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Sunday, January 7th

Come And Talk It, for January 7.


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And socket meet your post Michael Cargill. Brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed in support of the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms. He is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine. Fox Business news CNN money AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defend lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Staying Austin, Texas is loud music capital world let's praise the lord and pass the ammunition. All right so today we're gonna give away a slap firebombed stock that's right slap firebomb stock you know where I've got this idea from. You know sit at home pitching Chernoff was at home at work a light and I got this little alert at someone bush triggered for some reason no reason at all. Any just fought. They would just send me a tank. To say just how of a terrible person I am when it comes to you people that are anti Second Amendment. As a double my goodness you know I'm glad you're thinking about me on New Year's heat. You know that's how he's being your New Year's Eve they do about Michael Cargill oh my god I. I'm just. I'm just honored you know and I hope you had a nice clear he's good why did at a great time I I brought in the new year is in an ad just so wonderful fashion sold. As a as a way to express my thinking is particular about leak by the people that are that Cox not blocks and who every us you know with Al beard. I'm gonna give away a slot fire bombed stock that's right so I hope you're really triggered now. So I was slap firebombed stock that's right you get a bump stocking you get above stock hit a bomb Scott that's right one's gonna get a bump stock. I'd sell and it just does give us a call I call in numbers by 126435483. That's 512643. 5483. I may give away one bump stop. I'm maybe give way to bump Scott I don't know you know why because I'm a big cool one million man that's right would come in for you baby. The game a lot to think about this hour now let's talk about. Let's see. That's look at this dole analysis senate bill 273. To 73. Is the dear old dads. Senator. Campbell and she presented and actually got it past the Texas legislature. It's in reference to different cities and municipalities who actually prohibited. License holes and carrying on city property. Now this. What we did back in September the first of 2015 when this bill actually went into effect. Actually filed a complaint against the city of Boston. And what the city Boston is doing is they were actually prohibiting licensed homes from canyon sized City Hall. And there's actually a gets a law that she volleys the Texas State law. Now some people asking will this city of Boston actually has. They're having an open meeting. UK and would that open meeting. Yes that is correct you can not. You eat you you can't carry whether they have an open meeting but in their different offices there in that building would bills on the offices as a license holder we should really carried it. So my complaint was that hey I should be able to walk it's awesome City Hall as it license holder won the most law abiding people in the state of Texas. I should be to walk to city hall and caring Mahe and gun. So I unscented the first tried to do this and the city Lawson had a thirty doubles six Scion posted. Which meant that I could not go in and I talk to them about this security verified that couldn't go in Kenny can't get. So than Athol my complaint with text attorney general's office and regional accent the complaint I also. Notified the city of Boston again. And then. That person counter. Then council members there and and that she was actually in the building and he actually took one little size in turn them around and say you know what you're right we are violating the Texas State law. So you you should be able to caring here NASA actually right council members and so then. Eventually the city of Boston took the sign down. So then I went back. Few days later. And immediately verbal notice is that you know we we're not gonna have a sign posted for a good any verbal notice informing you that you cannot carry an awesome City Hall. I so when you can't give me verbal notice because I should be to carry the rest of the building. And so they're like man. Powell has an OK so I didn't file another complaint that takes angel's office to inform them that this city Lawson was violating. Our Texas laws. So now speed Ford that was back in September of 2015. Here are it's now January 2018. Let me tell you how this works. Whenever you filed a complaint and you give them noticed informed them that their volley in the long. Then on that first day after so many days have passed. That first day after that then it becomes. A 1000 to 1500. Dollar fine. After that every day after that it's now a 101000 to 101500. Dollar fine. Every subsequent date because that's an additional infraction. And you have to reel read the bill you got to read the bill analysis. So we Goldstein the bill which is on the senate bill 273 that when it's affects it in the first 2015. Would go that bill. Looked down to where they have all the different punishments and things of that nature is says it provides that a state agency or political subdivision of the state. That volley subsection a is liable for a civil penalty. Of one. Not less than 1000 now more than 1500. Dollars for the first violation. And not less than 101000 and that more than 101500. Dolls for the second or subsequent violation. And Dennis says it provides that each day of a continuing violation. Of this subsection. It constitutes a separate violation. So it means for the first day it's 1000 to 1500 dollars every day after that is 101000 to 101500 dollars. So here we are now. It's January 2018. On December the 22 2017. We got a a response from some of the emotions that were presented. And the judge basically said hey this Casey's eagle Ford there's mirrored here. So we're gonna go forward so that means that as of right now the city bosses looking at seven point three million dollars. That the old accept that. Because they don't all license holders an Israeli that money's not going to license holders is actually gonna go to fix our roads our infrastructure. But right now the city of Boston is looking at seven point three million dollar fine right now for violating. The Texas law and violating license holder's right to be to carry because we all met bill in that building belongs to the people. Let me go to the phone lines get lined one I call in numbers 512643. Lap that's 5126435483. If you wonder when that bomb stock DB a call. Line one Gil would come to talk. My one. So yes sir. They might push Brent are you don't today our bread which got going. Well just does sitting back to your work listening to your show watching your called into register for the oh start that slugger. I'm NIC will get a slap Fred blood stock. So tell me why you're one who wins like he was dislodged part bump stop. Well. They borrowed. This because because post this because. To your irritate the entire gun control. Right now what do you do what do you think get to some people are saying you know why do you wanna give something like that away. Because that was something that was used in the Vegas shooting. Well I mean. People give guns away for prizes I mean. It's not the object. It's still perfume behind me they didn't squeeze we had been put itself on the gun in a gun didn't squeeze its own triggered. Right then I'd say it you know I love the Abdul and we're gonna throw your hat. Your name in the hat right now for the bump stocks are shill. You aren't a very arts and will let you know let's little 1990. Euro would come and talk to you wanna win that bump stop. You might say what's going on. Hey you know let they weren't the only ones thinking about you on New Year's you know you can dot YouTube you think has always had. What you're seeing you would think anybody else think about you see. Hey I'm Paula I'm com to get get bent bone stock came up I've got some valves. That that I wanna share if you go to our win at Fahnestock. Some things that I felt to do. Because women not bump something not by sharing with you in good. OK who's number one and our our doubts it'll smoke which you know personal. A person's funny. I'm down to clean a rifle with a little serious onslaught snowflakes. Oh man I was at his music to this hold on equity I don't something in the background is this is just beautiful I did you get close to the Mike would you slow down little a little bit. I wish I had the bat you know that at. A hill or something that we can play is a giggle and say that to me just warmer target to save real slow and can't. Located it I bow to no no links course. Society. I go to clean my local priest ridden liberal answers. And hopefully. I mean now it's optimism and peace in the loop and soc suppliers it's. How to hunt after her own speed at least. Eyebrow. Or two out with operations all eyes are protest that you cease. I battle. Best walk and precious metals such as parents. And let's see eighteen. Also our belts just not it's just shocked person you won't have been out in California. So please please let me update these valves reality. Hit me so accuracy Mike concierge service. Includes freedom he's. Oh my god that was his beautiful. Face you see a lot of fight in us. What's at the funny thing about the buck starts let's get. Is gun control created the buck stops that amount ease the gasoline current on shots from gun control. We shouldn't. Mean I tell you what are so we gonna fill your your name in the hat there. All right so you just hold on there. All right all right so I mean that's they do when this bunch stock definitely give us a call because that was just moving for me that was really moving. Calling numbers 5126435483. That's 51 team. 643. 5483. Give us a call you a week when this slide fire bombed stock. I hope you triggered. TV a lot to think about now. Once. We think of that review. Because now it it it triggers them because I'm not only. What do you think about your New Year's Eve to bring in the new year and you know about how news or you'll such a miserable person I am someone had to go to my. Page my goal paging give us a bull revealed. So let's. Please re re a what was it was yet but let's talk a good good read to Google revealed. Yeah you really triggered somebody like oh they were triggered to listen to this new review ladies and gentlemen general John Dunne and Michael. I think this time you've got somebody who left to use our review let's talk him TV. She uses an off screen users may okay Travis Bill Maher on track this bill mono can do it forever you know proud to say. He left CA one star review. He said. I took a class here a few years ago the classes fines and got my license after that no issues there. Or raise awareness about its owner's door youth is platform to single out a gun control. Activists who happens to be a friend of mine all. I grew up in Austin went to UT started a successful business there. I have my own. And I have my own opinions about gun rights and say do you. As we are entitled to its citizens. So and this is an eye is Wanda Warren catalog tonight's to a news employed displays. You're supporting a business owner I was singing those out individual gun comes. Well I'm too visited his daughter until now gonna Julius. They read it read like Daffy Duck now. Yeah go Michael go back a couple sentences reasons like that isn't that bad it's a the very nice paint I have to read it as I think this guy would say the fitness and you have to re how you think he sounds that I was okay compliments and there. He said he enjoys you're gone Claus yeah he enjoyed class what does she think about it. I just I mean my aim. I know on my family's business has gotten the worst Yelp reviews before in the past have always kinda had a little chip on my shoulder about Yelp and trip advisor and sites like that. An honest honest always angry people that go on there debate and he really affected business in no way what are you don't blame for this winter storm kind of come near its door that you meant the snowflakes so trigger they just sort of fallen from this guy I'm the reason for the second snowfall that he had an honest good. I know talk to all my fault because I believe it snowed a second time in the same year. I go ahead what do you he's not even done he's as I'm finished OK. I think is dangerous behavior and I would like it to stop. It's an owner if you pledge to stop singling people out like death I'll be happy to remove my complaint. Just isn't the only aspect of your business that I found untenable and in my experience also he's gonna Obama or Reid dean he's got a hold it as a hostage all I get is. I supposed to do not single people out. And I that I got a hairy spot for him to does that dart area let me tell you. And so let's I call in numbers 5126435483. What we talked about they were given away a slide fire blood stock that's right I'll be treated we're also don't talk about C Boston. The city of Boston is actually. In Derek. It's it's ladies and it's seven point three million dollars. That taxpayers are gonna have to pay because the city is violate the law on the being stubborn about it. That being so stubborn. It also got a check about we're gonna chat about attorney general sessions and the federal laws that are on the books. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk to. Physical on the war to deliver you to come in pocket with Michael card. Sound off on the news of the day with a time poll online ads on thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy go right choice. It's. Welcome back to come and socket. And now here's Michael's car you don't think. And razor routes all my crystal parents and fans out there and I yelled do I not say I love. Because it came out slow market to parents and family members if it wasn't for the crypto currency Stanley had so you should. It's been madness so ain't sexed up on up to the my exact tell me you know house crypto person doing. This week is doing good. Bit co nine is not exactly an all time high and something about sixteen and a half thousand. Bacterium is just crashing through guys isn't this going to the moon yet on an eleven arm but I do with the aimed at ending a bundle like Colin. Like coins gated in is just to Michael's like all key in them and Palestinian it. And as is Anna did jump to push everything to appear infidelity at all. Ryan has really load transactions he's been going has high fees if you wanna send somebody declining cost point 530 bucks right now. Why is that a lot like the fees so high well they corn used to be ten cents right. And the way that they take the fees miners get the fees. And basically they get a fraction of decline and I get a small portion of the big going so it's not. Relative to the price is relative to the fraction of the declines so while that was a low amount. Earlier this year on because 700 or lesser sorry for a year ago and because 700 bucks now it's you know. Almost when he times Iron Man which. That would Heatley yes and yes and yet in Guinea coins when you. No no no I don't have any coins on you are just discussing something called a real gun. Why you discuss the real day and bring in on the conversation. Well there's there's it's there's no there is fading sport there is extreme that accidents for extreme accuracy okay. And it's literally a barrel afternoon trigger on every soul right. And I thought he was talking about the military. Electromagnetic braille gun. Again that is what I was talking about. And now how smaller rival versions that you can actually sheer range still there urged Santa. And since then now. OK. All right let's see here. Me and you know good good. Yeah big going in. It's not exactly going to the moon right now but there are a lot of other all coins are like ripple. Which I learned a lot of them are a lot of money has made a lot of money it's a centralized. Crypto currency so it is not. As libertarian. As the rest of them because it is actually. Around by a bank or any other ones who are not. You know I think that one's gonna make a lot of money which it has led by a or let's say there was at twenty cents. Just couple weeks ago and now someone's three dollars so. As almost fifteen time gain last then you don't make a lot of money but it's not going to. Promotes. Freedom. We'll see how do you who do you buy it like I mean big clinic out once before and it was like. A serious process like I'd like wire money to someone but like how do you get like when in those ones as it is it easier to deal. Can be. I mean I haven't seen insane it's just like you never get it directly from somewhere as are always a middleman we have to like send someone money no don't you can go to local decline meet up and down there are always people there that want to sell on by you can't just going wind and by light going yeah you. Usually I know your customer checks and linking your bank town yeah sending in your ID. Stuff like that but if you have the big going somewhere are somehow. Then you can take that big coins and exchange. And then traded for whatever other all coin you want yeah for you process. And once you have all lagging incomes unions insulin and less again it's yeah it's not gonna and I realized something a lot of African words ask not a lot of words it's a lot of work and it's kind of fun though like when I did it and I I got the big one that day like had to go on one of research how to do it went wire money to someone go to a credit union and it was it was kind of fun. All right so I'd call in number is 5126435483. That's 526435483. You wanna win that slide fire bump stock. Let's go to line 111 you only come talk. Go it land one. They call and I'd answer it. Good young young you're on the air. Martin yeah yeah is speaker. Already Margaret it's grandmother and let's. Not much men I would like to know about those. Religion that you sit and long time ago by concealed carry into the city. Of Austin and I really that's why I'm following you because a chance that this cloud player. Oh absolutely I'd so what's happening right now is that cases before the district court so this isn't the first phase of it where they're following different motions. Will the judge basically said okay will this case you know he's eagle Ford now let's go and steal it scheduled for trials what needs to happen now. So he's gonna be a judge trial or jury trials what's gonna happen. And the way the judge in the way she did her ruling which in this is very important because this judge is a liberal judge in Travis County in Austin. So the way. This ruling came out in a way it ran. The city is going to be a little trouble. Because they should really get inside the deceit. As she sided with us like K you know everything that we said you know everything I told you about the law is exactly what the judge said. You know because we know what the law says the city Lawson just stalling wider stalling I don't know because every day baseball. It's another 101500. Dollars. Tomorrow's going to be 101500 dollars and onto it right now we're talking this up to seven point three million dollars. So this goes to court you know that's more time and then I'm sure is gonna be an appeal is gonna build bit what's Eagles to an appeal. This Eagles to a more conservative justice. Now you and a conservative court in I didn't get a little recorded more sleep debt we gonna lose that the upper him it because they actually gonna see the way. The governor in the eight G says hey this is what it is. So the CD is actually just wasting time wasting money by being stubborn. And right now it's seven point three million dollars in this is not a game. This is money that can be spent for all the things not this so I don't know why they're being so stubborn. The other in and does anybody know about gee Jack what what to do it yet. Talk about the. Online has changed. The online it says yeah yeah online exchange like I noted that the way to get to ripple of some trying to figure out. They can get it on there. I think it's a ripple so much he gets some ripple is that together exchange where it was Dallas I liked it sounds like a Barney saying just this just like the bottle liquor you know I just need to get some ripple yours aren't the man had personally they're lovely and had so you know as you know what's behind him vulnerable. What's really be a while to get some shots a ripple. It's okay. Clearly dealing and they're they're really dealing. So Heidi I did get some rip yeah his pick your poison go to an exchange that sells that there are many exchanges that do get on there. It's a big going on there whatever you may have trade forest and then get it. He gets and then at some point get out of that as a centralized currency and we are ultimately don't wanna supportive. Polls so I did something else. Okay. I understand Rahman to acorn and light corn and basically cast as well on track to respond. Aren't aren't I admit that at come on back to Texas now we mission. They aren't merit. I let Colin numbers 5126435483. That's 512643. 5483. Lying to you got a question what's your question line T. A what's going on. The general Walter I've got a question certainly are sitting here with this fire here yes sir absolutely. Some point three million since taxpayers drama. Seven point three million dollars in this city the mayor is being stubborn this City Council members are just. Just ignoring. The Texas law they're saying they're not gonna follow the law they're gonna violate the law. If you violate the large and you know what happens you go to jail. Right so how could how likely not hold them accountable. Now for the Feinberg for not upholding the law mean expect us to do it. So why can they not be held accountable I agree we as taxpayers have to pay this important very. I I agree with you 100% issue come out of their pockets you know the mayor he lives in the you know he's lived them was in that building. The WW he's living in the Debbie hold till the top of the top floor you know he can afford it. Yeah so you know there's a lot of weight you hold them accountable but they're but until I mean. Don't we there's something wrong with our license we go to jail where you bait a fight street to do. Yeah also they should be held to the same accountability. I agree 100%. 100. M man for that went after your name in the hat for that slot fire bump stop. Well I appreciate Mike and they've facial fight purse Second Amendment right. They are pre I appreciate you sir. Well they are not call in number is 5126435483. Best 5126435483. That's allowed one. You won a bunch stock. Line one. Dylan page you guys bear we are here. We're here don't do it may your voice sounds bend the mine we're doing great. Now we're doing mighty fine today. He's. Broker her current cultural wet weather going arm would no way nuts that yeah we're done pretty giddy is supposed to clear and be nice tomorrow. But little its is start a little cloudy but work for clearing up a little bit. Love it. To those bombs start to get guys what's what's happening with. So which is giving away a free slot for a bump start you know why because it does like Oprah Winfrey you get a bump stock and you get a bump stop you get a bump stop you just wanna give one away. Very important important theft and that's a. So you won't let you listen to your hat in the ring fourth. Yeah you are what you miss alleged drinking what do you drink and. May have bonuses that some pretty lame but some Schweppes ginger. What's the yeah that's out there against is it is it adds pretty to miss a look at all live there's something you can beat him you can. You Jimmie could you wanna do you know I mean am I gonna say that I haven't nor lesson that I have but. I installing it everywhere. Well don't do that now what do you what are due to slap firebombed stock if you win. Chrome and you name it. And a total what I would do well still talk dirty in which again you say it is. Easy out there to double the range of what you did you arrange go to northern Dallas. There's a couple. Or so we're sort of autumn. Because a lot of questions get harder I'm Laura. We're gonna alien three did you pretty as countdown to steam here at poker Europe don't do virtually. That aren't so. So either that because I. You know what I'm I'm in the process of building and Iran are now okay. And Emory and if anything that's one of the main ports from wacky. And as soon as you all well know that it is pretty typical pitcher emblem on you can't you're you're preparing Craig is our home. And I guess that's suitable down to it's it's that's. I don't say it's. Idol gives obsolete and you know. But. For sure would love won't be able to it looked at all of what oracle. Now what do you say to people that you know say hey you know this is something that the only guy used in Las Vegas and he killed a lot of people this is very irresponsible. I have met with the bulls down to your responsibility. It's it it's hard to. Two to classify that I mean it's no different than that are kind of situation and we knew where or how reduce terrific guy for that matter I mean. We also need fertilizer in else we have to get on people to grab that stuff you. In the remaining useful things they need to use that in Oklahoma City didn't. Fertilizer bomb believes riddled truck so vulnerable drug. I mean you've got to port down to the purse has rise in net and that's what it comes down to are you trying to say you can't legislate crazy. Well meaning but British tried to. Fast and I think he's contrive an inning can happen. You know it's not enough pride I mean. It gets its individuality. And metro there aren't ours we just can't have someone else's ownership upon yourself ring Kurt Russell principal. I assume we're gonna tell you had the range for this last fired bump Stockton. Appreciated Brian Nash appreciate chaser. Our kicker our UT Larry we're giving way to slide fire bunch stock are call in numbers 5126435483. That's 51286435483. Talk about the city Lawson. They're costing taxpayers seven point three million dollars because they're violating state law on their being stubborn. So they whether paid the money the seven point three million is that a lot allowing Liza souls of Kerry is awesome City Hall. Also gonna talk about a attorney general sessions. He's a force of some federal laws gonna talk about marijuana but I talk about some things that are on that 44 city three you need to be aware of this is Michael Cargill and you. Are listening to come and talk. Street that you're my way you listen to come and talk radio what Michael Clark. Had made the right choice. Talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill I'd so back to where it talked about the city of Austin. I they're costing taxpayers seven point three million dollars because they're violating state law by not allowing licensed holes to carry an awesome City Hall. So rather then. Evident pain you know revenues allow the nationals a cheery. Saying you know what fine I'll just pay the money. Seven point three million dollars ladies and gentlemen you to contact your City Council member you contact is the mayor's office is eight sockets. This this fight is going up. 101500. Dolls a date that condolence were knows how to win knows it's action who's controlling where that and find money goes to you is it still City Council. Or is that is Null and that's going into the state it's going to the states but the more important question when players don't mind is gonna come from also the money could actually go to hold another city it goes it was during errors or more has not guarding notorious for us losing not our state highway funding actually can go to San Antonio somewhere like that you know keep getting Houston or Dallas. And come to Austin. Voters remember this when you can't get home within two hours when here's a wreck now appears as though I 35 right now as we speak and you're sitting in traffic here wondering what in the world's gonna you're on mold packs slow OPEC. And you're trying to get north and hit down south it's just not movie for you just remember. You're mayor your City Council. They gonna waste seven point three million dollars in the year money. To go somewhere else so fix someone else's traffic just think about that because there's Karen Michael cargo shipments to who they're gonna lose. Bull and a lower rate in her room and Kate were ready to give a shadow. Yes I would like to give a shout out to Michael Bennett CP that is my way. Son Michael he's listening to the show right now on hold and hostage Michael nasty. Yeah. These people are crazy I hit the market doesn't show in the long they listen I think they'll realize that done abacus C is not crazy at all it is all about self defense and is about safety pretty girl can't because aren't just fun and they are fun to shoot they are fun to work fine and I see nothing wrong with that. Oh yeah science in that a lot cooler snowflake before he shouted out. I don't wise I used to be a very special snowflake I know me very left leaning and I used to be a sassy is gender studies like is that. And then you've got a gun to give or take a gender studies class I ain't never day I think I learned most what I knew on Tom learned yeah. I'm always work a lot of it is really how will I mean Tom by the comics like Tumblr snowflakes it's just lots of you know non binary kids with they're you know profiles and stuff that. Feminist ran since. Discussing the micro aggressions that experience that day at the grocery store and yes because god is on hold like oil and for me because they look like they've been doing what I really want to know is where common courtesy stops and were hate begins because of my hold open the door for her. Me and she's coming Allen an arm full stuff that's a comic con courtesy right how is that Haiti here for for being a female being you are or she holds the door open for me for the same reason I've got an harmful stuff. How is that hey that's common courtesy I've got an harmful stuff we can pretend to like cash to donate latest live the hands in Yemen doesn't. I don't get hit in the face of those heavy doors and view. She had you've had some incidents happen negotiation or before meet to what do you what a story you'll leaves and goes storage is all complain about something. That sounds like every day at the Hershey school. I'm interest and wanna hear more. I actually don't know story you're talking about. Old man who it was funny so as memories only light liking what what young lady yeah my memory is short. There. Like I forget 80% of everything about thirty seconds in the other 20% and never forget. Okay marriage so yeah they definitely below shout out to Michael Bennett. And don't worry we're gonna take good care bird she's going to be fine. And and and speaking of that let's talk about the University of Texas. Because apparently there's some stuff going on at UT. About a sexual salts about 15% of female undergraduate students at the University of Texas at Austin said they had been rate sensitive rolling. According to the serving that was like the definition of ray yeah that's the thing yeah well well described as the most they nation's most comprehensive study on sexual assaults. Ever conducted in higher education is surveyed 28000 students. Across thirteen University of Texas campuses in 2016. As well as 15% around one in seven. Of undergraduate females at the 50000 student flagship in Austin campus who reported being raped. An additional 12% said they suffered an attempted rape. Now 28%. Had experience on want to sexual touching you know I'm saying. They drag and ages now. Now this surveying is a wake up call you don't tell a lot of people and then at corn TI UT Austin president Gregory. Indy is he said the statement that I am. And it should be for every student faculty members and staff members at UT Austin. So what do you think about that because they. There's an assault could happen I just recently you know it's it's happened a little more as she is seen by the as some homeless population people that are just not. Not part of the campus you know various sleeping on the dragged here and he's these girl little trying to walked back to their apartment or walk to class. And then these people are you know. Mean advantage. Who were these people some homeless. I just think that this is kind of like just and I ain't taking unpopular opinion here but like anything that factually sexual assaults actually been going down on university I think this is what happens a longer time. Your women walk around with builders and sort of went yeah like slow walked had no power well we're talking about costs not you know needed lacking a key area. A deal in India which is the most ridiculous thing I've heard. Yeah voluntarily increase sexual assault race because you're walking around with a deluge is saying go for it. Okay I don't a sad thing here go for it. And in the does not blocks I am I don't. You know a lot of people think that that kind of goes against the hold being empowered cause all of that I think that there are people who can walk round with until though and o'clock I I don't understand why those have to be mutually exclusive you can dress provocatively and still know how to defend yourself well if you don't unlock carry pepper spray have something on him. Yeah does look like I guess it's just that mean it's good to carry until dough but I guess the thing. I was paying attention to the start of that sentence that was moment. I'm gonna say after. Reuters I mean like that's Izturis to me it's book telling the left and liberals do it's always that they're not addressing the issue like walking around carrying double dose is not gonna stop sexual assault on college campuses they're not even related to each other defense. Yeah it can be Zandt eleven. Brass knuckles I want to mindset where and it. As as a licensee something is better than nothing. In me dead dead dead includes pepper spray mace. A taser. Even a small a small weenie caliber late 22 something. Is better than nothing however in that moment Ernie didn't think about easing it. And yes the end of the mindset of preparedness at that point right. Like the I grew with her angry his hand. Something is better than nothing by it. Are you ever and it. Now let's go back to the statement that he said that you don't think it 00 a female can dress provocatively easing that's that's an issue. It's not an issue not I would you know you guys kept saying. I know that we were using the word deal though to describe you know the nature of these slot locks behind general that. Sort of dressing it that doesn't mean that you can't conceal a weapon that doesn't mean that you can't be prepared and you know I know that the types of people. Who'd typically on these up blocks you know dogs in the begun scary thoughts lead a slut walk out and put you you'll like your own in really provocative clothing with they'll lose a yes an action than behind it is not a bad thing they're saying you know we can dress like this and you still don't have a right to our body India and you. Am a product of night school I was in the military and what's an III so I don't know all this stuff here. The social aspects of college a it's it appeared. And then the singer I I think about it is is yes he can be prepared and still dressed provocatively there's actually a holster that is now being manufactured day goes for females bras is you hang it from your broad and can still aren't he had the flash guy he's a little less than that that's that's fantastic because if you're wearing. Tightly fitted clothing and showing off that you got which is not an issue at all. Where you can put the damn thing right. So yes you already have natural concealment system right there right why not freaking music is what's your mama gave you there are preach brother he has. In and the thing about the taser is the handles these are big bulky not every lady carries a purse around right eight. Recommends a person actually are no I don't know I don't know how I do not like per carry off right carries not a thing you should ever do Alitalia auto body and keep it keep it on you keep it somewhere words easily accessible whether that's the ministry told Clark John Kerry is really to colony Katie appendix. 3 o'clock 4 o'clock smile back I don't really get and that's why Liz is in use what their dad gave them so when she's with the money out and Leo and I don't I don't really get into the 12 o'clock carriers there's small bag because he fawn half army can Hershey batten senior Indian medical professional in the military and seen horrible things happen just falling hundreds don't. How can. He's eaten. Yeah as the ship ran a motorcycle he had that man that you know when you have a motorcycle accident I am at a motorcycle accident once you know the area that you hits. Your junk in gas tank of gas tanks they won your your knees on the on their on the the bleaker if you're right nick cruisers smasher Hellman is a year earlier shield your pelvis area actually hits the gas think it puts a huge didn't guest thing yeah. I wouldn't say that almost like I was like wow what did come from. That was be your pelvic girl hitting the gas tank. Hey nine times and attend those things are just plastic covers I absolutely. Clue as crazy and it just is little tingles inside and now. So what do you think. Patriot. About. Sexual assault in college campuses yeah I just think it's all who's. Justice that the victim and I mean I need and I gave. I think the people assume that if you. One like let her not taking any sense at all here I think it's just the proportionality of it I mean people think that like we discuss sexual harassment and things like that. I think there's degrees of it just like everything else and just like that that study that you were talking about death. Lots of feminist organizations have been saying that in this is the staff they've used that one in five women get raped and their life. And then if you look more closely at the study they did they actually included like if you if you've ever had sex after drinking alcohol. Was one of the things that was included in that stuff well. There is a military mandate on that one if I remember correctly then if you hadn't invited anything that is mind altering. Whether it's nicotine or alcohol you can no longer give consent so therefore it is an act of rape including expanded in include our team it's technically mind altering yeah. Because it puts you in any state. That's not of mental control yeah however I'd I don't agree with the statement nicotine because. I am a longtime smoker and a long time dipper and I'm just giving it up. Yeah I understand the high that you get from it however. It's I don't think it's my idol just. My thing is I think it's all huge moral panic I mean yeah that was like satanic ritual abuse and every single preschool with molesting kids in the and that kind of being in a total. ES in the end yeah of course sexual assault happens but nowadays it's like if anyone even walks outside they're gonna experience micro aggressions and the potential sexual assault will any mail at that deck has downs resented the definition of what is what is that definition little sexual assault. Get away with what. It. Baghdad what is like what is the definition of sexual assault everybody's definition of anything is different. Much like I mean I don't know that America look it up and I mean to meet possessing illegal harassment and hasn't secular asks results and in their sexual assault. Assault is and ammunition go to California here because I don't know and relies on assault and battery assault is as are actually is I think it's also actually touching no bad as battery. Batteries physically touching I've heard like. Crack a case or have the pull of the Texas did I don't know I don't know what does it takes is that pays theory wouldn't say we're definitely not gonna DD what's the definition of when we're not going straight to liberal California or am I metadata California definitions the. Under no circumstance so thanks and we come back from the break we're gonna roll well we'll bring of that definition their let me give you some little history on net. Led our attorney general. Mr. sessions is actually doing now on the federal law marijuana is illegal and congress could change that but it hasn't. As more and more states took matters is their own hands for both medical and recreational use they put the Justice Department in a legal bond is. It could enforce federal law or vaguely. Vowed to state law. The Obama administration began issuing prosecution guidelines in 2009 and in 2013. So it'll work on that one's crafted by deadbeats regional James Cole. Not cold memo basically left it to the states. And local agencies to enforce their own laws while the fans would focus on marijuana when it was. Tied to gains or drug cartels of violence and things of that nature especially involving firearms. Or is now as part of a scheme to sell. Pot in states where it remained illegal. Now Cole's memo urged federal prosecution to use their own discretion. So we come back from the break we're gonna talk about that gonna talk about what it says on the 4473. When you walk into a gun store to buy guns because he'd know that. You know how does the your statement marijuana law affect your debtor rights on the federal level. Got to understand that because there's a totally different thing when it comes the state and the federal level and the gun stores controlled by the feds. So they have follow those guidelines they are we talking mob that also the city lost in the there as it's it's seven point three million dollars people seven point three million in you're gonna be. On the hook for that if the city of Boston they don't. You'll turn their ways around. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk it. It's been ringing grain and I drank little Ben is from my home I'm out I'm coming. Yeah. It is a lot. Is on the hill. Fans may not take these. You know mom and the greens. And the thing. And a welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael kargil Neuheisel let's talk we. Maybe that's my favorite song right there by the way a little later I was pastels like each column by its proper name marijuana Mary Jean. That's a racist thing is it actually it is that used to. Fear monger people. Because political candidates. That's punting and to make them afraid of the man he wanna that the Mexicans are using can invest. That is called candid assessment has to Wear contacts analyst and then when a person is another person no less secure its. Do you worry about calling it jazz cabbage in Dallas for an image as catchy. I go wacky to Becky Lewis of that that's another good one now Nolan came from I believe dare. Back in the eighties and it was a huge things well yeah I do moment. OK yeah I think their classes two and I was in third grade I don't contracts saying I would never detox. And the move is a huge public. Whenever anyone was like oh like I had that dare contract you know like a lot of guys. Maine kindergartners sign so yeah I was outing is easy can't consciously. Knew you know remember that. The fact that you do is pretty amazing. Because I I remember going through dare class. But I remember also ever sign you signed when yeah Tucson and of those do you have extra like high penalties. For her if you're gonna charge she doubted intercourse and I didn't shines this is there agreement guy who gay straight to jail for trafficking. And I I don't know how you do not collect 200 by members the first time that I aid smoked marijuana I was like with that care contracts. Like Byron earlier and I just aren't winter yeah I mean I was thinking and a lot of weird stuff I go there one is going candidates candidates yeah. No I like delicate jazz cabbage now we just read that that's been like that name. That's it we're talking about sexual salsa let's look at the Texas version of sexual assault by the way are calling number is 5126435483. That's 5128643. 5483. You wanna win that slap firebombs stock give me a call. Right so in Texas sexual assault statute. Says for the purposes of Texas sexual assault law. A child is he pursing younger than seventeen years of age. The act is considered to have been without the victim's consent if physical violence was threatened or use in order to get the victim to submit or participate. To defend his actions. Also we've been vacant for any reason. Is physically unable to resist or appreciate the nature of the act of being performed. There is lack of consent. Now consent is lacking in any situation where the defendant isn't a police a power or charged with the care of the victim. This includes the defendant being healthcare service provider a clergyman. A public servants or employees of facility where the victim resides. But on so this. Just don't yeah third grade yeah Nina a car doesn't get any cook he does give me the cliff notes version. It is the deer stuck me up was public servant is like does that include bus drivers cops taxi drivers and all that stuff too huge because they're that's the case. And their wife. Or significant other. Does that means are. Instantly know can sync can be given rain this charge may be elevated to that of aggravated sexual assault in any of the following occurred in the commission of the sexual assault. The defendant has caused serious bodily injury or tinted to cause the death of the vehicle. The fined and placed the victim in fear of death seriously bodily injury or kidnapping debate himself. Or to another person a daily weapon was used or exhibited doing decrying the defendant acted with another individual or two in committing the crime. The date rape drug also known as. Rick and all. Is she's with the intent commit the offense easier to commit that include the shot. The victim as junk than fourteen years of age and the victims and Italy or disabled individuals. That's that's all I mean that's all very understandable I think that's who bought lots of us who kind of agree upon is the definition of sexual saw my god I'm never imply that it's not a big problem I just mean that there's this kind of attitude of fear that I notice nowadays among us a college student has stagnated yeah just that horrified at man in the hall has technique to think exactly I think it's creating a culture of fear and it's it's not empowering women I think it's actually you're confusing it you know making them afraid sexual harassment was sexual assault or I mean the thing is with the whole micro aggression or did you just have to perceive that as being offensive. Eat so is really not offensive and I'm like hey where you from Michael you might is oh my god. In that you know because I don't from Africa yeah so let me you can do take it that way and someone like old experiencing racism state like oh god yes I have. Now I was just asking you like a standard question itself that's the thing about micro aggressions as someone could you now. I never experienced my daughter is already China yes that is that's actually a term my program I think but it's that thing that. Liberals and snowflakes on you know libertarians always does that word that there'd. The kind of person I would argue with the media. Yeah well that's amazing as the likes overt racism that no one. Room most people really don't notice OK I know it's unconscious you don't even know that you're doing it so you know they are doing it only that it emulate if say easy it. Don't be like. If Michael and I sat down a bus together and ice skated away from him because I want. A little manned space and Hillary says that things are you solace spread out a little bit probably yeah is that you see in front of them. Who. Now now that my mama be perceived as a little bit racist. Pat pat at the there'd be a number of reason why a person would move and switch seats. Not to speak you get a link your Cologne exactly but he demands for a communities want to be left to loan me they're on their phone don't what you see what they're. You know texting or talking about the count me in no reason or you just worked out together and wanna go really stink right exactly the number of things. And so I'd so we let's go to line one where the talk when this blood stock and I so we're giving away a slap firebomb stock black one. You wanna win this bunch stock. All right so tell me I like this guys what do you wanna win this bump stop. I really want to new Judy Chu are gifted but actually you who watched you we don't. And they are already encourage him. Nice. Okay and and what do you think about the people say this is really is irresponsible because this was used. In that Las Vegas think you know injure and kill a lot of people. Well the box rocket showed irresponsible. And you know an Internet I don't know Bob. Yeah and partially it's a person who pulled the trigger that what you're responsible. And all of this. A monster murder and to be exact. I try and I'm not so sure that you have personally. We're very chalet you pull the trigger are working the actual person. Nice lump. Back to ensure you period and involves. A much deeper. Playing Andy you guess what happened to be objective. And that's actually that's actually you know is you it's funny you say that because you know this guy on the plane and so have been very easy for him just a fly his plane into the ground. Although we have license which is standard that would have been a little hard. Yet the FAA did suspend his license that yeah. I have to go back on the theory now I'm done to them send him. All right so man I salute the failure name in the hat from the slot fireball stocked. Right Seoul see what happens there. And thank you recall that there Chiming in minutes I'm in you are you on the computer that does that phone. Oh yeah that's just my computer my knowledge OK let's only I'm watching you on the Internet Adam. And another channel Irish market knowledge shell game we're gonna start stripping and Siemens the well I'm my own toddler on marker. Although terms. Yeah season is a big men out there tonight only on FaceBook. I'm the first time it won't be the first thing that we don't just take our clothes our brand here I guess is it for yourselves and I figured out there and Alan adds it would definitely had a ring would appreciate you calling us. All right so yes right we're gonna give way to slap fireball stocks they won Sebelius had the ring got a few more minutes left our call number is 5126435483. That's 5126435483. I'm so deftly give us a call I itself. The last thing I want us chat about real quick. Is the 4473. Sold a forty foot saving three when it comes to you like and marijuana. Are you say Canada's but the governor is causing marijuana. You're the haggard had a tag should be calling Candice I'm just saying I have to use Jackson had their well I said I use around central is what's on the 4473. And get. Now when you walk until done Stuart and you fill up at forty foot semi three got to put your last name first name middle initial year address. And years and date of birth your height you wait what your male female in your birth date. Also there's tool boxes there's one assist ethnicity in and put even a pick Hispanic or Latino. Or not Hispanic Latino people get confused by that got to take what are you Hispanic. When I Hispanic. Seek. No book no final Satan and then you got a big race doesn't Hispanic does your span speedy deep either you got to take Hispanic. Or Latino. When I Hispanic or Latino understandings is banged and injured Spanish speakers you had to pick one of those that's not a race here and did best ethnicity in and you go to race. Race is American Indian Alaskan native. Asian black African American. Native Hawaiian or Pacific islander or just whites. Our retirement Wonder Bread why not who I don't know if enacted some people to check all boxes out at people sent every single one those boxes. An accident happened that it wasn't an act that new. DNA test thing. And then yeah I demand an aryan box for people as wide as me. And then we get down CU section eleven on the section eleven a it once they'll use the person has actually purchasing the fire. And he knows that you should now. And then B says are you under indictment for a felony. Well and then C is heavier been convicted of a felony. Then it it continues on it and let's get doesn't get part eat. Warning in this is in boulder. This is the use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized. For medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you resign. So. If you're a Colorado and you have a medical. Come additional medical marijuana card and you'll actually be denied in purchasing a firearm in the gun store. Yeah I had this conversation with a client of mine who. Spends far as timely and Los Angeles. Lou Dobbs anyway the first till eight yeah or California and I says you have got. I have a license for medical marijuana. And I know that this guy also likes you've got on me and size and age you might want to get there on. Carter on view it's going to be a problem on you have that car you're on that registry. And they're intelligent. Jones and you wanna buy guns. These are what. And won't what's the problem there I promise you earliest date they're not gonna come to my guns in this state at Talladega and they don't do it in this that god are better. Because a lot of medical use and Canada's users are veterans that use it for pain from damage they've had while they were serving and blown out knees everything else well now our attorney Gerald Jeff Sessions says you know what he's going to enforce these laws that are on the books. I say let him trying there's so many people these AG does have to try I think congress to act now here's your notice act. To let go place so if those in the hands of congress actually change this as was gonna happen happen because it it's already it's a law on the book he's just enforce and what's on the book. There's other things also not just that you have this part. And it will you get on the marijuana that bothers you does well look at the marijuana industry stocks have taken out of this announcement. Say again there's been a drop in marijuana stocks since this announcement marijuana stalks stocks in the I don't industry them medical marijuana field actually has stock. Now I think I'm just look like my it is what what coming Canadian dollar and under the lights and what names they think government just in the industry as a whole has had a reduction just and there's general value over the past weeks and that's been announced the down and now this is a billion dollar plus industry it's only going to get bigger yeah this is the one. And thing I disagree with on the Republican platform my guess would be marijuana. It's a miracle plant they'll like us treat him well let's what what about the Republican platform just as marijuana. Yeah and that's the thing is that I think the king anti marijuana any of those things obviously are not part of like when Abraham Lincoln was you know campaigning for back in the day centers I curiosity he showed me their relevant platform witnesses we've talked on marijuana. Because to me it's not really can grow with thoughts of the other Republican beliefs like leave things to the state let's assume anything this is this. Re old enough I noticed regulated like tobacco. If you if you if you're really serious about legalizing marijuana would not regulate it and tax it just like tobacco right yeah regulate and tax the lethal plan. And just because of some puzzle tobacco is anyway as is the something's not part of the platform does that mean it's not a strong ideology Republicans. We've already seen that once this year. Let you out all drug costs a staple on this and I. I'd so we'll want it all gets that little late now get axle now so that's that marijuana part of it let's talk about the the other aspects and Il the gears and another federal law that says that if you're within a thousand people school. And you do not having gained a license from the state you live and you know under federal law and you can be charged with a felony for Karen a firearm. Ego alone and that tells it the school to does that mean the people that live across the street they're going shooting and have their. As one of the other exemptions is if you limited a thousand feet. Okay and that's not traveling through that's living a thousand feet. So it is the exception is you have to have a kingdom what they're about Hulk there actually a color about it what about walking from my house in my car. And under state law your fine. But under federal law according chew up AG session rise up on the public property according to AG sessions on your volley and I don't what if I'm once my mailbox nice have to step out onto the public road and you have a license he can hand and you commit a crime. You commit a crime anyway and even a state law. You didn't mean to cram in the federal law. If you within thousands of school. So I can't so I suggest she can't step in the streets I suggest you contact your state rep Peter US congressman. And get. Right yeah and if they don't I'm with you on the island and that's what has happened. I was that that's it is what it is. And a lot of people forget about that part of it on the state law the city the county municipality. You can happy he had done in your vehicle be within a thousand people school that's legal eagle eagle licensed. But under the federal law lets say the FBI's looking for you for some reason eight FBI and ATF was looking for you. And they decide you know what we wanna pull this guy over again for something we can't give them what we're looking to get him on. But he hasn't done in the vehicle he's willing to wait until he is with the dials into the school. And charged with a felony for it and has are now without ever stop the shooting at a school at eight. You get no argument with me I'm just telling you you know eighty sessions says hey I'm coming for you. But it is what it is does that also apply to. Like state funding Community Colleges that sort of thing. Now this schools so Ellen schools middle schools high schools. I not educational institutions yeah I was sick I was about say that in college that include educational institution is not school. And it's their regular that men and this you know just say you know that stuff is out there in those laws and they are there on the books. Suns just. Be aware that maybe wanna contact gears congressman US senators say hey we need to change you know some of these federal laws be changed one about schools we also maybe changed one. And interest on. Canada us and it's an election year people. It is that it's an election year so they're unwilling to do it it's time to replace them look at the candidates that do look in your party look in the other parties see who's willing to do it means to be down in August and governor candidates on the on the show here as we are in Arenas and governor candidates on the show to talk to us about. You know what is some of things that their interest is in figure out who we're gonna support this. The next election. I'm just looking forward to that give them on the show here and and talk about guns and and legal as he can that legalization of candidates in the system that allowed say marijuana wanna trigger anybody. It's install RI it's even spelled wrong. No it really is. It like it is an actual word down it marijuana and it's a man he won ha me down it's in the spells and the Texas law. Yeah it's on the books public isn't the word exists before marijuana I'm not sure an entry shows the animals and it up for fear mongering yeah pac. You know and a I'm in medical and so demand equal an update was depressed or look at it they clients 161500. Approximately. And it Syrian. There down in his push an 11100 bucks right now and I'm in and like Colin. And like crime and something like 240 some amazing is all that it that it ranked. I'm just a firm for Alonso buddies and ARIAD and all that cement his. Are. It's gotten there about triple A I can hear the queen's rattling around. And she. I'm here yeah. That the battle authentically and enhance client is that I wanna see them see Dallas. If we can clapping was as it is and got me claims that some. Slash food because together oh my goodness I'd say that for the bar idol and as we get on gun. On the on top. It today so how was your New Year's pushing for New Year's. I stayed home. I don't like fireworks really number one number one they're too bright enough David you can only see them at night and number two there's. And Alito and chief what you need if he's anywhere and again and wait and he was Cheney is resolution. On usury resolution. Nothing. And nothing nothing OK but if I come to you. Who did peace to be made here today I without being the one that breaks and somebody godfather the other thing is. And end up and bush is not that deep no announcement saying that did not as deep as I collar. Not only does I culinary Manilow essar and it's all thanks ads which are your New Year's resolution. A mile libertarian elected to office in Texas. Mario one that's a miracle long a lot of grizzlies were the other one that's as a miracle. That's a miracle as not a resolution and and what and what offices. I'll take anymore I can get that act as he put so it opens libertarians I so would share your New Year's resolution. I am going to get on a normal person's sleeping schedule live been kind of nocturnal for the last couple years so I'm gonna trend and get up earlier go to bed early and except. Home that it's have to go little person sleeping schedule. It is it is yeah actually in August not very hyperactive maybe it's got something to do sent I don't know. And out of 14 am. Lieutenant and a. In what should he is resolution mom. This is a wannabe is gonna be did I haven't even thought about it honestly that. Right now and I guess I wanna be. We did have Barn Hill I don't want anymore. It's over her head that some remember things or twenty seconds instead of fifteen yeah. All went well okay. They intend fans and like you have caller rivalry here I'm used to it remembers things are fifteen for twenty seconds and oh yeah I already forgot he said. But cash cow when it was just saying. And I see a time that see how long that's OK I dosing is all my New Year's resolution is a blunt and bull I don't currently I don't believe in resolutions and New Year's resolutions percent mines have never worked out but I I I wanna. I actually know. Yeah they give anything interest let's go one New Year's resolution yeah out of his forty like I think I wanna date. Yeah that's right so I want I don't know. I want our issue is going to be different than last year because you know date religiously with a bunch people luster was Carmel working hard here and now that that was like my main goal this year won't match is Dave Michaels like to. That seems surely has socialize and do more stuff that proves that your really not a liberal anymore you're actually concerned that you wanna date have relationship that's where it that's a liberal mindset yeah I'll slit while I I've always does bunches broker liberal like like. Season and capture some Republican. The Amazon and camp and it was an Arco capitalists and as somebody that believes and some really free markets to govern the world and only that to govern our elbow babies as young India can. And as a parent I mean I used to be a liberals I mean in your mind that's probably at least an advancement good liar yeah it and whether that's a big step from liberals and and camp yeah. Why why is it telling me let it. That's a larger lead than to Republicans. And mucus. And camp's pretty pretty brutal is it yeah okay. Until I understand what it and the way in camp isn't aware that it's you know an inner capitalists is essentially somebody that believes that the free market is what should govern people the free market and he nonaggression principle that nap as libertarians like to call it. And it's essentially just you know we view of don't show aggression to others and in return they don't show it back if somebody does. You know show aggression to you do something aggressive thing you have the right to defend yourself you know to equal force. And and government whatsoever. I do not I ended philosophical than anything I I don't think that we should just snap our fingers and take away all of the governing forces of the world I believe that we should slowly takes steps to remove government for our lives you know it practically and a libertarian. Philosophically I'm an anarchist. We need nukes I think we should privatize and X. Knew that would be yeah scary there's big calling Wal-Mart open on an island able to afford to recreational news expect going to monetary yeah until. Just one megaton you. What easy you know what a megaton actually is idea because the biggest one ever czar Bowman's like fifteen megatons that was the biggest on the ever. That was actually slated to be 250 Andre it actually be hundred. And is slated to be 250 megatons India the way it blew up it would've. Yeah this screwed everything but if I had a nuclear bomb I guess they would not do much with him. Nice yeah I published Oregon where I try our consulate. I'll. I'd sell it you would sell it by yeah delay North Korea now. Russia and bad news that's the way I'm going out on on the east before you don't want to open ended milling and done done nothing sendoff. Thanks a latter hurt half the liberals thinking. And now. Given ammunition they need that I see I told you he's crazy yeah that's why that's crazy. Is just doesn't know how they know there are all crazy song. This heat is just you can't do business with him he's right he's a supplemental budget crazy people. Again that I am crazy it says I'm not. Doing is not crazy raise your hands I'm not crazy. Exploring there yeah you're boring manifesto is that your take on life vineyard I am finding you're not doing zany fun slow phrasing here entrees run we didn't fundraising and thought aren't the same thing we do for fun crazies the almost Perkin person walking on the street that's crazy yeah. Funny is I doubt if you think you're not crazy there's always something really wrong with our Ron Hubbard said. Oh. Did you really have to bring up hook a ball Agee. The biology it's called NASCAR hall meeting in Scientology's apology understand we're chemical computers there's going to be a Clinton machine everyone's a little crazy yeah. Yeah. I don't I don't I like the way that this guy put that in the human body is a chemical computer you really like that yeah is it is our computers crazy. Idol after this so patient. Our winner of the slide fireball stock for a two day. I'm gonna under the media call personally rob. And I wanted I'm gonna give you called them to get your address everything would get this last firebombed stopped a year I really appreciate what I want to thank everyone for coming on the show today and a big shots of Michael. Bennett bids. We took good care from a peak of your daughter Michael Bennet so you know don't don't hurt us you know and you know what and I want to wish everyone a happy new year and I'm glad you guys came back safe. It is always. More guns equals less cry. On by yourself doesn't even listen to come to talk it. With Michael cargo.