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Sunday, February 11th

Come And Talk It, for February 11.


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Coming top kids read your post Michael kargil. Brought to you by Texas lush field. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms. He is the owner of central Texas gun was a veteran of the united states army and the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine. Fox Business news and CNN money hey LL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defend the lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics. And now here's Michael's car yeah. Austin, Texas a loud music apple world class praised the little lord and pass the ammunition. I'd say. Man today we got some good candidates here sit inside the studio also have someone on the phone gonna talk to you about. The election. That's right it's coming up early voting is gonna start real soon and also Election Day is gonna be in March so we got to get ready. You know Frederick Douglass once said a man's rights risk in three boxes the ballot box the jury box and the cartridge box. So today I have invited on the show candidates running for senate district 25. We invited senator Donna Campbell in her opponent Shannon McClendon. Also we have invited state rep Paul Workman district 47 and his opponent. Unfortunately. We did not receive a response considered Campbell. I would just not surprising because senator Campbell comes across as being a little wobbly sometimes when he comes the Second Amendment. And people weren't afraid sometimes sit this hot seat because I don't play games and we don't hold back. Also Paul Workman for some reason or another was unavailable to call end but we have in studio Shannon McClinton. Yeah the opponents of senator Campbell running for senate district 25. In on the phone that we will have. But let me tell a little bit about Shannon Clinton. She's from dripping springs Texas. Is an attorney she focuses on law affecting the electric industry. McClendon has served at the state of Texas for many years. Currently she serves is a board member. Of the Texas border professional engineers. On the repaired point McClendon initially in 2002. And reappoint her for a second term. Clinton was previously senior regulatory counsel for Texas New Mexico power company and work closely with the association a little electric companies in Texas. And committees do and in 1999 legislative session. She was instrumental in the successful negotiations for the first transition. To competition play and filed and approved at the public utility commission of Texas. Sharon also. Has also served as associate public counsel at the Texas office of public utility counsel. Ribs any residential and small commercial customers in contested cases. And rule making its part to become an attorney McClendon was a computer systems analysts. With the space transportation shuttle operations contract to NASA. Texas Instruments and Texas in a universe she's data processing center. And the Clinton received her doctorate of jurisprudence from the University of Houston. And graduate magna cool lobby with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Houston Clear Lake. Shannon was a board member of the hill country Republican women pack. And past president of the University of Houston alumni the Austin area club. And board members serving as vice president of Texas ratepayers organization to save energy. Any member of the State Bar of Texas gov calls power association. And the Lady Bird Johnson wildflower center. She would give us an update if she is still a member of of some of these organizations that she's running for office so let me let me welcome to the show. Shannon McClendon Shannon welcome to come talk. Thank you very much Michael I appreciate you having me here outstanding we're glad you can make it and those kind of cold out there and we had a little ice coming from the hill country. But he made it in and I'm very grateful because this is important this is about. Our election this is about for me it's about the second and is about. You know our rights in going TV Texas State capital and making sure that we get some of these bills cleaned up a little bit. So Shannon tell us a little bit about yourself so we can get to know you love it. Well Michael I'm asking you probably rent off more than I actually knew about myself. There. I hate. No longer serve on the Texas for a professional engineers there were two terms I had to cool unheard governor period as an appointee to hear. I don't think it was mentioned and I also. Was appointed by hand to Texas appraisers certification and licensing board. As well as the speech language pathology and on ideology board a sewed it that's exactly right and the I do believe in public service I think it's very very important for us to be able to deduct. I am here today. Your class but also because I'm a staunch Second Amendment. Rights advocates and I in my lifetime member of the NRA and a lifetime member of TS array. Nice okay. Sold what is your stance when it comes to. The second and the only guns. That's what people want enough. I do own a lot of guns I couldn't tell you how many I have I do have been CNN's that's always a good sign. If a person tell you they can't tell you how me that's a really good sign yeah we were just talking before the show and you're telling me about atomic gone. Yes unless I've just out of town again for my birthday thank you very much and a half a not so get a little what does she what have you fired Tommy gun yet I fired Tommy and many times actually and I. Ice I have found that it does get a little bit hung up on some while which is my understanding from regal history about the guarantee that it does jam up there and and that's one of the reasons that wasn't as successful but I tell you it does a lot of fun to shoot I had any malfunctioning jet. Only with that getting hung up I haven't had any. Malfunctions as far as what I shot at. That sort of talking about ads is that insects they winds that lady she begins at. And we don't have any Cheney experiences over here none none nice. And and so tells little bit more about your stance when it comes the Second Amendment. Bible I believe and think amendment so that we ought to be able to have the right to her arms so numb. You know outside some felons depending on the purpose and that kind of thing I do believe we have the right constitutional carrying and mean unless we are very lucky in Texas and not open carry which I think is fantastic and people. Fault that we're gonna all go around was guns slinging and norm are actually I had thought about it a couple of times but it just in go with my wardrobe that I would. Would have let I. In a NR CS something we really need to work on and the and the Texas you know senate because we really need to come up with something. Where it's more for ladies because right now open carry is not for ladies at all. It's not is not really that sex because they there's only you know a couple ways you can do it in as meaning holes and if it's lingered bill always shoulder holster begin openly carrying a handgun. So you know when it comes a lady what she was aware that they concede. It certainly makes our hips a look a little bit bigger than you like for it to since this is not that appealing so we really need to change our lawn just a little big so that she appeals Italy's that would love to see ladies. You know the baby seat and being able to have that little small three lean on them that you know went around clipped the basic somewhere. A spot on my 380 Ruger is are slim line there that I can be a precarious a little bit. Nice okay in and keep going you tell us about your stance in the second and. What do you to ask me he's more questions about that I am I to me it's probably six I don't think there's a lot to talk about it let's say is like it's pretty simple to me it's pretty. Clear cut nice I love it I love it so what does some your main. Focus. When you stepped into the the states and there. Well I think the biggest picture here is do you we have a lot of republic I am running as a Republican AG energies. And I think we've got a lot of Republicans that continues to look as the same story about they want limited government lower taxes. Yani Yani out of we continue to hear but when they're actually at the legislature there launched. Working on bills that are limiting government or is reduced or taxes and so simply put we've got some issues like the bathroom bill. Com that and it appears that summer trying to get that to settle down a little bit and we had some. Republicans almost social conservative side that don't want us talking about that but that took a blow a lot of wasted resources. That the taxpayers had to pay people to understand that allowed independent school district boards. And superintendent. Spent time in board meetings discussing how would they be able to handle such a bill through or past and says. Who do you think it was ethical for them to hold the sunset bill hostage. Enters the absence of a hostage for the bathroom bill. As an attorney had to use the word ethical hate to be asked a legal pressure when. All of I don't know. Does get a candidate do you think that was right for then that's it didn't do that I think it was horrible low I think it was horrific and I appreciate the question because they. It's it's exactly optional limited government. It's like that an and they had to agency but the biggest one was the Texas medical board and that would have taken may be half a day give it a day we're not gonna get rid of the doctors practicing. So I hit a totally just think it was ridiculous to be able have that discussion and waste of those the taxpayers' money. Okay and so I'm at it and also people asking who else is sitting in steals as we have steel full people we actually have done. Zach. They say I. Police say hi. I am adding. What do you deflation. I am president and how can GM Republicans and in Travis County precinct chair representing 254 up near the domain. Nice and also we have that in STL week week we actually have Eric gear he's also. That Travis County. Actually unit Travis canny. They'll they'll tell me you'd cheer for the Travis County Libertarian Party correct correct things reverend Michael absolutely. And I and then also Cynthia Ryan say. I do do and and I don't put this up and down the spotlight and let him sit there and that. Require and he smiled and rice were not gonna put on the spot today but next time identical approach on this but let me take showed up and solve everything. That Mischief Night so I'm. An and so we're sitting here we're talking with we talk about our candidates were talking about this election because it's this election is very important because. In 2019. We go back. To the capital there's some bills that we need the cleaned up here in the state of Texas. There's some things I like to get cleaned up as far as. And activities. We need to fix activities that way it's written in their in their laws right now. You know we hear you about him get a license and there's a school field trip that's. You know in simple lady or chili's or something then there have any there having lunch in Chile's best school field trip. Then as a license holder in New Year's bulls to leave. In so we really need to address that and Texas you know and in the where laws are written so those are some things over an hour to get fixed so that's why we're talking to our candidates today. Our office holders did you talk about some of that stuff. And I wish you know that everyone would return our calls and actually come inside the studio. That would really be nice in there and I know when he comes the second minute in we put you on the hot seat. There I'm probably gonna be some questions that you don't want answers you know what is your stance when it comes to constitutional carried what is your stance when it comes to. Licensed care what is your stance when it comes to can still care reciprocity. What is your stance when it comes to. Being able to carry us into been able to get a suppressor and having the suppressor removed. From the NF painless so those things that we we want to know those things that the people that are pro secular men want to know and want to find out. And you can't answer those questions and that's probably why you're not willing to come sitting in this stadium. And so would talk and I can't as they were talking with. We gonna talk later on will. She's one of the senate district 25. This is Michael Cargill. And you are listening to come and talk it. Three that must feel great you listen common talk radio which my car. The right choice. It's god it's. You. The zoo in last season. Shoes. And sing. Yeah it's a sweet. Jesus that's true or not it's. Sunday's. I am. Yeah we don't we move on see it. Welcome back to comments on yeah. And now here's Michael Cargill. Aren't so we're back and we're talking to win and Shannon McClendon and she's running for. State senator it's 25 we also they have on the phone Walid on Dahlia our all. I'm sorry G wiley we couldn't get Paul Workman through to have G while and he's gonna join us on the phone. And he's gonna tells about his race and what's going on. With estate rapper is sort of trying to talk to our candidates ran for office because we want to you make sure that our voices are heard. And he needs to educate you on what's happening and you need to know who these candidates she needing to be familiar with them so when you go to the ballot box. You can. Make an informed decision because like Frederick Douglass said a man's rights risk in three boxes they don't arrest in the ballot box that an arrest in the jury box. Or they gonna be with that cartridge box. I itself. Let me ask my my my my guess Anderson here inside the studio you know what are some things that you would like to see happen. In Texas this next legislative session. Was something she would like to happen. Classes we have the you know we got to cheer for the libertarian party of Travis County you know here what are some things you think the libertarians like to see happen when he comes is Second Amendment. In Texas. Definitely an expansion. Of constitutional Kerry had just. Any way that we can expands second amendment rights and ensure that. They're protected. That they're guaranteed. That lob biding citizens. Who stated Texas arm prevented from being able to own as many guns as they want. Being able to you know purchase. Like you're senators oppressors ammunition and all they can assess anything moving towards. More livery in more freedom regarding the Second Amendment is always going to be supported as a Libertarian Party. And Brian what are you gonna say. I was gonna ask to spring up. It's known bugs crashed near recouped earrings again there's schools them my church is a church that buzz got kicked out Alamo draft house at their building. Amish church my church. Weren't they actually got there build in Billings on the draft how spotted out as. Public facility they were renting. And so they had an into the school. Especially after Southern's brings in my oldest friend works for the church. And I worry about his safety and everything working for the church and we're crazy and you know how do you feel about people you know if it's a weekend and there's history as a church service tells you should they be able to carry. That's her service of its Arab. School. And you're asking me Sheen McClendon about a I would certainly wanna study data and in here different sides about that before I would say it'll absolutely this is the case that. I am I'm totally am understanding the exception their when he knows that there aren't going to beef and others are slowly children in this incident like any other church but it's not if they're not a playground with her teacher yes you know whatever and and frankly my church as well was we rented out in the middle school at first. And I'm. I'm guessing that I probably might have extended my rights little further than I expected that I had because I looked at that is my church and and welcome to carry my gun and my church it's not not McDonald is free picture hat tenure. And bill with your gun on the outside of the church when you walked him and so. As I definitely didn't even realize that exception. That we need to consider. OK okay. Zach. What would you like to see happen it is a legislative session when he comes in the second and. Let's see hearing protection act did those silent serves taken off. Can ask going to be in asking me more on the federal level so what do you think look let's think locally here. So think locally. And let me ask an escalation. We think Felicia I'm thinking locally. They don't know me I'm always in favor of limited government I want the government out of my life I want the government out of my friend's life. It's aiming is a Second Amendment we don't need all of this I am. Legislation telling Little League innings and I do win and where we can do eight to lead pass constitutional care islands could the government have violence is there was some property taxes. And start focusing on the larger issues at hand. Because micromanaging. This citizens is not getting us anywhere and I'm just really sick and tired of our. Of our legislative. Process being broken because. There's too much but kissing and backhand. Backroom politics being done the State Capitol and I'm involved because I'm sick of it and I support candidates like CNN. Because she's a true conservative she's just I mean I don't house in this room. And we need to stop. Pandering to our officials cause they're not. Better than us they work. For us and is and that they start listening to what does that mean to be a true conservative. This is she unionized I think I'm happy to take that I wanted to say something to with woods fallacious comments where's that or real important to say. That the legislators are the ones that work for us. And one of the things I think though bringing need to district 25. Is I want to talk to the mayor's I want to talk to the county judges I wanna talk to the county commissioners. It's six different counties summon. And totality in some just simply urged. And get out and meet the people and what they would like to do not what Sheehan in my Clinton wants to do that I remember from cynics 101. In high school. Sweden 101 in high school but in our civics class we learned our representatives worked for us. And you went out you talk to the people and you talked with what they wanted you to do and that's what I wanna bring to the table is what that what the people want luckily I think. That my views are veering natural line was. A lot of my own constituents and that area but certainly if there was something that sound. That I they were vary advocate. That they were. Very much wanting done like Denver county commissioners at one time had a unanimous decision. On some infrastructure that they needed done. You know if perch in Harvey had consented on San Antonio we're gonna totally different story that was a bad story for. Our. Jason incidents but that was ignored that that bill alone was uneven it was uneven supported by the the legislature and their social. Let me ask you what are what are some things that you think should have changed or should have been different this last session. And to help those people laden in. You know with the hurricane Harvey which we've just we've got to start cleaning and in this is cannon of an interest in fact it does come over in the in the last census that we've. Accomplish getting all the team against her at the ten fastest growing counties and the United States of America. Three of those cronies earns her district if I have taught him out pays. Kanell and Kendall counties. And we welcome the people we want people to come to Texas we want them to fuel welcome to our state when we start doing. Anti H. Business are. On we use the bathroom mills saying what North Carolina handle already learned from that so what I think could have been a lot different is. Welcome mean people welcoming businesses welcoming our rights as citizens. Well okay. And and welcome DFW greetings lane garrison there and also that's right Donald routes Rutledge you know Felicia was spot on he ovals this on the things that week. We need to you know. We need to. Worry about him in a tape Shannon I'm just loving Shannon more she talks. I'm just fall in love with Iraq this is the person that we need to goes to the Texas state house indeed things that we need to get done. That the Texas and Perry the Texas and we'll take that are because OJ was Gundy does force you know what to Shannon keep me straight to. Eight that's right kidney story I don't like to keep people straight yeah. Well I just don't daily fall. Can anyone keep you straight. Well you now. And again could. Do you pick you guys. Lester downs inside out. Again you got me an Allen very deadly gun ides of let me bring into the conversation at. And let me take a little bit about. Is a constitutional conservatives the small businessman he's a husband and a father. Jay helped put himself through this citadel military college by waiting tables. Bagging groceries and doing maintenance work. Where he was president of the Federalist society. The most prominent organization of conservative attorneys in the United States. Jay has been active in Republican public policy for decades as an aide to former US senator Phil Gramm. A Press Secretary on Capitol Hill a research fellow at the State's premier free market think tank. The Texas public policy foundation. Has a chief of staff in the Texas legislature. Jay and his wife doctor Shelly. I like to call a doctor Sally they found that lets all be Pickens concerts medical practice focusing on patient centered. Ops is pictured so gambling messed that up care in time of every increasing government regulation. Locally. He also has served as they Travis County Republican precinct chair. And as it projects coordinator for the trams got a Republican Party. Sally and jays two boys attend river plays elementary school. And four point two middle school she has coached Little League. Reach thousands of dollars for charities helping disabled children and donated to pro life ministries and Austin. G is a member of the NRA the national association for gun rights and lone star gun rights. The while his worship at riverbend church. So let me welcome to the show. Jwoww he's running for state rep. Michael how Gloria appreciate you having me on Johan and wait too much fun in the studio there it was a joint. Oh absolutely and I across that media gets a little sooner we can you don't have to doubt this but I'm glad you can join us by phone you know they Michael appreciate it. Because for some reason not everyone can even join us even by fall. You know there's just too busy for that call in for a five minute phone calls are really appreciate you taking your busy time. I at your day there to join initial JR you tell us a little bit about your race and what are some of these you wanna focus on in the Texas state house. Well you know I'm ready here at western trend in Tony you know Travis Kenny is the blue dot you know in taxes but there about here in the western part of Travis County this is the conservative area and pretty solidly Republican. Elect a Republican by name of Paul Workman. So I'm running against Paul Workman the problem had been that not everybody quit and our other name. You know is is created equal and had the record really has been lacking over the years polish voted for everything from gun free zones. He's voted to he voted against property tax relief which is huge its future they'll. He's actually voted pro abortion. It is just the record gets worse and worse and I think it's really time for a bold strong conservative. To be a contract with all of the other Democrats to nurture the security so that's what run. At NJ tell us what understands what it comes as second minute. I'm very strong in the second in this you know I've been endorsed by. Gun Owners of America I was endorsed actually this morning by lone start in right zoo will go out delicious. Thank you very much you know I support constitutional Kerry that can be a priority of mine. Next legislative session. And that is he that really means a lot to get endorsed by elves are gonna rice because that's you're talking grassroots it's talking about the people better on the grounds boots on the ground. When it comes as you you know getting a lot of things pass and the Texas capital so when most are gonna raise Guizhou disdain for referral illness deathly something we got to listen to him. You know I think that's important and also it's important to note that they don't just take my word or I mean they really look at your background of who what organization you belong to you look what you've done in your career talk about. Second Amendment they ask a lot of questions it's not a given that just because you know they they like ya. That they're gonna endorse you they really run easy to patent and that's important we need to do more vetting candidates and and so I'm really proud of that. So coach Jim Carrey could be a big deal. For me as as a legislator I also know like you do. That's the most dangerous place you can be a big gun pretty dull actually and so I think we need to do away with all gun free zones just terribly terribly dangerous and and that's what our work on. Now what do you think about I canceled here reciprocity not this is little out a year. Era of area of responsibility because this is more on the moon were talking US congress US senate but what is your standard when it comes to cost. They can still hear reciprocity. Why did we think we need more reciprocity. I'm not familiar with what state we have reciprocity with I'm sure you know that would be back here and but. But but I certainly wanna expand that I would expand gun rights as much McCain. Absolutely a given what about and the suppressed reveal what about yeah. Trying to against oppressors and you know removed from the NF paid less like in this is another subject that's really not in year. Your area need of exaggerating for house but this is more on the federal side but what's your stand a match. Any way that we can. Put pressure. On our congress people and our senators to expand our gun rights I'm gonna do that. As they represented and a lot of ways we can do that we need really weed out people. What you'd be answering your gonna get from a lot of people as hate that the federal issue not my. I mean you do with but what I wanna do is really be an active state. And work with other states to work with our legislators intact. Whether or not they overlap with my district are not really work with these people and really make sure that they understand that in taxes. We love our Second Amendment we want to expand our gun rights until I'm a work everywhere that I can be done. I so we're we're sitting here talking with Shannon the Clinton she's actually inside the studio we have. Shannon is running for state senator and we're talking about the Second Amendment we come back I want to talk about. I wanna get a little more in debt. Wins what will these candidates have done differently in the last session. What are some of things that they wished they could have changed if they were in the big house. Down on congress this is Michael Cargill and you are listing to come talk. It's it's just me gallons. And I get shotgun news from Michael Garcia become a healthy. Is your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and more anytime at talk they're scenes seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy. Right choice. And. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael kargil. All right so we're talking with our candidates that are running for office would talk OJ while he's run for state representative. And we're also talking with Shannon and Clinton she's ready for senator. State senator and so we're asking them about their stands on the Second Amendment and also. A little later on I'm gonna ask them about London asked Jake this is morn GA's area. I like to stay in everyone's area there when asked Jane a little later on that now but an ASCII Jane. You know what's sure your take on the city of Boston. And then falls for seeing small businesses actually. Give employees. A paid day sick leave. In case who then talked little about that let them before talk about that Jane. I can I do wanna ask you. Witness say before we went off the air. Olympic it was about last session what would we have done differently what what I've done differently left action. Yes exactly so. You know what would you motorists what are some things that you know you didn't like it happened last section last session. Well you know we lost we lost constitutional carry in the calendars committee. One of Joe's sir Alex's cronies that are honor. Was GM when we got killed and he's the chairman of the committee killed in committee. And you know I think a lot of your listeners know that the problem in Texas politics over the last several years has been that we had a house speaker. They've been hostile to gun rights our school to a lot of conservative causes he he's not he's frankly just not a real conserve. And thankfully the jig is up he knew he was not gonna be reelected so he decided she looked at packing up and gone home. So we're gonna have a new speaker next section which is good news to probably the challenge to be out. It that we need to make sure that we get a good solid conservative speaker and he doesn't just passed the baton on to one it's crony. So that's going to be the real challenge in so much. Of what we want to get done whether it's Second Amendment or whether it's a lot of things act spilled or what have you. Began an end with who is in the seat who is the speaker. Because that determines who the committee chairs are going to be and that determines what's gonna get a fair hearing and what not. So that's gonna be that she's challenge that we have going reported make sure we get a good liberty loving. Speaker exception. Don't get and then added Texas Tribune that she redid. Your opponent. And so I and he fully should tell me you know what was that raining there in that Esther wolf first of all who's rated top ten. As far as a detection Tribune is concerned pollution. That top ten as conservative legislators from dean last session where McCain is for now the state claimed ten year old Schaefer. That blared. Shaheen beat him in that laying swans and kraus legions Emmons sitting Alice and Emily what is that where at least. These conservative. Where. Davis Sheffield clarity to pull me gearing it good then. Karen K cool. Rainy vendetta very humid east I am Lambert Darby. And bales which is actually my own districts and have this morning. Where does. Was the ability since. Mr. Workman fits the burden. About ten or fifteen frowned at the bottom. Know what would you see this the case. You know I have to dig more into his voting record to see that and. Let me ask EJ what do you think at Texas Tribune that she read it Paul Workman when the least conservative. In the. Really illustrative. A lot of people aren't aware. It is record that bad and the reason is because he just doesn't do much in the legislature you never in the news. He just doesn't accomplishments and yet he's able to hold his head cover down and get away with having a sub standard record now he voted. Against the band on third trimester abortion or session and a few pro life that the big big deal. He voted against property tax relief he voted for every little. We measure you can imagine that raises taxes and increases regulation. And it's a problem he also voted for gun free zones and it's it's just done. His record just gets worse and worse every single year. Okay an enemy switch gears here let me go back to Shannon and as soon Shannon who's running for state senator against south. She hasn't and in college she's trying to unseat near as well so Shannon you know what may ask you what are some of the things that you would have changed. In and last session. That's that's great question Michael because they were there are a lot of things the first thing and it changes not to go into a special session and being number one. As much as some of its staunch. Certain far right conservatives. Feel that it was good first Strauss to leave he was the one is nature of that bathroom bill didn't get past so there are. Anymore and the governor size of the governor of Leno says hey there's going to be the special session there's really nothing that the senator house conditions. And I am not sure if I agree that I think that. The governor's so called agenda and this is my personal opinion he but the governor's agenda wasn't necessarily just the governor's agenda I think it. We saw that the lieutenant governor certainly had. Eight of those ten things that where she was very excited about being. On for the special session including the bathroom bill. And we should really be more worried about who are lieutenant governor is because and rallied us the most powerful C and Texas it's a pretty darn powerful position and a he got and so what are some of the things that you would have changes last session. Probably the most disappointing thing is that howls had 81 point something billion dollar. School finance building came come over to the senate. And under our Texas constitution and article sent and I believe states that the on. Government is responsible for funding public education it's pretty simple not a lot of commas and at. Meg and a clear to interpret it. Some other time make on over to the senate. There was a group the senators including senator Campbell who's part and adding that bill when you go after school finance bill. What ends up happening is that your local property taxes must be increased to make up the difference. For funding public education. So when you have that situation and here touting limited government. No new property taxes or we're gonna reduce property taxes it folks have got to understand. That wing UG when you reduce the public funding for education. You are forcing an independent school districts of low global to increase your property taxes in that simple. Now would you be willing to you actually sponsor a bill in the Texas senate there. To you and support constitutional care. The year swift can't be upset after a full meeting caveats will you have to realism we'll Europe so mom we like things to be studied we'd like tear the pros and the cons. From from Shanna Moakler Clinton's perspective. I believe that all law abiding citizens should be able to carry guns. So bond Aston help. Sponsor a bill like that and there's not some kind of whacko in the language because amendments continue to get put on it. That may water it down or Maine make it more dangerous than I I just can't stand up for that. I certainly am staunch supporter of law abiding citizens being able to carry. OK so it sold what. Let's go a little bit deeper in case so what are some of things they use are hesitant about. When it comes in the constitution Kerry Wood some things you think should not be in there let's go a little deeper. Meaning you should not be able to carry again earn their. Under the constitution and channel Clinton's opinion is. I should do. But it does my bill I would certainly say law abiding needs to be defined it and we I don't think. Folks have committed crimes particularly violent clock crimes I think. Some meth dealers that may be caught in between. High schools elementary schools middle schools what they've. Worked out their sentences or non and little concerned that if they're not bright enough to. And Dario little herbal how do you differentiate that went under them anyhow just classification system of justice schedule line. When you have something that is plants. Since I'm from a stack up with something that's a plan that actually. Is scheduled one and then you also have messages that is actually the scheduled to. How did appreciate that's the meth dealers and in so it is so now we're getting into a different conversation I. How do you define that and the law abiding. When you're saying we're gonna have a law abiding what are the steps we've. Pushing him on Clinton's dynamic that happened today on the show I can tell you that. Guys and what you're talking about is our federal guidelines and those are not something in Texas that we're going to be able to change although we have seen. Some of the cities and Texas that are. Reducing. What the penalty is for carrying. Certain small amount of some type of may be playing substance. So too soon can we got to work with the feds on the spread again we kick cleaned up active. Taxes from Colorado is doing a pretty good job bringing down there around there are state deficit. By some of these. Re keeps on taxes the. Celtics and corruption in Mexico. Standing in someone thinks a little bit of corruption in Mexico. We're kitten when EU and. Now we're talking about the cartel let's go out MM guns to make all nervous and I hate that. Annan but it but I don't have the answer sit here today on. Does as well as to how you think how you approached the problems you know because it's no problem is gonna be as simple you're gonna have one final thing you know you're gonna do with normal levels and just see how you think is that candidate is more complicated it's not just. People who are gonna say and then half empty promises. Well and I and I'll tell you that a I have how a lot of people depending on bullet. What advisory it might be is don't jump out there in and say you're an attorney present might have a really bad connotation when it comes to be in a legislator. And I will tell you as an attorney. I take pride in being an attorney and I have reviewed I've written I've analyzed. Eyes written amendments to bills and outsourcing so. When you give me kind of a blanket question like that it's because I have the depth and the brats to realize I don't know at all. And I need experts to tell me and I can tell you that. I am going to do my best to support constitutional carries for law abiding citizens how we get there is not name not my day Buick. Okay. I saw let me go back to. Small businesses all businesses and I have to give their employees. Eight paint basically. It's a what are your thoughts about them. Well it's just another example of overreach and over regulation by the city of Austin Austin loves big government they'd love telling everyone how. They should live their loved telling small business owners how they should run their businesses. There's a fundamental concept. That we sort of lost sight of that it's a big part of why amber. And that is that is this State's duty to protect liberty okay just like the states created the federal government. The state created political subdivision called cities in Cali. Windows cities and counties like the city of Austin get out of step with the state constitution or run counter to the fundamental principles of liberty. If the State's duty to step in and stop. And that's a big part of why do and and that is an argument that the one Republican in traffic or he should carry forth every single day in the state legislature because we have. The the ammunition. To be able to go after the city of Boston we just need a political courage to do it. And I understand I'm not gonna be invited to the cocktail party dimmed on the third luckily a nice things about me in this statement. But we need somebody with equivocal courage to stand up because as you said. On Twitter. With the hash tag sick of this I think we're all sick of this is Travis county and in the city of Austin we need delight to stop this and we need to let the backbone to be able. Absolutely and and and what we have right now would definitely lacking that backbone because you can get talking you know. You'd you'd you're talking small businesses in this city Boston is true link. Trying to help out the people that are on that bottom of that totem pole there. They need to practice what they preach because right now the city Boston and they're not given their employees eight page basically. As a matter of fact dean told that our Austin police officers do not have a contract right now so they don't have any pay basic leads at all simply don't care. So yes you're trying to pull something on the small guy how in the world are small businesses opposed to Grohl or start. If this city bosses gonna put this over their head in the first place. Well because magical thinking. None of none of the people there run businesses at the this City Council and part of that was ERR I'm here in the top floor of the W holds hills he's definitely not retired there and put the magical thinking they think that you just magically click your heels every morning in and create wealth they can then go back into the coffers of the city. And they don't understand the challenges that the business owners. Have every day they don't understand how hard it is and an and they love passing Fiat from from up above that the city of Austin. That the rest of us got to live by but they don't have to. Absolutely I so we're talking with. 47. Russell talk when Shannon McClendon and she's run for senate district. 25 we're talking about the constitution would talk mark constitutional Kerry we're talking about the sold here reciprocity would talk about removing items from the image feed lists. On the federal side this is Michael Cargill and you. Aren't listening to come and talk. Visit Britney pray and I thank levels and news from my heart I'm coming top kids. Today don't you know Magdalene. And is there. I just learned the name. Welcome back to come in socket. And now here's Michael car. Jill Davis is definitely one of those days you just wanna keep back in just cuddle up. Business this whole cold outside man I don't when he got to bid and I had to be kicked out of bed this morning. Literally that I finally get out there SA law you and I got to go to working well or seven days a week and unlike yet I don't have that option. Like that this city bosses little dreaming or the take eight PD cinque Lee I can't do that actually works seven days a week. Only days I get off for Christmas Day I'd New Year's game. Thanksgiving. Fourth of July that sit and things yet Thanksgiving that's it that's it that's all it is so the next seven days and weeks old because I'm a small business owner. Am and my business runs seven days a week in so I have to be geared to make sure. That stuff happens because I'm the responsible person because this is we're talking firearms were talking a gun store we're talking an effort failed dealer. I told let me get your your take on this parents are call in number. Is 512643. Alive that's 5126435483. Come and talk is let's go to lying team one last question about constitutional Kerry. Iran can't talk. I don't mean I cannot damaged and why don't want whose name Michael a reader she was so CJ how you do insert. Seeds aren't doing well open carry Texas. Yes I had I had a question. Or Sharon had been listening to show but I I'm a little confused by her answer so I wanted to try to narrow it down a little bit I would like to know and I guess or even. Constitutional Kerry defined as the you can legally own and purchase a firearm in you can carry a satellite that. That's pretty much it I go into a store got the background check I'd take my gun they get my holes or walk out that that constitutional care. Is that something in the candidates. The port and and would not only support but author or coauthor. And attacked in receives a former top wanna make sure I understand he's. BA had just so constitutional Kerry I wanna make sure the definition here is clear okay. That and that and that each candidate to understand what it means is you can legally own and possess a firearm under law it's illegal possession and lost. A yeah and then Kerry level license and that's it they'll really harsh action if you can legally donate you can legally purchased it you can legally carry a satellite. Yes I support that. Unconditional. And okay great and ends like second question is right now we've got a problem here in Texas. And the problem is is that what the law is experience bit ambivalent or ambiguous you'd think. About carrying into quote unquote courthouses. And what's happening now is you've got these smaller towns especially but even some of these big cities. Where they put all of the government services to include life he'd seen paying your your utility and all that kind of stuff. They've got to more than one building and because there happens to be a court on any sport or an eight story building. They're trying to make the entire building off limits to firearms under under the law which says. He can't carry garden into a building or portion of a building that contains the core. What you being supportive of clarifying that to only be section of the building in order of the court actually. Is president. And the so they don't you let this stuff that. I would absolutely. Absolutely everyone else in the building of the sitting duck. And it it is a perfect example of government one size fits all it doesn't work in the real world. And we need to be smarter so absolutely had put them. All right well hey I have I appreciate it no right to question closer. I look at the present military tech with those goods to issue that I get the most. And we filed nearly 100 complaints against. Municipalities. In counties and things like that. And right now everything is just languishing in the courts right but I think we can fix it in the legislature faster than the court fixed. Absolutely yeah you're right and that's something I gotta clean up because he's like he said you know we're sitting you're dealing with the big one like city of Austin. You know it's been dates you know we're talking actually it's been 151617. We're going on three years now. Three cases we filed a complaint. And the city losses just dominant nose area now for a while we're well over seven million dollars you know if they you know do the right way to do the math. So. Well and I'd like to say thank you to CJ for making sure your column people out. On. The folks they're breaking a law on extending it when they shouldn't be taken into their own hands. Oh thank you Leno actually got to hang up and listen I just wanted to pose those two questions. And and secondly thanks Cooper sticking your neck out in and running for office we need more citizens who were willing. They're not just complain but take a stand and do something. About the current state of politics. They see game. They care. Hey AJ this is police have him help Andrea Republicans and I had a question specifically for you. What made you want your run for office why did you decide. That where we needed and competition and. You know I care a lot about liberty. I care a lot about. Freedom from government which is what real liberty is freedom from government. It's a freedom did for your own course in life to become the master of your own destiny. In where I see in its credit killing my health. And I have a real sore spot with folks this campaign. As one thing and when they get offered that behaves very differently. And that bothers me at all levels of cover. And so you know like a lot of conservatives and Travis County what intimate spiel Hardaway this city right. It Democrats city of Austin Democrats ultra county. And I ran for City Council and 4014. To try and at least pull hard on our into the wrote. And I didn't make it a lot by ninety votes out of something like 6000 votes cast. But this very much an extension of that because there are statement that he. Like explained before their state remedies that we have to beat back over regulation. And the over taxation by eight. Travis county and the city of Austin we have state committees we just need to be able to have that dia. The political courage to be able to exercise our option. And in what ways is a word may not doing that so what are three ways that you could accomplish that. More efficiently. And more effective for me then abandoned an apartment. Well number one I wouldn't vote against property tax relief what he did last session. I wouldn't vote for gun free zones like he did two sessions ago. I wouldn't vote for leadership and a speaker that's gonna be hostile to gun rights. To liberty in general. I wouldn't do those things and what I would do it that would be an active representative and a voice for liberty. And someone who has a lot of passion and the movement conservative. Somebody's got a lot of passion. For lowering our tax bill and getting government out of our lives too often what you see from Paul Workman is kind of synergy between. Business interest and the government. And Paul Workman is very much at the center of that. So that is some examples of what I would do differently. And also be more responsive to citizens are your over and over and over again up all worked in the office just ignore worse. Dissenting opinions. I would engage people. In new and explained to them why it is liberty is the best course of action. They think it is uncertain. All right you email. He'll. I got it thrown something there have already I've donated to your campaign. Yeah him and so once once I deed that you know only about Marin. Once once I do that you know that I got to go a step further now because Xena and I listened to everything you said today. Now I gotta go in there and fully endorse she 100%. So I'm just went trichet and I don't I don't do things like that you know and I'm gonna do that today analysts say even today I fully endorse 100%. For state rent. Is I'm I'm very convinced that you're you're going to do something different on and that in the house side who doesn't wanna do that 100 Mike. I really appreciate that I'm really I'm grateful for that is it means a lot and and and folks like you that are out there. On the front lines every day not just a business owners but people there. I have a cause and her advancing the cause of think you understand that the deck seems to be stacked against us but we just got to keep fighting. We just got to keep fighting it what other choice do we we can't give up. We got to keep fighting. Right and so I really appreciate Michael absolutely. And now I'm gonna and the gas Shannon I'm Shannon I'm so tell me. It into those same questions you know what are some things that. You know well first of all why you running. A lot a lot of managing that we've talked about already alone and M one of those is the same thing that Jay just mentioned. I want to reach out to the people now are represented the people of district 25 I want to be easier voice that the capital I don't want. My personal. Social or nonsocial. Nine and and they may be to dictate. How on their represented people also has been the strongest thing and I don't need to and name call here I don't need to call out we know who I'm running against. She she certainly has a reputation that is Chong for a certain period and I don't think that's the majority of three out of my district. What's it she different from your opponent. Well I'm I'm interested in. Building. Infrastructure that's needed. And intercity and government doing the few things that government does do well I want them to do those things like infrastructure like public education. At in at the same time I want us to be able to. Focus on things like we we've got to get a handle on sex trafficking. Drug trafficking. It's kinds of things that seem to be talked about the they're not done and then. I just don't be hypocritical fun Tony Allen limited government want limited government I went I am there at such a property taxes on their try the best that I can't cut your taxes. And get people on board was up. He could and then let me ask again our current chair for the Libertarian Party will be here you know because I'm increasing cheer for the Republican Party. You know who. That's right side got a rep for the Republican Party all the way play your cards for that oh absolutely. You know and sell. Let me ask you cheer for the limit they Travis County Libertarian Party. You know look he would he think about. Our candidates today on dinner ready in the Republican ticket. Yeah a year unlike two of them here in any time we're talking about limiting government. If you donate you know if I'm in a proof. That. We definitely want I'm broke it in and breathe in town like winters saying about. Did to focus on the things it needs to be focusing on December overreaching into our lives. Is it is your libertarian candidate running India on this state red districts a 47 race or dissent being. But it was right now as we did not had a one per cent and 25 that's so there's there isn't there is not. A libertarian candidate running for senate district 25 there are it's okay and so. The good year you're saying. And well yeah and it basically you know kind of when it comes Angie at least for me personally you know this is. Not necessarily. On the thinking of every libertarian which if anybody knows libertarians were hot cup individually thinking then and disagree and a lot of things premiered as personally as an individual. And you know I'm not as concerned with the letter knicks have been named as long as there's somebody is going to be. Working to increase my liberty and my freedoms and working to limit the impact of the term has in my life so anybody that's going to be willing to do that. Is somebody that that I can seem as a support inning getting behind so that's kind of the main thing to me is are you going to be. Representing. My rights in my liberty and helping to limit the government and limit their impact on my life. And so there is their candidate running in the state rep district 47 not for 47 that are sold in there is a what there's not one running in senate district 25. So long could you see yourself you know getting behind. EI and you can't endorse being the you know the cheer for the Travis County Libertarian Party can endorse him but can union of teachers get behind these two candidates what you've heard here today. I definitely had you know when the when the time comes in November we're really looking at the ballot you know look at every single race again like I just said and I'm not as concerned with the letter next in the name. As you know the principles of of what they're open for retirement they're going to be doing should they get into that office so yes absolutely make it seem you know myself. Looking at both of these ballots come November with you know. And in supporting women you know both of these candidates and there's perspective Greece's. And we're gonna give Shannon back into the issue back into the the around the studio again because I wanna talk to Shannon beginning it's nowhere little better. Because unlike in more more I listened germs Urlacher more more so we definitely wanted to. You know in addition you know to the people little more as we close in tune early voting the delay Shannon the one thing that I did want to point out is that. And I appreciate you not caring about the RR JD what you care about are your freedoms and that's and that's the critical issue. In reality though the primaries are. A critical to my race. There aren't we error at 65 plus percent voting Republican so. It boils down to do you want the other person using common argue watching animal and and and and I'm not singers are gonna be Indian that race but the primary election isn't he he election right now that we need to be focused on. And I is lumbering up Mahler is from the topical elections. Maybe should we do something about primary screen out and work on something to fix them our election laws so that way at least the voices can be heard the other people on you know. His any of orient in and out not to say that at least people can at least think their voice heard in the primaries on you know you can say you're affiliated with one party console boat and at least have your always heard maybe not uncounted votes for life. But at least heard there is something with practice something. But then we can fix our election laws because we do have a big election law problem. Now one I don't know if this address as your question. But I have run across a lot of folks that don't understand it doesn't matter if you label yourself as a Democrat or Republican or libertarian. Or whatever they you are free during the primaries to the mood in either the Democrat or though Republican primaries has Rand there's not a primary. For the libertarians right now on that's based on. If I ended this is news. Political director and now this is a a major. An issue that people if they vote in this they can't go to our convention. Also if you sign a petition to get a candidate on the ballot you cannot that means you are affiliated with that party. I hear you saying your affiliate in I'm trying to bullet down to the numbers in the numbers game and district 25 is do you want the incumbent or do you want Shannon McClendon and so. I I sir. You want and I do and I'm. This edit digital and I have a vested interest in for service might as well Wear family it's. And should be. Having them look at this race and has their I family those Republican. And so. Is something you're one that's 65% under I'm on my out. So easy Cellini did you know probably call your your mother out you call your your parents and Lucy you know led their stances are what some of things they're interested in. You know we'll put them on the spot to do that I'm in the mood to do that and I can't wanted to have it. This weird yeah it's going to be a bit much and Obama well. Let's call blissful mom Betsy would mom thinks OK we'll do that today. We we're gonna do that and it teaches you really you're able do it in the future eleven knows she's gonna get a phone call who doesn't want anyone at all mind and they don't call mama who voted. Well we paid adult gay rep got the models the parent. And so we're talking would anti candidates here we talked a way that Shannon McClinton she's run differs state senate at district 25 will also talk when. He's run for state representative district 47. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. Physical on war you're listening to come in pockets with Michael Clark. Sound off on the news today with the top poll online ads on thirteen seventy dot com saw the thirteen seventy though right choice. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Carville. I had so we had. Tell us how we can find your website gonna find you contact you donate your campaign because hate. We don't endorsement in for general wiley. Thank Michael yeah it wouldn't go to boats. DOT TJ a YWILEY. Dot com. And I could just donate bear whatever he can't five bucks and but it really makes a huge debt from we are within striking range of winning this election. And bringing conservative voice a strong. Liberty minded conservative voice to Travis County just such a big big deal on were close. It's time to trigger this vote right now we're gonna trick of the vote so he can donate to his campaign donated to his campaign. Go to. Vote. She you know and they PJ are really appreciate you calling him. Thank you Michael and you ever wanted to really appreciate it caught our -- we're gonna get Shannon McClendon back in today as Steele again it will probably on the phone or inside studio where I get him back in because we're gonna get her to answer a survey and things of that nature. Got a couple more things I wanna know about Shannon. And then we gonna see about the owner endorsement her way we've we're getting we're deafening gonna get there because we want to make sure that we're actually sure. About the people that we saint are gonna triggered his vote. And make those changes that Texas Capitol Shannon how can people find you. Www. Shannon for the number four senate dot com. Some also there's a great video up there if you watch that. As reported by the Texas monthly after you were you've watched that video you'll see the Texas women don't mind shooting their instincts. They're nice Carl ran out like that you don't and you know what she and in real quick. In about ten seconds. And why are you on the social issue one be different from your candidate you week we got a short amount of time here socially. Well I I just. It's back to liberty and you I wanna be and indeed the person and I am on rather running as a openly gay candidate I'm Republican. Who happens to be day it's like being Republican enough and it. Black perhaps. Happened to be why aid it's not shoe makes me. It's I'm republic and and dumb I don't wanna be discriminated against. Okay nice OK okay I call dad and and I'm learning centers and that makes great sense and now we know that. You know let's I wanna you know on the list extend this a couple more minutes so tell me this I'd sell. How is that being a Republican being gay specially you know which crop in the office you know how does that has that feel and how do you have a deal with that. I don't feel without having to deal with that Michael. Trump is trump is going to be trump and trump is our president trump does our commander in chief. He's got a few years to continue to be our president and our. Commander in chief foundries in military and Maureen and he is she is the man. I love that he's been able to call the media out and be responsible for some of those things that they said. I would certainly do some things different or in any differently than he has done maybe a few things differently but he. AM I love you more and more I had fallen in love with you right now he's done nothing ditto for. His last month and up your mess and with part of my structure here oh that's OK now tell us your website one more time how can we find you warmer time. I www. Shannon. Four of the number Cendant. Dot com and we TT donations on the Republican side ours. We'd like a little bit more than five or ten dollars if he can go with a hundred to 200015100. But will it will unhappy get 25 dollars from anybody. Nicely and that's right because you're talking a series for a talk in the senate district 25. And we need to unseat this incumbent so we gonna like us they were gonna get Shannon back into the studio I want Shannon McClinton. Back on the on the either on the phone is that studio before early voting starts so that we aid weekend gets nowhere little more. And we can go to the polls and make an informed decision. We got to trigger this vote this time I wanna make sure there's no doubt there's no shaky legs when he comes a stent and in the Texas house with a Texas senate. That we stand up for the Second Amendment and what is right because I intake of flags aren't just for show. That's right it it you know because you'd be surprised how many people have been in their offices and. Almost all the I remember. Democrats everyone has got to come take a flying around with racial lines it is like look at all look at all their flags on one of the means it's all he actually stepped in their hate my name is and you also it's also and so I'm here you know discusses second minute. You moved. Its own. If you can find my secret Korean in my secret Rian in my safe thing you might be able to find start counting weekends there's us. I love it I love it I and then you know when he comes in this city lost not tell you I just don't know led to deal about this eight days sick leave. I need to save hawk at Austin to get out of my pocket you know I want to get out of my pockets get your hands out of my backpack would you like to not to referendum on how to vote on a dull that you know what we're gonna fix of the capital so they can do whatever they want on the city level all the what teeth. I'm gonna take my fight to the capital and give it seeks they are. If they do in poses a basically basically because you're talking about going. Doing something more restrictive than what they do what they're city employees feel pay their city employees that they don't paid Austin pleased Mormon that it is well. Agreed so you don't AP he's not getting paid aids paid eight days I'm just asking you know I get any simply does American zero. Want a referendum on that you it would be asking do you wanna wait until legislation. Texas legislature and starts out in order to try to sign an UN just go ahead and take got to go after it now. I try to fight this on their brief eighteen this week as a matter of fact this Thursday were a try to fight that at City Hall so I will be there at City Hall on Thursday. Tune to stand up and let them see my face to let him know that I'm not going to comply I have to comply with a little bathroom rule and a knock on comply with this one. As always more guns equals less crime why did I get shuffled gun. Even list and come and talk it. With Michael cargo. And you.