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Sunday, May 20th
Come And Talk It, for May 20.

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It's time for Cummins socket with your host Michael kargil. Trust you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army and the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine. Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Good day Austin, Texas is the Latin music capital of the world list praise the lord and pass the ammunition. All right so and we have been gone for a little while there. Take a little break I guess one weekend with celebrate Mother's Day. And now we're back in wow what a week it has been. We had another school shooting in that seems to be to talk of the town it was talking about taxes and Santa Fe. High school now a definite thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by that. In in India they need to go long you can immediate thoughts and prayers out of your mouth before. You know people are speaking gun control. And then I'm really. It's it's it's really sad if you don't because it's sad when someone loses their life. Definitely is in we need to do something about it there's some things that we can indeed how we can end. Address the issue of what. Drove this person to this because he actually you know he played it pipe bombs yet the pressure cooker. So what are some of the things we can do to prevent this from happening instead of just addressing. The tool which is guns. I don't like to you know definitely like to talk about that. Come in and lo and behold. The Houston police chief comes out arson video says he is hit rock bottom. He's hit rock bottom he's demanding gun control and taxes in these domain and now he's he's got to he's got to take no for an answer. I he's gonna do something he's gonna do something and it's gonna be this legislative session. So what are you got idea. Because it's coming. Meetings have been playing and before even you know when I heard that the chief was actually actually made this statement about he's hit rock bottom. I then went to his pain so I can read the whole thing myself and I noticed that Aaron have been blocked. From his page. So this is serious folks. They're taken steps they're removing people deleting people blocking people in the meetings have been play and is happening right now. Is gonna happen in Texas what are you gonna do you people are sitting back thinking oh we're gonna try to get constitutional carried passed in Texas in 2019. Gay constitutional care to pass. You're gonna fight for your life on this legislative session. In fighting for your your second minute right. We need to do something about securing our schools. That needs to be addressed instead of focusing on the school. We need to you talk about the how do we secure our churches are we secured our schools. Let's go back and take a look let's look at. Basketball games. You have a problem make sure that people can't get into a basketball game Kieran of a firearm or any other type of weapon each school to do something or bomb or pressure cooker. We do we take steps to make sure you can't get into the baseball game we take steps to make sure that you can I get into. A court house. We can secure are these different places why are we not taken those steps to make sure that we do something about our schools. You look at let's take a look at elementary schools and middle schools. Do you know that school resource officers are only station at high schools. Now Richard middle Nash elementary school. Why is that. Don't ask these questions were not demanding. Something be done instead we wait until something happens and you want to blame the tool. How does a kid. Build a bomb. With a pressure cooker. Pipe bomb. In their parents' home. In appearance don't know. We need to start holding the appearance accountable. Stop blaming the tool there's no reason why I should suffer. Because a bad parenting. In so I I understand. What the chief is saying. Yet I too and hitting rock bottom. But instead of blaming the tool. We need to blame. Bad parenting. We to blame the fact that we're not securing our schools in taking care of our kids. We don't have enough resources we're not making sure that. You're controlling access to school they're different tools that we can use. There's so much technology out there nowadays that we can use to make sure that you swipe a card to get into the building. If you did you clear backpacks to clear backpacks are so many different tools that we can use to make sure we do this so let me ask you guys in here in the room you know. What are your thoughts on the other shootings in general and what's going on. I think it's a mix of a lot of things as I certainly don't believe we should look at the parents. I don't know how some of these parents aren't aware of what their children are doing. And now I only had one child and. It's. They say it's easier to keep that keep an on one but I don't I think that's kind of irrelevant back you know I created a fake. Mott MySpace. So I can watch what she put on MySpace. And nor a couple times there was some questionable things and and I brought it up to her son prevented her from you know going maybe to a party that she shouldn't be going to things like that. A lot of these parents they have no idea what their children are doing none zero. It's mind boggling to me and understand that. And and I I believe if they teacher. Has a license to carry already. And they're completely comfortable. Why don't we allow them to do so that doesn't make any sense to me either I'm not saying force teachers to do that. But if they already carry everywhere else and they can't carry at the school it doesn't make sense to me. That I'm I don't know why we're not allowing the teachers that want to do so to two hearings when he teacher writer played teachers that would love to. Protect the little ones to detect the baby's yeah we just have that tool just in case something was to happen this is not something you're talking mouth forcing on all do. Home just one is that you know that are already here now now how exactly they're going to be completely comfortable doing that. And and and thirdly I would agree but we need metal detectors or something I mean. We use these things everywhere else from where there's you know large amounts of people go airports are going to get anything good airport checkpoint it seems to be working there if it works exactly as it works great. So wide isn't it where children aren't isn't making any sense. This whole idea of taking big kennel as a that's going to look at England I'm. I I keep reading how they have a huge nice problem. It took guns away that is reverted to a different tools but. I don't know why they don't see that. Yeah and now London say canonize away. I'll relook at yet that's rather read about you know the mayor's city Connie tweeted out says something like. No one has any reason they Kerry and knife in public if your car than you will be punished to the full I don't know Anwar. It's it's crazy that. And tell people realized that tools are not the problem people are not the problem and you can't legislate crazy as Michael always says. I mean they're gonna keep trying to infringe upon our rates however are right to the only thing keeping a safe lead armed people who wanna be armed and you're. License in the armed and we have to get rid of the gun free zones. Because I just makes everyone sitting ducks then that's where these crimes happened current gun free zones well tell us how we had a school shooting at an inner city school. The ones thirty have metal detectors because you know the it area is at risk. Mean I was looking at and it seems like and please correct me if I'm wrong everyone listening out there but they'll last few school shootings have been in predominantly Caucasian areas in. And typically higher socioeconomic status status. And this is where it's happening as where these over privileged under two we're nice children are going out. They're being able to these other kids and there are affecting their psyche the parents are paying attention. And there's nothing out there protecting them they're the ones who still have opened campus. And they he'll leave for lunch all the time they have so much flexibility because they're a flu you you don't have that inner city schools they thirty have metal detectors. When I was in high school I graduated in 2009. There are certain schools in Houston where we could Wear Letterman jacket we couldn't take our computers. And we didn't have anything. Let alone a pocket knife on us because they had metal detectors and we would not be allowed to go into the school. Stop thinking that you are above. The bad it could include in the world and protect your freaking children yeah that's what we need to be doing and an. Also I think society has really gone overboard with the lack of accountability everybody wants to blame something or someone else rather than the obvious. They're personal responsibility has become a thing of the past. Yeah and house and let me bring into the conversation how to race hard raise that forty his survivor. I won't he had that shooting at fort head the first shooting dead his. And he was there on the four did that day in so many bring him into the conversation you know how we're talking about. The Texas school shooting we just had this week and police chief of Houston she Barrasso veto says he's hit rock bottom. And he wants gun control laws gun control now how to record welcome to come to talk answer. Today I compliment I mean. You know. I heard you mention you agree hit rock bottom cute I and I think one of the biggest things. I think we all recognize Michael has sent. There's nobody happy. With what's going off. They don't want satisfied. With what's going on despite what. Some media outlets are trying to. Push. Work or at least to a degree push net somehow. The right toward the NRA somehow it it is happy with ease. He's going on in and they'll do whatever it may be keep app. I certainly that's not not the case. The survivor of the Fort Hood shooting I can tell you foresee future are near and dear to my art in. You all I want to protect those up around. You know and I want to a lot of make sure that people are hurt and should let you know 99% of you know society now. The problem cheap as a NATO coming out and for playing news. Godly wisdom if you will. Power is all. It is it dead. I'm sorry I didn't feel it it's. He's here and change his position. I think he really got any in the public limelight and he'd always been and I got. Okay and so I just feel personally I feel. And it's another Democrat using a platform. Of their children to say hey look this is what we need to do no I like today it will then. What needs to happen it is you know we do need a real solution. To this at all I tell you that the order wolf they. What it is. It's. You know it is ending down priest now. More but more importantly to an Internet. It is. These people. And I don't if you're you're lightens or not be honest with you I mean oh and so they appeared and that New Hampshire and new entries. A constitutional carried states along with Vermont Maine. And in helping you keep in travel and you do that you need. What your weapon and bought the outline it. You. I started and organizational long time ago back and and all members gun violence against gun control than what we wanted to do is. Give people. Aware Second Amendment issues helps the victims. Work through these these tough times and you know the idea is to be fully trained at what she did is we put our guy and as what you need to be trained. What and how old old I thought there. We got must array of black guns and mattered on the line and we're gonna go to commercial break before Beagle I want much to say hi real quick to Heidi everyone months. Also beyond all right so we're gonna go to commercial break we come back to bring margins of the conversation black guns matter. And get his thoughts on you know school shootings in mass shootings and in this talk of hitting rock bottom and and calling for gun control. This is Michael Cargill and Hugh are listing to calm and talking. C did not break you Lipton become involved with radio what Michael Clark. On air online and on your Smart device. Top thirteen seven neat isn't the right choice. And blue. We. Yeah. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill. That's right we're talking about school shootings were talking about smash shootings were talking about. The Austin police chief once again is saying yeah we need some type of gun control and he's not going to accept defeat he's gonna come back in 2019. Meetings are being planned right now across the state of Texas. They're saying something's gotta be done this legislative session in taxes. To come after your gun rights. And so I wanna know what are we gonna do about it and get so we left I would talk on Howard let me bring into the conversation monster ray in March black doesn't matter what in the coming target sir. They look so in my life so a decent apart yeah. Armed and salute is okay you instill in our blood that was I was it to Chicago would be armed guard Ben yesterday but I'm glad to make it Philadelphia. Nice okay so you know we had a school shooting this week's NFA high school young man that. Decided he was going to take his I guess his appearance firearms a shock and also a pistol revolver. And go to the schools also with the pressure cooker. And some pipe bombs that he'd made himself a planet some bombs and for good around the school and around some other areas near. Yeah and decide he was gonna try to blow the school and also shoot at the school. And so now people are calling for gun control and only focusing on the gun. Don't care about the pipe bomb in the pressure cooker is those are okay. Right though there's you know there's no absolutely no elite looked like he did we do governor mark contradiction. Wondered thing that we do a black that matters directly exposed confident black green and it got copy all the way clear cut contradictions. You know your veterinarian I heard you guys earlier talking about you know do the logical thing I'm not so. We grew up you don't somebody got lawful or unlawful firearms is Greg would be if you look at they. We also had metal detectors but a lot of got that they've done and he go to school or whatever. But they're not very many bank shooting that article not only because of the fact that medal back charted our. Lot of companies do not security nothing else school people don't think like debt. As well let. No we thought well. Appeared whether to the law focus to what I found you know what though that debate and after that one contradiction. You don't admit they're they're that is an area what people want to feel like one appeared looking like it they and they're not. You know and that that's how I would happen that you on the predicted blatant contradiction about late contradiction and the big contradiction DA. Yet again country. And that the that the Clinton crime bill. All of these bashing these. All looking into the app at a eight late in and three. Where everybody was off target everybody noted that she peer into the wind hit it the fact that that's where I'll go read it here. The people don't wanna deal with that reality and that's the problem IE if we have and I am not want to compromise my liberty and much human rights itself that then because people wanna feel comfortable as opposed to being eight. So that's going to be hit that that you noted it rubber meets the road. At a certain point we have is that we have better the reality is we're not applying the facts of the matter that's back. For the better armed countries who don't work great experiment. And they have failed miserably. And found it ain't I'd give it up. Period. And let me bring how to radio out. The F four good shooting as survivor Howard you know what are your thoughts about that. Well you know. These spot on but you know at the other thing or one require a very good and that never answered. Is whether or not you know ask the question do you what politicos especially what that would this issue is. They've absolutely ignored the facts. But when you ask him employee. Appoint a question like who is better off on March. And situation may be your city. They never can answer back a bit on rancher with honesty. And and so what we have to bring honesty to the table. Yeah I think that we have to do is we have quit doing what it can change. And then there's two things and that is relying on legislature to fix the problem. If you complete point me in a direction where our legislators. Branches of government states that he local whatever and really done a lot of good for a we've got to I would I would like to know especially when it comes aura liberties. Because I I don't there's how many places that you can point to except for a buyer of furthering intrusion. Eight into our daily lives. In our freedoms and it's not it's not right and we shouldn't tolerate it didn't think it were quick. If I may. Good thing that we have to do is. We have to realize these situations for what they are we need to take care of those. You know obviously we need to be armed public we need to. We need to know our first date we need to get the training that's appropriate so we can minister Ehud. We take our vertical and articles. And the other thing is the that we have to move. Well we have to move and an end in. The direction. Personal responsibility and that's especially in that and apparently round. I guarantee you this in this trial the individual B seventeens Oakland child. The this young men well. When he came here and destroyed the lives of so many people. If his parents would find the analog and Serbia's neighbor I can almost guarantee. That. We when we end this conversation there about this particular case and back in probably any of the cases. Where someone puts in my case Fort Hood put religion over people's lives. In terms of the you know well I don't like Q so in on either blow up YouTube order. Some reports said that may be here. This kid area. Most of their relationship problem more of escalation no matter what it is in the bottom line is if we really do care about we deliberately do. Now we know how I wish you also there is a way somehow. That we all kids like remove race from current issue and we can you have little used law enforcement I wish that we can use the teachers in used appearance. And put something together where we can actually help the youth and I think that the Texas tech university Health Sciences Center. Act she has a program that does that. Because in Florida and they would do it wrong in Broward County the Broward County school district will we have the previous school shooting. Had a program called the promise program which is preventing recidivism through. Opportunities and mentoring interventions supports an education that's a lot going on there is called the promise program. And what they're doing was. The idea was that it minor bees take bliss behaviors. By students should not result in an arrest if the student can be dealt with in in in other ways. Well it I think they got out of hand with that because when you've had. A police department that business on hold thirty something times. You have a kid has been expelled from school several times something is going on because then this kid now he has become the school shooter. And nothing's been done so let me bring into the conversation Chaz more who's the executive director. HS. Yeah I guess I'm an extra cash on. Eerie gentlemen yeah okay there are a chest Ellis the name the organization. Of course you racial jabs the executive director for Austin justice coalition and jazzed we're talking about school shootings would talk about Santa Fe. And that this is the talk of the town now what can be done in Texas when it comes to. Shootings. Men you know I don't want to look they have the answer but you know I think. I'd I think I've been doing a lot of about. This this has here's a way to be Webby awards is like awards ceremony for. People that have platforms on the Internet and social media and that day this year related. Cloud over acceptance speeches or will it be five words like know more about word. You know somebody to deliveries to say you know lifts are rare live blue purple. Into I really think get so what do we have to take the politics out of it. You know it it just can't do we elect a democratic is she just can't be like a Republican issue. Army can't be like a far live issue can be a quarry. You know our I really think we have the treasury we have the state of the pickle there. I think we need to come to the middle ground. To not only protect you know the Second Amendment and protect the rights of you know like that the vast majority of people that. They do all Denton and you don't probably. But I also think like we have to putting config that. Knew something within the system our system is allowing. You know. People and and now more so are what seems to be more so our kids to get they handled and then. You know I'm not I'm not about you know. Again it really goes right because it's like you know I don't think we'll talk enough about the story where. Mass shootings have been prevented because all the Sarah can't build our. You know somebody else you won't go on would have done probably used a gun to answer. These chance OK well why don't we treat our schools like we treat the Texas State Capitol. You know we I think we need to treat our schools the way we treat. A pro football game or bask aren't able to make sure that I can hit any weapons in their at all. Absolutely you know and that I think there may be because you know we we can't act I'll let us say gambling into law that the home where in you know also in simple luck maybe and so. I don't know but I think they'll you know I've I think it's a remark that I think lieutenant governors say it you know bit. The fact at Madison school of seeing that happening is because we have too many budgeted. It is you know what if it's that kind of mentality that we have from low light legislator than elected officials there. You know we you know we would that you know actively talking about the problem Wynette I'm about solutions the fix these problems and mitigate these problems. Right I think he I think he was talking about like control and access. So that way you know just like you control access to the cap will be control access and different other facilities that the court house. He's saying that you there's a way that we can control access to make sure everyone comes to wish checked in everything's okay but not bring anything illegal in and in and make sure you know they're not gonna be this year and just control that and not be complacent with that because our business and schools here in Austin where their little complacent. I've gone to I went to middle school just last week. And I walked up our ring the bill they automatically just blows me right in mackerel walked in and went right by the window but I stopped checked in an email and let them know I was clear knowledge that kind of stuff. But this person was very complacent just Bosnian didn't pay attention the fact that I. You know I was dear walked in wasn't you know didn't question the everything in answering the idea or anything whatsoever been asked me why I was there. And so I'd like to these question I like to be challenged so let me go to Mars terrain. Found Mars me bring you back to this conversation you know what are your thoughts on what Chaz is saying. Marc spears. I welcome back to illegal how ready. Howard you know somehow related noticeably your thoughts. Must be argued there. Yes I'm here I can barely hear what was being said. Okay so Latin. What would Chaz was saying it we're talking about you know we're coming off what they lieutenant governor said lieutenant governor said we needed control access. You know so what are your thoughts of control access to different places. Oh well yes sir that that actually apple is one thing that and that is common sense okay. If we if we re reduced the amount. But I mean I was in the army prepared seniors. As a combat soldier that's what I don't want the premiere thing that you have to be apple and an actress. They keep you talk about a base but schools no different. Okay well that's not OK no we have to transitional on the transitional in this society have to make. It's. It's unfortunate but yeah you've got to close you can't have all these doors open mutiny two set up these these barriers were there at. People or equipment. Course and I'm already beat Georgia can't go out in or out. We are plumbers used only a totally connected right now these people that wanted to think that I have never seen. You know fully covered. All only stories is how these people get debt. And how they how they go unnoticed. And I think it hour rain isn't why did he do it that's what my hearing I hear this from anyone. I'm hearing we either sweetie do something about guns though is asking how the world this guy had this kid. Build a pressure on the pressure cookers how did he build bombs in his Roger at home where legal these bombs and plant them around the school and around the city. No one you know why do you do this no one's asking that question except we're just focusing on the guns let me go back the monster ray march. We're talking about access and we're talking about. And controlling access to from places like local control act or capital control access to. A football games basketball games the courthouse why can we control access to our schools. They became to control that that it like they used to be it it you know firearm state he was sort of who our organization last summer last year. Oh in the Philadelphia public high school based firearms CPA and Marines come out. We're all of the gun rage come out we have lawyer Kamal motivational speaker about every day of the week during the wee wee bit there. The only thing happening in school he had controlled access its story of you know somebody. Years ago called and a threat to a school and two of the students. And you know to be students jumped out got their rifles to order chug armed and funded school as bad on to a different is better control back. Point being leery. If you do those things properly and is based where it's responsible. Armed and you know he's he's got a ton of guys knowledge that it needs more. There have hired in objects and things of that nature of mentally or physically capable of handling the situation. So that's exactly you stick it quick question to come back to the original thing and I had a I don't make that point because I gotta get out is that. The reality is this. The question becomes do you want to actually have our children face me or do you wanna feel. Like they're safe because right now the measure that we haven't played. Are not making our children sinks. The numbers are big numbers may allow women lot numbers helped the reality. Is there's not overwhelming percentage of smashing things and done result. A lot of them being our schools are precious children are with what we're doing it not work OK would communicate. We got to stop you don't pretend that what we did portrait doing something they're actually working it's not. And if you're one of those people have a staunch advocate in opposition's we were more big country homes especially in our schools are. I would ask you this question. Into the bout being. What's rights with the situation. Or about you being right because pregnant. All of the data we your argument is showing that all brawl the unfortunate part is that data. Is big people. Template what so you know those above them upright base the wanna Ahmad got to get ready got it up I would doubt about up playing against and dump everybody please take a moment checked your web site. Official black I'm not a dot com. Outside of that was second off I'm yet some of the club babble on Eagles on the dot com back last leg on that it moderate you know you don't know we do we ask firearms they be confident that we can be escalation think like out of our country. We're gonna shift if they tool will fully funded by you listening Uga and went. So that by the way also wanna say this. Or second. Alone or respect the sand needs and friends. Of those you know men and women. That more murders. Down. Nobody only decided okay looks just at the tragedy or malice nobody nobody on and make sure that we you know I look or highlighting the scumbag dad did bit. I think it's much more important and positive energy support. Resource made you go on meet page on the JJ watt is supposed to maybe bedroom that he made it there you know funeral services. But either that same day whichever side of the argument each or you Condit got to get behind that as well. Because they need us right now more so than anybody. It actually what think you Basra appreciated. That's monster re learn doesn't matter. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come to talk. Physical on the war and it was due to come and talk with Michael Carter. Thirteen seventy anytime anywhere you all already know dot com. Check your phone's App Store or visit told thirteen seventy dot com slash happen. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill. As we're talking about associating with talk about smashing through talking about the remarks from. The Houston police chief chief are awesome they don't. He's saying he's calling for gun control of their meetings that are being planned around the country right now people are getting ready for the 2019. Texas legislative session they're standing got to bring some type of gun control to the lone star state. What are you gonna do about it right so and we need to do something about protecting the baby's absolutely. The gun control is not gonna be the answer. Because you can eliminate. You still gonna you cannot legislate crazy you still haven't dealt with the problem that some parents are not reason their kiss not paying attention to their kids. But that notice noticing that their child is actually having a problem. And that they want to kill people whether it's by using a bomb or pressure cooker. If you don't notice that church towels in the garage building a bomb. Eliminating guns is not gonna solve the problem. So let me bring back into the conversation Chazz Moore and the executive director forward Austin justice coalition chance. Quote you would you know Mike and saying you know my secrets obviously in his own goes Opentable that I I I agree would you. What I don't agree I think it's a little green on the right. Yeah I I agree but I think it's a mix of of of gun control. And I also think you can make so. Ready it like you know I think we as a society we need to. I think gives people in general we've gotten so detached when another. Whether it be you dogs. Jess take a look at both these these previous shootings are the one in Florida at the wind is back in Texas. Dino both of them they alarm was pulled. Weather is by a student that panic the whatever and pulled the fire alarm in the hallway. In Texas or in Florida whether the shooter actually pulled the alarm to get more people in the whole way. And they bold set out bombs. Around the school. Yeah it takes a lot of anger a lot of anger too and I wanna blow innocent people look. Agree in the NF slump and I think book but you know it's not lights. In was not an editorial that not like somebody. It is wakes like one day with intent to like her until people like Beckham spoke. Not that it can't happen over time it happened because the neglect it happened because the mistreatment from people around you peers so it. So what are we not addressing those issues chance those issues we need to address appears. Because all appears the one in Florida they said yeah if it Vinny what was more likely to blow up the schooler or do a Scotia he was this guy re here they don't really was the guy who's gonna do though he was the guy you know that day the police are looking for initially before being released as many. So we knew of the problem child was because of what every issues that are dare that no one ever dressed. Well again you know me right now Ali grew very light armored like I think the problem is lives. I think we live in a society of life. You know it's it's it's human nature if it's very human like mark which you see so and unfortunately a lot of what we becomes social media and right PV. Unfortunately that means like a lot of like our liberties and really elected officials. But what what whatever it started out you follow him. That that of the goal and an epic cold. Standard in this country and almost deviated. Got all time low in my personal opinion to where I would not caring about one another we're not really cared about that the state beat what do they say don't talk about mental emotional. Physical safety of one another like everybody's like Ono home category so. What are some disks are now White House in this it's millenniums and in this is what do I just said. You lose a disconnect when the lady yields they definitely have a problem. You realize that this. Yesterday you're not MO Lanny I stay trigger if you re like the high school right now are not. The eastern town hero when he's okay what are they gonna want hero I thought that I. And I didn't see him. Okay yeah. Are already graduated out of college or halfway through it and they are already in the workforce citing one year alone say. It's not knowing that they're makes you there ending well hey you're making it. Sound like statistics don't matter statistics do matter they formulate. A goods and amount of sound information so when you're doing statistics you need a certain number of people or things in the statistics to make it. Ballot and significant raise your kids so did you. Eat you you have a generation that doesn't mean. Every single solitary person and that generation is bad or X or Y or Z or whatever but there are certain. Things that you can determine. From that sampling. And we are saying that it. Or I should say as I said earlier. What I think each generation has their own set of issues I'm not saying colonials are worse than any other generation. The baby boomers are nicknamed the so this generation my generation Generation X. we produced latchkey kids. Your generation. Or the millennial I'm not sure what generation you're Burma's senior millennial. Is indeed taxed it and it's because you have nothing but social media you have many forms of I can go to I can watch people at a dinner table have people come in my store every form. I see. You're in goals in your cellphone. Very detached generation. Point of information are we right now speaking about the school shooter from this week as a millennial. Is is that okay that's I don't Wear day I might ask what I care about getting to know I don't grandma here in let me you Ngo let me just stay this. Millennial us and the subsequent generations. Okay within your alluding us together we're completely different. So completely different and how you how crazy yep I'm talking about technology. Has done some great things but one of the things that is done on that is not so positive it hit it has created. A lot of ways for people to not being gauged. That is my point so millennial is eighteen and this kid was seventeen. Is that right and he is just completely do is act. Your age you qualify as a millennial you gonna say that about one or two years prevent you from being a millennial iron my. Closer I am much closer to each series in his previous generation I'm praised him he's crazy team but I am much closer to the previous generation. This is not something. That's you can say every kid eighteen to. 34. Is a millennial and they have such and such characteristic. This is something that happens over time. Where. I'm just saying oh no are quite hold Thursday Schumer has brought up the individual in question was not classified as a millennial. You need to be talking about the euros and why and that's the generation who's eating the tide pods guy that has a lion. And you are you soon. Though them. Act on the left is to divide us with identity politics right now one of automation we step aside from. Planning all of this person was there's there's there's there's that and trying to get the claiming of what their identity was the fact is that there is an evil act committed by an individual. Doesn't matter who they are what they are very sure plagued. There isn't evil act committed we have to figure out what led to that why was this person validated what they think it was validated to go bring bombs and gun to a school and shoot kids how to how to get to a situation where you thought you know what. This is okay for me to do that and that's you know that's a big problem today in the cultures that we have a full sized problem disconnect is that big a big diet and has definitely. One aspect of it but it's not everything but I would say that that is one of the aspects disconnect huge amount of disconnect wrecked in we need to address that the fact that people are able to validate evil actions of Unionists. Explained that this is an election because of this yes how was telling conversations we can't just. Right now a lot of people talk about treatments to this poison the poison is is the evil in the world and I'm talking about we needed to fund a Kerio does this some good treatments this wrong tree listening Don Daschle's definitely the wrong treatment as trying to put. I'll I'll salt low in you know. And incidentally ass opened some band is a little ends in China advocate for the metal detectors that's gonna help. But the real problem is this cultural problem we see around the world today where people are just they are disconnected. They don't feel like other people matter and we need to get a sense of individualism back burner you know an F word in America. Actually is important and that's freedom. All right seek freedom. It is that's good wit that's gonna win in dad's illegal back to our race our. Come on Harry but the thought a one hour in the right buttons. I illegally the chance more chance. I think with a lot of impact in a safe and how it they got to prove my point there. And you know I have nothing but respect nearby don't have fallen and I'm all would be if we're gonna think the public become better as people. But I think as opinions but you have to learn how to light. Have discord. And might not automatically like. You know start single point that somebody just because we don't agree with some RE like like this stage explains that argument. And in use banks use numbers and also you know I think banks and and data is very important. But I think I think sometimes seem like we get soak out of the net that we Lou bite from people's Britney Spears from personal stories. What I think it also important you know light. I think data is something that people act again you'd just really really love you because you macadamia. For the most part my strength of our time really do people in the real world quite like he you know strictly and all the light right people look don't be studied about. Duplicate some would be in a go back so like how are you Mueller and in in the west side in this fight if that it is Craig like like kind of bad news. Would like to personal stories of the number correction so. And Anna Gilligan into companies and I'm Bret that might I think in the company's you know declared. You know if it was kind of like well it it's it's it's millennial problem this is the millennial Spain this debate those things. In light I don't know who said it but like problem is. Like diplomatic that we all have my issue and it I think until we get the point of deciding where we realized great. You know that they're not doesn't get the black issue or I'll let you know it's you all won an issue they need to be all right issue like and we all have a issued and we have to learn other. Push through and deal with the issues together right like within a week everybody act like a perfect. And everybody think that they're there is she would let banned all more than and a department. And you know it is a delight people. I've ever honestly I think what the problem is is that we want someone else to fix the problem whether we instead of us Dixon and ourselves. Is that I'm acknowledging the fact that your raising a monster in your home. A European attentions that person. We want so what else the fix the problem. You know what why don't you do what you take guns away that wake my child candy give access to firearms instead it needs fixing the problem and make sure he can get access to firearms. My ma ma ma holy Moly project that in. And in ink and you know I don't even agree that there must have been a but I note are a little I don't know but you know I think. It takes a mosque there walking the walk into a school in kill innocent people your monster. That you know Pete loan market semi important of course but I think I think we have we have the real evidence to my flight. Here in America because we know we have we have eight an hour. School days right like you have to understand that the majority of it can't get talent not eagle which of the air. So like that that goes back to get my personal belief that it was a solid thing you know I grew up in him I'd I'd wrote you know Lamotte has way when Alan. When I was. And I'd be into Monday at the report mild to contain. Fight you know it was my grandma my church family and other people in my family they help me become the man I am along with personal experience right so I think. Like this to say if the parent thought like yet it's that you got they'll area. But it also like how do we triggered by adding to what we can all be apart above Lipton and love in and you know being up one another right because. If compared didn't see that it's a little Dorado with this student are with student that it is wherever our. Go bill expected that the commitment you know massive metabolic. You cannot tell me that somebody. Somebody okay hold it doctor you're gonna come back after a break because you only come on we got to look toward the appearance. You're raising this child you've brought this child into this world so we come back from the break and talk about that. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. They've been very low grade and I nightclub event is from Michael cartels aren't coming top kids. Oh. You know. Welcome back to come and talk get. And now here's Michael's car again. I so we're talking about my live meals and now. Police just says you know look Leo shouldn't be in this conversation and all in all they're of the shooters so Vienna got to be in the conversation. Did you hear anything tonight an accurate yeah. Yeah. Many older not to shooters bad parenting and had a baby. A man is okay. And these K is his parents wouldn't be baby urge end to the next generation after Generation X. problem listing generation that's my identity is now. We got to bring it is the compensation angry children and 100%. I welcome parents all the time. We can change the subject to back and they will act and every week I think we need a licensed. There haven't hit any ink. Not that Nancy I'm just joke and by the way not necessary licence but. We need to have some type pins my class cartels calling for government regulation Dario I and I don't act out on that note that OK but we'd their needs to be a class she need to take some type of parenting class if you don't know if you don't those affected your Charles building a bomb in the garage I. That I mean now he's ordered by the sooty they're now under image and I was saying that technology is a problem I didn't actually innocent and it. Michael Hart. And they. Don't. Take you out and I says it's hot humid and then I'll blanket and technology. Is for sure you know technology and I agree without 100% technology. Which was not created by the millennium villages in LA is too I set my dollars to be more and I disconnected. I. I agreed that 100% I haven't had a friend like I've said before they show you heard teachers and the worst stories they tell me about. There are kids not doing their homework because mommy daddy thing though it's based on time right now that is aimed trying to outlet. Their parents say yeah so I've had some friends say I have the kid is failing my class because she came to our homework and her parents don't help her. Big classes and so they get into the principal's office and it's because their failing who they're not doing their homework. And there is he says I don't know how to do my homework and my mom and dad won't help me because that's quite and quote their face that time and I it's about parents FaceBook to my. Moment yeah yeah parenting. Parenting and parenting is definitely a problem. I shall let me let's let's go back to you down. I'm Chazz Moore who led the executive director for Austin just include coalition chance. Yeah. A lot of it is the I'm really enjoying. It isn't it publicly and Bogut did it in didn't mean. You know and I tiger factory where I'm not really miss in the name of that I agree with. The technology piece of it but not even more so that acknowledges felt like this how we. Have gotten so engrossed in and and it is and how would like. And so the detachment. Not just millennial mapping and all of like I think we're so caught up in light. You know taking a look old and so treason and bad as some like it like we're not really commit to one another so we can't even. Not found that a community that see this side and the wit. You know some kind of like some kind of middle. Breakdown mental illness are kind of depression or something like that because like we do is. You know I like black mirror like all the things that like they're scared me because like they seem so light. Well real well I think that I think will be an a couple of years but. You know I'm really isn't into the conversation even though you know I think Michael is. Is stroller and it is truly my hunger of their. I'll root. He only tells me the only reason our friends. I get stressed out and he a white glasses City Council I'm thinking controls and I accept that time and we're not just talk Emma does look tier guys. But I'd I'd really you know every person that's you know you or the Second Amendment guy Yuma where an. Corleone nor foreign from Dallas. And really you know I really like it is like telling my respect longer and well I I do don't I don't understand why hi you can not. Somewhere in the or are trying to get what they did in Australia. When they have like a man soothing like what 2530 years ago like that. Not and actually I cannot because number one is. They're violent crime still stayed the same this'll have violent crime beer. You're you're you're not going to eliminate guns from the United States of America this country was founded and does a purpose in this country. Was sold that. Our forefathers say you know what we're not gonna allow email our mother country father country whatever to take our guns away from us. And so that was a purpose and that's right Comas that's why as. You've built Spain don't think he'll then didn't people of the continent. Yeah I didn't Australia just have a mass shooting yes they did. So he didn't let if they ban all guns. I don't think they are I'm McGraw I don't think they've been Augusta you are not. They did. So so so so we're gonna use the one man shooting. And it in my cooler. A statement about there. About them Ali crowned. And Witten it'll get the effect that is happening this year alone during the that even have we have of the year. Look at English ain't what it does. It does this not addressing the problem here addressing the tool and not the problem the tallest old problem what drives person to do this. But Michael Michael there's also a problem like I think we have to admit even though your regularly got everybody does not need a gun. Everybody is not mentally capable like whatever capable of owning an having again. Just like the panda if you if you have a dining out that that I believe locked up and stowed away you do not need it and. And parents of a problem. And there's laws again and that unhappy that aren't in forward and we belong Texas again says called Google section 46 out thirteen. The bill up to people like you my brother you know. You Auckland and they give everybody and. Just feel I know actually I don't because there Lackey just say there's some people they don't deserve to have a firearms should have a firearm. You know so we we addressed those issues. Also Michael thought how can people like me on this side of people like you lament about our common ground and middle. And don't capital on January it's say you know what they did what we collectively think. Here's how we do it tell me what drove this kid to do this. I wouldn't say we don't know you know what I don't know because no one's no one's talking about it. No one knows it's you that's what drove this kid in. To go to Santa Fe high school. And want to plant bombs would ease the pressure cooker. He's a pipe bomb to blow up the school what drove him to do this. I hit it exactly that is a problem. That we're not addressing what the problem is we're addressing the whole stop addressing the tool analysts addressed a problem and that's how we can make is stop. Let's go to how rain out gears now. This year what are your thoughts. Oil and it is a horrible what's been discussing you you're you're right on top of it. First call we have to address why these crimes were committed no matter how it impacts everybody in America. And these same ability. To commit a crime against somebody regardless of the tool at any time. You can relax. And so the people that do commit it crimes and perform criminal intent and in my. A message to promote justice is you know this is where I come from. And they act on it. And sometimes. Some people think about it and I don't Akbar that's not a crime speaking about something he's not a crime. We have become goes to the to the realization. That. If we don't. Organize our society. To understand true injustice. Honestly. These crimes happen what will continue to happen musically is that the way it did. Let me let me let me ask you this chance so what happens it's legal to the capital in January 2019. And we saved by some slim chance we're gonna ban handguns a state of Texas number one how many people gonna give a big guns. Number two are gonna make sure that the bad guys that delegate going to you know. They're not gonna have guns number three I didn't mention it was gonna manufacture guns and it liberal in their house. Let me go to line one black and one guy you would come its socket which gaffe for line one. The Red Line one which definitely. They're married I'm. I'm just listening to your veteran. He outlived her own guns most well I and he. I got guns all around my Smart kids you know how to use them. And good road and street turmoil elementary school where my kid my twelve year old who weren't true now my five year old about to go there. And I only narrow them when you're at it's something out there and Greg Berger something going on. But he would do get him into road near ago in your ego. And they turned blue Marmara true. You know I'm there to help buy it at the same time. You know I think about what Thomas Jordan to have 300 here to go almost. Barbara Byrd dangers freedom to people's labor. And a lot of people that you have a server I would occur peaceful slavery. You know to do it just doesn't mean he's spent spring. And I agree with you know is it's a greeting to a certain point. You don't we're trying to free to change from their ankles or trying to eagle shackles when trying to remove the handcuffs from their arms and they're just not seem that. But now what I would not do is run down the streets of this school I would do that. And here's why wouldn't do that number one. Law enforcers gonna respond the responding pretty quick to try to be within three minutes four minutes they don't respond in species CU on the scene with a guy and Denmark and know that you're not the shooter because their main purpose is seen. Not worried about who shot who's injured they're main purpose and goal is to stop that shooter. Editor editor but yet man thank you thank you for the cost show pretty. What would want to go win. It if you look at where are your other two made the Second Amendment. It's exactly. And and then in what englanders bit wary tried to band writes. And in England and those different areas you could almost soared three couldn't defend your strokes. They're trying to take away your ability to do and here so. And I think that's something that a lot of people miss and a lot of this argument went back. You had to be subject. To a cop coming to defend it to be subject to something else to add to take your ability to defend yourself. And I district and that's messed. Current and ma'am thank you for your caller she'll appreciate it let me go back the chance you don't Chaz with Austin just to quit. Austin justice coalition you guys are you focusing on you know doing something would law enforcement doing bad. Focusing on the contract or lack of contract or something like that so here's where I'm stuck I'm stuck you know. The or there's organization that says we don't need law enforcement we don't need law enforcement as much but then you're also saying let's remove the guns from the citizen. So the only the police he wanted to remove guns from the citizen what are we to what are we to deal. I'm stuck here in as a problem with that if I don't need a law enforcement because as you know that's what Austin justice coalition says he'll let's police our own community we don't need the police. Then in your. A minute. On over here are you saying hey let's remove the guns from the civilians or citizens then how impossible to protect myself. In my home with me in mind. So absolutely I know what about they don't blow your mind let out so great that like. There's really. Have an organization that this predominantly grandma like black women. Like we have a transom a transformational monster right like we have a transformational operative. Why that state angle we wanna live in a world where people don't need it. To result allowance to consider like protection like that single like that the big law featuring. So when I think we don't need police like you know a lot of people just think that found the right Baird but they don't they never let the light. Part after the com. We don't need police look at the we have got simply society too where you know everybody's like taking care of like nearly like what resources these mostly physically. And like you know it. Studies show like it if everybody who are in their communities are wealthier and and more triple. Like crime and the like either be not exist that are good goals now Ari. So and in May met name what country that is there are talking I utopia here. And I unfortunately unfortunately I don't unfortunately. I also yeah Natalie I don't do drugs but you know give me an argument Patrick. Like like broad light light rigorous community groups like neighborhood. Like that they exist you can you can believe that I'm not quite big is like they're not like Lawrence you know format for that because like. The only community that I know love that is in that it that's here in the United States it does doesn't have any crime whatsoever. I'm an Israeli Lowell is in Georgia tennis side. The shuttle is in Georgia I don't think we have here within the enemy air light. We can't we we stop like imagining you stop giving hurry to stop trying to be better and like we do you actually do have to answer. We do isn't it it's that it's it's in Georgia little town called Kennesaw Georgia. And it's very safe town and the the city Ortiz is everyone's got to have a gun inside the home. No not at all they're violent crowd ranges 70% below the national average 70%. But I'm a bit oil market we have more let. Let's do it did that he's more guns equals less crime. Lab by yourself again. Well look people like you ending you know I can't have a gun because I'm too because Elena a certain things and making them they. And nobody got community advocates were felons then I re re get their right to own good. Actually actually I talk about that all the time because even though let's say you did something you did something twenty years ago. You've paid restitution to the state there's no reason why you should not get your right to back. Then what's the purpose of integrating reintegrate people into society. I I'd give me any stake in amendment flag I see all time are any effort none out. I think you are they thought about it nobody goes to the gavel in advocated for that community. Yes I did yeah you yeah I do all of your anyway. And yes we do. I don't know who you thought lately I've been at the capitol a lot like. I completely in fact that. I didn't Delanie I Bennett thing capital I watch people testifying for that he has add something that I believe everybody went through scams or. But what is that I've never seen and I've been Eilat and that's a little. All the time and I'm all right well Michael. You're around you aren't your right ear they could. But what we do we do talk about this this is something that is discussed you know because you know like freezes domestic violence us take that for example. Do you know that when you're in if a person was in college you know we got a young man is graduating this week. You're in college in let's say you got to fight with your roommate. Do you know that's domestic violence you get convicted of that you lose your gun rights forever. Forever yeah and that's one of the reasons why we are against universal background sir exactly all people got a call for universal background check what that means is. That means that if we pass universal background checks in this country which is what she's Art Ross a beatle wants to do what that means that a person would not even be able to buy a gun. Four is a partial sale. Between one person or another. And use it only holds a person protection at the five years like you can't do the state of Texas. A mugger would you like out they only I think background check and it does and does I'm bound toward Greg controller. A whole another different topic du commerce they can put so where you know like are I'd I'd think would also not heaven and only a phone call. In that we see that we agree more that we give theory. Play like we get so caught up in the disagreement in just the discord that we can't come up with solutions they like bad in what. Like I don't think anything is being done in this country to actually solve not only this particular problem that Comden and general. Okay so what what can we do to agree then. So how are what. You can adequately stamina to go light. Like my I think you're gonna take people like from our relation from my perspective in your respect and your organization ranked in other in any other bass. Grant organizational perspective. And come together and really have bit uncomfortable conversation like category in our anywhere. You got people and we created Chris and I have a into the cab ride people that don't know me by like you have to believe relation of yet the wallets do does that still give habitable a couple of states and it actually come away. A pretty good gamble but a plan from the people to give the people that we voted to put an end in the capital in January and delay. Like. Nobody wants a bill that would have been big. Kind of in a dramatic fall cover space there were real puck being I think he might well you like most sound like it's this is. You know like you know running second reported upon an elite crowd is gonna try to do to third in the ghosts and pass away like I think. I'd like to significantly the most about these shooting in mass shooting school student is. The way we can't criticize these things like make parents say they'll light you got all the people that like not even in office right now like you in this tragedy. And edit and and and and as a valid tool like open Meehan Obama replied. Well I like. Family and me right you got politics and use and as though we get more donation only elected to do it to get reelected. It drives me crazy in Austin it it drives me carries in Austin because I see our politicians and Austin using that exact same thing. And here's what we do and Austin in Austin, Texas. You know we complain about police accountability we complain about. You know when someone get shot you know by law enforcement and then what we see is. We we see us putting the same person from the same party in office as your DEA and measure me here as your C council in nothing is changing. I've got could not agree more day and end in a and and for the people that don't know me like in my yet even his critics. They all agreed that I am valid voice when I don't believe in critical formula local level is look at him different looks like criticized. Chris de La police department. I am expert gotta go work with film unlike policy proceed protocol. Like I actually go to like a portrait like. You know I'm epic concert needn't like you know to say you know I don't I you know. If you want and might just be a bit apartment that we gonna haven't state I like that's all I do like can I don't want to be goes through but it to talk to Larry like. Yeah we get to march and rally and you know has sagged a triple ever but it would not actually giving a ball and hello again and those. Part conversations I am really looking way to organize trying to. At least. Understand art give the personal perspective don't waste an entirely and I really feel light. That's what we have got a body like the call out and only call out and do Collie in. Like you by insoluble critical for a lot of people you know I normally let Barry White like one thing I cannot say about moderately and that we only call out. We only Carlo were so anti I would add to our important that there but the home after all we're all or are we checked they questioned. Ultimate and that in my opinion because to have a talk like edit sleeping. Don't like the fact that you know go to owner but let light like. We would like accurate but. You know light. I think people have our vehicle and it's are speaking what you actually four or Laura wood to four. And finding people on periods are look perspectives are wherever they are delighted and and it's paying them because we've gotten are being used to edit and in my in my early talk at the plate I think. We of the American people have got so complacent it. There an end and in this is being government quite we went. We read about American history regular US history like people. But most are actively involved in that process and somewhere and don't point out we don't got so complacent and I'm glad you know we will be equally and we let them do whatever. And not what I do like you know the war in India and seventh hole. Like so until people really argument on that quickly here locally in all white policy legislative bill I know how the people don't we don't email. How about that we're going to be all about that actually. I think we have to be. It would transform our society and I think we can all agree on Natalie well. Did you vote in the last election. Or reelection and it did you go to a party primary. I'd I'd I am. Not like I am building up until holy did you go to years and it is your skin ninja and and your friends and mention or you go into a year. You you speak I speak and then I can't carry your saying. And then you go to you're. Pull whatever political party you affiliate would you go in their convention because that's how you reach people you get the ball I don't know that we brought we did. Dirty when your state dimension. This year. He obviously he does do that what I think what my problem is is that you don't tell people what you're telling me right now you know because you know. You're not really anti gun and you know big guns are really not the issue you know gosh. Here are out and you're right. And so aren't. There were yeah. And sit out and I honestly I think our law enforcement here in Austin I loved the AP he's done a good job under the current leadership. It you know it's baby steps to their changing and they're growing in net. With the current leadership are really impressive how the hymn of the Austin bombing and how all that stuff played out. In so. I I do think that we beat them up too much. And we need to praise him a little more because you can only take so much when you stepped on stepped on all the time. And they're humane. It in and people make mistakes so the Austin police Barmes on a wonderful job you know they're they're they're doing and Derek. Experiencing the ugliness of this town you know at night or whatever because we only although we need them when the situation is ugly. In. I was out I was traded in have been saying it one Israeli on reggae you know because I really get a relationship that me and the police secret and they can. Started out with him where we are. You know light up like daylight you know we can have like be covered Satan like those so he can really understand what would come from an. And elegant as well I think this because I mean thing you know love the keeping me. Our board chair. We just got back from non BC I think two weeks go at this the local police and equity. And you know a lot of people would do so if we can dope and only anything but a lot of people we're adrift and org they would go athlete apartment. A look of Austin is light you know I really don't some like crazy things like you'll hear about police department taken Britain policies from you know. Activism and an advocate bigger groups like that had been quite bad though there have been so you know I always say that possibly apartment. Immelman in the right direction but I'm terrible cornyn always want action so. You know I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna ask them from them and I want them at them for me. And I think it's fair bingo kind of relate in that we have the guy like you know I'm not wanna be people there you know I'm not gonna do goal is going to be achieved City Council out. And not you know we're not so great buy it's it's I think we put too much power and to be better like in an elected position people there are you know hear the order right. Like allow. City and even some like Google wallet just people we ought to work do you do take to be older world. Then we want when we have been and not an admiral Mike picked it. Are great and you know it we get people yelled that actually go to line one line one and don't come talk to go it land one. Real quick yet like thirty seconds. 11. Say can boom. Useful to whisper and murdered near her own little wherever Mahan a million day. And he keeps using the word. Over and over and over. A million talk about me you know millennial. Larry you stop that didn't. Do it it'd drive me say. I am. Okay aren't thinking dollar cut me off guard there Arie thank you are one eyed so. We. Would would certain things and I think that the problem is now you have the right now happening right now live he had. People that are at the did the governor's mansion right now protesting because a vsan if they shooting. That's happening right now as we speak. Their fear they wanna cut out people's voices. Out to the conversation when it comes to chest and I let me tell you this when it comes to. Us getting together and discuss in some of these issues. They don't invite me to the table they don't by other people to the table to discuss these issues to figure out how we should solve the problem. We get together and figure out how to solve the problem not cut other voices out because you don't like what deal the person is saying. There's always more guns equals less crime. Like buy yourself a gun. You be listening come to talk it. With Michael cargo.