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Sunday, March 11th

Come And Talk It, for March 11.


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It's time for Cummins socket with your host Michael kargil. Trust you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And as the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Good days Austin, Texas is the Latin music capital of the world less praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Today we're going to chat with the National Shooting Sports Foundation. We will find out about the organization and what we can do to help Texas gun rights. Also it's south bows out what I was pads are arrayed SXSW. Is in fact. That's a week we have and I know we have music we have new movies what's going on is interactive week coming up. And is just gonna be made him in Austin, Texas. As since it's it's crazy and next weekend is. Saint Patrick's Day. That's right and so next weekend's gonna be even more fun in the big city. I'd so later we are gonna talk about Florida and how old a new law signed by the governor toll you eviscerate. The right of law abiding adults between eighteen to 21. To keep and bear arms. Florida just sent a clear message. If you are a single mother under 21 years of age you can have a baby but she can't defend yourself. But let's welcome pain and you know I'm so before we get into that and talk about Florida. I'm gonna switch gears and we get n.'s you know we're gonna talk to mark with the Nash a sports foundation. Because I wanna talk to the National Shooting Sports Foundation first. And then later on the hour will get into you Florida what's going on Bay Area and also some breaking news can add DC. That and possibly the trump administration is looking at. Our reasoning age for long guns. Round eighteen to 21 on the federal level just like woody didn't flawed and so we'll talk about that laid an hour but first let's go to our phone lines let's go to mark. With the National Shooting Sports Foundation mark what would come and talk concern. Michael Fletcher have enough so I appreciate you're gonna sometimes he'll talk about the media foundation and what we do for. Gun owners in the industry in general. Absolutely so mark how I pronounce your last name. All of all of okay are possible so a market and what is the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The National Shooting Sports Foundation version of clears the firearms industry trade association. So the best we can describe that for Michael had tried to my mother to my grandmother's. We are. The organization that takes care of everything to get that by norm to market to get it to the gun camera and if you think of a gun amerasian fulcrum point. That's kind of where are our responsibility kind of and then where kind of NRA picture up and take care viewers the gun owners we take care of everything that happens behind icons analyst manufacturers the ammunition makers. You're arranges everything else that we can get that fire art market so you can be able before the opportunity to buy their fire. That's what we do we do a little bit some of the shoes fortune and advocacy on on the funding enough and getting out to the Rangers at some time or recreational shooting the launch doesn't bust some social programs that the NRA does well that's kind of the best way to describe it our responsibility and the stop at the power on the other side that kind of that's why in our takes your viewers become our. Okay aren't and I know my man listens in on FaceBook live can't here's right now but bear with us here in the second we'll have yet. We'll have that fixed and you'll be of the hero Marcus Thomas and this stuff right now about the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Are so mark how how do you how do you guys promote safety has safeties are really big thing. It's tools you with you know a lot of different organizations that are anti gun pro gun whatever so there was talk about safety. And they they assumed that we don't promote safety you know but we do out there hasn't asked no this is sports foundation Dina. Yet it they couldn't be further from the truth I mean there are several programs that we do one with an industry among ourselves and it was there are several record nowhere law enforcement from local oil up to the federal level. I'm probably most most obvious since some things you reduce we partner with local law enforcement has sultry child offshore project child safe program. They've been doing this for years. We've hashed out 37 million walks free T anybody who needs them away coroner that Google local law enforcement so the police down there are you swearing in Europe which partners in your area and Austin were able to send them locked they can have remarked rob when they're able to go on to the community. Reach out those people you know provide free blocked as more people to BO scored their arms and would keep those arms and getting his intangibles people should never have them or that be a criminal aware that the children we we want cultural firearms to remain insecure. The other. Against the yes a couple the other programs we have that's. This there were part of kind of the federal level is as we work or operation secures your program we work with the ATF to. Educate retailers educate the public on the wrist so straw purchasing. Toward don't live to the other guy campaign so a couple times a year on the HE applaud and apply to us areas where they wanna bring that campaign to. That part of the country will go out there for the country one more for education and awareness program. In that part of the country and talk about. Fact that you're gonna clergy aren't as somebody that you know this is prohibited person can't buy their own final yeah and you're gonna rest ten years in jail in the 250000 dollar fine and they're just not worked so we're trying to get up there mature people understand what those -- -- -- in addition we also partner with the ATF on on the good match and rewards programs so we ought to see the spike in a lot of these smash and grab but I burglaries and smashing her astronaut Lisa aren't you tell us in the can be small mom and pop shops that are in your local corner or it could be you know -- big box retailers since there's there's been no discrimination between the Syrian and so we when we have these cells smash and grabs in those farms are not able to be immediately recovered. Well police agencies go back the care they can't find that we know where those those farms or. There you know they'll come to us in the last from actual war so we're able to match up to usually about 5000 dollars and and to get those. It leaves a little firearms articles people brought to justice. Wells okay so let's let's go back a little bit so let's talk about the child safety locks because that's that's a really good program a lot of people don't know that. Inside. Every guy no cons with every guy and you get like a little yellow pamphlet it talks about safety and some other things and then you know you guys. Act she help. Pass out those locks to gun stores and also to the your plea spartans select leak. A small got a story and we you don't need it locks for use guns or something like that. I believe we can go to you guys to get those from you is that correct. That's absolutely correct politics is that so local retail like yourself calling us up and sang it well liked to have a box sent out so I can put them on account or anybody who needs its kimono. I live here in Virginia and in the range that I go Choo every day they have a a box right there on the couch and got through. Guys and women are coming in to shoot that they realize that hey maybe a mosque storm a farm the best way I should. I know that you get a cable lock on that to the action and rendered that's firearm you know useless until that law comes off. So we we encourage everybody offline to find a way that's gonna work for you is going to be the best way for Utah. To restore that firearms and you can get through when you need to put Charles and you make sure the state government and people shouldn't have so that Camelot worked last year than the average up your local reach ovals woke woke retails Eagles lost. Reach out to the National Shooting Sports Foundation will get some sentry. Yes the small mom and pop gun stores you know especially. If you guys need locks you need lots for you can use guys and so that way every guy that walks out that stores supposed to have a lock. So that way you can get that lock for the National Shooting Sports Foundation now also a mark let me ask about this you guys have. He said he Jack chief. Will put up the funds matching funds. Four in recovery so like a lot of your mom and pop gun stores once again actually get hit with a lot of break unions and the there. As that happened to your big spot big box stores actually hitting the the small stores where they're running through the wall or or just try to do that front door. And you guys are actually put them money for the reward for that. Yeah we are and that it is pretty brazen it's pretty upset to see it happen a lot of these. Listen the mom and pop stores they're community stores Malia contender rely on. You know the goodness so those folks in the community and and all on maybe things made since they don't realize are happening around them whether or they've got criminals or you know check in the place sounds kind of seeing little vulnerable points are and and they're looking at what I mean you can see these video tonight. It doesn't take. It doesn't take any kind of you know extreme kind of the ingenuity when you're taking stolen pickup truck you're smashing era to the front door your smashing the current sidewall. That's not affordable really you're just you're using great and forced to get him and they're able to get in there are many times get out of there. It in the in less than a couple minutes long before local police were able to respond in and there are walking out with a whole bunch of blog so we've we've watched our operations spiritual work. Which is kind of we're taking several programs are we have been put most together which include the national awards program include. The education for the retailers include some of some of the safety tips and Arkansas potential glove work the tar and not a member retailer companies. And be able to you know may secure store harder toward making it public battle over more secure find ways you're gonna work previewed. There are going to be able to. To make sure that goes far education we we note that there's no one size fits all solution to this. You're not going to be able to actually mom and pop stores to be able local bottlers and clothing. The front of the store because maybe that that little mall that there are located in the Moroccan do that course not affordable option for the right there are things that we can't talk about smash resistant cases we've talked about wanting. You steel rod sure all the trigger row trigger well through all the on the long guns taking all the anger and putting those up from the station night. You know maybe better security better alarms you know so they can they can work men and maybe even it's just a matter by the local fleet c'mon take a walk through as well. And and certainly insure them hey this is what we've got going so we want you to know what the store looks like should you have to respond to something that's going to be happening bad you overnight you. You're familiar with callais out of storage and you're going to be able to catch you guys sure do in the past. And that's a good idea that that when I never thought of you know inviting law enforcement. You know in so they know what they're going to be walking into what it should look like and we thought about that backlash that's a really good point. Yet if I think to support war are our future also understand that the police. You know they wanna reporters in that stated many of those many of our police are there fires and there's just as well one day dale on their own personal arms and walk it to enjoy their traditions or their rights. And they want to make sure that those stores are able to be kept safe to communities and the people who are trying to get these guys are trying to do I think of them were only trying to do something. It's gonna hurt your community so you know we we encourage retail work side by ourselves we still find solutions to work restroom. Now what do you guys doing with the retailers in and helping to retailers out here to talk about that earlier he'd tell us a little bit more about that. That was held up Doritos with you know some kind of program something like that. Yes so we have our operations secure store where we work with our consultants and and many times if you go on the national serious force foundation blog where regularly putting up. You tips for the retailers for you know how to make distorts a little bit. Over all the harder targets to Harden those areas up. So we re courage you know even between not a member jump on National Shooting Sports Foundation raised and then go look through the blog series inspired some of those tips. That made you work for you but if you all remember you can reach out to our retail services folks and we've got security specials we've got cup you know folks were consult to a school come out and work with your short look at the security. And find ways are gonna work for you to layer of security source not your own no one. You know knocking because before locked that you're going to be looking at which you have been looking at layer security Tbilisi and make it more more difficult for somebody to be able target your stored skill you're you're inventory. Now how does current events affect the shot she'll. Yes so your crowd as you guys that you guys are the big guys and actually put on the shot she'll correct. We are so yep that's jets are you heard your dad and show. Did it it is what it is our is the next vote a little bit different than your average guns shelled because you can't make any you and I can't personally walking Michael be able to BioPharma walk out it would have show their actions. Or show your Virginia a lot of but it is it is an actual fifty. Three it's. It's just like you're gonna go to you know the car shows are you gonna go to a boat show you're going to be able to see all the latest models you get to what's new for the year. And that's where a lot of your distributors you retails are had been making a big deals for the year that it's extremely important industry and they never looks fortune every year. So this past year we had I think roughly 63000. People in the penance which he just shoddy although people. Well we've really worked hard to make sure the folks that are coming through the door all the folks. You know trying to cut down on people were to walk out chicken cars and from the should people who are there. Or the pit on the folks who were able to start making a little bit of a deal and we got a I'm waiting screwed for years for people to kind of get in the far Dorsey the kind of really worked on. Trying to make these new areas force over the years old folks were all that waiting list to be able to get in and then feature there. So their flagship products and so it's it's exciting. We're seeing a lot of their in anticipation toward every year never more so look forward to it it's packed up and down. Of course open to hurt anybody terror so you know that they wanna be able to go to Las Vegas and do that and we were able to recently announced that. And we're live in Vegas for the foreseeable future so we're excited about that looks sound walls in the coming years for its. And talk with the National Shooting Sports Foundation. You know drugs are illegal drinking and driving is illegal texting while driving is illegal if you're under eighteen you may or may not have to tell apparent in order to get an abortion. We're gonna talk about this loan guns go on from eighteen to 21 what is happening in this country this is Michael Cargill. And you are listing to come talking. There's a total war you're listening to come and talk you into my car. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael Cargill. I would talk with the National Shooting Sports Foundation. And I'm telling you now Florida in just sent a clear message. Forty used to be like one of the most pro gun states even more pro gun in the state of Texas let me tell you. And now. They had to come back to because they've taken a step back and say you know what if you are a single mother under 21 years of age or you're that young family 181920. Years old. Yield cannot purchase a firearm in the state of Texas I'm sorry in his state of Florida who. Mean has yet Wu. Here is don't know no phone calls in this state of Florida. So that is just insane. So we're talking with in and wait before we go to mark Nash issues was foundation you had like a lot of questions. Yes there's shorter now. About the legality of it since viewed. No more than most. If so what Florida is saying is forcing hey if you're 181920 years old you cannot purchase. A firearm at all night even as a private saleable we have published in the bill they cannot do that and Florida nor outside of Florida correct OK also you cannot. Purchase any bumps stocks binary triggers be covered a mall. All of it all of them who have stated that they are thirteen that just a bunch stocks they. Regarding the February is bill goes into effect like October the first he doesn't want to thank you need me in axle have to redo it is it's a really big deal. They can by very downs right now I teams are Harold. Right now both yes suns let it go months so they got a couple months so that's why you salesman going crazy now from now until. Until this goes into effect. So can. Floridian eighteen it's one year old can name buy a gun now and then legally own it after the bill goes into effect or can I just not. Purchase at a firearm yes bond stock and your triggers an Al Mosul advice is a million new. So it'll be prohibited. The skinny does this op so poor people's rights and in there there's no there's no meat. We met for the the man is the Arabs and how they demand forces. And the guy goes start confiscating them from people so we'll see how this all plays out my assistant at a read the bill and really get all the ins and out next weekend will have. Edward Walker won the attorneys from Texas US law she'll on the talk to us about all the details of the bill will be ins and outs and our stuff. Because there's this stuff is unfolding because even I was just released. This weekend just today. A couple of hours AM which was once that the term White House is moving in Q raised. Age limit prolonged and sperm eighteen to 21. And working on banning I'm stocks. In Seattle I'm I'm shocked by that because I have to remind people yesterday that on the Obama administration. Bump stocks were actually approved. Also. Gun owners were able on the Obama administration we were able to carry our firearms in sag national parks. And also on the Obama administration we were able to be able to check our firearms. As checked luggage on Amtrak. And so if we take a big step back. On this trump an illustration is under Republican. It's gonna be really sent a nice cultivate an air clearances as of this is the freaking joke or what can Republican unquote and yes that's gonna it's this is going to be as a a sad yeah this is gonna be the year. Where things are gonna flip so this to be your mid term elections this is what if this happens. Here in your house your sin is gonna flip. I castles people people are not going to wanna go and vote for these people that are taking rights away I'm not gonna wanna do vessels something is gonna flip. And they're making I don't know what's going on they're making sure that this is you know gonna happen. So let's go back to you on the dash his sports foundation we're talking to mark Oliver. And he is tell us a lot of good things about the Nash she she's was foundation and mark. So what is the stance for the Nash is she's was foundation with the shooting in Florida. Yeah it's not immediate. Our hearts go out I mean the tragedy that happened in important border is absolutely disgusting it's it's heartbreaking. And unfortunately this is something that is very near and dear to National Shooting Sports Foundation as you know our our headquarters is not all places in town Connecticut. So you know when these things happen it touches a bird longer force. But you know this is something that we remind people this will be active criminal and obviously somebody who who's. Certainly gets the adjudicated but it it's showing all the side of someone who is probably usually criminally insane. And there's no way you can justify in any any legal mind or any kind of common sense mind that. It's the acts of the criminal who takes in the fire on them to school and start shooting children that assertion. Not students didn't say anything that's justifiable. So we really try to make sure people understand that you know what happened in part on Florida is not indicative of you're a law abiding gun. This is not who we yours gun owners this is not who our industry does this is not what we stand for and then we have done everything on our board. Make sure that at the hands. Who could fire stay out of the hands of people like this and I think it's were short purely on your on this horse or should reports now. We're seeing that there were there were serious failures all along the way that students did their job. Well what unfortunate looks like maybe local police local you know mental health officials. Local sheriffs and and possibly in the I've got my admitted they've dropped the ball. There were several instances where. They could have been Irving they could to make sure that this murderer never had his pants on fire on the goals farms would have been taken from his possession and and he would not have been able to you know procured these crimes and until those innocent children. Yet there are several things they could have done they have in Florida any of the baker act. So you could have been baker acted. He made terroristic threats on social media so there are several things they they could've done to actually you know me in. Articles that yes it's my little report out there that you know he'd cook and he put a gun to his mother say that's a balanced. You should have been arrested for that the national debate that should take anything right in the letter to deal would take away his file. You can't make a rat with a firearm to somebody. And not expect to be held to kill for in this and the law enforcement officials it's more of failed to hold into account and this is what we're left. I and so what's your stance before the shooting took place you know when it comes this kind of stuff. You know what we have been longtime supporter of fixed next program on each 113. The national trees or foundation launched the next program in the wake of and wake of the future ushered. It became apparent that good murder of their new channel. Should have never had a semi Nazi he he first thing he did feel his mother's fire arms and that sort of committing all sorts of other actually murdered his mother he's. He just went on her own a Chrysler crime after crime after crime books went up to commercial those children. It is is something though that we lost we we sent back and said there are a whole lot of states who were not submitting albeit disqualifying records to the FBI's. National that you criminal background check data systems so we were we went through we've been working with the states and and so far we've actually had them up 200% increase. Submission of those records shall we started our program you'll. You know though roughly one point. Four and one point seven million records that have been uploaded which included those disqualifying mental health record send and and disqualifying. Crumble convictions and and now we're up to think it's my four point five quote quality and all five million records that should have already been in the system and weren't in there. There were were able to make triples folk should should never have firearms in their recession would have never happened and we look to a case that justice is clear they have someone springs. Not murder sort of springs who committed his crimes and they are looking back he had been involuntarily committed to a mental health institution. He had been convicted of domestic violence and he had been. Booted from the air force. Where are less than honorable discharge for their at least two possibly three occasions where he should've never been able for I have are on every time you went in. And bought one of those oil arms he lied on all 4473. Birdies committing another felony right there. And every time he did that. There was no way that and be able to reach coach who want to make sure that bad people don't get firearms they weren't able to to do their job they weren't able to. Picture of that background check system more the way most posters so we've been really working hard that's in New York senator John Cornyn. Has been an absolute you know warrior in this in this effort he's been pushing all of to make sure that we can get this fixed next. Not just pushed it a stable but now in the course of him at the federal level toward an incentivized the states and has the federal government can't make states. Do these things because of that sentiment. So we're and it's been about the space in this bill we're gonna provide in the resource is the funds and and though and the manpower to be able to upload all those records that should have been in the system anyway. And make sure that all the federal agencies including the Department of Defense action committee the records that they should have been submitting all along. They get into the back Russia access and shall we don't have instances like. Like which and so we'll spring that the police have done their job for you won't have instances like they ask. So important to have to set the record as credit. He's been able to get 62 cosponsored we talked 62 course auctions may step deal now filibuster proof in the senate and he still packing on. More more senator McConnell shot in this is what you know much of this is what. Common ground looks like what people say you know what the gun owners don't wanna find common ground this is common ground you have someone who has a second 12 amendment. You know support a Second Amendment. It wore your election of a corner who's come want someone like senator Murphy out of Connecticut who actually has. Nowhere near what you would I consider respect for the second man that found an area where they can agree that there are there's improvement will we can say that. This is gonna do some things can make an absolute difference in their question across lines. And there're there're couple things about the fix nicks build that some people don't like him that's the one thing. Once cheered in this system there's no way to get out of the system when it comes and you know some of that stuff so once you're on the list there's no way to get off the list. Yeah there's a lot of misnomer that are going around about the system about how people get content system and Michael just like you I'm a lower on the retired military guys the 25 years in the Marine Corps so you know I've become very concerned when he has situations like you know if you're on the administration according you know putting veterans on the list just because they had. Fiduciary. It's just that come along side US OK now you can't have certain and the luncheon one that's not with the stars you'd have to be. Adjudicated. Mentally defective that means. They have to take your case before a judge now judge has surrender in legal decision. The saying you are mentally unfit your medically dangerous. To be able to have firearms and that means you're gonna have your day in court you're gonna have your time to be able to fight your case you be able to argue the argue the merits of the people who are Perino but argues that are being brought against you so there's been some list numbers about this would then we're really working hard to make sure that we educate people on what this means. The other all component of message is if you're if you're convicted of domestic violence or your convicted of a felony conviction that would disqualify you. But you're disqualified it's simple as that. We've got people fall in the law that everybody can agree with that so. You know if you if you had to convict if you if you're out there and think okay. You know importance of domestic violence situation. The maker of the person should be having guns that's already lost we're not adding any new law that's where it's we're giving the law he needs. I and so what what temple worker relation does the Nash or she's was foundation. Have with the NRA. Doesn't this week the NRA filed a lawsuit against the state of Florida because of the you know the bill that was passed and signed by the governor. Yeah you know it's and and god bless you Eric book. Crews are always being on guard for our rights and so we have a very cooperative relationship with the general obviously they have a little bit different emotion that we are. We're industry trade association we are we we're the ones who are working on behalf of well you know don't virus makers ammunition makers and distributors of reaching those gun ranges or worker of those books the second and a number like our member of the NRA. This an array is they civil rights organization they are fighting could you were right as codified in these initial liking down by your creator. And they're fighting for though so there's a little bit difference than on our missions the lineup but the McConnell. Work side by side so our relationship has been very cooperative over the years. Now what does a media a company did she does have. Well onion were always do the smaller benefit that may you kind of don't always make raid on where do we do trade compliance. We do trick client such seminars or read tells you the truth. They know that there are staying on the lifestyle mall will bring you know folks at the age you have to they'll talk about what you're doing import export conference this week we're doing we will do we last year we started that you chief marketing officer conference where they kick that off to be able talk about better ways to be able to find out. Who your gunfire yesterday and how you gonna be able to reach them because we know that the market is getting more more competitive we we recognize that. Sales have slowed off their peaks and and 2015 or 2016 so. You know a lot of the manufacture a lot of retail also looking the same or how to make sure that we keep sales strong and how do we make sure we're reaching out more to talk to those folks. And in the attorney since just like any other product that you want to bring to market you wanna make sure that. That part is exactly what your what your customer wants to talk to who's gonna meet their customers' needs and then you can deal otherwise. Best be able to. Educate my my customer on what those product availability door so what we're working really architecture that we're gonna. We're going to be able provide the tools for the retailers and manufacture surely the shield to bring those. Those on new arms market insurance those who post customers will look at former able to fund them on the on the guns. I would talk what mark Alibaba the National Shooting Sports Foundation. You know old this week Florida pastor bill and they stayed just send a clear message if you are a single mother you're under 21 years single family. A war U just us young family 181920. Years old. You know what you cannot defend yourself from the state of Florida. But talk much of that and more we come back from the break this is Michael. And you are listening to come and talk with. This is state representative Jonathan Strickland. Think you're listening to common at all it's fun at all thirteen definitely. You've made the right choice for top thirteen seventy. Welcome back to come in socket. And now here's Michael's car again. Knocked down but I'm telling we will get back up again would I don't let this stuff get us down this weekend they come. That's from all sources coming from the left coming from the right there approached us from in front of us but you know what we're gonna stand and fight. It's all about constitution is all about state of Texas we are going to stand and fight and you know what we got a message board needs your big feature gonna step. Into the state of Texas you gonna take some guns you're gonna ban something you're gonna raise the age he didn't do anything that's gonna restrict my firearms. We got a message for you says it's as common take it that's we're talking about. I some talk with the mash your shoes what's foundation. And we're talking about this great organization what they do for a these firearms community. And our call in number is 512643. Lives that's 5126435483. Come and talk it's a Libby go to the phone lines. David Young would come talking. And oh yes sir. Michael it is I mean I don't need these old school and Unser. Yes I wanted to respond to them who kicked your ass thank you. Basically a number eight out of balance one remember I asked if we had a book editor and apply these young ladies that are out there in that picture. But when it it's bad product can mean lives true illustrate that. Our people have always believed in open carry. I mean in their very evident there you can see. X these are all these are older Latino women that are they love their firearms low loan guns. Oh yeah back in the day that was that was the that was a norm back in the day had to protect you show me how to protect Iran and this is what these women are doing out there protecting their grand expanding. It spent in what is theirs. And mr. what do you think when you hear that. There's a possibility that you know our federal government. May raise the age limit from eighteen to 21 was SE to our farmers was SA to you know to the Latino community. Well. You know what does it say total young men and women are under attack a pleasure lunch our country. You know and they're not going to be able to come back or when they do our our our you know protect and defend themselves yet. You know they're being NAFTA book to another country and be able to you know use it down. And I think that's a double standard and I think that. That type of public policy is something that. You know we we. We should leave him be entertaining at this time I don't think. What does the brown berets is a very active. Entered its grassroots. Organization and like the black temperature feel well OK and it. They they wrote so up in the 1970s. And LA when they have the no riot there right riot general kind of there are going to Vietnam War. And that is where they grew up in an chapters. Began organize and throughout the country and not in a community. And have basically they do a lot of like easy year old he. Yet they they picked up protecting all of them are. That's the model of the number eight and they'll go to defend and protect there are people that in any range necessary. And I'm not as appreciation at issuance is with us on FaceBook that was. That's very lighting is it's nice seeing. Are my my Latino women you know who are participating this year in sports and you know defending their land their property and as they should. Yet and because we love classical people are used to work for an elected official on Monday our star running. Polity and then in my camera interest team are all popular but. Once it they put it into played it all realize that. You know not all communities are the same very community harming you live in the rural area. I mean never I'd be a storeroom in the closure might be can't get enough where you are. You know so these are the type of well there is that a lot of politicians so you can see and understand. The impact that speech policies are all have when when they are are ridden them put into place. Yeah exactly what you bringing the intellect are always look great you or panning out there and I know that many people think it. It needed to do what you're doing Pakistani position. You'd find very few. Men and women like you would take him and stand farmer near precision we Victor and I wanted to thank you for that. I don't think he's here every appreciate you giving they call. Triggered already have a wonderful rescue weekend. Sure I'm so we're talking with the Nash Hershey sports foundation as a let me go back to to mark earmark. With the NSA SF you know so. In the gun stores participate in your luck why I think we are is that you have yet because someone asked that question so passionately. And you're deep do anything with a large gun stores with that as well. So yeah I agree we do work who it doesn't matter the side store and and you know we want to work with all the retailers it intends to be that probably a lot of your bigger box stores. Volume bass pro sharpshooter bellas you're academies those folksy have a lot of resources sometimes and and they're able to. I do think there may be a little bit more. More expensive that's some of the smaller momma Austral shall we don't care who who the retailer is if you want gun locks. We want to be able to help you out so all you got yours screech out the National Shooting Sports Foundation. We've got down much leadership to you know put him a little displayed to quote why don't signed counter we watch it owner nor should use it we will watch it restored we're responsible. So now all we need to do is convinced that Nash issues was foundation to move. From. DC you don't need to be there you can just you can call in phone in whatever. And then I think you're locating Connecticut the the main branch right. You know the main offices in Connecticut nice work out of our DC offered a very well Michael is simply she'd come on texts. He can you convince the board removed intact with pick up the track in my back as quickly as possible like I did the Smart thing and America very Smart beautiful woman from Texas. And and so you definitely have my heart. And I don't know she deathly last couple. Of all the big Hewitt. Our idea I've done a lot of heart attack would have gotten very good friends who are police officers indicted round rock Ron not you always and you. Doesn't great coyote hunt you down there are some all gotten some some beautiful dear I'm. I would love to be able to come down without ever atomic context I have a blast and and I would love to be able to come on down. I don't see it happen anytime in the near future. It feels that there was it in there really given you encourage your DC united out of the reasons several years ago. That we kind of expanded to an end and opened up things and in the Washington DC office because we have folks who are every day engaged model their work and on Capitol Hill to make sure that the bad gun bill that are gonna introduce and luckily there's enough there's been a video you have come across here in the past few weeks. Is there anything to do so anything we can do tune convince the the president not to do an executive order when it comes to our. Some as a. Absolutely I mean we could be key lessons of the voting public and the lessons to. It was a treat when they speak out so college you know not just call your congressman your colleague senator. You call the White House sit there and make sure that your voice heard I I certainly agree with you we have. But the national GeForce foundation here in the past week or so we put out a couple of blogs who put up two point papers and some there's some you know some well some fact sheets on aid based discrimination that's exactly what it is when you tell someone. Between ages of 1821 listen you can have all your all the right because when you turn eighteen you're you're adult you all the best new garage. You can have all your other rights with you but this one the Second Amendment or hold off on. That is true that the age based discrimination and you're taking martial arts you nailed it on the head when you talk about that single mom. We now I'm not going to be able protection she can't buy longer and already gotten 1968 gun control. But now you're gonna coach you care about longer and as well you know you're not protecting young woman. You're now making her more vulnerable so we are working hard to picture the White House knows the national she's forced foundation he had already been out there saying it is well we are all the same side of this thing. This is not the way to go. Absolutely so how's the console appear reciprocity bill. You know how's that progress along we ever gonna get that now. Well I tell you what is it make too when you have. You know big incidents like he doesn't oracle or. It makes it very very difficult solutions along sometimes you carry reciprocity. And guys passed the house last November. It was pushed through and into its it was voted on and now sitting in the senate interestingly. Senate bill was actually written by your senator John corner. So he broke both the the fiction that Shaq and devote concealed carry reciprocity. While they combined those who built into warned in the in the house. Well senator cornyn has chosen to keep those two bills separate issue so he could not deal to move those bills. A little bit easier so. It it is a very difficult farm they're saying yes it is in the senate that'll change one senator to stop the bill. So we've had the very beginning of the object when these bills are for sure to be introduced into both house and senate yet senator Schumer and then send them Joseph brown and bolts and a sense they would filibuster concealed carry rushed across yet than they would filibuster suppression go and do you know we're we're watching very carefully and making sure that we can build the case went from not senators. What you get all the best sixty senators on the cosponsored when they signed their name and a Vilsack opposes this bill would have my name. Would they get over sixty million made a filibuster. So we're working very hard day in day out of people understand that you bite stone and the states border your American rights traveled from coast to coast with it. Nona and on the measure on strong on a map somewhere. We want to make sure that you have you go to center shelf no matter where you go. Eating dizzy any luck and all for the hearing protection act. It's I would tell you know protection that this is profit look in the entire prison and still terrorists abroad yeah. And that's what we tried them on people themselves you know the she'll carry reciprocity I've been there's been introduced before you know took care protection. This is really the first U2 we've been able count portion legislation. Like this sometimes takes. To the freeze or conferences to kind of get movie we say to treat those those two to your sessions. So this may take a long term effort that's something that we're gearing up toward that if it doesn't get done in this congress. We'll be right back out of again congress shall keep pushing that will keep educating those congressmen who keep educational senators on the need that. You know this is already legal 42 states that possession to use or this is already illegal drug use forged on the so is it just has little small airport stays so don't wanna hold out because they don't have respect for the gun laws. And in the gun rights like you and argue and states that we resigned and and then making it difficult for the rest of us. And the bad thing is. That if we don't get it done this year. Then. You know this mid term election there's a chance that we could lose the house of the senator some like sad because the way people are feeling. And there on shares. Yeah it is niche and it's something that you know and generation get started on their shall we do our own well we have our. Our gunboat campaign where we are out there on a mission people understand what that Rezko and when there had been to the voting booths and we want to make sure they understand that their rights. Their ability to purchase a fire that they choose to wanna be over the continue to buy air fifteenth. That could very well be a question here in the next August and we don't have enough folks sit in the house than than in the senate due to the bill to ward off bad bills that bad people who want to take away your rights resist foreign that you think is going to be best. Suited for your knee. What we need to make sure we keeping those folks are gonna you know stay on our side and argue on that in Bergen keeping them and I'll be able to keep them working for the benefit of all Americans. I and then do you think what happen in order is gonna take off and go into other states. You know it it's already happening Michael we fortunately yeah its. You know the same on the floor start talking about feels he saw initial bill being dropped in Illinois is certainly no action up close Second Amendment freedom. You know California Washington State Oregon. You know Massachusetts is looking at there's new Yorker thank you probably trying to find the way they can make sure it back even worse under citizen's arrests or years. I mean if it's not good so in its does apply that they've leveled to make sure that we are being able to secure our rights. That's why we put out to our own faction you know nineteen stake out there have. Some sort of public accommodation laws or you cannot discriminate based upon acre state law in nineteen of those states. So you're barking lawsuits being drawn up in Oregon and in Michigan by young young man who tried to purchase firearms were denied the ability to function apartment addiction fertile farm at a Wal-Mart because they were 21 so you know there are saying it was within my rights matter on the stand up for those eagle Walt that are already in the states. You know you can't do this to him so we know we're we're trying to make sure Rico to understand what they should be on them and what they're risking your they're gonna side to take a law. On their own sons say come on knock himself he's just because you're young adult not because you're you're look older girl. Think it may now I want to thank you mark for coming on in Italy and out everything about the gnashing shoes was foundation. And tell everybody real quick how can we find used online FaceBook Twitter website how. Sure you can find the National Shooting Sports Foundation that and that's SF dot org we are are we have our FaceBook page up there are Twitter account at an assist them. You know look us up you know mark my counselor might might face great profiles are fairly product and the keep us talking. You know stalk my family but I do you have via Twitter account up there at mark all of the tweets. You replied yeah I don't have a whole heck of a lot of followers don't think I've been incredibly important safe but you but what you have fun on there and it incredibly important to our rights including. Our ability to can you don't have to aren't you wanted to go out on the hunt for the animals and we wanna put our fleet. Our life you know police and look at something let us know should think and would love to hear from. Thank you mark from measure shares was foundation. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael Cargill aren't so what I hear from you. You guys out they are calling number is 512643. Lives. That's 5126435483. 51 team 643. 5483. Because. This is this is it's contagious. Is actually. It's taking off across the entire country what's happening in Florida. So as goes Florida will build the rest of the country. And it's happening really fast as Florida did it within like two weeks almost three weeks. And this bill in Florida it's so dangerous because you're talking you know you're younger families cannot protect the so there's always. I'm irreparable consequences. From bad legislation. Always so you're talking with people are now going to be charged convicted it would you know. Trying to purchase aware of in the you're talking private sills in commercial sales. Proud to sales and commercial sales you cannot buy is firearm at all until you're 21. You're 181920. Years old you start your feeling you wanna be able to detective saline. Year throughout the country where you are yes and property one beard to protect you know taking your home your property and elegant kind of stuff. This is going to affect you as it goes across the country. You're older generation they get out and vote. Skews my friends both old folds volt. They give up is the begin dress. The it's a big huge day for them legal to the polls that led their voice be heard. Younger generation he needs to get up. Give out the vote get off FaceBook and get off Twitter. And go vote because if you do not you're gonna lose your rights come this November if not sooner. Tell you now he gonna lose and if you don't let your voice be heard you don't contact your state senator you'll conch contact US congressman. Because one session starts in Texas we're gonna have to fight it Texas on the Texas level is gonna start all over again is a must act in Texas. I never thought would have thought a million years anything what happened in Florida Florida is more pro gun then Texas. And the Republicans passed it. Not the Democrats. Not the libertarians the Republican Party pass gun control in fla. Florida was the first place that I got my concealed handgun license the very first state. I had my console Hinkle license from Florida for a win over twenty years. And it was like a race between Florida and Georgia will deal which state was the day the biggest pro gun state. And now this stuff is taken off. You gotta do something you do you gotta wake up tell you now wake up and do something right now it's on you. If you let this happen on your watch let's go to the phone line. I'd line one Don Young would come to talk. Toll done. I think twenty years military and that. Watching how this country progressing to basically. Social economy is what you wanna call it. We have vote Democrat Republican but why. Are there have basically swore note to support and the constitution. In the bill writes. Already quite now they're now all these parties. Are basically a bunch finalists individuals. I want a popular vote and now our bill why yeah effort. And what I call Barbara witnesses that are trying to be knocked off was because. And sounds I've just wanna go on that military I was struck out people laugh. But yet is concerned me what can happen if Florida can happen here estate taxes. And throughout the nation itself. I've been following the news lately concerning our bonds stocks which basically was a closed door video on the papal. You know quality eight C to basically go ahead and about I'm not mistaken. And that. And I think I know the date they think about bump stocks is bought stocks came about know even heard a bump stops at all and not until Las Vegas. The reason why the Obama administration. Approve bonds stocks is because it was you know four year your veterans. That we're trying to get her rehabilitated and be able to fire. A rifle again. That was a provide the bonds stocks and so now and all those by nearly trigger is and all those little devices bills with a purpose of those and that's why they were approved by the ATF. Under the Obama administration and I can't say that another. And sewn up now to turn around and you know for the Republican for Republican president talked about using executive order. To actually big end. Something that is for that's for our veterans you know what if you're not willing to help our veterans don't sit in the war. If not willing to you help them rehabilitate themselves don't don't don't have them do your dirty work. Bart. I'm happy yes. I. I don't see a soccer and I have a license to carry. In my opposite right you can plot line Jim you don't get therapy because it is virtually earth and not add due to I mean but. It's concerning. A made it a lack of all the balloons bottled water. It's very typical opiate and people just don't realize that your government basically a friend of all he wanted to go up about stops are big when a supplement. It is a exactly you give an inch they take a mile today's bump get out tomorrow's gonna be something else. Didn't get the next day it's something males you know this is where it starts in a bit and no one's ever heard this. Before in Las Vegas. But the thing is too so. You know as we're talking about where where we're going as a country. So many times. Win when talking about you know and when trump was elected on C liberals. And people on the lesson. Eatery 1984 this is what we're moving towards and in Edwards is funny because if you read 1984. It's wholly bashes socialism and and the exact. That the government they wanna see but. Eventually. There isn't the capability that we can get to that point in eventually Wendy people in this isn't gonna happen. Very very quickly and so slow process like the German I was found on the phone was saying with the boiling water. You know is gonna wake up one day and the governments is can it sweeping Lee. Destroy the bill writes in and take over in that regard as you're gonna wake up one day you know what. Happy and how did how did we get here. And those of us you're darker and then he's saying this is why we warned you about we told you this coming. And you didn't wanna listen and know your rights are gone. Yes like your rats yeah you can move it in knots. And it's not gonna go back in the other direction many can move it another notch move in another knots and you can't turn it around. But when you think about it. If I go after the bout stocks they'll come out for the veterans act with a better so come out for first responders. Firefighters who law enforcement. But hey welcome mat that you can't back the people awfully. Oddly it's Luke and sunny it goes. If you seek help for market stalked her way there. I mean program that you have to engage in any case if you ask serious issues but however. If you just go seeking counsel. And they put that information to put extra whatever the case trying to be. I mean it is some of the popular all I mean. I'm a law abiding citizen but I have not committed any crimes no domestic these whatever batter back. I used to work in a federal installation has an armed security officer. And I protected people out for an expert machine and all that stuff. Saint Louis Missouri. Yet but think about it I mean it's just like speed increase is that a crime. What we're like some academics. And these politicians and army I'm telling you I don't give a Democrat Republican and why. They're going to be basically they're gonna pick Kia they're okay you want by now pro second man at. I'm NRA hours and and I am telling you don't stab you in the factors. Insurers day Andre I'm an NRA member. I'm also a member nick that's all she'll live I have my license to hear about world where no where we want I'll stop there. Well and that's and that's the thing too is. Democrats or Republicans a lot of ways are two sides of the same corn and their proven that the Republicans especially right now. With the way they're being lax in and week on the Second Amendment when it presents you with the government historically. If it happens every time there's going to be abuse of every power than we give the government sitcoms and how much power do you wanna give them over our lives. And how much are we willing to risk. The affected that abuse that will inevitably happen at some point can have on our our on our individual lives and we do our best to defend our rights and make sure that did any government involvement in our allies is gonna be minimal at best and only to protect our rights. Let's bring talent to this conversation cow you on with comments talking which Africa. Oh I just gotta say man. Rights don't start our rights are to be voted on at a specific age like the bill of rights citizens are weird. 18120 on the bill of rights aren't expressing your individual rights as an individual it's not a but I hate at that age you unlocked he's right now those are rights are eternally in Egypt as well. On when someone gets right that's that's one thing I want to get it but if the message out for a lot of people. And NET expand on that. Well only when it comes to to the guns mingling. People people apple always say oh no we just what this that is just one thing and then we're done we're not coming after your guns but it's. They just keep on walking closer. They keep walking closer to trying to repeal the Second Amendment in the if you look at and they're they're groups of inner inner circle would always like. Pay our goal is to repeal the Second Amendment to get guns out of my hands of law abiding citizens were just terrible. And and it's not like that it's. Any kind of situation we'll when people like like when you look at. If not billions of dollars but he's not stopping it is always more to do like you always wanted to keep going or what people's goals. On that you don't just say all right I'm done I'm not make it more goals on someone's goal assist infringe upon a Second Amendment. When I get when I get that law passed. They make a new goal in the same direction that it's just not been knocking it stopped. So we have to make sure we secure our rights secure property rights secured our second minute rights. And and stop it now because. What do you say to them and it still take a mile give them a mile will take ten miles and so forth so we just stop it now before it out and. A kind of to that point as well as some no set it on the on the show before probably sound like a broken record but. The constitution and specifically the bill writes that's aren't. Quarantine you those rights these dirt inherit an alien nimble writes in down by your creator or by. Simple act of being born every one of viewing naturalized. Whatever your religious things may be so. This isn't we are giving you these rights as again and this is these are your rights that we as the government are never. Allowed to infringe upon. And we're putting these ten specific ones down that's not it's you know only these ten. But these are the ones that we view so important that we wanna put it in rallying the d.s can not be infringed upon. You know president or any government Obama say come because they Zain. A delegate out of Virginia. A delegate nick freighters. Who put it really nicely. Earlier this week mr. what nick freed is delegate from Virginia had to say. Over the last several days mr. speaker there's been a lot of discussion about an open and honest debate with respect to school shootings gun violence gun control etc. And that open and honest debate as I understand this one that would rely on data facts evidence analysis reasoned logic eccentric sucker. And I'm certainly willing to have that debate I think if we were going to look seriously at school shootings and gun control we would analyze things like. Why do all mass shootings in the take place and embrace it wanted to be reasonable to test whether or not the efficacy of gun free zones of actually achieve what they're intended intent is. We start to look at most of these shooters come from broken homes. What sort of government policies have actually incurred broken homes you can look at left leaning think tanks at the Brookings institute election say that some of the can be attributed to. Various cultural change is tapped in the sixties to include. Do abortion industry. You can look at a more conservatively and organizations that will say that the welfare state contribute significantly. To this now in the family as families became more more dependent upon the government and they were. Mothers and fathers in the home raising children. We can look at various status with. Those areas within the United States and around the world that have strict gun control measures and what their crime waves look like whether Chicago New York City Washington DC and others that have incredibly strict gun laws yet for some reason hasn't seemed to stop. The gun violence in this particular areas we can look at the analysis out of a fight there today which is considered more of a lot to senator data analysis think tank. We have several analysts now confirmed to the data that they were looking at not just the United States in Canada Great Britain Australia. That they were shocked that the data do not support. What they thought gun control measures would actually achieve. We can look at the number of cases with in the United States Oregon has been used for self defense. Estimates range everywhere from a 100000 uses to all the close to a million uses and in the United States now. Some organizations and some reporters only wanna report on the ones work done was use and actually resulted in the death on May mean of the perpetrators. But if you look at the ones with a gun was used in the mere presence of a firearm actually just waited a criminal from committing an act of violence an act of rape an act of murder the number shoots up the sky rockets. So when people on this side talk. About the importance of the Second Amendment please understand it's not just some basic philosophical conviction that we all around it is rooted in the idea that. While we may be a post enlightenment society. The vast majority of horrible atrocities that we've seen. It happened in those post enlightened societies this happened as a result of government systematically disarming citizens. And clean themselves to be the sole responsible party for their security. And then turning on the same citizens and punishing them. That's the most egregious cases but in the individual cases of self defense that's why the people on the side of the aisle. Hold the Second Amendment in such high esteem because we honestly believe the you have an inherent right to defend yourself and your ability to defend yourself should not be excluded. Teaching your sides. Firearms provides someone that is weaker and not as fast the ability to actually defend themselves from a stronger attacker some the other things we look at any size I would hope we would have. Bipartisan support for all of us agree that we need to make sure that our students are better protected when they go to schools one of the things that we would look at his arm in certain teachers not every teacher. But it teacher that is comfortable with it as his former law enforcement is former military that is now in the classroom delegate plumb said yesterday the that was ridiculous to consider why. Is it because the other side of this debate will only accept one quote unquote solution to this problem and that is carrying a part or getting the Second Amendment. And I understand we're gonna mention just a couple the bills the world we're done this year right background checks getting rid of bonds stocks. If you're one in the other reason why we can't have an honest debate over this one is because quite frankly I don't think any of us on the side of the aisle believe you when you say that's all you wanted it. It'll be both sides will be background checks that'll be different kind of background checks the register the guns. Then after that'll be we need to what's the ban assault weapons what's an assault weapons something the looks scary. That's got to be semi automatic rifles after that'll be semi automatic handguns and it'll be revolvers shotguns. Because of the policies fail to produce the results you're promising your constituents. You'll be back with more reasons on why we've got to infringe on Second Amendment Rights. The other reason why it's really difficult to have an honest and open debate about this is because of this members of this body comparing numbers on this side of the aisle to Nazi its members on the other side of the aisle saying that when 124 year old teacher gets up and says that the whole this whole debate is between the Second Amendment or her life. That's a false dilemma. And quite frankly one of the ones that I found the most offensive alone being compared to Nazis was being compared to segregationist. As well might burdensome and very quickly it was not our party that supported slavery that five women's suffrage the rounded up tens of thousands of an Asian Americans and put him in concentration camps that supported Jim Crow that supported segregation or supported mass resistance that wasn't our party. That was the Democrat party. Now I'm thrilled the Democrats no longer believe that I don't believe that a single current member of this body who has a Democrat ever. Believe those things but I would really appreciative every time you wanna make a powerful point. You don't project this ends the atrocities and the injustices that you. The Democratic Party perpetrated on others on to us so we want to have an open and honest debate I am all for that let's do that. But it does start with a certain degree of mutual respect. If it starts with a certain degree of not assuming that the only reason why we believe in the second minute is because the NRA paid a soft balls that's sort of logic you wanna use what he would take a look at how much money the NRA's spends and how much when he Planned Parenthood spends because when I get up and I talk about abortion I don't assume that you were all bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood I don't know singer horrible people. Because I disagree with you on a policy position. I assume you have deep convictions that we can have an argument in a debate about. If you're not going to reciprocate that level of respect don't be surprised when it becomes more difficult to talk about these things because there is a lot that we can do and there is a lot that we need to do to ensure the security of our children and our citizens. Yes we are gonna have a problems with so called solutions which infringe on people's liberty under the promise the government will provide for their security. Because ultimately in this last school shooting we had a perfect example of government being engaged over thirty times and still failing. To provide security for the students. So Kyle what do you think about that that's. That's a Virginia that's the state of Virginia there in delegate nick freight us. That was that was powerful always hearing about und under Reagan like how are you a man what I think that's one of president let me tell you. Almighty you have my vote holy crap absolutely so that was all good though ball good and I mean. It's sad and it's like I don't think we never hit that kind of debate that he got in for fist. When it comes to two reason facts and evidence that they'll all go out the window. When people try to bring emotions into the mix of people value their emotional there whims though conflict whatever shrinking. It's only rational if we use it and it never comes out tickets to be in anyone's benefit. And it's all about control for some people regardless of what a control group of people and all these. All these gun control measures they they really get started back in the 18100 seen on the guns for negroes in the end in you know in. Is it started back in and adjust its graduates to everyone in. Now we sit here and which guarantee you'll fight and get their own individual. You know right to back. And inns is really sad. I'm would guess and say. And we actually extend this argument past the Second Amendment if they're going to put limitations on when you compared to some got a 21. Full one inning and the limitations on when you can have the right to free speech is a damage when he went as well he's gonna be eighteen. Do you are you can be forced to howls soldiers in your house of your under the age of anyone. You know it doesn't stop here and that's what makes me so angry about the last. And people you are pro gun control because you can't just nit pick one an amendment out of the bill of rights. Those are our rights period ended discussion they're not up for debate. You can try maintain gate but you're not going it's not gonna end well for real. And you can't just net pick on one amendment when they're all up for grabs he brought a nineteen to four that's my favorite book we are living under Big Brother right now. And the first step is to disarm the citizens I mean Texas that Independence Day was on March 2 and that was one of the main grievances Texas play. In their declaration of independence from Mexico you will not take our guns. And does fact that we ever Republican president right now saying. Take the guns due process later in the end bump stops sleds and has raised agent. I'm Kayla says and give me to get out and vote and we need to. Make our voices heard because they're not the minority. We are not people need to get out they need to get active and this is complete BS. And that this is a great time for the Libertarian Party I'm telling him in his next election. Andy give people a third choice because of this is will re getting from the Republican Party and you know what you can get for the Democratic Party well then you know what we go to from here. Yeah absolutely I would encourage anybody listening in the trip in Travis County specifically I can speak to your. As the chair in nineteen thanking gives the event teacher has the look of any you know if you're outside in terms Kenny look up. The Libertarian Party locally we're going to be having our precinct convention this Tuesday night at 8 PM and the Dawson on tyrant. 700 Dawson road 7704. Here in Austin, Texas down from Barton springs. And then even you can't participate as a delegated if you voted in a primary on that if you having and you are tired of Republicans not standing up for your Second Amendment Rights come on over. And participate with us and them will be having actually on Saint Patrick's Day next Saturday. At the same location hired on Dawson we will be having our county convention and now be starting at 10 AM. Not college get a chance to make it to the end interest got a Republican Party convention this weekend. Saturday yesterday. I actually was that a billion clothing speaking of little people. Iron. Love become doc I can. Are you running for office. You know and I you go to your parliament and not the thing. You know Mellon kneels at the second largest voting bloc in the country you know how many millenniums ago. Less than 50%. UN I know who's gonna be affected by these eighteen did you when he. Gun bans Mullen moment heels so get out there were lights hideout near Xbox controller and get into the freaking poles are down time cause. Out of the and if you're actually running for office and you have image executive committee meeting in you don't make it to your precinct convention and we your senate district convention which now you can't go to which means you can't go. To the state convention and that's a problem that we can't have elected officials who don't follow party. Policy and get involved in the process and how we expect you represent us on the floor when you can even participate. No and we it was a it was an awesome time this past Saturday. Will we had and B Travis County Republican Party precinct convention in central Texas got shorts and a gun store. That's what you do it. And then Travis got Republican Party had their convention. In un guns story for you are about gans and elections in you know debates about yelling we should do you know pass this. It we should do this we should do better whatever you know Al it was all done against or there was carrying guns. That's almost dance awesome we have no problems whatsoever. That's the and the process was great it was wonderful a wonderful day. If only complaint that people had actually use that it was really it was cold inside content in the classroom is really couldn as a little you know I. So many ninety degrees outside yes but did you guys act can't. But did you guys got to know you did that red zone yet definitely any in any closing statements at all or. Bed you mentioned earlier might that gun control had its roots behind slavery easy and it's basically. They wanted to disarm the black man backed down and let's also remind everyone me. That the party of slavery. Was a Democratic Party they did not support freeing the slaves it was the Republican Party. That was all about that. How to say remember. These conversations remember what's going on come election time and don't be afraid to vote libertarian we will stand up for the Second Amendment. Have edgy and Republicans you guys if you question about how to get involved let me know you can look us up on FaceBook you can DM my personal page. We have to get involved we have to make a difference we deny continued billable asking down in Texas period. Yeah. An awesome time this week also talking with the NY CT young conservatives of Texas. We talked about you know should teenagers be able to. You know analysts say when it comes to guns you know an answer and I hope the sultan we gave you some insight about all that stuff today. You know. I don't know what can do about Florida it's taken over across the country but we need to make sure we stopped that here in Texas. Come January 2019 we need to make sure his stops even make sure also that. Coming up this November this election you've got to make your voice. Heard glitch in one know what your thoughts are because if you do not eat an illusion rights is always more guns equals less crime. One by yourself on gun. Even listed common talking. With Michael cargo.