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Sunday, April 15th

Come and Talk It, for April 15.


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It's time for Cummins socket with your host Michael car deals. Trust you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army and has achieved national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Good day Austin, Texas is the live music capital world less praised the load capacity ammunition. All right so today we actually this week is the anniversary of summoned here. Big school shootings so we need to be off alert out there need to be aware you surroundings at all times he'd make sure that your Kerry and because typically between April the sixteenth and April the twentieth. That's when summer your school shootings is on your mash shootings actually take place so is now time to be vigilant. Make sure your. Your parents die a year your family members they have some type of cold word yet but something worked out with your family have a plan of action what you need to do. In event there's an emergency Cary Kerry Kerry and Kerry always. I sold today and we don't have anything going on had nothing to play and there's no script. I don't know what we're gonna talk about I'm actually afraid right now I'd say we get I'm I'm afraid I really am we now have you have a couple audio. Audio clippings that I'm gonna play later on the for the most part about the plans we just gonna free free free throw it just a little bit. Odd this weekend. Yesterday what happened yes she did at the capitals around the country. Let them march for our rights. Say no that's willows. Pressures marker. And let us in supporting two very. And it still ended march for our rights and support of the Second Amendment soul that was way and older to a people's balls come together your state capitals. Around the country and support the Second Amendment. Was to get. He was the ideals as they can feel. It was against the use yeah now winding down I you know I don't go to your thing then you lankans that you. You look at I love gun in the with the guns he looked. You know I'm like shut down in relation to my life revolves he'd like loan like a mom in black and and now a black how many Nike memo isn't it NBC you can give me in trouble. You start hitting it. Better by now home. Okay all right so I'm so we had the rally here at the Texas State Capitol. And and to capitol. Quite a few speakers there right in and end. You dared. It's all about your main men into actually what happened yesterday capital cause I honestly don't know because thousand clashes state teaching a class and actually could attend the rally. Hello my name's mark and now I'm a member of lone star gun rights and we had several folks there and one of the speakers spirit is actually. One of the team members and loans for gun rights that we had about 25300. People show up. And one of the things that happened was obviously we can cure long guns because we haven't been able to some squad Tony fourteen. Okay all right now what are Jerry law against can you not be able to carry long guns at the capitol mind. What's all this talk about blood on an almost park what happened almost dark room. That was about what people being able to carry handguns more long lines in the open yeah and it wore down. Opportunity is so we're focusing on almost parks a little crap holes city in we're not focusing on the Texas State Capitol. Well there's some things that are going to be happening there too when everything's natural obvious ones. There weren't any flags. Whalen we agree or Ole Ole Ole this is Texas she now and we love our flags out like my comment take it unless they fear to tread on winning ten. Flag he Mexican flags you need to market that is why don't trade on lethal. My American flag oh glory out. I wanna stand up to sing god bless America in the in the National Anthem right now please don't know evils when I'm Brent. It is now well you don't get a story in the national where the market tell tales. If you wanted to tell the story. I just don't sing your browser that's all I'm asking you might schools should own and your pecker thought well actually. Had one gentleman that showed up with an American flag and he was stopped at the date by DPS. And told he could not inner with his flag pole. So he went back out to use aren't handled. Who about six by twelve inch flag with a little plastic straw. And that's what each period end. The flag thing was basically thinks into those those Yahoo!'s sort of taking care of abusing the rights there for people for in rather than finish the people that are doing things wrong. Another situation where the law abiding citizens are being denied their right to express their First Amendment views which is what carrying the flag is about you know. So I've been discussing this with some of the loans for organ rights. Leadership. And there's gonna be something happened about this. Now we're gonna start with flags and kind of go other directions but what's being talked about is engaging some. A legal representations. And legal rep. Advice. We're we're gonna have somebody that's probably going to be there and allow us to actually. Half of people show up with flags that we're gonna challenge DPS is little self made rules federal walker man Camara who you feel Leslie and so we're talking like bats and LTC holders in her. You don't because basically if I'm an LTC holder the the weapon garbage doesn't fly because like interior club. One we can learn pistols were you take a pistol ends it ends of that material is prohibited weapons are we don't you're. After a delay and why and that's the best part about it there's a long run and users to protest nephew on trigger rom you tie confederate flag to Tiki torch. I asked. So we're talking about working. We're talking about working with other obviously pro again organizations and in Texas but we're in a problem be working with some people that aren't. About gun rights because this isn't just about guns this is actually a problem whereas. Our first amendment rights for everybody underwriters violated her constitutional rights and aren't allowed us to carry a flag into the capitol grounds. Can you not Wear a flag bikini Marten Sher is how to improve. Not me I'm just saying you I don't think I mean to me what do you have a flag bikini I do not know because that's actually when I actually can flag. Now all I'm never aware of five my person that's again why why rules there's. And not in me. Alec young need to get the cougar out here for that that's so to godly to you because I feel like somehow new to them on taxpayer dollars at some point federal. I'm not couldn't push that issue but like it paint your face as a flag or something. Now I hear the LTC structure shall I tell people we know what is the the rule clear when it comes tune is back before the week we got rid of illegal my eyes. You know Vienna Hindu license you can have that illegal or not he can have their club you know so how does this stuff work. Well I mean the big thing here. We're talking writers on capitol grounds. Battlegrounds are paid for by public tax dollars he they're there it's it's public property. There's no statute that prohibits you are no longer owns a home in her as far as statue to produce long sticks. This sniffer for flags on the in those so. Going going toward. You know how would you then the whole question I have is how how is that enforced what is this supposedly quote rule. That is backed up by what legislation that was statute. And you know how does that then force of someone brings a long gone on to the capitol grounds that some things they arrest you for criminal trespass on what grounds let's see that's that's the thing is then they'd they'd just. Dismissive 00 Syron made a mistake in their ago. As a throw out in the meantime he just so you'll also owns a gun rights people get on general. I'm usually until it gets pushed hard and its probably take more than one person to do it in the northern group it Indonesia be it drew people like 500 people a hundred people actually walked to the capitol grounds and do this and say you know what. You get is gonna have the risk all 500 of us right and that's what's really gonna have exactly a thing is you know if you go backing you read elements of the offense. You know I've turnout appears law enforcement you have to have the elements of the offense meant but before you have an arrest double fence before you have the probable cause to make the arrest. He's got a big what you ideally an ideal would long dungy Andy flag poles when we Olympics and we need to take something an eagle Ford. Because there's really no reason why you cannot carry a long gone on the capitol grounds that is not illegal in the state of text no it's not but that is a DPS rule was so they're easy Riley he's at. They're volleying in law. Absolutely they're violating launching false it would be a false arrest there is no element of the offense there is no crime committed. So yeah it's it's absolutely I'm curious if you know what you're saying if a group of 500 how that's gonna be addressed or they're gonna just say you're gonna go as long as are race peaceful. And they're out there peacefully. There were just gonna go ahead and quote allow it and permitted what's not it's already allowed permitted by not only does vision into there's a state statute regarding corporate thing. There the finger since teeny stupid you said about these other cases what ends up happening is they've all been dismissed. Beat her. The betterment of justice all that garbage from there won't push the case they won't actually take it before a judge and then back down. But there are a couple cases that are still pending. And interestingly enough it's the ones that were involving toy guns look because. What they did is they did the official immunity for all the cases of weapons. But the toy guns they're symbolic protests. So they weren't able to pull that so right now those cases are still working. As far as trying to get to DPS. So they are arresting people even though they're fearing even effort between gun is there have been arrests at the capitol for people carrying two is there anything is actually defines a toy gun. See now there's greatest there's something this statute defines what in Diana's death that yes hang and one of those and so does not consider a firearms is not considered a handgun then. If it doesn't say it. Did it doesn't count but that's it really I mean this at Texas has tell you that you cannot do something. In order for did not mean to do gather at this whole thing was liberty you know liberties you know agreeing that you can only your neighbor decently and lead on us early crew of missiles are violating your rights or anybody else's rights. You know so carrying of you know in Texas is or than those have always been legally carry long guns and public shotguns long guns rifles. So you know and and against. You know as a triumph for him to that on public grounds that are paid for my tax dollars. You know that's were running independent in the pusher of the same sorry can't come on that even on the grounds on the property. And you know play yet. It lets I'm calling numbers 512643. Lie that's 5126435483. Let's go to line one. But Michael Fossum Michael your attic anti secular and relatives going down what do we what's what's happening here. That is right. Aren't aren't just wanna Sam big fan of the show and I was there at the rally yesterday that Martin was asked there were a lot of good people out there. And listening to the speakers and think there were certain there we really never work cut out forest to protect the Second Amendment. And with respect of that there is going to be an event to by the anti Second Amendment people on Friday April 20. From 1 PM to 3 PM it's Carl beat Texas Capitol walk out for gun safety. And are gonna bus as good kids from my high school they're gonna skip school. And to go to the cap tool and are supposed to have remarks should before the event so somewhere between 12:1 o'clock that we marching. I think from all over it squirt out of the capital and then of course there has to and begun speeches that so literate server. And the reason I'm calling and I'm talking about this because we need to fight these people every opportunity we have. And I would ask anyone who's listening and who can attend this event. Please make it's time put on your NRA has put on your favorite. Open carrying scandal and its. Merry go. Just journey even better and go down to the capital. And go out there and show people. How we defend the Second Amendment and try to change the minds. I tell you a you know thank you Michael appreciate that because. What what I'm not seeing as I'm not seeing a representatives from the text they rank association I'm not saying represent as from the NRA and these are you know here yesterday. You had a bunch you're young people you had beat the future of this country the future of this state. That would defending the Second Amendment and what I did not see. Where these old organizations that saved the day defend the Second Amendment they did not show up to this event. And and we need to change that. You know we need to get somehow that texting ref association the NRA niece get involved in these are tight these title this year but it's just not happening. I got a solution. This is on for Tony right the sort of march Schwartz once. Guerra your best run just go there and hand out free tickets and you know the free to do isn't boom all those kids of disappeared. And they don't even William Parrish. Is going to be around the corner there from around Google Buzz and improve teacher two years if she hung you have no good now let's. Okay about this market failure for. Dunn. Who is this more gentle wit when is as much again Michael. Other discovered beyond Friday April 1 year. Foreign White House speaker's well Ariel every night Friday speakers will be. From 1 PM to 3 PM on a marched to the gap will be sometime between. 12 PM and 1 PM. Riley is what is any tennis star whereas the signing was a starting point. I believe the march starts. Oh wooldridge square I think epic as well I don't FaceBook page resenting it. I'll bet sobered by the hold our central library. Their arms Guadalupe street. All the old homeless shelter OK gotcha. Yeah held on shelter or buy dot you don't really need to go to the source work you do is you simply stand that the Gary that's provided beer and marched for our lives. Stand today which you're signed and you know let them get very as some Second Amendment precludes the walking hand. And maybe a maximum curious enough to question. What lies that have been told. Yet and I got our and his gun you know and sponsor Hayden. You know go booths listen you know are at you know shirtless so whatever in the delegate count stuff. Well it's kind of funny at at the march fertilized most people. Just wouldn't look at me like I was you know our guests to them aren't the devil incarnate are exposed. And that there are. Lotta Lotta different reactions that we need to get as many people out there as we camp. They helped defend the Second Amendment who as your folks were talked about their earlier. It's not just the Second Amendment that's our rights that are under siege. And if we get to November. And we see a blue landslide. It's gonna various sol is it good to others saw everybody's work as hard as we can't. To turn this around. Nationally ranked as it was gonna happen in November as we gonna lose a house you know we've already seen a lot of you state represented on the national level that are actually retiring. The speaker of the house is actually said he's gonna retire and what's gonna happen is the house is gonna flip. And then there's a great chance that the senate will do the same thing. I so we're talking about second and we talk about what happened this weekend here. And this capital and also the capitals around the country. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come talk. This is deadly and gals. And I get shotgun news. From Michael Cargill says come and help kids. Listen and talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere. Radio dot com. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael Cargill I would just sitting here we're just talking about this holiday is that's why it's called coming talking. I and so I'd kiss me it says they are Libya US flag code doesn't apply to that leg. That's right baby yeah it's all about the US and I am ready to America if somebody wants to make me earn a living a US flag dress I will gladly Wear at l.'s Mars Mexican and Mexican flag not US flat well two US flag I wouldn't Wear plus. Because it's against whatever flag code what is that called you as well you don't do those fights as he's got. Get him up it was easy shop here. Like Mexican fighters and coming Amex and find out well where it's your Mars and I don't I'm not gonna long rifle Terry I don't see why do you have to carry long rifle the capital because McCain. Thank you coming I can do a lot of things you can be nude are young I mean you know actually you. We don't you. You can toddlers if you can be nude and they are nude bike ride all the time and. Nobody's transaction new video I don't care if it acts all her if you show yeah it sure did attempt to see you you are trying to take away everything so. Look here you can stand there right now you can just show everything from what I thought I was finally yeah a gay cousin W she goes she's gonna start. They're gone home some Chinese have fun and admire and enhancement project so I can match tonight and it was awareness I think anywhere on the show. This is like Yucca bike ride mood there there is this there's this movie. Have this it's the one to get here is to help you out and yet they are more attention than any longer and carriers like the new citizen housing because it's Austin. They get more attention you tell. So what we also what you're seeing is what we should use dual event will we bike around towns to make nude women are gonna win again and. Erica getting rid of that angle I capital Lowery had it. Exactly just swing on the at a capitol have a literally ache sore leg gasoline. From all of our opinion by. Literally. With your loan again statute something might not have London's. Until I like CBS and five cents and your yes they are aware LA. You are incorporating. Actual people not just the same group because I mean there's a period when you go to C hall when you go to the cinema ever. It is the same group of people complaining about the same thing over and over and it sounds like a broken record. I have a camera to record gets things done and that's where we belong to. Yeah. No we're not is where Hispanic gun club America you tell me exactly so do something about it so no I don't passed 200 year old I don't go into this. Don't bitch about it you don't then you're kidding well. Iran's Oregon writes we don't care if you're white black Amex and you want to do outreach just isn't the largest tumble on star gun rights we do this is Alan Larson it's. And mark Tippett Tenet answering Casey didn't knows he won the LP nod for governor thrown. Delivered Deng can't because we asked him nobody else on this panel had an answer for the question might Assam except for mark tidbits so what are you doing to change that. Who gives it to him about race this is Bernard I'll why it's ethnicity now is I don't I don't care about any of that crap did I what didn't put on your toe tag. I don't know and I don't care burn my ass I don't care and help it means nothing. They identify my all it is is our second remember Riley's if you would why they managed like where an immense harm all have the exact same right and please do in Iraq. Now granted. If you're no legal you don't have that right basket you know we're talking we're talking lone star tonight so we're talking Texan his listeners you're an American I. The Second Amendment right I'm sick I'm simply asking what do you do any do outreach. Did you play your outreach to minorities. We don't have anybody don't have to meet what are you. How they used anybody on the. Well I think it's not a hundred over Barcelona I don't mind me saying we go to minority Johnny events and they've had a minorities and let you why don't you do that. You. Can you believe there is no I have I have a lot of I know you're right it's not really my race on his eye and brain. You understand that when you integrate the siding you make this a comfortable position you'll have more more support. Do you know that. The school loans who I was actually the minority so race does that mean. Son I'm going to black him out communities saying hey but why do I have to. Because your job do my best I yeah I urge you got in that's not my job you just talking to the same white circle white. In some yeah if you don't look Hillary Zemin and you're the dark is from my grandma I was going pretty well. So give them damn mother you know involves people a reason why. And so do you got to. Yeah Monsanto among my business I don't you big. I don't. Do you does your own and my god this speeding ticket what will the officer check off my. Notably ego he's a chicken into it right so we get pulled over me in the car we people. You've pulled over he can you already know what I under I'm talking to Haywood getting what I'm Hoffman out that truck. And while I'm wrong. It's been since I. Oh man has done dimpled and now I'm. Not a great there's not ethnicity if you don't really believe that they need to go back and forced the census to I think that it wasn't there I said I don't see him again. But that's huge now yeah so why is there. Lightning got arrested a Starbucks for what. Wind. I won't have a couple gab a couple days ago. Whit era to two after their tail sit in the Starbucks and they're waiting for a Brendan Witt after the year's show up or they just off and so there is sit there they had purchasing think is her weight on this for initial first. And then there are gonna buy something and so. One of the varies day is actually called 911 call the least we showed up and they handcuffed these guys and arrest them and take them out. Because they didn't buy he inherited a guy who comes out it was just and then when that bridge trespassing and other friend actually showed up. Why they are being handcuffed to say hey why you guys arrested them. NEC you know he said either they were awaiting a media show up in the end now you'd as a resident. It. Here you they would obviously they didn't resist the videos are all over the place and so forever on social mediums every time online the happy. If somebody. At every time somebody says I don't mean giants went dismissing them that. We went cannot just sit and Starbucks for five minutes without getting assaulted in Iraq are paying her black people all the time don't lie cheat and end to these marches. And they don't sit there and they don't get arrested. I've known Mike for GOK yeah. These are ground yeah I know owners of the company I work for a black and they've never been arrested around. Out of them outside of work so are you on my end to these my nose black man neighbors next and I never say never rest. And so our support any police officer that honors is of I don't care what color they are exempt and I was in good thing is when an officer violates that goes in in violate some additional all right madam they should have their ass in jail. Well oh. If anything they should they should be held to a higher standard of LTC holds parallel to a higher standard. Cops should be held to even higher standard but did not I shouldn't our stats are a lot higher by Internet Nadal is ready to go over and argue about race. Play a black I'm actually on the African American gun club FaceBook and in my mind like Intel X. Because I didn't go to the march I didn't know. Several hours on either. Why were like seventy hours a week and have a. You are now our senate have all these I also want to project bread products and all sorts of stuff all been done long and here marchers on they had. You bet and yet here's the thing is I schedule off right. First live says no one minute let me show you just take off take petitions to the capital it's all about. Then using your resources properly and how to get things done effectively and I don't have to show up to every single march when I go and have a meeting with legislatures. On how to get things right like people to those mean. They might have women. I'm like why I yelled hey he's my he's won it carries you know do you like I. Linda Beth and I. Don't move anybody and then you know how many. Yeah. I do our roles are you are reached every dinner honoring the state. All right well I don't I don't I don't point and look ago so there's a brown person you want him in positions so you Nevada. Thousands and thousands and thousands of people that me and him have been at his office. And have been sorting thousands of petitions that take up. That are from all sorts of people when you're visiting knicks who knows maybe even some trains or something I don't know. Who knows it everybody can be included in our group because three are off some. Oh absolutely. Zone even leave pink pistols and come over lone star done right it's coming up. I don't care. It doesn't matter. Who you are what our race you are what sex your gender whatever and all these crazy things are now look forward. Both. At every little bit. You bi curious not what the trainees are carrying like I think in English speaking in the vast doesn't isn't much that's when my game has no plan and we don't. And my morals and seems ORZ hey you yeah yeah yeah yeah just. Your view today their pupils a story today about Log Cabin Republicans. Because the GOP here in Texas will not allow Log Cabin Republicans actually have a boost at the largest convention. The political dimension in the world which is a Texas Republican Party convention. And so Russell Irwin Allen he's a veteran and Russell died of cancer. Rush was on his death been begging for someone to actually help him with the VA for him to get his bid if it's over two years ago. And then he couldn't get this this is that he needed. And so he died because he couldn't give the appointments that he needed. This is a Russell Irwin and what he said. With maybe two months left to live. This has happened to me. Because of the VA medical system. For veterans. I ask any of you care anything about veterans that fought for your liver. Please. Make Disco bar. Any of you who knows me knows that I'm all about this country. On the true patriot. How I love this country. I love our constitution. But our government has failed. I try to for a year. To get the VA. Can do test. To find out what was almost made it I would vomit all the time especially in the mornings for a couple hours. Propaganda littered. So instead of focusing our men. What we're talking bus are focusing on. You know not allowing to look at Republicans have a boost at a convention we need to worry about taking care of our veterans our veterans they're the ones that deserve our attention. Instead of this in fighting and doing all the other stuff that we're focusing on this is Michael Cargill. And you are listing to come and talk. We did much to say you Lipton it's common talk radio what Michael Clark. On air online and on your smarts of nice. It's not thirteen seven neat is. Right choice. It's. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill. I and so we're just free flowing it's days Jill G and she's coming to us all away from up north elicit an Ngo. All welcome the Texas the lone star state jail. All right so Kim Harkin says why would you block people Libya. Yes she say because that James British he had been blocked key unlike James he's single channel. Look no I don't even know the danger is okay kids days don't think restless every little threatened to rape me here's why blocking. So a lot of the Klan comes after me which is nothing even clean in Austin. No it's not Austin and he ran a great need these images and my child ended down my child into my household it. It on a fine me after the show we have people come up clearly confirming at the show. Yes I'm going to blocking you because that's in your messenger is not mine because if you continue. Does keep in mind where iMac and what I'm doing as so I it's for everybody's best interest that the UR clock dean to my inbox. With you at bottom I mean I go at a all time mark does not semi private messages legal add on much. If you have the audacity decision any private messages and it's nonstop and his 3 in the morning as Bleiler look. I'm gonna blocking them. I have a business I don't have time very private messages from stalkers I don't have time people threatening a rape me. We just talked about wavering now I just don't have time for it and it it. I'm born and pop at. That yeah I mean he's a black yeah. I can learn along on an updated yes and yes I did it anyway so flawed because then you must embark because like. So I don't want you because you're seven days and yes or okay. I'm I'm I'm I'm glad you could go one black person that thread what did you know going on with you all I don't know how little you're noticed that my crazy ex girlfriends in high school own game you. Our other car for I'm course I'm an okay movie hammered the bring you know ignoring it I have a child have a house eleven business if you Morgan constantly and you're not man enough to come up to my bays and yet it's the call in the show or Sunday. And you drag an entire. Thread out for what this does happen does. For your baby is and you are lying about me your line about Mike I'm gonna blocking is that the waste my time on that time for it. You have you know goal march about it you hanging out much and James I know I remember why I bought bought James Anderson. Reyes said James said he has talked about AI ST participate in the gay pride pre. Yes so if the you know today again we talk about the PP believes more time. It isn't anybody does and indeed has a right to participate they have after school clubs for Ali BT kids. It they're not easy tax dollars the clubs that meet after school anybody conforming club if you're student in high school you give format gun rights come. You can form into. I don't know McDowell yes you can I don't know under our did you know they. Are you are about so you can't afford any type of club if it does have to get approved asking these fonts and. Gruden and you're only. I shouldn't look. Or is all the way around there isn't actually shooting club yes and shooting club and I believe they've participated in May be like Hancock sinners something. So again. If in you have a problem with the way the school district is doing something is not the school district is some kids form the club and yes they will participate in the parade because it's inclusive the schools are inclusive. And that means they welcome everybody and and it's a new thing I know you guys are linked completely shocked by it. Played this this is like yes by people now can drink of water fountain public schools so. It is the same thing they have a right to form a club that your tax dollars are not being spent IN. Homosexual material being tied to four year old Don Zimmerman as well. It's. If you don't have to get there actually is somebody come tell me like I don't think you know as decent margin whatever. None of your business and it doesn't bog you don't like about your tax dollars are not going for your tax dollars instead are going to these dilapidated buildings and says certain schools getting more money. I mean their budget they cannot manage a budget there's tons of other things and after antsy about. Having letting kids the margin of gay pride parade is nobody's business who cares I mean these people wanna see what you're doing in about and that's it it's one thing. You I can understand that you know I give those of threats and stuff like that but the only difference between mean usually came Nikkei rate will and so on the whereabouts. In LA it's been one. And I ain't gonna start a dating out for. You know women who would Donald say is your ear sweetheart Libyan lead and I got as Europeans. Want that. As far as harassment making tears of threats and ex senator should be reported I appreciate you Libya. Yes and I had the FBI and the feds on my pain before and there was there's two actual serious incidents that happened recently. And and so does so you know like I say I'm blocking you for your messengers not mine. If you don't like it I'll Lothian is our offense it is. She funny say that has I'm telling you I do have cases where I'll get a call from either Williams who can shares department or Travis county sheriff's department. And something that someone gets an argument about on the three in some way out ask me about like dude I don't even know and talking about don't notice and I don't remember. And and that's could think people understand they're sugar words you know I mean for Zuckerberg the third and congress whenever. They're troopers and I'm signed an uncertain conversation and a format NN. Derek employers and their employers out do your best programs that they yet on what they won't put all of their employee information right system. And look it will pull off a report for key words right. And so I mean again late there are what is that the analytics the way that things are set up on faced with a view messages are ending this is happened to me before if you say certain words. They're lined up with a certain action and the Gillard I mean it is a real thing and people think I'm making up the company was happening me as happens a lot of gun owners and now. Men's happens a lot of politicians at times and I finally announced Douglas Wright gave up on him. Gun owners they're. I mean you know bluntly are you mr. Obama in the night and cut you off real fast ME you don't want Apple iPod trust his son again if I'm blocking units for your best insurance. This is safe is because I love being. I think it Hawkins says that thing about his marching is that I'd. I'd be livid if the school allow my children to leave campus for any reason without me. Exactly. These yeah EDT march is on a Saturday. So for James does say that he doesn't even know what he's talking now that's why it's irrelevant. My child is not allowed to leave school for any reason whatsoever of the many you stepped onto campus for protests on March. You're no longer responsible are the schools no longer responsible for what ever happened steel. My concern is that some is gonna pull a Rowling meat locker through these kids who are marching down the street. And guess what this is not responsible. My how does not allowed to march I'm sure glad to be able to addicted my son knows better and is this not an event happens and he gets. Plowed through by some leftist or whatever. Then I mean they're not in the school has no responsibility once you stepped foot off campus I agree with him. Licking its Childress should not be led into these marches and they cannot and they don't know any of them them as the Donald constitution they don't speak more than. Tax languages they can't drink person no I don't think you're Smart enough smarts. I don't get a anyway. Each employee you can just look at some interviews they don't with some these kids during some of these marchers there is ridiculous there's a regional sport those that don't. I'm media biased because there's actually a teacher in California. That wanted to have a march for pro life. Leo and the kids get to leave school for you don't marched for our lives or she wanted to have a the pro life march. Denied ensures that you put on leave. This exceeds our. Why O'Neal or look at it and examining his consider speaking out in warning to their approach to the rallies at school you don't ever see oh yeah they're running out of time here. Other not allowed to have them. I was and I I. And mine I mean in a chance to campus east Texas I mean I don't I went ice on his taxes and people hunted we have rifles to school we had a gun club we had horses school. I mean it's just where you live and we live in Austin and that's you know tragic because the capitals here. And it's the adult job to make sure kids don't have to do those kind of think kids should be is be it teenage daughter hang out with your friends you at all. Really get a say in politics until you're eighteen my dad told me I cannot cousins on vote. The minute I turned eighteen I registered to vote and I just launched in the both my parents because there's there's. I think it means that to that like you don't really didn't name. You just don't get this tell your eighteen and for anybody think she's losing she's tears tackle baffle them but they need to be making. Good grades of school. I mean. These teachers only get paid when his NCA ACP is a 150 dollars per child per day to sit there and those chairs as though that's one of the reasons why a ST doesn't Wyatt. Protest during school hours the other reason is because they drink real at all should be allowed and it's a huge liability it is a huge liability for the absolutely and this was one of those kids got run over Darren came and I was just now think nothing to I mean there isn't what anyone Tinto would be like to eat yeah. Our energy life. And just remember obese kids that are protests in right now. They're going to be vote in the next couple years and that's a serious thing that's spotting up isn't hills bass and I'm. Ernie and well over hassle rooms for socialism and anti gun and they don't you believe in free speech anymore wielding Natalie did illegally I. Seen these I honestly do not believe teenagers understand the constitution does. This doesn't know already a millionaire or not it's not tied it is likely or iMac earlier there's civics is anti. There now it's not I mean my son my son's you know none AIC and another district and we talk about. What's being spun. I'm from arm of flabbergasted he did a teacher last year. Then did. Teach a lots on constitution. And rice and all and I was I was astounded that first of all the teachers unit we'll talk about it as it was in history class. But. The other thing is that you know I've I have these discussions with my son I talking about were the consequences of you know rights vs these things are sure did and then taking into there and agree we're a teaching critical thinking skills you know when I teaching you know we you know. You know while I was he's my you know my doubles teacher and the LTC class you know and I and I ask people what what in the what an America's illegal loan. Really not a whole lot as long leisure while sticking up to pay the government for permission to do it he. Our okay continuing. So it's legal in America in some places and yes some places and England's gonna steal this profession to go and honestly when I back our public education system. I mean we have. And unfortunately. Unfortunately we have we have you know our educators. Who are not and summer frustrated about a missile moan don't even know I mean I'm gone I'm in the financial world. And you'd be surprised how many educators don't even know how of the tax system breaks. You know and mortar and we're teaching our kids. You know the old the old story that we you know. The child restaurants his mom when you make him when he took the ends off. This is less we are gonna Mossad and do it only like three generations and it's like well it was she filing is Gregor Muster says wool when he when I was. When I was making hands and help climbing up the whole the whole thing. And so we're we're we're falling into this pattern of complacency. Alone we don't need that right physical exercises when you may not. But the point is it may come to a time when you do and then you're gonna turn around and it's gone. Hum you know so the only people are out there you know hold signs in the UK saying you know support freedom of speech you don't even activists in the UK. I'm London's banning knives and I know I'm Laura bid to be able stab them than Palin. It was not it was his goal and not as it is I don't ever ask friends any cake at Aston salsa how. Opened boxes are. It was interesting we actually got a guy from ground sooner or else they're both of the material yesterday. And after we everything and pretty much closed down we set Allison are talking to about twenty minutes and he was asking all these questions about the gun culture in America. And I said. Well what about the gun culture in Britain just when we don't have consistent exactly yeah exactly and they are stunning you don't let us. They showed what has happened must get what would have happened during World War II if America didn't have a gun culture. You be speaking German right now or. And me. Only native Americans know is driven. I call in number is 512643. Lives that's not one to use our trade row I 483. ND line one which GAAP Forrest looked in the coming talking. And me. Land line. Earth to Andy now can gain known Los and it he had gone back so what's your saying about schools teaching are not teaching about what's going on. I think it was two thirds. Of millennial don't even know what Al Schwartz's. Was right. They gather I mean they're not like us they're not being taught history are being taught the you know the the independents and you know of this nation the way it came about. That hasn't happened over 500 years the way this country wants independence. This this this country want its independence from these super power of the world and in short order became these super power of the world. And that wasn't done with sticks and stones. You know that we you know and you wanna talk about what you know segment and applied this weapon or that weapon. I'm firmly believe our founders used the word. Arms for a specific reason and not firearms. Or so words Dirk dagger they said arms because that covers everything before the seventeen hundreds and everything after the seventeen hundreds. You know when we have developed phase your guns are friendly blew his Second Amendment will apply to. Also I want this notion that discussion about the Holocaust it's very interest in this last week was in Israel there have been dated remembrance. In you can actually see. The whole country stopped. People stop on the freeway into that other cars. When's the last any sort of be like to have convinced that when the highways shut down. Hurricane Katrina. Yes gas shortage that's. Her way he had 20% of millennia Els. Didn't even know there was a holocaust. How many people didn't don't really understand that white people were here first name is I'm not founders and arms as a place that we spears I mean. Quiet. Is about the Nazis no but like will you just list I'm not history I'd we're talking about everything today in Rick how we don't have caller hello finally got to learn today this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come to talk. Welcome back to come and socket and now here's Michael. Cargill yeah that's right. I think we're seeing here we just chit chatting with a nanny didn't talk anything specific today no special topics and all illegals and phone lines are still two ND in eighty year old with coming talking which got four share. Aren't hard brigadier army and we don't feel burnt all at Melbourne were also up Dallas fought Larry. You do it's doing well doing well. I'm actually run and drop these days and have paid you a new political party and he wanted to kind of talk you guys developed. The way is that I think go to our current political leaders are who are failing when it comes to our own. Gun rights and Second Amendment is first and what does what does the party. America's party Texas OK so we are we are one of several parties here and turtles that are currently yes he can belt recluse. And America and American party of Texas a mere 'cause. America is okay. You can not check out our our national information itself government W us. Our state. Website it is they PO Texas W us and and we also have FaceBook pages. Pro America part of Texas. And my campaign specifically which is Andy card for Texas land commissioner. Okay all right. And sold what's your what's your stand as some say Second Amendment there in the. We're very much be Europe unlicensed Carrey type position from our party in fact. The mayor is part of Texas platform plank on this and we sport unlicensed Kerry Wood no cost or restrictions for all Texans. Okay well what we've been done. Artists here in Louisiana and coming here to visit. At at and you know I think whether you're oh local or visitor or you should have four unless the security and the new culture urgently tackles. And one you want to hear your private property. To well I think our property. This you the owner of the private property is the one who it should make those decisions. I think that the marketplace. Little. Support or polish prime property owners. It they do things that are maybe not popular or there are popular so to burn wood where under the private property owner goes who's gonna. I think have an impact on the business and we've seen that. Where it's. Folks not just text around the country. And doesn't America's party national committee the as a I believe in the constitution. Absolutely you know that we're. We can check his loosen. People are supported you sort of hold the party was you know what I would just toward the Republicans and work out where we need answers we were already part of Republicans knew we'd get tired of the Republican Party not filling its promises not not following the constitution. You Montezuma libertarian then. I think we've got some hints lose those libertarians and but I would sit mortars constitutional solutions. We're we're. We duffel league drew folks from the Republican Party from literature parties from the constitution party. And some independence he didn't feel represented by any party. When we when we launched ten years ago. And so we've we've been around but we haven't been seeking ballot access in Texas because of the ballots Logitech isn't too difficult and I was so like we would. Start this year. Does that worry RC I think you just he was the stands and American party's national media. Stance on abortion. We're very much be. Equal protection they are our stance and that that means it is. It's not just pro life pro exclusive assailed. It's it's not. Global war eventually you know. City people at some point in time no effective the constitution. Demands equal protection for all and and afterward we. Promote that we focus on. And if you do equal protection for posterity so and general manager pro life. It's the it's a more being a former pro life and we're focused on the constitutional aspect of it rather than just. You know. Hoping and wishing and praying sung politician might eventually do something. Iso pretend I'm five years old explain it to me what does that really mean. Well the constitution so that everybody have the right choice. It's in there in the Fifth Amendment that you can't take him to plug away without having to process. And it's been the that it would be. Declaration of independence specifically lists whites of their first. In general right before he's been. Property or or liberty or anything else like as most or if you don't have your voice eat you cannot carry guns you cannot. Own property you cannot do anything. And so wise is most important and and that is our position. So as a nurse or are you defining life then. And ink is they get them to counsel until the whole way what defines life. And when does that start. Well I think the scientific view that life starts at conception when there's a new DNA for a new person. That's very simple it's serious scientific it's been an every single. Kuhn biology books for. You know through our record we can find books that talk about human biology stuff. Okay our data site I what do it was a shame is that I think got how many web site. Whereas the United States constitution in the fifth and fourteenth amendment expressly forbids the taking of life of any innocent person. And it Juarez the practices of abortion and east and Asia violate every clause of the stated purpose of the United States constitution and makes explicit provisions. So you're against abortion. You have to look in any form about every time period Barry. Why Wu tarnished and he charter old Ford behind this heinous crime of the father we don't do and. Did you can't win if you can't catch the rapists what he's also do you literally murder murder Mario and but are due in great of these kids. I don't know who that is my name is the publisher editor yeah. You have an actual blank is you can't say well we're not gonna punish the child no I don't I'm not disagreeing with that. I'm just saying. Late look lots of women get raped I'm sure you're aware of that and I say that somebody has to carry a child I mean twelve year olds get raped a thirteen hundred year old get raped. So ears saying I don't punish the child children are getting raped and any impregnated by grown men. And so what even is Ali and eight they're gonna be forced to raise a baby. Nobody forced to do anything in this world but we should not murder somebody force somebody else's crime and I think that you should talk where your computer monitors. You Myers who has the product. I'm not Larry TI I'm not asking summing up and I think this is your party and so it is the plan. There are people out there. You have to saint mission design duke who are the survivors and the products are great. All I'm saying. Cool but who is going to raise these children that are products and rate. That's does the same question we have scenarios situation who's gonna raise the baby should be either parents. Yeah trying to create this illusion being that senior I was right by her father are. Then and she gets pregnant and she's going to be forced to raise a baby that's your plan. No she's not or do anything. You can give it up for adoption people adopted. In a flooded about centrist and and the Foster care system and CBS so you're gonna do that and I know. People love to adopt a kid and cheered because the government has put tuner sure actions on the Foster care system didn't deal. There's a lot of people would love to adopt. Not adopt the state of Texas won't let me. Put this into mean. Nobody else and meaner I'm okay I'm old Sydney Gunnison isn't. I just don't think I mean I think you know you can use an excuse to black. My heart and how it might. I mean I think that's a novel I. Yeah but you're not actually concern. Twelve year old getting raped by family members you're saying that these kids are an app to live in the same house although there and they've been raped and and they're not to carry this baby for nine months. In the end it's not their choices and I wasn't there so I see here raped. And then they're gonna still be forced to carry a child. It child is going to be forced to carry a child according to your plan. Ours and can really do real damage and he's your luggage situations under actors and you actually talked to in this situation but I have a and president talking to men about telling women what to do no I'm talking about the women who were raped insults. Did you marry these children's only term OK and it is bigger. Out today actually. Find that it is he'll lean. Official put out a because if they had an abortion and on top of that rate there are certain search there instances of suicides skyrocket. In its includes a total just. Devastation. Mentally and emotionally artists tremendous. I don't ask you some different now was that married okay party's national committee it's because my on immigration. We believe I am immigrants get to stay here. We have a very it's. Nuanced position on immigration and that we will definitely believes immigrants are vital to America and our future. We also think that we have to have some sort of borders if we're gonna have a nation. And when he got to do it under control Arnold's or what happened to their rightful time and I came home. What happens when rights to life all people have the right to life and absolutely killing them by that none and the music they never wanted to live here. And I think you know what I got what do you how much money Californians are you lost from crops. This very lawsuits. Mikey get up and don't know that he can kind but I'm so I tell. I don't think. Roman wrestler and OK the top tube isn't the final immigrants are sounds worn yet and taxes what state heavily right immigrants. I didn't loader and all fifty what Honolulu at two. This council sorry that's good in our produce has a right to life has a right to be picked and how many emails an island that is pressing going any. Understand curious so I mean we're talking about the expense of having people out that are too. Are taking advantage of the system because. We give away a lot of stuff in this country for people. Whether you know free schooling her you know free and the state tuition and things like that. Who were heaven bankruptcy issues hundred cities and counties and states across this country and part of that is because. We have let people come in and take advantage of those benefits. Without any sort of control over whether or not they actually are eligible for the benefits. One when we got literally eighty US decided. Military division worked with just random criminals. Come over our our border. Without any control over the there are some challenges there. Are they really don't really know the long there is a wall there. I'm not saying building a wall necessarily the solution. I don't think that's the case it personally. I think that we should it'd be. Having a little bit better control the border view of manpower and other things and that's something that we haven't really done very good job in recent doctors. Now personally I travel around the world a mellow you wrote hunters who would load on the United States and I think our administration's system is jacked up. And people don't have the ability to come here who can benefit our society because we've new randomized lottery systems. Didn't like so do I think we need to complete overhaul are actually immigration system absolutely. But we can't have a border ambitious and wide open for any old person to walk across. And I mean I don't have any sort of control over our country as a country that it undermining. Country a lot of voters it's. So important that you know mark is we took it over. That affects taxes any day and this is ours come daily Kiki Freeman had a good day hits. Daughters I think he's proven that a guy named friends and that's a solution for. For border protection there's they they Mexico so so police their own border. I don't know I think it. They shouldn't all the walls or somewhere about I don't want you to what people up top you have some cameras boom done. So was suggested that we should help you know help the people in their country fix their country whatever issues are that we deal with the problem we fix our problems here. We all approach here Eric. Really it's fitting that bridges that need to be fizzled what about the idea of actually helping them seeks would every issue it is their countries so they won't you know do that mass exodus well. Many DR Isaiah Lewis on them to be there because of all the income they give back from people who are here billions. And billions of dollars a year under fire went back to Mexico from people. Working here that send money back oh back home now are going in what. The honest to we'd do away more foreign aid and as a country and more charity to other nations and other people around the world. Give any other names or other countries to build your walls and their concert is but not gonna lose. Yeah how fantastic. So. So I think we're doing a lot extra help other countries and and back to a point where it actually contributing to our own national debt and our own indebtedness. That that maybe it's time we should start reevaluating which of those other countries around the world really actually truly are benefiting from the aid we are sending them. And which ones. Maybe they can help themselves they don't need us to send them any money. They've already got a recent comments coming up more time what office a year in fort. Aren't protected land commissioner Texas language whose whose batteries in the of the parties. Well the incumbent is somebody who is very famous last name and ton of money and relentless push right you know. There's a U lawyer running the Democrat. Who who. And I don't believe there's a libertarian in the race. Don't know much about him personally but. My background I've got a little bit of a background and education world and in the finance world. And I think that's when people find out that the permanent school fund. Is managed by. When commissioner. And we're not having. Very good job and our legislature legislative level of distributing those funds. Not something I would like to work on the only. I used do you think that you can actually make a difference would I was happy with the Alamo. You know what's your stance on that Kazan and I think there's an issue with the Alamo under the bush regime. There is an issue at the Alamo and in the senate that's something that he wants to move the senate have has basically America's third Sunni texas' version. Of the tomb of the unknown soldier. And I think that it needs to be respected as such. Than not mood. And they want him they really seem to his City Council has been working with the land commissioner and the long. The possibility of moving them around not having it in a place of honor right in front of the Alamo. I think it's that need to be stopped disgrace of I think. I think it's kind of it's not really fiscally conservative for Republican to be out there promoting a 400 million dollar plan to overhaul the entire Alamo. I think there's some things that do need to be six. So historical. Aspects of the need to be refurbished and things like that. But the do of the overall plan is definitely not what is reflective of providing honor. Two BLO and honoring the and generating those who died. Or are deferred and Sudan there. All people who died there. Because there were a lot of good playing out things that guy he's seen it that you mentioned there was a fiscally conservative and you're talking about San Antonio. Those two I'm. No well. I'm talking about this the the incumbent land commissioner who claims he Siskel or conservative. In value managing. The office but didn't he can't be subject apparently to audits and open meetings under the terms of meaningful how to work. Why is he not open to in his meetings and having ought to be publicly provided why not. Yet there are a lot of that government bodies and actually break that rule when it comes open meetings and I think that's something we need goes to cap with. He she. This year all of 2019. To actually address that because there's an issue in Amarillo with the emerald City Council. Is the issue of the city of Boston will do also well they will kick someone out because someone claps or something like that. Listen yes something that the Earl floor Darrell forty you clap you know they don't care. But if some brighter guessing you sit there and you clap and you know Cecil and applied. You should write exactly it will Kiki a vitally shall speak you know we as Felicia. So earlier they would deftly Dina. So you. And I and I think the department will land commissioner of the state wide elected position and he's not following. The text open you'd like act. With what he's doing trying to circumvent it by putting these. Nonprofit foundation together to run them and manage your elbow. That that is the problem. Now not just the Alamo there other things he's doing or in some cases not doing. It's would have an impact on on a number of talks that are considered Texas. And things like property rights and Emmitt domain. And I think that's those are all issues that need to be addressed and. Not only ask you this don't pressure or not you don't mind me asking this year and hear about the little issue with large and Republicans and not being able to have a Booth with the the Texas GOP convention. I heard a little about the but you're up internal GOP issue they've been you do. About it. I think an internal GOP to continue to do what does that mean they get terrible problems it was really. But that means I lose I'm not trying to interfere in another party's way that they want around there dear based. I saw it fit so if the Americans. Party constitution Hannah America's party constitution. Log cabin I'd log cabins. Would you. Let them have a Booth at your convention. There were truly such an organization. I don't see why we couldn't have boots that are our partner and convention but to be honest with you. I don't know how many of them would just. Would want to. Have a boots and I just. I don't know that it just doesn't seem like you would sit with with what we put forth an R&R platform in the way at least we brought ourselves. So so so are you OK with the gays having. A spot in your party burden. Victim as well as lack we are our position of the party on marriages should should be between a man and a woman and there's very forward. There's no doubt. Well we know people it would boost we're not saying we don't like people certain king who wouldn't or illusion that I noticed and that's what our position. Does that that does that jibe with some private property so you know you be so what Seiji. The government shouldn't be involved in what happens behind closed doors. Our bureau are from a missile then the government shouldn't be involved in marriage and what have what is the fine with marriage. They should get definition the government even uses. So as a so that's a political party you talk about as a political party and as a person as ran for office you shouldn't worry about that right. Into marriages something that the government has instituted. That I think is something that's being talked about so the question is and I think that you're what you're going after is trying to get government out of marriage entirely is what you're saying. Al Badawi and got really shouldn't be in marriage because that access and he doesn't need and are bad here now I don't think I'm in went after you know what the government my best you. At do you want to government your laptop your iPhone Nokia or did they already are the are there yeah phone there. There already are eat in your laptop and Iraq are. But it. You're also saying that homosexuals can't have a Booth at your meeting your convention for the America. Linda I'm so that I don't think that they would be part of our party in the. The Republicans set about the Montana Republicans and guess what they are so it's you know things happen. And I don't I don't think it's very Smart to say I don't know if they want to what is no what if Mike point seven do you think are pretty much if he wants to join your party. Richard outlook on. What I mean it is tennis and like nine marriages between man and woman you did Noah Sharif cauldron. I couldn talk will recommend and a little daughter all under. I'm disabling you brought up your party so you know we're just trying to get some things settled to make sure late you know everybody knows it returns nothing understand them on the stand and I understand. And RA itself. Marriage and a natural family I see around here that we seek the passage of federal on federal marriage amendment to the US constitution pulls all the tents everywhere to redefine marriage is. Being anything but what is what has always been. Being of one man and one woman since the natural family is a basic god given as he's been our civilization. And then there's three of our future in must be protected from all who would dish truly. So I'm going to be soon be a separation between church and state pool. So we're not going to. Ask somebody what their personal situation as we're just not going to last dollar per Boe are our position. Then why would have very light and have that we're barely staying in your platform then it is not an issue fusion if you're not worried about was someone doesn't it you know in this worse aren't either saying good marriages only between a man or woman that's always. Says zoo that definition changed are you god. Ol' paper tomorrow. You get then this should be a separation between church and state there's one thing there's a government and there's guys. Wearing an emotionally bizarrely things with gun yet. And I think we should do Darlington would go to sleep on your class but god instituted civil government on her. He said that we have what we. People on Ers have the right to govern ourselves. Right now they got every machine thing about homosexuality even. Actually needed Brodie when he what words yeah I saw how you're somewhat of quote reverend verse he's becoming a new version and a Chinese I mean a little did not see what god actually said. Okay well was researching a Hideki because I'm not a concert which upriver just memorize around about this. That increase alone passed the ammunition. Beriault and I don't know early to speculate the second they would understand what I do in my bedroom to us right. Jerk our road they're asking I loneliness doubt and exactly when a human being relentlessly with. Al my loans you all your lungs and is an embed this. Larry you know any you know Andy I really enjoyed talking with candy and I know and I'm glad she actually called in to the show and actually educated us. On this party that never heard of the Americans are you Daschle could. America is you know and that includes North America essential America South America the America. But it is possessed all of the Americans. I know only America's own this party. He's not specific to North America is says the America's party. All that's plural he's saying is America goes. Party on the air America and America North America South America centric and that's what is an on base I'm the same things. They were very look. The United States of America there is a very inclusive term that encompasses a lot of things good people who don't really realize. Didn't mean what they think it means so doctors here are going up. I may not say what you don't think he Indiana preachy colony imminent. I can definitely hold the U 'cause DNC can. How we can toxin works are really had this conversation. Are notorious merit and that you know Geneva rarely is a talk show host she has some things to say she said you know it's really I'm being a conservative in is really tough being a black conservative let's listen what she had to say. Here's the deal. I'm an independent thinker with strong beliefs. Beliefs that are not for sale. I don't censor myself to score an invitation. To drink cocktails with the liberal DC elite. To be honored by the Hollywood elite or liberal black publications. Not this girl. I won't shut up to make Democrats feel better about their failed policies. I won't be intimidated into silence by people think I'm too stupid to get an ID to vote. And I will never ever trade my freedom for the liberal plantation. It's really is really tough you know being a conservancy more tough being a black conservative that you know what. The thing about it is we're not going to Wear in also look at Republicans are not going anywhere in also yelled gun owners altogether we're not going where we're here. We're understandable we believe in women fined the constitution of the United States. That's what it's all about. And regardless of what some people think you know we're gonna bring everyone together we're going to be one big Hadley and everything how is it doesn't matter what racial. And let you know that you know it's all gonna be good. Is always more guns equals less crime. Why buy yourself a gun. Even listening come to talk it. With Michael Cargile.