Come And Talk It, 3/19: Tim Kennedy, Joe Biggs, Cody Wilson

Come And Talk It
Sunday, March 19th
Texas' deadliest radio show... Tim Kennedy, MMA Fighter; Joe Biggs, Info Wars contributor; and Cody Wilson, 3D printing guru from Defense Distributed.

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It's time for Cummins socket with your host Michael Cargill brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And has achieved national exposure in such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Good afternoon. Our student taxes so loud music capital world less praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Today on the show we have Tim Kennedy. MMA fighter special forces Rangers sniper also we have staff sergeant Joseph beings freelance reporter under and gun rights advocate. Also we got Cody Wilson the ten most dangerous person on the Internet. And the fourteenth more dangerous person in the world. Co-founder and director of defense you shouldn't the nonprofit organization pushing the boundaries of firearms technology. I've before we get sir I guess let's talk about what's happening here in Texas at the capitol. So we have house bill 375. We also have house bill in 1911. I tell you when I look at these two bills I go back and forth and you break it all down. House bill 375. That's a good bill good foundation. Would get at a couple things stood is gonna be a great bill. And you look at the house bill 1911. Column mail and I tell yet. I think beep for the anti identity he loves this bill 1911 is gonna set us back twenty years we're gonna take twenty years. Of legislation to try to clean is bill look this is what I call the Obama care of that gun rights yeah that's it it's so what does Obama writes no. Obama Obama there. What's scary out like that Obama here app it will go down or constitute unconstitutional period like. An abomination okay. And it's it's it's it's insane let's say we need to do something would that. I'm sorry state state representative James White we need to redo this bill we could pull that bill down I think we all need to support 375 because that's a better deal we think Justin. I absolutely agree I think a 1911 is gonna out us to a to a a massive bills that ran out of clean up later in a mess of laws. And I get like you said I think it's gonna tickets twenty years to clean this up we got ourselves to that and I don't think we should so I think we should stick with recently five was what's wrong is like a new framework or what was the. We got a couple things down number one. If you pay your in your business owner write code nicely maybe just defense should be for right now today as his moment in time you EE you know can't. So let's say you guys foul a year round sales report leaked illusion generates a five years. If you'd you'd pay sales tax. You know leaky leisure gun rights of five years he get charged with anything any crime. Not a class C misdemeanor but a class beat your felony charge illusion generous to. Yet it's actually pretty sad you wouldn't think that. This is a bill that's written by conservative. You know you wouldn't think a Republican action wrote this bill. And that people I'm hearing from young people from the anti doesn't mean they actually like this. Where's the due process of law I have no idea why is who they always following. I don't know I in in I tell it's gonna set us back like twenty years. Per share. Spikes let me walk into the show let's welcome first and Kennedy was swing that Michael over Tim what are the common targets are so what's going on in ten candies world. Good afternoon. And thank god SXSW is ending. Well. Yeah I was just take that moment string agreed to free air I was a trap or home. Californians went home and characters we're home the Floridians where homes no we have almost just Austin I slept in Austin. It was in add to the airport so what LG effigy. Yeah. Went to a panel Snoop Dogg has some dinners talked look he we I've never smoked we had some arming some someday maybe. But I am all my kids have to grow up for that happens we try to decriminalizing. Marijuana in Texas soon. Yes I'm get their humble libertarian through and through I wouldn't I've I've we'll probably honestly never smoked until the dead guy. But with that said I have no problem with anyone else doing it I realized that build and not probably be a competitor with me or my business. Or mean in any sport that I do those kind of just drift away into gonna pick it up. She goes at 2 AM at the back is fine. Is that to pay tax on us. Oh man it's crazy I an end let's welcome Joseph bigs Jill welcome to come talk to serve was cool and they strap me out here and so what's going on Joseph bigs well you got a lot eat a lot happening right now Yi Yi started podcast right. No I'm actually god I just on a contract with a big company and we do my own TV show allow a coming up and then I'm in the works of doing. I've been filling miles hunting show. But that god someone like that another network's on working on the deal with the idea that. Put out there as well so Q what happens a lot of cool things in the mix but only get paid to be able to go running that's my favorite thing in the world to do. Ahmanson Ethier in the rough and just you know she's death Aaliyah follow Ted negative oh yeah it goes myself a good bit. Most of my my yes we loyal GBT shirt that I made. And that's what equipment are yet we're hoping you're gonna Wear that today almost did I couldn't find Doug. It's like the bat game cause when I go there's it's all black shirts and that's all everywhere and they all look the same arms rifle and do inflict thirty minutes like 400 and I guess liberals and Austin that would just hate that certain hate you for an edge in the it's LG beads what is it LD be limiting guns beer and that's is. Men after me. See them make them doing there yeah. So not a threat and Tony Wilson and I take Cody by the name you'd attend most dangerous person on the Internet wise that. I'm trying to earn it is that still true I don't know I blessed person hassles are now members you know maybe one day you will. And there we got we got some some really big coming up. Really really big big thing lingered on we can you hear first. Among them are veolia it's connected the machine would imagine that churlish utilities meet. A major thing. Yeah. How well let this not torture so. Yeah. It does change my opinion of the the amendment were development and the stuff on big you know we've been very blessed by by people. They wanna make their own guns you know some of our equipment and Byron machinery in that allows us to develop really interest in things. That would be brought some new stuff here today and end a Montana Montana just like the state. He's got you know silly stuff in his bag. There we were just trying to resurrecting get all three pro and it lowers and playing with that again just for Agassi say it's in development and if things progress for it's a big thing won't be pumping them out for people. We will people who are commercialized everything we develop you know the whole world of people making their own stuff that's very difficult a crackdown and it's beautiful thing he's done. Respect a lot of memories haven't seen that lower long time I think yeah exactly it's well and we did get to work though so. And a housing but coming in like I like the book that's a nice little signing comment you know I like that at eat your your your memory you're detail. They always look I read the dim memory in the details scares me because I just that was how went down your memory it out when you look down that way and it when I read that I was like oh my god we did signals they had a gators is that how do you remember elements you know it's. That's pretty much how went down you know there's a lot of sources and stuff but I got knocked in and some other viewers by just saying it like it you can't prove that. But you can no no that's another episode that stuff that Boeing now when I rit doesn't mean. You remember that he was leaving in Macedonia and by the way if your new cars you know does start the first time. Ego and try to start the second then you might wanna jump on the ground that blew up. I don't you don't forget things like. You can say that as minutes targets as an avid viewed and it was funny is that I was joking I said that is like January you know that as actually as pretty quick easy. I'd so attempt. Right so I'm. You know you got some stuff happening right now. And so Intel's lead lawyer is as a stuff I don't know where to start thumb. The TV shows they're rolled around third season of one and a fourth season and another. Launched an attack school. Defense attacked company last year quote she tart response. And every every class we do is sold around every product that we come out with. We fell out of write a book this year and I am. Started nonprofit FOMC three clubs she got survival funds and which is providing training and equipment to military and law enforcement or first responders. Sons. Spokesperson for the mixed martial arts athletes association. Trying to get UC fighters kind of fair compensation pensions and medical's for. Getting hit in the head. He can could you remember of those details as he heating get blown up or had been hit in the head his entire adult life re. Yeah and first. I am I on the other hand is just like. Pretty much since my balls dropped I have had brain damage so. I'm writing my book will probably not have the same amount of detail. Yeah. Really yeah you will love with the let's just. Yes ambassador I'm going to be like one or two syllable words at the mound. You know is it hot dogs yeah can you write a book with just like hooked on phonics. But yeah. With a C attract ides of tells a little bit about what happened with that the water board you're what do Borden and it is too crowded. I doubt it yeah as soon as we're joking that you can't leave until you you drop. Info I'm not all water boarding is equal the yeah there's different levels so. Steve's my friend. We were really trying to show that waterboarding can be just a form of interrogation. That's very peaceful. And Don you know kind of uncomfortable. Little out of your comfort zone nearly as laying there and have water poured on you and at your leisure you can poor pull the cloth off of your face when you don't wanna be waterboarding anymore. That would be the far left and then there's how Tim Kennedy water boards. Bad deeds that he wished he had put the ground but for some reason he didn't shoot the first place so now he's waterboarding them I don't like those dates. So that would be on the other end of this scale Stephen Crowder on the left end. On dirt bag savage on the right end. Probably inch its way towards torture less about interrogation. So if we were going to ask you for you to divulge that lawyers so closely holding your chest and we're all. Oh start the middle in Charlotte and I don't think. That's great you think you'll sometimes I was like. I urge him couple times I drown a little bit and I hit him again but don't ask many questions I like it when your. I don't like he's gonna do so is gonna keep hurting you. Then when you ask you question I want you lied to me. So angry hurt you more on you yet yet clear package that's well that's what I wanna do you want to hurt you wanna drown you. So you tell us you're like a week I restarted my beautiful at a Joseph you like this technique. Oh yeah. Me and accumulate Joseph and our club cut from the same call crazy clock if I was in Afghanistan and suit. If anything if you if your waterboarding. Wearing an open front Santa Claus suit and you're waterboarding assistants is dressed like an elf. Yeah. Stuff just got real bureaucrat or video didn't wanna born early and our business classic clothing line and good. Dogs fought the idea that waterboarding challenge no wasn't the ice bucket channel and sized bucket. Yeah that's 10 crap did Sean we did it with waterboarding. Can Sean Hannity famously say he would agree to be waterboarding back in the day to remember this we can find an OK and I. Everybody Internet can really strong arm him into. Wouldn't that be fun I'm a big fan strong army anything yet. It's enough to Tampa yeah. And down Sean Hannity and waterboarding what was Stephen creditors opinions like arcade on them. But here's obviously anxious first as was his family unit to lure of the exchange or sign a waiver did he had to sign a waiver at first yeah well I mean I brought a doctor with me. Named Mike Simpson accused former ranger battalion. Then a green beret and then he had right before 9/11 Hewitt to medical school and came back to special operations as a doctor who's kind of the real deal. He's also been around waterboarding quite a bit and so. Mike was my medical. An advisor while I was waterboarding Stephen but Stephen's wife was in the room his mom and his dad. They were all in there and they were all as anxious as and nervous as Steve was still like you can't really get in the enjoying it and waterboarding enemy can be fun. Didn't see much in an image and it you know that there's like Lotto it yet he's one to get things are now and oh yeah. Time and time again and the moment like start to stand up when she see his late start shaped like shaking her. Listen lady mother I don't know you but I will strap you down and you'll be next if you don't see your little tiny but don't you couldn't quite turn on the sadistic bastard Madonna on allies hours operating on a scale of ten around 01 point five to two. We're talking with Tim Kennedy would talk you hit the I Cody Wilson it will also talk when Joseph bigs were talking about just everything. And also how spill in 1911 the words 'cause you don't care bill in the state of Texas. Actually in the country this is Michael Cargill and you. Are listening to come to talk. Three this is my regular suits come and talk radio what my art. Welcome back to come and socket and now here's Michael kargil. Our right to look back at studio we're talking Winston Kennedy. We're talking waited until bigs and so we're Chadwick Cody will sin. I and so what talk about house bill 1911 so Cody. Really think he's still. 9/11. We did coming installed Texas legislature to let the farm. And that's really you futuristic you know to to be on the right side of the liberty issue so I think the fees to hide these ridiculous every time they attempt to to regulate caring. And I would think 9011 as a convenient excuse to implement gun control in the name of liberalizing. The tactic some on the open and AG are the pressures on Sar got rights you know steer everybody the right way but isn't it isn't it kind of tragic that every single year every single session. Always find a way of implementing gun control in the name of gun the realization that's it's a farce. In a you have stay in. When you eat latest bill out and people Conte any the actually read the bill may break it all down. And you have to listen when you have people that in the movement saying pay your bills actually hurt us we actually NF take you know. Steps backwards and in time in Texas which trying to move forward we're trying to catch up with this. You know the rest of the country you'll Tex is actually behind we're not the death. They Libby is done you know pro gun state in the United States. Yeah but this is an argument for just leaving things alone if like if these are the kinds of improvements you're going to get I mean like I understand you've got to somehow try to get real conservatives in here you know by here. By your movements in Israel conservatives in the legislature but I'm in. Texas is undergoing a deep demographic. Transition I mean that mirrors California is it I don't think there's room for things to get. Incredibly better in terms of liberty of the next twenty years maybe maybe you should just build bigger walls. I don't degrade faster. I did enjoy base was Leah thoughts on the I'm not too similar without one as well either I just the last thing I was that was. Downtown earned the capital for V here protection thing. Wrestle you right last thing that I've been into. And I just sold them post you guys put out for next Wednesday at 8 AM yes I think for God's will be out there for that to try to it's more information. But with the. He and it yet here detection and that's really important because we we gotta give that passed because right now you have a year is how's your company's actions hurt the ring now. The lay people off salute when he congress actually move on that Tony because any time someone talks about silence and think you're doing like some guy like. Some of the pop out of the helicopter out of the pollution likes or assassinating out of the shot this idea factory aren't even that doesn't make it silently just makes it. In no surprise easy yes suppresses if you if you don't you know be able to often. How far and it's good to be to those guns are under animals that screwed up there ears your children like that just an awful our car. Yeah I mean it makes sense that people just flip out as a whole thing like. In all the sudden things like ten do you delay contingency of compartment out of treason like you just eight. Killer by elegant. Yeah you're you're left that's that's how dare they attack in as they're saying hey you people gonna come up behind here in the NB MC. You know discharges firearm you know I can hear anything a doctor tell somebody quietly has nothing do is presser. You know personal and suppressor or not quiet there. Any subsonic crowns with like you've rocket and clothe and then put some wet stuff inside and it. It's still loud and every time he takes him in first and shoot suppressed like hope Lee. That was way louder than I thought like. No no dummy and of course is loud and I could just like earth. I don't know any kind of a I'm not we know pretty. Much every real shooter get her take in no central Texas. So any home that have a ninja suit. I mean. And I think. What you Wear said ninja see you while you had a suppressed god now you're you're not the person to ask this actually job that you have got to. A dissuade all of these questions to someone else I regret immediately asking you about an Anderson. I I any. Any normal person does a ninja suit and a suppressed and this is idiotic. All right and we are here yes OK you know it's a police were green on that. It's an agent I Olazabal and on and hit your shot it is denying owns a business on and on congress. Indians so close to capitol you get an opportunity. You know we do all the time buy and on the plus side though we get to meet other politicians know what's going on I'm. George. All of them I spoke to George P. Bush like for forty minutes the other day a lot and that's about what he does he dishonest so for veterans. Yeah he's in he's he's such a pretty quiet guy pretty laid back he has he's a nice actually and and in very likable also be easy to the DC did things that unfortunately is blasting the bush. A zone kind of thrown people off a little bit yeah us. Cafe it's calf pair go and and now we were called the lost some but we went independent but I'm have a contract with the but so were actually the bossa distributors now okay I've been for all the way. To the border from. Austin to the border yeah. As you get a nice cool beverage after protests are some bad like everybody does they are retro T shirt and the only guy out there after. Right in the middle of it like ship H sound ami looked at your president. Right and he's gonna change that and that's gonna change and answer president had to deal with it and and at that people just lose their beloved in mind Joseph I mean I had teetered on the central build the Wohl. It was a knock off of the band's logo horses bands all the war. And I wore the shirt downtown on rainy street and I had a guy literally get so emotionally distraught quiet but he ripped his shirt off English reading. In yelling. Like the little girl who was with his late. No but I. Big dogs from all walks of army goes to please do tonight. That I mean how do you get that emotionally distraught over just. A church and what's what people just lose their mind over this election and Janice. You'd not everyone wins. We'll hear it didn't work out the door. Age is you know the Great Depression in this will be like you know like then they hissy fit in the temperature and that temper tantrum ages or something like that. Innocent like eight years of just you know but hurt sore losers. And just cry and whine and you know instead of doing something positive moving along. It's it's you know exactly you know your your candidate did not win so now you just have to you know just. Wait for years and I don't know go in the hole that's Darren entered. Has peace in the week about how so many liberal pundits had so much to gain by stoking paranoia and fear in craziness after the election that they couldn't find a way to stop and so you have to keep rationing up like the Russian thing for example right all the way to a everybody's completely lead with prudent when I can't find a way to bring them back and so you've you've literally whip everyone up until late. And parallels there X. And there's no there's none like racial matter with the trump terms of the night that was holding that there's a wait and not a great that it does prove that he paid more tax. Yeah irons insanity ratcheting up this moment of just because everyone's convinced that this envious this calamitous moment in this catastrophic mark. Of course is not there so everyone's just politically we Weis is weeded out key democratic officials now warning based. Not to expect evidence of trump Prussia pollution click on Drudge has left right and like everyone is is with that friend and so they gonna see your chair and just predict right leg it's just this moment. They created and anyone of those shirts with the this is the sheriff's arrest. Did they go to Dallas for unless he had. And Joseph what's your take on you know all what to do would Milo and you know I'm miles an entry it. It's ridiculous you know. The fact that you're literally you know become violent. And assault people there shootings at all because a guy speaking. If you'll likely gases they don't freak you listen to it I don't like that anyone in the media is as 90% of the time he knew what I do. I don't watch TV I don't listen to anything I just don't I take myself out of that I just don't listen to it. And I form my own opinions based off of information that I get. I don't need someone to tell you gotta you know to live my life or do whatever so these people who don't like Milo just don't go listen to. Then what you're doing is giving us more credibility and you guys look like insane lunatic. It except for celebrity's I love it when you know somebody that. Sony so much in common with me in their life hit them yet they and their life parallels mine and so than they can. Like X essentially take that perspective and share how I can make my life better like question vote for. Or like may be a whole bunch of celebrity's coming together today and tell me what I'm supposed to do. As they can normal rational logical person like how exposed to vote or what I'm supposed to do now trump is elected. I mean with besides the media I think celebrities would be my go to needs new source as the preferred. Rational logical cerebral perspective on on normal. Yeah this is a I mean if it didn't do nothing costs on the show can we not because I hurt not only didn't get excited. I like right up there with nano would be Tom Cruise and who's a girl that was in the avengers black widow. It's Astaro Johansson. He's one of those dads Arianna telling telling me what I'm supposed to do for the lean knee since whose makes all of his money often shooting people on TV than saint. A way. You're not supposed to have guns. You know. Duplicate about 5000 celebrities that's all that. Like such hypocrites. I'm judge what's her name is that Jessica Ashley Judd she said. It was as the bad an experience which are if I was very offended because of the things that have happened to me she said trump being elected was as bad an experience as being. Assaulted when she was a little girl. Can you believe that I was stunned I can't believe that. Because because they're idiots put up. And those ads. There is it's really eat it's really easy to be disconnected and to how to form those opinions when you share nothing in common with 95%. Of the country. You know you can do it I know it's totally fine to pay. 35% percent taxes even though none of them do when your making 200 million dollars. In a win win a normal 60000 dollar a year guy is like mad just leave me alone let me work second demy Stanley. And stop Tony -- was to live my life for arms was to vote for what Gomorrah to carry or what I wanna smoke at home or what kind of cake Allen and bake and don't just. Or where an agency and she's files on. Net and if you wanted god bless America. Macon bacon. All right so Cody I what has has lost again. Or. We just we just heard tonight on bugs you did did you see this as always ask when daddy I. If I don't as crazy look out with those it's a Yemeni family trying to come to Washington State they can get hurt like. By the appeals court but you know a native native son of this land has to wait two years plus on a Second Amendment Rights it but I'm not complaining. What we're maybe just go to ball and clock and don't let go out there you'll do well yeah well. Also and it was a day a year you'd get the course super easily maybe win a couple million dollars all I'm just telling you if you wanna make change and yet. Make a bomb clock I've I've made a joke perform my you know hey nice nice clock rate. You guys like my clock you know it's but now now now from the torture I just got denied my eye on the competition in the fifth Circuit Court of Appeals so. And about ninety days who have to petition the Supreme Court which by the time they hear that petition there will be one more member. Like court his name will be courses and as I was a higher likelihood that if they take it will wind and of course we have to come back down to the fifth. There's two vacancies on the fifth right now the trump fulfill mr. trump will continue to make the fifth circuit more conservative court and the the arm bonk let's say dissent opinion ahead. From the from the court was all the can all the courts are conservative judges wrote me you monster dissent is beautiful sons looks like you know the longer hang out here. The betterment of the one of these days. Will be able to put the stuff back. An old man a lot of kids you know but what I really. I'm in amends for the long moment so and what else is happening with the pinch distribute. The men and like I said we got this we got this very technical thing coming down and now just from trying to wired tell irons and what is apparently on what is gigs. I. I think it's going to be important moment of death for American gun politics. I think it's it's. Incidentally dramatic increase in a certain kind of capability and what cable dune would. Man. You can tell me. I know Tina business and really get that can only do our special shows you we do it kinda. I didn't I didn't plan to come and tell you that that was oops we gonna do machine in the range I think we can we can do that before and if you want we can make it a whole thing so you wanna do is show and we'll do shown in this. And talking and only go to can arrange yeah do. Nice mr. staple apples and justify your bag and stick to their home yet. If you don't watch us live right now he just pulled out a massive block. I was talking to. And plastic. Lower. House anti climatic amended the Specter. Yeah yeah. Montana Montana has got some merlot goes one of our oldest blowers right that we ever mailing back and we were just like I was still school we made the strong in. It is generally this out of compared to college. This the end Apollo there was a there was an ABS materials that we used for a all know I actually hacked that out because the pin winning go all the way third so I took control open it up this. This efforts are here they can you see this on the camera now in this buffer towers mentioned a break like this was the second generation when we had we we have pretty much thicker shells through here we know making the square in the back and are your word forces are eventually got to like if you shut the suppresses on the it break in the Elian of course. You know there's things we learned Harlow is back we do know or do we even have a mechanical engineer and me we design that was that was simply taking gothic design. And that is making modifications in the back so the suffering from home would break near. I love how you use the relative scale of that was even before we had a mechanical engineer. Yeah thanks for me we bring his desire and I've actually shot and fired and it does work about a 120 rounds out of it but I think it's some of failures disputed those pins walking around but if I got to man Tyrell pens that thing is. I imagine it would take quite a load. But not to mention which version you know I don't know say right now let's say. And if if I got these anti slip pins that thing could really take that. I'm not saying that's slowly five times. You did and SOC's community where you've got the buffer to going in their one medal to medal in Annan saying like that's a that's a high stress point right there especially with all the leverage comes off of about stalking you keep you could give anybody did a good whip with that we. Stock is my you'd break your buddies had with them with butts around here man look through when the beautiful things about this as you can. It's like with the mechanical engineer income you can put this in a piece of software and Cheri hey it's gonna break right here we know we have recourse so there's so much work to an amateur can do and we were just totally answers we do this I guess what are you were still pulling amateurism. You know we we rarely moved through three generations on that's so fast within a matter of weeks and that's the whole promise of three different. You see something if you do not like he changes and suffer the next day you have a new print component or even the same day depending on how long to build time. I would talk with Jim Kennedy. Yeah what's our go to Joseph bigs and also kill you Wilson we're talking about bud stocks we're talking about. They didn't look I'll. Take this right this is Michael Cargill and you are listen to come to talk. No this is kuril darting down the precinct three county commissioner here in trials Campbell and you're listening to come and talk it. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael kargil war. Ides of one back when talking a way that Ted Kennedy were tucked away including Wilson and also Joseph being brought and that we're talking about blood stops and with the with the and slipping pins and I don't even know what opinions and right now it's. Actually just and you want to talk about HB 375. Shame. Shame. Shape and that's for HB 1911 shame when you ribs and white. That's a shame catheter whenever through sort of found its 1911. Yeah we got it we become big news here march 28 were actually gonna have a hearing for HP's recently filed for sponsorship carried us the first army governor. Ever had a public hearing for concerts carrion texas' company moved. So yeah that's going to be march 28 at 8 AM at the Texas capital we don't know the exact room yet because we got a full ten days' notice this time which typically only gets five. So the minutes the minute the remembers announced walked in our our FaceBook page to include the number. Of the room but yeah we've got a hearing for for HP's recently far concert shall carry march Tony and it's so mark your calendars we need everybody show off. And and tomorrow on is the twentieth and also tees there's there's a lot of stuff going on there a lot of bills actually hidden. He didn't need the capital in committee and then the house committees got a lot stuff going on Monday. The cynic in me these on criminal justice Aniston stuff going on on Tuesday. So it's going to be all day Monday NT capital for a lot of different things they have DN. I think 128 deals have that the reduction in eliminate let eliminating a defeat for the England licenses on the 28. You like that. He later on Internet but they act like he's vaccine they're back home a little bit actually seen they're gonna reason baca denied. Dollars yeah there's forty dollars is what they're saying the amendment economy and the bills actually originally to eliminate the fee but now they're seeing New Hampshire. Ten dollars. In New Hampshire ten dollars are going to be watching the sheriff's department YouTube you put down. You write down three names for for references it sure science often and you leave there that day with a ten dollars. What do we do on taxes and enough. Yeah exactly. We had a pretty decent this circuit we could we could sue someone didn't wanna pay the 320 funds that was invidious discrimination against their second the right right Yeltsin paid. You know yachts can vote it was just a carried on an almost do better Owens was playing games and say yes. Active evil for community that does that legal process is pretty quicker to cut look man you love your site members do not. I'll days he'll sell furlough what's quick and dirty okay are great. What if that's what a nano well there there is immunity issue we have right now is not every single status constitutional carries though. In order for us to eliminate the LTC we have no reciprocity within the states in an ams things out though I've seen a comment coming up a lot that we need to just. Eliminate all gun laws and artery there are no other states there's Texas hoops. And that's the reality I think. Well yeah Texas has its own puncher understands that he's always OK so what does that argument because of we eliminate that you know that one paragraph near 411 dot won seven to be greater there are so we get it is we get rid of that that we we can lose a reciprocity when quite a few states. Yes absolutely. And that's who wanted to did you support it does have constitutional Kerry and stay in Texas but then get my hands and then but the problem is Joseph and then we have gone owners coming out against our bill. That's the problem in and sang in order in order to do something that everybody agrees with. We just have to make it to where is it pitcher legally allowed to possess a firearm in and sank put that into the language because that's how threesome to five is written under threesome defies if you can legally pass about Blanche cardinal get a gun. Like if you go to the gun story now purchase at. You can leave that store caring. That's how recently five has written in an instant. Now now let's not Joseph what your thoughts on the end the main faction bill. The one where you can manufacture your own as a pressured in loans stays here the state of Tel oh yes they commerce in that. Some of the arguments that I heard that that morning are pretty ridiculous. I think did in Texas we should be able to manufacture we should be able to do all of us up within our borders. Initially thought we should be able to regulate that it shouldn't be you know the federal government's job to sit there and go no you guys can have you know these awesome products to use. You know I mean like I said there's this is weird thing behind silence yours and all this other stuff like that or he was in this weird thing about a bit. And I think of all the people text that it should competitively. They do it for her honey do all the suffering there and it's just so much better to have that stuff. And I I just wish that we could be able to do that it just makes no sense Ellis sucks is that you know if your guns are you wanna do that then you're gonna have to go through this process and actually. File velocity or filed a complaint with a Terry Giles office and give a lawsuit filed in order syllables products. Tim goes illusion one of the ladies that came in there don't like argue against. Allow the sex is an essential areas so moms demand action because. I am from new town like OK if the and you know enable us to showed utter a buyer I. Taught Sunday school at two kids who were killed and I don't think this is right this is evil this is wrong shame on you blah. And I'm like really like everyone here arguing actual valid points for order against that you try to bring in the whole you know load. I'm from new talent come on and hitting me in chains a whole mood of the whole court and it was a where you as they go to. Kansas and a lot of like this that Texas considering right you have a great bit in in Kansas from people got screwed over for that right. Right in that just came down on the federal courts said basically this argument as a matter there's no. You call it doesn't stay can't supersede your federal on this issue fought breast so they easily Kansas lost. Now we knew they did and I but the thing is the state is appealing in the state is picking up the season are actually defending the citizens like they should though so that's definitely that's one good thing to take witnesses that the state is actually defending them. So we're waiting for that want to actually go to Supreme Court bliss is it gets filed in Texas issued even make it that far because we have a more friendlier court. Right that would back that up I'll bonuses a lot. Yeah during. I think musician even exist pray we just get rid of all of it in go back to freedom. And just give a whole liberty thing an idea and let that goes like so if I go to NASCAR right now and I'd buy. An oil filter. And then. I resize. The screws so can fit on my gun and on the ballot issue or. Good enough and yeah an enormous continuity would never gave ATF just busted Somalis solemn trap makers as well so they weren't making suppresses their voices joined green Woodson. Salt and they called out all the traps so and so on but seats on the front as well San Francisco right I mean there's no jokes anymore they're literally making all the (%expletive) Oh yen just off the Lilly making the stuff didn't they only dummy for five cents. Now look. The you can make solemn trance the so again you can you can make these things anymore. Indiana I don't know you know they end they're gonna. Expect for the Libyan capital Monday expecting to be guarantees expect for these people yelled Texas gun since gone since listener Neil Mulder. That's all you ladies are back out there yelled at socially big move saying we don't saying. Later on man total in his own bed they don't. We've been getting a lot of messages towards our page and and and a lot of people are complaining that you know. We don't work in and I'm saying it's fine but the all these all these moms that don't have to work and happily the afternoons often are. Are somewhat close to Austin you know I mean they have no problem come into the capital that's why it's very important if you're just super sexist there was a trigger words. Yeah. So they blinded to the point is if you can take today off it's it's very important we outnumber these girls obviously you know can we are. Well where's. We've already seen a but the capital we've already seen the numbers they have the session and I and I can tell you that they're going to be there in force guaranteed. Attack the wind. Now. That companies can compete. Tonight when he gets out. Okay I'll be there for you all have to come support me when. They threatened to boycott because that's happened to me I did an interview for fox does ask. And I was pro gun and some big fat lady came in screaming things who's gonna you know her friends to boycott us they are living under any I was body shaming. I'm stinky v.s in Australia we're trying to. Did that that's what they do when you come out you talk you know they'll. They'll attack here in you know you're Google paid a million comments as the and got yes I do today at least twice a year. You know some might say they just they just flip the strip. Just go ballistic. As I don't know. Understand that. So so this on business are right arm you disagree with mean. Whether it's like some about politics and sitting you're gonna go to my business page and you're gonna lie. You're like a man went by there and at a service was horrible and Tim was it did skin. And there you go on and on and on like how do you have the moral high ground. Because now you're just a liar. And you're an emotional wreck right that I hope dies of leprosy. Like a can you just grow up. A little bit and then there was a problem or I must like being. Got that you lost the election now just acts like an adult and grow up and move on and played a hundred milligrams of gross sand. Just can't do it they can't grow up I mean that's the thing that they just can't do which is act like a contributing members. Society slash adult. X they disagree what he's saying and you know that's only give back empty because they can't make you showed up so they say they will just attack your business. I'm audio all the time that's a really persuades between ago yeah. They have ever even looked to be I know I say if I can you leave a comment via let Yelp you know just lost all credibility with me as a as a human. As I mean health are. And get a hit ads for some people it works different people say hey Reggie Yelp reviews and that and I decided you know if I was gonna you know come your business or not I don't know. Some people where is an apple does not use says yes yet think. You know. And you know it is what it is vs embody it died and wanna play you have to worry about them less and and by that he's on the water. All right I am of all the ammo for a while Ford natural selection is gonna come back it's going TO. Kamal Fuller the strong survive. Does so Cody in any real stuff you know they did this disturbed at all. But what he's talking right Yelp reviews yeah he doesn't already know. Now I keep I keep our foot print so small look at the chart from the better business groceries and as a journalist you know we're gonna be over the Cindy and radiation none we've. You know for more leg as much as we in the press we don't really have had a huge you know like FaceBook page and Twitter page. So the very small attack factors in and ask a question you can really affect people's perception of the so what do you do I comment on on wired article in. And adds and my troubled non deceit and he's given me the evil iron I don't know no other Aegon has been to an uncommonly yelled negative yes Alpert episode CBO walking by half there was any. The definitive statement about Yeltsin's. Pars on concerns them the Elian if if that's hurt ya I'm sorry and then that doesn't become a tactic but we seem to be good at the reverse like a rocket trumps. You know clothing line is super successful obvious people keep an anabolic right so. As we stick together patronized an eight as the. And and bad news bad press bad news is is good gets and business include the economy get bad press since they don't frequently say sometimes. I just depends like some headlines are really let me tell you don't. I don't know who is that representative a couple of days ago that just got arrested for. Child prostitution Allianz and he's done yeah Oklahoma that's not good press he had no no matter how we got Chris knocked out after you have. Played might EMI islands he's previously ready finally were finally found no Wofford and but I mean only a year and while he's in he hasn't come out just yet needing to answer any calls are finally saying he hasn't come out yet. He's got everybody. And I also Michael ones take note that down you let Joseph and I talked for a little bit time in the near like. Knowing we needed talked an adult again and how can you please talk with the yeah. And I like the disallowed content policing happening here like I I was not aware of how many aggressive out oppressive types of languages like you allowed to happen on your show. Lots of trigger words he's right lots of I saw somebody shaming there's so. Sexism is engendered is Florian and sexism being just like not police over there's not a safe space in this room often then I do not just I guess that's what I'm trying to say we're nationals have any say space can be gearing all those safe spaces and all within fifty meters of that gun underneath. So I hate. Joseph assert he's that our president. Is Donald Trump Roger that what is the problem why are people so upset about this I don't know they the ol' us of. For interred travel and acceptance resistance disorder. And they're just want to turn turnaround screaming and crying little note to deal because in the day. He's a president get over it in when you forget I'm gonna remind you. Yeah and and I enjoy your reminding people that he's their president it's it's hilarious because even Annan was the sentiment lies. And though they did last night that I didn't hit it isn't sure how are read headlines today but last weekend when they talked about that info wars in yet and they're just like. You know info wars that and another. I think it's hole there. Are you yes it's just like they hate aid is flowing and poor's is not credible so we're gonna talk about him on every single aspect of media like you're only making this got bigger and bigger and bigger because of people who didn't know that I was Witten who hold. And then go Manson these videos are actually pretty good and if those guys for me this is spot on and now you've made is is. His is you know it's all an even larger. All making yourself look ridiculous out. It is is growing growing growing and just can't stop this huge at all an image EST on ads and I go to the NBA war stating. Now. Can I got to take you sometimes it is actually growing entity at least at first started out you know is really small in that affect it was a and then they run. Public access network and Alex Jones and then went from there and you know moved to another location. And now she's huge you know just nice studios just it's awesome news in the rocket was leaving the you know going out of orbit. And then basically as I got there and our like. Explore new lands right so we're talking wave that hit doubly Cody Wilson would talk to win a man I tell you. We're seeing so much stumpel hearing now is just going crazy but we come back we don't talk bad news some other things this is Michael Cargill and you. I listened coming top. Welcome back to come and talking with Michael Cargill. We're talking all things firearms. Now here's Michael Cargill and now it's time for GG in global Ben needed just global Dendy sponsored by central Texas gun works. The largest online gun store. In Texas. In the knees. Only a handful of states still have laws banning citizens from owning electronic weapons like to users and stun guns. The Massachusetts attorney general herself. Was on the receiving end of a lawsuit filed a response to the states outright ban of electronic control devices. And New York's attorney general is getting the same legal push back. The recently appointed mayor of Middlebury New York has filed a lawsuit. Along with a firearm policy foundation. Against the governor. The attorney general and the superintendent of the state police. Not Eric snyderman the New York AG. Issued a response to the suit last week. In which she repeatedly expressed his belief. That the Second Amendment does not protect electronic weapons and in his second point snyderman states that the defendant. And by definition every other individual has no right to possess eight taser or study again. Even within. His own home. Most farm dependent state. Investment by the National Shooting Sports Foundation puts an economic impact of the gun industry. As he hole it over fifty billion dollars in 2016. Where the industry has the most impact. Not survey on the website wallet hope reviewed five major aspects of the gun industry including the amount of firearm industry jobs per capita. Highest average wages in the industry. Output per capita. And how they relate to the individual fifty states. Out of the entire country in Alaska got number one in firearms prevalence. Dumb politics ranking and the highest overall break on industry dependence. Texas on the other hand it was radiate 26. And Rhode Island was 51. If Texas continues and passes house bill 1911 by state rep James White. Which is the weakest Custer shall carry bill ever filed by Republican state rep in the United States we will fall even further. Oklahoma court als Cary. Oklahoma's elected officials may soon be able to carry firearms into their court houses banks in new legislation put forth. The bill introduced by representative Bobby Cleveland just pass out of the house earlier this week. That would allow officials with permits and who are conducting official business to carry into the courthouses. HB 1104. Passed out of the house on Monday with 885 to eleven volt and moved on to the senate. Represented Cleveland State at any press release that and quote this legislation was written to protect people like treasures. Who often carrying money to and from the courthouse in quote. He also notes that he was inspired to write this legislation do to be instinctively high tensions between parties. And individuals across the country. The in Ari has expressed its approval for the legislation. Open carry Texas on accusations of racism. The popular YouTube channel web site and all around good news network rated rated. Released a four part series titled guns up Texas. In which the host explored the diversity of the gun culture in Texas. Starting out the series was a big deal following the predominately African American gun group Huey. Co-founder of the Black Panther Party. The series explores the lesser known gun culture of Texas. In the beginning of the first video the holes were first of the NRA. And the open carry Texas organization. As have never been quote inclusive to minorities. In quote. Right after describing the gun laws in Texas as racist. Almost conflicting but in RAN open carry Texas would lawmakers and the government. The founder of open carry Texas was later interviewed by I reporter. I've from guns that come about his responsibly comments. And his relationship with the Huey. And for the record. Opened here text is not racist stop trying to divide this country. And that is your goal. Good news report for this week of march. 2017. Welcome back to come in socket and now here's Michael car deal. Tyson would talk to its continued talking with Jill. Games and we'll talk with coach Wilson. Can always get what you want to go to try to give decision but I try to get and I think it's DA concealed carry reciprocity past season the congress. At least you'd think like they did that passenger. Also and I. And makes sense. Be able to carry you know you know in every state. And even Jersey. Even Jersey. In even know you that's that's about Chicago and even she got every interior Chicago though he had a legally. Loan but I have given him back and work homicides. By guns. In a city that has guns outlawed than there has been days in this year India Nolan can connect those things I can't. And I've got hit that reliving my entire adult life could you connect those corn. Cody Cody I I don't. I'm gonna play the roles a gun controller and of the problem is. Everyone around Chicago and the problem is the freedom of all the states around Illinois. And he's they're getting we yens from defeat just Shannon's guns and every state and Chicago be front. And cast. And I'm finally going to look the national reciprocity thing is you gotta ask yourself whether or not you believe in states' rights are not and also I think that national reciprocity goes against sentiment and I don't think there should be any gun laws by early at all. All the definitely doing this and any law so we just circle back to what I said let's go back to freedom to record images. I agree from as we got fifty states we have to get there as well off so. Got some decent sex we can go back there. We're like on and we disagree with those guys this creates new legislation so that. Things are better now the so happened they're like. Okay you'll law. That's what they did. Ya know yeah let's go back to free the ashes. And Frito already. A trees and there's. Definitely know how you're now. AE has been in this only attainable eagle and Ronald from the sun to. Do we see the rest the lose the show exclusively speaking ability goal like. Yeah you know it. Yeah I care right now although it's going to be a national logged connected. Oh now now more lives. It's an ACE gets it and you'll get a chance to go to the White House in sit in the pressure men don't. Mean. And gravy Ali law. We're one point out of the day would come and therefore any shared kitten the other well now and look I don't. Like to we're seeing it and I was like Zach Galifianakis so I don't wanna be in a suit all the talent it just doesn't fit me. And you have to be in a suit to be there yet literally figuratively and metaphorically and it doesn't faze him. Yeah net Dan Niemi get lucky to get a chance of getting this liberties in town for SXSW out of the range at all. Yes who. Synagogue. Shoots surprisingly well lifetime really when he's not getting nobody is he gonna he is an experience a seriously. So he he's actually libertarian. I think now yesterday and down he he's. He's working on legislation that is kind of in line with and some of the things that were talking about but no guns right. You know just go like Larry decriminalization answered yes or are you okay yeah I think government to stay out of our life the guns so. If it was pleasantly surprised as about the reach obviously many seem to come talk to our organization then. I don't know what about the amount of the music video just released in the stock all of Orlando Jones knows about it so yeah does that bad. So I don't are there. You sneeze or put that I if you want to do what is the message that I didn't watch the video and I don't understand what he's kind like what Louisiana there a bit. Everyone is titled the it when I. Video everyone who voted for trumpet our clowns and it's a good group of people leave Colorado is courtrooms. And they vary in you know you see president's company you know obviously or is looking all the white make it from the sides. And Steve discuss enough was enough. And who shoots. Should some right and had. Blows like it wasn't it was a real gun you know who it is still like the cloud lord clarinet and come round it goes boom right just tomatoes that yeah right but then he got his little nephew bowel Al. Comes out and sweet you know a needle in my. My uncle snoop a loan or army in my boys are gonna take Maloney and and for Ralph. And sorts Eleanor. It was maybe Redskins the president in and in the first families and you can happen be careful of that business that serves at the become busy. Yet degree or kind of frozen here or what happens is FaceBook lets you stream for an hour and I think that's what you Bernauer those three jobs. Now and many problems and all I can even talk for a long title I use it like five minutes talk and talk monstrous house. It's not gonna definite kind of frozen there recession. Or are you getting anything for anybody. I told him I'd still. What what years each year you BC and start a movie yourself like that you're you do and he has got a documentary is appointed. Thomas who got. Tram team's season three which it or four. Which is a what does that is as much of so it's a cross big games but with real bad asses and people don't have legs because they got blown up. Or. Mice means the same so last year where West Point they had to do all the things at the cadets at West Point had to do to graduate. That obstacle courses jumping off the tower words. On this appliances I'm annual visit this. Well how many users and going nuts and entities that fourth years on CBS pretty cool place. And then there's a says it. Nasty Nazis like actual real Nazis I love how everybody now is like up. That cassettes in Nazi or like all right button not Caesar like insert not see every opportunity because I don't agree with that there Shane has like. This and in less you climbed cliffs. In 1945. And then shot a dude in the face that had they can vary not too looking helmet and you're scaring a Nazi gun. Oh it's because here's a Nazi does really the last time that most Americans have ever seen an Osce says stop saying not seek. But actually go and look for. Real Nazis because they're like eighty years old around the world and I think we're going to be locking in for season three going to some kind of cool places and punching Hitler. Suddenly cool term and then. BK assailant. He can't say influenced them feet on nine if you water board me. The way that all the way to the right like attend a meeting go to eleven I would tell him but I mean those two little we will be fun year. Annan will be deploying this year nom for the military that also be fun. End. Maybe go to a couple protests indecent duke student with us unity you know get back into. And in into a fight. I'll I mean rut right now if you want I mean on down to throw down the new Romo a go to you first. And then your second. Or third they do. Like in actual. Is sanctioned fight Bannister well. I will probably never fight. In the USC again no wanna. Blowers are about fighting you see not seek that's why can't it relates to many how many. For real and now com. It's not the the sport is growing up it's it's evolving it's not financially on the business side B. Very slowly coming around to to make it worth it but I don't budge businesses that I haven't been. Helping in the past so you know five years because I wanna be world champion. Thought the world championship twice. And lost twice and it's very rare that you could fight the world championship three times. So. I don't know the point to be in the sport if you knock in the world champion and I really wanted to the world champion so announced gonna. Go home. Get a lukewarm bath tub for some razor blades combo Akron area some vodka you're going to not a negative try to go at the inflate what is it. This is named. Michael visiting known George saint Pierre dole John Jones our. Conor my love those doubted that you know. I'll come out if I mylan now if you wake of a 135 pounds. He thinks it's something he's pretty tall. There you build okay had a chance. This kind of what Griese limp wristed. Little. To move. Through these bad posture is gonna be like does have the military bearing as was missing. Iraq's. Back to. I'm talking about the posture currently pressure perverts. It's important. Knee and I'm having a hard time constantly on how hard is it is. The effect. Deny it but yeah. These guys are very pleased me out of there is nothing to do with this conversation on over here I'm serious I. You only cougar on there and oh yeah I did it complements. It is then yeah. There are coming over when he commandeered your business. I get lots of odd face thicker as a really nice step up. CA as it happens. That's like eight DG you know he yet yeah I don't so I mean that's a compliment it you you are based on requests now from. Normally not a dissimilar to hurt you need some big implants and any help us I mean look at much but he. You know I thought it only does video is with street right now. Alan it is it is it is is that kind of yet. Now me and an area. Does her implants that's why showing in my by. OK oh to Brazil is so mind now I don't think I don't know there's a public option for us. You have completely lost control of this room Michael yeah I don't know what's going on right now and I really don't know NL and so in the commercial breaks through the hopefully build. Let's hear machine and and his Sheen for a house bill 9011. Shame. Shame. To change. Chile's state red light. Shame when you are to tackle attempt Getty was talking with Cody Wilson and also talk a would still be eggs. Talk about everything to date this is Michael Cargill and you are listen to come talk. He knows dongle is just turns citizens are adamant on this for more who called kill all incumbents who can. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael Cargill. Hi so we're gonna close it out with Tim Jennie chin so. I'd say you've got you you rate until bunch of people here in SXSW is coming down to a polls now that sailed cities getting back to normal little bit. Did you get a chance you get teeny bit the movie premieres at all. Now I guess I would too a couple of technology panels arm went to move. It's awesome to view as he let's get to the Smart cited Tim real quick Gary it's old technology candlelight GO visited dolls have been. All right so there's some drones that are coming out they were originally mapping drones. And what you can do is you slightest mapping drone and it creates essentially. A 3-D model of a given area. And you can then put on like virtual classes and go through this 3-D model. So as a shooter as a door kicker as the barrier of bad dudes. And with in this virtual rattle reality world in his 3-D model. I can walk into bill I can walk into the door of the building and and I can look at a different building and I can get an exact measurement from one door to another door second Tim cadet that the buildings 200 meters away sort of three. Position all of my sectors of fire for bunch of different operators are now what do what about the sudden there's new uniform that's coming out. And seen being advertised her account like our man outfit he BC mineral. By the US army yes I had an opportunity see it out of the bed be some that would. Be shown at SXSW. Now and then we now see images right volume and we're better defined borrows Razzaq this. Debut of this new drone and I'm like so. If I can get ill let my line of sight in in. Kirk and they had no idea when when I started talking ballistics coz that's was my application. There's a piece of positive shoot somebody through this window is watch these nerds like. The full blown overload by all the circuits in their brains just try to like no you can't uses technology for that make. Oh yes you care that's what this floor and yeah. Like I don't even understand why would you design this for any other reason besides what I'm about to use it for I mean this is the sole application that makes sense to me. And there's like and it would track and point technology and yes it's awesome truck points actually out and Lugar bill. Yes. Now you guys are speaking lingering effects there I love going to these panels and watching these guys. Seriously commit can consider suicide after I talked to them that would use their product for such. A horrible horrible design. Insular solo music what was their response of that yes no. Yeah I had ever everything out were using it so it's RE gonna be used RD is being used but that there's better stuff coming out so that Cheney. They are he had mapping drones that would create 3-D models but this is kind of the first time they have software that they could then use virtual reality to put. US and operator incited this models that you could move through. You can look angle as you can enjoy it. It in shooting especially combat. Everything's about timing and Ingles notes it's not it's politically a new series now this is more for training resident in the real world application. Though don't look so bad so deploy him aside yeah put it out of the operators back here real time and can get an idea of what they're gonna go into and train for that mission OK okay. Joseph bigs I concur. Still we're gonna we're gonna go hit bin Laden's house and Pakistan right right I mean you know we got some cool photos and it got a bunch of satellites over or we can fly this drone over and it creates. A three model of every single inch of the compound right and measures the windows. On another size that that the shape charge summoned used to breaching charge some and use our Internet like it makes my job citizen more so personal so much easier. He has some easy I think I just I struggle and go back. And imagine what Blackhawk down ranked you know at at the moment or where everything went wrong and they pre planned strikes air strikes. Now artillery strikes where they're gonna have the support fire. Where they're gonna be vulnerable from you know it is said that be like a Dina half of the pretty horrible gun fight through like four minutes right. He liked my performance and that dome it's over but lots of disappointments and he and I get to go home he enters this crap. I discretionary earthquake if you happen to go to law change your borrowers so Tampa. Now I hear about it after it was over and that I saw the videos of Crowder crashing his event not absolutely. Right about as nasty manner that was pretty bad we are I was on the Steve came down and I was on his like like podcast downtown Austin during south by right after he crashed chinks and she had like. Lou Holtz. So Merck's I don't know what else to call me. But any immediate maintaining his Kennelly. Think there's a certain element of a design behind them that there's any that match like these people were just cleared to harass. They're so cowardly dude write notes and you give them to the waitress and have the waitress give those notes to us and be like it's I'm watching him. Here like. Could you need that yourself for just walked up and be like a girl watching you know for the same people who are talented pretensions are passing notes asked for all of our guys yeah. It's so typical. Is and moronic. And and it just that advice that that personifies embodies everything that is wrong ticket patrons entities like in just like blue's opening there. A Lincoln edition of the note though that any type can you imagine I think. Sehwag I would with them. Bleached hair the little purple highlights were home where wearing the jeans that are obviously way too tight in a V neck low cut shirt. Handy in the notes to the waitress that then hand to another dude to tell him that. They're being watched. So some cartels that's means it's real beautiful beautiful stuff there America. Now that's in that's Austin you know unique and definitely east today and yes come on these little trees live ins like. Southbound south listen also. We TN the F one races so be the same thing. Asked one nice that's something else entirely. F one's gonna fund. Leveled international travel comes here. Go over no lift. A bill to the water park in the inserts that. In Austin Roy had their one over their data itself or it from an Indian and overpriced dance it's open. In should be doing pretty game to Leon any water problems and autonomy can pretty give December. So we actually get on that I'd select Joseph makes what does she get close and well I made sure to say I hate SXSW because I do and only as another sold those and a couple hours. On night one. And you know I just hate SXSW securely. But in the words in near the way other than this clinic and a walk have been on the street where and trumps them because I know it's gonna get such a visceral reaction keepers gonna flip out. And quite frankly I don't mind when I'm surrounded by you know tons of people heal and then he kind of a comfortable I think is hilarious. Leo last night when I was just like I'm gonna Beecher. They don't play Khatsava trump shirt on an idiot if you think look around me and oldest screaming and Kaplan I mean I'm like this is report technical. Like you're you're really this distraught over teacher so it's one that's only time I like doing herself like to go out there and in picking them. A little better about myself I go to college get unpleasant. Sounds like civil war conditions. Right before that some great points but I would Berkeley anywhere. They're about to redo that again yeah I just talking to basically in my hand and I got their lives because they had just yeah yeah you're just talking a guy the other day and they're redoing the whole thing. They go go funny to accuse of funny down that he did yeah I go funny taken down because I was gonna raise money they'll build the wall. Is that it was Maria I think government as yet but did did Cigna and get money in either way yours he had these sort of another foreign currencies aren't. Those of them is a beautiful moment yet another China got to las which he has talked about our it was a big moment there where Ernesto Berkeley was as they're having a smiling things so they had this huge temper tantrum like always. Annuity. Irish stabler months I Lulu Lulu. Everett is. And they all just sort assaulting people the left doesn't like old people that might one guy like 75 persons and up amazed so yeah they may some old news to end it just got brutally. Violent so this guy just. It's on late. Helmets and Mason masculine body armor is it is big wooden stick consult wrought in in certain block penalty and shielding and yet it's the Captain America shield and user under a block in lefties. Is there were never attacking it was like he was apparently once they got rowdy was like a give back out there. Now we're gonna go to other rally the same thing with a freedom of speech rally in Berkeley. And they're trying to get like everybody in the country like come out there obviously in five keyboard warriors Marshall put. Other and that you know at that it will seem the only injury can be interesting something I would mind going to let I've done mostly people finale any day now and if I miss that I'll never hear and a two resolutions bogus security. Back at. That made boy girl girl to such dodge and you're done and a. I'm themselves to essentials and such is dollars in sores on my machine. And ABC and some real happy to have that I announce that everybody that's a cool thing absolutely absolutely and pledge announced that today you know I don't think. How to shoot one of those good idea yeah it does come by my well you you're busy man but. We got through our business I'm busy but I'm not busy. Jameer and I was in excusing him when motorcycle ride to another destination looking ship on Twitter and escalate in wanna go there and watch one of them being made. Come on out actually got footage on my phone and I love how does he did in our it was an arsenal did you see them you know I got it from your guys at the arms postal. C'mon come on see the machine charm and we got got a huge production line up you know we make all the parts now on house can make electronics that it's beautiful jobless and walking distance from when we got we are almost twenty employees it's like wow it's a lot different than he's been. So you can see it okay I will. Just work and those special events now she should be a little quieter this week out is that no I don't think Gary any protests. NYNEX is anything seven days this week at time and south by. Is over thank goodness I lived downtown so I don't enjoy it. That's right answer and he came in yet the walk to work I know I don't walk to work that I don't. Go around walking. As they do in the evening because it's just. Totally different vibe so he known until it next year and probably going to try to leave town. Now always before a house that EST by going on the floor you know maybe go and Hawaii or something like that. Go to Alaska. I think fighter doesn't mean I'm ago this time a year the oatmeal honey after so and down nets and he had enough. Now I like cold the when everyone else is miserable like this woman on this happiness in and just in which yet. Well again to reiterate we've got a constitution carry hearing coming up on March 28. 8 AM we don't know the rookie the exact room yet but I keep posts and amongst our parents our FaceBook page the minute we find a room lets you know. But right now yeah we've got a hearing for march 28 we need as many people's hospital show the capital. And so I'm just so everyone knows the most viral independent state is not Texas Pitt is actually is. 33 year thirty force more and there is actually 26 what is that oh yeah it. And we know we're number 26 the number one state is Alaska though that might be that because a campus carried otherwise give us a boost. So really I think I mean. I'd shoot a gun politics ranking easily and in Arizona or number two era and not I don't have that Manila and Texas number 26 rollout rode his feet the first. In Alaska's number one figured that your does it have gotten him what he's. Just where the fire ministries actually flourishing hook again. So and so and vessel we got a think tin can he really appreciate you coming on the show today god bless America I our standing in Joseph big stink you sir Roger that's cut and her. And Cody Wilson. RA and as always more guns equals less crime blood by yourself again he'd listen come and talk it. With Michael card.