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Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the all new talk thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away had talked thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen seventy. It's time for Cummins socket with your host Michael kargil. Brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And as the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as sports magazine. Fox Business news CNN money AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed that is the constitution of the United States of America signed into practice 1789. I'm joined by Michael Cargill of central Texas gun works also Michael Zimmerman who's also a gun advocate you've probably seen some his guns. Featured in some are in the wars videos here and talk about some legislation here in Texas. It is trying to get constitutional carrying a allowed in Texas now Michael my point here is. Why should we even have to fight for this legislation I taught the constitution already applied. You Gatti shall not be infringed. I currently right now weekend actually have a handgun in Texas with a handgun license we can can still care that he Indiana we can only get it pink and blue with a license. We were trying to get done now is get constitutional carried past. There's a difference between constitutional Carrie Ann also permit the scary constitutional carries went for months it what Vermont this. I you go to the state of Vermont you can carry European guys you're long done openly or concealed in you don't need a license for. Partly scary. That comes with sometimes restrictions. No because you know they're gonna say hey we have to have this or this or that and then you can actually carry your handgun or loaned and whatever so we're trying to get close to constitutional care. That is what we need a state of Texas and currently Texas is ranked number 26. In the United States when he comes to being pro Second Amendment. 26. That means that we are in the bottom of the United States and the top five it's hot tin. Not even a top twenty on that list 26. And what we're trying to get done is give. I there's HB 375 which is a culture can carry bill that's in by reps and Jonathan Strickland that is a good deal there's a lot of stuff in it it's not a perfect bill. But I will I would like that builds in the past. Also we have another bill that's how spill in 1911. Sounds great right 1911 you would think wow. This is what they've been waiting for my guys this that that the guy hasn't answered our prayers are in 1911. Well we actually didn't screw when this bill we know Greece whatsoever. What they're trying to do is this is a bill does is sponsored by state representative John I think robes and white. And what it does is says if you can charge. With a classy or B misdemeanor you'll lose your gun rights that's how that deal came out. If you charged not convicted. But charge if you pay your child support leg if you owe back child support illusion gun rights. That's what these they had this there's a whole list of things and so. Then we complain about this you know it is loud as you possibly could so Ben state representative white actually changed bill he came out with a committee substitute. Is it okay fine so this past Tuesday he made these changes. It's still not there yet so now. If you're charged with a felony charge it doesn't take much to get charged and I can walk outside his door right now indeed charged with something felony and I lose my gonna rights. Our attorney general right now has been charged with a felony can pass the he's been charged that leaves and in this bill was lower today he would not have his Indian rights in his vehicle at all. Anybody needs those rights capsule easy army general it's funny because that. Actually is a wider ranging issue. Where in other states of Missouri for example they're trying to make it where if you get charged. With any sort of misdemeanor primary thing that's relating to sexual abuse or exposing yourself and public hearings on that. Just charged again just charged think about how many athletes and people have. Also rape accusations put on them. All we have to do was get charged and now that's on their record now they're looked as sexual predator even if it was a false accusation that's exactly weird to not even if somebody makes a false accusation against you should do charged no conviction nothing that sticks but now that charge. You can have your gun that's more infringing on the Second Amendment. Actually imagine your. And you know this is what logged of event that's unacceptable that is unacceptable and cannot stand for anything like that the state of Texas this is Texas the lone star state. We just shall not be infringed. How much do not understand that we have beat Republican controlled. Senator we have a Republican control house we have a Republican governor we should not have to do you on our knees and big the crowd only. To allow us to have a gun rights. We should the bid for this. We have Republicans that are an office this should be a piece of cake to be a walk in the park. This is unacceptable. That's so it is number two of the amendment number two and they're talking about revoking people's constitutional rights without due process. You know without having your day in court that's that's unbelievable. And here's somebody I mean you you like to collect guns you go shooting a lot. I like the fact Dave you actually have a license and if we go out you know you can protect us if anything goes down and let's say that you know someone wants to charge you with something completely made up you've never done. Just because route on the street shooting video and they happen not like a political views that can see that happening now all of a sudden you can't carry your gun you're right has just been infringed I don't think it's very difficult to get charged with the customers and an and then let's let's seemingly little light years let's say now. Currently right now you can have your him getting your vehicle. And you can go out after work today you can have a drink UK yet begun in your vehicle let's say you don't have legal license canceled now. You've had a drink catching going to vehicle you don't have a license. Is one way to correct. Is illegal and it won't but we need to DW I 108 ball when this bill goes into effect this poll actually says that pay. The port au Eagles away. You held that same standard as a license holder so inception of the first it's no there's no more point 08. That means that if you're intoxicated that's up to the officers to decide whether or not you're intoxicated or not if you're intoxicated. The officer can. Charged with a class C misdemeanor it's. He this is the minutiae. Of what they try to do to take away our guns seized when when we sit at all I wanna take away our guns people think that they're just gonna come there are front door knock on the door and say dads are gone you can't have anymore. No they pass the little legislation like this these little minutia and many new things that you just don't think they're very big they don't seem to make sense you may be in your walk of life you could never understand how that could be an issue. It's over arching it's the goal is to chip. Chipped chipped away and then eventually it did see you do an ad for me like I said shall not be infringed we all of the constitution I don't need. And you I'll bring this up I got this I just realized you know the left is always saying we can't have voter ID laws it's racist or sexist or is this that in the other thing we've always had the lesson that. What does that. If you had to get a concealed carry license to carry a handgun in Texas. That class cost money. That's not a free class or class caused time. That's you know so I think that's delete this legislation yes I think this is elitist legislation to keep poor people from having on how about that. Absolutely and then it hears is another icing on the cake if you are a veteran and or an eastern they're our country and you've been diagnosed with PT EST. That means under his bill house bill nights and eleven. If there at the build schools solve our problems how's the night's eleven says that they use you illusion and writes. You don't have to petition a judge let's say you have a handgun license you have to petition a judge in order to be in future rights back especially be charged with a felony. You have to go to bed judges say hey in Travis County in Austin the most liberal the liberal Mecca in the state of Texas. And big screen liberal judge to allow you keep your gun rights here in Texas. And that is unacceptable and in Texas like you said this is loans are saying you wouldn't expect that. To be the case now I'm sure you've experienced this and I don't know if you restrict this to Michael I know are you going to underage really have you ever. And you know the you have classes or previously exist but. The first time you know a liberal gets a gun or somebody that. Is just scared of guns you know just overall this hearing on that's why they want the gun legislation because it's bad they're scared to have you guys ever seen that moment with that person and where they learn how to fire a gun they learn about gun safety they learn how it's used and then it's just it's like a light clicks and their headlights yeah why and we don't need all this legislation this is a right. Absolutely that if I had again for the first time in they realize it's not as bad as it thought it was is not as bad as you know the TV tells them that it is. How this is about freedom this is about liberty oh my goodness I can actually protect myself inside my home. And I don't need to call police officer carefully sauce from a batch or anything like the absolutely and if it's funny do you get into the range and then they changed it they change their mind or they get and they are a victim of crime a definite change and oh yeah. What about you and you see this farm yeah people definitely get that sensitive and empowerment and obviously comes from the you have to be very safe about that something that researchers like Michael. Drilling to people you know you've done safety is first and foremost pledge being able to protect yourself like you said. It is so essential. Because the police won't be there at 3 in the morning and someone trying to brigadier. It what is this saying police are minutes away. Win the millisecond or when seconds manner so indefinitely and it's whistling as matter. There is Britney blame and I get my clever bank is from Michael. Hi enough I'm hunting got. We know Austin traffic can via a challenge. These continue with time saver drastic. Mornings and afternoons on top thirteen seven lead the right choice. On air online and on your Smart device. Talk a thirteen seventy is the right choice. Welcome back to come in socket. And now here's Michael Cargill. I thank you for bringing this up I know that you got a lot of people that come here gun store. Texas gun works a lot of people to take your classes I'm sure you're trying to spread this legislation. We don't like you said it's just it's so frustrating. When we're gonna talk about some guns if you got some questions for Michael here of Texas gun works or you've just got some. Just general to guns story you wanna itself. You know if it's just like you said it sucks that you feel like I did come up here to kiss the boots all of some politician just it just to get my right is it. Pleases the crown I would love to have my gun rights please yet to get down your knees and the Texas State Capitol. This is Texas the lone star state I can't say that enough we should not have to beg anyone to give Oregon writes to us. And this is something that we've been doing ever since the eighteen hundreds step by step by step. You know a little bit at a time. We should have to get a little bit of the time you know as we should have the fight like we did back in 1995. We should have defied what we did in. In 1997 show the fight when we did in in 2015. I'd there and it would make any changes but it's not enough we need to do this right now. It also on the national level you know we're trying to get suppresses removed from the inept they let us. That needs to happen. Currently right now we have a Republican congressman a Republican senate Republican president let's give. Oppressors removed from the in SP lists and and let's get this done within the next year. Also we need to have the reap the concealed carry reciprocity bill. Need to be able to carry handguns and other states just like a driver's license your license should be recognized in every single state. We have a Republican control leadership now in DC this needs to get done with in the next year when we don't need to wait for this time is now. I'm pretty sure the constitution still is it it goes for every state to last I checked Michael on the London gradually you Broder writes they push towards something like this thanks in London. Still here and yes they're just emotional I won't even read shirt of course not they're doing some picture of things that weren't previously there they're calling it constitutional carried. But then. They're putting surface extremely dangerous with the ability to take away your gun rights so simply. And does. Big much you know doesn't take much for an officer or employee of the side of the road and and start you know originals right away there so with all the stuff that's lined out here also in addition. That means that when a police officer pulls you over under this bill house bill nine to eleven that officer is going to have to verify this information. But the verify what has this person been diagnosed with PT SE. Okay well has person down the divorce whenever restraining order well you know having been charged with something. You know you have to verify this information now. If an officer wants to mr. do you bake employer over the side of the road for quite awhile or maybe taken in jail and continue until they can verify all this information. And there's a waiting process to I remember. I was purchasing and gone in the state of Texas. And OK right to ask for you ask for your idea absolutely improve on this innocent no problem. The problem was you had to have a Texas Aggie. So now you hear it again this is where we welcome John back to the constitution for me. So now on the waiting process to get my Texas ID before I can even purchase my firearm that to go PO process week you know this is a situation. Where I actually had somebody put so much information out on the Internet users what. Sparks meeting get this done. I'm excited brainy I think from within when I travel here like luckily I got it now so I was like I do get aerial pictures and necessity I don't have it. And with that process this is just more that is just more waiting just you know it's like if somebody isn't. Situation where they wanna go on now yeah they shouldn't have to wait. Now the only right you should have to you should be able to walk into a store is what you can possess that firearm being you should be eating meals and get it in also carry with you. How we need to make sure we're taking care about veterans and take your people they're 181920. Years old you can die for this country. There's no reason why if you can topping your country give your your your life of this country you should be able to protect yourself why you here in the United States and salute. I took my consumers realize the sponsor licensing carrier other shirt. Because it's open in terms of period with Michael. In January of last year and I sent off on my paperwork to the city Texas and it took 95 days I sent in my lessons and what's the requirement there's the issue with 660 days like today stands at eight and 95 days. Breaking their own rules issued me got my. He took me less time to get a passport and visa. While I like half that time and I thought that that would take longer but that's what they do again they're not gonna come to the front door and ripped the gun underhand they're gonna try to chip chip chip away with little legislation like this phone lines are open at 1877789253918777892539. Is that Alex is 2539 Alex I think it is I think it's 1877 on that group another guy Elliott won 8779 Alex thanks so much easier say we've got is that cod and Connie in Michigan he wants to talk about. Of the show go ahead can't. I have a dog I'd give up the good work in of all I want to thank you for excepting. Mister news for a job offer. Polish outlawed event data structures. A tear here I love wolf thank you that means a lot. They don't talk about particularly have a right under the gun right but I give you a quick example. I would. I was cleared shopping got a trio actually and a wonderful I've. I know right. And it just 17 governor rifle I go to buy it and and exactly for my wife is from place to work. And they want it to my birthday. And I get my birthday and then they want to wring it out and they wanna my daughter's life. And I'm like well try that would just get my birthday purely by drivers like this for a BB gun yeah I couldn't purchase obedient. What I don't look like for. You know maybe is like a young child came up and tried to purchase that I might say OK Jack realizes there's something. But I mean you sound like a grown man you have a life. Yeah I totally you know I really think you know I would go to Wal-Mart but I can't explain patent. And they won't abide by everybody. It did this go. They wanna pass legislation. So that you can vote without ID you can't even buy a can of spray paint mar I drive. So why get his pregnant you got to show ID he can go go to a hundred times out of the show wants go ahead god. Campaign had so little real cheap old older and I would give up. Unclear then. Well you guys you're sixty are like William and I gotta be fifteen year old bio. Our member I is set to get ID to buy a lighter. Allow you guys because I mean hey look I mean we were dumb kids in your teenagers and swimmers by the ages thirteen we found out I'm almost more hands on with fireworks. So they said where are gonna sell these kids writers but that's ridiculous anything else god. It it. You know I would like you had to chip chip chip away MRI and everybody who spoke loud that I won't be scared I'm not doing everything wrong you know why should I care. Keep up the good work guys. Until thank you for the call until it reaches their front doorstep most people really just they just don't care and that's the sad truth today let's go to Daniel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Let's talk about the up and looks like we just lost him there hung out that's too bad you wanna talk about the elitist legislation that means you have done. Take of course just have a concealed carry that's elitist legislation by my measurements let's go to Shane who wants to talk about gun rights question. I hold on now we've got I think Shane maybe. Well it's always on the second got a guys. It is expensive so what's good for the current cost. I know classes you know very impressed but with the state or what is the cost parity right now the state feed from Texas one for you actually because I. I clash no there's justice for your all that's originally why it is okay a background check the license a 140 dollars. My sense yet. The Texas Texas 140 to get your anger and you have to you have to pay for your constitutional right yes anyway new assignment earlier in the pressures us 200 dollars and you have to wait. 89 months or more 200 dollar tax benefits from lower tax there and again this should be a metal. And that's something this is just a tool this is just a piece of the gun and an end liberals will tell you. They will tell you that lol suppressor you know we don't want them to pass because it measles silence that's not true. You know you you put a psychiatrist and restaurant and we columns sounds are suppressor you've got on a firearm you're still gonna hear the gunshot. It's not going to be totally silent in only surprise is more of the of the what I saw James Bond. He parred seventeen sniper rounds off without making a sound that's what I had to stop that from getting into the hands of crazy people. I guess but no you have to pay for your right to there are essentially ridiculous our let's go to Shea now Shane in Boise going to change. I don't know I it was weird kid who has the liberals trying to take everybody who's done nice and they've done it for years. I mean that's why we. Well except one who can help firearms and and so because they were afraid of our guards returned. It would be gentler world came out there like Al Lowe who rushed out certain people from being able to vote and certain people from being able have a gun and certain people would be able to do list. And number what slowed the German car lots. Even. Iraq is an insult it's all about control you're actually right control in the Jim Crow laws go only back to eighteen hundreds. And everybody right now Republicans are racist now let's look what we're getting vanity Barnes. Why don't Republicans are. And and that's the thing to do you know I talked to. People like our reverend Jesse Peterson says that he thinks that modern day racism is worse because it's racist against all humans they wanna control all of us now. Or radio. And then Catalina I knew I don't think there's never going to be a time where they come back and say oh well now we can give Collins firing back. I capital women Idaho where expend. As far as I know the only state passed constitutional care we don't I'll tell intrusive weapons permit to be able to carry concealed. And that should be how it is in every state by my measurement by my understanding of the constitution. Now liberals take care contorted view of the constitution obviously others do the same people so I'd say well those whose only play the mosque gets. Bulls and that's it thing to OK you know Ali that I'll even hear that point. But it still doesn't make the principle any different it's the principle of having the right to protect yourself sure I don't know the founding fathers knew that they can make a weapon that would spray 300 bullets and fire -- dominion whenever his. But the point to make the point to me it sure I'm sure they did look at how forward they get they are with the rest of the legislation's all about but the my point is it's about the right. To defend yourself. Now you can show that liberals are so two faced they won't talk about gun legislation and gun control all day long standing behind armed guards. It. I mean that shows you everything or like some California politicians running guns they've all. No I mean yeah now block of cedar seed Michael you are you probably are around hundreds of guns every day every day you are around hundreds of I'm discharges every day every day and magically here you only get this and all of your I'm sure that all the people take your class is a great 20 yeah. The I like I tell people hit it in class are also gun on the table as a net debt is not going to go off by itself is not an unlawful was that your religion manipulate. Unless you put your finger on the trigger and again will be discharge we like him here all day long I'd be. Are things that happens I don't fire unless you pull the trigger. He moved back to even going back when they were named Sid oh. You know don't look. DR didn't say amendment was written what markets and in mine know be children seventeen when he chill and I just put this up I'd. I had to get my facts straight but I haven't seen one until they allowed the Coco got. And it will be the first machine gun yeah I would still weren't blocking yes it was still you know you have to be a load the ground until it. But you can fire are. I think so thirty rounds out eleven rounds. In a lot of so my view would be something like that was going to break into the scene. Yeah I mean at the airport and I think they're just looking at how. A lot of the original construction of the constitution was and everything that they were very forward thinking with all their policies are and I'm not discounting what you're saying I just Timmy. It's the right to protect yourself that is the Second Amendment and did you see that the right to bear arms and what does that mean I have arms and they come out literal arms I mean it is here's our semantic web that regular. Exactly acting bit and attempting. If if you've got. You know somebody coming after you within a fully automatic weapon. OK well that's a criminal didn't Obey the law why should I have to cater to law when the criminal obviously not gonna get a law and then I essentially become a victim. Of this law that was unconstitutional. And that's that's how I look at it. But the Second Amendment when it was originally written it would have been you know the Second Amendment was to right to bear arms to protect yourself. Much higher radical government. And that's it protect yourself from. Another entity thank you for the calls chain another entity above used the king. The crown government whatever it is that entity over you it says that day control your rights they decide he knows you are over them. That's what the entire constitution is about let's take one more call mr. Perry is here and also go ahead and take Perry. Perry in Austin, Texas go ahead Barry. I don't. Yeah I just try to tell it here's explain. Basically they've totally rewritten the second memo even amending it. Today second minute basically says we should really go as a police state is. Basically replaced the free state the privilege of citizens 21 years. Our older. Make. Progressive. Particularly. So themselves. You know that they dictate. Back and change it anytime. Non felons. All kind of step Jordan what it was going to the British government. No problem they can restrict. Any of our ride physically wore incarcerated or did. And that's basically my point of view about it. No and I. Henderson you're talking about this I don't know why my thought process when your thanks for the call period like you your guys thoughts on this. I have everybody probably has at least some form of an emergency kit you know just. Like packing Nokia just something but no something but I got that right dominant most most people literally can't some form of that weather be a big deal or little deal. I don't know about you guys but mine includes a shotgun. I would guess everyone includes a firearm absolutely. He's never fire in my head all firearms need to have a loan down AM Denny need to have a bunch ammunition he hasn't seen some water are you surprised actually be ready began in town again dodged past is past it's a necessity folks and that's why they included it. In the constitution Michael there Michael cargo firewalls for me and you guys I need. To contact crimson and white office right now call him down our left for the lead for the weekend in Atlanta no dosing him grandma get rid of that bill is 5124630490. Called him right now say get rid of this bill. There's that our run game actually was 630490. 5124630490512. 4630490. And. Here's the key. Our politicians are not used to hearing from you. When I started when I first started getting active in this actually calling politicians on 2014 I could I was shocked that I actually got through them. But they actually like colonial like hi this is the constituent I didn't like they did with the like what. Well you. Call these people folks they wanna hear from well the way they look at that is this a hundred people all they know that means a 100000 people. There are other voters a 100000 voters and so even just a small number of people calling and lonely too big a big difference lied amok that's 5124630. Point 90 light him up. As Michael cargo from the Texas gun works here in Texas that's Michaels and men are cameraman. Thank you guys so much what a great segment and I thank you for bringing this stuff is an important issue that we had to get out there today to make sure all of you in Texas reach out. To representative quiet. He did much to race he listens. Come and talk radio what my art. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the fourth the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas weekdays at five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael Berry show. Making talk radio upgrade again somebody has to come out and tell it like it is. Top thirteen seven the raids. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael cargo. That is right so we have some breaking news today we have back taser on the show we actually have the VP of strategic communications. Steve Tuttle. Steve is on the show today and he's gonna tell us about some breaking news coming from taser so Steve welcome to come to talk a certain part of beer. Passing so steamed that you may two major significant announcements. This week can you tell me about those. Well these are sort of off the charts for because as every knows Kaczur it's sort of an iconic name we've seen in the movies they've seen on a belt so. Very pleased some Australian states practically and it's no worldwide. We changed our name from Pacer International. To act on. And that was a pretty big moves and very bold move by us that we announced yesterday has effective today on the stock market we've changed our trading symbol. So we did that in conjunction yesterday it was also announcing. That we are going to offer all police department officers. Everybody cameras for one year what some limited evidence dot com backhand service which is our digital evidence management system. And those two were a 12 punch of sir rock the law enforcement world. Hit the business world with a name change and the offer and it and his price surprise a lot of people. Here in Arizona that no teeters on a bigger manufacturers here so it was a big big event for us. While also now Aggie to welcome to the show. The VP of strategic communications from acts on. He cannot say if I had more troubles trying to answer the phone today. Between three years of saying to international. Narcotics quake and more affordable sing and I had dealing with reporters all day. Now while so now how would this impact policing. Will it can impact fleecing significantly in terms of the body camera offer because we're early breaking some takes to make and how much Europe. To get free cameras up the first year trial hasn't been heard we've done some free trial here for like 25 officers at a time maybe a handful here. C six weeks maybe three months not a whole year not unlimited access and woman are all set and done there's no gimmick if they can return the equipment at no cost. To get all the evidence back. So this is a real amazing way to. Do you procurement the right way instead of using procurement standards are what you get brochures. Good piece of paper yet you're com you're trying to battle it out would cost you nip and tuck there. You don't compare apples apples to most people see rarely passed the actual cameras in the field and they do it for very short period time. We're trying to put that I've had to either test drive this car instead of driving around the block defeated turns right and stops. We're going to be key driver for a year and see all the benefits in return on the investment we know it gives better behavior compost site attach. And we know that drops complaints and we know that drops use of force that's been proven statistically in case studies so. This a win win for everybody to task for a year or more encouraging smaller competitors to make this hyper competitive. Give the camera in the hands of the same people let's test these cameras and go ahead and had. Now as vicious is this for all police officers. All police subversive wanna do it trial of this particular camera absolutely. And we're getting a lot of calls from agencies have been sort of stock wit. Budgetary constraints. They wanted to get him out there and that's the thing we're trying to rush these tools out there for a reason. 21 century policing it is really screaming to get better technology to handle these officers who put off and have better technology at home. And in the pew report they just cannot recently there undermanned they feel like they're doing upwards of two Serbs at a time doing paperwork. And they don't have the technology they need so this really takes care of those needs and it does it now. So it's a pretty powerful. Powerful servers and offered that we're doing. And when they do that I think are good experience all the results we see at other agencies certainly very happy with having better evidence to stop some of these. Unfounded claims and it lets them do their job. You know if you doubt that anybody likes seven years ago eight years ago they would say this is Big Brother. Now these guys are clamoring to get these videos because they're being filmed all the time but they're not capturing all the the context of what's happening and these cameras you got it protects them. Right so if the officers not just department don't opt in Kim may have an individual can't. Well we're really gonna have to make sure that the agencies know what's going on because you have to have general orders and guidelines and training for this. And you have to know to turn the cameras on intent and also it has to be at the agency level. So that's free wanna see it now in order to get a lot of individual cost of their departments gonna have to approve it. Okay now that they company name changes a major change from household word. So tell me more aware about the name change. Well this is doing kind of sticking place for the last couple years our our CEO needled on this a while back I was sort of horrified. And then the war thought about it the more it makes cents. If so and so is what's teeter. If they don't think he's the company discontinued the stun gun. They think hangover they think the movies they don't think of this company that's doing all these amazing things in technology. They'll think that the body cameras and then there's a lot of market clarity and ambiguity here that we want to check with. Because a lot of times we've got access to these key to becoming the particular weapons and they failed to be seen Iraq's somebody to like. While the other looks greatly whose tax on his side you could keep I don't know we made it that's our separate branch. And so did a lot of confusion here so we wanted to release dated gilts. We've got this flagship product called teaser that's not going away it but it's one of many products that we have. And that's really destroyed were trying to tout it actually has all things about not just body cameras. And Qaeda weapons. It's people. Devices and apps that plug into a connected network which is sort of a change your own axe some nerve fibers. In your body so small communication system in your body and put this back into evidence dot com. That actually powers are weapons. Don't throw the trilogy logs show those are logged a record tying gate integration baldor uses active active announcer when they used are chaser. It's got all the it's important launch like Paul's watch much electricity was delivered. And although he's going to have in stock come. The camera's going to react some dot com first NASDAQ comp but so do our new acts can't sleep in parking commerce so door I can't interview room cameras. And we're getting into artificial intelligence we just bought two companies called. Dec stroke and yes it. And we're using their core. Real value of of artificial intelligence to learn to extrapolate be out of these videos. So that we can cut back on the people of the officers are doing so mention far cameras. Could look at the driver's license and extrapolate the written language America. Potential to report for the officer when I just spending much time on the keyboard. And imagine if were able to extract information through the interview process states are strands and what's being sent. Another report becomes paper less at some point and much more colorful. Whereas in video and audio and instead of Spain to certain retiree keyboard which I'm quite certain almost every police concert did not plan to say. I wanna be my keyboard for two thirds of the time. It'll take that time analog and the police more. And some do come back at critics who say let's just is making robo cup let's start it's getting the police concert back in the street to community policing. And to protect the citizens and I think that's really what's really key here. Chrysler. No we're actually seeing less litigation immersing far less complaints. There was a seminal piece of work done by Cambridge university in Rialto California. And that's a suburb of Los Angeles and you look at the impacts are. Of our tax on flex Cameron's. And they felt they had 80% tropical complaints that's whopping. And when they look at that I said gosh it's too bad they didn't cut monetize that permits that state of like tuck the cheapest thing do we have to keep track those complaints I can monetize that when we get back to. So we hired a law firm received an average of 20000 dollars per complaint. The complaint from lone save them enough money to pay for the cameras. Alone. And then we had a 54% drop the use of force or if you're not hitting so with a nightstick. Tackle the ground meat eating out you know all troubleshooting. Toaster potential litigation they go away as well. So this have a huge effect. Debt into paying for the systems the and that's we want PPP agencies to experience in one year. Can measure it tested and you tell us this this device works or doesn't it doesn't work. We're happy to get back and we know it works so this is sort of a win win would it sound a little altruistic. But we're business company recapture oldest institute so we know that in the end. Most city agencies are just so I can't live without this technology. I saw how exactly do the body Kim was actually work. You know what they're really interesting a lot can hold it takes a couple times to explain because they're they're out. A little interest incurred when you put on a camera and you see a that there can picture duty belt not your gear. You turn the camera on it. Now when you turn that camera on that doesn't mean you're recording and saving it just means it's console recording. Video only no audio. It's waiting for some type of events. So you could go on duty for two hours and not have any interaction with the public. But certainly under the around medium in Texas in Dallas and I he's going to run a red light. I didn't miss that runs red light runner. Always have to do is double click this huge large button which is what you wanna have when your stress and it's pretty easy to find. Deep double click it which is very similar to open the document computer you double click it. When you double cricket bat tell that that camera to save the previous thirty seconds of video and just start adding the audio portion. Now local Q apology over a million dollars. I'm nice to you you're right to me because you both for being recorded which people are being more professional. Yeah and is now also were being recorded in district and now I'm not cursing to some being recorded right Edward teach or tensions down. And next thing you know you walk it a warning I walk away happy had done my service. What I see you drive away. That event is over so now might turn that camera video into a sikh event by simply pressing and holding up button for deliberate side second. That tells the camera stated it was intense pressure call that the event but he's. Go back on duty ends back in the bought from us so Apple's Siri to these videos that you upload to the evidence dot com cloud securely at the end of the game. Right so will there be back quarters do you think he can meet the actual demand was the word gets out. I think cool how good demand for this but we can't really be to predict if we can get 5000 we can get content in a half a million. But here's the thing every Lipitor documents say our credentials we actually built up a lot of them approach sort of a New York for us sometimes. We built up a lot of pac somebody cues in the fourth quarter for this very recent. Don't put the inventory. And now we have been made quite a few recently and what we're doing gains were making over 500 cameras that day. And we do that seven days a week so we've got the inventory ready to go we make a lot and we can always ramp up production. Two we give you tens of thousands in the first ninety days alone it is a big search. While so what's that what's driving their use. What's driving their use is if you look at were out post Ferguson Nash you know. I think each day we all have this in your view of policing through videos and movies and it's changed over the years. And it's sort of cap and a bad light and it's truly ashamed because either of you guys are horrible story can be can been considered honorable profession. And then focus and hit and we call that followed refugees fear uncertainty and doubt these. That's what happened after that because there's little video evidence or audio recordings of what happened so they're ready he said she said that divorce is so wide it was wire in the grain king. And now you've got people that are so ticked off from one side. Others are like forty yet you came in the altered everything right and all these things are full of tension. And it also in personal riot to you and that was horrendous imagine the cost about not just the dollar cost effective really hurt law enforcement. And we know they had the big video there would have been last year doubt and uncertainty. And that's the key here we're trying to eliminate as much of that side. And really make an impact. In terms of how we can pay. Yeah how police officers out get the best villains. Yet these cameras are there to aren't there to catch Gupta is doing something wrong it's fair to capture brings something like doing their jobs. Think sometimes you can't beat double edged sword maybe you can actually doing so at a policy that's not too bad you can do that for corrective measures. Sometimes the capital for doing something horrendous and oftentimes are let go. In those situations. But the bottom line is he's cameras for the most part I've been doing but nothing but clearly these officers are unfounded claims. And that's so it took tremendous win for law enforcement to gain trust back in the community keeps coming that are outrageously made completely disputed. Simply by having video. Now they had a if we had a creatively that's when we announced this little sidebar we when we announced our name change yesterday the Baltimore police showed up with this initiative officer involved shooting team. That was really crucial to this story. As an example. Here we have all war we all know Baltimore had a right as well there's a radio call that goes out to me and it's dangerous felon with an arm is trying to put a gun. I don't know we're kind of tally unsuspecting leader this Ulster walking the beat this guy around confront them into a gun at the police officer. I put pursuit and within seconds. The ouster killed the suspect. Social media says if so why don't turn ask Americans. Social media says they shut him in the back to ease Baltimore command staff will get a press conferences says here's the video. It's real kind of it's really kind of Fuzzy first uploaded but Politico is a foot chase and it comes up pretty crystal clear so and clearly shot. Think the way down a little bit and make slow it down frame by frame and when you get that you saw this suspect into the gun. Twice a gust of this finger in the triple car on the trigger he didn't. Did that. Quelled and stop all that dissension immediately. Could buy social media saying this is another race riot we're gonna try and do they ultra snow shut the kind of backed clearly he did not. That video shows you how important is just stop those types of events and that's an extreme event. But I think all the other unfounded claims and data gigabytes so look this is really a game changer here in the United States. While you're actually rank right so. Let's see dude do you think these are gonna requiring he liked IT experts piece on the local police department up. Well not really in practice based state dependent status because in the old days it did. You know you have to go eventual we'd like to use your Internet we are a couple of these videos. We can we ever owned docking stations and as long as they have we called good tight. Mean they can upload a lot of data. So that's what we sometimes get involved the IQ okay we need a little bit better service to this substation you know you're upload speeds are too well muted let's get that upgrade. Barring that. It's a pretty handled experience for their I keep fuel because all that information is transmitted. 2 o'clock. Not to their own servers was and when it goes the cloud it's much more secure because we're using Microsoft catcher which does all the government can't a lot of the government contracts and so our biggest secrets. That we you're getting at cheer once security level service. You're keeping that the information secure and they have billions are spent on security that's what they do more than any of the largest department could ever hope to spend on security. It's that we take that and make sure that we meet standards called C just standard from meeting these very critical FBI stands and how to keep. You know the digital evidence and were competing nose in many cases it remedial these types of standard so. There's a lot of things and play get the IT guy really has been involved with fruit other than making sure they've got good upload speeds. Right now are there any like events that would trigger the audio to kick in like a book by taser deployed to a gunshot. How to do it when their because you know some of the criticism that's been facing. These body cameras there's old sure that you had the officers had their discretion turn the cameras on and off. The rogue competent attorneys camera often do something nefarious well that's our policy seem more if you have some current and duke completed in Russia there's no video. That's not foreign policy so all policies dictate any interaction with the public for the most part gets record especially radio call or any use of force. But sometimes just like that Baltimore in 290. Guess what she didn't turn out event but not until right after the last struggled pulled his gun. That entire foot chase the silent that's the ball promote. He pulled the trigger. Shot until the suspect immediately double click has gotten. Audio is touted. When they play it back the previous thirty seconds they're assured that crucial frame by frame situation wouldn't it have been nice. If need be to risk firearms that turn on the camera. A little bit earlier. Sure would've so would we do we invented. Signal side arm. We know how to come out next quarter that's going to participate actively alerts all the cameras. India wouldn't thirty feet for thirty seconds at an event in the current. So we've had a feature to work arsenal of weapons or excuse actually 62 weapons if you are more of those weapons and you have one of our signal battery packs. It'll hurt all the cameras within thirty feet thirty seconds the kid has been armed if you pull the trigger it doesn't again. So anybody that comes in that seemed to cameras are lower if there's an event going on. If you distinct with their car collects sound simple if you turn your lights on you can program it to do that you're silent if you program if you take the guy another guy in Iraq. Anything it's gonna electronics and you know dating to it. We cannot activate. Yeah I can't say don't and that's really using the technology that's out there to help turn those technicians circumstances in which a camera might have been not turned on because. Keep mind. All for safety and public safety is Paramount and they're not there to be some directors and so it is it is will be messed. And those who want to be really crucial flips to what's levers a technology we have these cameras noted something's going on. Wow OK so where we're on the on the phone talking live taser which is now call acts done. And we're talking with Steve Tuttle the VP strategic communications. This is Michael Cargill and you are listed to come in talking. Texas weather can change on. Nine it's. Excellent beginning shortly. When the weather turns severe. Turned to us for what you need to know on air and online at top thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. Welcome back to come in talking with Michael Cargill. We're talking all things firearms. Now here's Michael Cargill. Now it's time for GG in global guys need just global Dendy sponsored by central Texas gun works. The largest online guns stored in Texas. In the knees. Mandating gun technology in the state of Arizona. Advancements and concerns over so called Smart guy and the technology is nothing new and any lawmaker in Arizona is making an effort to stop the mandatory requirement of Smart gun technology before it begins. Republican senator who supports the bill. Once H beat twenty to sixteen to become law. Due to a concern that the stayed for the federal government will institute policies that mandate all guns. To have Smart technology in some form or fashion. Democratic senator Steve Farley says. This technology holds the promise of potentially. Stopping the horrible tragedy. OB Charles Farley need gun playing with it. And then killing themselves or others. Another senator also pointed out a recent incident in Phoenix where two year old shot his older brother. And made the argument that these Smart technology. Could have saved the life. But the Republican senator argues that technology. Is not perfect and could also stop someone from using it to save their own life. Just when they needed the most. The bill has passed the house and is awaiting the vote from the senate floor. Japan's armed response team inaction. The Japanese government has had a long history of banning firearms from their country. And people have debated the actual statistics. On gun murders version general homicide a country with almost no firearms. Partially due to be many deaths in Europe and the US from lone gunman. A specific team of our law enforcement officers have been informed that aren't meant to deal with exactly that threat. The armed response team. Which would be armed with submachine guns would be at the forefront of any incident involving firearms. Closely followed by the martial arts attack team and in these special salty. This specific type of group or one like it has never been formed in Japan. And is supposed to compensate for some deficiencies of the current police force for example. A gunman last year in walking yah I'm on was able to shoot four people before escaping in hiding in the whole tale. When the police force was finally able to storm the building hours later their purpose was already done. Heavy force that is specifically trained to deal with the gunman might have dealt with the incident earlier and more efficiently. 79 year old defeat is is holed. In SharePoint Alabama. A senior citizen was tired of being victimized by a group of young criminals. John croft was in his home when a group of intruders sorry to break into his hole and this wasn't the first time. In the past year loan crop his head thirteen total hole intrusions. And was finally done with feeling like a prisoner in his own home. The intruders who made their way into the bedroom Andean counter begin. I've three bedrooms I think it ticked up two games that did he came over me and he said don't move. He had a big screen and I was getting my god he says I say don't move and you said in weird. I shot profit never wanted to kill another person. And despite the previous incident as well as the fear for his life he had this to say about the intruders I just hope the. Meet this amount of how this was seen as. And if not then this precious to them out is a son. And you know what's happening to black moss today. For a number I mean have to shoot more and had just done a good bet back SA I didn't kill us. He is not facing any charges but does have been minor ankle injury from a gunshot fired by the intruder. What intruder was killed while the others got away and had yet to be captured. The man defense hole with an eight. A man in his adult son were in their Oklahoma home when three armed men dressed in black and wearing mask attack perhaps. As a gang of criminals broke into the house for unknown reasons. A getaway driver waited outside. But the 23 year old son was more than prepared to take on the forced. It happened around 1230 and by the time the deputies arrived at the scene all three suspected intruders were dead. Two in the home and one in the driveway behind the blue TARP. Two men were home with a time of the break in a father and his adult son both of them and injured. With police saying that words were exchanged between the intruders and the homeowners before shots rang out the suspects came in contact. With the young resident as he was wielding an air fifteen. After an exchange of words gunshots ring out. All three suspects were killed on the scene and the fourth who was also good getaway driver turned herself in that later that day. Both of the residents remain unhurt. Andy 21 year old female who was the fourth accomplice is being charged for burglary and murder of the three suspects. Sheriff deputy nick Mahoney stated that the suspects had no previous relation. To the risen. And that is a global gonna support this week of April. 2070. Okay there are there any affiliate parts. That requiring like charging stations or memory cards or any accessories. Well the accessories do it's come into play here from 10 lead through one of these. Cameras here on the acts somebody's side it's how you're going to magnetic three mount that to your body. We have been hearing magnet at magnetic amounts and they're really strong. And we always warn people keep your fingers wiggling you'll get a blood blister 'cause they're really strong. And that meant to come off and fight if it really got ripped off because we don't want that to be easy as its capital leverage on officer. But we want to understand a foot chasing some pretty scrappy situation. Now we have another camera called Arab conflicts to. And the reason that will be used flex as we keep it Billy reflexively mount. A digital video camera that looks about the size of lipstick container to your collar. Your apple lot. You have your helmet and sunglasses. And it's all gone through these really need magnate maps so in some cases you'll want a few of those because. I may wanna Wear my my sunglasses. But I go indoors I just take off the magnet attached to my color. So those could be some accessories and if amounts we have. There are docking stations. And for the big agencies we have these long ducking or just big docs have. You know six to twelve units sometimes because he's single and double bass. So they we have different types of docking docking stations. That plug into pick a Walt. And they need access to the Internet and access. Wow okay now is are there any studies out there. Yet there are in the big key to me ever since that work by the Cambridge University you re all so ever since then. You know there was a it was a fairly small study from Rialto. Didn't agency starts in the twosome bigger studies so we've seen a lot more come out over the last 34 years looking at large deployments the bigger agencies. And the bottom line is most of them are significant. In terms of their use of force changes. Also there are complaints. Now they were talking perhaps some one or 2% we're talking Mets 50s70s. And eighties. Those are big numbers those are what's getting a raise attention because it's no longer just. Anecdotal information it becomes solid information that these are changing behavior in a good positive way. I'll look at it now you bought two artificial intelligence are indeed companies. What are the lady in doing that. Well the play that is to leverage artificial intelligence to. Extrapolated to much data. There were sitting on end for artificial intelligence to work he needed a lot of we like repeating via different scenes. Velocity is not a couple hundred but thousands and thousands well we have seven had a bites. Seven million gigabytes. Of video data that's inside got to suck com. We can have these algorithms created decade looks for certain patterns in these videos. Maybe. We note if someone's pulling up videos all the time and what's there's a lot of movement abrupt movements. And shouting maybe we can train me pal official intelligence to start looking for the and so that all of sudden when you upload your video. Alert stated the commanders say they want take a look at this one senior seem to be a scuffle there. So. We wanna try to learn from these videos information. And Ross gonna play as I mentioned before on being able to read and transcribe type. Written data like a driver's license so getting those folks involved is really pretty exciting force because if the artificial intelligence I think is really going to be the at the big technology. That toll could change things from the United States that's coming five years. Google uses it enormously they did afford her. They're translation and they scrapped their entire original one and went to where artificial intelligence learned how to translate better. In the translation improved so much quicker and it moves really fast because there's so much data are volatile trying to transcribe things. Out on the Internet so that's how that artificial comes at artificial intelligence comes into play here and again that's ultimately to leverage that. To decrease. All that paperwork. As well as we want to start learning all these different things it. In those videos and extrapolate information out there and one of those things is is using it to learn to see we're human body is. In the video as some kind of weird but you have to cheats the system and no word body is particular to try to do reduction. So it could try to redact a little child's face it may be recorded in domestic violence situation. For you go on court eatery got that data. Well the computer can learn to look at those faces and maybe its face it's not just overall they're staying they're perfectly still. But it's an 83 quarter an article certification behind a wall facilitates. Contributor Jennifer somebody we have to teach these cameras. What does this FaceBook collected. And that's so that things are working on right now. Wow OK so where we're on the on the phone talking lives taser which is now call action on. And we're talking with Steve Tuttle the VP strategic communications. This is Michael Cargill and you are listed to come in talking. Hello this is Carol starting hand precinct three county commissioner here as trans am. And you're listening to common cause it's. Keep up with the latest breaking news in Austin and around the world take hello let's make sure you're following us on Twitter at top thirteen 7811 trading began. Just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen seven to eat the right choice. You have made the right choice total thirteen seventy. Welcome back to come inside game. And now here's Michael's car again. All right so you're on the phone we're talking way is back side which is formerly known as taste there. I had they have some new products out daring and and some new technology. And now they're called acts time. So we're talking with Steve Tuttle he's the VP of strategic and communications. Actual speed now you're telling us where let's go a little deeper and little deeper into Iraq taser and tell me about tees are especially after the name change. Well we've got a lot of changes afoot here in terms of all of our logos are changed. Hope we no longer. Use strategic games the company name. But it's still our core brands so it's one of our core products to you've got to either under now the acts an umbrella. You have the axe somebody killings under that I combo too as well as attacks on R&D a TI which is seats. Research and development side of the artificial intelligence site. We have our conflict terrorists were getting into the in car camera business and work to be really disruptive there because our pricing is. Like ridiculously off the charts it's 599 dollars compared to about a five to 101000 dollar system that goes in there now. So we're getting more more products out there and we're also going into UD none the text beside us law enforcement called. All our and that's and that's record management service and that is when he. Most hated things and all law enforcement there and equated their old metallic key tribal people work. In all the information about cases in the computer aided dispatch so we're we're going into that we have some. High level meetings coming out and NG you here in Phoenix. And discuss how we gonna redo this fork law enforcement. And you know we're always looking for anything that's going to protect life and that's that's really what discoveries about the very mission driven business. And to act on your resume as we say here we are back on and that's what we do here and it's been pretty exciting kind of giving changeover and it's not an easy change. To take that iconic name. Out of vernacular here we have seen and answer the phone for me is that challenging to do. Everything you don't worry you're kind of work it caters you know I guess it's a big name here in the valley of the sun is because here in Phoenix and we're we're quite proud that name but now you can see every kind of getting behind that tax cut idea that we do things. A little differently irritated and fatally now called back on. Wow now oh. I am always a little worried about. Any technology vet Eagles over wireless are you guys concerned about that at all. Well we do use Wi-Fi. And we do that secure fashion as well so what we do typically is we used to cars why fight. We use a brand that we recommend critical point it's a great system that can a lot of police cars to date and that literally delighted site server and the backup cars so. That we are getting connectivity. To a secure server there too and when you upload our videos. We were doing that through secure manner through the Internet as well also. I know a lot of you'll have some concern about the last it is nothing to do with that information it's encrypted. And we wanna make sure it's safe so we've done a lot of things to keep it safe. So now let's go a little deeper on teaser at seven chasers that tees are and how they work. Well that's my real well because that's who we start out in fact I was when the original site members that was started sort of team here and at night I need help make them. So I know these guys pretty well inside now was part of a lot of design teams as they got better and better every play that the first eight years Iraqi. We lost money for eight straight years. Our product wasn't super effective. And out over the years more we learn and the first few years is we've Erica thanks so much more effective. And what we got the law enforcement it really was until 1998. Am at that point we knew that the part that we had wasn't good enough. And so we went back to the drawing board the last 50000 dollars and we create a device called the M 26. I know it's sort of a proverbial home run for products. So you'll think of taser that businesses. As an overnight success until we were losing my Frazier straight. But suddenly when we came up December 26 we've found that it worked very very well. I'll keep my there are no magic bullets and lots of things have to happen for Tito to work. But when you get a good connection this thing did its job and then sounds. Myself the CEO Rick Smith and actually construct can't Mara went around the country and we challenged apartments duds and that's sounds silly now that they had but literally backed and you can go to police department came and got a new level or try a you know get a top static tried this nickel we act or looking for that missing told the toolbox. And so we found lots of people who would try be exposed to this thing we knock them down for five seconds to get back government cover immediately. And they look at just shocked and save color thing really works you know I can eat pepper spray all day doesn't bother me you know I don't like it but I can fight through it. No more contrite certainly got a good connection. So that really put us on the map of finally. Having an intermediate weapon it really was extremely effective. Safer than using at the time so much better than displaying an out and some guys and now they have to be miserable for next fortified that can be big except. And then way better than music can kind of just came out and by catcher pretty expensive. When you have someone that I want you sometimes have to be to pay out for us he was trying to much safer alternative. And then we built accountability in our case or weapons they record the title game to ration whatever used to corroborate with the ostracize. In the report. So we came on the east dangers it's pretty exciting time and that's decades field juices going because. Scott allowed us to go public because there was so much fervor behind it and 26 cents. Not a lot of sabaya is building networks into all of us are indeed. And then next thing you know we came out ordered CX 2660%. Smaller lighter and now here we earned Smart weapons. And we've come a real long way from this. Clunky analog device to just completely digital device that plugs and head and start comment its firmware updates. And provides all the staff to information and now to dual shock. So it's it's really made a lot of headway in the last decade. Right so. He had actually on you have taser now you merged together it's now just one company and is now call acts on. And you've now changed the name on the stock market and what's what's the asked. You're eco gear on the on the start market. We are 88 X ten that's double A expand its. We are on the NASDAQ and we traded it for the first time and that Campbell we closed up Pete. We actually had allowed executives in New York doing the closing bell at NASDAQ yesterday. Mistake about it TSR. Name. That was our former star names so. We are now officially acts on. Everything is being re branded as sacks aren't the only thing that stays the same is that teams are weapons are still detained to weapons. We'll still use in that names you know. It's the food that's free soccer so that means it's sacrosanct name around here to say at least. Look at and I get one question as someone doing nominee online Mary said to date. Do you plan on trying to make the tech more automated to take out the human error effects in high stress situations. I can you said that Baltimore incident Yasser hit the button after the fact I could did you improve on this or Deedee do you plan to improve on it. We do plan improve that and and if you think about it. Per company and so all the rapid. You know adoption of body cameras and then suddenly. Every loved him for help not not a nobody looked at first I take that back no we love at first it was big brother and everyone put their. Evidence and out into the cloud and nobody knew the crowd was back in 2009 it seemed. But then would they really did become embraced. And then certainly the critics came out and sit well. It should be at the discretion Yasser. It should be the discussions that we try some of the fire and we should trust them with their but the cameras but we can't use that technology to have these cameras. Turn on. At certain times now the question is are we gonna deal leverage that more absolutely. You know the sky's the limit on what we can do you on this technology side. Just by listening to voice a customer and by listening to critics sometimes too and say. Stayed critics say this for customers say that what's really the meat of what they want done. You know they they want the cameras record the crucial situations so we're doing now. And if we can have these cameras learned to do things on the fly me to each key magic dvds cameras could learn to recognize the sounds of help. Or maybe have an officer being. Hit Nick Carter you know that would turn on the camera so lots of things can be done to leverage that technology emerges really scratching the surface calm. Wow that's what Steve you know Steve total of one thank you for coming on the show to Damian and just explain all this to us I'm very. But I'm happy for acts on them formally known as taser or they're excited to what's new down the road. In and you guys and you have a wonderful product out beard and I hope more police department is actually. I DU cameras they start using them we're trying to get our local police department to start using them and I won it once Houston Police Department season we want Austin police Barbie what Dallas one everyone use these cameras. And and get this technology out there are so we can definitely get rid of all led doubts. Well the good news at Fort Worth. Dallas Dan and Tony already have a panel looking out for another major city there is coming soon to a period you. Wow OK well thank you Steve Tuttle the VP of strategic communications for acts sign it's protect life protect truth. Thank you Steve for joining us today don't come and talk to. Thank you much I'd. And that was being told the BP a strategic communications with acts on the air now on the stock market is acts on. And they are no longer just called taser taser and Exxon's merge together as one company one named in his called Exxon has always. More guns equals less crime. Go and buy yourself a gun you've been listening common talking. With Michael Carter. Chief George. Again and stand today all day long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch will you work at top thirteen seventy dot com get a ring no top thirteen seventy anywhere kind of their Greg's place.