana we need to hold their feet to the fire. And we need to face these issues before Eagles to a vote. This is my car dealer and you are listening to come and talk. Yellowstone plus star turns here and argument on this from Martha called field. All incumbents who gets. Catch up on the latest headlines at anytime at top thirteen seven lead dot com. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill and we're talking about bits going guns were talking console cared reciprocity when talk about the knicks knicks bill and also we gun confiscation taken place. In Hawaii. And we got a lot of things going on right now boy I tell you it's getting hot in here. So let me bring into the conversation bagged Derek so Derrick here you are talking about. This nicks fix bill once again explain to me what does issues with the knicks fix built. Well I mean. To be honest next have a hole is a completely unconstitutional saying but this guy created in 1993 under the Brady bill. But that's a whole separate what it does is it like it better than that I advisors. Putting a dumping information into the next. System because if they don't send their bonuses and pay can be withheld from the federal government as far as. Which monetary obligation they have there. See here's a here's what I'm gonna ask because I'm I'm put your feet to the fire here so the thing is if a person is being convicted of a crime they paid their debt to society. I don't care it's a felony whatever it's (%expletive) whatever sport they're not released. They're out of jail they paid their debt she did not get all their rights back. I absolutely agree that they should no matter what the crime that you're going to Entrust them back out into society. Then trust them back out into society. Exactly so if you've you've you've page and that's the society you've gone to jailed but they just sick she did ten years what everything is now your your three year out of jail. Everything's over then hey you should be able to you know blow optional I think get all of your right back. Every single right that the government suspended from you during your time and incarceration and on probation. Should be fully restored here and is everything dot. Now I saw let me bring into the conversation shared passion online T Gerri welcome to come to talk circuit and by the way Jerry is the father of the concealed handgun license law. Let me tell a Jerry it's is an honor have you called officials here. Could just call me pops or just make him better than they believe they'll build anyway. Exe someone wants to say hi Danny. And that would be Daytona. Aren't scenes with he ripped you off guard there. You did. There's about people saying I pity that I haven't. Christmas. A week it's big Christmas. And it is that the. I mean do you certainly gonna happen. Yeah I won't talk about the next six bill I mean there is argued it that if you think that is unconstitutional. In your post it notes there's bill because it shouldn't be there in the first where's our Japan understand. But let me tell you couple the next bill does not and any prohibited class. It doesn't change any existing law. As to who is prohibited or our power you get you know you know look prohibited possessed earlier as it does nothing. It only says that we're gonna provide. Incentives for those people who are doing so what effect is doing Texas is already doing or start to have a good record. Of them putting people on the Nicklaus Rick's list that should be and there's one more thank Derek had it backwards. Under current. Circumstances. If you are only prohibited possessed her lips. You can't get all it's like just like Derrick mentioned it's like the no fly list you can't get off you can aren't attorney you can go to court you can do all those things. Fat chance and success what the next built most news if you notify the AG US attorney general and or the FBI. That you are erroneously only that lives they have sixty days to prove. That you are correctly on the list and it's they can't do it sixty days you're on America we don't. Who wished to see now I'm scared us false positives now. What needs him well. Beat you you know what I'm gonna get me in the girls and those laws don't. I'm in John's miss their own Lou prohibited disaster what is the doctor John Smith did get the prohibited disaster. But all of morals that are so under this bill if it passes and it will. What happens is all you have to do is petition to get all the leaders admit they can't prove within sixty days you should remain on the list you're automatically alt. It reverses the burden of proof. To a circus from a circumstance today where you can't get off. Now here's a problem Jerry. That is if you know that you being added to list would be don't know. Well the only way you're gonna nose if you attempt to blast our menu Villa reported fortunately three injured or not. They don't tell you that it's hard for you girl that gives it. I think you're saying pick up army are not a riveted to their church so you petition. You know us and I don't know the vehicle partition are suspected of certified letter return receipt. So if I go into some type of government agency. And they added they now because I went to his government agency for one reason on the other they've now added into the list there's a possibility I don't know mom Elisa until exactly what you said I walk into gun store. That's correct and frankly bet if you the other opportunity person you don't know you're on the list. Well I think our take you back or wouldn't do as our winters are they cumulative effect demanding ticket list. Just allow the person to get off of the list. And puts the burden on the government to prove that they should be all the list. This sort of putting the burden on the sort of surrender proved that they shouldn't be all but there's a river so what dirt sort. My understanding is once you've done your time and you finish your parole you have five years after your and parole date. That you can and then start hearing. And and and and you know America. What doe regarding a felon in possession of a firm and somebody correct me here but I think after five years you can position. Sit in your home. That is correct or new arrow right desperately teach you still can't buy from a gun store and if until dealer. But you you have to get is a private sailors against the that the five years a convicted felon can't have a firearm and home for personal section only at home sales so I only argued and don't. Your time and you've paid your debt to society should have restoration of your rights in our support that it but but you know. Dude that's not even an issue here the issue Lear's. We have three shooters the one in South Carolina. Whatever is going to name a shot of the black church. There was a prohibited possessed her in the next check failed because it was a very complicated jurisdiction or in which he was convicted. And that would that was because the examiner made a mistake. You have an amateur so it so but so were we had in place right now should have pretty brief hit him. Do we need anything new and showed in Britain. It should have become but it was reported to the wrong. Examiner. Urged the local. Conviction record in the wrong jurisdiction. It was reported to the next system examiner when it is resurgent there and didn't look at the right jurisdiction so. So that was the person who buy along was prohibited disaster before they are the Virginia Tech shooter had been adjudicated mentally ill. It was a prohibited disaster and he passed the check because of Virginia Tech believe that they could report that because of well the medical privacy laws and of course we know this year and struggle and sprains. Well it was a prohibited disaster and that wasn't in the database and their screens apples around election actually old this is an attempt to corrected. But CNET dot org that's not the fault of the system the one that's the fault of the system and not a fault of any laws or anything like that because of the bet should have been done right now. Now we don't even need the fix. That's absolutely correct and that's why there's no doubt that provide any new lost it doesn't restrict aid in gun ownership any more than it already is. Are given that you oppose it are some opposed it because I don't believe nix is constitutional. But what's going on there aren't out there right now as the national association regarding rights have there's a history of lying. And it with a guy deadly bird town is you do you know does that all the time. So if you want to oppose the build a bit you don't want next steps are legitimate position but it you say it's adding gun control purchased via and again sixty days. The government have to prove you're prohibited disaster is still have you prohibiting proving to turn our. So let me bring in Derek the most are gonna raced to respond dirt. No disrespect mr. Paterson out of the world respect for duke but. I'm looking at the bill right now and nowhere in there does that say that after sixty days it's dropped. And that's exactly what does this quote. For the purposes of the proceedings that have not later than sixty days after the date on which the attorney general received such information. The attorney general's job determine whether or not perspective treachery is the subject of an eroding his record. And remove any records that are determined to be eroding. Essentially stops there the next court has nothing to do wit it automatically dropped after sixty days and you brought up how many people named Johnson. Are probably on the next flip that bit. The speed of government does not allow anything to get done it in sixty so you're gonna have the appeals process. But just because of offset that he gave. There's no enforcement mechanism for the so you're going to how people waiting stick a compressed twelve months. To get off eclipse petitioner never been on beacon whip. I read I hear something completely different than what you read sixty day you have to prove that your normal your you legitimately on the list and if you're not you're removed from the listed are not what is said. It does not say that after sixty days you'll work. Removed from the list of certain that the attorney Gerald needs to act within sixty days so and it was an area that we need to act in the sixty days and other state that after the sixty days to be harder than you're off the list or holding any sort of the I'm sorry it back yeah every read the whole thing again I'd go back to our air and agent and a battery slow. Yeah. Here I am not trying to left to be nice bump up. But the for the purposes of the treated and then it's not later than sixty days after the date on which the attorney general receives information. The attorney general shall determine whether or not the perspective treachery. Is the subject of an road yet record. And remove any records that are determined to be around so it puts all the attorney general. To remove those within sixty days but they're like that but there's no enforcement mechanism on it. Nor does that say after sixty days it automatically get taken off. Our attorney general by the way is still is. What you are saying is that have the attorney general what's admitted determination that you should be on the list might just say well I'm not gonna do anything about it. We expect this you know I barrel could it. If you did you know what there's I don't disagree with you on that I mean I understand it. The fact is remains that now all the burden zoned you'd approve shouldn't be on it in this puts the burden on the government approved view should be on. And it will be good comic technically deport their dirt but we'll see you know the first couple of people that I attempt this in the and they don't hear from anybody about or march. There had been a bit Woolsey how what happened then but clearly this is this still. A big step in the correct in the right direction and appear on the list and shouldn't. Do you as well that would go. Well right now we have a Republican attorney general what happens whatever Democrat take the White House and the point I'm not you know another Loretta lynch. This is no longer going to be a good deal for us if it is a good deal like you'd think it. So. You know do we need to keep in mind that and that is where the problem I have with national reciprocity. And we'll get into that later but it. You know Republicans are not only can beat the party in power. And so we have to think very carefully. What is what are the Democrats and what are the progressive left going to do whenever they have hold of this power. That we have now granted a federal cup. You would recognize that they get this bill passes by the power that the Democrats have hold is substantially less than it would be good to switch to date provision didn't care. And it would be even lasted just for children that sold together. Well look there about it. OK I get that in not to say that you know that's a legitimate absolutely Joba position mix is unconstitutional. As a legitimate position. I have absolutely but the fact remains is that this is substantial improvement this sixty big deal there have been over whipping harder in. But it would be I'm wicket. I don't trust that to work two week. And I'm looking forward to that happening and somebody really North America for make sure that the. But is concerned that you don't want felons care or formerly incarcerated people who have been convicted of felony. To carry a firearm or are you guys is worried about accidentally being put on a list. I'm well are boarded our boats and you know I'm not a felon that's got his rights restored to I think you should have all the rights restored as a matter of of basic French. Which includes the voting rights. Help help it will including voting rights absolutely. The book indication again shut up so well in springs. Would you restoring his right to levels aren't going to be cracked this goal of his influence and that. And it's written people and it would harm to talk to me which you would you restored Israel so what I would suggest is if you have that kind of record. Bill and in your loan abuser you have. You have abused her child McCracken is still owe more than one occasion. You have threatened her large bird bodily harm you grabbed him by our air rendering of the wall. I think that's a good taste it maybe you shouldn't have affirmed. Right but I mean he was he in the situation is on going to hear the ongoing it was ongoing any and there's several reports and incidents I mean people can be falsely accused of a lot of gains and still go to or insular trial and still get falsely accused and still be up it still be an ascent. I'm just saying like as as gun owners we need to have clearly defined the difference between mental health. And people like the Sutherland springs shooter and that's why I've been asking for for very long time we can't just start. Thing every mass shooting by a white man is the mental health issue. Because you can't because you lose a million dollars doesn't mean you get to kill people Las Vegas outlet. There are oh and Linda let her tree species dungy knows you're a new word. So I mean I'm just saying like we need to be really cautious and that's why I've called gun rights owners actually start identifying mental health issues because it is they have a violation a disclose you don't have to disclose on campus. And it scares me how these young kids are going campus with each other and some could be carrying and need to be 21 years old and going to college and that's when I started college. Say you could be carried could have a mental health issue and nobody has to nobody because it's it's. Well settle an adjudication in the case in Virginia Tech shooter he's been adjudicated mentally ill. And attacked erroneously believes they're prep up to a provision prevail put what you voted to break debate. Also do we want to government defining what mental health is I mean. I'm sitting next silly this beautiful gorgeous cougar and the government says that PMS is a mental health issue. Like I tell you right now we don't bet. Matt met Ernie because Ming there PMS is to slowing the stars. It did give modified interject here karma till they're. So another thing I'm not a problem I have with defining mental health is. Are you going to do what's gonna happen if the Democrats decide to that anybody who's had a combat tours. On you know or. A woman suffering from postpartum depression or anybody that. Trust you as black holes are kidnappers the army units UNL lineup. But he did you know you purity be your big gap that did the shooting and saloons earnings news and did you clearly are not sure. And we don't have a gun problem we have a nut job. That's a judicial system that's some mental health. That I mean there is like two different things you can be a criminal and not have a mental health. Issue I would talk about bitcoin guns were talking console look here reciprocity talk about the knicks fix bill also weak gun confiscation. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. Treated much delay he'll listen to come and talk radio what my art. The right choice for breaking news first to talk thirteen seventy though regs right. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill. So we're back we're talking about big call any guns were talking. And console care reciprocity talk about the knicks knicks build also mean gun confiscation Hawaii so I Stephen Charlie has a question he says. Williams statement and a question says it seems like big cause is inflamed to a point that is difficult to understand whether or not the value was being artificially inflated. And how can this be monitored. He also says that's why is it good that I know we're just talking off camera about Ali and I'll see gatlin and naked pictures of me oh boy. On the dials and I didn't do dare I see no matter what you talk about as long as there's women here and you. Is like just give a little flash in the hear something there to. When he three inch biceps OK okay I suppose so I need to 43 K investment and that claim it differently. So we're trying to look denial with a friend. Dogs and a strong man weighs three inch biceps she need to be you need to be in good shape until they're not gonna do that's for and that's when he teed yeah. And all of our big point knowledgeable on on a game I'm just 823 came big point one nutrients by such as those who wanted to chill yeah. We ask Sarah I surely aren't funny it's not about the it should be noted about the money I'm sorry to hear all right was aware viral and I. Okay back to woods anyway. About guy Steve says how can this be monitored how can be equal be monitored in what if an entity that owns a bunch of big going. Forces leave bunch of sales that caused the drop in the price. They made by a bunch right after at a lower price so is the manipulation of the price not an. You can't force sales John bush. Yeah manipulation of markets and prices is an issue in in any single market our financial instrument but the cool thing about decline as is the closest mechanism to the free market genuinely free market which is free of government regulation and we do see a lot of price changes that take place a lot of people find a bit coy and there are. Large institutional investors and entities. But were large. It 'cause it's a 200 billion dollar market cap so that's a whole lot of money you gotta use yet shift a lot of money around in order to manipulated 200 billion dollar market cap market. But a similar to sell off much of it quite a price for to go down. Then a bunch of people would bio that they quite on the dip in the price could go back up this is how markets work they tend tend towards equilibrium so if the price goes down and there's a higher demand. Then will support that lower price than the price will go right back up. So unlike other markets like especially the United States dollar and other Fiat currencies which are extremely manipulated by central banks arbitrarily pumping out dollars and taking away your value it's called inflation tax. That's a pass a bill in order to take your money I'll introduce create more money and give it to their buddies or use it on foreign wars progression. Then that's a real problem there are so that's why a lot of people are putting their money in decline because they no longer trust the government marked government regulated markets. And centralized markets in central find legacy financial instruments and they're trying something new that's decentralizing trust's list and that's why receipt of price going up right now. It is largely due to speculation there's a lot of people trying to make some money here on the price. But we'll see more adoption and more actual use of decline in the coming years to get in now. Yeah those people that are selling on the price goes down they're just. Acting out of fear pretty much we have a term the declines community has told hoddle. HO DL hold on for dear life. Because. Big going goes opening goes down as more volatile. Then some other markets and if you just get scared because the price goes down a little bit and then sell everything there's going to be someone who's awaiting. For you to sell so that they can buy it. But what about speculation on a larger level not just with marching groups until you know large area right here and there and I've got a graph of the bubbles the dot com bubble in the housing bubble bio tech bubbles. And acorn is the largest and fastest occurring bubble out of all of those and how we know it's not follow the same trend as what has happened in the past this is not a bullet that it is okay I don't get that. Still going up is someone close to what what you're talking about what's gonna happen is equal drop. Illegal right back up. It's called a correction so right now the price maybe high 'cause there's all this hype and a lot of look the Wall Street money and like old school money is finally starting to get into it especially since they're gonna launch financial arrangement satellite you bitcoin futures. Potentially be for the end of the year. I am now. But sadly the bubble may correct yes this this may there may be a price correction but that's a great time to buy and when the price goes down told the depth guys I did you also in that it happens you have people who used everything they had a little bit only if you sell that deal is that he zone invest more than you can afford to lose exactly. Yes and if it's O'Connor says why would we want monitoring fraud protection is essential but privacy is incredibly important. Well. The way that things are monitored now markets like with the SEC and the department treasury. They fail at that job all the time in fact empowered the big banks are really decent some shady sayings so. When you have a free market that's just left said that the whims of the of the supply and demand and people that are involved I think it tends towards a more natural organic place that the prices should be so I I value privacy more than. Having some external party. Regulate or interfere try to protect us because he had at Vienna's questionable pat. Our other governments regulate regulatory agencies protecting us now with the dollar and stuff know their debasing the currency causing all sorts of harms so we don't need them let's give the free market to try for once. Amnesty to says big corner is awesome but regardless of who can trade. Is they're still huge uncertainty regarding the metrics or lack thereof that track fraudulent manipulation of the trading value. And please explain how I can trust the platform. Was a classic liberty vs security right so with big corn we have freedom we have free markets if we start trying to control it and regulated it's gonna lose its innovative edge and a lot the lot of people that are investing in it to protect themselves from government intervention. It's not gonna have that value so. I don't think that we need that I I would prefer liberty to security and I think that the market has mechanisms in place and incentives and disincentives that just occur organically and get into witnessed is really awesome experiment with total freedom so as America isn't someone that doesn't believe in government at all. It's really exciting to see. A decentralize. Example that's allows us an exchange value on a global scale without government regulation and it's working that's really cool. You don't believe in government. Nobly and freedom. I am in July. Stephen says he is twenty inch biceps and for 300 you're going to he'll show up for. Experiences I don't prove. Oh OK we'll Stephen Jim I says you're three inches short. Of the SE. Oh minimum which gad I. He's gonna show up east and you and you dating show a sound like he when his biceps and for three is a big boy he'll show up. Oh he I need to given 300 bitcoin. Let's say pretty. I think he he has 300 big corner. And keep. Arms and didn't go 300 being what I thought a lot Stephen you know 300 times 111000 you know that is. That's a lot of vehicle in meetings and I. I pretty much. I think 33 million zen moments and then cancel its allotted at home I have not act. Right so I. Derek says hey John bush I don't like the word will show you people think it's natural I prefer the word. Deflation. It's much more actress only bring Gary back into the conversation line one Derek and by the way I call in numbers 512643. Live that's 512643. 5483. Day. Which GAAP. OK first of all who the word out her term as an indication on deflation. And evaluation and insinuate that. You're being robbed of the value you're all dollar put up. Anyway. What I was a part of the corner on what was the topic early on. Tonight we're OC deal here we go back there and we were talking Santa HL and on guns were talk and big oil. In a minute we're talking weeds you know indeed lasts about the left and right. Saw well. Well I I don't go talk about national right to prop that you mention it Karbala about it a little bit and be getting an issue out of debt. And you seem to be in favor of it and a lot of people are. I am. And it might surprise you don't know that aid very true to any organization like Gonchar got aren't actually opposed to it. And there are many reasons for about our lives I kind of alluded to earlier about what happens whenever you get the democratic control. That does it mean if you that I held issues. Yeah on it not gonna Eric. With a Packard LP he can carry in state like California or New York. It's. It still. Not met do. And we're lose you just a little big Gary Cummings the easiest and I got a good signal. Very you're trying to get deficit we had to sit up and down but to me tell you this it is see this is why we. You know we all love each other because we can agree to disagree because I'd been supportive of canceled here reciprocity. I like the ink a license bill that you know the law that we have here in Texas they'll TC. And you know and I'm good wind you know my license that the Texas LTC being recognized and every single state. You know I would love to be able to finally go to California and be able to take my gun with me to California right now I can't go I think I have to stop it. In Arizona has a heart stopped for me you know I get to the borders like. I see as a part have a heart attack and had to call 911 so I turn around and come back so. I'm actually looking toward to that. There are there are provisions in my bill but don't necessarily guarantee your ability to carry California. Number one it defines handgun to include the magazine. And the ammunition weathered the magazine or and the guts. And so if you have a spare mad cow. Where to Magnus but by definition of the handgun according to the bill. And because you're traveling in the California whatever magazine restriction they have you have to abide by. And at California up in the side hey we want to pass a law that says you can't carry with them say twenty feet of the road or are. Yeah that's why you're still subject of that so there's a lot of scrutiny that's gonna happen especially it could happen if if it happens. And you what I think you'll see is more people ending up in trouble on the long side of the law because. They thought they were protected when they really want. Okay all right and let me bring into the conversation and the crypto shale I think we have to crypto show on Skype all the way of him what country and Danny. And he says I'm I'm in Colombia Colombia right now in the clue what you do it and got a lot of in Latin so Latin American bitcoin conference. Wow man I'd say onion has been doing. We'll see ads and I was there and also a Levy was no need to bring them symbols of young hardy's back to a yes behind them. Woods and I once known how the not a Kodak she's yeah she's a cougar instant she wants a young Danny. Also did you gonna have day you know ounce of youth. In the end gonna get a little dog leg on your computer going yeah. It's a 23 inch biceps and and and you know deny could be yours but I. I know he's my parent. So so so Danny at weird we're talking big coin and man it's the roof right now it's like eleven Graham for one day Corning people are saying don't give it. And I'm telling people go and buy it buy it now in India and Graham opened. Our d.s is just eleven when you go down. Always a down that low in 111 nadir and now those living when they claim that it's okay dad is a lemon six earlier so lemonade. So you know you know people are being skeptical about this to try to scare people away you know what you say. I'm enjoying the hell out of it you know I can't complain at all so but it. I'm watching I'm completely living 100% also vote could do currency right now I. Do have a roofing company and I do some work that I it's pretty much just gonna drop down that hinges on just working with crypto. Isn't really enjoying it because we're able to do you know you know charities things. All around the world now I'm here in Colombia is and not really doing much richer easier but. I flew here from Mexico City where we're helping out with the earthquake victims yeah I need that from here go back. We're gonna help those houses and stuff like that was crypto currency that we've been Sunday it was a debt. It's a year old she is actually on crypto currency not just because. That's nice okay as a very good and so what's the atmosphere at the Colombian crypto currency or big corn conference. And it it's pretty interesting there's people from all around the world here are so that a bit it's pretty good I know were were doing a show later tonight. And we will have people from Ireland Venezuela. Here in Columbia. Nicely tuned to areas of Colombia known they'll be sitting in was this on the show tonight time and they also works for dash may not their dash. In deathly let them know that there's a gun story in Texas where they come in and purchase guns season vehicle and in the and and we we we like Colombians. Now gonna get in trouble for that no messages in the face of messages please. Side note if Marion just didn't show I think there there's enough people on the show right now to probably cement. They're crazy dude Leland into a suicide mode hopefully. Oh yeah he's actually sit in the room bump it is kids can get. All right now and and I I I want him to release that that audio. He's created. Yet all three of my arch enemies are more and show like yeah because he recorded conversation would be actually called me up one day Al sleeping. As I see is some crazy miss and don't have sleep and I'm like what are you talking about. And I get to get any just irritates me to the pass like you know what you're after with the wrong person I want it released released at. I. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill. So you guys wanna know how. Hot against some big coin let's go to exploited T so we're gonna do is. We're going to you go and download V coined based app on our phones so if you don't have corn base app on your phone going download that now from the App Store. Corn base that's CY NB SE. Would download that app right now and then we come back we're gonna. Talked to you about angle it in once you download it go ahead and set up an account yet to deal username and pass through and going to set that up. In the NL once you that will come back TM. We'll go to the next step is that important base is going to be the very easy it's easy user interface and have for beginners don't know much about be calling so that way you can actually. Download an app you'll be able to link with your bank account and then you'll be able to you down. You know by being coin. And do it that way. And like John bush was saying earlier you also have to have to our identification. I guess so they do know your customer check when you use corn base so if you buy more than 20000 that they set the standard and iris may become aware that you combined to Quinn privately and like a bitcoin meet up switching gonna McClinton did quite a common seat there's one in your area. We can use a service call local big coins dot com but often times they charge hi fi. So enforce a bequest was yellow Freeman privacy but the government is getting their grubby hands on it but there are ways tape to get it without doing that. So. Once I sign up here you mentioned something about have to put it in my walk wallet. So enamored of that yet and I'm sure about them at your ear corn basis gonna be your wallet. But it's advise for people to hold their big corn especially if it's a large amount in a wallet where only they have access to the private key so every bitcoin. A count as a public address which is like the account that you send people to send you money and a private key. Private key gives you access to the bitcoin associated with that account. So if coin base has access your private key or they get subpoenaed by the government say we wanna take that person's big coin or they end at night going bankrupt and close all the servers. Then you lose your money. The beauty about decline as you can have total control and sovereignty over your money so it's best to buy two corn base which is trusted and legitimate and then send it to an. A lot you can have on your computer like electron. Or you can download Wallace called air bits AI RPI too easy just always make sure you write your past were down and use every opportunity to back it up because if you lose it. He can appeal to Sony can't call the CEO decliners a CEO's know customer service line declined to make you always back it up Brett your passwords down store. Elsewhere from your computer like written down put it in safe with your guns. And and you'll be you'll be set. Then once you're ready for the next steps you can actually get what's called a hard wallet. Which is about the size of a USB stick maybe two inches on hand me lesson and as well. Don didn't start. That doesn't sound excited. But you have done with her entire email all industries. You can just read described. The death. It's this you know nothing to write home to momma to I don't know what it is learned nothing heartburn. But the millions of them is basically digital wallet where you can hold your big going where none of the companies have that complete access. This is how men stay ahead on everything can they don't understand really does terminology like and I'm out. Just just like you know this is the this of the conversation we have wars in the bar medalist. And business. Thank they maybe they'll make it giant big corn and hard wallet Benson I don't want to. How you keep carried around secretly with you I saw let me go. Yeah yeah. India eight inch on that you can I don't know how you can get through airport security. I. Mean. What is so as not around as a matter is the emotion in the ocean plays old bats that's. Are you all talk about larger breasts. Why does size matter. The man who knew him best for one dollar and that point or you can invest and Al hunt got Mather. In the eyes of the investment. Convicted you better returns he see in their beats a big investment never means there. Never another challenge. And we never did that affect the ides let me go back to date for his secondary so we're talking we'd in the lead. City where I play and he said the Italians. I know now because we're not the government to I didn't download. Episode once they couldn't set a peer counselors don't need my checking information to sign and yet I'm sure he gonna create if you create an account. Parents Derek what's going on in Hawaii with his week we'd done confiscation thing. So basically what I understand. Is either in the county sheriff's or one of the police chiefs and Hawaii. That a letter to more than a few people saying that because you are Ellen her medical marijuana. You now have to surrender all firearms and kind of goes then to. The end game but a lot of people think Democrats and while their actions kind of support that claim that they've really wants or London station. Because as far as we're concerned and nobody has I don't think anybody has ever really committed to cents with a firearm all under the influence of marijuana. Probably because they can't find it actually going to downplay. Sends. There are gonna. And just so people know Gary the forty voice every three. Was actually revised back in October 2016. And then they got stores had to start using this new 44 said he three in January. On that new 44 said he three which is a form that yet the fill out when you walk into a gun store to purchase of firearms. It's eleven eat in an eleven. Regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you preside. So that's one of the the questions on the form there. And so they're saying hey basically via the metal. A minute sold. Additional card medical marijuana card then you cannot purchase a gun in a dinosaur. But yet if you have other prescription for how to decode out. Yours you're still okay right you can. On opiates and carried him you to. Yeah or SS RIs incite medicine was almost submission there he has been on. Ray if you stop taking SSR and those are active shooters he assumed it was side effects as a cause suicide. If that evil Merrill all of that it macro all these issues so. The next is an Harry Potter limited. No wait a minute do we really think this is. Not being. You know I'm gonna bring up race why don't to use it being played to be DeVries was race always Nikkei is a blow we talked about earlier on the phone I said we've always had this discussion about rappers who smoke weed and how horrible trigger guard and they're in their rap videos and like don't you think this is another form of prospect. The guy and the dress will block it kinda crass I'm in and out of the inning my ample. My problem with that is you know you really when you're doing videos you don't FaceBook postings he knows snapped Shaq is to Grammy need to pretend for farm is that what you do you I don't watch illegal. While you're committing a crime and pretend that someone's gonna see that share that and Zack and so when you don't be surprised when the government comes and knocks on your door that's. We hate using hate both Cindy did this video viewed on something like this came out of nowhere because. Really feel like a lot of people who smoke weed also Carrey and I'm filling those two things are not sum up exactly I don't think it's it's in it it's an am make up anywhere there's an old demographics is there a database. Like I've Philly there's a lot of Republicans who Carrey who don't smoke weed but might be on opiates or some code owners are like some form of an opiate. But I'm being the weed and lawful carrier thing is interchangeable I think this is a propaganda machine gun just is to swallow up some more racist issues. Do you mean you won't you like us and 1911. When they're really debating. Criminalizing the lotion and Obie awards. One of the things is that doctors testified on bush is that drugs like cocaine and heroin. Cause. Black men to rape white women. Treat their marksmanship. Senator Harris. Easy does need I don't rob. I'm not running. Here's the thing you can also. Just go back and watch reefer madness so it's about pot. And not convention. Like the thing for handgun carry was to help disarm blacks against Clinton and attack. So all you're not wrong for the rock. But so is all about having to take a year and has. Ditching them I think has really mean he no way you know don't get Democrat I did plead that I. Think we have to because you know like this pulled taxes and the net neutrality repeal it's just a matter of time. That is they're gonna start coming after gun and I mean Democrats are gonna throw everybody else under the bus just so they can have their Internet. And it's gonna it's. It's just what's what's OK okay John bush lol actually let me ask. Daley says some Danny you know what's your take on net neutrality. And don't really Arum. I guess John John what can happen any. What's your take on I think less government control is always a good thing zone and I don't trust the FCC to regulate. And the Internet in the least bit so I I would like to have the government out of it and if if a private company thinks it's in their interest. To do something it's going to be in a concern resisters in most cases are they're gonna lose service to their lives or service other competition so if someone wants a discharged for streaming service a little bit here and for messaging service over there. Then they should be able to do so I'll leave it doesn't work thus moved to another provider. Somebody will figure out another way it's really open up an Internet cafe that's also strip club we've party designs. I think this is asking for this if I Twitter is asking for this he's saying now. I'm telling your head up the back they're asking for you know the government to get involved in net neutrality you definitely to say now. I mean you know. You have to pay for MySpace like this this is not a new concept this is how the Internet started minus zero for some people have already done I'll always done free stuff. But pick the elderly in my eyes saying I'm just saying like in other places I remember being in Las Vegas paying thirty dollars to get into an Internet cafe because I didn't have Internet I don't know what it was that was in the nineties. And I easily paid thirty dollars for one hour of being on the Internet AOL and it was really slow. And either people are going to pay for it or their and I and I think this is the perfect time to send your teenagers to hacking school I think this is gonna open a misty has seen it says in an old change. And us assays and accused of their points or Vick was off to visit this is. I think it's necessarily a bad thing we all need to be out talking to each other and going the bars and hanging out anyway so you can't afford the Internet they need need to start. Brushing up on your social skills or something you need to like figure out where your market is in this incident that may or may not happen highways in Derek. Oh so I've always been very very pro capitalist the ball pretty much everything. I think there is a premarket solution to 99.9. Percent of the nation's problems and so if this week fully repealed net neutrality. And all of the evil thing that people think you're gonna happen actually happen. You better believe that there's going to be somebody up there with a profit motive to come out and say you know what here's a better solution here's my product. That I'm not the throttle your speed and comment on that charge you you know lower rate and you're gonna get about a product. I don't I can't ask for ID an assessment change gears again so it was no what does a wall canceled Danny says some from the crypto show what's awhile. It's a do you know it's just an app that you would put on your own or you can go to meet you guys were mentioning corn base aura arbor wallet I would say go to. It addressed dot org rather than paying if you're new to a rather than paying money. For a hardware Awad go to bid address and and create a paper wallet and in mount you know keeps that. That basically is just a service that that song whatever App Store that. Stores your keys. Though they give you access to your big corn and right now it's not us that's a hard question now what is aired its. Air bits is probably the best wallet out there as far as you know there. A mobile wallets for your strong he's very secure and it's very users might. And very soon it'll also be called edge not air bids but you know for now you just go ahead and search for air bids. You know your stories actually on their beds or somebody wants to find work by Darren are worthy to use the ATM your story solicit a higher bit early. I'm bonus what I even tell me that producer and I don't. If you type him like that claim your name and that really it was an absolutely pleasure take on that John bush. Yeah alliance is a program that allows you to interface with the big claim block chain which is the distributed public ledger that's the innovation of the coin this block chain technology you don't have to trust Wells Fargo for the Federal Reserve Bank in order to. Inform everyone how much declined different people should have it's completely decentralized and distributed and I agree air base is definitely one of the easiest and most secure mobile wallets so for new people are either join with corn base and then transfer it to air base would be easy solution. And it. In actually surprise you guys are all excited about the big corn price but actually forward for the last year. Dick Cohen is actually behind like calling the narrow Syrian and dashed this sort. As far as the priests percentage rate that it's gone up it's like they das is eight times higher than. How how much higher is that there are hammering out because I people I know people are planning their wedding sending their kids to college on the area. The Syrian is about five times aren't and according. Return for a year so John bush it's not Wally gets hacked in my reimbursed as a question from steam so decoy his freedom. And with freedom comes great response. Law. I do I do crypto currency consultations and I help people set up their wallets and make sure they're safe forensic here and you have to be sure you back it up there's been people that have forgot their passwords and they blamed bitcoin so there's a customer service desk or CEO he can't called he says he is there's a fraudulent transaction you have to see you exercise personal responsibility right down your passwords back up your wallet and stored in a safe and secure place Guyanese are aren't you John bush. Bomb on FaceBook and my emails John bush 512 at John bush I went to your original comment I've been involved in the crypt space for awhile and I know a lot of people are getting excited because the price. Is going out if you like me and Danny been excited since the prize is like two dollars. I think it's gonna continue to go up so it on its. I don't have right just like a kids book explaining this for like the rest of us. Now there's a lady here in a minute there in Austin and actually wrote a book called block change for dummies if you like. They call each other honors the best web I'll go to that's been going dot com it's a super. Really informative website they have news they have a wallet that's also safe and secure and trustworthy on the mobile app and on line if you don't put it on your phone. But they have the front page has also really give your song is only one and then if you act it out. My phone died and had all sorts of different crypto currencies like five different wallets and I was able to restore every single one of them because they diligently backed up each one of them so it's critical if you get involved it's freedom there's no when you can appeal to you've got to exercise personal responsibility. Which is a good idea in the first place with any any guns should be an alliance we did. Flickr. Illinois he's as her record and he's going base I wouldn't recommend corn base to save my wife I always sold and big corn corn bay. Is a couple of months ago and needed to use it for the charities of that we were actually doing down on the coast I was trying to help people from the hurricane. And it took 49 days to get my money and oil base screws going base what do you read oh that's easy though for new folks in any other is Maria once easy third for new Republicans out. Saying for new. It's a buying it would be like he'd like you said go to local big corn and sore. There's a store in San Antonio call LO a lakers that I won't be threw everything out there with him. As a big quake hit an essential Texas and on court. Go to go to a local bitcoin meet up and meet somebody there and they'll be glad to help you and or at the time people actually sell it to US spot is or just a little over rather than ten or 20%. Some people charged fees some people just are because they wanted to see it working on it though here in Texas to help immigrants get their money back to Mexico. And we've lowered our prices on the ATMs down to size percent with the secret code from them so that. They can send your own were trying to your help before practice on what he's Indian yeah. I'm helping anybody this is for everybody is not just ordinary means sequence global is right you know I think outside you know is not just a lax processor. Demographic in the united they then because I seriously label. Nobody teaching this in high school or like you know and it's not in college some courses not everybody goes to college. Well while we're watching it right here on. That this is just honestly I go to the big corn media groups they will talk talk to you about this and it was demographic and those Mina these people got it doesn't hurt got to show up you got to show up but I can hear me you yeah. Early just under. Out about the snow on the same like any general and honesty did you think if they can pick their phony Google being going media or be cooling they will come up with this are there any hot minute these meet up groups see that's what. Would you can imagine him quite I mean you and I know it's like every woman and it's over here regiment I mean I'm Jim asked. Is there a lesson here alone appreciate. He gets that going Danny will be that a compliment now to I'm new life this is a. Sickened that anyone is. Secure looting amounted. The episode because increasingly being integrated into the gaming systems and stuff like that so you're reaching the kids so there's not gonna be it demographic everybody who plays game beautiful lady came in two different crypto is Richie Rich can invest and and it quite absolutely. It'll be the backbone of this financial systems. Plague I Ole yell live in a different universe or something. I don't know if you know what you'd nights ago Arizona Big Bang there is so I think a lot of people are hearing about it. What they like 79 people do we have some rap songs about it quite. He had there are some just very just thought I'd like to rap songs actually about big point about declined there's entire decor and rappers their whole career is be quite wrap it. They're out. All came. So let me go back to dairy so Derek one more time wrap this up with this Tulsa not the nicks fix bill and why you think this is a bad thing. What there is one other vision I didn't even get to talk about earlier so I'm glad you brought this back up. Buried in the bottom of the bill is media section that are entitled BJ yes. Tracking a bump start crimes and basically. It is mandating that the Bureau of Justice Statistics keep track of every single crime committed with the ball stopped and then they go ahead. And that and that's ridiculous because there's only one crime being committed with a box top. I GT right to crimes. Well right not to mention though. It gives Dianne Feinstein her first step toward doing whatever she wants to do know I'm sorry if I'm sorry to mentioned the correction once only on the one. One instant actually Apple's stuff. Okay go to this section actually defined bump spot in the US code where every other firearm definition. So. This bill helps create first or people like Feinstein who just want keep banning more and more got. So this whole bill is just. Bad news. Absolutely awful and if anybody listening Lyndon John Culbertson district which is down in Houston area I'm sorry but his name Obama how urgent. And John Cornyn name Obama Butler so we need to. Cannot push that those old boys are displeasure. And let them know that. You. Okay and then down in the soul that's the the the nicks fix bill anything on the consult your reciprocity and and and you don't like that bill I like it you'll like it I don't like the fact they're gonna merge them together. And sneak that through with the the knicks and the canceled here reciprocity that I don't like but I like to cancel care reciprocity as a standalone bill. Yeah my my issue with that ripped the to military record profit without getting teary but what happens whenever Democrats take control. I think it opens up way to many doors for them they ignore the federal government comes could come out easel where. Standard OK if you want to enact urge you wanna carry in all fifty day. Then you have to carry liability insurance or you have to meet these qualifiers. Or these things disqualified. I just think that it opens up way too many doors. That the federal government shouldn't have their hands and and I think that it just helps the Democrats in the future. Trained so that's Derek. With the most are gonna race in Derrick you guys have a podcast right. Yeah I I host a weekly podcast you can find it on iTunes in Google play stitcher. Two and then just about every podcast up and we're going to be developing any YouTube channel dedicated to it as well we currently have a ones are gone aren't YouTube channel or we do product reviews. And things like that as well you can find this there and now we're also on FaceBook and Earnest Graham and of course our website wants to argue about come. Actually goes on that for those product reviews only gun reviews from the majority of those guns come from central Texas got awards. And the outcome talk radio shall shall definitely check that podcasts out. When a lot of good stuff when he deed of product reviews are very good read these very thorough. Great job on absolute demand thanks Derrick are really appreciate you coming inning actually call in on the show today really appreciate that. I appreciate it like any array of a lot of risk you weekend. You ISO Danny Danny says Somalia in Columbia. The man I I eagle and how you parting had a great time in Columbia. Just. Mostly hanging out here it here at the motel worry her hotel excuse me where where India and the event is happening there's already a bunch of people that I know from our. Around the world that are that are showing up so he's parties said we're doing a show what some the other people's tonight here from the hotel room. Nice what time is it they're now. Hi it's 1 hour it's 6 PM okay X sixty fixed is at any time a party okay right nice and it. And I also now and one more question is XRP worth buying into Solis who knows XRP worth buying into. XRP ripple ripple yet. And I guess it's worth buying and selling one no. I wouldn't advise it triple it for us and so I'm. Think it's a solid investment unlike what he's must be other crypto currencies it's a centralized currency so there's a private company that that backs it operates it. But there so as an anarchist and a libertarian I don't like it. As announced for Nora and some of them wants to make more money. I do like it because they're there and they just hired as their days added the board of directors got in Ben Los key was in New York State superintendent that at the bit license which was he's really onerous regulations so. Doesn't look good for libertarians but. I think that they're trying to work with governments and banks to try to replace like star and pulls these ATM and institutions and send and receive money. So I think it has a lot of potential it's unique but again as libertarians not the line of my philosophy. Violent comes to make money I think you'd be a sound investment. Iso getting tell us about crypto so as we are almost done here where can we finally Chris socially quickly listen to it. On and 89 point one SM and Austin and that is Wednesday and Sunday nights at 8 PM and not an addict without it does show you. Yeah it's that crypto show. And no you can go to the website Tucker showed I'd come with got a whole section that subsection dolls that are from what we're doing with dash that's pretty interesting we call a dash shares. And it's just kind of covering what. What we've been doing. Over the last year and you know the last six months I was on the road. And going we'd I was going dash bait me to drive around that whole western half the United States and visits. It. Khamis dispensaries to talk to them about crypto currency. So dash is actually on the for the forefront of bringing Canada's industry into crypto I went out they was dating me and thank you for coming on the show really appreciate that you don't agree thing in Columbia. I enjoyed talking about being Corning guns console care reciprocity in mixed bill. As always more guns equals less crime squad by yourself well bill. Needless to come talking. With Michael cardinal. It.