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Sunday, June 10th
Come And Talk It, for June 10.

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It's time for Cummins socket with your host Michael kargil. Brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army and as the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Good Jay Austin, Texas who. Live music capital world. You're here with the sun coming talk if they did show today. We're gonna have Lauren only count for Texas senate district seventeen on the show. Worlds now Charles cotton board member of the NRA. In case you haven't noticed I'm not Michael kargil. My name's Zach history. And I'm filling in. So yeah from a couple minutes. A couple minutes. Let's see. We just how news. Kim Jong Dow and onyx is exciting again Michael makes it taking what you can't. No you don't do. You're gonna believe this lady here what do you do. He's hungry he is quote looking to bring McDonald's and a trump branded hotel to Pyongyang. The McDonald's the trump because you've seen how much we Donald Trump deeds have you seen Kim Kim has not miss McDonald's let me tell you it takes. I'm sure he probably has his own private McDonald's somewhere in his palace so we DES he'd be Ali a birdie then I probably got a burger king and everything else than that he's got a McDonald's Burger King he's got the degree of all year round elect us we'll get it one time a year. Right so yeah that's right today we're gonna have Charles cotton ease the board member for the NRA. Also Linehan he's also a moderator for Texas gonna talk so we're gonna talk with Charles what a find out from Charles. Would actually. You know what took place how how did things go down back in 1995. When you're 46 stopped thirteen. To you make. To make sure that kid is gonna get access to farms and find out from from Charles about that kind of got some history because trash is back there when everything was going down. He was the air and from the beginning and he can tell us. You know what happened he's been the legislature for decades. And he's also believe that asked Charles about this I believe he's actually was the executive director and for the sexy rifle association. Don't call me a man but he's not in that capacity here today he's only in the capacity of a private citizen that tell us you know some history. Of what was going on back in the legislature during that timeframe so wanna find and about that. Also we're gonna talk with loyal account she's actually a candidate whose right to protect the senate district seventeen. And she's ready to begin its senator John Hoffman. Let's talk about that there's some stuff going on later. And we got to find out what's happening in that race now they're couple different things. That the governor has suggested. In one of those things is a school Marshal program. And sold at people understand this school Marshal program what that is that's house bill 1009. It pass by the 83 legislature. It allows public school districts and open enrollment charter schools two point school marshals. And the 84 legislature passed the senate bill 366 to include public two years junior colleges in the list of institutions. That can. Appoint school marshals. Now what this does is it that Sheen. The program is that she controlled by T col. Which is the law enforcement organization in Seoul if a person what's become a school Marshall. They actually have to go with the unity. A long course a weeklong course it's equal eighty hours is a matter of fact there's two different programs so there's a school Marshall. The school Marshal program is actually. Kind of confined. With the school Marshal program you actually have to see you. If you haven't done in the school got a locking up the lockbox. But then there's a school safety program the school safety officer with that wouldn't that's by ill TCU tractors in with the iPhone institute a program. And that person is actually able to keep the firearm on Monday. And I would applaud teachers yeah actually yeah both and indeed the school Marshal program what it does. It's the appointment into these select candidates for school Marshall by candidates must be an employee of the school or college that just a teacher. The candidate must have any valid license to carry issued through the Texans are public safety. The candidate must pass is psychological exam and sequel will provide this form in Kim is a timid complete. Sequel approve eighty our school Marshall quarterly need no new laws is what you're saying. Little was absolutely so with our school districts now everyone's saying only deduce on the on the state level. It's on the school districts now honestly ever since 1995. School districts handle have been able to. They've actually been able to give the authority to give written permission to. If you wanna carry a school. Ever since 1995. So we didn't need any special laws are weak schools are all old all this blood is on the school districts has absorbed well you said that I didn't. But ever since 1995. Evers in its in pure gold section 46. Okay so that's at this point we means something done and it's. Stop talking about it and do something you can do something on the local level if you can do it. There are you now. It crap and get off the pot that's what you're saying yes. Okay I'm hearing crap you don't buy this Lisa an over there and so I'm let's bring into the conversation Charles Scott Charles welcome to come to talk to certain. Thank you Michael I appreciate your element now what can forward this. Absolutely sir I shall Charles let's let's go battle wolf first before eagle back a little bit let me ask you this because. You know Florida. Florida is actually. You know in polls some. You know it's gun control measures and I never thought New Year's Florida I would actually be sitting here in. And Florida's one of those states and I say this is many times a prosecutor in Florida that state but I she competed would Georgia and Mississippi and Alabama. Would different laws that you know is in what what. What can we come out with this session to give you gonna run. Gun owners more rights. Instead this year they came with gun control. And that she raised the age limit. For all firearms sales in the state of Florida. So is this something that we have the look fourteen for the state of Texas come January 2019 between January June. This is not gonna have to deal with but I don't think you're gonna go anywhere. It it seems to be hot button issue right now but there are some serious constitutional problems. We're with what they're trying to do it now. Great city that he age and 46 point 13 that you such as version of the cell door extort ball. That's been great any constitutional issues but their eight there horror eight litany of problems were doing their. And our corporate and get it back to dare not let guys you want to can talk about those blasts and we're gonna have to fight this. But I think it's got to be a successful fight the worst thing about it is Bernard where a lot of political capital. Hitting any gun law. Which could very well make this split there and productive in terms of a program built. What he sees that Charles. Every time you you'd kill a major opposition bill. Eight it it burns political capital and this this time Big Brother of all focused. On. The proposal which you've heard the finger. Likely to come out of the interim study are going to be putting pressure on people of all elected officials. Additional well the ultimate word I want him to dinner was not at all we don't even want I vote integrating my player. I get it through but out elders or through deplore or nineteen broad. Home. All of bill anesthetic. But actually not just gonna take its gonna take some political capital. If it's a meaningless bill which you almost bank recession and a bit you'd have been a political capital. But got it but it's not something to get some Hindus every night. Okay now. Let's before we get into that. Because what I want to come back to that does that sexy very important as people need to understand how this process actually works. And how did you know how we actually get things done and accomplished. In a session. Sold. There's one thing that actually scares me the most and that is you know. Changing our existing laws in going back his arrow resistant laws in the state of Texas I think personally worked great. We have great loss he we have a great program we have a great license to carry handgun program. In so whenever we changed anything to that you know I'm starting yet I'm still a little concerned now about in this year is a first year back chief you know felt that way. And that is pure gold section 46 stopped thirteen. Pound and that is. What we control access to firearms by my kids or children. And currently right now it says that if you're under the age of seventeen. You cannot you don't have access to firearms except for certain it was insured exceptions. It's unlikely to talk about that a little bit what the actual what 46 stop thirteen actually says currently. Forty 46 point third game is again our our version of attack just. So are they extort ball it was asked and not standalone bill that was H 844. In nineteen that it thought the same here we passed senate bill sixty to create and sealed air. Welcome from the get go back there are some information I mean there's some. Backroom dealing and it it got that built. As part big deal really to get concealed carry. They get it that I am there are so I mean it is standard. Parade of horrible but we're all here. But one album was delicate at this concealed carry all so many more people are going to be getting guns that would of otherwise I don't. And were kept at it until they find them a mom or dad got it they wouldn't otherwise. More spot the spot a while waving a jet lag did this just actors were art got the guns. But surely that bill got started and why did the loaded that you mention. It any person at least a statutorily defined. Readily rechargeable arm. Where a child quote unquote child did anyone underage seventeen did get to it. Then if the child didn't get to it. They're that was committed that would say completed I don't how bad it is debatable on what happened when they quote unquote child gets the gun. It's nobody's certain it's a classic misdemeanor nobody bailed out the traffic ticket. If somebody gets hurt then it's a class they missed domain. Now it is rarely used. Because there's just it doesn't happen at all. Our. Contrary to what what they and it got forces are trying to pitch this well this upcoming session. It was never intended to be. And anti crime bill. It was it was intended to prevent arm action not program that criminal Michigan so far and another trying to twist. Okay because I know that. Well they've only hence elect very small minute amount of cases. Says this bill went into effect back in 1995. That actually have been prosecuted under the under 46 dot thirteen. And the rates had gone up at all. No denies exists a very small minute amount of you know cases and and use actually for this. The number rock hard Michael I and I thought Oprah tried not but the number of hers black Corning in twenty years. And outpost where prosecutions only 65 or so were convicted you broke the law it should help. The bulk a lot of help it never been very effective it's it just isn't because. Everybody got the same problem Butler got gender well not might decide to get it got to whatever you bought on the slips out of there is. They aren't so that rate has been looking over that same twenty year. So it's arguable that it paid immediate from a from a farm actually and position. But the problem I got what the bill I had the problem from the get go and it even worse you duration aged eighteen. And if you break out they they often have safe third degree sullen and that is for every. Person young person who gets a whole would be gone and Michigan is back yup it didn't hurt themselves or someone else. Intentionally or accidentally for everyone that does that. You've got hundreds of thousands if not millions of kids. What we issued a latchkey kids. They have to stay at home alone while mom and toward ever worked could be single single parent of China labor. My mom and dad both work. So what's so just saying is if I you know if I know that that rebel kid you know and I'm pissed off of my peers and I wanna give them in trouble. You know like this kid we have here and in Austin who act she. Took a hit out on his father has father killed instead of doing that calling easy do really is grab one his dad's guns. And commit a crime with it and is dead it would prosecute. But what about the suicidal kid that. They've tried they're trying to hurt themselves fail and then you're gonna statement home by themselves. And you talk about a felony. It's glad he's at third degree fell. Sort of third degree felonies so if this were to Pashtun terrible things would happen number one op I'm done between year old granddaughter yeah. Let's 34 years from now she's thirteen fourteen maybe fifteen years old. She sits at home while mama better work or someplace else cheered absolutely defenseless. It for what really good because we might accidentally and I'd say that permit or use that term and essentially wrap my academic progress at one kid in a minute. He actually gain access and issues Obama if it's unfair to the hundreds of thousands of teenagers that are home alone Birendra to cancel. And and Houston about three years ago. They're sort of celebrated case where fifteen year old boy happened to be a sign of play deputy constable. Addicting year old boy it would at home this twelve year old sister. Went three. Holden crater skip the door and came and went beyond it and a fifteen year old boy grabbed instead they are shifting. Shot warmer they are home invaders and the other two were at all it was protecting himself there's twelve year old is twelve gold sister. And the reason Benton may prosecute well it can be prosecuted a defense but the reason it wasn't as our big several defense system the current site stores law. Is that they beat child Gordon quote you put our arm. And the lawful self deception. Or you know let's be honest about it as nothing more than no harm no foul. So why in the world would we intentionally continued ahead this this statute it puts. Latchkey kids at risk I mean that's what's ordered. Which would Charles cried and he's the moderator for Texas gun talkies also had a attorney. This is Michael Cargill. And you are listening to come and talk. I did today does your coffee bars or lose your listens to come into focus where Michael are you. Thanks for making the right choice I don't know what I would get the truth if it weren't for you top thirteen seventy. It'll lock. On the hill. Fans wait yeah. Indiana mom. Welcome back to come in socket and now here's Michael Carvell. Try something. You know they want the neighborhood the same thing whatever way they want to control everything is going on inside your home but what we're here to resist team. He now I'm here to say no you know what I wanna control what happens in my four walls. You know say oh that's what talk about we're talking about guns we talk about Second Amendment does that I truly believe more guns were equal less crime. So old. Belt where it would talk when Charles cotton he's and Charles is an attorney he's actually been married for Tex is gonna talk which is a was online blog that you know a lot of different topics if you wanna learn about the rule that he and a law you lament. It'll be discussed a lot of different topics you can actually find and one text is gonna talk. Console Charles Saatchi explain to us about 46 stopped thirteen. A lot of child can access to a firearm in in how they came about so let me ask Charles Charles and ask it is. What was the argument in how did this come battled back in 1995 what was the justification for getting 46 got thirteen past. Let's say when when we were pushing forward our concealed carry and inaugural call we actually passed the brutal. And that and no I'm not a career. And that was vetoed by a damn governor and Richard so we've been fighting this battle hold firm for four years general. And there was. So much concern literally that a bunch of Texans what. They're getting guns for the first time and there was a clear that did not relay in Iran want folks were out carrying on and that's just gonna get a hole. And I bland street every stop sign every red light every time you come until it Bieber just gonna be she needs a well 'cause things are gonna happen. You're exactly right that they're part of the tornado horrible bit that they were pitching. Suicide rates were gonna go up river as you just mentioned every fender Bender was going to be a gunfire I mean it was it was crazy. But it. The pleasure of folks on the opposite side of the Second Amendment. Either don't armor or don't care because we heard exactly the same thing over her that was what concealed carry we heard again. Art in the end 2007. When return ask the most protection act allowed people that and there's McCardell battle liar and whatever was talked about what moving all of they are off limits areas all I can see now that. We know after twenty plus years of history Luke until Kerry did it they're not necessary it's a temporary at all. It always potential conduct injured you're gonna get here. Now there there was a story because someone actually testify and and there was some type of story that was brought up. I'm doing this I guess for this actual particular bill you I think you're into the bill number and all that they kind of stuff. Yeah it without real 44 and a Gunner a pyramid like I don't remember. This specific testimony can't I thought you were better. Such you're going to be talking about the media and bad misleading testimony that was given the lab session. Concerning. A couple program bill's book that would related claims her son had a bunch of guns. And no she knew that he wouldn't Middle East trip and shouldn't have momentum. The police allegedly told that they couldn't do anything about it blog about all the murder instead he switched all of let you know whether latter part screw. What she didn't really know what she left out of her testimony though was that. He didn't share it is bad. He became a meeting with a steel pipe and stabbing what I'm not aware of that. Course there were some other false testimony. Kelly work. Business is in this is last session. It'll expression of the session of Elijah can I can't remember which one I wrote an article on it are also wrote an article about chili bar. Who is apparently a City Council woman wit. I always wish you were some dark can't you know she testified. Under oath as well there. That. All this talk that we can we give about. Like Adrian most honorable army most are law abiding segment. Among Texans it was just it was alive because all that information is why and you can't get it. And now we're all hope our military which Booth it was kind of funny when she was saying that with that I didn't help but laugh because. I had already. Given out as statistic that I keep track in all this and he edition corporation as well as other promotional I can't. And every member of the committee that she was testifying in. Do you can they had not our report thrown out. Oh wow you know what I did this event yesterday and it was your choice your voice. And it was part of the the Indian American community and so they had a little discussion on on gun on guns. It actually there was a young lady beard that actually had this this little thing that she brought up. Which I thought it was a good program which pretty much she talked about. Look if you know you have a guy and lock it up you know which makes sense that everything she said make personally descends into gun lock it up. Educate your kids you know you. You know in and pretty much follow all the Eddie eagle program that in Ari yes and I thought it was actually a pretty good program and that would do she told this story that blew me away. And how she got into. You know being. Into this fight and she said that her son. Who was I believe that. He was in college. Get access to his friends guy and they were talking about it shown again if something like that and he went to grab began when he grabbed the gun. He actually pulled the trigger and shot himself. And so you know and in I felt really bad and wanna tell her you know that was you know that was a negligent discharge. And so on the net. What will we need to do is we need to educate you know our young educate our kids on firearms. And the fact that you don't you don't point to get yourself or anyone else Washington to kill destroy them to not put two feet on the trigger and he didn't. Sold there you know they're different things that we need to focus on an Arab felt really bad and I understand washing down to this fight. You know but out also can see why that happened. You know so is just one of those things you know you hear the different stories to different people tell you. And it's just you know it in Hershey to the core. Let you know we really need to follow all the the different safety steps and we really need to as parents need to educate our kids. On safety and gun safety and just everything around and be parents beat that guardian. What the problem that we're seeing that admittedly what I anticipate. Out of this upcoming session immersing and in some of the year. The media outlets and stuff like well Danny gutter birch is there aren't true that kind of Merrill. Trial armed actually a convention where crime prevention measure truth totally different certain it will acquire two totally different pressures. I mean I agree with where pretty much. Every. Deck and you can. And the governor's plan. And in terms of pardoning schools putting more armed personnel in schools now he wants to amend the the current school Marshal program and I agree British changes but I would go further that quite frankly. But when it comes to 24613. That is not nadu a crime prevention and leadership at that one side and look at what really work in terms school. And it is much as most of us. Me included hate to admit. We can't stop the desire to kill people. And masculine and we we can do something to. Help all the camps. Well what we can't do is prevent its successful. Camp and that requires heartening that school but it also require more armed personnel and that's something that emotionally a lot of people just can't stand. Screw Marshal program as you mentioned an early early part of this this side but it's got too many restrictions. And also Asian mansion for years for decades school that had the authority to allow people carry guns that are in school and there are. Well he knows how many. Former military having retired although trip or otherwise separated. Peace officers who would be Morten acrid helped plot. That they're we have will come to an approaching a million and a half like they now they're all the Russian security and got all those coach would would want. To participate Norwood all of them have. They're appropriate training and at this point but those are some of your resources that could be a lot of ball. Now in order to do it after our outside of the school Marshal program. We we do need a piece of legislation we need to duplicate. And 2009 inning. What we did in 2017. Or churches and that is we need to be exempt people at a license to carry a handgun. From detection private security act. If they are providing voluntary. Security first rule me that we did it last year for churches so that they did so that launcher church security could they are. Right now all those school had the authority to let anyone that they offer are carrying certain stock harmful school. If their soul purple or their primary purpose is providing security. There must comply with the dutchess private security act which means they don't get life as a security guard. They got to be worked into the company that is a license security company so there are a lot of hurdles where. That need to be removed. Just as we get for church each. Now my question is because I've got a unique church that we need in a school. So would that kind of apply and how would you apply that but it gave the school model of the church model for us on it. I'm asked this question quite a bit and my answer were there and did it should it what it's theater. What are JPEG in this scenario that you've mentioned you've got to church meeting on school grounds and school building. Or you have a church and also apparently school incorporate what of which is a situation in my church. A school is also school uses though you can't carry their unless the school is gonna give you permission to do it on Sundays during your search. If that's the case then then the person did. The private I'm sort of volunteer security personnel. Watch our safety Cain could provide could provide armed. Safety personnel. During the church server. But other it would out. Written permission it is school even on Sunday the flip side when you've got to try urged that has really they. School in it during the week well don't village are not a quote unquote school except when get to their especially if the church owned all the props. I know still be the death if it's a school it's as if it's a school is always a school now. In a year or seven an activity that church there you know that particular day and just do exactly the way you just explained it and now. You know Charles it I enjoy and beyond because your. But let me ask me and my panel and then the asking questions for you. Yes there's courses for Charles. I just wanna say remembered that we can't change and the desire to kill. Am legislatively but we can do something about it culturally and we'll still always either we can do something about it. Our I could not agree would you war. I made it it's almost it's almost trite saying the group a finger so much and partly to edit myself people point me your. Trisha when your ratio. Well high school. During the down season a lot of shotguns and our car because we got out at 3 o'clock in Newtown and make the afternoon the afternoon doubt hock. Guns were out all end in my home they do it. You're just a black latency afford it travel automatic and front panel all the land on our coffee table when I was growing up if you would of the TV guide magazine. What is chains are not the availability of guns what this change is what part of the society you are could not agree would you more. Oh absolutely I'm in my family had a while we had. Jonathan backdoor ready for cut that is if we ever saw him because they've just gotten so bad in our neighborhood. It's. I did goods house. There are desperate are different player I don't get it done to have the availability got certain changes it's the people have changed and you don't have to look forward actually Glock. Now Charles Lee if what would you do to secure schools. You know you if you were governor you know what would you suggest. Our hard miss Gould in terms of it and come over it would be expensive above or not but all of hard LeClair shore. Such they're now all questions are always blocker and that there it is. Someway to lock the door. From from the inside easily so that they'll want to political. That picture of the classroom as we already have shooter in it okay and that's one thing that we can't change it in let this year or get you know. The client. It's it's one of the students enquirer that got a whole lot tougher absent an armed person in that classroom. It's gonna it's gonna it's going to be a bad situation. Yeah we actually tested out some school guard glass and one times won the news outlets I think it was at kgo KI where we actually. You know shark like every caliber we can think of you know frowned twenty T you always have to you. And I'm I think we did 308. And so we we've ended machine guns and tested out this class so that we see how long would actually take this class to fail. Until law enforcement out there and these are your right there they're a bunch of different things you can do school guard glass. Yeah I mean there there are a lot of playing did you do it hard rule our. I cannot I got a bit out when you are talking about. What are metal detector looked like all our I wish you'd been airport security to be honest with you but I travel a lot of late edition have to travel article. But attributed to Q do something like that beekeeper from getting there. But here here's what Brad Pitt. I think until. Two out of play a lot of people didn't take seriously you and Betty is. Somebody pull on the far alarm or simply waiting until clash changes and then getting these kids. Out whether what are changing clash it's. That is an extremely difficult. Thing to do whip out the fire alarm just don't. I don't know what our church where you know we just an abortion and in our church and and our church where we're already far alarm just. But they're the control panel and someone sitting in Arabic tea okay worded it go off and is there really any indication. Of those are or does somebody just pulled. And I think schools may do it if I were designing a brand new school there would not be a question that that you have to exit. Yeah because aggregate prep kids in there OK we make it safe great. But my biggest bigger problem almost that the latest on the air earth well somebody most of my big mystery here. Is that people are using bombs further than five hour. Move on let's us learn with using metal detectors twos you create those choke points. And you know what when did these shootings only happen it's only the beginning of the day and Keebler so expedition 24 coming in. History. And engage your right I mean how are saying that if the goal is to keep the shooter from ever getting inside decline after starting their Rampage ends up the class. And you gotta have some dumb. Method of screening. Which are right. What what's the cost like when you're when the cost would you rather if if it's gonna happen is a classroom just wanting. Or the whole fun of the school with a 12300. Kids. Had a clear you're exactly right and as if we were gonna military operation would have to understand that but under. Trying to sell all they lower body count. To the public is so tough because people people just order a trip reality. And the reality is we live in a society where some people wanna do risk at the end of the day. What I would what I think is the greatest a term overall. I don't think we're gonna sell to every school on district and that is what armed personnel yes. Yes I mean. That debt is where. That's where the true. Ability to descend statements. Why. Machinery not not hardened facilities. Someone that can take out shooter pay a very good friend of mine just retired from Houston placed. You're older brother Charles we come back from the break let me finish that thought someone ask you about that you know. Adding more security asking about elementary schools little schools because we have security we have police officers and high schools. We have some in middle schools but none in elementary schools. And so don't ask you about that NASA to finish your thought this is Michael Cargill and you are listing to come and talk. Just go on a war. You listening to common cockpit with Michael Curtis. The right choice for breaking news first to talk thirteen seventy. So right so I. Today don't Magdalene and isn't. Lou I just. May not do. Welcome back to come in socket and now here's Michael Karr against the. Don't feel like doing. Chanting that's wanna give back in bid. Pasadena. We think. Just keep my feet and just lay back and just she obviously go to sleep with them are on the way is Mike Foreman was but it. I so what's ugly Charles cotton ease that trust is an attorney. He's also in Charles let me ask you this what do you need. Former ear ear and executive director for the text they rent association at one time right way back when. Yeah I was asserted executive director for Europe when your term. To Acadia catapult you ownership battle or a lot Procter and did that are here and donate your ritual and this is drawn a blank. That's their that's airing rights so you're talking about would talk about law enforcement and because in the high schools you know we have a resource officer. The middle schools you know that same officer actually goals in the school and the only she schools will typically be hitting out at the high school. The elementary school. You know our babies are not being protected. And I'm gonna put the onus. I'll protect my kids. On the school because these school has the authority to give written permission for anyone to carry on school property. The hat as Doherty ever since 1995. And so when is the school gonna get serious. About protecting the baby's. That's an excellent question I wish I had an equally excellent answer. There are a number of a school districts in Texas that didn't bet that they are understaffed. Other. Supports and not just just the teachers. They typically are smaller districts or does Richard or. So what outline in terms of the response four law enforcement. Richard good city. You're big city district like HI estate Houston or Dallas quiet day. I think politics comes into play. And I find it despicable. Where they were put politics prayer that the safety their kids. What I started mention earlier before the brakes. But a good friend of mine was worth confusion at least Foreman for a third six year scoring three year that would slot. What is really just what team leader and as an instructor. And they do are you a lot of training an awful lot of train track. For a large agency they have faced very small number of us what got. And I gives him a tremendous amount of experience. And you know our talking about the school shooter situation usually a book or. Four channel right there after park on or sent a package. And he said Charles who won time. There's this comment and almost every single school school shooting situation or mash you can sit suasion not just schools. And that is once they'd they'd mass murderer is confronted. With any kind of armor distant. They typically either shoot themselves or surrender. With anyone out. Ironically. Big shooter and democratic beard but only for a very short time he didn't exchange much gunfire. Big situation and subtle and sprained what detergent bottles glued to church. Situation there senator. I had someone shooting at him and actually below I gathered there that shot this article quite the marchment would be able hit between India between media day body armor ready right. He did he shot between shoulder plane the armpit and GAAP. And at. Book got struck and it took also it's not what I hear arguments like well there's going to be. In this extended gunfights and they they tried to generate. Old scenes from Blackhawk down or something where you know as long running gunfire a lot of and a being caught in the crossfire. That's not that's not a reality yeah that's not a reality what happens the maturation I'm afraid that more armed. Security type personnel. Is it's not it's not a complete answer is not a guarantee of any back. But it I believe that gives the greatest chance to prove to preserve its many lives as possible. Yeah and if I was a teacher and I was armed and it did come down her gun fight I would rather have that shooter. Shooting at me with me shooting back at him then just continuing on his Rampage. Absolutely and and when we're talking about armed teachers that's an area where you're talk about defending in the class track. Hours are within the first of two Pollack courses. The DPS put on. For the school safety class this well I'll licensees can take. And it's at the same would apply is designed to teach teachers how to get the collection and a caution it's. Edit doppler you know Ron I'd fight either it's how do you secure a pleasure working muted and that buried a lot. I mean if you got if you got a high school class got a bunch of got a bunch of boys and Meredith. To retreat into Watertown lake and Troy had a whole lot more assistance in securing the classroom and education budget first graders. Who they're terrified it got to grab all the teachers like Wright and patriots Gergen and passed out. You add a they are harm to that Mitt expert teacher actually had a chance that it. If they would beamer of mesh murdered dumped it into the classroom despite all your step urged. They have a chance stick to protect the kids. Right April literally her niche so they have this myth that we're training people to be one armed security teams training clear entire building. And that's not the case were saying that this got a journal very last option and your job is not to go out searching for you shoot your. Your job is to secure the classroom and if bashing it does get into that classroom. Stop death threat. I've been here acrobatic I mean don't don't protect it one client should bear entire. Well more responsibility of those 152030. Kids whatever you're into that one room and every one of those grants can be locked down. Great. That police this year alcohol for and that the cops can deal with a whole lot easier which you're exactly right everybody gets on the opposite side of their. As a vision of some 75 year old. Four foot eleven teacher running down a hallway potential problem for the bad guy and expect unrealistic that's not what the outlook the intent yet. We needed to clear people argued that don't well they don't have concentration training ended did yes. How many times do we see the evening news he worked some more and 657075. Year old uses a horrible first round and her entire life. To puke as he hijacker or they had a moment later and they do just fine without swat training so. People that make up these arguments won't trade the time or they lack the desire. To look at the facts panel power arms routinely used in self defense right now. Write to zero in his school's safety program they're firing over 200 browns. You know you're you're you're you're twenty some training and it would surely you can actually fire that gun he could even fire from different distances and everything so it's not like you know. They're just learning how to shoot for the first time. No not at all and you're right it's. It's it's a lot more to it than people would have you believe but at the end of today. Yeah without electricity every teacher that they are willing to be armed virtually wants to be armed that. That's a bad choice to work are going to want to have you to but right well for every every teacher and it is willing to be our think should be. And that's not enough I think they must follow up on volunteers to. As as luck would have it before and try to pirate the bill for the 2009 change session. It will look archer churches require schools to do one or two tanker would have two options one option. Organ of the school Carter. Security type personnel be they. Our city officers or two or security company and have a certain ratio of all that or option being. Except volunteers. Steps. I was should have a license secured but in order for that to apply that bill would also have to mandate part dirty act but there are so many. Good people there would be willing to. To volunteer day a week. Two days a week whatever took their school to protect those kids and as you mentioned earlier we can protect everything including elementary school. We need to change law make it bought. I must have those kids strange as well to deal with that without a firearm how to deal with an assailant because they should be able to deal with the incident cowering in the corner. They should be able to know how to go out there and within themselves and understand. That's this is reality and you know you have teachers and then they have their codes they have everything else that when there is his assailant and a school. They have their code don't know the word in and they can have a bead right on that door for anyone comes and. Yeah I mean to your right it it and the only kid. Now the greater the greater resistance should they can put up a mean that the somewhat reluctantly up and a lot of greater law enforcement agencies that are intact teaching chemical there are actually give this some of the better. Ron I try at army run I'd try. Classes or finally acknowledging that yeah you better you better luck I don't know if you've got to learn how to put up some kind of resistance if all you have to do or spoke margin that ambushed by a but it. Inevitability about footage for double edged up till they have been unbeatable at the camp. And it's something and you know what we wanted to clear that if you go in and you're gonna is these cowards these cowards go and try and attack innocent people. That they're probably going to shot and killed. And the dangerous thing. To me about about their typical man shooter most of them do not plan to assure luck they come to they come to kill and die themselves. So you're going to be eight you gotta be willing to put a stop to it and now we see evidence of that we see evidence. And almost every school shooting now worse some of those kids. Diet either kind of put up some kind of fights were shielding other people. I mean. These kids. Somebody's kid care what it takes the dignity and as usually if there were some kind of trying to either put but we try and all the staff in the building. Okay in a worst case scenario here are some little thing that can't be used as weapons while Hurst who will not do that our schools as well. Absolutely man thank you Charles cotton Charles is an attorney he's also on the board for the NRA but easier to talk does you know in the capacity and be an attorney. And also just his experience of the Texas legislature want to thank you for coming out. And spinning your time but that's on Sunday in enjoyed the racing your weekend sir. Thank you Michael I really appreciate you ever mailed patriots have a good. Welcome back to come in socket. And now here's Michael's car again right so now we're gonna bring in. Loyal locale and she's ready for Texas senate district seventeen. And let me tell you something about Lauren Lauren is a Kelso woman she's a mayor pro timber ridge won at Texas. And she's running against at Joan Huffman. So yeah. Now let's see what lord brings to date to the table here because it is something about what's going on. You know at a news broke this week that senator Joan Huffman husband has a bar. And in that barn there was apparently a rape that took place and senator Kaufman is covering this up so. You know and this is shocking because we're talking back to hash tag meat to movement right now. So with the hash tags lead to move me going on wallet so one of struck justice like this at TA BC. In so the question needs to be asked we need to know why was. In investigator for TA BC fired. Because he brought this allegation up something's going on there's something does not smelling right here and we know what's going on. And so. People you better wake up and smell the tea leaves here something is happening here a lady was raped inside a bar. This is 2018. Hashed and meet team and their cover it up. They don't want to follow report we haven't heard anything from. Out any state agency that did TA BC we hear anything from the Texas ranger is you know sharp is going on. And someone is covered this up and this young lady is suffering right now. So let me bring into the conversation lower leg camp she's running for state senator district seventeen Loren welcome to come talk at. Came Michael in the beginning here and I'm so glad that you're having me on to attack it but as I have. I spread it out on Friday in the eight men and probably what. You know and I don't ask me I think the market you're running against terror we can't even Nelnet repelling all and and I think you know why because a lack of media coverage that it is getting. I'd probably wouldn't have even Scioscia my eight editor. And so I reached out market. With all you can't name you think hey PA BE EE ink and two. What I hear it. Actor. And coming forward with this little lower public court wraps an accusation against Jill how men. Are covering or her height and you will hear it. And you know. Are and you the president company the corporation and that ultimate bar and and. What. My understanding of the story after talking to market and and I know what I hear it and other information that you. Privately. What is seven guys doing his job this market is doing his job he says oh my god they're in a bunch. Issue that the bar in the know. In you ended new district attorney she sang in bars down left right back then you end. Over multiple bid. And Bard had a lot of YE a disturbing of the heat. Can typically that would be considered in need and so this young woman on the caller mid eight's because. I don't think you could suffer anymore and I don't I don't wanna put her name out there like that but. And a climate states. Outlet in what did just that he would rape scene went. Intoxicated. And possibly drugs. Two in the car who raped in a car. And that guy had gone back into the ball are. Looking for another victim in this woman stumbled out of the car in naked and go to five law enforcement. She says you know I was rein in all this well appearance clean and I would know build. I would mean that she did not eating get legal Jack did. For me it's great. And I I personally don't know you know I'm not on the inside of the investigation and. But my concern it would because of where she was raped that. This didn't have and win. The TA DB into and said that they told him to delete a file hi Canada. This involved and senator that is a company that owned by senator had been you don't investigate the matter and how it got acted up. Well many can't improvise there and a net timber rider. Are now Internet public corruption and and India and innovate in nick nick age. Whom. Had this horrible I mean it did it in Britain yet even being little can be in this at this and. You know she had a horrific thing happened to her. And because of where half and. No what no one knowing it brought adjusted but are not held accountable. Know when it held accountable for any of this. And in tragedy and I think for I checked the morning there or newspapers pin. It kept the story we have but it it's just. In brushed aside and in sock thing like you that need to move meant. Should be stronger than anything should be able to call out the act Nino. It did a lot of hand eating. We know their blood thinner and have a lot of power over how B Beacon Theatre on it and can get you know what appropriation and and did Cain it strikes me as just devastating. Dad and and you know I'm libertarian. Conservative libertarian and I'm and I you know I'm really valiant and in the liberal I know. Now I'm not a liberal. This crazy. In is appalling to me then because of weirdest woman had a cap and she's got no jacket. It's not a danger on this out of a bar insulin that she definitely covering this up and deleted you said deleting the files they were told to delete the files as best stage early holiday itself. Exactly exactly and got a act through airport document you inning T. So even if even if let's say you know the guys know build someone is still covering this up. Il the fact that the you know we're talking government records were deleted. And destroy. Someone needs to be prosecuted. Exactly and like really stuck out neat because. When I ran for local I would not a politician mind you I ran the local ought to be about a light it would Bernanke thank you going on in my City Hall. And I drink clean it up. And I told people before me I would like hey eat cake our night and a half mentally I really don't want to run but I well. And what I thought they weren't going to ring and it I cleaned out I mean. I didn't hire anybody everybody retired. By the entire leadership of my youth ball in my Q your turn and we have an all new. Press wonderful amazing train appearing in all in government in our city hall and I'm proud that I delight. That is that your job and elected initially didn't hold these people accountable these bureaucrat. These people that are paid to do the job or. Check in for your city or whoever you hold them accountable is an elected official did your job is to make sure that era do you mean. Thousands the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work for a good pain. Actually do that now Lorne you know tell us a little bit about you and it's fun and about youth and and give us your background. In what you do you know would be done in both before or decide to run for state senator. And you know what he did currently. Well I I'm really simple like I was not a politician idol net or disability and doggie day care. Dog in my life I've always been a volunteer. Oh my goodness you take their little my little legged friends. In new Mac early and that always been my passion and it. Love the person ever to take the little four legged friends in risky. And I am married to volunteer firefighter belittling men and targeted community. And he probably were empowerment volunteering park community act in the attic underneath to a lot more information about what was going on and local government stuff like that. Though didn't unpaid job but he count on a like at a volunteer job. And and I am. I believe firmly and you know the libertarian. Live and let live and do not force your beliefs on other people. It then your business how long that Britain guarding him. Panic and I love the local level I loved being in the local level and I love making change on the local level can you be quite a deal. When you talk about old district and how they have been arming the mean how they should it be and allowing me heaters it's eerie impacting. All these approval trickier to carry it on me my husband is a watchdog has bombarded the school. He volunteered to go to or you want to they can't walk can't keep it in his feet and ninety aimed became Canadians look like a really bad coming in that door. And back the kind of thing that we need immediate volunteers in the community getting. And being willing to protect aid in and and a public integrity. Nothing's gonna change in how we change what we're dealing. And I know that when the reason I got involved in Aaron Bennett we bloody two years and my health and Internet actually flooded during hardy. Yeah and I never senator happened. And she picked me up I'm not gonna lie in the ET at a crawl through me and told me. Well we know we have to protect industry in your area and that woman lived in you and I'm Dan Amber's Perry county and the called it did spot for you industry what about the people. And protect industry they're not protecting the people I'm new on Internet and and home infinity people. In memorial and in print recounting all along her. District which is the entire record river. Well did three years in a row is and see I'm not into you literally could not have possibly cared less. And it's come and eat and what you don't understand you know because new event in Austin would understand that downing Houston flooding is a common problem. You know and he went on and on I am free and I Tim is actually a pretty common problem where else and is a lot of rain and it floods in you'll actually get washed away on interstate ten. Yeah I and we're about people who lost their entire home during your round and I don't think he volunteered during all beef went to burst your I had then. And I and neither are fighters were out on boat pulling animal out of the water I opened the door than I can't tell you that bring them. And he had no evacuation point for animal pure inventory Kennedy had eight had no high big. The government did not have time to act so I act. I didn't want. So that he or are you had to be on overtime and army double tying and that she risk being the four legged babies. More high end though I did that and our year end when they went home people would act I didn't argument and winning moment and moment betting involved in food and all the things that they needed for their dogs. Aaron. Well at one dog that actually was going down the street and and this dog you know was wondering out he came back in. He he he was like miles away from his house and he just had a bag of dog food he was making his way back to the house dog fleas they look. You don't own my own it and Tami flu but I'm a major I guess sudden you know covering it even if each way LA Banco would have bagged dog food in his mouth. And outrun my bank imminent backing that up first and that's what I did it all the eight and held county caught that went accounting Honda Pilot and take over. And then that backing here really better think they're these same people and vaknin pot they were getting out they were quick. They knew what console. But he didn't have to evacuate again and act enacted in on the new bedding a new ball and everything get very hot they lost their entire house that they get an street building. And I hadn't been Muhammad Ali things begin the volunteers were great our community really came together a list eat eat a lot. But in the end I think I'm no no I can't get any help it's time and that they said no no diaper helping Neil and I I'm not. A big dinner volunteer. Volunteer. You can't beating came together and help these people went into an idiot allegedly you're. Funny thing they don't have meant to completely ignore her responsibilities. And you heard it straight to the people who are voting are heated that anyone at the the conservative eighth. Beekeeper elect it without actually doing anything apparent that she was that and you and lobbying for you and we may have thirteen under senator. While the rest of the district formed an amber very canny. We have nobody to work and Brad. Any shot any day she could nonchalantly not here and it because an outright ought to a couple of people. You have you know we're there for awhile is she she's no. Adversary penny vote Republican. Or anybody in a vote Republican and and didn't have to worry about earning their vote that you you've been again in a long is the Republican on the ticket and and when he went into that right that's another thing where I am nights. I'm Mary. And my. More how many Republican conservative and libertarian on the ballot I believe. In right lone star and you're right actually. Read an article about the dirty tactic that the politician in eastern don't have men and they can see is and then headed it appears. And she would even bring constitutional eerie. Didn't floor for a vote that issue and it didn't come to the floor for a vote she had a vote against the new and all. And a theory into when he fifteen she. Block it from that same paint and are only actor. It came for about in her run her and record on gotta write with online issue though or it. And any gentleman is so weak attempt at eight C though. So much damage I'm happy to run again even you know it. He Alan I think I don't think small town I'm an album I love the local level I love making change on the level. He needed an opponent she needed someone to get in there and hit her on the. And later on what you think that I did in the legislative. Grinder the end that he is being that team blocking it without ever having a Catholic vote against it. Yes she's got. I'm working in all Ford she's not working all she's getting too easy. Yeah air and when it comes at it as governor added had to kill me and only epic bill. Because she packed all I know name excuse the bill in the end Eric committee. Yet we left her hand in her from reporting his barred. Ali brought it arena league and being out why you know you want to claim her husband's bars and yet I mean so incher at. On her campaign and I'm into court because. They never would know that even that they invest it in other legislature. Let legislator than out within it. You know all these bargain at TD deregulate in Somalia and other companies that are regulated by 88 in the. Can't go there. That's a lot Eagles would TA BC when it comes to firearms are married now are there. That is like they're regulating firearms and the only people there's bulls are Wrigley farms a state of Texas is state. Legislature. Not TA BC EO and so yeah week we have a big of a big problem with you know was happy with CBC. Bryce and and it just it wanted to saying that I have I'm. In Parker need to. Even get started on the school safety bill in all these red flag laws. It is you'd think you have to have neon light reading it and a broken cover and eat all day. Because I am the candidate you. I have. Range days I'm giving away and you can't I get away from my eight campaign nice you. And I mean act a tiny you know I am I have brain statement Mike Keane with other people. You kid. Guinea and and and enter to win and they are eighteen you can be involved and when he does he did human ain't broke my constituent in England and you want to ask me what my definition on something law. And I ask you ain't got Allen should be able to have it back in May and that right. And I I'm beginning to act and actors are very high you don't have as I can remember here's C you know I have to respect Mehmet right back. Apple doesn't you because you've paid your debt to society you pay the restitution to the state so then. Once they free you release you then yes after a certain mark are you should have those rights back. Exactly because Allen's been in the cleaning and a and probably getting in dog Dillon an accord mean eighty and higher crime rate the technique. Need to be better protected. In people who live Indian court communities with high crime rate. They ought to protect themselves. And then what happens with these people we end and when they green and it because they weren't on the possession of a firearm. Well they wanna protect themselves they live in an area. A lot of people can't hear either campaign. Will EU and it. A Pauline. We're saying they don't because there at some point they committed a felony. They don't. Have the right to defend themselves from violent. Our murder that are nick H for example primary. Something that people keep acting Lang that second and then Mitt is and being that the state gave us that the nation gave us that competition gala. I don't feel that way I am a firm believe that god gave me the right to defend myself by any means necessary for anyone who would you need arm while my three small children. Are actually guard is giving you the tools as your job to use those tools and picked them up. Up and defend yourself. That is exactly right and life with the at school safety that dated and they happen I have friends who live and on your right there at the latent in a day and a friend of mine actually called me out he was lying in rapid speed because. I had been the volunteer and we you run in that circle of people you know first responder Le monde or ethnic and number I got an account or is it in school. And I immediately got on the buyout to bring my kids. And I and I went a simple they'll pull my kid has the other it there apart it's one lap it all there I have no idea where my kids. Are you a party that meet and greet and a middle school I think if you blinked hard and I know all the read or talk to your in my Allen yeah and they're like I don't worry bell and that was with. And how they are an inaugural of their major talent they'll equip them. Because I wanted to make sure that I needed a yeah and I hung out and we are campaign though whether I was hearing or not than anybody in net. I don't poignant it I feel personally I don't buy minutes late for my kids or if something happened and the cops better beat you there because it appears. I am that kind of got an owner I'm not gonna play eight I I you know we all my kids shoot I can you'll see is she's really excited she got. Her first Hague. My five year old shoots he also got her birthday last year. They know. I haven't her aunt and they know what happens when you fired on and in dock it and they were. It there's a lot of kids McDowell I will be announced act not incumbent upon the child learn how to use the gun net income data on the parent to teach a child to respect a guy and. And when we talk about having a lock means. My concern is that what might get here it easier taking Turkey to the ranging teaching them then they the yeah. At what point do you they become kind of like pro edition. You can't have that alcohol is now at the novelty. It can't have that for now at the novel. And we're breeding a culture that you know is in agreement to kids who are not and know how to either guy and we're not gonna hide it in the itself. And nothing nothing. Nothing nothing good ever comes from restricting anything nothing good comes from prohibition nothing good can claim from drugs you know. Saying you know or alcohol you know we're going to be an alcohol nothing came did you know frowned. You on the war on drugs nothing good comes from any of that stuff. So. Really legislate morality and we need more of an editor at more house representative more. City Council people Moore cannot blame more people on the boards running in local elections than winning. Quick comment then approaches could be ink and not another law. A guy who's going in that pipe bomb and nine to kill children at his old because they all weekend and does not give tune. Thought about both laws. And we added like I said earlier in the comment at making out on April. Nineteenth and oh yes oh my goodness. All different school than public junior college districts are in compliance with our recent state required all they Ian security audit. This same day he announced the benchmark money. Pena did anything happen after that. Now letting an idea they're gonna change the rules and making little different. And you cannot make it. You cannot legislate morality cannot stop when it intent on killing people and doing it all you do written of the target out. It eagle from the building wherever you put that theory year's event and getting on all campuses. You just move. The and didn't duck island and and the debt to a different location. We've got to really make you got to do more than get made 8 o'clock we have to really take action and and motivate volunteers and comedian and charity churches. We began people in ball in oak. Improvement. Their school to school and her out of a hole. And yet be hearing back involved in the cold not make them go through fifty million background check if you don't you don't know they should be allowed my help and and companies can't he mentor like he went on what I yeah I'd amend or in school to get people bottom ball. And they help these. At a raped children and navy needed someone at top few in maybe just needed someone to eat them because we're spending. And ninety million a year on old testing and we're not spending that lets online. Actually. And directing individual children. And in ask the school teacher this week as that you know it does indeed teachers actually support the testing that we do here in Texas. And yes it is to ask the teacher they say no. Manhunt that none of them as Wal-Mart did is he asking the teachers what they think. You know you know listening to Lauren look cattle and Loren is at Texas she's running for Texas senate district seventeen Lauren just so you know is like councilwoman and Richmond Texas and she's also made a pro ten. And she's ran for state senate in district seventeen down in south Texas. So she is a lot Chia as a singing about the Second Amendment she is a very strong stance when it comes back. So you might wanna just check her out so Lauren tell people where they can find you lead on FaceBook Twitter website where where. Everywhere and everywhere and you can go to my web site at www. Love count LC EOU in teen. The number four and eat seventeen dot com. You can be all my right all mine and it ends. You can submit questions at me and Barry I'm not you're at any question and you don't have to like money and Eric thank you doll act finally that in July. Eight iron and I know what analyst Lauren I hear that strong mom of the black here mama bear coming out and mom Beers Izzy you know what this is what we need to do need to protect babies. Be stopped playing around list you know. Let's let's get to what we need do you look for our schools and our and our kids is stop stop playing this game. Yeah I don't mind all day I don't like politicians act like a lot and the problems that we have right now I could get a holding two people with argument vinegar and there. Indian that they know what bad. Are all of these text then and right now 830 when people making it this it and then impact odd million student lives. And I don't trust them that they didn't look dumber and come and that'd been their Carlisle. Obviously you don't know what they're doing but now. After him pit road. Man thank you Lauren really appreciate you coming on today in spinning your afternoon with us on a Sunday and just lay in this all out force. All right think you don't have any Michael you have a great night. Absolutely do the same that's a that's loyal accounts she's run the Texas senate district seventeen. And just so you know Lauren is a council woman she's also mayor pro Tim in reach would Texas so definitely check out Lowell account. She is so when you wanna watch out for you wanna take a look at you maybe wanna donate to a campaign do something for because Lauren is doing some good stuff. And she's got a good hit on her shoulders. And I because there's some dirty stuff going on. And then early camp as senator Joseph move don't have the sums going on there hash tag me to take a look any self would get on the statesman. As always more guns. Equals less crime. God buy yourself a gallon. Even list and come and talk it. With Michael cargo. You keep yours.