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Sunday, February 18th

Come And Talk It, for February 18.


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It's time for Cummins socket with your host Michael card bills brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And has achieved national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael. Our Jill good JE Austin, Texas is the live music capital world list praise the lord and pass to you ammunition. OK today we got a packed house we gonna have Donna Campbell the state senator Dodd Campbell's going to be in the house from district 25 she's gonna be on the phone with us. Also we have inside the studio Austin tally he's running for house district 45. Also inside the studio we have Kyle Austin he's ready for house district 49. And on the phone we won't have state rep Jason I music. He's the state rep in district. 45 but he's ran for congress so that I'm sorry house district 21. Mission and the red house district 21. Can't. And so we're gonna have him on the phone we're gonna break all this stuff down and not talking about the Second Amendment won't get everyone stance on that. Also gonna get everyone's thoughts on the shooting that happened. In Florida this past week on Valentine's Day but first you know I do wanna talk about the sheeting a little bit before we bring our guests and because. I and you listen to you all the rhetoric on line and people talk about banning guns would need to do something about you know. So call assault rifles and all this kind of stuff. Wall at what point are we gonna blame the parents or parenting for some of this stuff at what point. Are we gonna say hey there's there's a mental health issues. Because I don't see anyone complain wind Timothy McVeigh. Use a rental truck Ryder truck filled Whitman Newark and some things that he purchased from Home Depot and killed a 168. People. So at what point are you gonna stop blaming guns. And start blaming the parents or. He'll blame those individuals we have a person now that's responsible for this one you know what instead of you know giving him a plea deal instead of playing it down to single key if you plead guilty they won't just give you life in prison used in the rest your life in prison how about is given Sparky. Let's put until they cheer that's what we should do it he killed seventeen people delay he these red dot that's what I say. All right so let's get back to guarantee a little bit okay. You know I'm so sick and tired of people being in they borders you enjoy this in the enabling these individuals by you're not putting them into a system. In the police officers had did to this house 39 times. They went to this guy's house this. Person's house of 39 times his monster. Let's call it like it is people he was a monster. It takes a monster. To want to kills seventeen people. Evil monster. So. At what point are we gonna say you won't pokey what should the police actually visit this guy 39 times he should have been put in the system. Also his parents. What's your neighbor's. Pit deer were at fault for this because they knew something was thrown this guy Eric. Read. Every student that you ask around the shooting. You ask who you think did it with these immediately. Immediately. They see these guys named Ahmed he doesn't mention his name. They say his name because they should yup they knew he was the one because he was the one most likely to do a school shooting. If you knew this this is your fault these are far you're responsible for this because you did not being. You knew he was responsible he knew he was gonna do a school shooting and you did not think to prevent it he would report to anyone he did nothing it's your fault you're responsible. Also the FBI would eventually was reported by someone. The FBI did nothing we're so busy talking about Russia Russia Russia Russia. Sharon Sharon rash out all of our god is Russia blond hair blue light shed some good lord. They're so busy focusing on Russia they have not under no circumstances. Are they even did it about criminals. At some point we need to hold our government responsible for not doing their job. This is your job George balls to investigate these things. If someone tell you this guy is talking about shooting up a school any reports the FBI. Ed you don't investigate if someone needs to go to jail people. They need to go to jail. I want to see someone locked up. That's what I don't get us seventeen people battered did and you did nothing to prevent. You need to go to jail that's what we're talking about here so let's go back to the parents are goodness. And she's so many different situations where there's something wrong with the young man. And you tell the mother he told the father there's something rolled your kid there's something going on we begin some held. Give them some counseling in any deal they covered up their enablers is no Littlejohn he's okay. I'm he's just upset right now know you're Charles doesn't issues and he needs to talk to someone he listened medication or something and something's going on any given some help. If you do nothing and this person excused of shooting you are responsible. You're one of his friends in school. You knew he was gonna do something like be sure in the chat rooms listening to him talk about school shootings. You're used to Gramm listening to him talk about school shootings and you did not think to prevent it so instead of boycotting schools want it out of schools more good news to hold yourself a small look in the mirror. Is a man in the mirror jerk fault irresponsible could you did nothing. Blame yourself. Martin guns you're not getting my guys are not give you my guns under no circumstances are you gonna get my guns. So you can forget about it blame yourself. Guns or interstate we are country that work forward on guns and guns. Are going to be here to stay. Take my word for anyone else got anything you say you don't get asked her rent. Let's just read some of these eighteen school shootings that happens with his read with some of them are. Unidentified shared fired shots in the building no injuries meant committed suicide in the parking lot of the school. And an end bend school or close six months earlier another student commits suicide in the school. Gunshots there window from off campus they had the school window. Another is that there's some unintentionally fire bullets bullet from a gun legally possessed by an instructor. That's struck a wall. As is that that's just a few of the ones involved. Obvious it's not eighteen school shooting and he was only three of them were actually active school shooters. So we need to reevaluate how we're presenting our facts. Not our faxes and their fact they're back trying to present. Anybody else. Which we think. Does this say there's. My rights are known for vote. My rights are known for legislation. The constitution was written. Not as a hey this is this government giving you these rights these are your writes the your born with. And these are the rights they we do not kids infringe upon. By a government intervention so. That's circumstance enemy reserve Meyer writes. I guess that the one thing that bothers me is that a policy and social media's like in trump told that these rules that lets. Mentally deranged people have guns and I've heard that almost every site now and what what is that I just know it's a bunch of crap you just tell immediately. Based on looking at their researched it and and what everyone's referring to just pulled up bombing found to kind of verified it was just some proposed. Regulation that would actually take all the information from. Like the social security department for anyone has ever done any benefits connected to anything like anxiety or depression and mental health. Issue and impose them on an analyst for guns which violates like the Second Amendment and violates the Fourth Amendment because there's no due process for those people so. That's just the one thing I want to say because that's been making me wanna slaps him across the face for the last couple days constantly seeing that all over the place. I think anybody else. This is really close on for me because my mom's a teacher and and my family is a teacher and they have no way to protect themselves. So yes going to the root of the problem in talking more about mental health and parenting and good to get rid of the problem the decision on I was gonna fix everything. And having some. Kind of protection at schools is. Imperative and I don't understand why 2018 and we don't have that and all schools yet amonte had guns pulled on her. She's had knives pulled on her. She's been intact to via a child's fingernails to the point where she was hospitalized. And young she's never had a great overs sixth grade that's twelve year old. And she's had guns and knives pulled on her an elementary school in your tell me we don't have a protection any kind of protections. ID's high schools. I think I read an article there is one security guard. There's hundreds of students we have to be better. I've protecting our student there's more. State troopers I capital protecting all of our elected officials and our in our schools and that's a problem to me. Of course there now have heavy duty weapons to protect them and green and yellow thing a wanna talk about is that the city of Boston pull me and let me tell you what arrived begin near the city of Boston decides that. Here they are they're now going to you tell businesses private business is this is the deal is I say not as I do. Until a private business they you have to give. You're employees aged day he's paid sick leave. They're gonna tell me how to run my private business you know what I don't need the government get involved in my business if I want the city of Boston to become HR department. I would paradigm. HR department my business this is my business I'm gonna write the way I want to. And I tell you what city Boston mr. mayor City Council here's what you gonna do for me. I will shoot you. I'm not under no circumstances. Am I yeah. Michael Carneal the owner of central Texas awards going to go I would just say Ortiz. I want page your 500 dollar fine and I will see you in court I probably should that. Under no circumstances. Will I ever comply with this city ordinance not gonna see you at the Texas State Capitol because the bill has already been written. It's already written. This bill will overturn what you did just like all four lifts you keep overlooked out of town guess what a year later they're right back so we're gonna bring get right back. There's got to be a deal is gonna be written it will be signed. By the governor and things will be back to Norman did not gonna tell private citizens what to do. And let me bring into the conversation. Awesome telling who's rented house to shoot 45 Austin welcome to come talk to sir. Well thank you. You say it's a part that's right there's per for example which say about the city overreaching. She doesn't seem to understand the the law also developed that support free enterprise. They wanna suppress that and what do everything they can affect your bottom line. And tell you how to run your own business. Well the city can even manage their own HR department and city has gross negligence in discrimination and retaliation eight even against veteran reservist aux. They can't even imply comply with 88 loss. I took them all in federal court because of so it's funny how the city wants to tell you how to manage your business and they can't even manage there's. It's it's just madness. Now someone who's actually at that meeting where they voted for it. Legs or his seeing people living in booing hissing and doing and over half the room was DSA members and so obviously that's not represented about. Everyone on there is a small little portion I mean there are few conservative leaning speakers. I heard at least one libertarians speak. And why I've basically solves a lot of businesses were saying. Well I I think businesses and how the summit business owner I think they should have this I haven't in my business I'm like fine but don't force it on other businesses. It's not right for you to force that upon other people about the threat of we've done. To say you have to follow this rule or we're gonna basically run you out of business it's only going to help the larger businesses or is gonna pass the cost offered to us as customers. We're not gonna comply no circumstance you have. There's small businesses all around this city in their complaint about this they're not gonna comply does she know what's gonna happen they're gonna reduce the salaries so here and pays seventeen dolls and our guess what you're not gonna be making fifteen dolls are if you're getting forty hours a week. Just like you're not gonna give been giving. 3435. Hours a week. You're not gonna have less hours less per hour and they're gonna toll screw you this is Michael Cargill and you're listening to come and talk. So it's a definite challenge. And I guess my goodness. Michael guard skills come and tell give. Making top radio upgrade again somebody has to come out. Top thirteen seventy the right choice. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael kargil right so we're back and we're talking about politics all right so we have inside the studio. We have Austin tally Austin is running for house district 45. So Austin. I tell me a little bit about yourself and why are you better fit for our house district 45 to any of the other candidates. Well. Aria award uniform and in the navy in the army for about thirteen years and I actually just got back in the reserves. To go start up in a new Intel unit. I believe that that gave me they leadership ability in the skills that main successful in my other careers 23 usual that is retreated by. Intelligence agency to and that would put mean comment within ten weeks for going my commission in the army. So I did that instead and or their for her and as central intelligence say Seifert five years. And then I went to defense intelligence agency for five years deployed for deck in my life I understand a clear understanding between. Leadership and management. And management is managing those resources and leadership is inspiring people to go to work in and be productive. I've seen gross stuff fraud waste and abuse said the federal level and I've seen in at the municipal level ordinance city of Austin that. I decided enough is enough that we need to get our government being a far more productive with the smaller pro footprint relying less on. Generating tax revenue. So. I decided run for public office and be civil servant and bring dexterity back into. The Statehouse. Okay and also Austin what's your stance on constitutional caring what do you think about that. I fully support it. Believes that when the constitution as ring it was ring to. Give everybody the ability to protect themselves. Bear arms. In somehow we've we've allowed fees and regulatory Easter come in in the government's really inventive when it comes the FISA regulatory and anything. And I think constitution brings back those rights either intended. When they're written analysts. They head of the bill rice's you know the first day ten. And and people try to weigh those that will the first one has more merit in the second. And the second one has more merit in the tenth one and that's not the case all ten. At the same weight and at the same merit and so we need to stop infringing on the straights. All right. And then what about being concealed carry reciprocity bill the one that's going before. Four cons congress escalate that's out of your realm that's on the federal little level not the state so what's your stance on and I'd canceled carry reciprocity. Our own. Well let legacy is like you said that that's on the federal level. Ya I wanna make sure that anything it's that are in on the federal level never. In marks infringes on our rights and state level I think on many time. When things have gone down from the Oval Office. As Texans we shouldn't have done in these. He's barking matches that always should say it is we're gonna me into. Utilize our rights in the tenth amendment and we're gonna govern ourselves the way we see fit. All right and then what about the end. The suppressor bill that we have is there's suppressor bill that's before congress were to talk about removing. As a pressures from the industry list the national farms links list and what your thoughts on the I supported I think once again it was the government can. Inventive foreign taxation in fees. You know the suppressor doesn't give you a heightened ability to do. To utilize your weapons. Me and I'm deaf in my two right here and 9%. Stefan my left yourself. The suppressor would benefit me because. On top of hearing protection I would utilized that's in on. You know for my benefit in Austin tally your ready for house district 45. What would you do what would you do different. In the state house this year coming up. They achieve feel that your opponents. Well probably not do. Well my my opponents keep talking about. Wolf one of my post talked about raising taxes who and the other two opponents talk about. Consumption taxes and I and I think it's it's really hard to run on a platform. When you're trying to change seen entire tax plan. For our community hazard and as you go along. I'm like well why don't we identify what we can do better with our existing excellent and the governor have its stock and I'll put a cap on property taxes 2.5 percent. Well I also. Want to governor average to entertain my fellow legislators. And put a cap on home valuations are homes or denounce controller. It's 26% increase in interest home evaluation before years and and I thinks because the people who drive those. Valuations sky high have a vested interest into the room these guys. But this but some of the blame back home state government. That every time we generated a revenue stream. We always compromise with that initial ten uses was asking and we did it with gas tax was first be roadways and highways compromise that. The Lotto was supposed to be schools and we compromise that. So every time we generate revenue stream we compromise and it continues we need to go back to the continues. Again if I were we can increase our productivity. In the way we do government and minimize our footprint. In my. Awesome and let me bring into the Mike here Kyle Austin College ran for house district 49. You know house district 49 cal Austin so tell me a little about yourself Kyle. My name's Kyle Austin and uncommon Sobel philosopher essay for the past a little bit over the past decade as. Really interested independently certainly researching philosophy can't figure out why do people think certain things a C a bunch evil in the world I'm trying to figure out. Why would people choose to be evil right as so well I'm Tony in the politics and trying to change the game. I see too many people. By and further identity Virginia the right Virginia the laughter or what so Allen nearly change that Kellyanne. No one's really fighting for individual rights and I see people kind of say that. But the lake telling sidestep on certain certain issues here or there and so like when your talk about the gun issue it's it's not a gun problem there's no gun problem. It is its property problem people are trying to attack property rights and their right to. Don't properties are the right Elsinore. The action of owning property. That doesn't ever infringe upon anyone's rights this is its action is the use of something it's it's doing something chicken pot possibly infringe upon someone's rights. Elena get that out there get that heard. I socal Austin his rank for house issued 49. Kyle tell me what's your stance on constitutional care. It's symbols property rights you've got a right to property. And as long you don't. Initiate force on somebody else. You've got to write your property which you do with it is is your own deal as long as you're not infringing on other people's rights. But who cares what you do. All right and then cal lost a rental house to shoot 49 and ask you this. What abounds the concealed carry reciprocity bill. You know even though that's not in your realm you know that's more on the federal side to what's your stance on the I'm Dan Gilbert of a broken record here but. I don't care what you do with your property as long as you do not infringe upon the rights of others. Okay and then what about the this oppressor bill and removing some precious from the NF fatalism is up rewind that record. When you get rid. I don't and two to dance oppressors. Suppresses. As Austin said before it. That's just to help you with your protection. For the most part and that it's it's not like in the movies the movies. I Hollywood's like you looked. That's not what it's like it's not that quiet and see if anyone knows yet it's not as now it is but it it what it does do is is as help with your protection. But like it like as a before property rights of the main thing is protect property rights. All right awesome now you we have Austin tally in you guys better these names they got Austin tally he's rented a house issued 45. Austin tally remember that name. You know he's he's supporting Europe's second lender writes Austin tally and then we also have Kyle Austin. Managed to easy pay both for both good looking man. The other named Austin let me tell you even have cost you you don't go to the ballot Gary looking at the ballot is okay. I beatable for Boston tally how did you 45 and also available for Kyle can't stand how just a 49. Sleazy. Okay way too easy that's allowed now the Austin tally has just 45 how can people find. You goaded. Also in Ethel 45 dot com. Are any social media platform is the ground Twitter and FaceBook Austin FOR 45. Okay and then so got to Austin how can end how can people find you. I think the best method I wanna try to pre election an online form to speak with me on FaceBook it's a laser that way. It's Kyle Austin or office. So it's pretty simple as who have been out on FaceBook you can finally there are some real light and I want people to start discussions I will talk with you and discuss anything with even detailed. Let's talk about some little conversation stop all the screaming and you know. Appreciative acquire let's have a conversation I wanna talk to people that disagree with me because that's only we can move forward. Think acts are in you know what I did let's get let's go a little deeper so. Let me ask hospitality as his run for house issued 45 what are some things that you would like to change. In this next session you know if you wanna you wanna to write a deal what build with you right. Well it obviously I would fully support the constitution carries so when you push that'll third down play. Yeah I think there were were forgetting our constitutional right here in Texas and that's the right to education you know quality education. You know who were ranked what 43 now in the nation. And and the state is only needing a split 38%. Of that responsibility of the budget. And and going back to would initially said he intended use that revenue so when they valuations. Gets tax on you and your pain that. A yearly. As state is doing this thing called repeat fund to recoup fund Eaton. Did your hands out of they municipal the local level governments. A money. And let's went to manage our government more productive that way the local government has 50% of the revenue needed or schools. And we're contributing 50% of the revenues needed for schools. Okay I'm and so was asking what he guested on CPS musher was is it Child Protective Services yes I get social was no where do you stand on CPS. It is awesome tally I. I believe that you'll see guess is that a lot of the option that ties her hands but I also believe that they haven't taking. Pro active approach. Especially with a belief they young. Young kid that. Was found. Murdered recently and Dudley is down in Houston. That's probably what fed into any question was. You know it's CBS was many many times was warrants and the child needs to be your news Shoney's be remitted salaries removed. I think he'd win your game too many warnings. CBS needs to take a stance even if it's on temporary. To evaluate what's going on. We knew empire RC PS officers that way they can have both my cousins worked for CVS for quite many years here in central Texas. And if we empowered them to be able to do their job. But I also know that CBS is gone wrong before there's a gentleman down in San Marcus and and they got it wrong and they they took his stepdaughter way. And there they're currently fighting in the or both of sound mind. The child is has medical conditions and there's a whole ordeal that goes into an idol invade your privacy. I think CBS needs to take a serious car look on what they're doing that's good for the child. And also good for protecting the parents that or good parents. And then you know on the maybe they should circumstances what's going on but my sisters is a perfect example of that situation she's at she's adopted. Cluttered desk she's my sister. And by blood no matter what people say and and she came to a happy home. From the circumstances that she can control a visual. Okay and what's your stance on immigration you know we have Austin Sanctuary City. So you know what your stance on that. Austin Dallas well I have my father or orbital first six and a half years seven years before he became a criminal investigator. Did another twenty there. Is he he's been on the forefront of the atrocities that happened here on Texas border. I think we need to. Become a sovereign country of walls. And allow people to come here legally I know quite a bit of people come here legally. You know and so I think you can streamline the AD legalization process for people wanna do the abide by the law. You know we cut a lot of that red tape and on bureaucracy away so people are more welcome to come here legally. But it you know what human trafficking we have over 300000. That just comes out from Texas. And and we need to cut that down let's have sex trafficking and almost 25% is underage. You can't it can't get a hold of that if you don't start. Protecting your voters. And then if it teachers wanted to cheering. You can't they want to give the training and Carrie and big shout to baby are you done their dandy if teachers wanted to caring. Would you support teachers you know more teachers being able to carry in. In schools that you know don't allow it currently right now. I guess it would I think you you know would we need to promote. I'm proficiency. And firearms training. Neat having utilized the firearms since I was eighteen years old. And the service my country and and within the intelligence community. As a legal response terrorists staff. Global response stuff were my jobless. To protect other people. And a and so I. But don't plug that. There I think he empower the teachers and if you have ten teacher's point teachers are all carrying concealed. On media on campus. Laura level education or college. A student who knows personally that that coach is caring that that teachers carrying that counselors carrying that vice principals caring. He's less likely here she is less likely to come in and probably do you happen on the floor but that was a big question do you Kyle Austin house district 49. You know what do you think. You know thing about Florida's. It's really depressed I I just think. What are those people thinking that hurt saying that they wanna control guns when they want like for gun control. In effect in and they wanna make sure that nobody at the school is army they want. The teachers and the students when a tragedy like that happens they want them to tower if they want them to die or they want him to have a fighting chance. I fully support people being able at the consulate unconstitutionally Jerry and defend themselves when something like that doesn't her doesn't happen very often. You know with with people saying it was eighteen school shootings that. As Ryan was playing earlier it it's it's not like that's not as often as we think that when it does happen I sure as hell want people to be able to defend their right to their own life. China watching guys we have about Texas for accountable government is gonna meet next Monday and and I love your schedules you know open for that but this next Monday and and it's sad and at 7 PM. In its gonna be it costs and shop online to to honor thank you and it's not. Members magnets money means the 26 not this coming up on tomorrow not yet not Dallara that was just to clarify so we're sure I'm so the 26 which is the last Monday of the month. If you guys can come and speak to the group power really appreciate that I would look to take out agency it's under schedule will get the on the break we'll let you play that up they this is Michael Cargill and you. Are listening to come and talk. Favored candidate of your office for a full that you're listening to come and talk is where Michael hard deal. Catch up on the latest headlines anytime and it's not there's scene seventy. Indeed dot com. Today I don't Magdalene. And isn't easy to. And I just learned the leg. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael card gym I. So we're back in now we're gonna bring into the conversation. State representative Jason Isaak. Jason Isaacs he's right inferred. He's ready for a US congress. District 21. And he's awesome state rep because you know Jason sponsors and awesome bill's time DD. You know we tried to do something with marijuana. In Texas is trying to work on that we were unsuccessful. But you know he's a Republican who's doing great stuff he supports the Second Amendment he's dare we need him and now he's going to DC. And we need a good voice in DC. And he wants to fill that spot so let me bring our state representative Jason Isaacs is ran for congress district 21. Jason welcome the common target line one. Hey Michael good to be on appreciate very much yeah we've done some good work about expanding freedoms in. Are you talk about children that have intractable epilepsy. It's taken to an action years to get to them actually Canada dial which is a derivative of marijuana than non euphoric element or these kids can actually put it. Well under their Tehran. Prescribed by doctors only seventeen doctors in this state that are currently prescribing this Mets after other medications that are highly addictive. These are really strong though we Lloyds. That that those proved to not work for children with seizures. And trying to get that expanded so kids that have autism. Our other neurological disorders there have been some studies that showed it helps some people with parkinson's from the tremors that they have been combing neurological. Activity and it's it's after other medicines have been tried. Prescribed by doctor media that it sounds like more freedom. All we're we've we've made some progress in the state taxes over the last couple years. And I think at this stage right this year and so I wanna go and get the federal government out of the way we've got to shrink our federal government. I would get a small. Perspective model of government estate tax and that works well. All that's why I say we ought to make America like Texas. House and he loved that slogan rain gear I love their slogan you know rightfully should. Yeah and I have my bumper sticker on my car. I voters until that I've got to do what I don't get it there. I I gotta get because I love that slogan that's an awesome slogan OK so I'm. Are registered Isaak what are some of the things some of the things you wanna do when you go to DC. You know I think one of the biggest as we've got to remind these government agencies Sunni war or they were the taxpayers. And you know the school shooting that we saw last week in Florida of course the leftists screaming and crying that they square Second Amendment right. No way cold dead hand is where you can pried away from shall not be infringed. We've got a government agency that failed to communicate that fails to protect us. And that's because lead bureaucrats forget who they work for they're they're most of them are a lot of these agencies are just they're Ajax. And I forget that we worked shore of the taxpayers. Until we meet at sunset advisory commission like we have understated taxes. I've talked about our tax breaks that we get Scott a couple of months ago how they expire in two years what needs to have an expiration date in ten years at every single federal agency. And then they would have to be re authorized by congress go to a deep dive bought it just like. It commission that's an estate taxes again that's another reason to make America like taxes. They're having sunset commission that the federal level we've done a what do you VA. That BA accountability act was passed well one of the first piece of legislation that passed the trump administration. It's 5000. People were terminated because they weren't serving our veterans the way they were supposed to be serving our veterans. We need to have the federal government accountability act and implement a sunset commission. Yeah absolutely not what she stands. Not represented Jason Isaak what's your stance on that constitutional care. One of believe it fifteen co authors of the legislation out of a 150. House members I was one of the fifteen that was brave enough to sign on as a co author and absolutely support that. Legislation I don't know why we couldn't get more co authors of that but they're they're so bear that. It in congress to that seek favor from men and that's the last please replace we need to be seeking favor from we've got to remember who we work or. Insert those constituents and my constituents believe that our constitution says. That we have the right to bear arms shall not be entranced. What do you every constitutional Kerry Wood should have to pay he. They had our Second Amendment Rights at least you know I just drives me crazy that we active every kind of a Bible well outperforming the paperwork and Mike earlier admired credited. Now now bed that congress is actually looking at a canceled carry reciprocity bill. I sold that your driver's licenses connoisseurs. You know it it'd be just like a driver's license base when you're he realizes he'll be able to carry it every State's you'll stays that you can't carry him. So all you Texas hitting the license will recognize and every single state. What should what are your thoughts on that. People all that it does not in any way create a national registry would be supportive of that but that's my biggest concern is that our federal government continues to grow and their like OK we needed database. We need to read this were a registration. Some sort of registry of every person that has taken a license to carry. Because that's the last thing I want as our federal government growing any larger than it already is database of people that own guns. And then what about T. The the suppressor bill removing these oppressors from the NFA less what are your thoughts on the. Yeah if you talk about what hassle it is to get a suppressor you've got children like I do that liked aren't. Maybe we ought we always Wear your protection. But it's it's not a silence her face suppressor. And it never hunted with whatever shot with one. The gun still makes a lot of noise it just helps with a record oil helps the noise. On it and it's just actually it's quite nice to be able to hunt with one especially when you're running with young kids these diluted them entertainers in the sport. And so it's it's in the it's it's silly large part of that list and it doesn't need to be part of the FA list. Are also meant that I tell you hold on there and that representative Jason Isaacs Allen Allen talked a little bit more but let's switch gears just a little big we have senators say senator Donna Campbell on the phone a wanna bring her into the conversation. I've senator Campbell what could become a talking man. Hard thank you for having me and I left side of that and I agree with Jay he he's very bad and we worked together and at the state level and so. Very bad. Absolutely and I'm senator Campbell you know what you would understand we're first tell her body a little bit about yourself you know what race you're running in end. And and why your your run for reelection. Well I'm. Running senate district 25 I'm running for reelection to get it done a lot of good that we don't have boarding gate. And outstanding and it what's your stance on it. Constitutional care because we we had a hard time getting that passed last session. Yeah so I support constitutional theory. There's not any pay for our Second Amendment. That and that we should have to have a life in Turkey would feel well. I'm supported a constitutional carry what we have is you know we want to make sure that we can happen and then. What is the global political and meant to be able to pack all. And that sometime that can negotiate and I support it. And it just gives me an and so what I want to know they're asking a line would you be willing to sponsor of the marijuana bill in the senate. Oh. And do you know why. I'm just not gonna be I'm just that I was the leader in and getting men. You know that marijuana habits or else acts or eight years because they are actually freeze actor in the bar I mean. That are that that help for eight years and until we have more signed on that day that. I am I think at this point. We come along blanket to have his immediate why don't border. See your treating epilepsy. But I'm I'm not going to be deported out of recreational marijuana. Okay and then and what are your thoughts on what you know what. I like the fact that she sponsor there's a bill she sponsored and that was the bill that we're using to go after different cities and municipalities. And we we went after the city of Boston because the city of Austin refused to allow license holders actually scary in City Hall. And so old I I think that's an awesome deal because. You know we're fighting with Austin have been fighting with them ever since September 1 2015 when that bill actually went into effect. And try to get like supposed to be to carry in Austin City Hall. Now the problem is. They just will not comply and so now we're in court who were born back and forth and district court. And so now all can you explain to people the fine because the wave that I understand that bill. Is for the first day the first offense that's 1000 or 1500 dollars for the first day first offense. In every second day every subsequent date. Or you know nick every other offense is 1010101500. Which. Aren't. Yet he died and my bill and me testing LT seventy degree. And what it insured the government into eat. Do not have those 830 dot and he got sick while Kerry by Iran he would play or improper. Out where he holders are illegally from what it Cary. And in order to see you. In horse that. We have to then I would handle it penalty though it hadn't been out of money out of the attorney general Bolden thought he may have. And I can we do investigate and act them out and how it kind of bird and as the album at 15100 dollars. And then passing that can happen again after our hundred for subsequent violation. All can patent. You know we think it without. Her. We meet. The un improperly me. Or erroneous. Whiteman at time that we say. Quite a bit each holder's law holds hearing. Okay and then an anyway comes along with that. They're just not gonna comply and also I'm wondering if there's some things that we can do to tighten up that bill little bit more this next session. I think what we needed here is yes. They're a flaw in the field we've already packed. When taking look back slot war. If there is an investigation and they aren't hanging their I knack for quite meet in Irving we need to find out why things are not comply. Right and batted it. They are needed he held accountable to the bill that would day. And there are some things they're not comply with like for instance SXSW. And things of that nature. I only have different events. There's sing that well because that's on that's a city park. That invent a what are they have is in that park in the axis is being controlled. By eight feet placed as routine does placed their saying they can breathe it like souls from Kerry. And I think that because that's almost that's city property I think we should be to carry beer and I think you know maybe we should acting something he's be put in the bill are you another bill. And you know extend a little. I I hear you and sometimes beaten me. Island. It can be a little not confusing bat we can't make it in either legislation. And you know I think it like to play this sound like if I public. Any governmental entity. Not going to keep that property at the end of would eat half and then backpack and a private business is what else. And and they have their rights as well beer laws mean well we don't want it our business loans leaping on. Slightly via an outdoor batting order building and it when he galloped why our government lock me act like I bet is now. But they don't you talk about something that's old by the people that they're releasing you're releasing the people's property. Well let it acting if they certainly won't and you get that. Private business that leaping. In a private get your lead bloodshed at the right effect their policy. He UK we will have agreed to disagree on that that I think that it. It just like to get you know. That it he had an eight. They laid out a doubt yeah. At that convention center or something. And that he'll send out. A private visit cannot come CNN at their home. Parameter we didn't do their bit. That need to be able to do back once they meet as early in the property back if I get bit. You know on the last and a lot of government talent I think this is what I can do it. Right in and that will and now that I agree with especially when he comes a city of Austin and what they're doing. Disagree Austin is saying you know what hey you know they're there and pulls in this eight days paid sick leave. On all private businesses enacting these insane what are your thoughts on that. It isn't buying and I would have legislation to combat that. Thank you gotta you you're definitely gonna sponsor a bill. I want it is that I don't have any plans whatsoever my business you know following that that that law I'll pay the fine. And I you know we are hoping that someone apple there's a bill will do it before the legislature. I'm remembering why. Awesome all right and you know and thank you I doctor Donna Donna Campbell firms state senate district 25 coming on the show I know you got a guild. I'm so we're gonna cut you loose and let you go appreciate you coming on and talking to us. I'm very into have a great risk to your weekend. Well I tell everybody got to join look at it that practical application in I get there in Oakland and liked it. I Lowell started an Iraq that Depp I love I love myself some lulls Baghdad rights. What are renting thank you ma'am. And I aren't in let's go back and Jason Isaak state representative Jason Isaak how can people find user. I think protecting dot com. We can go there and find information about me and my FaceBook Twitter and to grab everything I did it for taxes so check that out in. That's Donna's got spot on them the issue about Austin and they're growing regulations. We already have twelve point seven million people in the United States that we pay. Not to work and it sounds like Austin. Is is wanting to increase that number these are twelve point seven million people that are. You are paying not to work they're able bodied adults. They're on welfare. That if we make America like taxes were driven taxes we have war requirements. These individuals get to work trainer volunteer twenty hours a week some of our welfare programs. We could implement that across the country which is just a rule change in the US department of agriculture and that's why I've committed on day one of my job. As a congressman for congressional district when he wants albeit the US Department of Agriculture trying to get them to change the rule. If they want to do it then I'll past policy to get it done. To put these twelve point seven million people back to work there's six point one million available jobs in this country right now. And there's nothing. They've built dignity and human being and even being like having a job and working its we've got to get these people we've got to move them from well air. To work I worked on policy to the state of Texas to do that that's why we have below 4% unemployment the lowest unemployment rate we've had. And the numbers have been taken of the mid seventies here and estate taxes. And that is Jason I think he's ready for US congress had district 21 this is Michael Cargill eager listener come and talk. It'll boxing's on the hill. Yeah. And welcome back succumbed socket. And now here's Michael Cargill and I we're we're trying to get involved we're trying to to learn who are. Representatives are better running for office this election I'm trying to introduce them to you need to know who these people marching decide who you gonna vote for. You need to be informed early voting starts this week starts on Tuesday. It is time to get off our books get down to the polls and go vote. Because these people are trying to take your rights away. They're trying to band guns take your guns whatever restrict them they're trying to do gun control they're trying to registered as they wanna raise Qiyue so we're you know we're saying no we're not gonna happen. Not gonna let that happen you can sleep on this is time to get up stand up. Get to the polls go vote early voting starts on Tuesday there's no reason you don't you can't go vote. And what I wanna do is I wanna go look at the ballot I wanna read the ballots he had an end so he can see some of the people that are on that ballot. Right so he weaved into DC some great people you'd be decent people that you need to support and Kate. That's what you support some of these people so that I have off leash years she's gonna take a look at that ballot. Ed Ellis who has some people around him ballot start. The governor's race. So who who ran for governor will start where it would go easy on me. Too easy don't have it they get. It. They don't police. The candidates currently IND ballot for governor Greg habits Barbara Kruger and secede Kilborn. Barnes doesn't need. Republican primary ballot it didn't bother pulling up the other ones I just think of Freddie Krueger just an observation. And she's good or bad. Yeah I agree. Don't colleague Greg Abbott on that one right so who's running for lieutenant governor we have Dan Patrick and Scott and elder. That's only on their Republican cigarette. And young for the Republican ticket I and say we must gaffe. That's cool let's look at the senate race any any. This goes they said. Oh sorry no this golden that the state races Electoral Commission in those places there so as to look at those on the statewide races like agriculture and stuff like that. So we get the first one after the lieutenant governor comptroller's cultural is gonna Hagar that's easy one attorney general can packs and that's an easy one. And then you get commissioner of general Lee is and what is. Okay generally commissioner. As so you got DB Edwards and Jordan. I'm actually leaning towards your passionate passionate batteries. Yeah one of our ledger passes so I I'm I'm sea and land commissioner Hays Gerri passion that's too easy. I had any commissioner of agriculture are you looking at Jim colgan tray blocker in Sydney Miller that's gonna be easy outs are hard when. Because I like Sydney Miller satellite trade blocker how loaded is Jim Hogan is. But I like trade bloc and I like Sid Miller showed the jury's out I think we're gonna have to get those two on the show. Eleven duke it out will decide who wins you know whoever comes out unscathed. That's who got to Iraq he has behind so we had to get trade blocker in Sydney Miller on the show. And I are railroad commissioner I'm looking at Christie credit can Weston Martina is not these two people I don't know. DDB something about anything about Christie crank who's that. Like a theocratic community of bias is I like it when females run for office but and she's great and when you're training with her New Braunfels a few months ago. I don't have anything negative thing about it. It's so I think we have to get them on the show us something and I'm a telephone call or something and see if we get it. Learned something about the because I don't have a clue ready to learn something what about Jimmy bully locked. Well he's ready for placed to justice Supreme Court he's on pulls doesn't matter John DeVine unopposed Jeff Brown is running in place seeks Supreme Court unopposed. Look at their precise in just court of criminal appeals David bridges sharing killer. I don't know either one of those and to give those to you see what's going on with that 1% of I don't know them at all. And it. The hard as well criminal Court of Appeals has a lot of people are running for please fix. So that's going to be from the you know if I need to freezers because he's our judges these guys interpret our laws we need conservative. Constitutional found there. Awesome and then and we have that Cecil I'm definitely shooting for Jerry passion all the way 100% commissioner of and general land commissioner Jerry Patterson Aziz the father that they the concealed handgun license law. And he's all about the second amendments are deathly support your passion what is the sense I don't know what's gone on and an office. But I am yet Jerry passion folks your passion all the way without a doubt it's. I adapt it what's gonna without a whats they big discussion with that lesion Phyllis in. George P. Bush is just out of his mind right now and they're trying to. I mean it taxes on you can't mess of their alma and that's actually what got Jerry and them race because he originally retired. And I don't know all the facts not that I've seen some. As in some plans on line and and and that's why a lot of people are really riled up about everything. The easy to use a resurgent a look at what you're officials are pushing me to make sure that you're voting for people who. Believe in squarely you do the right here in leaking about not being effectively represented. Okay are ranked and so I'm. Make out what to make sure our Kim is that a sitting here today they take a look at the Republican platform and make sure they're familiar with all the different planks of Republican platform. Because I'm laid down the road not today you know. Probably gonna ask about some of those things are somethings in there there Republican Party platform that I don't like a big everyone agrees and everything on the platform. There's definite some things that'll like so we definitely talked web those later on down the road you know a month the teal whatever maybe after. After the primary election is over with and get you guys back in here to talk about some of those rights so. Austin tally one more time tell us your website what is it is awesome tallies rent a house district 45 remember that Naples. Austin is too easy we'd look at the city of Austin good lord is also tallied 20% of Austin. My website is also an FOR 45. Dot com and yes same for all the social media platforms. And then Kyle Austin and they cal week we've got to get up and go on because that's say that your opponent. I'm that in its nickname. I'd is a big anti gun go and grab being what they walked into your house if she could walk to your ass and take our your gun she would. So Kyle Austin house district 49. How we get in touch. So if you look on on FaceBook right now I'm sure I'm curly bill on the website out in the west is going to be sex it was such as this which is such a FaceBook it's Kyle Austin for office. So at FOR as well so Kyle Austin for office was sort of a discussion. Pose a threat posed any thing I'll talk with you and us on a conversation. And is it easy Kyle Austin is the same Boston people once again. These are two easy candidates to remember when you go to the polls early vote starts Tuesday to your grocery store. I told don't take what it was in a little fiesta. Fiesta and should be where they wherever they are the polls are local church down on the corner I easy go to church down by my shop. And I do get my early voting out the way you got Austin tally house district 45 how Austin house district 49. And also Jason I think his run for congress. Is right if he's going to DC. We finally got so won that bet you don't so what do we know close hand that supports Second Amendment that's going to DC. He's run for congress district 21. I definitely check those you know just days and rising he's a great state rep he done wonderful things. And he's deathly cares about people and in taken care of this year but he said about as far as the city of Boston this mess about you know. In polls in this crazy this telling small businesses what to do and I just don't like that I can agree with that. You know teacher he has out of my pockets now need to see boss and tell me what to do. So definitely check these candidates out there's no reason we can't get out there and vote this is it early voting starts this week analyst your voice we heard. When it comes to India the lieutenant governor race I'm actually looking at the libertarian candidate. Was it libertarian he and his name is name's Kate MacKinnon and I like here it's I actually like I'd like Cherie. I'm a little biased personally I'm not I saw like Jerry I'm I'm obviously you're I was I think Kerry McCain and Jerry McCain Jerry Douglas mechanical and content absolutely. I like hearing absolutely so I'm actually looking toward Kerry and I will always vote straight Republican. But I'd be able most the Republican in nearly every once a while I grab me a libertarian in me and you absolutely and I like hearing I really do well when you think shaken up at the Statehouse going. We do we do. Absolutely but we gonna say there. I was used to say I believe Greg if I'm wrong but it manages to meet Kerry next weekend. The Texas liberty conferences in the B out of the oasis to get yourself available only twenty bucks going to be some great speakers will have our Libertarian Party. Gubernatorial candidates out there for debate that carries this to be there as well seeking inches in me him and talk with them. Really great guy agree hello Carrie I think easier represented us very well and I hope he really shakes and there is. And I you know next week is going to be really insane the next week in and we have. The end BBC. Coming to Texas. And they're going to follow me around all weekend long we do a documentary on the Second Amendment. And we're also doing a documentary on the Republican Party and the Log Cabin Republicans. So we're gonna talk about the second minute the Republican Party Log Cabin Republicans in the document is all weekend long they gonna come in on Saturday we're gonna started Saturday is central Texas governor Rick start with the class the need a license course. They are gonna run over to the libertarian convention I'm gonna speak over the years. And then we're gonna run back. Go out to begin a range and then we're done and I later on that night the host of the they show that's actually doing the a documentary. He's got to come to my house he's gonna spin out of my house he's gonna cook us dinner and yes that we he's gonna cook us dinner gonna talk does we're gonna do is interview at the house wise cooking dinner. And then that next day on Sunday we're gonna get up and we're gonna run and we're gonna go to. The gun range with the university of Texas College Republicans. Gonna go to the gonna arrange with them recover and everything went excitement and end. After that we gotta fund raiser. We're gonna fund raiser for Gabriel Nino La. He's writer first state representative. And rip were pushing him into it. Yeah well we actually gonna try to raise some money from Gabriel because he's allowed a race where and whose it is senator. Are done. Donna dukes and some batteries add ons are used car I'm sorry. Stay represented thank you say ribs and Donna dukes and she's the contest or race not sure who he's gonna face we're trying to raise some money here so look for the race that could have an idea that they're raising might have been gave red mile and that's got to be at a little place called senior notes in the east Austin. On Cameron road so definitely hopefully you know you guys can need is geared 2 o'clock on Sunday you have. BBC will be there intervened Republicans in India Europe take on what do you think about trump you know hyping trumps doing. And RCP wet asked me an all time you know how the world you as a black male can you support. Donald Trump well you know what honestly in the beginning I didn't light truck. You don't and there are a lot of things I don't like about Donald Trump what you know what guess what he's our president there'd be something he tweets are alike. I like everything about everybody but should know what. I'm. Then the more people hate on this guy the more people disrespect him the more I start liking him. That's the funny thing the more they they they're coming out what all this hatred. An and it is this a foot warehouse looking online this morning in Seoul was talking about how. They will under no circumstances talk to Republicans can't I think they'll love trumps hate signs are really ironic it. It just opens buddies Kilmeade you know I don't get what the signs I love drugs hate. There's so hateful others saying lunch on tape and under slid while dollar. Hey that was me I found at us and it's free marketing for trumpets and not a means. I don't know but he got out I guess and in the more they do this the more I liken. I'm Mike tow truck. Same until trump go truck go trumped every chance I get go trump you know stick until one because you know is is just kill me. So I'm supporting him more and more every single day. So the united I encourage you to do the same thing you know get out there and it's all about you know doing the right thing. And support our candidates. Get Sid the polls. And we got to go vote. This is Michael Cargill. And you're listening come and talk. Goes down because this judge earns it and argument on this from Marco called pill form come through fifth. This is your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and more anytime adds up they're seen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy. Right choice. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael Carr again. I shall listen we're back and we're talking money everything all things politics talking about Eric from our state senators state rep talking about the governor would talk when your body and we're hope. We need to get governor added in the studio next Sunday with our interview with. With the BBC so BBC is gonna be in the studio next Sunday and they're gonna record to show gonna have the holes of the BBC. Inside you're gonna talk to him and interview him and tell him you know what stopped making you you make America's look good you know when I'm crazy this week we like our guys you know why would like does. Because you will. You would this would make sure that. Weekend we're gonna come and save you next time you're in trouble. Could. We're here where there ought to be worlds and I won one so that's why you know and love are guns I know it's hard for them that they might have to dump the tea in the harbor any means what is. And it would when he comes in history comes you know there's some things about your family. Awesome talent who's run a hostage in 45 you know you. That's man sensors that are you know that did a lot of great things well yes there have a family's been here since 1820 on both sides could my mother's side take great pride in because he was colonel colonel James Neal. Delta Hillary commander embattled bond solid so he probably said oops and fire that can England so much I just take it. So we take great pride in that come and take it outstanding I know I love those. I don't exactly. Come and take it there and that's right got to know my it's a license plate on my vehicle come and take it. And that's one seed in the city lost income taken at their yeah. From there and while we're on the city of Austin Travis bring up that police negotiations on their contract there have been the trying to negotiate go for so that basically raining and they're working on the negotiations still and please the contract many contracts but they were negotiating more humble as they need a contract as you know what the police got back this week on on Thursday let me get back if they got back within they go to court there outburst are they quadrupled pay and they get Tom and a half. Half the whole time their court whenever they write a ticket. And that's what happens you know they did everything they want is so there's clearly stones and advised to go out there and I take is so awesome you show up and fight because clearly they're getting all they want back on image. It there Iraq harmful but they're corrupt policy I support the police you don't think that incentivizes them to go around right sets for no reason okay. I support the police dash right quadruple play. That's right. I support my police. Now what's that say about that. And it is. Sometimes it's okay on the right and they do them cheering card's gonna give both. This is clearly a red coat look at and I got the sentiment back in Leo what do you got to do you think it's. All right Alex got beautiful announcement rightfully should. Yes I know adjacent and spend a lot of time with us but he's actually going to be in title until Wednesday February 21 at the plum creek and billion. We are hosting as CD twenty wind speed dating. Use that term very loosely basically the candidates are going to be at their table and you can sit down for a one on one conversation with them for five minutes. But just not forget that you typically get app forums that's when he February 21 at 10109. In car I don't. Anything gonna help country young Republicans on FaceBook for all that information. Or you know contacting me or Michael we'll get back to you. And also if you are a registered voter and tries county or precinct conventions are on March. Ten you do not have to be increasing your go to those and all that information is that he's here he. And their website online to look that up so you can be involved and be a delegate to state convention in June. I she doesn't for the about what's going on with the Republican Party I love it. It. I real quick kind of on that note and yours are you early voting earlier so you know busy at their game maybe. Wind of a Republican absolutely go vote. However you see fit in the early in the early betting however if you are changes didn't inferences civilian with the Libertarian Party. Conventions. You cannot vote in the primary the Justin can. You can't have a in the prime of either party iron precinct convention is gonna be Tuesday. March 13 and he or if you signed a petition to get a candidate on the ballot you are automatic with clever parties signed that petition for. A year. PM only be having our precinct convention. At the pirate on Dawson 700 dollar sooner Andre here in Austin, Texas. And then that Saturday the seventeenth. Saint Patrick say we will be having our county convention. Also a tyrant on the Dawson libertarian county convention. So come argue a bit with some libertarians before going on submarines and as you say it's not something has hasn't been there we pray do there's a bar on site so we're looking into their now we're gonna have a somebody they're serving so he is going to be open open bar. We'll see what we can do about that we are a little limited in funds in the chairs can we Libertarian Party but we'll see who we can do. Okay do they do. You had to do it did ahead that's directed it's it's it's. I RA. Let's see so what's going on with leading. Heart liberals and want an action from winds it was kind of like two and two birds with one stone because it was a vacation nations did you hit the button why you're there. In the you know that the no the thing is just coming in and I was raised in the very liberal families of course politics and my mom and sister always texting me and him on discuss liking a gun control and different things like that knows as yet on Valentine's Day yeah jazz acts and my mom and sister in talking for a whole day like the second or third day that I was there was actually discussing this show iron and I live in Indy was the gun control stuff really can discuss abortion and murder but somehow it's something O Michael Cargill and bringing up guns that really starts fights I. What what's up with that yeah when things like matching up with those kinds of people and I just mentioned the show's Natalie says he used to that and they said those people he's you know. And you might. African American he's black mom and dad yeah. Tram and everything is there. I'll manage anything about them and whoever else that the little apple bans are what it was yeah words I don't even with the they're the lens terrorist or that Vista than that my that they stopped right 01 misconception that doesn't mean that's my whole for in life and my whole life and I'll actually the last two years when I found out that. Is there is ever says how how the party switch because I mean all that did that the party of slavery. The party of the trying to block the anti lynching laws all the way up through the mid seventies was 100% of Democrats and so. Kkk still on the same thing today and an aggressive do the same thing there's Googlers yet they don't think people are equal also back in the day it was so we're not equal we don't like these people now it's an equal we're gonna try to get their votes by offering them all this crap that she doesn't help their communities whatsoever it keeps you in the lord portion of their wares of the committee democratic plan to yeah exactly he just slowly they're maintaining you as a slave by him he all the stuff. And you're not able to fend for yourself yeah. I mean. Essentially what I know how the marvel movie and I'll that was big news this week let's be real life black panther now I this was a big deal I. I miss all the hype about that goes with these logo logos niceties glad that I think is I'm getting my black car pulled from somewhere getting your black car pool if I've been waiting for black and I was hoping we show then the second adventures I had only heard about that a couple of days ago and listened to you actually predated the black panther party for the name. As barely adds another fairly close CP went by the black leopard for awhile because of the Black Panther Party did anyone like. Say there is a society with interim org this bandages and they just changes and just play hard don't sue us Disney. Yeah exactly. RA and so let's see so we got next weekend we're hoping hoping that we're trying to tee. Make it work out with the governor to get him on the shelves we're still working out would BBC in the governor's office and all that stuff so we'll see how that all turns out. We'll find out if we turn on the mikes on next Sunday feel it'll be sitting here in the studio. And so they're gonna be you you're gonna see us all around going crazy will be done a bunch a lot of videos. With the BBC. I'm doing that documentary next week in all all weekend long so deathly look for that on FaceBook and stuff will be doing that and deathly gap to the polls don't vote yet. Austin tally he's right of the house district 45. Step they take a look at Austin tally and do more than take a look. Austin has been endorsed won't. I didn't respect our laws are gonna rise but. I'm endorsing Austin can I like Austin tally until deadly you'll get out there and both awesome tally house district 45 and deftly Cowell Austin too easy cost and he did vote for cal Austin. If we don't want. That other person to go to the capitals and try to take some your rights away because that's what that person's going to do you butterball for Kyle Austin I'm telling you now. Because that's gonna happen I promise you there worker would moms demand action. They haven't they haven't desk and an office. Texas gun says they have a disconnect office right now at the capitol so you better both for Kyle Austin house to shoot 49. Or you're gonna do we re not gonna get something that we want. Neitzel deathly look at these candidates. As always. More guns. Equals less crime. Go on by you shuffled gun. You've been listening common talking. With Michael cart. GQ awards. Pete didn't much anyway he listens common talk radio what Michael Clark.